The Widow (2019) s01e05 Episode Script


1 (BIRDS SINGING) (INDISTINCT RADIO TRANSMISSION) (CLINKING IN DISTANCE) AZIKIWE: Why bother? Scrub and scrape, only for the mess to reappear again and again.
That is life, is it not? What else is there? Just give up? (AZIKIWE LAUGHS SOFTLY) "Shit the king, shit the pope, and in this world of crap shit, no one escapes.
" If we think that way, then the world will burn.
It already does.
In every corner, it burns.
Like a match.
All the way to our fingertips.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) I know you.
You gave me a bag.
A laptop inside.
Sankuru Airways Flight 19 Didn't think you'd see me again.
Did you? Where is he? I told you to go home.
You sent me that message in the car.
You You can't shoot me.
- You need me.
- You're right.
I do need you.
Doesn't mean I can't hurt you, though.
- You want me to believe that? - Oh, try me.
Emmanuel, my friend, from the airport, back when you were pretending to be Hennie Botha? He was in that car when you blew it up.
You should have gone home like I told you.
He was here, wasn't he? Will.
He was here.
(TRUCK APPROACHING) Will who? (SCREAMS, GASPING) Where's my husband? Oh, Christ, I'm bleeding.
It's just a flesh wound.
Tie it off.
Where's Will? Yeah.
He was here a long time ago.
(MEN SHOUTING IN DISTANCE) He came here with a bunch of aid workers.
Uh, they were caught in a storm.
And when the storm cleared (GASPS) on he went, to catch his flight.
Sankuru 19.
And then what happened? - He died.
- No.
You're lying.
I saw him.
With you, in the middle of Kinshasa.
Can't be.
(LAUGHS) The cap.
The bloody orange cap.
He left it behind.
I took it.
- I thought it was funny.
- It's him.
You want it to be.
It's not.
You're chasing a ghost.
If I'm chasing ghosts, then why are you putting bombs in a car and blowing my friend up? Why are you pretending to grieve for your brother? - You see that land out there? - Yeah.
It's a coltan mine.
What's that got to do with my husband? Just about every smartphone, laptop in the world needs a tantalum capacitor to run.
And if you want that, you need coltan.
And it just happens that the world's supply of coltan pretty much comes out of the DRC.
I know it doesn't look like much, but there's a lot of money here right under your feet.
So what? Did Will find out you were gonna take over this operation? How do you want this to end? I can't take you to your husband.
I'm just part of a of a machine.
A very small part.
But you admit it, though.
You've seen him.
He's alive.
You should go home, before anyone else gets killed.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) Look, I've told you already, I'm not interested.
Meeting up won't change my mind.
(EXHALES) JOSHUA: Everything all right? It's a bloody salesman.
He's trying to flog us that cheap plastic.
(GROANS) God knows where he gets it from.
Oh, that, um, Roland guy? Huh? Yeah, yeah.
(PHONE RINGING, BUZZING) (SIGHS) Look, I'm not interested, okay Yeah, this is, this is Judith Gray speaking.
When? (AIRPLANE WHIRS) LAWYER: The terms of your mother's estate aren't complicated.
Everything she left is to you, and it's that simple.
There's the house I believe it's still on the market? Yes, when she went into the hospice, we, um Well, it, it's just, it's taking a while, so Okay.
And after that, all that remains is just in one savings account, uh, the sum of which amounts to just a little under ã200,000.
Please be seated.
MAN: Sorry about your mother.
JUDITH: Thank you.
Thanks for coming.
Shevaun McArdle.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Uh, I didn't see you at the crematorium.
Sorry, how did you know her? I didn't, I I just saw that.
- Oh, right.
- Sorry, I didn't mean to It's I lost my dad a couple of months ago.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Mm.
Absolutely fucking miserable.
- Yeah.
- Selfish bastards, aren't they? Bringing us into this world, making us rely on them, care about them and then buggering off, leaving us to clean up all their shit.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) And then miss them.
I don't actually know why I chose that photo.
Um, I never could stand that big spider brooch.
But, um, she always wore it, everywhere.
I'm pretty sure she even slept with it on.
You look like you could do with another.
Oh, right.
Yeah, thanks.
