The Whispers (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Hide & Seek

Previously on "The Whispers" Who are you talking to? Drill.
He says you're "it.
" Tell me about this game.
I'm not supposed to say.
Who said that? My friend Drill.
He speaks through the lights.
He's not here anymore.
He's looking for a new friend.
Now what? Her dad is with the defense department, special projects.
He actually got called to Africa this morning.
What is that thing? My husband was killed three months ago in a plane crash.
I have my son.
He got sick.
He lost his hearing.
Thank you for fixing me.
It'll be our little secret, Drill.
Jackson Bellings, age 10.
Detonated a homemade bomb at Westings designs.
"Under the influence of an imaginary entity named 'Drill.
'" There was someone across the street.
A man watching the building.
- What's your name? - I don't know.
We found Sean's plane.
Sean's body it's missing.
Sean Bennigan can no longer be presumed deceased.
_ Yeah.
What is it? Hey.
You and I, we don't have secrets, right? _ Hold on one second.
_ Mnh-mnh.
No one.
Must have been Never mind.
You were telling me about your friend.
_ I can't wait to meet him.
Rollins, I need more time.
I'm asking you to hold off on releasing the sketch, just for a few hours.
And I'm asking you to explain why.
If you're working on an angle, I need to know about it.
In case you've forgotten, that's how partners work.
- I'm not shutting you out.
- You sure about that? Yes.
We need more to go on.
Meet me at Capitol University Hospital in two hours.
What's at the hospital? The only person we know who's talked to Drill.
Hold on a second.
Uh, I got in late.
I didn't want to wake you.
I was gonna let you sleep, but your phone's been ringing all morning.
I figured it was important.
Nah, it's this desert situation.
- I got to go in.
- You need to talk to Minx.
She has this new friend.
He's been telling her stuff about us.
I guess the whole neighborhood knows.
Lena I know.
You're sorry.
Daddy's home.
So, I can't print it here, Drill.
He'll find out.
Okay, okay.
Think of another way.
Hey, Minx.
Hi, daddy.
Hey, honey.
Can you come over here for a minute? I want to talk to you.
So, I've been hearing all about your Your new friend, and he's been telling you things about us, right? And where did he hear these things? Did his parents tell him or? He doesn't have any parents.
Okay, Minx, I I want to meet Drill.
But you can't.
Grown-ups can't see him.
Okay, so We can't see him, but but kids can? Some kids, in the lights.
But you have to be chosen.
You know what? Let's forget about Drill for now, okay? So, your mom and I I know we haven't been very nice to each other lately.
You talk in nice voices, but you don't sound so nice.
I think that's a very good way to put it.
But I want you to know something.
Just because we don't sound nice, that doesn't mean we don't love each other.
But no matter what, the three of us we are a family.
Nothing is gonna change that.
- Promise? - Double promise.
Did you bring me back something from Mali? - Did you think I'd forget? - Mnh-mnh.
Now, where would I have put it? Mm That one.
It goes, uh, rightHere.
Right there.
Good girl.
Where is he? Where is he, Wes? Have you lost your mind? If Lena saw us here - I have been calling all morning.
- Hey, we cannot do this here.
- Sorry, okay? - No, no! You hear me?! You don't do that! It's been it's been crazy.
I just got back, okay? Calm down.
Just Just tell me, is he alive? I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know? We found his plane thousands of miles away from where he was supposed to have disappeared.
There's evidence someone walked away from that crash, Claire, but whether it was Sean There's something you need to see.
This man was Was seen here a month ago Just outside Westings Industrial Designs moments before the bombing.
I I don't understand.
This is Sean.
Yeah, I know.
But if it is If it's Sean and he survived and he's here, why didn't he come home? You have to understand, I shouldn't have even told you what I saw in the desert.
He's my husband.
Who has now been deemed a national-security threat.
- Do you know what that means? - Mm-hmm.
I can't talk to you or it's treason.
