The Widower (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 (Bell continues ringing) REVEREND: Give themselves to each other in marriage.
Will you love and honour each other as man and wife for the rest of your lives? My darling Claire, I er honestly thought that I would never find anyone prepared to put up with me.
I thought er maybe I'd done something awful in a past life, and I didn't deserve to feel as happy as I do today.
But um it's real and I'm here.
And so is my beautiful bride.
GUESTS: Aww! - Er Thank you to Peter, Claire's brother, for giving her away and to Claire's mother Betty.
And to my own mummy and daddy.
And it's so lovely to see so many of our new friends and colleagues from the Aberdeen Infirmary here.
Er in fact, who's running the wards? (Laughter) As nurses we're always ready with a cup of tea and some soothing words, and if that doesn't work, some good old TLC.
That's Temazepam, Lorazepam and Clonazepam by the way.
(Laughter) But my toast is to Claire, who has made me the happiest man alive.
To Claire! GUESTS: To Claire! - (Glasses clink) M People: One Night In Heaven Ooh, one night in heaven You know, he's so thoughtful.
He brings me breakfast in bed.
Gives me little presents and leaves little messages all around the house.
- Just makes me feel so special.
- Jammy cow.
(They laugh) No, I am.
I know I am.
You know my luck with boyfriends but I've finally found the one.
(Chatter and laughter) Scottish reel (Whooping) CLAIRE: Doesn't take long, does it? Once you set your mind to it.
(Both chuckle) - What time do you have to be in for? - Oh, about another hour.
- Where did you get that? - Oh, the other day.
Better safe than sorry.
No fun running out of petrol around here.
What er time do you start tomorrow? - Normal.
- Good.
I'm having er something delivered in the morning.
I need you to sign for it.
What do I have to sign for? A clock.
I found it in a little antique shop in Aberdeen.
It was an absolute bargain.
Didn't think to speak to me about it first? Wasn't aware I had to.
I like nice things.
I've always liked nice things.
You spent hundreds of pounds on a clock only recently.
Why would we need two? - Claire, please.
It's my money.
- It's our money.
They're antiques.
They're an investment.
There's plenty of things to spend money on before clocks, Malcolm.
Will you take your hands out of your pockets, please? Look so slovenly.
This is our big adventure moving up here.
It's just the two of us.
We've gotta be in this together, don't we? I er I may as well go in early seeing as I'm such a disappointment to you.
Oh, no Don't be so silly! Malcolm! (Front door slams) (Child moaning and whimpering) (Moaning and whimpering) And what's going on here? You're disturbing everybody.
Let's see what we can do, shall we? (Gentle snoring) He's fine.
Just er just gone off.
- (Cat meows) - Oh! Oh, they're gorgeous! I love them to bits! Mm, peace offering.
I was passing the shop and I thought, "I know someone who'll give them a good home.
" - They're pedigree.
- How much were they? Oh, nothing.
(Chuckles) Just over a hundred pounds or so if you want to completely spoil the moment.
A hundred pounds is a lot of money.
I'm cutting coupons out of the newspaper to save us L2.
50 on our shopping bills.
I promise I won't buy any more thoughtful presents for my wife.
Malcolm, they are lovely.
And I'm very grateful.
But l'm sorry.
I opened this by mistake.
It's from the wedding caterers.
They're threatening court action.
This is addressed to me.
My personal mail.
- I just saw "caterers".
I thought it was a receipt.
- This is snooping! Bloody snooping! They've made repeated attempts to make contact.
Well, I sent them a cheque.
- Malcolm, stop spending money we don't have.
- I do have money! How much do you owe, Malcolm? Altogether.
Credit cards, everything.
Please, this is my business.
Let me sort it.
I hate being in debt.
I get it from my mom.
I can't stand those little people coming to our door.
Look, we just need to go through everything.
We'll do it your way.
But, can I at least get us something to drink? Cup of tea for you.
We'll get your bank statements and your card statements and go through them together.
Oh, is that what we'll do? - There we go.
- Thank you, sweetie.
- Bank statements.
Come on.
- Right.
You'll feel so much better when we get on top of things.
- We don't want any secrets between us, do we? - No.
Of course we don't.
Now then, it might take me a while to sort through everything.
(Cat meows) You shouldn't have opened my letter.
I'm sorry, but you really shouldn't have.
That's a line you've crossed.
