The West Wing s02e02 Episode Script

In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part 2

Previously on The West Wing: Mr.
President? GW, move, move! Josh, didn't you hear me shouting for you? I need a doctor.
-His pulse ox is 92 on 1 5 liters.
-I need to get to New Hampshire.
Come to Nashua, New Hampshire, Thursday and hear Jed Bartlet speak.
I work for Hoynes.
-Come to Nashua Thursday night.
-Why? That's what sons do for old friends of their father's.
If I see the real thing, should I tell you? -You won't have to.
-Why? -You got a bad poker face.
-Two shooters.
We got them, but there was a signal.
-There was somebody on the ground? -White male.
20, 25, maybe 5' 1 0".
Deputy White House chief of staff, Joshua Lyman is currently undergoing extensive surgery to repair a collapsed lung and to remove a bullet that remains lodged in his thoracic region.
For an update on his condition, let's go live to Lynn Blakley who 's standing by at George Washington Hospital.
Wait, we 're not going there just yet.
Now, I'm being told that authorities are reporting another gunshot victim.
-Let me see those hands! -Police.
-Hold it right there.
-Get down.
Right there.
Freeze! -Throw those hands up.
-Get down on the ground now! -Get down.
-Secret Service.
-I said, get down, now! Don't move.
We're confirming now that a suspect has been taken into custody and is being questioned by federal law enforcement.
At this time, we cannot we are not releasing any information whatsoever about the suspect.
, can you tell us anything? His name, where he's from, ethnicity if you guys suspect a motive? I can tell you all those things because when I said we weren't releasing information I meant, except his name, his address, and what we think his motive was.
I am releasing the name of Stephanie Abbott.
A-B-B-O-T-T, of Silver Spring, Maryland who was in the crowd and sustained an injury to the left femur which is the thigh bone.
The president remains in stable condition in the recovery room and is expected to be released some time Wednesday.
Josh Lyman is now in his sixth hour of surgery to repair a collapsed lung and a ruptured pulmonary artery.
We won 't have an update on him until the procedure is complete which they expect won 't be for another six or eight hours.
We 'll keep you updated in the next hour.
Thank you very much.
, what about the conference? Ma'am, does the president know they've arrested a suspect? Yes, I told him.
He's pretty groggy after the anesthesia.
Sam, T oby, you've got a phone call in the other room.
Donna? You wanna throw some water on your face? I should ask, is there anything l' m supposed to be doing right now? -No.
-Anything that Josh's office should do? -Should I make sure it's farmed out? -No.
I'm sure it's covered.
-You got them on the phone? -Yes.
-Guys? -Yeah, we're here.
Sam, I need you to come here and speak to Nancy McNally about a letter the president was supposed to sign.
She 'll know what you mean.
-And, Toby? -Yeah.
-They' re still asking about the tent.
- Yeah.
I' m comfortable with a " no comment" from the Secret Service.
What's this? They wanna know why the president exited the building in open air.
-I'll talk to somebody at T reasury.
-I'll do it.
-Let me.
We're in the meeting together.
-Let's go back to the office.
Can the ships pass inspection? They'll register in Libya and Panama so they aren't subject to the OPA which wouldn't allow an American company to keep it.
I think 20-1 7.
I think 20-1 5.
You get the idea.
I think all that's left then is to dot the T's.
Actually, I have a thing.
I have a thing I was gonna mention.
Just a proposal to throw out there.
When I was a congressional aide, we had an expression: " No idea was too stupid to say out loud.
" So here it is.
Bear me out.
Instead of buying the ships, don't buy these ships.
Buy other ships.
Buy better ships.
That's my idea.
What's he talking about? That's a perfectly fair question.
Sam, what are you talking about? And we have a no-penalty clause if we pull out before December 1.
But, Sam, we want these ships.
This is as little as we've ever paid for a fleet.
There's a reason they don't cost a lot.
They' re 20-year-old, single-hulled VLCC's that nobody else wants.
They'll hit things and break, because they don't have good navigation systems.
They don't have G3 tank gauging, EM-5000 monitoring the recommended electropneumatic ballast.
And yesterday he didn't know the difference between a ship and boat.
You told us you covered our liability.
Strictly speaking, I did, but there's a broader liability to consider.
-People drove past Exxon after Valdez.
-We've got PR firms for PR problems.
There's a Suez tanker ready to launch at Koje lsland in Korea.
Chevron dropped the option, and it's in the cradle.
