The Wheel of Time (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Eyes Without Pity

- [IHVON] What did you find?
- [ALANNA] A prophecy in the Old Tongue.
[MAKSIM] Lanfear. She's
in our world again.
Can we trust Lan?
Lanfear is famous for her
mastery of Tel'aran'rhiod.
The World of Dreams.
[RAND] You want me to pretend
to be in love with a Forsaken?
[MOIRAINE] This could be our only chance
to find out what he wants.
[MIN] I won't let you hurt Mat.
[ISHAMAEL] You want me
to take away your curse?
Bring him to Cairhien.
[NYNAEVE] Your son is dying,
you've betrayed your sisters.
You're trying to justify yourself
to a woman you kidnapped.
Black Ajah really exists.
- [EGWENE] Do something.
- I can't.
- Where's Egwene?
[LIANDRIN] The western
shore is under attack.
[LEANE] The Tower has sent
sisters to investigate.
You may need to go west to
track the ship's disappearances.
- [NYNAEVE] Who are you?
- Ryma of the Yellow Ajah.
Do you have any idea
what these Seanchan do
to women who can channel?
[TURAK'S VOICE] Collar her.
She must be tamed.
How did you
You cannot hurt me.
Any pain a sul'dam feels,
her damane feels twice over.
Even to death.
Your first lesson.
The second lesson.
The a'dam cannot be removed.
Not by you.
I am Renna.
What's your name?
You know,
many sul'dam disagree, but
I believe in cultivating a friendship
between sul'dam and damane.
What's your name?
I will have to hurt
you until you tell me,
it would be easier if you just told me.
Ah, now that's almost nice.
I see no reason not to let you keep it.
What is this place?
Your home.
Rest, Egwene.
Soon, your training begins.

Are you going to scream
and beg for your life?
Try to seduce me?
You knew this moment was
coming, so what's your game?
What do you want, Lanfear?
Not Selene anymore?
You of all people should know
the importance of the name they choose,
Lews Therin.
I can't believe I trusted you
What makes you think you can't trust me?
I've been protecting you, you know,
these past few months,
keeping Ishamael out of your dreams.
I don't believe you.
You know, this is just what
you did in your last life.
You think it's so noble,
pushing everyone away.
"Protecting the people you love."
You don't know anything about me.
Where are your friends, Rand?
Perrin, Mat, Nynaeve?
You told them all you were dead.
Oh, did you think that protects them?
It just makes them easier
for Ishamael to get to,
and now he'll turn them to
the Dark so he can control you.
They would never turn.
I thought that too, once.
And who do you trust
instead, hmm? Moiraine?
The Aes Sedai who's done
nothing since you met her
but try to deceive and control you?
Do you think it's a coincidence
that you decided to come to Cairhien,
to the one place she
still holds influence?
That it's a coincidence Logain is there?
She's had you dancing on
her strings this whole time.
You know what?
If you actually want me to trust you
then do something to earn it.
Tell me where Ishamael is.
Tell me what he's planning.
Mmm. Well, look at that.
There is a little Lews in there.
But, if you actually
want to work with me
I have one condition.
- What did she say?
- I have to go.
Where? Did she tell you where
No. Away from you.
That was her condition.
If she sees us together
again, she'll kill you.
You moved him to Cairhien, didn't you?
So that I'd come here.
Yes, of course.
Away from the White Tower,
where you'd never be able to see him,
where he'd never be able teach you.
Then I've stayed too long already.
She's a Forsaken, Rand.
You cannot listen to her.
Eh? Now I can see why
you wanted to come here.
- Mat
Wait, Mat.
Yeah, I think this is a mistake.
I think we should go.
[MAT] You worried that I'm gonna find
another bartender to swoon after?
I bet her stories aren't
half as good as yours.
Give us some of that.
Come on.
Where are you going?
[MAT] Come on, Min.
Come on!
Please stop pacing.
They'll hear us.
I'm not pacing. I'm investigating.
Since we've been locked in an
attic by someone we don't know.
By Ryma Sedai, who is protecting us.
You really think we should be
trusting Aes Sedai right now?
I am not the one who got us
into this situation.
I barely shared a word
with Liandrin Sedai.
You are the one who
I know perfectly well what I did,
Princess, which is why
I'm going to make bloody
well sure that Aes Sedai
and her Warder aren't trying to
I can hear you two bickering
from the fruit market.
[RYMA] It's all right, Basan.
They've gone, for now.
He tends to lecture.
[NYNAEVE] Elderberry.
And astragalus.
It's abundant in Tear,
and was a favorite
tonic of mine as a child.
That belt. You're a Wisdom.
I am.
So you know the drink is a calming one.
I'm hoping we can have a
reasonable conversation, Wisdom,
about why two young women have
run away from the White Tower.
You can trust me.
The shelter of the Aes
Sedai sisterhood promises it.
Tell that to Liandrin.
Liandrin Sedai?
How is she a part of this?
She's a Darkfriend.
She's the one who brought us here,
turned us over to those Seanchan.
She broke the Three Oaths?
Every single one.
But that means
Black Ajah.
It cannot be.
If what you say is true
then all of our sisters
are in grave danger.
Sorry I left you so long.
[LANFEAR] First one's free.
Try it again and I'll flay you alive
and feed you to your boy.
- How did you
- I've visited your dreams.
Mostly for my own entertainment.
You have
interesting fixations.
Lady Lanfear
Ishamael said he'd freed you, but I
Tell me, why do you work for him?
For Ishamael?
You hate men.
With one exception, it seems.
- Oh.
- Please
What's his name?
Men hurt us
betray us,
and still, we love them.
You swore your oaths to keep him alive,
but this is not life.
I know.
He's holding you back.
The last tie to the girl you used to be.
The girl who was beaten and starved,
and forced to marry before she bled.
I know.
And that's why I'm here,
to do what you can't.
A gift only one woman
can give to another.
You swore your oaths to
the Dark, not to Ishamael.
You cannot take them back.
It's impossible.
But there are many paths
to walk through the night.

