The Wheel of Time (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

What Was Meant To Be

[LANFEAR] You told
them all you were dead.
Did you think that protects them?
Just makes them easier
for Ishamael to get to.
- [EGWENE] No!
The more wolf you are,
the more you're mine.
What are you?
- Where will we go now?
- Falme.
[MIN] Mat, you can't go. You kill Rand.
[ISHAMAEL] This "tea" shows you things.
Lets you glimpse your past lives.
And through all of that,
the real one.
[NATTI] Damn prick like him.
[RENNA] Did you feel it?
Our affinity?
[RENNA] I could never hurt you.
You will never leave me.
I will kill you.
[ELAYNE] What do you think it'll do?
- [NYNAEVE] I don't know,
but I hope it hurts.
[INGTAR] Turak has a
room of curiosities.
It's barely guarded.
The Horn is what matters, Builder.
Aren't you worried I'll betray you?
Will you?
They would never turn.
I thought that, too, once.
Tell me what he's planning.
[ISHAMAEL] What do
you think Rand will do
when he sees his friends are all lost?
Tell me!
[MOIRAINE] He will break.
[RAND] But why Falme, of all places?
The Dragon is supposed
to proclaim himself there.
They want everyone to know who I am
before they try to kill me.
I don't want to do this again.
Not to you.
The others will know you're coming.
I already have them
Moghedien, Sammael, and
the rest of the Forsaken.
This is our chance, Lews.
To break the wheel, make it stop.
You really think I'd do that?
All the people we love would die.
They'll die no matter what you do.
So, go ahead.
Kill me.
And you and I can dance this
dance again in our next lives.
I don't want to do this again.
I'm not going to kill you.
They say you will be
conscious, but not aware.
Like a dream.
They say this seal is so strong,
not even I could break it.
No. Lews.
I know how much you hate being alive.
And for that, I am so very,
truly sorry, my friend.
I don't want to
do this again.

[GEOFRAM] We only have a
few hours to take the Tower.
That's where they'll keep the
witches fighting with them.
Until we kill them, there's
no hope of taking the city.
[VALDA] Our scouts estimate they
have 28 of the women with them.
No one said it would be easy.
Our enemy outnumbers us,
they are better supplied,
better armed, better fortified,
but we have something they don't.
That's all for now.
Why do you pretend we can win?
There's tens of
thousands of them, Father.
Should we give up?
The Watchers on the
Waves called for help,
letters to every queen,
every king in the world,
to the Amyrlin Seat herself,
but no one came.
You did.
These strangers are
slavers and murderers.
We fight them because we must.
You think there's a chance
the prophecy is true?
They say in Falme's
greatest moment of need,
the Dragon will return to us.
"Above the Watchers shall
the Dragon be proclaimed,
bannered cross the sky in fire."
Prophecies are just the
lies of long-dead witches.
You two are being very quiet back there.
Should I worry?
[MOIRAINE] This is it?
The Waygate to Falme?
- Open it.
- [LANFEAR] Why don't you?
Ishamael took my power from me.
Ooh, you are so good at
twisting your words in knots.
I know you've got it
back. I can see it in you.
You're alive only because I allow it.
Because you have a role to play still.
When the time comes, raise the banner.
Where are we?
[RAND] You channeled in the Ways!
Machin Shin.
- Open it.
- [LANFEAR] There are faster ways
to Falme than this, even,
but I can't take all
that dead weight with us.
How can you think I'd
ever trust you again?
I'm the only one who actually
cares about you, Rand.
Everyone else Ishamael, Moiraine
they just care about what you can do.
Come with me.
Do I have any choice?
You know who I am.
Now close your eyes.
That doesn't belong here.
This will be a long morning, I think.
What does that mean?
Many people will wake
from the dream today.
It's not safe.
I'll be back.
What are you doing here?
I brought Rand.
To Falme?
Oh, don't be upset.
We're nowhere close to ready.
Listen to me. I know you.
You will be putting this off for years.
Each time saying, "Just one
more piece to put in place."
You're delaying the inevitable.
It will either happen or it won't.
No amount of time or
planning will change that.
He's not going to choose us,
it's too soon.
He's ready.
I told him that I'd help him kill you.
Will you?
[SCOFFS] If he's going to join us,
he needs to see that
we aren't all the same.
Why did I wake you?
Oh, sweetheart, it's
because you know you need me.
I balance you.
And I you.
[GUARD] What is that?
[GUARD 2] Can't see anything.
Close the gates!
To the Tower!
How do I look?
It's good.
What now?
Now she's going to tell us everything
about the place they call the kennels.
[MULAEN] Take your spot in battle.
[RENNA] The city is under
attack from Whitecloaks.
The High Lady has ordered
all sul'dam and damane
to take part in the defense.
Your behavior in this cell is one thing,
but when a damane disobeys
orders in battle,
the first punishment
is to take her tongue.
The second, her hands.
Now stand!
I said stand.
Perhaps it'll hurt more if I take this.
Now come.
My master, you called for me.
Lanfear's betrayed us.
But she's sworn to him.
There are many paths to
walk through the night.
I'll have to remove her from the board.
The Great Lord gave her eternal life.
That's for me to worry about.
I have another task for you.
The Dragon might not swear his oaths.
We haven't had enough time.
But you need him to break the Wheel.
He'll only break the Wheel
if he turns to the Dark.
And he'll only turn if he thinks
it'll save his friends
from doing the same.
We forced them toward it today.
I may have to wait until his next life.
I suppose I have nothing if not time.
- Would you like me to kill him?
- No.
I know who kills him.
And what he uses to do it.
[PADAN] Ah, Mat Cauthon,
my best and poorest customer.
Padan Fain.
- What are you doing here?
Don't lie to me.
Where would they have taken Egwene?
[GASPS] Take this off me.
I swear, I will give you anything.
[NYNAEVE] We don't have time for this.
What are you doing to her?
I can feel her in my mind.
It's like a bundle of sensations.
All I have to do is push.
Don't lie to me.
[SETA] She'll be on the Tower.
But we can't go.
I don't want anyone to see me like this.
We are going to the Tower,
and you will take us there.
And if you don't,
if you even try to get help
I promise you,
I'll make you curse the first kiss
your mother ever gave your father.

