The Whispers (2015) s01e11 Episode Script


Previously on The Whispers Each of these kids claims to have a friend named Drill, that no one else can see.
He says their future is dying.
And they need a new one.
He can possess the body of a child.
Once he does, he can be destroyed.
You know how close he is with Minx.
What if he chooses her? I don't feel very good.
It started as a headache.
Now he's hurting everywhere.
What if it's Drill? Punishing me cause I won't play with him? Lena? It's okay.
Wes I didn't think you were coming.
I'm sorry.
We we we tried calling it's not a good time, okay? Okay.
How's Minx? How do you think she's doing, Claire? I don't think it's appropriate for you to be here right now.
Lawrence? - Yes? - I made this for Minx.
Thank you, Henry.
Truly sorry for your loss.
Daddy? Hi, sweetheart.
I couldn't find you.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
I just needed some time on my own.
You know? You all right? You want to go back down? - Hungry? - No.
I don't like to be sad with other people.
Me neither.
Neither did mommy.
If she was crying, she'd try not to let me see.
Your mommy loved you very much.
She would want us to fight.
Fight? Against Drill, so he can't hurt anyone else.
Come here.
All right? I think you're right.
Minx, you're You have a temperature.
You feel all right, huh? I don't know.
My head kind of hurts.
Grandma gave me medicine, but it didn't help.
W What kind of medicine? Minx? Minx? My daughter she's sick.
Uh, does she have a headache? - Yes.
- A fever? Yes, she she she has both.
She fainted.
Take a seat, sir, if you can find one.
Lawrence? You should come with me.
It started last night kids streaming in with the exact same symptoms.
Those kids out there I know some of them.
Why? They've all been in contact with Drill.
That might explain what we found in them.
What do you mean, "in them"? All these kids they have another malady in their brain.
This part of the cerebellum it's been altered somehow, stimulated, almost like Drill is - marking them.
- Exactly.
But for what? Wes, slow down.
I don't understand.
I'm at the hospital.
Minx has the same thing Henry does.
Oh, I'm sorry.
She have a fever? It's not just her.
They all do.
There's more of them, way more than we ever thought.
Wes, what's going on? Bring Henry to see Dr.
I'll explain later.
Wes? Wes? Daddy? Yeah, pumpkin? Promise You won't let Drill hurt me Like he hurt mommy.
I promise.
Agent Bennigan.
I brought him in as soon a Wes called.
- What's going on? - I think I know what's happening to Henry.
How many kids have you examined so far? It's other hospitals, too.
Kids with the same symptoms, like it's like it's spreading.
Where's Wes? When I went back to the room, he and Minx were gone.
I thought he went to find you.
Where do you think he'd go? Henry, is Drill talking to you right now? No.
Hello, Claire.
Harper? Was Drill here? Yeah.
Did he say anything to you? He said not to worry, we'll all get better as soon as As soon as what, Harper? As soon as he finds orion.
President, I need to ask you something.
How's your daughter feeling? Well, my wife says she's a little under the weather, but Haley, what's this about? Mr.
Lawrence has a theory he'd like to share with us.
It's it's more than a a theory, sir.
When Drill connects with a child, he apparently leaves something inside them like a Genetic-tracking device.
I believe it allows him to connect with the child.
It gives him some sort of a a a symbiotic link.
Do you have proof of this? We know that Drill is losing energy.
It's dissipating.
I mean, do we really believe that this is some sort of coincidence that just as Drill is becoming weaker, - our kids are, too? - Well, what exactly do you propose we do about it? We treat it like an epidemic.
If if we isolate the kids isolate them? We give them the best possible care.
We allow them to recover.
We continue our tests.
But the key goal here is to protect them from Drill.
If if we start rounding up children, people are gonna ask why.
If they start dying and we did nothing to prevent this, they are gonna do a whole lot more than start asking questions, sir.
Now, we don't exactly know what this marker is.
But until we start getting some answers, we have to do everything we can in our power to protect our children.
Let's just call this what it is, Mr.
You know the word, sir Quarantine.
" This could mean anything a person or a place or What if it's not spelled like the constellation? What if it's a name, like I'll expand the search parameters.
Anyone with this last name who Drill might be looking for, someone with access who could help him send the signal.
Without a telecommunication track.
We should reach out to those other families If you're a parent in the D.
/Baltimore area see if any of their kids know anything moreAnd your child is experiencing headaches or dizziness, you're not alone.
