The Wheel of Time (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

What Might Be

Are they ready?
They'll have to be, won't they?
You and I walk this path together.
We've never walked this path together.
I swore myself to you
because I trusted you.
You failed me.
Alanna will see you to the Tower.
What do you want from me?
I don't want to hurt you.
You can't.
Logain Ablar,
you will serve as an example
to all men who dare to channel.
There she is.
You've heard of the Arches?
The trial novices go
through to become Accepted?
Is she ready?
She is ready to leave
behind what she was
She could die in the
Arches. Many have before her.
Does she know what she fears?
She has never faced them
but now is willing.
The hour waits for no woman.
What are they?
- What do they do?
- Many things, child.
They are from before the Breaking,
made during a time when
women could create objects
from the One Power itself.
Some ter'angreal
are made to work by Aes
Sedai, like this one.
Others do what they do
simply with the presence of
any woman who can channel.
We don't know why they were made.
Most, we've learned
at great cost to avoid.
Many Aes Sedai have been killed
or burned out, learning that.
And you want me to
just walk through them?
We know what this one does.
It will bring you face-to-face
with your greatest fears,
and what those fears
are, are for you to know.
And you need to tell
no more than you wish.
So what?
I just walk through
one arch and out again?
Three times through, and it's done?
If you wish to boil it down that far
Two things we will tell you
now that no woman hears
until she is in this room.
The first: once you begin,
you must continue to the end.
Refuse to go on,
and you will be put out of the Tower
with enough silver to
support you for a year.
But you will never be allowed back.
to seek, to strive, is to know danger,
and you will know danger here.
Some women have entered,
and never come out.
This is your last chance, child.
You may turn back now, right now,
and you'll only have
one mark against you.
Twice more you'll be
allowed to come here,
and only on the third
refusal will you be put
out of the Tower.
I myself could not do
it the first time here.
If you are doing this for someone else,
you will fail.
Do this for you.
Or not at all.
I'm ready.
Your dress.
Whatever awaits you,
you must face it with
nothing but your wits.
Not even the One Power
will be available to you
inside the Arches.
The way back will come but once.
There you are.
Where did you get those?
I don't know.
I don't remember how I got here
You have to be careful, sweetheart.
Herbs can be dangerous.
There. That should do it.
Don't forget.
Crimsonthorn roots are poisonous.
Remember, red is dead.
What is that?
Take them down!
- Nynaeve, you're hurt.
- Elnore!
- Come on.
- Run.
Go on.
The cellar.
I need you to be
a brave girl now. Whatever happens,
you have to be very
quiet and stay down here.
I can help you, Dad.
We shall go into the land
so our children
can always hold us
and will never be alone.
Wait, Dad!
The way back will come but once
Come here!
You are washed clean of your sins.
And the sins committed against you.
You come to us pure, in heart and soul.
It was so real
- Was it real?
- No one knows.
Some come out
bearing the actual wounds taken inside.
Others are cut to the bone inside
and come back without a mark.
If I save them, would it change things?
Once you begin you must continue.
The way back will come but once.
What's wrong? What's happening here?
A fever.
It spread through the
Two Rivers after you left.
Who gave you these herbs?
The Wisdom.
Natti Cauthon?
Why does Tam call you Wisdom?
You've been gone a long time, Nynaeve.
- You don't understand what these herbs can do.
- You abandoned us.
I may not be a Wisdom,
but I'm the one who stayed.
It's a painless death.
The Aes Sedai can heal this.
They can heal anything short
of death. I've I've seen it.
The Amyrlin will
We wrote to your
Amyrlin Seat months ago.
You're the first "sister" I've seen.
There has to be another way.
- We can't
- Don't judge me, girl.
Your job was to protect
us, and you left us.
If you can heal them, then do it.
Otherwise, go back to your Tower.
This isn't your home anymore.
You're going to be all right.
It's all right.
It's good to see your face.
You've been missed.
I'm sorry.
How is Rand?
Is he happy?
He is.
Thank you for keeping him safe.
Will you stay with me until
the herbs have done their work?
I can't tell you what a
comfort it is to see your face.
The way back will come but once.
- Nynaeve?
- I'm coming back, all right?
Please don't go.