What makes you think that I'm
stupid enough to touch it again?
I know you went back
to the Tower to find it.
You abandoned your friends for it.
No point lying to me, Mat.
I can see the shadow in you.
We all can.
But to see the darkest
parts of yourself,
to accept them,
to embrace them
Well, that's real strength, Mat.
Pretend they don't exist
like you're some hero
from a gleeman's tale.
We both know that's not you.
I'm not gonna touch it.
I think you will.
Left long enough alone in this room
with just your thoughts and that dagger?
You deserve it, Mat.
[LAN] The bond,
are we going to talk about it?
Do you really want it back?
After everything I've done to you?
I never asked for my
bond to be released,
nor will I.
Stop pretending, Moiraine.
I think you're afraid.
You don't want me to
know how weak you feel.
How unprepared.
Because then you'll
have to face it yourself.
You can't hurt me anymore, Moiraine.
It took me a long time
to accept what you said,
about us not being equals,
but I understand it now.
And I believe in what you do,
even now,
when I know not half of it.
The only reason that I was able to say
that you're not my equal
is that I've known
one thing to be true
since the first day we met.
You have always been my better.
Let me back in.

- [SOLDIER 2] Watch out!
- [SOLDIER 3] Over here!
You're sure my friends are this way?
You really saw an Ogier over here?
I know what I saw.
Hold it.
Perrin Aybara.
Thank the Light.
The Horn. How did you get it?
[INGTAR] We had help,
a lady from Cairhien.
They'll realize what we've
done soon. We need to get going.
- We can't leave Mistress al'Vere.
- Egwene?
The Seanchan have her.
Sorry, do you know what that is?
Do you know how many of
our men in Fal Dara died
protecting that?
The Horn of Valere summons
the dead heroes of the past.
It's the key to the Dragon
winning the Last Battle.
What of the heroes of today?
That is what we are now.
We are all
the heroes of another age's legend.
I think it's time we
start acting like it.
Where is she?
[MULAEN] Sul'dam, with me!
Take your positions.
[SOLDIER] Take the Tower!
Take the Tower.
Take the Tower, men. Kill the witches.
- To the Tower.
- Kill the witches.
Burn the witches!
Good girl.
sul'dam are on the Tower
and our soldiers are in the streets now,
searching for the Horn.
[TURAK] Those who have sworn
the oaths should be protected,
but cut down any man who
raises a sword against us.
The only thing that matters
is the Horn of Valere.
[TURAK'S VOICE] Stand aside.
I said stand aside.
[RAND] You people did this to her.
[TURAK] A heron-marked sword.
Let us see what is required
to earn the heron blade
on this side of the ocean.
[TURAK'S VOICE] From birth
to death, I serve the blood.
They understand battle
well, these women.
- [MAN] Are you ready to fight?
One man could hold 50 here.
There's no need for that.
They're coming this way.
Go! Take the Horn!
- Ingtar!
- For the Light and Shinowa!
[INGTAR] Go! I'll hold them!
You're faster than you used to be.
Feels like I'm running
without buckets on my back.
You're thinking about Lanfear.
I still don't understand
why he only woke her.
They're too dangerous,
I think, the others.
The Forsaken fought among themselves
as much as they fought the Dragon.
But everything that I could
find out said that Lanfear,
Lews Therin and
Ishamael were inseparable
before the War of Power.
They were best friends.
Just like these kids.
I think I know where we are.
Lanfear planned this.
Master Domon.
Lady Selene. You're a
long way from Cairhien.
What do you be doing here?
The city's under attack.
A good lady like yourself,
you-you shouldn't be here.
Oh, I'm not going anywhere.
And neither are you.
You know that broken piece of cuendillar
- I sold you a few months back?
- Aye.
Well, I have an inkling
that when this city falls,
I can get my hands on
some that are fully intact.
Six of them.
Won't be worth much if we're dead.
Oh, you're not going to sell them.
You're going to take them to
the deepest part of the ocean
