The Whole Truth (2010) s01e01 Episode Script


Okay, everybody hop to it.
You're not missing the bus like yesterday.
Stop fussing over me.
I'm fine.
"Stop fussing over me.
I'm fine.
" I do not sound like that.
You totally do, mom.
I don't.
You kinda do, honey.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
I can do dad, too.
(Deep voice) Uh, I teach history class in High School, and I'm a total geek.
Do you have band practice today? (Normal voice) I have it all week.
Uh, the competition's on Saturday.
(Knock on door) John, will you get that? I have a soccer game on Saturday.
Don't worry.
Different times.
We can make both.
Dad? Yeah.
Glen Sellards, you're under arrest for the murder of Maria Covas.
(Glen) Oh.
Hands behind your back.
Oh, my God.
Sellards, you have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will (Siren wails, horns honk) Thank you.
Can you come to my gig tonight? Oh.
Thank you.
Kevin, I enjoy our time together, I really do.
The yoga, even the tofu I mean, you've brought so many things into my life that wouldn't otherwise be there, but the fact is, I'mI'm waiting to hear about a murder suspect, and I can't make any promises until I know something.
(Cell phone rings and beeps) Peale.
I'll get your change.
(Clears throat) So can you come to my gig tonight? Bye.
(Buzzer sounds) Oh! Sweet hoop dreams.
The Knicks pulled it out.
Yeah, but stoudemire mangled that pass to curry.
Get outta here.
He catches like a girl.
Like a girl who can't catch.
(Cell phone rings and beeps) Hey.
Are you frickin' kidding me? Why didn't the D.
Call us? Yeah, of course they want a perp walk 'cause they don't have a case.
Okay, on my way.
What's up, Katie? No courtesy call before you arrest my client.
Why is it, Jimmy, that the guilty ones always have your number on speed dial? Come on.
The D.
Is way off on this.
Sellards couldn't kill a cockroach.
It's incredible how you're always so sure of people's innocence.
Because you're always so sure of their guilt.
And you're really wearing red sneakers to arraignment? Yeah.
Why not? My kids approve.
Well, I worry about your kids, Jimmy.
What, are you kidding? They love me.
(Man) Hey, Jimmy! Yo! See, everybody loves me.
We're not including your ex-wife in this I guess.
All right, one bad apple.
The ego alone.
Ah, says the girl who's too good to date men her own age.
Are we still on for that N.
Panel on the 20th? Yeah, if you're still talking to me after what I do to your client.
My client will be sending you roses by then.
Fasten your seat belt, Jimmy.
Game on, Katie.
Bring it.
Maria Covas just 17 years old, the only child of a devoutly religious family.
Glen Sellards is loved by one and all students, family, you name it.
In fact, it had been her family's dream that she would one day devote herself to a religious life.
Instead, her desecrated body was found in the alley behind the school where Glen Sellards teaches history.
He also takes care of his wife, Corinne, who is undergoing her third round of chemotherapy at this time, your honor.
Due to the abhorrent nature of this crime, we request that the defendant be remanded without bail.
Because he has no criminal record, we ask that Glen be released to his family at this time.
The court does not regard the defendant to be a flight risk.
Bail is set at $200,000.
(Reporters all shouting at once) All right, let's take it easy, please.
Take it easy.
(Woman) Mr.
Covas, Mr.
(Man) Why do they call it the Ave Maria case? There is no way my father killed Maria Covas! I will see that animal dead for what he's done! You got me and everything in my toolbox to defend you against this witch hunt.
Listen to me, I will use every legal means in my power to convict your daughter's killer.
(People shouting indistinctly) Mr.
Covas! Esteban! (Indistinct shouting) John! (Indistinct shouting continues) "The Whole Truth: S01E01" "Pilot" Original Air date 22 September, 2010 (Jimmy) Let's go, let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
I will see that animal dead for what he's done! (Woman speaking indistinctly on TV) The "post," "the times," "Newsday.
" Later.
(Indistinct conversations) Conference room.
(Woman laughs) Conference room.
Hey! Conference room.