I promise you. I'm coming back.
Nynaeve. Nynaeve!
You are washed clean of your sins.
- And the sins
- No!
No! We need to go.
Please. To the Two Rivers.
There's a plague there.
Something we could all fix.
Every woman's fears
are her own property.
Do not burden us with them.
You are washed clean of your sins.
And the sins committed against you.
- You come to us
- We need to go. Please.
Once you begin, you must continue.
The way back
will come but once.
You're a remarkable woman, Wisdom.
As beautiful as the sun.
As fierce as a warrior.
You are a lioness, Wisdom
What happened?
I don't remember what I did.
You are washed clean of your sins.
And the sins committed against you.
Why can't I remember?
It's all right. The blood isn't yours.
- Lan!
- Sometimes it's best not to remember.
Well done, child.
You come to us pure in heart and soul.
You are Nynaeve al'Meara,
Accepted of the White Tower.
You are sealed to us now.
What did I do in that last Arch?
What did you make me do?!
Your fears are your own property, child.
I'm not like you.
If this test is about turning
my back on the people I love,
the people who trust
me to take care of them,
if being an Aes Sedai means
trusting the Tower over everything
and everyone else, I won't.
Keep your ring. I'm not your sister.
If you leave this room, you
will never be allowed to return.
You can't leave.
I need you.
You don't.
I came here for you, Egwene.
To protect you.
But the truth is, you
don't need my protection.
I can see that now.
I guess I learned
something here after all.
Do you know what Aes Sedai
means in the Old Tongue?
"Servants of all."
You're gonna be a woman who's
actually worthy of that title.
An Aes Sedai who makes me proud
of the months I spent here.
I'm going to miss you so much.
What are you doing here?
Alanna told me you were
going through the Arches.
I came as fast as I could.
I couldn't do it.
Where will you go?
To the Two Rivers.
I don't know what's left for me there,
but I know I don't belong here.
I could come with you.
If you'll have me.
What about Moiraine? The bond?
Of course I'll have you.
The way back will come but once.
Are you all right?
I thought I heard something.
What's wrong?
I don't know, I
It was a strange feeling. Like this
This was all a dream.
Nynaeve al'Meara has made her choice.
Alanna was right.
She wasn't ready.
We've lost women to the Arches before.
Some are just not up to the
task of wearing this ring.
No. She trusted you.
Trusted us, and we got her killed.
I hope your conscience never
lets you make peace with that.
I know mine won't.
Who are they? What do they want?
I have never read or heard
anything of these people.
- No! Nana!
- No!
What are you doing? What are you doing?
Where are you taking her?
- Nana!
- Stop!
People of Atuan's Mill,
you have forgotten your history.
You squat on stolen land.
Land which once belonged to us,
and will be ours once again.
When the fleet of Luthair Paendrag
crossed the Aryth Ocean,
the return was promised.
Today is that day.
We have to do something.
We can't just let them take these girls.
We're outnumbered and unarmed.
No, we're not.
When you swear the oaths and bow
before the High Lady Suroth,
the debt of your forefathers
shall be forgiven.
You will share in the prosperity
of the Seanchan's return,
from Atuan's Mill to Falme,
to our great empire across the sea.
Who will be the first to swear the oaths
and bow before the High Lady Suroth,
pledging fealty to the throne?
This man.
No, no, no. Stop. Stop.
Stop! What are you doing to him?
Stop! Stop!
Avert your eyes and kneel.
You'd bloody well like
that, wouldn't you?
Bend the knee and swear the oaths.
Feck you and your oaths.
Those who will not swear the oaths
will have the oaths sworn for them.
To obey. To await. To serve.
All will bow.
Our pride is not worth
more than our lives.
I swear to obey.
To await. And to serve.
I swear to obey.
To await. And to serve.
I can see red at your roots.
You keep your hair short
but you can't hide what you really are.
So, when is the other boy coming back?
I told you, there was an accident.
I'll be looking after you from now on.
Lucky you.
You know, the last boy used to
bring me red wine with dinner,
just to cover the taste
of these sour oats.
This is all we're allowed to give you.
It's for your own safety.
How long are you going to wait?
I'm sorry?
Before you ask me what
you want to ask me.
A few days?