If we count our wealth
in damane, mine is higher
than Turak's, is it not?
Oh, have you seen?
My Ogier da'covale.
Sing for us, Gardener.
Show them.
- Treesinging is not
For us.
I should gift it to Turak.
Can you imagine?
Let's decide.
How shall I gift it to him?
What did you find out?
Turak has a room of curiosities.
The Horn's there.
It's barely guarded.
These Seanchan seem so bound
by their so-called honor,
they don't even worry
about someone stealing it.
But what of Egwene al'Vere?
There's a place on
the outskirts of the
There's a place on the outskirts
of the palace complex
where they keep the damane.
There are far more guards there
than around the Horn itself.
The Horn is what matters, Builder.
- We have to
- We will find a way to get to her.
they call it "the kennels."
There is steel
underneath that sweet exterior.
If anyone can survive that place,
it's her.
A damane cannot touch any object
she believes to be a weapon.
Not while she wears the a'dam.
You will wear this for
the rest of your life,
however long that may be.
It's hard, I'm sure,
to have grown up thinking
that you were a person,
only to realize that
you're a damane instead.
But you cannot fight
what you are, Egwene.
Pour me a glass of water.
We will do no more training
until you can accomplish
this simple task.
You must look at that pitcher
and realize that you
can't hurt me with it,
that you will never be able to hurt me.
Only then will you be able touch it.
You're strong.
And spirited.
I can feel your power
in the a'dam, even now.
They say the strongest damane
are the hardest to break.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Sleep well,