Sam, could I talk to you for a second? carries 2.
2 million gallons.
-You can have it for 46 million.
-46 million dollars? -That's a good price.
-Sam, what are you doing? -I think I have an obligation-- -What are you doing? Maybe they want to buy safer boats.
Are you trying to get fired? Maybe they'll thank us for the suggestion.
Knock it off, Sam.
-Look-- -Knock it off.
I' m looking-- Operator, l' m looking for the number of a law firm in Manhattan.
Here's the thing, I can't remember the name of the firm.
No, wait, wait, wait! I just came back from New Hampshire where I saw this guy and I have to-- Listen, it's a very famous firm that handled Shearson you must know, okay.
You know what, l' m just-- Okay.
-That's advertised over-- -1 5 years.
-Pretax? -Sam? Fifteen-year pretax amortization? -Eleven million extra.
-Oh, God.
-This again? -The money will be spent.
You can spend it now or later, but it's cheaper now.
-Sam? -It's the right thing.
Spend 1 1 million extra on a better boat.
The Amoco Cadiz.
68 million gallons of crude oil off Brittany, France.
Braer, a Liberian tanker, 26 million gallons off the Shetland lslands.
The Exxon Valdez, the Aegean Sea, the Argo Merchant.
Look it up.
-They' re aware-- -Spend 1 1 million.
-You don't wanna pay? Pass the expense to us.
Half a penny at the tank.
Here's 5 bucks, 1 000 people are on me.
Sam, we are in the middle of a meeting.
Sam, we're not indifferent to the concerns for the environmentalist.
-Excuse me, Sam? -Yeah.
It doesn't quite feel like I have your attention.
I'm not gonna need that.
Sam? Sam? Sam, please keep your seat.
-Sam, where are you going? -New Hampshire.
If you'll just follow me.
-I wanted to see if-- -How's your head? Fine.
I wanted to see if you talked to Nancy McNally.
She talked to counsel's office.
They'll work on some things.
We're not gonna like it.
You didn't notice, when the shooting started you didn't happen to notice who pulled me to the ground, did you? No.
They pulled me down behind a police car and my necklace came off.
You talked to Nancy McNally? Okay.
-Yeah? -Call Debbie at The Today Show.
-Why? We said you'd do the morning shows at 7.
That's not a good-- No, I'm not gonna do any interviews yet.
I'm not.
I'll take care of it.
-Who said--? -It's a mistake.
? -Yeah.
I don't wanna be this guy.
Someone thought I should do morning shows.
-I have no answer.
-Who was in charge? For the three and a half hours the president was under anesthesia.
Danny, it's a little complicated.
There's the National Security Act of 1 947, there's the 25th.
Nancy McNally, Bill Hutchinson, the White House Council, they' re on it.
They'll tell me who was supposed to be in charge.
I wanna know who was in charge.
And we are working on that information.
We're working on it.
Hello? Yeah? Isobel, it's 6:30 in the morning.
Excuse me.
's here.
Thank you.
Good morning, lsobel.
Hello, Roger.
I asked her to be here 45 minutes ago.
-I'm sorry? -I said, I asked you to be-- -Roger.
-lt was 6:30 in the morning.
I wasn't quite ready for work.
But I am now, how can I help you? Are you aware that the Golden Globe nominations were announced today? I wasn't.
-Am I up for something? -Atlantis only got two nominations.
For the entire studio.
Best comedy score and supporting actor for the kid.
That's what 20,000 a month bought us.
Roger, I think we put together a very aggressive campaign.
-Two nominations.
-That's two more than a lot of people.
Are you aware that the new Premiere magazine list is coming out Monday? The 1 00 most powerful people in Hollywood.
-Yes, I am.
I can tell you that you' re on it.
It must, you know, feel good being that powerful.
I went from third to ninth.
I dropped to ninth.
Do you know how that looks? Do you know how many were ahead of me? -Eight? -Lady, you' re-- The movies were bad, Roger.
All of them.
Even the little kid was bad, but he was a little kid.
He had a couple of scenes, big eyeglasses, little lisp.
He's going to the Golden Globes.
Know why the New Coke campaign failed? Nobody liked New Coke.
The movies were bad.
If the movies were unknown I could help you, but they weren't.
They were just bad.
Roger, would you excuse us for just a second, please.
Sorry I talked to him like that but do you think he had The Maltese Falcon out there? The thing is, C.
, he's big business for me.
I'll apologize to him, lsobel.
I'll find someone to make him man of the year.
