The Whispers (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

Whatever It Takes

Previously on "The Whispers" Sean was not a perfect husband.
I was not a perfect wife.
Why did you do it, Claire? We found Sean's plane thousands of miles away from where he was supposed to have disappeared.
I have nothing.
No memories There is one thing I can tell you.
Whoever's doing this, this isn't over.
That is what the children call "Drill.
" It appears to be some form of energy.
He uses kids, but not just any kids.
They all have access or information.
I found something in the desert, something incredible.
Drill wanted it here for a reason.
Something is calling.
I remember.
I remember everything.
I am off flight plan.
Repeat I am off flight plan.
I'm losing oxygen! 937! Does anyone hear me? I'm losing altitude.
Do you copy? Eject, eject, eject! Claire? Then what happened, captain? I woke up in the desert, no memory of who I was, where, or why.
The only clear thought I had was that I was somehow connected to this thing.
Connected? Until last night When I touched that rock.
Then it was gone.
I'd like to know how the hell an F-22 gets from the Arctic to the Sahara in the blink of an eye.
We have 12 satellites that pass through the arctic we've seen the evidence.
Some of you have seen it with your own eyes.
Are we all just afraid to say what we actually think it is? Mr.
President, I believe we are facing something that can only be classified as alien, sir.
Classify it as you like, but this is what I know without a doubt, it will do whatever it takes to get what it wants.
What does it want? To destroy us, sir.
Haley, you've said that you believe that it might be trying to reach this rock that was found near the captain's crash site.
If that's true, what are we doing to secure it? We have several contingency plans in place.
But I think Wes Lawrence's team has the best defensive posture.
President, here's what we know about the entity number one, it appears to only directly communicate with children.
Now, whether that's a choice or a necessity, we don't yet know.
Number two, we believe that it can only be in one place at a time.
Number three, when it travels, it travels electrically through lights, power cables, et cetera.
Can I play a game on your phone, mommy? Sure.
Just the one, okay? And four, when present, it can be identified by a heat signature.
And so, for your security, we have installed thermal cameras to confirm that while we're clearly not alone in the universe, we are in this room.
Now, as for the rock, we are still trying to determine the precise importance of it to the entity, and until we do, we will surround it with magnetic towers.
These will create an energy dead zone.
We have planned for this, Mr.
Planned for? You've been involved with this thing for, what, a few days? You have no idea what you're dealing with.
President, I lived with this thing in my head for three months.
It is intelligent, it is manipulative, and if you truly want to protect the people of this country, you will blow that rock to kingdom come.
With all due respect, captain bennigan has been through a lot, but we should not allow ourselves to be governed by fear.
Now, if this thing wants the rock, well, that gives us leverage a bargaining chip.
But until we use that bargaining chip, we study it, we learn from it, and who knows what it could teach us? Now, Mr.
President, you have heard opinion, you have heard conjecture.
But seeing is believing.
I I think it's time that you I I don't know that that's the most prudent course of action.
No, Mr.
Lawrence is right.
Decisions shouldn't be made sitting behind a desk.
Take me to it.
Welcome home, ma'am.
Thank you.
Welcome home, Cassandra.
When am I going to be released, sir? You think you're going home, captain? I'm no longer a threat.
I'm not connected to that rock anymore.
That may be true, but We have other considerations.
What considerations, sir? We need to find out exactly what we're facing here.
It seems you're the closest thing to an expert we've got.
I told you everything I know.
We believe there may be physiological aspects within your nervous system that allowed the enemy to communicate with you.
You've interacted with the rock on two separate occasions.
Sir, if you think there's going to be a third You're a United States military officer, son.
You're supposed to run at the enemy, not away from him.
When was the last time you ran at the enemy, sir? Just so we're we're clear on this I have everything I need to convince a court that you're a danger to your country, captain.
So, the way I see it, you can do as you're ordered, report to the black site, help us learn everything we can about this thing we're up against Or you can go to prison.
- Mr.
- Mr.
As I rode here, thinking on this Situation, I have never felt more acutely the duty of the constitution, that which I swore to defend.
Do you know the passage from the preamble? "We the people" In order to secure the blessings of liberty "to ourselves and our posterity" That's our descendants, Mr.
Lawrence our children.
And that's on me now.
If I may, sir, you're not alone.
It's "we the people.
" And we are right here With you Ready.
Protect this rock.
That's my decision.
Hi, mom.
I don't know.
They hauled him away last night before I could even talk to him.
He said He said he remembers.
I love you, too.
Daddy! Hello, Henry.
My God.
So, you remember me? Of course I do.
You're my son.
Welcome home.
Come on.
This one is for the best hitter in the playoffs.