[ISHAMAEL] Your gift could
have made you a prophet,
rich beyond your wildest dreams.
Instead, you're sleeping
with fleas and drunks.
I brought Mat here, like you ordered.
- I've done my part.
- And now you want your curse gone,
just like that?
That's how it works
when you make a deal.
The Dragon is here, in Cairhien.
Rand al'Thor.
I think you've met.
If you want to be free,
make sure Mat leaves with him.
You know what I saw, the
vision of Mat and Rand.
- How did you
- Do this last thing,
and I promise you, I'll
take away your curse.
And if I don't?
Here's as good a place to stop as any.
I'm dying for some tea.
This is a temple to the Forsaken.
Interesting choice.
Shelter's shelter.
We'll need the Amyrlin's permission
for me to return to the Tower.
Moiraine's banishment applies to me
until our bond is formally
removed from Tower records.
The Amyrlin won't be back
for another few days yet.
She's returning from a visit to Caemlyn.
Do you believe they had
powers the Aes Sedai have lost?
Weaves this Age has forgotten?
They were the generals
of the Dark One's army.
The things they did,
our Aes Sedai would never even consider.
[ALANNA] What you're
willing to do changes
depending on what you're faced with.
[MAKSIM] It's rude to leave
while your friends are sleeping.
Ruder still to use your
weapon against them.
I don't want to fight you.
Rejection's a relatively new experience.
You'll have to forgive me for asking,
where are you going, old friend?
That is my business.
Blood feeds blood.
Blood calls blood.
Blood is,
blood was, and blood shall ever be.
[MAKSIM] Answer the question, Lan.
Do you actually believe
We don't know what to believe.
Because you've told us nothing.
You risk our lives,
Alanna's life, and why?
We have always supported you.
But if you are a
Darkfriend, sworn to Lanfear,
you shall not leave this place.
I've fought the Dark One.
Move aside.
The Amyrlin did not
banish you from Tar Valon.
You know that.
You wanted me to tell
you where she is. Why?
I need to find her.
What do you want from Siuan Sanche?
It's about Moiraine.
You will tell us the
truth, al'Lan Mandragoran.
We will kill you were
you stand if you don't.
We found the Dragon Reborn.
[DISTORTED VOICE] You will kill
[ECHOING] I killed them all.
[ISHAMAEL] This is where you're headed.
You know that, right?
Men who can channel,
they lose their minds.
And eventually kill everyone they love.
Ishy, dear,
if he doesn't want you to be here,
then you shouldn't be.
I told you I was
protecting you from him.
You have to be careful
in the Dream World, Rand.
You can die here. Oh.
And you can travel, too,
see the world as it really is.
See anyone you want.
Talk to them, even.
As if you were both awake.
I thought about what you said,
about the lies I told you,
and you're right.
I haven't given you
any reason to trust me.
So let me start now.
Let me give you the gift of a dream.
Is there anyone you'd like to see?
What happened to you?
Is that you?
What happened to her?
Where is she? She
She's supposed to be at the White Tower.
I know where she is.
Please, Lanfear Selene.
Please, if you ever cared about me,
just please,
just tell me where she is.
Tell me!
Ishamael has her.
I told you he'd get them.
I'll do anything.
Pull yourself together.
I'm losing it.
Come on, come on.
[SIGHS] Pull yourself together.
I can't hear you. Hello?
[WOMAN] Whatever hurt the sul'dam feels,
the damane feels twice over.
Thank the Light.
Do you know where we are?
[WOMAN] A damane cannot touch anything
she believes to be a weapon.
No, no, we are not damane.
Can you tell me where we are? Please.
What about your name?
I'm Egwene.
[WOMAN] Whatever hurt the sul'dam
feels, the damane feels twice over.
Girls, I've just spoken to a
ship's captain here I trust.
He will take you to the Tower.
News like this cannot
be trusted to a letter.
You must go and tell the Amyrlin Seat
about Liandrin
Tell her yourself. I'm
not leaving without Egwene.
Basan and I will stay here and do
what we can to rescue your friend.
I'm not leaving.
[ELAYNE] Ryma Sedai,
I apologize, but I think
you've underestimated
both this situation, and the two of us.
Neither Nynaeve or I
are leaving this city
until Egwene is with us.
Give it here.
If you want to rescue your friend,
we have to work out how to open this.
[BARTHANES] Am I interrupting?
I thought I'd bring
you a little something.
Has Rand gone? I made him one, too.
He's gone for the evening,
and I'm not hungry.
It's just a little bite.
Look, don't you remember?
When I was a boy,
you said that I made
the best sandwiches.
I said it was because the butter
was from a very special cow.
Only it wasn't, of course.
It's lucky, really,
because the cow would be
long dead by now surely. I just
buttered both sides of the bread.
[MOIRAINE] You can leave it there.
Of course.
I'm, um, I'm sorry for intruding.
You're right. As always.
It was worth a try though.
Sister, I haven't slept. I
Sometimes I wonder
how we all fell for it.
My son worships you.
As I worshipped you. As father
He asked for you, you know.
He was dying, and I was
there, holding his hand,
and he just kept asking for you.
We sent word to the White Tower.
You knew that he was dying
and that the only
thing he wanted was you.
You knew.
What was so important
that you couldn't come home and hold
your own father's hand while he left us?
I know you never cared for me,
but you loved him.
You always loved him.
What was so important, Moiraine?
I want you out of this house
and out of this city tomorrow.
I am the eldest sister.
I am the Damodred Heir,
and this house is mine if I want it.
You and your son are
here by my good grace.
You got none of what
made him good, Moiraine.
None of it.
You are mother, through and through.
[MAN] Hold up!
[MAN] Who are you? Slow down!
[MAN] Halt! Halt!
Leave us.
What's happened? What is it?
It's Moiraine.
[LOGAIN] I knew you'd come back.
- [RAND] I want you to teach me.
Battle weaves. Whatever you
used to fight the Aes Sedai.
I spent years working out
those weaves on my own,
practicing and practicing.
Why do you think I'd just give it away?
Because you want your life to matter.
You thought you were going to
save the world, or break it.
But then the Aes Sedai gentled you.
And now your only chance
at making a difference
is me.
Embrace the Source.
You know how to do that,
at least, don't you?
You need to grab it.
You're surrendering to it, boy.
That's it. Make it yours.
No more pretending, no more hiding.
If you want power, you take it.
- Yes.
- Careful, boy, don't take too much.
- You could burn yourself out.
- Yes.
[LOGAIN] Let go, boy, it's too much.
Stop! Stop!
- There's not enough time.
- Time for what?
To learn how to use
it, to be able to fight.
With that much power, you
can do anything, fight anyone.
[MAT] Thank you, ladies and gentlemen,
very much for bearing with me.
I cannot imagine that's very
easy to part with all your money.
So this time we are
going for all fours, yes.
Hard eight. Right?
We gotta see a hard eight
right there in the middle of the table.
Come on, come on, come on.
So, money in. Yeah. Money in, please.
All right, that is lovely, lovely.
Anyone else? Thank you.
So, we are going for a hard eight, yes?
[MAN] Oh, God

