The Whispers (2015) s01e04 Episode Script


Previously on "The Whispers" My friend Drill.
He speaks through the lights.
But each of these kids claims to have a friend named Drill that no one else can see.
- You know who he is.
- I think it might be my husband.
He's experiencing some kind of memory loss.
Each of your tattoos, they represent a place? Sometimes a person.
You kidnapped me for a reason! You must know! I never know not until I get there.
That's how this works.
- What are you doing? - Shh! It's a message.
What's it saying? My son two years ago, he got sick.
He lost his hearing.
You knew how shaky things were at home for her.
You think I took advantage of Claire.
You have no idea what she and I had.
If Sean survived and he is here, I have to find him.
I need to know about Drill.
He asked you to play a game, didn't he? He wanted me to go on daddy's computer and look for the treasure.
And what was the treasure? It's the Harbor Point nuclear power plant.
That's where Sean's going.
Drill Find my daddy and bring him home.
I'll do anything.
What's next, Drill? Is that one word or two? Now what? Are you sure? Okay.
Good morning.
Mm! _ Something important for work.
Anything I can help you with? _ Hi, Henry.
I'm Minx.
Drill said I should come over to play.
He also told me you can hear now.
Don't worry.
I can keep a secret.
Your mommy's pretty.
Not as pretty as mine, but Does she Know you're here? My mom? Lately, she's more interested in where my dad is than where I am.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Drill says it's gonna get better soon.
He's helping.
He wants to help you, too.
With what? Someone you're looking for.
Drill says he can help you get what you want if you help him get what he wants.
What do I have to do? Just Play a game.
I didn't realize the D.
and the FBI had a carpool program.
You must be Agent Rollins.
Paul Wheeler, representing torrent energy group who own and operate Harbor Point.
This is Reid, our chief of security.
He's put the plant on lockdown, as requested, but I imagine he's just as eager as I am to know exactly what the hell is going on here.
We have intel that a United States air force pilot has been receiving funds from inside a rogue state.
Mostly likely Libya.
And during that time, he's gone to extreme measures to ensure reports of a damaged cooling pipe inside this plant did not get into the hands of anyone who might be able to fix it.
It's our opinion that he plans on exploiting that flaw to create some kind of contamination event.
Where did you say you found this, again? Here.
Coming in here with a lot of information, Claire.
Maybe if you'd just been straight with me I showed everything I had.
With Wes Lawrence, but not your partner.
Though, I guess that wouldn't be the first time, would it? You know, if it wasn't for Wes and I working together, you'd still be on the floor of a gas-station bathroom looking for hair samples.
So a simple thank-you will suffice.
Found a car wreck about 3 miles from here.
Matches the description of the vehicle stolen from the area Bennigan was last spotted.
Okay, coordinate with security.
We need spotters on the entry roads.
Claire, you sure you're okay? It's fine.
Give me full comms with your people inside.
We need to know everything they do.
Security 1.
Yes, sir.
We're gonna need a broadcast.
- Which camera? - All of them.
Sorry I'm late.
Saw some action at the perimeter.
You heard about anything going on? Nothing.
She's still running a little hot.
Water's tripped level 4.
You called it in last night, right? I'm sure they've got a team in there looking at things, and if there's a problem, I'm sure they'll find it.
Why does Drill want me to find these things? It's like a treasure hunt.
"The first thing you have to do is take your bike to black-eyed Sue.
" I don't think my grandma will let me do that.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of her.
I'm sorry.
I didn't Who's your friend, Henry? I'm Minx.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Ah.
I didn't know Henry was having any friends over today.
_ Well Okay.
Have fun.
Just, um Let me know if you need anything.
I don't think this is a good idea.
I don't want to get in trouble.
Don't you want to know where your dad is? Why didn't Drill ask me to do this himself? I don't know.
Maybe he's busy.
I'll play.
Drill will be really happy.
You're not coming? It's not my game.
Besides, someone has to stay here.
Why? To make sure nobody tells on you.
Okay, let's talk about a worst-case scenario.