(MUSIC PLAYING FAINTLY OVER RADIO) (LAUGHTER) I've never heard anything that disgusting, and I've heard some stuff in my life.
Well, that's your fault for insisting on hearing it.
I'm actually down here, so, uh - (EXHALES) - (PANTING) Thank you so much for cheering me up.
- Pleasure.
- It was, it was really nice - to meet you, Shevaun.
- And me, you.
- I'm, uh, sorry, uh, sorry, sorry.
- I'm not I'm - The wrong time.
- You don't know me.
Maybe you don't know yourself that well, either.
It must be dark as hell in that closet of yours, love.
So when you're ready for some sunlight, why don't you give me a call? (PANTING) (SHOUTING, PANTING) (SCREAMS) (RETCHING) (JUDITH WHEEZING, CHOKING) (WHEEZING) GEORGIA: Give me your phone.
What's your code? 1011, my kid's birthday.
Did you ever think you might be better off not knowing? - Ignorance is bliss.
- No.
Ignorance is just fucking ignorance.
- Oh, come on! - Down.
Oh, thank God.
Judith? J'ai besoin d'une ambulance.
Maintenant! Merci.
JOSHUA (ON PHONE): Hi, love.
Sorry, did I wake you? No, no.
Not at all.
So, listen, I'm I'm not trying to pressure you at all, but do you have any idea when you might be back? Another, um Oh, maybe a another two weeks.
Is that okay? That that'll make it, like, uh, what, a month? JOSHUA: Yeah, of course.
Just take what you need.
Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
(SIGHS) (LAUGHING): You cannot do that when I'm on the phone! Says the woman who answered the phone in the first place.
(BOTH LAUGHING) Who was it, your boss? No, no, it was Joshua.
My point being, as he's not your boss, you don't have to explain yourself to him.
No, I know, but you know, it's not right leaving him in the lurch and Sounds like you spent most of your life trying to do what's right.
Doing what you think other people want you to do.
- Do you know what I want right now? - Hmm? I want you to stop talking and to carry on.
I know I said I'd get back to your mum's in time for dinner, but things have gone - a bit mental.
- Oh, uh, okay.
Well, um, we could always meet up later.
Or why don't you come here? There's a good place around the corner.
Okay, well, let's do that, then.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I need to get out of here.
- See you later, everyone.
- Bye.
Have a lovely evening.
I've never really had Turkish food before.
In all these years on the planet, it's it's somehow sort of just passed me by.
(CHUCKLES) Okay, what's up? You've hardly said a word, which means you've had to suffer me talking absolute bollocks at you It's nothing, uh it's not your problem.
You can tell me things, you know.
The world has to turn up at some point.
Just work.
I, uh, lost a massive contract.
It'll be fine.
We need to borrow a shitload of money from the bank so we can see through the next four months, and then we'll be right again.
It'll be fine.
Look at this I tracked down.
That's my mum's How did you f ? I've been looking everywhere for this.
I took another look through all the boxes.
I I know you thought it was ugly, but it was hers, so I (LAUGHS) Wow.
You just burst right out of that closet like a mountain goat, then, didn't you? (BOTH LAUGHING) Thank you.
Seeing as though it did take quite a long time to find, uh, I couldn't ask you a small favor, could I? - Teeny-weeny - Oh, my God.
Anything, anything.
Maybe don't go back to the DRC and stay here with me? I mean, it, Judith, don't go.
Answering your own door now? Better not start driving yourself or I'll be out of a job Loyal employees they're hard to find.
(LAUGHTER) What's this? A dog tried to bite me in the street.
I had to put a knife to its neck.
This fucking country.
Does it ever keep you up at night? What? The things we've done.
I try not to think about it.
That's a luxury I don't have.
What do you mean? A woman knocked on the door of my house today.
A woman I sent to her death.
It wasn't real.
But she felt real.
You have to shut it out.
But my mind will not let me.
I'm seeing things.
Barking at ghosts.
I can get you out of here.
We have to go, now.
This is no place for a little girl.
- (TAPS SEAT) - Come on, get in.
(SHOUTING IN DISTANCE) MARTIN: You all right? Being back on a plane can't be easy now.
Oh, I have flown since the accident many times.
This is this is something else.
Ever since I left the Congo, I've been running.