The department of public health would like to warn you about a local outbreak of viral encephalitis.
Please don't be alarmed.
The illness is not contagious.
However, it's important to report any new cases so that we can maximize our efforts to treat this virus.
- Henry.
- If your child or a child you know is suffering from any of these symptoms, please call our hotline at 1-800-555-0199.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Sean, it's me.
Something's going on.
I don't know what it is I can't reach Wes but I think you should keep Henry inside.
Don't answer the phone.
Don't answer the door.
I'm on my way.
Where's my mom? Where are you taking me? Keep up, boys.
I don't want to go swimming.
My head hurts, and I don't feel very good.
You're probably just dehydrated.
We'll get you some water, okay? Actually, I-I just remembered we have to pick up Kade's sister early.
Are you sure? I thought we were going I I'm really sorry.
I forgot.
So, I'll call you later, and we'll reschedule.
I'd like to report someone.
You're not taking him anywhere.
Sir, we're gonna need you to cooperate.
No, my wife's a doctor, and this is not how - you diagnose encephalitis.
- Okay, take take the kid.
- Come with us, son.
- Take him.
Take him.
What the hell's really going on here? Take him out of here.
Take him out.
- Would you let them take your kid? - I already have.
We need to examine anyone showing symptoms, okay? Give me the intake.
Take your photo over here behind the wall.
Have you examined a Henry Bennigan? No, sir.
I need to order a pickup.
But I feel better.
My head doesn't hurt anymore.
I want to stay with you.
It's for her safety, Beth.
Honestly, you don't understand the magnitude of what's going on here.
Is this about Drill? I promise I won't talk to him anymore.
No, sweetheart.
You haven't done anything wrong.
President, we have arrived.
We're at the gates, okay? We're here.
We'll see you very soon, honey.
Everything will be all right.
If I hid her condition and something happened to her, I would never forgive myself.
- Henry! - Mom! No! What the hell are you doing?! Let me go! Hey, get away from my son! Mom! Dad! Let me go! Let me go! Henry?! Stop.
It isn't supposed to go this way.
Back away.
Back away.
Henry, Henry.
Restrain him.
Wes, Wes, please.
He killed Lena.
You're taking children out of their homes.
I am trying to save their homes, Claire.
Take him.
Wes! Sorry it had to go this way.
Wes! - No, let me go! - Come on! - No! Let me go! - Okay, okay, okay.
It's okay, sweetheart.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay, Henry.
If anything happens to him, I'm coming for you.
Where are they taking us? We've been driving forever.
Maybe a hospital.
They think we're sick.
I was, but my head doesn't hurt anymore.
Mine, either.
What about Drill? How is he gonna be able to find us all the way out here? I think that's the point.
They don't want him to find us.
How do you know Drill can't get in? This place is surrounded by an electricity-free zone.
He can't get in here.
Like a moat around a castle? Exactly.
There's Henry.
Can I go say hi? Yeah, of course.
Wherever they've taken Henry, it's gonna be on lockdown.
I know it won't be easy to find, Alex, but pl - Yeah.
- Anything that you can tell us.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate this, major.
Thank you.
- Yes, sir.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Anything? Well, he he he said he was gonna try, but he didn't sound too optimistic.
I hate this.
I hate this Not knowing where he is, the helplessness.
- I fe - I know.
I feel like I'm Hey.
I know.
I made it home, though.
Henry's gonna make it home, too.
After your crash, he slept with that every single night.
I wish he had it right now.
What is it? Nothing, just this star.
At the hospital, Drill told the children that he was looking for orion and that They'd get better once he found it.
Maybe we should help him.
Help Drill? If it makes the kids better, then they get released.
Henry gets to come home.
Or maybe that's what he wants us to think.
He doesn't have the kids helping him anymore, so he wants us to.
Either way Isn't it better to know what he's up to? Dr.
Benavidez, thank you for coming.
I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing here, Mr.
I'm not a pediatric specialist.
Well, we have plenty of those.
What we don't have is someone who understands what we're dealing with, someone who knows what to look for.
You know, where I come from, when people are rounded up by the government this isn't like that.
Are you sure? We should get started.
There's so many.
And two more rooms just like it.
We have a lot of work to do.
Hey, guys.
Want to know a secret? Sure.
See that girl over there? What about her? Her dad's running this whole thing.
So? So, I bet she doesn't even know Drill.
I bet she's some kind of spy for her dad.
Now, are you sure all the symptoms are gone? No headaches, no dizziness? I'm not sick anymore.