I'll ask around in Vegas.
He wants you fired.
He thinks you're a smart mouth.
He's gonna pull his business unless you fire me? This is never what you wanted to be doing, C.
-You've always felt it was beneath you.
-lt is.
T ake me off film and television.
I don't know anything about it, anyway.
I need to keep his business.
I'm sorry.
-You're firing me? -I'm sorry.
-Out here in the hallway? -C.
-I need someone to call me a cab.
-I'm sorry? I couldn't get my contacts in and I broke my glasses getting out of the car.
I can't drive myself home.
I need someone to call me a cab.
Could you call a taxi for C.
, please? I have to go back in.
It was a bad movie, lsobel.
Yes, I need a taxi for Beverly Hills, please.
-Hey, C.
-Who is that? -It's me.
-T oby? -Yeah.
What the hell are you--? Ah! C.
, you fell into the pool there.
I can't see.
Well, maybe kind of try and feel your way to dry land.
You want a hand? Shut up.
-Avert your eyes.
-What? I'm climbing out of the pool, my clothes will cling.
Avert your eyes.
, I didn't come here-- -Avert your eyes.
Oh, turn around.
I tried calling you at your office.
They said you were fired.
Were you stealing? Roger Becker dropped from third most powerful person in Hollywood to ninth most powerful person in Hollywood.
-Does he still make the playoffs? -They take it seriously.
, Jed Bartlet's very impressed with you.
He likes the work you did with that girl's group with the stupid name.
-Emily's List? -Yes.
That girl's group with the stupid name? Emily's List.
Early Money is Like Yeast.
-lt helps raise dough.
-I get it.
They raise money for women candidates.
Early Money is Like Yeast, it helps raise the dough -for the candidates.
-I really do get it.
-Bartlet's impressed with me? -Very impressed.
One of the big keys to his game plan is bringing you on as press secretary.
-He's never heard of me, has he? -No.
-T oby.
-l' m here on behalf of Leo McGarry.
-McGarry wants me? -Yes.
Come join the campaign.
-How much? -How much were you making before? -$550,000 a year.
-This pays $600 a week.
-So this is less? -Yes.
T oby, does he know I've only ever worked statewide? Does he know I've never worked on a national campaign? Yes.
It's graduation day.
You really think I can do this? Yeah.
-ls Jed Bartlet a good man? -Yeah.
T oby? Yes.
Let's go in so I can change my clothes and we'll talk about it.
? -Yeah.
-The house is over there.
One of them was using a 9mm Beretta, the other had a.
357 Desert Eagle.
Ron's saying that these were the wrong weapons to use for a shooting of this kind.
That's why the injury count was so low.
We don't know what the injury count is yet.
Yeah, but his point is.
-Excuse me, sir.
You wanted to see me? -Yeah.
Charlie, the guy the Secret Service have in custody is named Carl Leroy.
He gives a statement in which he says that he and the shooters were members of an organization called West Virginia White Pride.
They tried to kill the president because Zoey and I are together? No.
-Why, then? -Charlie the president wasn't the target.
According to the statement, the president wasn't the target.
Okay, well.
Thank you, Mr.
-Dad, l' m gonna.
We don't know what the injury count is yet.
He was supposed to sign a letter? If the president is going under general anesthesia he usually signs a letter handing over executive powers to the vice president.
And the president didn't sign a letter? -Nope, we blew that play.
-ls there gonna be trouble? We'll see.
T o be honest with you, I don't really care right now.
Can I just say something? You know, for the future? Yeah.
I can sign the president's name.
I have his signature down pretty good.
-You can sign the president's name? -Yeah.
On a document removing him from power and handing it to someone else? Yeah.
Do you think the White House counsel would say that was a bad idea? I think the White House counsel would say that's a coup d'├ętat.
-I'd probably end up doing time.
-I would think.
And what the hell are you doing practicing the president's signature? -Just for fun.
-We've got separation of powers checks and balances, and Margaret, vetoing things and sending them back.
Who wanted me to do the morning shows? -I did.
-Why? The president's not ready for cameras if it's the vice president, it'll look like we don't have a president and it's time the White House comes out.
-I think it's a bad idea.
-Why? I just.
First of all, I think it's inappropriate while Josh-- You know, until.
-What's wrong? -Nothing.
I'd rather not, but obviously-- -Have Sam do it.
Listen, the letter.
-The three and a half hours? -Yeah.
I don't know how long I can dance around Danny and it'll be Danny times -Have him come see me.