A few weeks?
It must have taken you months
to work your way in here.
You're more patient than I am.
I don't know what you're talking
Don't lie to me, boy.
I remember you.
From Tar Valon.
You watched those women parade me
through the streets like an animal.
- You must be confused.
- Nah, nah.
I can see it.
When another man can channel,
there's a glow, and yours
yours was brighter
than any I've ever seen.
I'll never forget
looking up and seeing you
sitting on that wall.
I knew you'd shake the world.
Caged as I was, I
couldn't help laughing.
And here you are now,
all these months later,
all these miles away.
So ask me
what you came here for.
I want to know
how to control it.
What's so funny?
A Ghealdanin red.
Then I'll show you
what you want to know.
Are you serious?
I could use a taste of home.
We're thousands of
miles away from Ghealdan.
Where am I supposed to find
a bottle of wine like that?
You worked out how to get yourself here,
I'm sure you can work this out, too.
wave on wave,
cheers roll from watchers
in their thousands,
roll across the rooftops
and towers of Illian, crash and break
around the thousand ears of riders
whose hearts and eyes shine
with their sacred quest.
The Great Hunt of the Horn rides forth,
rides to seek the Horn of Valere
that will summon the heroes of the Ages
back from the grave to
battle for the Light
Four centuries since the last Hunt
What is going on?
Tomorrow those unlucky bastards
go off to hunt for the Horn.
Horn? What horn?
The Horn of Valere.
You really were a shepherd, weren't you?
Every few hundred years,
they call the Hunt
for the Horn in Illian.
Legend says whoever finds it
can summon an army of the dead.
The queen has promised half
her fortune to the woman or man
who brings back the Horn to Cairhien.
Assuming they don't drink
themselves to death before.
- Looking for something special?
- Yes.
A Ghealdanin red?
Good luck finding a bottle
like that in the Foregate.
Where would I find such a wine?
You gonna tell me why you're so keen
on this bottle all of a sudden?
I have a feeling you prefer it
when there's a little mystery.
I'll be back.
First glass is free for the hunters,
but charge them double
once they start buying
rounds for their mates.
Come on, then.
Where are we going?
To find you a better coat.
Come on, we're going to be late.
Can't you weave us
together a hangover cure?
I thought you were an
innkeeper's daughter.
Should be no stranger to hard liquor.
Ny, it's me.
Oh, this isn't how I
intended for you to find out.
I'm sorry.
What's going on?
Where's where's Nynaeve?
She was called to be an
Accepted this morning.
She went into the Arches,
but she never came out.
No, I-I just saw her. She
We need to go in there and get her out!
The Arches don't work like that.
We have to do something.
It can't be.
I will speak bluntly,
not out of cruelty,
but out of respect for you.
Nynaeve is dead.
She's not coming back.
The loss is going to shake
you perhaps most of all,
but your grief is your own.
Face it, and in time,
you will grow stronger.
Like roots of a tree when met with rock,
an Aes Sedai must find a
way to stand on her own.
Take the time you need.
But know the pain will pass.
Egwene, I'm so sorry.
I didn't know Nynaeve,
but I know you loved her.
I know she would have
faced her fate bravely.
Get out.
- Get out.
- Egwene
- Please.
- Egwene, whatever you're feeling
Get out!
I don't even know you!
I don't want you here. Just get out!
You're watching me sleep now, are you?
Is that a "I'm here
to murder you" stare,
or "Light, I've never
realized how handsome you are"?
We lost a sister this morning.
A woman of incredible power.
Someone I respected.
On the plus side, I'm
sure she was probably
really, really old.
The door is open. You're free to go.
What are you playing at?
All you've been saying
since I brought you here
is that Moiraine left you behind,
you never would've
abandoned your friends.
Well, Egwene is right
here in this Tower.
And if it's one thing she
needs more than ever
it's a friend.
But how do I know you don't have sisters
right outside this room waiting for me?
Leave. Stay. Makes no difference to me.
We're done here.
So, after five months of
these questions and games
you're done with me?
That is bollocks.
A sister died today
because she was ill prepared
for the greatest challenge a
woman can face in this Tower.
She needed my help.
But for the past five
months I've been here,
wasting my time with
Moiraine's little secret.