In the event of a-a full meltdown whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.
There's not gonna be any meltdown, okay? W-we have a number of contingencies in place.
If the water around the core drops to a dangerous level due to the leak you discovered, we shift over to the E.
The emergency core cooling system.
Which runs on a completely different set of pipes.
Why don't we just shut down the plant entirely? That way, there's no chance that powering down a reactor is a complicated and expensive process.
So is treating an entire county for radiation poisoning.
Maybe I'm missing something, but we've identified the flaw in the reactor.
If bennigan was trying to cause a meltdown, we've already stopped him.
And yet he's still heading this way.
If all he wanted was for this place to overheat, he wouldn't have to be here, so Maybe he knows we're onto him.
No, he kidnapped the doctor long before we figured out where he was going.
He was always coming here.
Why? Let him come.
He's not gonna get in.
And the minute he does, my men will be all over him.
What's that? The evacuation signal.
We're on it.
- Well, shut it down.
- We're trying.
Nothing we're doing seems to be working.
There's some kind of electrical malfunction.
What's the protocol when this alarm's triggered? All nonessential personnel have to vacate the premises immediately.
How many exits do they have? Four.
Son of a bitch.
Please please just let me go.
- I can't.
- Why?! Because, just like me, there's a reason why you're here, Maria.
Don't you want to find out what that is? Minx? I made some snacks for you and Henry.
Where are you? Upstairs? Kids? Hello? Hmm.
Oh, my goodness, you gave me a fright! Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Didn't you hear me calling? No, I didn't.
I cut myself.
Can you help me find a band-aid? Ohhh.
Of course I can.
How on earth did you do that? It was a thorn from the rosebush outside.
Well, you need to be more careful.
Is Henry out there with you? Yeah.
I think he's riding his bike.
"One step closer to your answer.
" "Look out for the yellow dancer.
" No sign of Sean.
You? Nothing.
I have a sweep-and-secure team ready to move.
He's inside, they'll find him and wrap him up.
Agent rollins, your men aren't trained to operate in this kind of facility.
For the safety of everyone involved, we can't allow your agents to conduct maneuvers in an area they don't understand.
Harbor point has its own security team trained specifically to deal with these types of situations.
If anything requires action, they can handle it.
Excuse me.
Lawrence? We just lost a camera.
Where? I'll be damned! That's the guy! That's the guy! This is gate 2-7.
We've got eyes - What's wrong? - The phone just went dead.
What do you mean it went dead?! - What the hell?! - What? The door's malfunctioning, too.
We're locked in.
This is Wheeler.
Sorry, sir, I'm calling about the spike in core temperature I reported yesterday.
Yesterday? How is this the first I'm hearing about it? I don't know, sir.
As soon as the water level started to drop, we sent it up the chain.
Word came back that someone at the NRC texted them that it was being handled.
This is Wes Lawrence, D.
We're gonna need you to switch over to the E.
Immediately, see if that takes care of the situation.
Send some of your men over to Gate 27.
- Any reason to believe it's Bennigan? - Any reason not to? This is Reid.
I need a secure team at Gate 27 now! Hi, mom.
Everything okay with Henry? He's fine.
I was actually just calling to get a phone number for his friend's parents.
She cut her finger a little, and I just wanted to friend? Mom, which friend? Henry's playdate, Minx.
She's very sweet.
They've been playing together all morning.
Okay, mom, I I need you to find Henry and ask him some questions for me, okay? Okay.
Minx, can you bring Henry to the phone for me, please? Sorry.
I have to go now.
Well, wait a minute, where - Where - Mom? Mom, find him.
Claire, I don't see him.
He's not here.
Jessup, I need you to put out an Amber alert on my son.
I'll get you a picture.
What's going on? Your daughter Minx.
she was at my house with Henry, and now he's gone.
O-okay, slow down.
I don't understand.
Wes, Wes, what if all this, everything here, was just a-a-a wild goose chase something to distract us while Sean got what he really wanted? W-which is what? His son.