-Yeah? -Yeah.
She doesn't want to do the morning shows.
She's been getting questions about why the president exited in open air.
They remember that the Secret Service used to construct a tent or a canopy.
-l' m gonna talk to Ron Butterfield.
-They don't comment on procedure.
I know, but maybe I can talk him out of it.
I should try anyway.
-You don't have to, T oby.
I should, though.
--won the straw poll, pulling in 48 percent of the vote.
Senator William Wiley drew a poorer than expected 22 percent but the story this morning is the 1 9 percent picked up by former New Hampshire governor, Jed Bartlet who leapfrogged several Democrats to finish a surprising third.
And we' re gonna go now to Governor Bartlet who's standing by live.
I' m told we don't have the governor at this moment, so while we try-- -Who can tell me what we did wrong? -I blew it.
What's next? We didn't have the candidate.
Anybody who answered-- -What's next? -T oby wants to say something.
-Which one is T oby? -I am.
-And which one are you? -l' m Josh.
-What is it you wanted to say? -Let's get out of New Hampshire.
-Why? -Nothing to win here.
He's right.
The New Hampshire primary isn't held in New Hampshire? -You can't win the primary.
-I'm gonna win the primary.
-Which is why you can't win it.
-You're popular here.
You're a Democrat, elected with 69 percent of the vote.
That's unheard of.
All you can hope for is an "as expected" and there's the possibility you can embarrass yourself.
-I appreciate that.
-T oby meant in the polls.
I know what he meant.
Hoynes will be in a fight with Wiley for a second place finish here.
We'll be the only ones in South Carolina.
We won't beat Hoynes in South Carolina.
-We don't have to beat Hoynes.
-We just have to beat Wiley.
Wiley's gonna drop out after South Carolina? If he doesn't finish higher than third.
-Will we get his endorsement? -We'll get his money, that's for sure.
-It's for sure? -Josh thinks it is.
-Which one is Josh? -I am.
So we finish second in South Carolina, we pick up some steam endorsements, money going into South Dakota, Vermont, Maine-- Where we get a split or better and the prohibitive nominee - has lost three of seven contests-- -Half the primaries.
Hoynes'll win the South, we'll take the North.
-lt will be decided in lllinois.
-lllinois will be High Noon.
If we win in lllinois, we can win California and New York? If we win in lllinois, we're gonna run the table.
That's it then.
We've saved people the trouble of voting.
What's next? -Our point is that it's-- -I understood the point.
We're going to South Carolina to set up lllinois.
When I ask "what's next," it means I'm ready to move on.
So, what's next? -We're done.
Well, I feel bathed in the warm embrace of the candidate, Leo.
He's really very easy to like once you get to know him.
-How many people get that far? -Not that many.
Josh Lyman.
No, he's not available right now.
This afternoon he's got a media session and a 4:00 with finance.
If you leave your name, I'll give Josh the message.
Thank you very much.
-Who are you? -Donna Moss.
Who are you? I'm Josh Lyman.
-I'm your new assistant.
-Did I have an old assistant? -Maybe not.
-Who are you? I'm Donna Moss.
The woman assigned me to you.
-Which woman? -Betsy.
-Margaret? -Yes.
-Who are you? -Donna Moss, I'll be your assistant.
-I'm gonna talk to Margaret.
-Actually, Josh? -When I said I was assigned to you? -Yeah? I may have been overstating it a little.
-Who are you? -Donna Moss, I drove from Wisconsin.
When did your boyfriend break up with you? What makes you think that? You' re too old for your parents to kick you out.
I wanna work for Bartlet.
I have a degree in political science and government.
Where did you graduate? Where did you graduate? -Okay, when I said I graduated? -Yeah? -I may have overstated a little.
-Look-- -I was a couple of credits short.
-From where? -University of Wisconsin.
-You took poli-sci and government? And sociology and psychology.
And biology for a while.
With a minor in French.
-And drama.
You had five majors and two minors in four years? -Two years.
-Listen-- I had to drop out.
-I had to drop out.
-Your boyfriend was older than you? I think that question's of a personal nature.
You were at my desk, reading my calendar answering my phone and hoping I wouldn't notice I never hired you.
-Your boyfriend was older? -Yes.
-Law student.
-Med student.
The idea was you'd drop out and pay bills till he's done with his residency.
-And did you? And why did Dr.
Freeride break up with you? What makes you think he broke up with me? Donna, this is a campaign for the presidency and there's nothing I take more seriously.