Thank you.
and Mrs.
Covas are here.
We get Maria silver crucifix for her quiceañera.
The killer stole it.
A demon took our angel.
and Mrs.
Covas If the death penalty were available to me, I would seek it.
If I could publish Glen Sellards address on the front page of the "post," I would do it.
I do not have access to such recourse.
I have only the law, but I love the law.
It is the only thing I am good at.
Just ask anybody who's unfortunate enough be involved in my personal life.
And I swear to you on everything I hold dear, we will convict this partilar demon.
Maria was all we had.
So good Everything she did, never trouble.
Just joy.
Peale, I have proof that Glen Sellards hates latinos.
Would that help you? Yes.
It could.
Okay, here's the case.
Glen Sellards was obsessed with Maria Covas.
He bombarded her with phone calls, then he sexually assaulted and strangled her in an alley 10 feet below his office window.
His skin cells and saliva were found Maria's breasts, and we have an eyewitness that places both of them in the alley moments before the killing.
The only people who place him elsewhere are his wife and daughter, who are no doubt terrified by the psychotic that rules their home.
Also we may have evidence that the defendant had a thing against latinos, which would make this a racially motivated hate crime.
And what's our weakest link? Holá, edge.
How s Cabo? (Laughter) I spent a week shooting Tequila with fishermen whose names I hardly recall.
And I bought everyone maracas, though they are at the bottom of my suitcase.
Nice boss, no? No.
Back to work.
Our weakest link is the forensics.
We have post-mortem wounds, genital trauma.
We do not have semen.
Perhaps Sellards was impotent.
Wouldn't be the first rapist who couldn't get it up and then killed in a rage because of it.
And how dismaying to be an impotent rapist.
See what you can dig up on Sellards medical history.
Maria was calling Sellards as much as he called her.
Was this a romance? Her parents say she was a virgin, and her friends corroborate.
Ave Maria indeed.
Who do you think's the best Detective for this? Stan Klotz.
He can rake in the witnesses and work with the cops.
Take care of that.
You got it.
Okay, people.
Glen Sellards may have gotten Jimmy brogan to defend him, but a dead girl demands justice, and justice is truth in action.
Clarence Darrow.
No, Benjamin Disraeli.
But you're getting better.
What? Chad Griffin is our third? How can the D.
Let that tiny trust-fund tool anywhere near this case? Basically, I keep the city bad-guy free.
Is it hard? Oh, it's way hard, but in my line of work, hardness rules.
Is that something that appeals to you? (Man) Chad, you lose your phone? Yo, it's me, buddy.
I gotta go.
call me.
I don't cahere you are, I don't care what you're doing.
When I call your phone, you answer it.
Do we now understand the relationship between a junior A.
And a lead prosecutor? Totally, ma'am.
Don't call me ma'am.
Roger that.
Don't say "roger that.
" Copy.
I just don't want to go back to misdemeanors.
It's a real waste of my talents.
(Whispers) Get out.
(School bell rings) Listen, Katie, I questioned a bunch of students who'll testify they saw Glen Sellards here in the alley at the time of the murder.
And one of them says that Sellards inserted himself into every school club that Maria joined.
That's what stalkers do.
All right, listen, Stan, one more thing.
See if you can find anything that might support a hate crime charge.
I mean, maybe her parents have something.
Will do.
(Katie) Edge, the hate crime charge is going to work.
Okay, let's do it.
Just don't let Jimmy get to you.
Oh, please.
He always gets to me.
We took the bar together, you know? And I snorted nodoz and wept and prayed, and he finished an hour early and waited outside with a tray of jell-o shots.
That's what's bothering you? No.
What's bothering me is, he's too smart to take a case that he doesn't think he can win.
So what does he know that we don't? How strong is your hate crime witness? It's an E.
Student of Sellards'.
I'm trusting Chad to look into it, against my better judgment.
The D.
Wants him working.
You throw him a bone, Katie.
See what he does.
Check this.
Sellards' E.
Student king.
Will testify that Sellards said, "I hate everybody, but especially spics.