Moiraine might have
seen something in you
Light, Darkness, importance
but I see nothing.
You're not dangerous.
You're an insidious coward who
mistakes his own moral failings
for cunning and wit.
A stupid, desperate boy
who wallows in self-pity,
blaming his friends for leaving him.
I know you, Mat Cauthon,
though you may not know yourself.
You left them.
And you'd do it again.
So go, find Egwene, if she'll see you.
Or run home,
or starve in the Blight.
It doesn't matter to me,
because you don't matter.
Just spare me the
misery of your company.
It's already cost too
many people their lives.
Nynaeve al'Meara.
Come to pay your respects?
You did this.
Ever since we got to the Tower,
you've had your eye on Nynaeve.
You wanted her dead.
I'll leave you to your grief.
Don't walk away from me.
I'm not done with you!
Your friend had a gift.
Raw power.
But you were supposed
to be the smart one.
The girl who knew her place.
The girl who knew how
dangerous it is to overstep.
We Aes Sedai can only speak the truth,
so hear my words and know they are true.
I didn't send Nynaeve to her death.
I sent her to the Arches
because I believed in her.
But she disappointed me.
It's not always the most powerful women
who write history.
It's the ones who survive.
You remember your place,
and you just might.
You have no idea what I'm capable of.
I could get used to
you looking like this.
People are staring.
They know we weren't at that dinner.
Of course, but it only
makes them more curious.
Look at this.
Lady Dhulaine has invited us
to dine with her next week.
They're trying to figure out
if we're outland nobles they
can use against each other.
And the Ghealdanin red?
Be careful of an invitation
from Lady Dhulaine.
However you reply, there
will be costs attached.
So, what will it be?
Yes or no?
Well, now you'll really
have the Houses talking.
Outland lord or no,
something gives me the impression
you're staying in the Foregate,
aren't you?
It must seem so barbaric,
celebrating like this while
those poor people starve.
Their only hope some ridiculous
"Hunt for the Horn."
The queen's reward
sounds worth the risk.
Please, boy. There is no reward.
There might not even be
a horn, for all I know.
The queen doesn't care.
She wants her city back.
After the Aiel War,
the farmers and peasants who
survived in the countryside
came to the city for safety.
And now? The Foregate's overrun.
But you can't just kick
people out of their homes.
They'd revolt.
You have to give them a reason to leave.
Most will die of exposure
or disappear in the Blight.
But they don't care, so long
as they save a little silver.
One less poor mouth
for the rich to feed.
It's an elegant solution, really.
Sorry to cut in, Lady
I don't believe we've been introduced.
No, I don't believe we have.
Look what I found.
Now are you going to
tell me who it's for?
What's wrong?
The Hunt for the Horn is not real.
There is no reward.
It's all a ploy to purge the Foregate.
Of course it's not real.
This is the most political
city in the world.
Everything anyone
says or does is part of
some scheme or some game.
Even Lady Anvaere.
Don't you wonder why she
wanted to talk to you?
What about you?
What is your reason for helping me?
Don't ask questions
you know the answer to.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have asked for your help.
I have to go.
Wait. We're having fun.
- Sorry.
- You're just going to leave me here?
You're going to miss the fireworks.
Back so soon?
You must be desperate.
You've been suppressing it a long time.
I have.
But it won't go away.
The itch.
The urge to touch it.
How do I stop it?
You can't.
That's the secret.
The answer to the
question you already knew.
It can't be contained.
Eventually, it will spill out of you.
You are mad.
There's no madness, boy.
The Aes Sedai use that lie
to justify their cruelty.
They poison the world against men
so they can castrate us.
But they know
that only the Dragon
can defeat the Dark One!
You're not the Dragon.
The blood of Lews Therin
Telamon flows in my veins.
I can feel him
hear his whispers.
This was a mistake.
You're going to get me out of here.
I know you are.
I'm the only one who can teach you.
You can't help me.
You're sick.
But none of us can
hide from what we are.
Hey. Come over here.
Look, if you're trying to seduce me,
- the answer is still not
- I'm not trying to seduce you.
You all right?
You seem unusually maudlin tonight.
Yeah. Yeah. Just come over here.
- Yeah?