This can't be a place for people to find confidence and start over.
-Why not? -l' m sorry? -Why can't it be? -Because-- Is it gonna interfere with my typing? We' re picking up and going to South Carolina.
-lf you wanna stay here-- -I wanna come to Charleston.
I can't carry you.
I've got a lot of guys out there not going.
-I'll pay my own way.
-With what? I'll sell my car.
Eventually you'll put me on salary.
-Donna-- -Look.
I think I can be good at this.
I think you might find me valuable.
Go ahead.
Bartlet for America, Josh Lyman's office.
I think I'm gonna have somebody from the press office get back to you if it relates to.
-Chest tube's clear.
Pressure's holding, 1 31 /65.
-Hey, Spanky.
-Oh, God, what'd I do? Take a walk with me, would you? They're taking him off bypass now.
Yeah, I just heard.
I'm gonna head to the hospital.
-You did well on the morning shows.
I told Leo I didn't want to do it because Josh was in surgery.
-You know what the real reason was? -The real reason? -Yeah.
-I think you do.
Listen, C.
? The real reason I couldn't go on the morning shows and give an account of what happened is, I couldn't remember what happened.
I remember leaving the building.
Somebody knocked me down.
I know my necklace came off and I know a police car window exploded over my head.
I've been doing briefings using notes from other people's accounts.
But it's morning now and I listened to you on the morning shows and I know what happened.
-- -Sam, I think you have my necklace.
I didn't want it to be like an episode of I Dream of Jeannie where now you gotta save my life in the time-space continuum or you follow me around with coconut oil.
-Coconut oil? -l' m saying-- -I don't feel beholden to you.
-Why not? Can I have my necklace back? Thank you.
I'll be in my office.
Were you scared? Yeah.
Me too.
-Good morning, C.
-Good morning.
We have an update and I can give you a ballistics report so let's get started.
! -C.
! -ls he in there? -No, no, no.
Hey, Toby, I heard they're about to take him off bypass.
Can I talk to you for a second? Yeah.
Sergeant, I want those people backed up another 200 feet.
And if they move in again, handcuff them to a parking meter.
-How's your hand? -It's fine.
-You should be home.
-What's on your mind? C.
's getting questions about why the president's exit wasn't covered.
Secret Service doesn't comment on procedure.
Ron, a few weeks after the president was sworn in -you got a memo about his protection.
It said he wanted to enter and exit in the open air.
-He didn't like traveling in a tank.
It said he wouldn't use the tent or the canopy anymore.
-I wrote that memo.
-The president signed it at my urging.
-I know.
It's not right that the Secret Service be blamed for last night.
I want the Treasury Department to hand my memo to the press.
-We can't do that.
-There will be a lot of questions.
There are always a lot of questions.
Don't worry.
It's not right.
You' re the guys-- -Look at your hand.
-It's fine.
-Your hand is not fine.
-T oby.
-Let me go tell them it was my fault.
-lt wasn't your fault.
-Ron-- -lt wasn't your fault.
It wasn't Gina's fault, it wasn't Charlie's, it wasn't anybody's, Toby.
It was an act of madmen.
You think a tent was gonna stop them? We got the president into the car, we got Zoey in the car and at a 1 50 yards and five stories up the shooters were down 9.
2 seconds after the first shot was fired.
I would never let you not let me protect the president.
You tell us you don't like something, we figure out something else.
It was an act of madmen.
Anyway, the Secret Service doesn't comment on procedure.
Good job last night.
Thank you.
Secret Service agents carry a weapon called a.
357 Sig-Sauer.
The agents on the roof shot the two gunmen with.
726 caliber rifles that are referred to as J-A-R which, believe it or not, stands for "just another rifle.
" They are made specifically and exclusively for the Secret Service.
-I wanted to mention something.
This is our fifth press briefing since midnight and there's one story that will dominate the news around the world and it'd be easy to think that President Bartlet Joshua Lyman and Stephanie Abbott were the only people who were victims of a gun crime last night.
They weren't.
Mark Davis and Sheila Evans of Philadelphia were killed last night.
He was a biology teacher, and she was a nursing student.
Tina Bishop and Belinda Larkin were killed with a gun last night.
They were 1 2.
There were 36 homicides last night.
Four hundred and eighty sexual assaults, 341 1 robberies 3685 aggravated assaults.
All at gunpoint.