" Would he be credible on the stand? He's a she, and she'll be brilliant.
According to whose standards? Yours.
What's her name? Fatima Vences.
Let's enhance Mr.
Sellards' sentence, shall we? (Phone rings) Ms.
Peale, how fascinating you should call right at this moment.
Hello, Jimmy.
I'm calling to add a hate crime charge.
Yes, I do have enough evidence to support such a charge.
And thank you for being big about this.
I know how being big about things is hard for you.
(Cell phone thuds) It's good, but we need more.
Then get more.
(Gunfire) Stanley Klotz has good stuff.
Sellards' board of ed profile says he has "rage issues.
" He also was once fired from a private school in Westport because of an affair with a 15-year-old student.
(Shell casings clatter) He had prostate surgery last year.
He is now aspermic, which means he can no longer produce or ejaculate semen.
Hence the lack of semen in Maria's body.
(Shell casings clatter) You know, having a wonky Wang would really cramp my style.
Why do guys always have to talk about their wangs? Why do women get to wear the same sweater three days straight? Because they have more important things to think about.
(Gun thuds) What's wrong with you? Me? You're the one who dragged me to a pistol range to unwind.
Will you stop white-knuckling it? Because you are driving everyone around you crazy.
The staff hates me, don't they? No.
Just terrified of you.
Well, you know, underneath this terrifying exterior, there's a very likable person trying to get out.
She just doesn't sleep well when bad people win.
Why are you strung out about this case? I know this girl.
I was this girl.
Strict family, very religious, everybody's pride and joy it's not as much fun as it sounds.
(Cell phone rings) (Beeps) It's Jimmy.
Peale, you might be interested to know, I just watched a video that makes your Ave Maria case start to look like a hail Mary pass.
But once a few high schoolers go blabbing to the press about it Who needs to fasten their seat belt now? (Sighs) What is it? It's what Jimmy knows that we don't.
We're screwed.
(indistinct shouting) Hey, Jimmy.
You always smile a little bigger after seeing Kathryn Peale.
- Wrongo, Rhonda.
To me, she's just an over caffeinated grind doing the government's dirty work.
The "post," "the times," "Newsday.
" All right, let's burn through these.
Enough press.
Time to strategize.
This is why I love you, Alejo Salazar! Lena! These charges are bullcaca.
Glen Sellards is an easy mark.
He takes care of a a sick wife.
He teaches ten hours a day.
He tutors E.
Students on the weekend.
I mean, there's no room in his schedule for murder.
So why is the D.
'S office targeting Glen and not a hundred other, better suspects? 'Cause they're lazy, ineffectual and stupid.
Only faculty had access to the area where Maria's body was found, and Glen would sneak cigarettes there.
So circumstantial, I'm disgusted.
Many calls between Glen and Maria.
Sounds like a love thing.
No way.
Lena, you mentor students, you call 'em up.
So his phone records should show calls to other students, right? And to anyone at St.
Claud's, and his kids' teachers.
Rs an eyewitness places Glen and Maria at the murder site.
Eyewitnesses are wrong more times than they are right.
Let's tell Larry combs to sniff out this one, paltry witness.
What do they got for D.
? Glen's skin cells and saliva were found on the victim's breasts, and genital trauma means possibility of rape.
Ooh, that's not good.
If there's no semen, nothing says the trauma was caused by Glen.
Last I checked, skin and saliva D.
Do not a rape make.
Glen coulda sneezed on her for God sake.
What about the Ave Maria angle? Maria was a teenage girl in new York city, not Jesus' mommy.
They come at us with the D.
, we give 'em students that put Glen and Maria within sneezing distance, we discredit their eyewitness, we come up with six other worthier suspects done, done and doner.
So let's hightail it out to Glen's house and start prepping this thing.
Rock 'n' roll, people! How's your wife? She's lying down.
What's up, Jimmy? Well, there are a lot of calls between you and Maria.
Any reason? Well, she was nervous about college.
I mean, uh, Maria was You know, fragile in certain way, then tough as nails, too.
And what about your sex life? (Alejo) We don't want to be caught unaware if there's any indiscretion.