I'm so proud of you, little man.
And here's the airplane you left me.
I play with it all the time.
Come on.
And that's when mom took me to see the Orioles.
It was awesome.
Dad, do you want to go out back and play catch? I thought you We didn't think you were coming back.
Look at that.
My daughter's favorite some character from a television show.
Can't believe she left it in the car.
They've probably torn the residence apart by now looking for it.
I've spent far too many hours at the office Not enough at the dinner table.
There's nothing more important than family.
When was the last time you saw yours? Ask another.
Ask another! Drill wants you to.
Um, okay.
How do you travel from place to place? Lena? Minx? Um, do you like it here? Are you s-staying a long time? Sorry.
Looks like I missed dinner.
Drill said not to tell daddy about the game.
It has to be our secret.
That's okay, honey.
We're just glad you're home.
Um, I'll heat something up.
You go play with your daughter.
So What are we playing? He refused to go to sleep.
"One more story, daddy, one more.
" He could hear me.
It was amazing.
He can barely believe that you're back.
Me, neither.
Sean, we need I'm tired.
Claire I haven't slept Truly slept in months.
Of course.
I wasn't sure if I wasn't sure if you were sleeping upstairs or if you Are you sleeping upstairs? Wes, I can't really talk right now.
I know.
I just I just wanted to check in on you.
I'm fine.
I am.
So, he came back? Where else would he go? This is his home.
Did you two talk? Uh, no.
He was tired.
And I'm not I'm not really sure how this is supposed to work, Wes.
Which part? All of it.
Well, I I think we just try and figure it out day by day.
Listen, Claire I I just want you to be careful around Sean.
Wes - Okay? I I just - Wes.
We don't really know we don't really know what he's been through, what it did to him, what he's done, what he'll do.
He's gonna be fine.
We're Gonna be fine.
Just be careful, Claire.
Cassandra, you left this in daddy's car.
Oh, thank you, mommy.
Now, I couldn't find my phone.
Uh, are you sure you put it in my purse? I think so.
We'll check the residence tonight, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Goodnight.
Goodnight, Cassandra.
Sweet dreams, honey.
Dad! Dad, where are you? In the kitchen.
What happened? You know, I couldn't find where grammy left the griddle.
Um, we haven't used it since Since you were gone.
Yeah, I know.
But I made blueberry your favorite.
Aren't you having some? No, I'm gonna leave the rest for you and your mom.
But I will sit with you.
Henry, I want to talk to you about something.
You remember what daddy's job is, right? I protect people.
People like you and mommy, other families around the country.
Well, I have a new mission A very important mission and I need your help.
I need you to look out for your mom while I'm gone.
But you just got home.
How can you leave again? I know, son.
I need you to know that I want to be here with you.
Promise you're gonna come back.
Henry Promise! I promise.
I don't believe you.
You can't do this to him.
You can't do this to Henry, Sean.
Hey, stop.
Hey, look at me.
What is this about? - Is this ab - Wes Lawrence? Y You think I care about Wes Lawrence? Then what do you care about? It sure as hell doesn't feel like it's us.
Pentagon gave me two choices Go to prison or become their guinea pig.
- How are you even - Here? I told them I needed one night at home before I made a decision.
I don't understand.
Which did you choose? The only one that protects our son.
What are you going to do? What are we supposed to do, lock our daughter in her room - and throw away the key? - Of course not.
I'm just saying maybe I should watch what I say about work in case she's In case what? In case she's still talking to Drill.
Uh Minx isn't dangerous, Wes.
But her friend is.
Look, you just need to trust me, okay? The less she knows, the safer she'll be.
You think that's how to keep us safe keep us in the dark? We've discovered something, Lena.
And believe me when I say we are making progress.
"Progress"? That's all you're gonna tell me? I I I can't.
Okay? We just need You just to trust me a little while longer.
Okay? You take care of everyone else.
I can take care of our daughter.
What do you hope to learn from me? I have spent my whole life posing questions about the universe, Captain Bennigan about the possibility of a higher intelligence somewhere out there.
Because of you, I finally get a chance to answer them.
A higher intelligence? What little we've learned about this rock so far, one thing is clear The being that created it Compared to ants, we are a higher intelligence, doctor.
And I'm guessing we must have seemed pretty intriguing to them until we invented bug spray.
You really think you're the only one getting answers from this encounter? This visitor, he's getting them, too.
About us.
And just when he's learned precisely what it's gonna take to destroy us, he's gonna use that "higher intelligence" to do exactly that.
Unless you help me stop him.
Wes? Wes! I can't believe you'd do this, that you would take Sean without even having the guts to talk to me about it first.
