The Whispers (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

Broken Child

Previously on "The Whispers" Drill, I want you to leave my daughter alone.
I'll do whatever it takes.
Drill says if you do what the letters say, he'll give you what you want.
Drill's been here before, back in 1982.
My son Thomas, he killed his brother.
Said Drill made him do it.
Thomas, we are here because we want to help our son.
They must have sent another one.
He can't be the same friend I had! - Why not, Thomas? - Because I killed him! No! Thomas.
He knows how to kill Drill.
Thomas! Eliot! Where are you?! Eliot! Thomas! Thomas! Okay.
Where's Eliot? Where's all this blood coming from?! Thomas! He made me do it, daddy! I had to! I had to! Eliot! Eliot! We have a gunshot wound here! Thank you.
You didn't give me much detail on the phone.
I know.
What is he doing here? Security! I can explain stay away from me.
It's okay, Dr.
Benavidez, he is no longer a threat.
He knows who he is.
His name is Sean Bennigan.
He is my husband.
Your your husband is yes.
I know, we have a lot of explaining to do, but right now, that man we brought in here, please Please.
You can't let him die.
Thanks, Frank.
I appreciate you trying.
It's too late.
One of the neighbors already called in the gunshots.
My contact at the bureau wasn't able to bury it.
So, what does that mean? Local policemen start canvassing the hospitals.
It's only a matter of time before they get here.
Wes, I shot a man.
You were protecting Minx.
It's what I would have done.
It's what any parent would have done.
But I didn't protect her.
And now I'm sitting here half-hoping that man might die.
What kind of a person does that? Okay, okay.
We were able to stabilize him.
So he's gonna make it? It's too early to say.
He's lost a lot of blood.
When can we speak to him? He's still unconscious.
We don't know when he's going to come out.
Do not tell Minx what I did.
Tell her my mom's sick.
Tell her anything but the truth.
Officers, it's me you want to speak to.
What? Wes.
I will take care of this.
There are favors I can call in, okay? Sir, come with me.
I want to escort my husband.
Ma'am, we can't let you ride in the car with him.
I'm not leaving him.
You take her.
What do we do? I can't I can't just sit here doing nothing, praying for Thomas to recover.
- What choice do we have? - We can keep looking.
He may be the only one who knows how to kill Drill, but that doesn't mean that he kept it to himself.
His house, he he might have written it down somewhere, kept a journal.
We can't leave him here unprotected.
He won't be.
I'll stay.
Besides, this is the last place either one of you should be.
The police found us, so you can be damn sure Frommer's men will be sniffing around, too.
He's right.
We need to keep moving.
The minute Thomas wakes up, I'll call you.
You have my word.
What is it? It's just Thomas.
We led Drill right to him.
Everything he's been through He doesn't deserve that.
Wes! Lena? Open this door! Lena! Lena, it's gonna be okay! Lena! Wes? Get your hands off me! Lena, I will take care of this! What's going on here? Explain to me what is going on here.
It's okay! First we need to remove all electrical devices from the room.
He has to be monitored.
He needs his medications.
Then we've got to do it the old-fashioned way.
I'm pretty sure we had hospitals before we had all these machines.
Then how about you tell me what's really going on? Until then, I am not breaking hospital protocol or risking my patient's life.
You said it yourself, back at the nuclear power plant.
What's happening only makes sense if you're willing to admit the impossible.
And you know what I'm talking about, don't you? Thomas Harcourt may be the only person who knows how to get rid of Whatever is here.
If he dies What else do we need to do? Clear this wing of all patients and personnel.
There's one last thing.
I need to see your children's ward.
The three of you certainly know how to cause trouble.
I have to give you that.
Sir no, it's one thing to pull rank on a full local cops.
It's another thing to keep them quiet once they find out what the hell you people have been up to.
I can explain.
Oh, that's exactly what I'm afraid of.
Can't have you out there saying God knows what to God knows who.
Bennigan, I would say it's a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance, but we both know I'd be lying.