Well, my My wife and I haven't had, um sex in, uh, almost a year, you know, due to her illness (Door creaks) But I love her with all my heart, and she loves me.
An eyewitness places you and Maria at the crime scene at 6:30 P.
, the approximate time of the murder.
Oh, that's that's im impossible.
As my wife and daughter told you, I was home by then.
Okay, here's the biggie.
Skin and saliva containing your D.
Were found on Maria's body.
Any reason why it would be there? I mean, Maria and I, we saw each other at debate club, you know, the day she died.
Um, I'm the faculty moderator, and when I conduct vocal exercises, I I stand close to the students to see if they're doing them correctly.
So this happened with students other than Maria as well? Of course, yeah.
What's all that? Oh.
Uh, last year, I I taught a little bit about Chinese history.
These are Chinese characters my students did for me.
Maria did this one.
It means "friend.
" Jimmy, how worried should I be? Look, Glen, when you and Corinne came to me about your defense, I was honored.
I am who I am because of hardworking, underpaid, beyond-the-call-of-duty teachers like you, which is exactly what makes you a a bull's-eye target for a D.
Off the rails.
Do not worry.
My whole team is all over this.
(Cell phone rings) (Beeps) I I gotta meet somebody.
Alejo will take it from here.
What have you found out, Larry combs? Maria's mother called child services last year on her husband.
Esteban Covas threatened to kill Maria.
Ah, mama Mia.
That's good pizza.
I'm lookin' into his alibi.
If he hasn't got o (Cell phone rings) You might be able to toss the jury another suspect.
(Chuckles) Ms.
Peale, how fascinating you should call right at this moment.
Hello, Jimmy.
I'm calling to add a hate crime charge.
You sure you have enough for a hate crime charge? Yes, I do have enough evidence to support such a charge.
(Beep) (Clicks tongue) (Sighs) Know what? She's just trying to bury us under a mountain of charges.
Probably a bad time to bring this up, but, uh, Glen Sellards once worked up at a school in Westport.
Well, they fired him for screwing a student.
(Scoffs) (Man) boom, boom, boom, boom boom, boom and the base go boom, boom, boom, boom heard you might be here.
Hate crime charge is bogus.
Glen was tutoring Spanish-speaking kids for the last decade for pocket change.
I mean, he's no St.
Just gotta figure out what Katie's up to.
I do have good news.
The student Glen allegedly had the affair with? She had emotional problems.
Glen failed her.
She struck back with an accusation.
The dean will testify on Glen's behalf.
Month on the job, I'm already getting my money's worth with you.
Glad you feel that way, 'cause I want to second seat you on this.
Alejo's my second.
Jimmy, the victim's a young woman of color.
And Latin, like Alejo.
But female, like me, and the prosecuting attorney, and half the jurors.
But it's important is you need me next to you at trial, Jimmy, and you know it.
Glen called again about testifying.
That can wait.
We got motions coming up.
Give me everything we've got.
All right, many e-mails between Glen and his students, but Maria was the only one th he talked to on the phone.
Well, that sucks.
No debate club student remembers vocal exercises the day Maria died.
Well, that sucks, too.
Three witnesses place Maria's father at work at the time of the murder, so he can't be a suspect.
Okay, sucky, suck, suck.
How can we use his wife's call to child services? I say introduce it.
It puts Maria in a climate of violence that points away from Glen.
Or it makes us look like creeps for ring a family's dirty laundry.
I'm just suggesting there are better suspects out there.
You're risking jury sympathy.
Guys, I don't mind you two sharpening your teeth on each other, but let's go easy, okay? It's getting the D.
Dismissed as rape-related that's most important.
Alejo, what is the holdup with the D.
'S evidence anyway? We need that M.
I'll call edge comb again.
Why don't I call this time? Just another voice might help.
Good idea.
Get on it.
I like how she thinks.
You like how she walks.
Simmer down, buddy.
We are becoming the go-to firm for criminal defense right now.
We need to build on that with somebody of her caliber.
Larry combs just called, and hang on to your hats.