I didn't have any say in any of this.
You sat there on the phone with me last night, asking me questions I don't I don't agree with how this was handled, but Sean is the only one with inside information about this thing.
He's a person, not some object for you to have your scientist experiments on.
They're your scientists, too, Claire.
They work for all of us.
This isn't some underground, mercenary operation.
This is the sovereign, federal government of the United States of America trying to protect our children from a threat that we don't fully understand.
But Sean does, Wes.
This thing has been inside our homes, with our children.
We haven't been able to do a damn thing to stop it.
Maybe he's right.
Maybe the only way to save us is to destroy that rock.
Sean is clouded by the trauma he has been through.
His judgment is impaired.
And yours isn't? Did he tell you this was about us? So are you sure that you're Seeing this clearly? Hmm? You were there with those children, Claire.
You were in that room.
You were willing to let those children be guinea pigs.
So are you honestly saying that you would be here trying to justify what he has done if he was not your husband? You need to determine who you believe, who do you trust, because this is an enemy and we need to fight it using whatever and whomever we have.
At least let me see him.
I didn't even get to talk to him last night.
We just found him, Wes.
Who knows who long they're gonna keep him there? All of this Everything that has happened to him is because of me Us.
Let me see him.
Let me talk him.
I owe him that.
You owe him that.
I'll make a call.
What do you think you're doing? Just trying to talk to you.
You're trying to scare me.
Sometimes, the truth is scary.
Do you think you're the first military man to suggest that any visitor to our planet would want to hurt us? No, but I'm trying not to be the last.
Look, you can hook me up to the rock, take brain scans, test every nerve in my body, but there's one thing your lab work will never be able to tell you.
And what's that? What I saw in the blue light.
You brought me here to learn from me, doctor.
So learn from me.
- And how am I supposed to - Just ask.
Ask me what I saw.
So, you want to tell me why you need a tactical vest to watch your son? After what we saw yesterday, do you feel safe? Not even a little.
But if this thing is what you say it is, then wearing a flak jacket ain't gonna make a damn bit of difference.
Uh, Claire You're a good partner, Jessup.
Thank you.
Look, just Be careful, all right? And who might this be? Hmm.
Kylie! Come in! Come in! You're just in time for this wonderful experiment.
Hey, Minx, I've got to go back to work.
I lost my way, Justus.
You you know what I do when I'm lost? I use bread crumbs to find my way back.
Minx? I've got to go.
Just like, um, hansel and gretel.
Okay, daddy.
Love you.
Ba-dum, ba-dum.
It leaves a trail.
- Bye.
- Here, you try.
I recognize that doll.
Who is it? He's Justus.
He's the best.
Everyone watches his show.
Okay, everybody.
Why do you watch? Join hands and help a friend.
- I don't know.
- Get ready.
I guess 'cause he knows how to talk to kids.
Oh, I almost forgot! Kids, check out my new Justus doll.
Hi, I'm Justus.
Now you can take a little bit of justus with you wherever you go.
Bye, kiddo.
I love you.
Bye, daddy.
No more games.
Drill, I want you to leave my daughter alone.
I'll do whatever it takes, uh, whatever you want, just Leave Minx out of it.
Understand? I'll make you an offer you can't refuse One Lolli Pop Each.
But I can't choose! There's too many! Mom! Is Drill here? I want to talk to him.
About what? I I need I need him to do something.
He's not here, mommy, but we can ask him later.
Where is he? He's with a new friend an important friend.
Why is this new friend so important, Minx? Something terrible is coming.
Before I crashed, I felt something enter my mind, as if something was ripping it apart looking through my memories.
And that's when I had my first vision a vision of things to come.
And what did you see? First, I was at my house.
Door was open I called out.
No one answered.
They were all gone.
Then, all of a sudden, I was at this playground.
The swings were still swinging.
The carousel was still spinning around and around, as if the kids were just there.
And again, I called out, "Is anyone here?" No one answered.
Then I was at this school hallways, classrooms all empty.
But there were still shoes on the ground, backpacks still open, homework out, ready to be handed in.
That's when I realized It was all gone.
Everyone was gone.
Did she say who the important friend was? No, just that this friend knows things things that the other kids don't.
With Drill, it's not about the child.
It never is.
It's about who they have access to their parents.
Well, do you know what he wants? Yeah, something we're keeping hidden from him, something he can't get from Minx.
Our computers are out of the house, we won't discuss it.
Who else knows where it is? Wes, what is it? - The doll.
- What doll? Look, the s-s-she didn't just forget it.
S She left it there on purpose.
Her room is right there, but Mr.
Lawrence, how could my daughter's room The entity uses children, sir.
