The Widower (2013) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

(Explosion) My wife! Wise, fair and true .
shall she be placed in my constant soul.
He's cleaned her out.
He's going to kill her.
I wasn't supposed to come out of that forest alive, was I? You'd have died happy, wouldn't you? He's back in Scotland, and he's living on our doorstep.
He's chasing after Simone Banarjee.
(Fire alarm beeps) Fire! Fire in here! It's chronic lymphatic leukaemia.
And all through the treatment, you were the one thing I felt I had to live for.
Well done, Malcolm.
Eh, she's a beauty.
Damn things.
I'm sorry, um it's about four pound.
We've got one of the best beats in the country, a thousand members paying dues and we can't even get a set of proper scales.
Aye, but they don't all pay their dues.
That's the problem.
I mean, I can't be secretary and treasurer at the same time.
I'm all right with my own money but I cannae be dealing with other people's.
I'm pretty good withother people's money.
If it would help you out.
I'm home.
I'm in here! Ha.
I got here just in time.
(Both laugh) Urgh, you smell all fishy.
I think you better get in there first.
Or we can get in together.
Did you catch anything? Ah, yes.
A nice salmon.
Eight pounds.
Clever boy.
We can have that for supper tomorrow then.
I've been accepted for IVF.
Youyou having second thoughts? No, no.
Of course not, Munchkin.
You You're gonna make such a wonderful mother.
It's the fatherI was thinking of.
Not much of a prospect, am I? Cancer hanging over me.
What have I got? Five, ten years at most? Now, listen to me.
Your last blood tests were good, weren't they? And they're coming up with new treatments all the time.
We need to think about the future.
A big family.
I erI haven't always been a good person.
No, no, no, listen, Simmy.
I haven't alwaystreated women well.
I want you to know that.
But um Youare different from anyone I've ever met before.
I love you.
You make me want to be a better man.
He marries them, insures their life and becomes sole beneficiary of their estate.
Then he murders them and cashes in.
We had a profile done on him.
Psychologists said, to him, people are just money in his wallet to be spent when he chooses, without a second thought.
Where is he with the new girl? We've heard he's moved in with someone, apparently he's suffering from cancer.
Cancer? So he's told her.
Likes to portray himself as a sufferer.
I'll bet my house there's nothing wrong with him.
I think we should go for an Osman letter.
A what? Osman vs United Kingdom, 1998.
Court ruled that in cases where a member of the public's life was deemed to be at risk the police had a duty of care, and a formal letter signed by a chief officer could be delivered to warn them.
We give Simone a letter telling her that her boyfriend is planning to kill her.
It was a dark night.
We came round a bend.
This drunk motorcyclist coming straight at me.
I swerved, hit a tree, Claire's knocked out, smoke everywhere.
And I'm outside trying to get her door open.
It was that damn motorcyclist.
You mustn't keep torturing yourself, Malcolm.
It's OK.
Trisha asked.
I shouldn't have been so nosy.
I'm really sorry.
I honestly don't mind.
I think it actually helps to keeptalking about what happened.
Sim encourages me to try to get over this horrible feeling that .
somehow I was to blame.
You know what? Life's too short.
You're not gonna sell this boat.
Well, unfortunately half of it still belongs to Rob.
But, if anyone's got a spare 25 grand I'd love to keep her.
I'm gonna buy out Rob's share.
No, you're not.
I can't let you do that.
This boat means too much to you.
I'm not gonna stand by and watch you lose her.
We can be co-owners.
You and I.
(Laughs) I don't know what to say.
Thanks so much.
Thank you.
That's for me.
And theseare for you.
There you go.
You're doing a grand job, Malcolm.
Yeah, I should have us back on track pretty soon.
It's all coming together.
Good man.
Thank you, David.
How did it go? OK.
Uhthey checked all my bits and they're very happy with everything.
Just gonna have my first injection and then I can come home.
Should be able to harvest my eggs in four to five weeks.
Sounds like a hen.
(Both laugh) II got you this.
That's so sweet.
It's going to be a boy.
II've always wanted a son to carry on the Webster name.
And er "For she is wise if I can judge of her, And fair she isif that mine eyes be true, And true she is, as she hath proved herself; And therefore, like herself, wise, fair and true, Shall she be placedin my constant soul.