Come on, Wes.
Since when have you been worried about breaking the rules? Since I broke too many of them.
Okay, look, she's She's giving me a second chance, okay? I know.
But My second chance died for me the day Sean's plane went down.
And now Wes, if this is true I have to find him.
Mommy's not sleeping, is she? Daddy says mommy's body's here, but her spirit's somewhere else.
He says you're trying to find it.
That's exactly what I'm doing.
Daddy thinks I don't know, but I do.
Mommy's dying, isn't she? Your mom is fighting, Harper, and I promise we're doing everything we can.
You won't be able to help her.
That's what my friend said.
Why would your friend say that? Because he said he's the only one who can.
Clearly this guy is Drill.
It's like you said.
He's convincing the children he's not real.
He's getting them to do stuff.
All Ms.
Bellings said was that she saw this man before the bombing, but can't prove a direct connection.
Which is exactly why we need to send the sketch out and see what hits we get from the other bureau offices.
Someone may know him.
You're right.
Someone may know him.
That's why we're here.
Harper, you see this man? Is this Drill? Harper.
- Answer the question, okay? - I can't.
I'm not supposed to.
Why? Did Drill say that to you? I know you think that Drill is your friend.
But, Harper, listen to me.
Drill is not your friend.
- He's dangerous.
- That's not true.
He said he's going to make mommy better.
No, he's he's trying to trick you.
He's not.
He said you were gonna confuse me, and that's what you do.
This is enough.
We are not playing a game here.
But it is a game.
It's the most important game of all, and I have to win.
Please don't make me lose.
I want my mommy back.
I know.
I know.
It's okay, Harper.
I won't make you lose.
- Excuse me.
- Yes? Could you uh, would you mind helping us for a second? Sure.
Harper, hey, did Drill tell you that you couldn't talk to a doctor? Then you can tell her about this man, right? She's not playing the game.
I think so.
Whisper into her ear so that I can't hear you.
Okay, Harper? I don't think this is right.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Is that the man you're looking for? Yes.
Why? Do you know him? He was my patient last night.
This man was here? Yes.
But he ran away.
Captain Bennigan.
The night he disappeared, he wasn't on just a surveillance run.
That was his cover.
I didn't realize he flew secret ops.
He was sent out to test a new weapon we've had in development for the last six years.
It was just before Captain Bennigan was about to launch the initial test, he disengaged his transponder.
We lost contact with him.
- Couldn't find him on radar.
- But that's not possible.
You can't disengage a transponder on an F-22.
Which means Sean Bennigan had help.
It also explains how he got from the Arctic to the Sahara.
He fueled up somewhere.
He took the plane to the desert, tested the weapon there.
But something went wrong.
And Captain Bennigan? Apparently, he survived.
No, I I just don't see how someone could walk away from that.
That's what you're gonna find out.
Find out what happened that night, and find out who Sean Bennigan is/was working for.
Yes, Mr.
I want two teams on this.
Alpha, focus on the desert.
I want our own scientists out there.
I want to know if an accidental or a planned discharge from our weapon could have caused this.
Check all keyhole satellite footage of the area.
Check with Africom.
Someone somewhere saw something.
Find it.
Bravo, work on the assumption captain Bennigan did survive.
If so, a possible last sighting could have taken place here Westings Industrial Designs.
Now, whether he's connected to the bombing That's what we need to find out.
Where is he? What does he want? Sir, it says here in Captain Bennigan's file that his family currently resides in Baltimore.
He could have made contact.
I already spoke with his wife.
She hasn't heard from him.
Still might help to put a tail on her and the kid.
Never know.
The guy could come around.
It's your move.
Maybe you'll get lucky, Tania.
Oh, no! Dog ate your homework! Move back two spaces.
You aced the test.
Move to the head of the class.
I win.
You always win.
It's not fair.
Then let's play a game you can win.
Which one? What's that? It's a new game, a secret game.
Hardly anyone knows it.