Likewise, sir.
I understand you're upset about your son.
But that's over now, because each of you will be taken a facility where you'll be held until further notice.
So you're gonna lock up the only people who know how to end this? Excuse me? We have a lead.
Someone who knows how to destroy Drill.
Bennigan Agent Bennigan.
Agent Bennigan, this desperate ploy you're right.
I am desperate.
I am desperate because My child, because all all of our children are in this.
And if you think that I am just gonna sit back and watch them become casualties, you know, the truth is that you wouldn't have any idea what you were dealing with if it weren't for us.
You need us.
And you know it.
This lead you all think you have There's a credible witness that believes the entity we're dealing with today is actually a second visitor.
before he could become a threat.
Please do not waste time making us the enemy.
The real enemy is out there plotting his next move against all of us.
We do not have time.
And I want updates 'round the clock.
He let us go.
What? What about the shooting? He's taking care of it.
Just like that? Well, with guys like him, nothing is "just like that," but it beats the hell out of the alternative.
I'll have someone drive you home.
Wes, no.
You'll be safe, okay? I'll have thermal cameras put all over the house.
No, Wes, I am not going into hiding.
This is my fight, too.
Minx needs you, Lena.
What Minx needs is for this to be over.
Let me do something.
I know.
Go back to the hospital and make sure Thomas is safe.
I'll head to his house.
Alone? Not alone.
Wes and I will take her.
Good job.
So, it looks like we have 14 patients right the nurses need to make sure each child is accounted for at all times.
I'll I'll go talk to them.
So, it's just a coincidence that Frommer's guys nab us just as we're leaving, just as you advised us to do? You know what? I'm done trying to prove myself to you.
You don't have kids, do you? No.
My wife, my soon-to-be ex-wife, said she didn't want to have any.
Funny thing, though.
She's pregnant now.
But I get what you're saying.
If it was my kid Though I suppose he's somebody's son, too.
He could be lying, you know.
Or crazy.
We can't be sure that he really knows how to kill Drill.
He's got to know something.
Otherwise, why would Drill be after him? It's quiet.
Too quiet.
Gonna take a look around.
You good? Mm.
It's incredible, the amount of work he put into this.
My dad and I used to make models.
I mean, nothing like this, but They're my best memories growing up.
You never told me that before.
Yeah, strange, it I I guess this never came up.
What are we looking for, exactly? Uh, notes, folded-down pages in books, anything to do with electricity, anything to do with his childhood.
I may have found something.
It looks like it was taken at the institution.
Imagine celebrating your birthday in a place like that.
And not just one.
He spent 10 birthdays there.
"Remember, it takes only one candle to battle the darkness.
" Whoever took this picture, he cared enough about as to celebrate his birthday.
Maybe he was a doctor there.
Maybe he still is.
He might have therapy tapes, patient files.
We need to find him.
I agree.
Let's let's go.
Come on, Thomas.
What do you know? I could step outside if you need to No.
It's okay.
You sure? I'm fine.
Maria, I needed someone to see what was happening to me, to stop me in case I did something.
I am sorry.
But you remember everything now? Yeah.
The good and the bad.
What was it like to just get it all back? It was like I was a completely different person in the blink of an eye.
But the Sean Bennigan that crashed in that jet was gone.
I've seen too much in the last few months.
Too much has happened.
Ever since that night, what happened at the reactor I haven't been able to sleep, to eat.
What I saw I know.
Imagine living with that feeling every day for the last three months.
That was my life.
I know that he knows what I'm talking about.
Only he has it much worse.
Me, I got some version of my life back.
But him? His childhood, his future, everything was taken away from him.
I won't let that happen to my son.
We're looking for information about a former patient.
He was here from '82 to '92.
Are there any doctors or or staff members who may have been around then? With the turnover as it is at this place, you'd be lucky to find someone who's been here more than two.
- Okay, what about records? - Delaware law, honey.
Seven years is all we're required to keep.