What in Light's name are
you doing in Cairhien?
What in Light's name are
you doing in Cairhien?
And where is your hair?
Mate, you look bloody awful.
Wh-Where's everyone else?
Are they here? Where's
where's Perrin?
I, uh
Mat, it's complicated.
It's a good thing I've got
nothing but time. All right.
Now, this first round
is on you, given that
you bollocksed up my roll.
[RYMA] Some of their damane
can sense when a woman is channeling,
so we have to be careful, and
never channel if they're near.
Go ahead, but only a trickle.
[ELAYNE] There's no latch, no seam.
I've never seen anything
like this. It's a ter'angreal.
[NYNAEVE] Like the Arches.
Give it here a moment.
You haven't told us how you got these.
At first, there were only rumors.
Far-off whispers of strange beasts
and channelers kept as slaves.
The Amyrlin Seat sent us to investigate
these claims for the White Tower.
Only after arriving
in Falme did we realize
how grossly we had
underestimated the threat.
These people intend to
bring the whole world
under their empresses' control.
Two were killed, along
with their Warders.
And one was taken.
- They collared an Aes Sedai.
- Not just an Aes Sedai.
A Sitter of the Blue Ajah.
You were close.
My sisters and I did not always agree,
but there was no
question of our loyalty,
to one another and to our purpose.
I only have this because my sisters
paid for it with their lives.
[RENNA] You can't remove
it. You can't even touch it
without unbelievable
pain. You know this.
Do you want to know
who created the a'dam?
A monster.
She was a sister of your White Tower.
Aes Sedai don't have slaves.
What did you do as a novice?
They want to curb your
power. You know that.
To waste your life on parlor tricks.
We Seanchan want you to use
your power to the fullest extent,
the way you were born to.
No woman can have power
with a collar on her neck.
Oh, Egwene.
You are not a woman.
You are a damane, and a powerful one.
I hope they told you at your White Tower
just how special you are.
Come with me.
It feels better when we
are complete, doesn't it?
Look to the tree, Egwene.
I know it brings you comfort.
Reach out to it.
Search for its roots.

You found them.
Good. Now keep going, through the roots
into the flesh of the tree.
Feel the sap running
through its branches.
Let it grow warmer and
warmer in your mind.
Make it so hot it begins to steam.
Now turn that steam into fire.

Huh. That's how it's supposed to feel.
This is the power we are
meant to wield, Egwene.
Did you feel it?
Our affinity?
Here, pour yourself some water.
You deserve it.
Pour the water, Egwene.