Drill? Is that you, Drill? "The treasure that you're here to seek is further down along the creek.
" - I'm going to find him.
- Okay.
Hey, I am no good to anyone here until I know that my son is safe.
Okay, okay, I'll talk to Lena, - find out what she knows from Minx.
- Okay.
- Claire? - Yeah.
- I know.
I know.
- Okay.
We have eyes on him.
How the hell has he gotten this far without being spotted? I don't know, but he's not getting any further.
The access doors to the facility lock electronically.
Without a key card, there's no way he's getting he's working with someone inside.
Who's helping you? You don't seem like the type to follow orders without knowing who's giving them.
You're right about that.
If you were gonna kill me, why didn't you just shoot me back there? Just just take it.
Look, I'm supposed to be here.
I-I just don't know why, or maybe I just can't remember, but either way, you've been wondering why I brought you here.
This is why.
If I do something bad, I want you to shoot me.
You're a good person, Maria, but in case I'm not I don't know what makes you crazier hearing voices in the light or giving a Colombian her gun back.
What are you doing? Stop that! - Agh! - Stop that! - Freeze! Don't move! - Wait! I was a hostage! That's great.
They got him.
I'll call Claire? No.
No, she should hear it from me.
Wes? Claire, we got him.
Sean he's he's in custody.
Claire? You okay? Claire? Claire, what's happening? It's Henry.
I know where he's going.
Today saw a lot of activity at the Harbor Point nuclear facility near the Chesapeake Bay.
As you can see, both FBI and homeland security have been called to the scene.
Not a lot of information available right now, just reports of an evacuation order Wes.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
It's over, actually.
I was starting to get Is Minx there? Of course.
Why? Because, according to Claire Bennigan, she's been over at her house all day, playing with her son.
Uh, Wes, this is, um She's been in the garage all morning.
Doing what? Working on an art project.
Well, what what kind of, uh I don't know, Wes.
Do you want me to go interrogate her? It's a rainbow-loom cellphone case.
Since daddy's always on the phone, he'll see it and always think of me.
It was supposed to be a surprise.
You getting this? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Look, do me a favor.
Don't let her out of your sight until I get home.
Wes Lena, we'll talk about this when I get home.
Please, honey, just trust me.
I have to go.
Don't worry.
Daddy's fine.
Whatever was happening there, it's He said it's under control.
Is that the truth? Of course.
What Why would you ask me that? It's just I don't think grown-ups always really know what's going on, even when they say they do.
I don't know what's going on! - I was the hostage! I was the hostage! - Ma'am, calm down.
You have to let me go! There's a reason why I'm here! Call Claire Bennigan at the FBI please.
She'll explain everything.
Don't talk to the FBI! They don't know who I am any more than I do! What the hell is that? Sounds like it's coming from the pipes.
The E.
S It just shut down.
What do you mean "shut down"? The only ones with the power to shut it down are in this room.
Are you sure about that? - Where you headed? - To talk to my suspect.
- I'm afraid I can't let you do that.
- Like hell you can't.
We just got word the emergency cooling system failed.
We can't let you inside the facility, Mr.
Lawrence Not until we assess the level of danger we're dealing with! It didn't just fail! Do you think that's a coincidence? Look, no one man can do what he did.
- H-he has help.
- From who? You find me a way to talk to him, and I promise I will find out.
Keep him here.
"If you want to win the game, there's somewhere you must go down the metal rabbit hole into the dark below.
" Enough! Sean Bennigan? This is Wes Lawrence with the department of defense.
Is that my name? Yes, it is.
Sean, I need to ask you a couple of questions.
I'm not so good with answers.
Right, the the memory thing.
I heard about that.
Okay, how about this? I won't ask you about anything that happened in the past.
All I care about is who was helping you today.
I don't know.
You're going to jail, Sean.
How helpful you are to me in the next two minutes will decide whether or not you'll ever get out of there.
You don't understand.
Something is gonna happen here! We know about the flaw in the cooling pipe.
Whatever you had planned it's not my plan! It's not my plan!! Calm down, Sean.