" So beautiful.
(Gulls cry) Neil.
I had a missed call from you.
Yeah, bad news.
We got knocked back on the Osman letter.
What? They're saying there's no evidence of an imminent threat to Simone.
That's bollocks.
Webster has no criminal convictions.
And there have been no incidents involving him since he came back from New Zealand.
Our hands are tied.
We need a new strategy, Charlie.
(Sighs) (Sniffs) (Knock at door) Malcolm, will you get that? It's those idiots from the fishing club.
They'll be making a fuss about the accounts.
I'm really not feeling very well today.
Would you tell them I'm out? Haematologist said I'm not supposed to get stressed.
Yeah, yeah.
Of course.
Can I help you? We'd arranged to meet Malcolm this evening.
Oh, I'm sorry.
He's not in.
Um I'm afraid these are very serious matters.
Like I said, he's not in.
You see, this concerns a sum of £4,000 that's gone missing from the club's bank account.
So I'd be grateful if you'd ask him to contact me as a matter of urgency.
It's either that or the police are gonna have to sort this out.
Good evening to you.
I invested the club's money in Premium Bonds and then had a win.
They're in profit.
I'm just waiting for the cheque.
OK, well, have you explained that to them? Of course! But they're not the sharpest of tools.
Plus, I made everyone pay their membership dues.
It never makes you friends.
Look, they're gonna go to the police, OK? So, just sort this out.
There is nothing to sort, for God's sake! Whose side are you on? I'm not on anybody's side! I just don't want us getting hassled.
You're not well and, you know, I have a lot on my plate right now.
(Sighs) I'm sorry.
I know you must have peace and quiet.
Forgive me.
Have youtaken your nose spray today? Yeah, I did it earlier.
Er I've er I've been thinking, Munchkin.
If we are going to bring another little Malcolm into the world .
oughtn't we do the decent thing? You mean? Cos you know I'd marry you tomorrow if you asked.
I'd marry you tomorrow.
I want you to be my wife.
And I want to look after you.
They're getting married? When? Well, they haven't set a date yet, apparently.
But he's bought her some big, flashy engagement ring and she doesn't talk about anything else.
He's making his move.
He'll marry her bigamously if he has to.
Why don't you just tell someone what you know about him? I'm not allowed to legally.
They're worried he could sue us.
Well, they should be more worried about that wee girl.
We need to somehow keep him off balance.
Keep after him for the little things and stop him concentrating on the big one.
What little things? Well, the profile said that he would be involved in different kinds of criminal activity, and to look out for any unexplained fires in his past history.
We dig deep enough I bet we find something.
He's already been involved in one fire.
Where? At the hospital, in the old folk's ward.
It happened a while back.
Just a wee one in a waste paper bin.
He protected himself with a fire extinguisher and played the big hero.
But the consultant at the time thought there was something fishy about it.
What? I was hoping for something a bit more dramatic than a waste paper bindetective.
I do love you, Munchkin.
But I can be silly sometimes.
I'm not gonna be silly any more.
What are you doing? I'm just burning some rubbish.
You coming up? Yes, right now.
VOICEMAIL: You have one new message.
(Beep) DAVID ORR: We've made repeated attempts to ask you to explain yourself, Malcolm.
So er Well, we've had no alternative but to put it in the hands of the police.
I should expect a visit.
(Beep) We have a complaint of theft against Mr Malcolm Webster.
Theft of what? Fishing club funds.
He pilfered 4,000 quid when acting as club treasurer.
Bad news is, as soon as he heard about the complaint he paid the money back.
It doesn't matter.
The original theft stands.
Do you have a statement? They were a bit reluctant given his "poor state of health", but, yes, we do.
That's grounds for a warrant.
That's what we've been waiting for, Pierre, old son.
(Bleeps) (Taps on keyboard) Ahh! (Ticking) (Banging on door) (Banging on door continues) Simone Banarjee? Yes.
Detective Inspector Charles Henry, Strathclyde Police.
I've a warrant here to search this property.
For what? This relates to your partner, Malcolm Webster.
That's you, sir? I'm Malcolm Webster, yes.
Let's go.
Excuse me.
What's going on? (Urgent chatter) Well, it's the fishing club thing.
I mean, I paid them back.