and throw them in, where no
one can ever, ever find them.
Dump them?
But that's a fortune
I'd be throwing away.
Oh, I'll make it worth your while.
Go to your boat and wait for me.
I'll bring them tonight.
[SUROTH] Does he really
think that I won't be
on the front lines of Falme's defense?
There's glory to be won today.
Where have you been?
I had other tasks to attend to.
The girl's in place?
The whole city can see her.
It should be me on the
Tower defending our people.
Now that Turak is
dead, it's me the pe
Turak is dead?
And the Horn stolen.
If My Lord remembers,
you gave it to Turak
for safekeeping. Perhaps
Stop talking.
Lanfear, she's working against us.
You've held your strongest
damane in reserve like I asked?
Take them to a ship
directly below the Tower,
where you have a clear
line of sight on it,
and wait for my signal.
But, Lord, I just
They know how to gentle a man?
Of course.

An hour.
I thought surely you'd
last longer than that
before you touched the
The thing is, I have spent my fair
share of time in a cell this year.
And I've learned there's usually
more than one way out of them.
What? Stop him!
Guards! Guards! Guards!
[GUARD] Don't move!
Come back!
Go, go!
Again, Egwene.
Renna, have you lost
control of your damane?
No, I have not.
[NYNAEVE] We made it.
Wait. Do you hear that?
This is your last chance.
Defy me again.
It's working. It's actually working.
Did you not trust in the Light?
Signal the archers!
People of Falme, pick up your weapons!
Fight with us.
Send these slavers back
where they came from.
- Nynaeve!
- I'm here.
[SOLDIER] Let's go.
- No, no.
- Wait, Perrin!
- Perrin! Perrin! Perrin!
- Mat!
[LAUGHING] Oh, my old friend Perrin.
- Mat. Mat.
- I don't believe it.
Perrin, oh, what are you doing here?
Who are
Who in Light's name are these people?
They're, uh, friends.
- I hope your friends can fight.
[RENNA] This is your fault.
The Tower was hit from
our position. You did this.
Oh, stupid Egwene.
The a'dam only works on
women who can channel.
I know.
[GASPS] What?
It didn't make sense to me how
we could connect to each other.
At first I thought it
was like the Warder bond.
But then I realized that
you can see our weaves, too.
You feel it when I channel
because we're linked.
[WHISPERING] We're the same.
You sul'dam are just
so weak in the Power,
the Searchers didn't find you.
The first rule.
You cannot hurt your sul'dam.
The only way you're
getting out of this collar
is if I let you out.
- But first
you have to let me out.
You're still my damane.
You still feel what I feel.
If I die, you die.
Please use it.
[RAND] Egwene.
Rand'll be headed where she is.
Rand? Are you sure?
Yes, he's alive. I've seen
him with my own two eyes.
He's got shit hair, but he's alive.
We must get the Horn to Rand al'Thor.
We can't even open it.
Why didn't you say that?
Of course.
I'm here.
I came to save you.
But it looks like you didn't need it.
I'm sorry, I should have told you.
I thought it would be better this way.
I'm sorry.
Come on, let's get out of here.
All right?
- [ISHAMAEL] In the flesh this time.
[RAND] Ishamael.
It's the same as your last life.
You try to be so honorable
so proud,
so perfect.
I'm not Lews Therin.
Maybe next time it'll be different.
Hold the shield on him
until we get the signal.
Then we gentle him.
[ISHAMAEL] I don't
want to do this again.
And I don't think you do either.
Look at her.
You abandoned her.
You made her a killer.
If you keep fighting him,
you'll turn them all to the Dark.
Just like you did in your last life.
Just like you did to me.
- Get him, get him.
- Get the Horn to Rand!
Perrin, I'm not leaving you.
I'm not.
None of this matters if
Rand doesn't have that.
You're his only hope.
[LOIAL] We'll buy you some time. Go!
[SOLDIER] Get him! Don't move!
[SOLDIER 2] Get him!
Two Rivers?
Close your eyes,
picture a bud, soft like
I can't do it like that.
It's either there, or it's not.
You can do it, Nynaeve.
[VALDA] You.
Now we'll find out what you really are.
- No.
Valda, with me.
- [SOLDIER] Attack!