That doll was in your car yesterday afternoon.
If if if there's a tracking device inside it It's okay, sweetheart.
This gentleman's just trying to make sure everyone's safe.
The voice box that was inside here.
Did you take it out, Cassandra? - Did you move it somewhere? - Mommy? - Did you put it somewhere? - I think we should calm down.
- Cassandra? - Okay, Mr.
Lawrence The voice box that was in here did you move it? Come here, sweetheart.
Is that mommy's phone, Cassandra? You told me you put it back in my purse, sweetie.
We've been looking everywhere.
I was just trying to help my friend.
It's an app for tracking your route.
He knows where the rock is.
I don't understand.
This being also restored your son's hearing.
It brought another woman out of a coma.
If he could manipulate that to help someone, he could do it to hurt someone.
Why not just stop our hearts? If he's the enemy like you say why not kill us all? Maybe he has other plans for us.
He needed my help, daddy.
- What for, sweetheart? - To call home.
The rock It isn't, uh, a A ship, it's not a bomb It's a phone.
What does it need a phone for? To send a signal.
He's calling for reinforcements.
My visit was cleared by Wes Lawrence at the D.
Just a moment, please.
I have a Claire Bennigan at Station 2.
Clearance check.
Claire, you need to get out of there.
Call me when you get this.
Drill knows where the rock is! Get out of there now! Agent Bennigan, I'm gonna need you to do something for me.
Yes? When you leave the facility, I'll need you to report back here for a standard debriefing.
- Is that understood? - Of course.
Agent Bennigan she wanted me to bring her a bulletproof vest.
- Any idea why? - No.
I tried to follow her, but I lost her on the I-170.
- I-170? - Yeah.
I know where she's going.
He's right through here.
I didn't think you'd make it.
I had to lie to Wes, but I got what you needed.
She's with us.
How can you trust her? Hasn't she been running experiments? Look, do either of you have any real clue how to do this? We're gonna reverse the electromagnetic field around the rock, creating an E.
Okay, but we also need something to fire the device a small electronic receiver.
I got that covered.
It's got a powerful switch, good range of signal.
We'll be clear before the blast happens.
Put this on.
I will find something to cut the monitor off his leg.
I need this room completely cleared.
Stand post outside the doors.
No one gets in.
Tully, are you sure? I'll be fine.
Thank you.
- Now.
- Yes, ma'am.
Let's move.
We need to hurry.
Each tower has four magnets.
The magnets are attached to two wires live and ground.
Unhook all the wires, then turn the magnet towards the rock.
We need to do this for each and every magnet.
And then what happens? The magnetic shield will be down.
Doesn't that leave the rock vulnerable to Drill? Exactly, which is why we don't have much time.
Once all the magnets are turned, reattach the wires.
I'll activate the E.
and destroy the rock.
Must be a power surge.
It's Drill.
He's here.
Yeah, I'm almost done with this one.
Everyone down! I have full authority here! You don't know what you're doing! If it gets to that rock, we are all dead! We have our orders.
We will shoot you.
Stop! I will shoot you! Tully! - Stand down! - Wes! No one shoot.
No! - Put down your weapons! - Sir, we have orders! I am countermanding those orders.
Evacuate the premises now.
Go! Go! We need to go, too.
We can't.
This is our chance.
Drill's in the rock.
Wes, we can end this, get rid of Drill for good.
Take her.
What? Why? Sean.
Claire, listen to me.
I'll do this alone.
- No.
No, no, no.
- I forgave you.
I forgive you.
- Tell Henry I love him.
- No.
- No, please.
- Now! - Go! Go.
- No! No! No! No! Let me go! Let me go! Wes! Wes! Sean! What Oh, God.
Claire? - Claire? - Sean? Sean? - I'm here, Claire.
- Sean! Sean! You're Oh, God.
We did it.
We did it.
He's gone.
It's over.
Okay, okay.
I'm sorry.
You were the only one who could get me in here.
You made the right choice.
It's just the way it had to be.
- The cavalry's coming.
- What do we do? This isn't something I can fix overnight.
Until I do, you run.
Wes, thank you.
Thank you.
I know how this that's not important right now.
You have to you have to go with him.
Now, the parking lot is right there.
You take my car, you turn the key, and you get the hell away from here.
Okay? Go.
Go! Oh, come on.
I'm here.
I'm at the house, sir.
I'd like to know what I'm doing here.
You're there to pick up the kid.
I'm sorry, sir.
I don't follow.
I believe my orders are loud and clear.
Bennigan's son I want him in our custody.
Minx? What What are you doing? Drill's here.
I told Drill you want something from him, and he said he wants something from you.
Maybe you can make a deal.