Silas, this is very, very important.
You and the other kids who didn't talk maybe agreed to lie and say that you were feeling better? No.
I want to go home.
My mom she gets sad.
I don't like it when she's alone.
He doesn't like being away from home.
The thought of Silas at some facility with kids he doesn't even know Which is why we're trying to find a way to get him out To get all of them out.
We were hoping one of your kids might have mentioned Drill's interest in orion at some point.
This is probably a reach, but Kelly goes to school with an Oliver Ryan.
Look, we shouldn't even be talking about this.
What do you mean? Well, when they took our kids, we had to sign those, uh Nondisclosure agreements, so But that doesn't mean we can't talk to each other.
Anyone else feel like they were followed here? Followed by who? I don't know.
May may maybe I'm just being paranoid.
Right now we can't worry about ourselves.
We're not the ones who are the most vulnerable.
Our children are alone, defenseless, and we need to help them while we still can.
It doesn't make any sense.
All the symptoms in the kids are gone, but the abnormality in their brains is still there.
Hello? Is someone there? I'm sorry.
I thought I heard something.
The encephalitis was just a cover.
That's not possible.
I don't know, and I can't explain it right now.
But if what I'm seeing is right Oh, my God.
Hang on a sec.
Stay away! Body's cold.
Must have happened last night.
No sign of a struggle.
It's a burn mark, sir, from a child's hand, like we found on Thomas Harcourt.
A-are you saying? Drill is here In the camp.
He's possessed one of the children.
You stood here and told the damn president of the United States that you were gonna keep these kids safe.
I know what I said, sir.
He's not gonna allow his daughter to stay in that place another minute.
He's not gonna have a choice.
If Drill is in one of these kids, it could be any one of them, which means no one can leave here until we know who.
All I can figure is, he must have done it before they got here.
That would explain why their symptoms are gone Drill was dying.
The only way to save himself was to take a body.
When he got better, they did, too.
Why kill the doctor? That's what I'm trying to figure out.
Her computer was fried.
Maybe in her testing, she found something.
Well, maybe this isn't all bad news, Wes.
What do you mean? He's trapped in there.
We have him now.
What we have, sir, is 100 suspects.
Daddy? They said you wanted to see me.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
I wanted to see if you were all right.
I guess.
Do we get to go home soon? Not yet, sweetheart.
I need you to do me a favor, all right? If any of the kids start acting strange or start Asking the children to do things for them, I need you to tell me, okay? Henry says they already think I'm some kind of spy for the grown-ups.
Isn't there someone else that can do it for you instead? Is Henry okay? I swear, if you've let anything happen to him, Wes Claire, he's fine.
Listen to me.
I've managed to convince them to let you in here.
I told them we needed your help.
How? So, what, I'm supposed to just sit by the phone and wait? Sean, I have to go.
Call Jessup.
Tell him about Dr.
All right, I'll find out what orion has to do with any of this.
Just Be careful.
I will.
I will.
I'm coming home With our son.
It's me again.
If I don't hear from you in an hour, I'm gonna make contact.
What do the kids know? Nothing.
We're keeping the information secret.
I think we should isolate them in separate rooms.
For their safety? To keep Drill from getting to them before we get to talk to them.
Good idea.
We don't know what he's able to do inside a body, whether he'll have the children's memories, their thoughts.
Either way, you can bet he won't make it easy.
You don't think I know that? Honestly, at this point, I don't know what you think.
- Claire - If you have trapped Drill in here with Henry and something happens to him I will never forgive you.
My God.
It could be any of them.
Mommy! Hey.
Does this mean we're going home? Not yet, sweetheart.
- Signs of emotional authenticity.
- A-and you gauge that how? Children this age, they're spontaneous.
They can be blunt and inappropriate.
If they're if they're keeping secrets, they let you know.
How? They have tells, I mean, just like us, but with even less control over the whole mechanism.
They they fidget.
Their eyes wander.
And that's how we differentiate them from Drill.
Drill is not a child.
He was able to possess Eliot Harcourt and fool the parents, but they didn't know what to look for.
I do.
Claire will interview the children Narrowing the field as much as possible.
What's your system of interrogation? It's not an interrogation.
It's a conversation.
I have a list of questions.
They're they're simple but revealing.
For example? Mr.
Secretary What do you fear? I fear That my parents are gonna have a big fight.
I fear my cat will die.
I fear It's okay.
Go ahead.
I fear that no one likes me.