How do you play? Print out the file on the drive.
The most important thing about winning the game is that you can't show anyone.
Then you automatically lose.
This doesn't sound like a very fun game.
But it is.
If you win, my friend will show you magic.
What kind of magic? Okay, I'll give you a sneak peek.
But I'm not supposed to, so don't tell anyone, okay? Drill? Hello, Tania.
Would you like to be my friend? How did you do that? I told you, magic.
So, are you gonna play or what? He doesn't remember anything No family, no home.
All he knew was the last three months.
Everything prior to that was gone.
And did he give you any any hints about where he might have been, anyone he knew? No.
I get the feeling he didn't have anyone.
There was one thing.
Um, when he was unconscious, he was talking in Arabic, and he said something very strange.
He said, "they're searching for the lights.
" Any idea what that means? Sorry.
How did he look? It hasn't been easy for him.
That was clear.
Also, he had all these tattoos.
What kind of tattoos? They were all very different.
There was one here that looked like a tree house You know, the ones kids play in? Tree house? You sure? Yes.
This is our guy.
What did he do? - He's just a person of interest on a case.
- Two cases.
What about your security cameras? Security room's in the fourth floor.
I'm sure they've already pulled the tapes in light of the attack last night.
What attack? Stop.
This guy is trained.
Possibly military.
We should get the sketch to the various services, see if we get a hit.
Agent Bennigan.
What aren't you telling me? Now, you've been holding up protocol on the sketch ever since you saw it, and now You know who he is.
I can't believe this.
Who is he? - Jessup - Who is he? I think it might be my husband.
Your husband? No, but I thought That's what I thought.
That's what everyone thought.
But Last night, they found his plane.
They didn't find his body.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean that this The man in that sketch, Jessup That looks exactly like Sean.
But That man that Dr.
Benavidez described, that's that's not Sean.
He doesn't speak Arabic.
He doesn't have tattoos.
He wouldn't just attack someone.
That's not him.
But if you believe that, then you would have released the sketch, and you didn't.
- I needed more time.
- Time? Time like you just gave to this guy who's now running loose on the streets? Doctor? Dr.
Benavidez! If he happens to come back, I need you to call me right away.
Don't call the cops.
He needs help.
I hope you find him.
Yes, hello.
I have an appointment with Dr.
I'm running a bit late.
Do you think you could tell me what time she's on duty till? Um, I'm gonna have to reschedule.
Thank you so much.
Sir, you have to see this.
What do we have? Over Africa, the satellite feeds have caught something.
We only have the last few seconds of the crash, but look.
Is this the aftermath of the weapon launch? That's what I initially thought, but when I examined the radial direction of the explosion, it doesn't match the signature of a weapon drop.
So what? I don't have that yet.
But look at the rest of the photos.
The satellite is programmed to take a frame every 40 seconds.
Here's the series.
What What's that? The fulgurite.
Is it moving? It's not the fulgurite.
Lena, I can't talk right now, okay? What's wrong? What happened? What's going on here? Wes.
I had to let them in.
They had a warrant.
Hey, what are they telling you? Something about accessing restricted files.
I I don't know.
All right, I'll figure this out.
Take Minx and go over to Callie's.
I'm not leaving you here.
Okay, I'll I'll take care of this.
Alex, what the hell is this about? Last night, 10:24 P.
, your D.
server was accessed.
Restricted files were downloaded against protocol.
That doesn't make sense.
I wasn't even here.
I was out of the country.
Which is why we're taking your computer to figure out who.
You have a guess on that? I can't believe you're really accusing me of this.
Then who, Lena? Who did this? I don't know! But the fact that you could even think it was me My God, we're in worse shape than I thought.
Instead of going at each other, maybe we should try and figure out how someone got into our home.
You think I was spying on you, checking to see if you e-mailed her from your work computer.
I I was wrong, okay? I'm sorry.