Turns out Maria Covas had a secret sex buddy.
Does he have a name? Todd Engler.
So, Todd, how much pot were you holding when the cops picked you up? A few ounces.
Look, I didn't hurt Maria Covas, okay? Me and her were hitting it, but no way.
Why so quiet about the relationship? Her dad woulda killed me.
But I got a sick vid on my cell phone I think you guys might like.
(Laughs) I know my friends did.
What, you think it's funny? No, but it sure as hell ain't no Ave Maria story.
(Man shouting indistinctly) (Cell phone beeps) (Girl moans) (Boy speaks indistinctly) (Moans) Maria.
(Moans) (Cell phone rings and beeps) It's Jimmy.
Peale, you might be interested to know, I just watched a video that makes your Ave Maria case start to look like a hail Mary pass.
And, of course, it might not make it into evidence, but once a few high schoolers go blabbing to the press about its sexual nature, well, my work will be done for me.
Who needs to fasten their seat belt now? (Beeps) How could we have not known about Todd Engler? No one knew about Engler but a handful of stoners.
Turns out that Maria had some secrets herself.
Hey, shouldn't we check into where Todd Engler was the day of the murder? I mean, everybody's all "he's the new defense witness," but maybe he's the new defense suspect.
You just said something intelligent.
Todd Engler witness or suspect? His alibi is tight, so I vote witness.
The D.
's evidence list.
There's no M.
Katie's nervous about forensics, so now we talk to our forensics expert.
We find out Katie's weak spot.
Listen up, people.
We get the cell phone video in.
We keep the cell phone video out.
We get Maria's mother's call to child services in.
We argue that Todd Engler cut a deal to be a witness in return for bail.
We tell the judge the D.
Refuses to hand over the M.
Report, and we request sanctions.
We secure the hate crime witness and argue the existing forensics as conclusive on rape.
Cab! Top of our listforensics can't be introduced until we see the me's report.
Do not give Katie Peale time to redo it.
Anything else? Nada.
Let's rock it.
Anything else? No.
(Sighs) We're good.
Since when did you start wearing dresses to court? Three, two, one.
Peale, I'd like to compliment you on your comportment.
brogan, perhaps you might wear more appropriate footwear at trial? We can only hope, your honor.
Now as you both know, I like the motions phase to be lean, mean, so let's do the hokey pokey and turn this around.
I allow the hate crime witness.
I allow the rape.
I allow Todd Engler as a witness.
I do not allow the cell phone video nor Mrs.
Covas' call to child services.
I will allow the D.
, but the district attorney must turn over the M.
's report, ready or not.
We have our hate crime witness, rape, and D.
, but we have to turn over the M.
's report.
Which unfortunate, because the M.
Thinks he sees some sort of pattern in the injuries on Maria's body, and he would like some more time to try to figure out what they are.
Send Jimmy the report as it is.
We can always amend it later.
Okay, let's prep the witnesses.
Chad, you take the E.
Student 'cause you already interviewed her.
Um, what am I doing at trial? Let's not push it.
The M.
's report's as weak as we thought trauma, abrasions.
They weren't able to turn up any of Glen's D.
And our forensic expert says that the D.
Is present in very low levels on Maria's body.
Kathryn Peale had reasons to be nervous.
Just the way we like her.
So Lena and I are brainstorming about how to discredit their hate crime witness.
There is no way that Glen used disparaging language about latinos.
(Alejo) What should I do? Well, Glen's been on me about testifying on his own behalf.
Head out there.
Let's decide this.
(Sighs) (Clears throat) (Light jazz being played on piano) All right.
Give me time to tell Alejo, but you're right about being next time at trial.
I want you to second seat.
(Mouths word) (Clicks mouse) (Click) (Sighs) (Click) (Click) The new M.
Report has more clearly defined photos of the abrasions on Maria's body.
And? And they look to me like hieroglyphics.
As in, "from ancient Egypt"? Yeah, kinda.
But how do we connect 'em to Sellards? (Clatters) (Sighs) Look A.
, you know I can't eat, sleep, or tinkle without you, but I need Lena as my second seat.