I'm trying to help you here.
You don't understand! I saw him! Saw who? The one who makes this happen.
He's here.
I need to talk to Sean.
Where is he? - W-we have him right here, Claire.
- I've looked everywhere, and I need you to ask him what he's done with Henry.
I need you to ask him what he has done with my son.
I think you should see this.
Oh, my God.
Where is this? Flood control, access point 4, underneath the cooling towers.
Sean, Sean, I don't know what you're doing here, but I need you to leave Henry out of it.
Please, I am begging you! W-who is that in there, huh?! Huh?! Who is that in there?! What's going on? Somebody tell me what the hell is going on! Emergency lights on.
We've got a man down.
Where's Sean? Where'd he go? Henry.
What the hell is happening?! Hello?! Is anybody out there, please?! I got nothing.
You got a reading on the core? Water's tripped to level 3.
What do we do? All right.
That was the control room.
We just scrammed the fuel rods.
So it's contained? Think of it like a boiling pot of water.
You turn off the stove, how long before you can stick your hand in it? The temperature inside is 3,500 degrees.
The pressure from the heat is 1,200 PSI and rising.
The power outage means we can't open the valves to release it.
We're talking about the very real possibility of a full meltdown.
We talking evacuation? I'll call it in.
All right, while that's in motion, there's one last thing we can do on our end.
Flood the reactor.
How? I thought you said that that wasn't it's the last line of defense.
We open the floodgates up by hand and we bring the water directly in from the chesapeake.
Like they did at Fukushima? Exactly.
All that saltwater we'll lose the plant, but hopefully, that'll prevent us from losing a hell of a lot more.
Wes, Henry is still inside.
He is in one of those pipes.
I'll notify my team inside.
Hopefully, they'll get to him in time.
Hopefully?! No, no, no, you have to let me Claire? Claire! D-Drill? Are you here? Drill, I don't think I like this game anymore.
Where are you going? - I'm not leaving.
- Claire, come back inside.
- Not with Henry still inside.
- Claire.
I'm going in, Wes.
The emergency response team is sweeping the facility.
- They will find him.
- Yeah? They will take care of him.
That is their job.
And what if they don't? What if he's part of Sean's plan? I can't just let him Just I will not let you go inside.
- Let me go, Wes.
- No.
Henry He is all I have left.
Not all.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Just buy me some time.
I'll do what I can.
Take this.
I'll be with you the whole way.
The area surrounding the Harbor Point nuclear power plant is being quietly evacuated.
Now, while authorities tell us it's just a precautionary measure until they can sort out You're not in trouble, sweetheart.
I just want to know if you have any information that might help daddy anything about what your friend Drill might have been trying to do over there.
He didn't say just that it was where the first game would end.
And what happens when the game ends? Everybody gets what they want.
You have got to be kidding me.
Did you really just let her go in there? Just do me a favor.
We need to hold them off from calling it.
You know that's not gonna happen.
It's her kid.
And I appreciate the hell out of that, but it's one kid.
Are you really willing to risk the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands for one kid? Where are you taking me? What happened to the other man who was in there? We need to keep moving, ma'am.
Any questions you have will be answered once we're off-site.
He's here.
"Now you aren't just warm.
You're hot.
Wait here where 'x' marks the spot.
" You promised if I played the game, my dad would come back.
So Where is he? Where are you? I need you to give me some kind of marker so I can orient you on the map.
Ground floor.
I'm in a wide hallway.
I see a blue tank up ahead.
Okay, is it labeled with anything? Yes "CPV H.
It's the common pressure vessel.
It's the heat exchange.
Turn left.
Okay, the pipe that Henry was in leads to something called the the borate containment area.
That's what you're looking for.
Borate containment.
Any idea what that it's it's where they treat the saltwater with chemicals before they inject into the core.
Claire, you have to get Henry out of there before they start the flooding, or I know! I know, Wes! Just get me there! We're at 14 inches above top of active fuel.
PSI is 1,300.
Okay, we're gonna get you out of there.