You were running a long time before you got on that plane.
(LAUGHS) I forgot.
There are no secrets with you.
All I know is there was a warrant out for fraud for Mikael Arnason.
I made mistakes in Iceland.
People trusted me with their money, and I told them that I could help them with their investments.
Each time I lost, I asked for more, and I told myself that this one would get me back on track.
Just one good deal, that's all I needed.
A tide has to turn.
Only it didn't.
(EXHALES) So I I, I "borrowed" money from a bank I worked at.
Prison wasn't even the thing I feared the most.
It was the humiliation.
Disappointing everyone.
My friends, my family my parents.
So I ran.
Ended up in Africa.
I was incredibly selfish.
But, then, that's me.
I'm selfish and a coward.
You know this going to Kinshasa with you it's probably the only brave thing I've ever done.
Brave or stupid? - Is there a difference? - (CHUCKLES) (LAUGHS) (MONITOR BEEPING) English? - Yeah, yeah.
- Are you family or friend? Joshua Peake.
Um, I work with her.
Sorry, um, I found her.
Okay, the doctors are doing everything they can, but is there anyone else we could call? No, I don't think so.
You look so sad.
I'm not sad.
I've just got an unfortunate resting face.
They all turned you down? Every single one.
I built that company from scratch.
(GRUNTS) It'll be fine.
I'll, um I'll find a way to bounce back.
I'll I'll wind the company up.
These things happen, right? I'm not the first.
- I could help.
- No.
No, I mean it.
The money my mum left me.
I was going to put it into the charity, - but I would far rather - No, I won't have it.
You'll pay me back in a couple of months.
- It's fine.
- No, this is my problem.
No, it's our problem now.
Well, this is how it works, isn't it? If I'm staying, this is how it has to work.
You're staying? I spoke with Joshua.
(SIGHS) I'll work from here, where I can, and he'll step up.
I can't believe you're staying.
(BOTH LAUGH) But on one condition.
Mm-hmm? I'm only staying if you let me bloody well help you.
Please leave me a message after the tone.
Hello, love, it's me.
Um, I don't know what's happened, so can you call me? Uh, the film's started.
Please leave me a message after the tone.
Shevaun, I'm worried about you.
I'm I'm gonna come by the office today.
Uh, I hope everything's okay.
- Uh, hi.
- Hi.
I I'm just looking for Shevaun.
Who? Shevaun McArdle.
Sorry, I don't know anyone by that name.
Uh, y you remember, I I came in, uh You work for her.
This is her office.
I don't know a Shevaun, but that's Sally.
S That's Sally? Yeah.
Sally Newell, I think.
She had the desk opposite.
It's a shared office space.
She rented the desk for a week and then You can, you can take the bed.
It's it's okay.
I don't mind.
Please leave a message.
Judith? It's me.
Why the hell does Pieter Bello have your number in his phone? (PHONE RINGING) MARTIN: Hello? GEORGIA (OVER PHONE): Martin, thank God.
- Georgia? - I found Pieter Bello.
- He's he's dead.
- What? - What are you talking about? - I took his phone, and on it, he had all these missed calls from Judith.
I mean, she knew I was looking for him.
She she saw the photo, she never said a fucking thing.
Listen, I'm in Kinshasa now.
I can go to Judith's house.
- GEORGIA: What? - Yes, I'm here with a man who survived Sankuru Flight 19.
There there was only one survivor.
It was, uh, Dominique.
This man was also on the flight, and he saw what happened.
- There was a bomb, Georgia.
- What? - The flight report, it said - No.
Someone planted a laptop bomb on that flight.
And we're gonna find out who.
SIDNEY: Tu vas bien? I'm fine.
You were shouting.
In English.
This woman won't leave me alone.
What? Some ghosts I have lived with for far too long.
Never mind.
Have a drink with me.
I thought I was going to drive you to work I'm in charge there.
They wait for me.
You need to get a cleaner.
(MONITOR BEEPING) (LINE RINGING) SHEVAUN (ON PHONE): I was wondering how long it'd take you to find me.
Not long, actually.
I was just I was just deciding whether there was any point in talking to you Sally.
She told me all about you, your mum.
Painted a hell of a picture.
But the thing is, I was there.
I was there cleaning up her shit.