E's a brilliant female lawyer.
She's a climbing recent hire.
Jimmy If this is about race, I'm Latino, like the victim.
I know, but last I checked, you don't look so good in a dress.
Listen, Kathryn Peale is across the aisle.
The victim was female.
We need the female jurors.
(Sets down pool cue) It's just growing pains.
A (Sighs) That's all it is.
Damn it.
Brianna? What are you doing here? I didn't see my dad till after 7:00 the night of the murder.
So I, uh I lied.
But I was in my room he coudoing homework.
Ome, the trial starts tomorrow.
Why are you telling me this now? (Crying) (Rattles) I found it yesterday.
My dad told his lawyers that he and my mom don't have sex.
So why does he have this bottle, and why is it half-empty? When I showed it to him He told me to lie that I ever saw it.
Why would he lie if he wasn't having sex with someone? I want to testify against my father.
Jimmy You tell me you're not having sex, and you're ordering Viagra online? I've had some past sexual issues, and I wanted to be prepared when my wife's strength returned.
Half a bottle is enough to prepare you through next Christmas! Were you having sex with Maria Covas or not? No! I swear, no.
(Scoffs) I (Sighs) Okay, you know, there There were there were prostitutes.
The night before the trial starts Okay.
I need their names.
No! Glen, if I need to drag every hooker you screwed and stack 'em in a pyramid on that stand to explain away the Viagra, don't think I won't do it.
Jimmy, you said you had my back! I did, and I do, and I will.
But you just made things really tough, so here's what you need to do, Glen March upstairs, put on something professorial to wear, take a valium if you need it.
That jury is going to be watching you like a hawk, and they need to see a confident, relaxed teacher, not some Viagra-pumped hooker chaser.
And forgive me if this sounds heartless, but every day that your wife shows up, those jurors will think, if that woman can endure this trial, her husband's gotta be innocent.
But I am innocent! Trust me, from this point forward, it doesn't matter.
The only thing that matters is what that jury believes.
(Indistinct conversations) Right next to me.
Peale I remember when you were trying token suckers in misdemeanor land.
I remember when you were bagging undergrads in off-campus housing.
Well, don't mistake me for someone less serious, not today.
Forewarned is forearmed.
Azarian, other than you and other janitorial staff, who had access to the alley where Maria Covas was killed? Faculty and office staff.
Students are allowed unless accompanied by a teacher.
But students get into that alley on their own sometimes, I bet.
From the street now and then, yeah.
They cut, like, a flap in the fence sometimes.
Well, when did that happen? Happened a couple of months back.
So on the day Maria Covas died, anyone from the street could've entered that alley? Objection.
I'll allow it.
sagebrush, how far away is the alley from your window? 100 feet.
My 4 year old was sting at something in the alley, so I went over to see what he was looking at.
Yeah, a 4 year old is a handful, boy.
(Laughs) I know from my kids.
Yeah, he's always six places at once.
So from 100 feet away with a child who's six places at once, you can identify two total strangers in a dark alley across the street? (Gallery murmurs) (Katie) And what exactly did Mr.
Sellards say to you in class that day, Fatima? He say "Odio a todo el mundo especialmente a Los spics," which, in English, means, um "I hate everyone, but especially" Fatima You ever watch any movies in Mr.
Sellards E.
Class? Yes.
Uh, A American movie, but, uh, in, uh, Spanish with the English on the bottom.
could learn the English words? You ever watch any movies in Mr.
Sellards class starring Clint Eastwood? Yes, uh, "magnum force.
" I I like that one.
What is the point, your honor? Come to it, Mr.
On my way, your honor.
Do you realize, Fatima, that "I hate everyone, but especially spics" is a famous line from the Clint Eastwood movie "magnum force"? Are you absolutely sure then, Fatima, that Mr.
Sellards said it? Or maybe was he just repeating something Clint Eastwood said? I don't know what kind of strings your daddy pulled to make you an A.
, but you just lost us the hate crime charge.
She never said anything about a movie.
It was your job to fully vet her.