I remember.

The Heroes of the Horn.
I am one of you.
I have fought by your
side times beyond number.
Fight with us once more.
Well, let's not just fecking stand here.
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain!

[DAIN] Father.
No. No!
[INGTAR] Perrin, look out.
- Perrin. Perrin.
Two Rivers!
Oh, no, no!
Don't be so bloody surprised
I'm a Hero of the Horn.
Get to Rand. We'll hold them.
It's all right.
Use what you know. You're a Wisdom.
I'm-I'm going to push it through.
This will hurt.
- It's through.
[NYNAEVE] We have to get to Egwene.
- Can you ?
- I'm all right.
Leave me.
I'll just slow you down.
We don't know if I'll be able
to channel when I get there.
Whatever she's facing,
she needs you, not me.
it looks like our time is up.
Will you join us?
I will never serve him.
In a thousand lives,
I never have.
I know that.
I'm sure of it.
She's right, you know.
You're so much like Lews.
But different, too.
Ah, well.
Rand. Rand, brother, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Rand. Rand.
Rand. Rand.
Such a simple illusion.
How could you not see it?
Rand, Rand, Rand, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
If it's any consolation
I'm sorry, too, old friend.
I truly am.
How did you ?
You cannot face down
one of the Chosen, child.

Keep moving. There's soldiers
on these cliffs. What is it?
- Shielding.
- [LAN] Are there weaves?
I think it's Rand they're shielding.
You don't know who they are.
What if Lanfear put us
here for you to do this?
What if those ships are
full of innocent people?
What if it's not Rand?
I will let a thousand
innocent people die
if there's even a
chance that he will live.
That is what it means to support
him, you do understand that?
Keep going.
I'm sorry.
I'm here.
Nynaeve's here, too.
Go. Hurry.
I'm sorry.
It was a mistake. I'm sorry.
Rand. Rand.
Who are you?
Rand. Rand, you're gonna
have to do something.
I can't.
I'm shielded.


It's beautiful.
Do you see it, Lews?
What do you see?
Nothing at all.

They're retreating.
"Above the Watchers shall
the Dragon be proclaimed "
" bannered 'cross the sky in fire."


Softly, softly,
from the shadows.
Softly, softly,
from the shadows.
Ishamael let us out.
All of us. He had
this sneaking suspicion you
were going to betray him.
Where are the others?
[SIGHS] Yeah.
You and Ishamael
were always too close to the Dragon.
The rest of us don't share that failing.
"Softly, softly, from the shadows."
That's what you always
said about me, isn't it?
That I was too cautious,
too afraid
too weak.
You don't want to fight me.
Mm, this is not a fight.
This is a warning.
When I strike, I don't miss.
Stay away from him, Lanfear.
He's ours now.
All five of them are.
Softly, softly, from the shadows.
Light help you, Rand al'Thor.

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