We're gonna take care of you and make sure you're both safe.
I'm in some kind of engine room.
I see pipes pipes with green labels, "inflow," "outflow.
" Okay, good.
That's, uh, the re-circ junction.
Just just follow those pipes forward.
All right.
The evacuation is complete.
We're good to go.
Give the order.
We'll open the floodgates.
Claire, wait.
Excuse me, but the bureau's gonna need a few more details before we officially cut power to half our nation's capital.
Wes? Claire, listen to me.
We don't have much time.
- What am I looking for?! - 27.
I'm in! Okay, that's great.
Go right.
- Up or down? - What? I'm at a stairwell.
Up or down? Uh, uh G-go up.
Go up.
It should be right ahead of you.
We're gonna make it! You see him? - Where? - The room It should be right in front of you.
Wes, there's nothing there.
That's impossible.
I'm looking at the map.
Claire, it should be right in front of you.
No, there has to be another way.
Water's at 12 inches above top of active fuel.
PSI is 1,350.
- I-I need a few more minutes.
- Wes.
PSI is 1,400.
Look, if we don't flood it right now, everything within 4 miles of here will be wasteland! Claire, we're out of time.
No! No, I'm almost Claire, you need to get yourself out of there in case the flooding doesn't work.
- Do you understand me? - Wes, please! I can't.
I tried.
I'm sorry.
Henry? Henry? Henry?! Henr I am not leaving him, Wes.
I won't let him die alone.
We're a go.
We're a go.
Claire Wes, I can't hear you.
- Claire? - What?! We're almost out of range.
I'm not gonna be able to help you anymore.
I don't know if you can hear me But I'm I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for For everything.
I don't want to lose you, Claire.
Daddy! We're only 6 inches above top of active fuel.
We flooded the core.
Why isn't the water level going up? Looks like somehow the flood never made it there.
How is that possible? The only way is if someone stopped it manually From the inside.
That's why Sean had to be here so that we couldn't stop it.
God help us.
Claire!! Can someone tell me what the hell I just saw? He never mentioned who he was working with? No.
How about when you got inside? He never Spoke with anyone? No.
You know, doctor Most hostages they usually can't stop talking about their captors.
You, on the other hand, you don't have a thing to say about yours.
What do you want me to say? Prove to me that you were actually his hostage and not his accomplice.
Do you think I had anything to do with you saw what happened out there, right? Right now, we don't know what to think.
Well, neither did he! Okay? He gave me his gun.
He told me to shoot him if he did something bad.
What kind of terrorist does that? Then how do you explain Electrical fences powering down when he got close, locked doors opening up like magic? How do you Something happened here today.
But if you think I am the one who can explain it to you then then the FBI is even worse off than I thought.
Here they are! Move left! I said move left! Freeze! Let me go! No! No, I need to Are you experiencing any stinging - in your eyes? - Let me go! - I need to be with my son right now! - How is your breathing? Let me go! He can't hear you! He can't understand you! Please let me go! - This guy's clean, too.
- Please! Three people just walked out of that facility.
Are they T-they're clean.
Whole area is.
Let me go! Hands up! No, stop! Calm down, ma'am.
Relax, ma'am.
- Stop! He didn't do anything! - He's a suspected terrorist.
No, no, he's my son would've died in there if he On your knees! - Please! Please stop! - Quit struggling, ma'am.
You need to listen to me! I'm - I'm with the FBI! - Miss, please! Sean! Sean? Stop hurting him!! Henry? Henry? Henry? Can you hear me? How is that possible?! It was supposed to be a secret.
Whose secret? Between me and Drill.
Residents near a nuclear plant Are now being let back in their homes after a near disaster Honey.
Daddy's fine.
He's coming home soon.
I knew he would be.
Drill said if everyone did what they were supposed to, no one would get hurt and he'd win the game.
Well, Drill didn't win.
He was caught.
That's not Drill, mommy.
Sean Bennigan is now in custody with homeland security.
It's like I said.
Grown-ups don't really know what's going on, even when they think they do.