(Scoffs) Look, I know how I come off, which is sometimes bad, but I I let you do one thing all right.
What's done is done.
And what's also done is Jimmy burned through our eyewitness.
Then we jump two steps ahead to the post-mortem injuries.
We land there, we land hard, we gut Sellards with his own twisted handiwork.
And we do it now.
The injuries on Maria's thighs were made post-mortem and indicate to me the handiwork of someone in tremendous psychological distress.
Your honor, really? Let us strike that, please.
Were you able to determine how these injuries were made? Some kind of small instrument, and a pattern was present, which seemed to me to be ritualistic in nature.
Judge, help me out.
I'll allow it.
Complex injuries made post-mortem this would take some time, right? Indicating that the killer must have had to have felt extremely familiar with his surroundings in order to take oh, objection.
Come on.
This is nuts.
Peale, you're out of bounds.
It was Viagra, and it had my dad's name on it.
And, Brianna, why did you testify to the grand jury that your father was home at 6:30 P.
on the day of the murder? To make my mom happy.
I mean, she's been So sick and sad, but when I found those pills, I just (Gallery murmuring) (Lowered voice) Let's undo some damage.
Maria Called our house frequently.
She seemed to ask more of my husband than the other students.
And your husband's use of erectile dysfunction medicine? Yes, I was aware, he occasionally used prostitutes.
But this much, I kno he would never, ever touch a young girl.
Maria was kinky, always up for objection.
Your honor Mr.
brogan, be good.
We'll withdraw.
Regarding your testimony about your relationship with Maria, did the two of you ever display affection in front of Mr.
Sellards? Well, that dude was always up in our grille.
He caught us in the park once, and I was like, "seriously?" So you're saying, he trailed the two of you? A bunch of times, yeah.
Once, he had Maria's crucifix.
He said it found it, but I didn't believe him.
(Gallery murmuring) The defense submits into evidence a drawing made for Glen Sellards by Maria Covas herself, which shows the Chinese character for the word "friend," which is what Maria considered her teacher to be.
(Edge) Tarik, you testified for the defense that you attended debate club with Maria.
Did you ever see Maria and Mr.
Sellards alone together? I saw them alone in room 206, where the debate club meets.
Then I saw them coming out of Mr.
Sellards' office.
And what were they doing? The first time, just talking.
The second time Maria borrowed a scarf from Mr.
Sellards, and I saw him like He, um Tucked it into the top of Maria's shirt.
She looked scared.
And when did this occur? The day Maria died.
(Gallery murmurs, gavel bangs) (Judge) Order.
(Gavel bangs) (Gallery murmuring) Tarik Kohli never mentioned seeing Glen alone with Maria.
Because you interviewed him at school, where he didn't want to say anything in front of his friends.
Where else was I supposed can the three of us come together for the sake of the case? They got Glen with his hands down Maria's shirt.
That doesn't mean he raped her, let alone killed her, but he was he was tucking in the scarf that she'd borrowed from him.
(Chuckles) I got it.
The defense asks forensic expert Nancy Kohlhaas to the stand.
Kohlhaas, can D.
Be transferred to skin via clothing? Absolutely.
So the D.
Present on Maria's breasts could've been deposited there not by a sexual encounter between Maria and Mr.
Sellards, but by something as innocent as a borrowed scarf? It's called secondary transfer.
It happens all the time.
Thank you.
Yeah, Glen would come to me every couple of weeks for a date, always pop a little blue pill so he could go the distance.
Did he ever mention having an affair with one of his students? No.
But he did ask if I could hook him up with some of my younger girlfriends.
(Gallery murmuring) (Cell phone rings) (Beeps) Hello.
Is that your partner? Yeah.
You were at the white house.
We've been twice.
Good job today with the scarf.
Thank you.
We need to get over to Glen's house A.
(Indistinct conversations) (Emergency radio chatter) (Siren wails) (Brianna, John and Jimmy all crying) (Jimmy) Her Herher heart couldn't take it.
It just It justit just stopped.
(Crying continues) Do you have a minute? Well, yeah, all right.
I'm sorry about Mrs.