If anyone thinks those crimes could have been prevented if the victims had guns I'd remind you that the president of the United States was shot last night while surrounded by the best trained guards in the history of the world.
Back to the briefing.
-She's good.
-Yes, she is.
I' m going to the hospital, why don't you ride with me.
We' re getting good exit polling in Stark County and Rock lsland.
How good? We're running 53 to 58 with the undecideds from 72 hours ago on the 1 2th, 1 4th and 1 5th.
-That's the money.
-DeWitt County.
-Yeah? -Who you talking to? I'm talking to nobody.
There's no one at my house.
What's going on? Nothing.
My dad had his chemo today.
These exit polls will cheer him up.
Sam says we got the 72 hour undecideds in the 1 4th and 1 5th.
Leo, is there any food in this room that isn't fried? -lf there is, let's toss it.
-I'm not kidding.
Good exits from Stark County and Rock lsland.
-How good? -Good.
Leo, what the hell is this? Sam's draft of your victory remarks.
"l congratulate my opponent on a well-fought campaign.
" -You don't want to? -I want to but I'll call him by his name.
We're back to this? -Governor, we can-- -I wanna go over this with you.
Excuse me.
It's the exact same crap all over again.
It's amateur hour.
-Damn student.
-You can say it, you know.
It's not like I haven't heard it before.
Your husband's a real son of a bitch, Mrs.
He doesn't like being handled.
I think if he looked around, he'd see that nobody is handling him.
He's not ready yet, Josh.
He's terrified.
-ls he gonna be ready? -You bet your ass he will.
In the meantime, you wanna kick something, kick me.
T oby.
-Got it.
-Here it comes.
With 17 percent of the precincts reporting we are ready to call the Illinois primary for former New Hampshire governor.
Hey, hit the music.
-Y es! -Hey! Way to go! Now let's get to California.
Leo, we gotta replace this music.
Replace it with some Doobie Brothers.
-You gotta get happy.
You won the lllinois primary.
Come dance with me.
Your father died.
There's a lot of very happy Bartlet supporters.
We are told the candidate is in his suite refining his remarks.
He 's due to make an appearance here any moment.
Just a little under an hour ago now, this.
Welcome to O 'Hare International Airport.
We 'd like to remind you this is a smoke-free airport.
Josh? Governor.
Your father died, Josh.
I can't believe it.
Y eah.
Governor, you shouldn't be here.
-What happened? -Flight leaving for St.
He went in for his chemotherapy and he developed what's called a pulmonary embolism, it's a-- -It's a blood clot.
It went to his heart and there was cardiac arrest.
Governor, you should get back to the ballroom so you can get on a plane and get to California.
-He was a lawyer? -Yeah.
A litigator.
Did he like that you were in politics? I think he would've liked grandchildren more.
He would've.
He liked that I work for you, that we were doing well.
He would've liked tonight.
At least his friends and the neighbors will be spared all the, you know.
He'd be doing some bragging right now? Your name wouldn't have come up.
"My son won the lllinois primary.
" Three more hours, he would have been able to say that.
He'd have been proud.
He was already.
Trust me, Josh, I'm a father.
He was already.
I appreciate that, governor.
You should really get back to the hotel.
I appreciate your having come here, but people are waiting for a speech.
They'll wait.
Yeah, they will, but the people watching television won't.
-I've been a real jackass to you, Josh.
T o everybody.
-T oby Ziegler, C.
Cregg, Sam Seaborn.
I know what you gave up to work for this campaign and don't think I don't know your value.
And I'll never make you think I don't again.
You gotta be impressed that I got those names right.
Delta Airlines flight 175 for Kennedy International now boarding at gate 56.
-They're calling my flight.
-You want me to go with you? -Go with me? -Maybe you want company.
I can get a ticket and go with you.
You have to go and give a speech in prime time and go to California.
-I guess you're right.
-You guess? Listen to me, governor, if you don't lose this election it isn't gonna be because you didn't try hard enough.
But it was nice of you to ask.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
Flight 175 to Kennedy International.
They' re calling your flight.
Is he gonna be all right? -He's gonna be fine.
-Leo? -Yeah.
I' m ready.
Tonight, what began at the Commons in Concord, Massachusetts as an alliance of farmers and workers, of cobblers and tinsmiths of statesmen and students, of mothers and wives of men and boys Iives two centuries later as America.
My name is Josiah Bartlet and I accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States.
Josh, wake up, it's okay.
I want you to wake up.
I couldn't hear you, Josh.
What'd he say? He said, "What's next? "