- The door's open.
So let's go.
- Where?
- Who cares?
I don't know where to go.
I've been in here for all these months
and now I can leave and
I don't know where to go.
All that matters right now
is that that door's open,
and it's time to walk through it.
'Cause I'm definitely
not waiting for you.
I was starting to worry
you might never wake up.
Who are you?
Oh, I'm the man standing
between you and the spike.
You, my friend, are part of
a caravan headed to Falme.
As an honored guest of Lady Suroth,
you will be provided accommodations
and a new life with the Seanchan.
But between us
that's not a coveted invitation.
Nothing good awaits
you in the harbor city.
You must be thirsty.
It's all right.
It's just water.
There's something different
about you, isn't there, Perrin?
I should have expected
it when I saw those eyes.
What are you talking about?
You know you have something inside you.
Something that calls for blood.
Something that sets your eyes on fire.
Show me, Perrin.
I want to meet the monster.
Who are you?
You know who I am.
You're dead.
Rand killed you.
Is that what Moiraine told you?
They're here.
What do you want from me?
The more wolf you are,
the more you're mine.
I'll be watching your
progress with great interest.
Let's go!
Let's go.
Run. He'll show you where.
What about Loial and the others?
You can't help your friends
from the back of a cage.
Right there. Get him!
Did you steal those nags?
Uh, I prefer the term "liberated."
Did you work a few hard
days to get that food?
What can I say?
Freedom is in the air tonight.
Hold her.
I need to grab one more thing.
He's coming with me.
It was mostly even his idea.
Well, he's nothing if not predictable.
- You know the way?
- Mm-hmm.
if you succeed,
Moiraine won't have anything
over either of us ever again.
Don't let me down.
If you ever leave me like
that again, I will kill you.
Leave it on My Lord.
That's it.
Show me
Show me.
Let go.
I'm not afraid of you.
Rand. Rand!
You all right?
You're not the first to try.
In 3,000 years, there've
been over a hundred attempts
to bring back a lost friend or lover.
It never works.
And it takes more than one
Aes Sedai to open the Arches.
So help me or leave.
You are going to hurt yourself.
You might even die.
The best outcome here is one
of the sisters will catch you
and you will be expelled.
- You think I care about that now?
- Yes.
Of course you do.
I heard what happened at the Two Rivers.
The Trolloc attack.
The death of so many people,
including the young Wisdom.
But she didn't die, did she?
She survived, found you,
and traveled with you here.
It's pretty clear the Great Serpent ring
would never sit easily on her finger.
But she still came.
For you.
Do you really think
Nynaeve would want you
to throw away your life,
your future, because she's gone?
She's the strongest
person I've ever known.
How could she have failed?
No one knows what happens in the Arches.
I can't leave her.
I'll get us some blankets.
We can stay the night.
Maybe what she faced offered
her a better turn of the Wheel.
Mummy, look!
Did Perrin make that for you?
She wanted something to
fight off the monsters.
She's a brave girl. Like her mum.
Papa can teach me how to use it.
Uh, we'll see.
It's Mat.
My Lady.
Forgive me.
I did not realize that
we had a blademaster in the Two Rivers.
It's me.
When did you get so grown-up?
Welcome home, stranger.
How about we see
if your father needs any
help with the honey cakes?
Yeah? Come on. Off you go.
Honey cakes?
All right. Come on then.
No, no, no, no, no.
I got a letter from Egwene today.
She and the other
Greens are headed north.
Trollocs have invaded Saldaea.
Well, Saldaea's a far way off.
Not far enough.
Egwene Sedai can handle a few Trollocs.
Do you regret leaving the Tower?
Can I have another honey cake?
You have had plenty.
How about you go give Mat
and Perrin a hug good night
and we get ready for bed? Yeah?
The cellar.
- Now. Go.
- Yeah.
I need you to be a brave girl.
Just stay here and wait
for me to come back.
Can you do that for me?
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no. No.
What's that?
The way back will come but once.
Come on, sweetheart, we have to go.
But I'm scared.
I know.
But I need you to trust
me. Do you trust Mummy?
Okay. Close your eyes.
I'm here.
Everything's gonna be all right.
You're all right. I'm here.
Everything is going to be all right.
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