How about this? You have any idea where room might be? All I know is that before the remodel a few years ago, the kids' wing used to be on the second floor.
But that was before my time.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Anything? I don't know.
Thomas called this place home for 10 years.
People keep their secrets at home.
Are you sick? No.
Someone I know is.
My brother's sick.
It's his heart.
Doesn't work anymore.
Sorry to hear that.
I'm gonna make him the best mask ever.
Maybe it will make him smile again.
Are we stuck? Is the air gonna go out? It's gonna be okay.
Hello? Hello? So, this is the old children's wing.
Lena? For what it's worth I know how it feels To have done something that you You wish you could take back.
I was protecting my daughter.
What's your excuse? Claire? You need to see this.
It's not quite the same angle, but it's one of these rooms.
I'll check upstairs.
I'll start with the next one.
What is it? It's Jessup.
They found him unconscious in the elevator.
Someone injected him with sodium pentothal.
- Is he okay? - Yeah.
Luckily, it wasn't a lethal dose, but it might be some time before he's back on his feet.
Where was he injected? Uh Where? The thigh, I think.
So about the same height as a child? What are you saying? Drill's here.
We need to move him right now.
- Where? - Somewhere where we can control the electricity.
Okay, I know where to go.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Do you mind if I just look out your window? Wes! This is it.
We should be safe down here.
His pressure is dangerously low.
Okay, just keep him stable.
I'm gonna find a circuit breaker, shut the power down.
Just keep him alive.
I'll be right back.
Thomas, can you hear me? Thomas.
Can you hear me? Those must be some heavy thoughts you're carrying.
I assume you came here to unload some of that burden.
Sorry I'm late.
I had some trouble no, no, I-I'm sorry.
I was just, uh Do not deny yourself of what you know you must do.
Patient or visitor? Honestly, I'm not sure.
Believe it or not, I hear a lot of that around here.
I did something.
Something that in a million years I never thought I could do.
I keep telling myself it was to protect my daughter, but I I did it.
I crossed that line, and And now I don't know you don't know how you'll go back.
I'm sorry to tell you that you can't.
So what do I do? You must find a way to make amends, to take responsibility.
How? That is between you and your God.
You don't need to light all the candles to see your way out of the darkness.
It just starts with one.
What did you say? I'm sorry? About the candle.
It's just something I like to tell the patients around here.
You took that photo.
I I don't follow.
You knew Thomas.
My God.
What's he done now? There's nothing here.
If this was Thomas' room, it's all gone now.
What's this? What? There's a mirror.
It was right here.
Looks like someone drew something.
The eyes sometimes I think they're still following me in the dark.
There's something there.
You're going to make the voices come back.
Don't! Don't! Don't! Don't! Don't! Don't! Don't! Don't! What's going on here? Don't! Don't! Make them stop! - Who are you people? - Make them stop! Make them stop! I'm calling security.
It's okay.
He already tried to escape once before! What is it? - I think it's - It's the Dybbuk.
This is Rabbi Ezra.
He's the one who took the photo.
Rabbi, what what is this dybbuk? It's the evil spirit that cleaves unto the soul, and on it does, it never lets go.
Drill says you can wake up now.
Shh! Now it's your turn.
The doctors here, they couldn't get through to Thomas.
He refused to talk about what happened that night, said they would never believe him.
But he talked to you? Well, he showed up at my office one day, said he'd come across the story of the Dybbuk and wanted to learn more.
And what did you tell him? I told him it was just a story passed down from generation to generation.
Thomas He said I was wrong that it wasn't just a story For the Dybbuk was real.
And once he had chosen his body he would never be able to leave.
What's happening? We're losing him.
He's going into shock.
- What do you need? - A ventilator, epinephrine shot.
I'll go.
Where do I find it? So that's Thomas carrying Drill? That tree, I've I've seen it before in the diorama.
Why draw it here? I mean, what does it becauseHe's trying to tell us what happened.
He's trying to tell us that's That's not Thomas.
It's Eliot.