And you weren't even apologetic.
It was like it was your right.
(Sighs) Now, then, on my cards I owe L8,300.
So, now we don't have any more secrets.
If you can just give me a little bit of time to breathe I will sort it all out.
Is that a deal? (Exhales) I'm sorry.
Oh God.
- What's the matter? - I think it's some sort of virus.
But it's getting worse.
I'm asleep more than I'm awake.
When I'm awake I'm half dead.
My hair's gone all dull and brittle.
Look at me.
(Sobs) We're supposed to start trying for a baby but how can I when I feel like this? Sometimes it's getting so bad I've even started blacking out.
That's not right.
That shouldn't be happening.
You need to take some time off work.
Go and stay with your mum.
I can't.
Malcolm doesn't want me to.
He says he prefers it when it's just us two.
For God's sake, Claire, she's your mum.
(Horn beeps) Oh, God.
Please don't say anything.
Good evening, ladies.
Don't you think Claire should see her doctor about this tiredness thing? Well, it's a virus.
What's the point? Yes, but it's been going on for quite a while now.
Shouldn't she have some tests? Well, they do go on for a while, Lucy, then the body overcomes them and you get better.
That's the nature of viruses.
I'll lend you a book on it if you like.
Come on, hop in.
(Engine starts) (Drink being stirred) - There you go.
- (Sighs) God, I feel so bad.
Mm Everything tastes funny.
- Oh, princess.
- What's happening to me? It's a virus.
You're a nurse.
I'm a nurse.
We we know what a virus is like.
It looks like this.
It'll pass.
Come on, drink your tea.
That's it.
Plenty of fluids.
You need to flush it out your system.
I never intended for it to go on this long, my darling.
It's just that I don't like people telling me what to do.
But um l'll stop now.
Almost home.
You're doing really well.
That's a good long walk we've had.
I feel like I've got a little bit more energy this week.
Good! I'm sure you're over the worst of it now.
- What's going on? - Wait there.
- Malcolm Webster? - Yes.
You have failed to respond to a number of letters about the outstanding balance on your Barclaycard.
Well, I received no such correspondence.
So, I am authorised to now take the card from you and serve you with this summons.
Thousands you owe! You just go off on these spending fits! I have allowed things to get on top of me.
It's not an excuse but I've been so distracted with you not being well.
Yes, well about that.
I went to see my doctor yesterday.
- What? - He's really worried about me.
He's sending me for tests.
You have a virus.
This is madness.
You said you were starting to feel better and we agreed we agreed you would not go to the doctor.
He thinks something might have got into my system.
We need to get to the bottom of it.
He's sending me for blood and toxicology tests tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Well, you're not going! I am going, Malcolm.
I still don't feel right.
And it's my body! I'm sick of feeling like shit! And I can make my own decisions! I made them before I met you and I can make them now! (Sobs) - No.
- Come on.
How about a cup of tea? (Ticking) I mean, what am I supposed to do? You just wouldn't listen to me.
I said "no doctor".
I made that perfectly clear.
But you defied me.
Well, this is your doing.
Not mine.
I've got to drop some work in at the hospital.
So they've got it first thing in the morning.
- Let me stay here.
- No, you need some air, princess.
We can't leave you here like this.
Isn't this the wrong way? Drink up, princess.
Keep your fluids up.
(Tyres screech) (Malcolm panting) (Vehicle approaching) Aargh! - (Groans) - You all right there, pal? I'm OK.
It was a motorbike I had to swerve to avoid him.
- Anyone else in the car? - Er no.
No, no.
It was a bloody motorbike.
Look, there's a farm just down the road.
I can go and phone for help.
Yes, and er call a tow truck.
- Are you OK here? - Yes.
- You sure? - Yes, I'm fine.
Don't worry about me.
Thank you.
(Groans) Are you all right? Is there anybody in there? Is there anybody in that car? My wife! She was in the car with me! - Oh, God.
- Oh, God! (Boom of explosion) Get away from the car! "For she is wise if I can judge of her, And fair she is if that mine eyes be true, And true she is, that she hath proved herself; And therefore like herself wise, fair and true (Sobs) Shall she be placed in my constant soul.
" (Rumble of thunder) (Malcolm sobs) - Mr Webster? - Yes.
Good afternoon.
PC Rae, Grampian Police.
I'm here to talk to you about the investigation into your wife's death.