Sellards, but since the jury is sequestered, I'm going to argue that her h not be disclosed to them, because it could confer sympathy on Mr.
Sellards that might unfairly prejudice the jury and Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie, the man is on trial he just lost his.
A little sympathy is not out of bounds here.
I'm just trying to keep this fair.
Yeah, I'm just trying to remind you that actual people are involved here.
Is this about me or is it about the case? Well, hell if I know, but two kids just lost their mother because of this trial.
We're at trial because a young girl was murdered.
(Judge) Ms.
Peale, we'll now hear your summation.
Maria Covas was brutalized beneath the window of the office of her teacher, the same teacher that stalked her.
The defendant's own witness corroborated this.
A bunch of times, yeah.
Once, he had Maria's crucifix.
Said he found it.
We heard from another defense witness that he saw Mr.
Sellards tucking a scarf Into the top of Maria's shirt.
She looked scared.
That's not something any of my teachers ever did.
Did yours? And let us reflect on Brianna Sellards Who admitted that she lied about her father's whereabouts on the day of the murder because Because she wanted to Make my mom happy.
She's been so sick and sad.
The medical examiner mentioned ritualistic injuries on Maria's body.
Injuries that, when enhanced, bear a remarkable resemblance to the Chinese character for a friend The same character that Maria Drew for her teacher, Glen Sellards.
The medical examiner testified that these wounds were made with a small instrument.
Could it possibly be they were made with the crucifix that Todd Engler told us he once saw in Glen Sellards possession? I mean, the defense wants you to think another murderer committed this crime.
Could another murderer have carved such a special signature on his victim, a signature that had meaning for them both? No.
Only Glen Sellards did this.
Now let us hold him accountable for his unspeakable acts and exact justice by demanding An acquittal Which is the only response to such circumstantial evidence.
Peale tried to tell you about a hate crime, but her witness fell (Slaps hands together) Splat.
"Magnum force.
" I I like that one.
Then we heard from Mr.
Azarian, who tells us that kids cut a flap in that alley fence, allowing anybody access.
Happened a couple of months back.
That is reasonable doubt.
The soused Chinese character on Maria's body It could've been made by anyone who has ever taken one of Glen's classes.
That's several hundred suspects.
Who has ever taken even more reasonable doubt.
To top it off, the crucifix That supposedly made the character has never been found.
The state has not produced one shred of evidence to show why my client could've committed such a horrible crime.
But there is a killer out there.
He should be on trial here, not my client.
A man loved by scores of students has had his job, his reputation, and his beloved wife Corinne, mother of his grieving children, taken from him.
Do not let the prosecution take anything more.
Think reasonable doubt.
You got it in spades.
(Telephone rings) Peale.
(Receiver clatters) It's in.
(Blows air) (Judge) Madame forewoman, have you reached a verdict? The defendant will please rise.
Please announce your verdict.
We find the defendant Guilty.
(Gallery murmuring) Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you are dismissed.
(Gavel bangs) Arvin Gaye) dah, dah, dah-dah, dah, dah dah, dah, dah, dah dah, dah, dah-dah, dah, dah dah, dah, dah rocket ships can I get a double scotch, one ice cube? Spend it on good job, soldier.
Money you, too.
(Groans) For we see you take it can I ask you something? When you took on this case, did you know something I didn't? I knew what I always know.
Everyone deserves a defense.
And somebody's gotta defend 'em.
Well, you did it masterfully.
No, no, baby excellence is not an act, but a habit.
Is that run DMC? (Laughs) I don't know why I even bother.
Is spreading God knows where are we still on for N.
? Yeah.
I'll pick you up.
Dah, dah, dah do you remember That day, we were supposed to be prepping for the bar, but we went and saw "Chinatown" instead? I remember everything about that day.
Dah, dah, dah except "Chinatown.
" (Laughs) You know, it's playing at cinema village.
Want to check it out? You know, I would love to, but I'm on my way to A gig.
(Laughs) What is What, a date? Yeah, something like that.
(laughs) (Chuckles) (Chuckles) (Sighs)