(CRYING) I was there to walk her up and down the hallway because she couldn't stand the sight of that ceiling.
I was there when she died.
I actually cared enough about her to be there.
You didn't know her.
(LAUGHS): Oh, I bloody knew her better than you did.
(WHISPERING): She's my mother.
How fucking dare you? I worked at the hospice where she died.
And you had no idea who I was.
That's how much you cared.
- I got back to see her whenever I could.
- Oh, right.
Every three months, like clockwork.
48 hours, and then you're off again.
You always talk about doing good things, Judith, but do you actually give a shit about anyone? You stole from me.
You stole from me.
What, and now you're trying to lecture me? I give and I give and I help day and night.
And I get nothing back.
- So now it's my turn.
- How could you? How could you lie to me all those nights? Honestly it made it exciting.
Lying there, knowing what I was going to do.
You did this, Judith.
You left that beautiful old woman to die alone.
She was always alone.
For good reason.
She made it that way.
Well, we all make the beds we lie in.
Maybe that's the way you are.
Smiles and kindness on the outside, but on the inside you're angry.
You're screaming.
But maybe I've set you free, Judith.
Because I was the one risk you took.
I was the one time you let someone in.
You know what, I'm done.
You don't exist.
): Attention, all passengers (CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) Boarding will commence shortly at Gate 52.
Shall we meet? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) I had to tell one of the guys who works for me you were a salesman.
You called so many times.
I even made up a name for you.
(LAUGHS) I could be a Roland.
Drink? They have good lotoko here.
I'm not here to drink.
So, you are willing to work with me.
I have a network of contacts in the Eastern Congo.
So, not just my vehicles, but all the aid workers who work in the region.
Doctors some U.
people I can talk to.
I need people who can cross the border into Rwanda easily.
There, we can sell the coltan without the tax that they levy here.
Aren't you making enough money already? From a government mine? (LAUGHING) I lose millions to every corrupt politician who sticks his nose in.
It is time I take my piece.
But may I ask, why the change of heart? I've tried so many times before.
(SIGHS) You called me a monster.
My "human rights record.
" It's got nothing to do with my heart.
It's a callous world out there, Major General.
Everyone's out for themselves, skimming off the top.
Hands in someone else's pockets.
I'm just sick of looking down and finding mine empty.
So let's talk about how we make this work.
We cannot provide security for the vehicles.
People cannot know you're collaborating with us.
But there's a man I know, ex-military.
A mercenary, a smuggler.
He can help you.
His name is Pieter Bello.
ADIDJA: What is this place? The people who work here, they they've seen children like you.
(SIGHS) Look, I have to go back to Kinshasa.
I can't leave you here by yourself.
- I don't want to.
- They'll help you.
They say they help you, but this is not what they do.
But this is different.
I'll come with you where you go.
- Hello.
- Hi.
I called ahead.
- Yes, yes, about the girl.
- Yeah.
This is Wait.
I don't need this place.
But where will you go? Just go back to your life.
Look, I don't know what I'm doing, okay? I don't have the answers.
Look, come with me, then.
We'll find somewhere you like when we get back to Kinshasa.
- Okay? - Come with you? Come on.
(PHONE BUZZING) Martin, hi.
Did you find her? MARTIN (ON PHONE): I'm at her house now.
- And? - There's a problem, Georgia.
Judith is dead.
What? She was stabbed here, in the house.
The hospital thought they'd saved her, but, um then she ruptured an artery this morning, so Georgia, can you hear me? GEORGIA: Jesus, what now? We're gonna find who planted that bomb.
We'll figure this out.
- When's your flight? - Soon.
Um, I'm going to the airport now.
Listen, Judith and Pieter Bello are clearly connected.
We just have to work out how.
So, I'll see you at her house when you land, yes? Okay.
Thank you for telling me.
Come on, boss.
We should get going I'm not going to work today.
I just heard my main operation outside Kisima has been shot up.
Every soldier loyal to me is dead.
When? Days ago.
And I'm only just now finding out.
Anyone who might have sent news has been killed.
Who would do something like this? Attacking soldiers? There is a white woman there, they said.
Judith Gray warned me about this woman.
A widow.
I know that face.
What are you thinking? I'm thinking you two can use some company.