I'm afraid we've been unable to trace the motorcycle involved in the accident.
We tried pretty much everything.
Local paper, garages, hospitals.
But we've drawn a blank.
Oh, dear.
So, unfortunately, we're going to have to scale down the investigation into into your wife's death.
I I really am very sorry.
I see.
Er Well, I do hope you're not going to forget about her.
The man who caused this dreadful accident is still out there somewhere.
Of course.
If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to call.
Listen, I'll l'll let you get on.
Take care.
It's no exaggeration to say that Felicity, my darling, sweet wife, has saved me.
When we met we were both working in the medical field in Riyadh.
At that point I'd been travelling quite a bit and Felicity was amassing a small fortune in tax-free earnings.
(Laughter) Of course er she was she was fully veiled.
And it wasn't until I followed her back to New Zealand and proposed that I actually saw what she looked like.
And what a stunning surprise that was.
(Whooping and whistling) Thank you to my new mother- and father-in-law, Margaret and Brian, and to your lovely sisters for welcoming me into your family.
But most of all, thank you to you.
I honestly thought that I would never find anyone prepared to put up with me.
I thought er maybe I'd done something awful in a past life and I didn't deserve to feel as happy as I do today.
But um it's real.
And I'm here.
- And so is my beautiful bride.
GUESTS: Aww! - To Felicity! GUESTS: To Felicity! (Lively chatter) He's a bit different from some of your other boyfriends.
You mean he's the first one Mum approves of.
(Laughs) I did think when I first met him he was a bit square for me, but you know what? He's kind and he's funny.
He's just a lovely, decent guy.
This beautiful lady That's walking around with me And then she asks me Do you feel all right? And I say, yes, I feel wonderful tonight (Gentle snoring) (Moans) You OK, love? You thirsty? Have some water.
What are you doing? Oh, nothing much.
You just sleep.
Been a long day.
- I've been asleep for 36 hours? - Well, I was getting a bit worried.
But um you woke up every so often and you just seemed to want to get back off to sleep.
I assumed you were very tired.
Perhaps it's a little virus you've picked up.
Oh, I got an email back from Scotland last night.
My application's been accepted.
I've got the job.
Oh, that's great! He said I'll be starting on the bottom rung but I'm sure I'll work my way up pretty quickly.
You've been so good about us going back home.
I don't feel I have a choice now.
Mama hasn't got long left.
Papa says she's very frail now.
It'll be nice to spend some time with them.
And, you know, I should be able to find a job.
They must need nurses in Scotland.
It'll be great to finally meet them.
ACKER BILK: Stranger On The Shore Come on, now.
Come, do sit up.
There's a good fellow.
Don't slouch so.
So, what are your plans? Well, we want to spend a bit of time with you guys and then we'll be shuttling up and back between here and the cottage in Scotland.
This is the one you bought with Claire? No, Mummy.
I sold that one, bought another one.
Too many memories.
Um I wrote and told you.
So, will you be seeing some of your old friends? - Well - I told him he ought to.
It'd be good for him.
I couldn't.
Far too painful.
Quite right.
So, what will you do up there for work? - Well, I've got a job lined up.
- Really? Where's that? Well, as you know I've been wanting to move out of nursing for a while.
- It's with an IT company.
- How marvellous.
Yes, I'm quite pleased.
I was headhunted.
Um l'll be running a section.
Staring salary 32K, expense account, company car.
We were so worried when he was younger.
He struggled at school, you see, with his dyslexia.
Imagine how proud we were when he went on to have such a stellar career in nursing.
And now he's blazing a trail in the IT world.
You're a credit to yourself, Malcolm.
The way you've overcome adversity.
(Classical music plays) (Paint roller on ceiling) See you later then! - Where are you off to? - Er, just into town.
Thought I'd er pop into work before Monday, say hello.
I'm so sorry I can't help you, darling.
I don't think doing this with an unstable neck fracture's such a good idea.
Yeah, the blasted thing.
It's the force we were thrown forward with when we smashed into the trees.
Felt the crack.
You go.
It's fine.
I actually quite like decorating.
Well, don't overdo it.
(Door opens and closes) You know, my darling, don't you? You know it was an accident.
The motorbike was coming straight for us.
I I had to swerve.
I was too badly dazed.
I couldn't understand what they were asking me.