What do you dream? I dream of a quiet place.
I dream of being powerful.
What do you dream? I dream that you'd stop asking me questions.
I know.
We're almost done.
But I've already told you everything! I'm asking you so many questions.
It's because we are trying to find something out that's very important.
I don't like this place.
It's ugly, and it smells funny.
Well, I agree with you.
And we're almost done.
You miss your home.
We're moving.
- Where? - California.
Mommy says she can't live in that house anymore.
Well, I understand that.
She had a terrible accident here.
I know what you're trying to do.
You're trying to make me keep talking, but I'm done talking.
And I want those people to stop watching me! Jessup.
I just pulled in.
I have clearance? Okay.
I'll be right up.
Who are you and why are you following me? What do you see? I see my mom.
I know this must be strange, to answer my questions Like we don't even know each other.
It's kind of like that poem we wrote at school, the "all about me" poem.
We had to write our name and all the things we think about.
You can make up new answers if you want to Since your life is different now.
Like in that part that said "I hear.
" Last year, I put "nothing," but now I can say "everything.
" Do you still hear Drill? I don't like him.
He hurt Minx's mom, and he wanted to hurt you and dad.
If Drill asked you to do something for him I'd say no.
Close your eyes.
Open your eyes.
What do you see? I see my room.
And what would you be doing if you were in your room right now? Playing with my stuffies.
Do you have a favorite stuffy? My daddy says it's not nice to play favorites.
Well Your dad has a good point.
The boy with the red hair who hugged you earlier is heyour favorite? I don't like these questions.
You're doing great, just sitting here with me.
Can you finish this sentence? "I dream" Nothing.
I never remember my dreams.
How about "I want"? I want A time machine.
Don't you want to ask me why? I think I know why.
No, you don't.
You think I'd use it to go back a few days ago So I could save my mom.
I'd go back long before that To when the bad stuff really started.
I would, too.
I think we all would.
I wonder.
How would you answer these questions? What do you mean? What do you dream? What do you want? Never mind.
I think I know.
To make sure my mom is okay.
I met your mom.
She misses you.
Is she is she okay? Of course.
Why? Are you worried about her? She She needs me.
I understand.
It's It's just you and your mom? I used to have a dad, but he stopped coming home.
I'm not gonna lie to you, Silas.
There are some people watching us through there, but you don't need to be scared of them.
Let's try a few more.
"I need" I need To go home.
How about "I fear"? I fear Are you scared of someone? Silas - Tell me who.
- I don't I don't want anything to happen to my mom.
What do you think is gonna happen to her? I can't talk.
I can't.
Silas What do you fear? Please don't make me say.
You can tell me.
It's safe here.
It's okay.
Silas Do you know who Drill is? My name is Daniel Goetz.
I'm a reporter for The Baltimore Observer.
- A reporter? - Mm-hmm.
I know what happened at Harbor Point.
I know what's going on with the children, your son, Henry.
How exactly do you know any of that? If you're worried about protecting your source, Mr.
Goetz, I would worry more about a national-security warrant from don't threaten me, Agent Rollins.
You read the constitution? It's called freedom of the press.
It's the first amendment so you don't have to read that far.
Who gave you your information? Right now.
Maria Benavidez.
She contacted me after you kidnapped her, told me everything she saw.
I've been in touch with her ever since until last night.
I was on the phone with her.
The line went dead.
Haven't heard from her since.
She once told me that if anything happened to her, I should find Sean Bennigan.
She seemed to feel that you were the only man she could trust.
Benavidez is dead, Mr.
They found her body this morning.
Do you know who? Do you? I think I know why you're here.
- You sure about that? - You need me to back up your story so that you don't look like a crackpot.
But I have the feeling you might need me, too.
And why is that? Because I know about Drill.
And I think maybe it's time everybody else does, too.
Silas Drill is not your friend.
I know that you're scared.
Drill said he'd hurt my mom if I told.
That's fine.
You don't have to say anything.
We can play by Drill's rules, okay? What if I show you some photos and you can just point At whoever it is that threatened you, that said that they would hurt your mom? Okay? That's that's not breaking the rules, is it? Any of these? Okay.
Any of these? Silas? Is Drill one of these children? Wes, what's going on? It's Drill.
He's angry.
I told you he'd know! It's Drill.
Evacuate everyone to the yard in front of the mess hall.
Silas! - Have you seen Minx? - Inside.
I think she made it out.
- What about Henry? - I haven't seen him.
Silas, what is it?