Till the last day he was here, Thomas insisted he was innocent of his brother's murder.
Maybe Thomas was telling the truth.
What if Thomas didn't kill Eliot? Well, if if he didn't, then who Drill.
Thomas wasn't Drill's only friend.
Drill was talking to Eliot, too.
Remember, Thomas he said he said he refused to send out the signal because he knew what would happen if he did, so so Drill convinced Eliot to help him instead.
Oh, I think he did more than convince him.
The story of the Dybbuk It's a possession story.
So you think Drill took Eliot's body? Yes.
So, that night in the woods Thomas was actually killing Drill.
Shh! Sean? Sean? Sean, is that you? Sean? Who's in there? No.
Who's in there?! Open the door! Open the door! Hi.
My friend has a question for you.
He's he's here! You don't have to be afraid.
He just wants to be friends.
Whatever he wants you to do He wants me to ask you a question.
What question? How did you kill the first one? Thomas, where are you?! Thomas, what are you doing in there?! It's this one.
What is it? It's how he did it.
Drill is not your friend.
He's just using you to get what he wants, like he used me.
That's not true.
Drill fixed my heart, and now I'm all better.
And and and now he he wants you to do something.
All you have to do is answer the question.
It's easy.
Please don't make him mad.
Open the door! Open the door! No.
Open the door! Tell him he'll never get it out of me.
Drill's not happy hearing that.
What happened? The light they all came on.
When I came out to check, someone ran in.
Hold this.
Yeah? Well, you can tell Drill to go to hell.
That's a bad word.
I'm not allowed to say that.
You don't have to.
I'm sure he heard me.
Open the door! Open the door! What are you doing? Drill says you have one more chance.
Tell him.
He took everything from me.
He took my brother.
He took my family.
There's nothing left to take! He says there's one more thing.
No! I know what it feels like to cross that line.
After this, you'll never be innocent again.
I know how to do it! I know how I'm gonna send my friend's signal! Yeah? And how are you gonna do that? I built something.
It's in there.
What? You have to see for yourself.
What is it? It's like a satellite, sort of.
The same idea, at least.
How does it work? You have to go inside to see.
Trust me.
This is gonna work.
Hey! Thomas, let me out of here.
You're not Eliot.
I know you're not.
What are you talking about? Of course I am.
No! You killed him, Drill! You took Eliot away! I don't know what you're talking about! I'm not Drill! Come on! You have to believe me! Eliot? It's me.
I'm your brother.
You're not him.
Let me out! Thomas.
It doesn't matter, Thomas.
The others.
They will come.
No! No! God! Okay.
Wait, wait, wait! Okay.
It's okay.
Come on, Thomas.
Stay with us.
You stay with us, Thomas.
Okay? You don't go anywhere.
You stay with us, you hear? You hear me? Stay with us.
This is how he did it.
He lured his brother here knowing the lightning was gonna strike.
And when it did The lightning may have killed Drill.
But Eliot He was gone the moment that son of a bitch took his body.
I don't understand.
If Drill can possess a child, why hasn't he done it yet? What is he waiting for? The right host.
Like the Rabbi said, once he makes his choice, it's permanent.
He's looking for someone useful.
We have to stop him.
We have to stop him.
How can we stop him? The one way we know how to kill Drill Is after he's taken a child.
He can never know about this.
If he finds out Henry, Minx None of them will ever be safe.
You can rest now, Thomas.
He won't hurt you anymore.
Sorry for interrupting your weekend.
No, I know you, Haley.
I know you wouldn't be here if it wasn't important.
President, uh Tonight we learned how to kill this alien entity that calls itself Drill.
How? We believe he can possess the body of a child.
Now, we aren't quite sure yet how that works, but once he does, he can be destroyed.
So what you're saying to me is the life of one child for the lives of many.
Quite possibly for the lives of all.
It involves a grave sacrifice, sir.
Which is why I have to ask you, Mr.
President, do you think you're capable, truly capable, of making this decision?