Couldn't tell them you were in the car until it was too late.
And I lost everything.
(Classical music plays) I spoke to this company today doing a special deal on a Bose sound system.
Absolute bargain.
You've only just got the Bang and Olufsen.
Yes, that's for the lounge.
This would be for everywhere else.
No, absolutely not.
We're supposed to be saving.
Whatever you say.
On the er subject of savings we should clear out a hundred when we do come to sell this place.
And another 15 savings and investments.
Which is what? $300,000.
And you've got? 300,000 from the sale of my house in New Zealand and um and 50,000 savings.
So, together that's in the neighbourhood of $650,000 to buy a place in New Zealand.
That's a pretty respectable neighbourhood, I'd say.
(Both chuckle) (Ticking) There's a problem with my half of the money.
Might as well be honest with you.
I had thought there might be a modest profit from the sale of this place, you see, but with the mortgage and everything I'll be lucky to come out even.
My savings and investments To be frank, I'm actually a little in the red on my account.
Just a couple of thou.
Just under 20, if you must know.
And the 200K from Claire's life insurance is all gone.
So, I find myself in a bit of a tight corner, truth be told.
But er there is, of course, your money.
Which would solve all my immediate problems.
If only you'd allow us to have a joint account.
Instead of hoarding everything to yourself.
Oh For goodness' sake, what were you doing in there? I'm sorry.
I had to use the bathroom.
- Here, for the journey.
- Oh, thanks.
Come on.
That's it.
- Where are we? - There we are.
Don't you remember? You er you said you'd like to see the coast.
"Let's go for a walk.
Get some fresh air.
" Malcolm, I um I need to talk to you about something.
It's important.
All in good time.
Let's er get to the top first.
(Gulls cry) (Wind whistles) Isn't it beautiful? Let's er get a closer look.
The views are spectacular.
Malcolm, I um I've figured out why I've not been feeling very well.
And um why my food's been tasting funny.
Why's that, my darling? It's what I wanted to talk to you about.
I'm pregnant.
What? Well, aren't you happy? Of course.
Of course I am.
I just um I mean, how silly of me not to realise that's why you've been unwell.
I did the test this morning and um it's positive.
That's what I was doing in the toilet.
We're gonna have a baby.
Come away, darling.
You're a little wobbly to be standing near the edge.
It's gonna be a boy.
I just know it's going to be a boy.
And Daddy will be so pleased.
(Low conversation) It's exactly what we're looking for and - Do you want me to take him, with your neck? - No, it's fine.
He's only light.
- Could you give us a minute? - Sure.
What do you think? I mean, I know it's right at the very top of our price range, but Edward's taking a bottle now and I could go back to work soon if I have to.
It's just everything I've ever dreamed of, Malcolm.
If it's what you want then you must have it.
- Really? - Really.
Eee! (Both giggle) We're gonna get it.
We're gonna get it.
- How did it go? - Well, I think we've found our new house.
Four bedrooms, North Shore.
Mom, it's absolutely gorgeous.
So, you gonna put an offer in? We just need to sort out transferring the money from the sale of my cottage in Scotland, but, yes, we'll soon be out of your hair.
Oh, don't be silly.
We've enjoyed having you here.
- I'm so pleased.
- Well, I think this calls for a celebration.
Come on.
I've got a bottle of bubbly in here.
I need to open an account to transfer funds into from the UK.
We're um we're under contract on a property and he needs to have his money here ready for when we settle.
It's not a problem.
Just need two forms of ID.
I told you to bring your driving licence and passport.
- I thought you'd brought them with you.
- No.
I reminded you before we left.
This is embarrassing Er why don't we make yours a joint account and then um my money can be paid into that? I've told you before I don't want a joint account.
I'm just thinking it will save time.
(Exhales heavily) Um OK, yeah Yes, put his name on my account.
- OK.
- All right.
Well, that's it.
Deposit's paid.
- (Microwave beeps) - We'll be in soon.
It's very exciting.
Did you speak to your bank in Scotland? Yes.
The er the money should be through sometime next week.
My sisters are so envious.
Such a lovely house.
And you you deserve it, my darling.
Coming through with my famous crumble.
Here, let me do that.
You need to eat to keep up your strength.
- How much have you got in your account? - I can't remember, off the top of my head.
Oh, come on, Malcolm, it's important.
I have my half, OK? Don't keep badgering.