Well, are you? Am I what? Are you talking to her? Oh, you really want to do this now with the feds crawling all over this place? Oh, come on, Wes.
They probably already know.
I mean, the two of you How discreet were you really at the office? If I could go back and change things, I would.
But I can't.
But if there is something that I I can do, then then tell me.
I will do it.
I want all of this to stop.
I want the FBI to not be in our home and look at us like we're terrorists.
I want our daughter to stop talking to an imaginary friend who makes her feel like crap.
And I want so badly to stop hating you.
But the truth is, ever since you were with her, ever since it happened, everything has gone wrong.
So you know what I want you to do, Wes? I want you to fix it.
Stop it! Stop fighting.
Oh, Minx, uh, honey It was me.
I'm the one who went into daddy's computer.
You're supposed to be yelling at me.
Mom, uh, is Henry with you? Okay, do me a favor.
Just keep him inside.
No, nothing.
Just keep a close eye on him.
I'll explain later.
Mom, hold on a second.
Benavidez, you okay? No.
My wallet and my keys.
I I'm sure they were here when I started my shift, but I I can't find them now.
I'll I'll check with security.
Mom mom, I know.
I got to go.
Keep an eye on Henry for me.
You want me to believe that your 8-year-old daughter accessed top-secret defense files.
The truth, Alex.
Look, I I know it's bad.
We're dealing with it.
I'm asking you to understand.
You mean you're asking me to let it go.
You don't have a case.
Go through with this.
You'll see how it turns out.
And, trust me, it doesn't come out looking good for you guys.
Look at you.
Big job at defense.
You're making this personal.
You never liked me.
That was always clear.
Because guys like you, you're always looking for that climb.
I was a good agent, Alex.
But that wasn't good enough for you.
Well, I wasn't after your job, if that's what you thought.
I wasn't worried about you taking my job.
Then what? You knew how shaky things were at home for her.
We all did.
But not all of us took advantage of it.
You think I took advantage of Claire.
You were her superior, Wes.
You have no idea what she and I had.
I'm not talking to you about this in my house.
Get out now.
I think we have everything we need.
Our forensics team will go through that computer.
Yeah, you go through that computer.
Jessup, what's the situation? W Wait a minute.
What are you telling me? Sir, we have an update on the tail on the captain's wife.
Okay, what do you have? She just arrived at the home of Dr.
Maria Benavidez, and she went in armed.
Okay, I'm I'm I'm on my way.
Do not approach until I get there.
I'm about a block away.
Wait, wait.
I I see her.
Claire! Hey! Watch out! - Watch it! - Hey! Claire? Claire.
Did you see him? I don't know.
W What do you mean? W Was it Sean? I I never got a good look at him.
Right now my family needs me, sir.
We don't know.
The doctors don't have a timeline.
We're taking it day by day.
I realize it will take a few days to get a replacement.
Mommy? Mommy? You said you were gonna help me.
You promised.
Mommy! Mommy! Wake up! Okay, what do I do next? Oh, no.
Come with me.
Boys and girls, do you think you can help Teddy find his way home? Use the map! A map, you say? That's it! Teddy, what you need is a map.
Map, map, map, map, map.
Where is it? Henry, who's here? Who's talking? _ - Mm, I heard someone.
- That's it.
Very good, boys and girls.
You helped Teddy find his way home.
It's not fun being lost, is it? You should be in bed, okay? I'm sorry, Drill.
I know it's supposed to be a secret.
What do you got? Still no hits on Captain Bennigan.
We've run through all the facial-recognition systems.
So far, nothing.
What about her? She's gone back to the house he was squatting in.
You want us to bring her in? No.
That won't be necessary.
We have what we need.
Thank you, Drill.
I don't want to be home anymore.
What kind of game did you say this was? A maze? Where does it lead to? Oh I see.
Yeah, I just got the car started.
No, it's all good.
Thank you.
Okay, thank you very much.
Thank you.
There's something I need to do.
You're gonna help me.