If we don't find Egwene
before the ship captain leaves,
you should go.
Ryma's right.
The Amyrlin needs to
know about Liandrin.
And the three of us will tell her.
You have responsibilities.
For Light's sake,
- you're the Daughter-Heir of Andor.
- Oh, now that you have the chance
to get rid of me, now
I'm the Daughter-Heir.
Why are you risking everything
for someone you barely know?
She's my friend.
I've never had one of those before.
Come on, you gonna tell me
where the others are, or what?
Last year, when I thought
I'd defeated the Dark One
Sorry, yeah, it's just still crazy to me
when you say things like that.
I left
I left them behind.
Egwene, Perrin, Nynaeve, all of them.
Mat, they think I'm dead.
I thought it would protect them.
I thought I don't know.
I thought everyone would be
better off without me, safer.
We're not better off without you, Rand.
I promise you that.
We're not better off
without you either, Mat.
But now he has her.
He has Egwene, in Falme.
And I know they want me to go there.
But if I don't go, what
happens to her then?
So, we go.
But there's one thing
I've got to do first.
A lady's heart I've
got to break, in fact.
I will meet you at the gate in an hour.
You don't have to come with me.
I mean it.
Yes, I do.
Who else is gonna keep you from
becoming an arrogant prick? Hmm?
Dragon Reborn.
An hour.
I will be there.
[MAT] Mini-Min-Min.
Min? You got company?
Should I be jealous?
- Min?
- [MIN] Come in.
Who pissed in your drink
and charged you twice?
You know I'd only pay
double for the best.
And that is how I'll remember you.
Incredibly low standards,
but never for booze.
Guess who I just ran into.
My mate,
who I've been telling you about.
- He's here.
- You can't go.
I haven't told you that I'm leaving yet.
I saw it.
No. No, no, no, no, no.
- I've already told you I
- You kill him.
You kill Rand.
No. No.
Yeah, with that dagger.
- The ruby on the golden hilt.
- No.
In Falme. That's where
he wants you to go, right?
No. No.
How do you know Rand?
You. You set me up.
- No.
- Yeah.
- And that's why we're here.
- No.
Because of him.
I didn't mean to. I
didn't know that I
For how long?
Since we left?
Mm, no.
Before we met.
I'm sorry.
I I genuinely thought
you were my friend.
I am.
I am. That's why I'm telling you.
You don't know what this is costing me.
You kill him, Mat. If
you love him, stay away.
Ah, Jhonas.
This letter needs to be delivered
to Anaiya Sedai, of the Blue Ajah.
She'll get it where it needs to go.
Of course, milady.
Aunt Moiraine.
Barthanes, I owe you an apology.
The truth is I've been a
terrible visitor and a worse aunt.
I do remember your sandwiches were
and are very good.
I think you'll make a
wonderful king, Barthanes.
Kind and thoughtful.
A king to make our house proud.
The Amyrlin Seat is here, in Cairhien,
with 14 Aes Sedai, and she's
demanded an audience with you.

The last time the Amyrlin
Seat called 14 sisters
to meet with her in Cairhien,
we installed a new
king on the Sun Throne.
Well, maybe this Amyrlin is
a little more frivolous daughter.
We'll have to wait and see.

Alone it is.
I'm sorry.
I can't let you leave.
[RYMA] Nynaeve, can you help
us? We need a little more power.
But if one of us channels
more, they might feel it.
[NYNAEVE] I can't control it like that.
[RYMA] Don't think about it.
It's the same as when
a patient comes to you.
You don't have to decide
to help, you just help them.
[NYNAEVE] I-I didn't
mean to use so much.
- I'm sorry, I
- [RYMA] It's all right. What did you feel?
It needs to be healed.
The only way it can be healed
is to be put on a woman.
It's the only way it'll be complete.
It can't be broken.
Basan. That means the
Damane have found us.
[NYNAEVE] I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
You'll do as I say.
Do not expose yourselves.
They have come to find a channeler,
and I will give them one.
Ryma Sedai, no.
Free our sisters.
Can I trust you, Wisdom,
to take my ring to the flame?
You can't do this.
Can I trust you, Nynaeve?
Pour the water, Egwene.
Aren't you thirsty?
Pour the water, Egwene.
Pour the water.
[RENNA] Pour the water.
- We have to help her.
- If we do, we can't help Egwene.
Nothing exists outside
this cell for you, Egwene.
Nothing outside this
door, beyond these stones.
Nothing except this
pitcher and my empty cup.
- Do it.
- I can't.
Don't let them take me. Do it. Do it!
[RENNA] My cup.
That's the size of your world, Egwene.
That's it.
[RENNA] Pour the water that's
the size of your world
[ECHOING] that's the
size of your world
[RENNA] Pour the water, Egwene.


[RENNA] It will never be a weapon.
You can never hurt me.
You will never leave me.
Good girl.


Don't cry.
You lasted longer than I did, child.
And I was a Sitter of the Blue Ajah.

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