Lookum, Malcolm has explained.
He invested their money and he's made them a profit, so where's the embezzlement? Do you mind telling me why you were burning a laptop out in the garden? It was broken but it had confidential medical files.
I thought it best to destroy it.
The time is 13:45.
I'm Detective Constable Pierre Jarvis.
At present we're in interview room number two.
I'll ask the others present to identify themselves.
Detective Inspector Charles Henry.
Can you tell me your name, sir? Malcolm John Webster.
Before we start, are there any medical conditions we should know about? What about the leukaemia? No answer.
Money from the fishing club account.
Your story about the Premium Bonds is a lie, isn't it? Absolutely not.
I put in a lot of time doing the books and umchasing up the subscriptions.
Nobody else would do it.
I actually made them £2,000 profit.
You can see, 4,000 was taken out of the account, 6,000 was repaid.
This is the thanks I get.
I mean, the mind boggles.
I can understand how someone facing serious criminal charges of theft might try to cover their tracks.
But the money you paid back wasn't from a Premium Bond win.
It was from your father's inheritance, wasn't it? No, it wasn't.
Found at the cottage.
You've admitted you're the owner.
We've had it tested.
It is a working firearm.
It requires a licence which you don't have.
It was sold to me as a non-working antique.
I can tell you the name of the shop I got it from.
This was reported stolen from the I storeroom at your place of work.
Again, I don't mean to be rude but I have already explained to you gentlemen, it appeared one day in my office.
I thought it was for me from the I department.
What about the fire, Malcolm? At the old folk's ward.
Mr Ferguson's room? I understand you put it out.
How did it start? There have been a lot of fires in your life.
When you were in the Scouts your nickname was "Pyro", wasn't it? You like fires, do you, Malcolm? Do I like fires? Whawhat is this about? Is it about my first wife? Malcolm John Webster, you are charged that on or before September 6th, 2005, whilst treasurer of Oban and Lorn Angling Club, you embezzled funds amounting to £4,000.
Also, that you did on August 14th, 2005, at Oban and Lorn District General Hospital steal a laptop computer.
And finally, that earlier today, February 16th, 2007, at the Ballyrock cottage, Drimvargie Road, Oban, you had in your possession a shotgun without a licence, contrary to The Firearms Act 1968, Section 2.
Is that it? Right, well, those are the charges.
What's that about the fire? Eh? Oh, clutching at straws.
Elaine did say there was something odd about it, though.
Get down there and have a word with the old boy's consultant.
See what he's gotta say.
(Sighs) (Sighs) (Sniffle) I'm sorry.
It honestly was just a big misunderstanding.
I think the club have got some kind of vendetta against me.
I don't care about that, Malcolm.
I don't care about anything.
My period started.
It hasn't worked.
(Sobs) Charlie, we got a call from Grampian.
They persuaded the Fiscal's office to re-open the investigation into the death of Claire Webster.
Well, what's changed? They found a small slide of Claire's liver.
They thought they'd lost it, but it was buried in storage.
After 13 years? Preserved in wax apparently.
And now they can run toxicology tests? That's the problem.
It was enough to re-open the investigation butapparently the sample's tiny.
The pathologist doesn't even know how useful it will be.
We're still a long way from being able to charge him.
Meanwhile, Webster's busy getting ready to marry Simone.
It all depends on how it goes with the court case and this embezzlement stuff.
If we can get a result, if we can get any kind of conviction against him, we can go back in with the Osman letter.
I'm not minded to proceed with the shotgun charge.
Our ballistics expert says that it can be fired.
And he doesn't have a licence.
The antique dealer confirms he thought it was deactivated.
Similarly not minded to proceed with the embezzlement.
He's made restitution of £6,000.
So, not in the public interest.
Oh, come on.
Which leaves the theft of the hospital laptop.
I will go forward on that.
What the hell happened? It was my understanding the defence would accept there only being one officer in court to confirm where the laptop was found, but they insisted on two.
I could've had someone else here easily.
There were a half a dozen officers on that search! (Sighs) (Mobile rings) Pierre.
Och! Total bloody blowout.
He's walked on the lot.
Yeah, I'm outside now.
Whole thing is a bloody farce.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
(Sighs) Little bit more bad news, boss.
Found out from the hospital Malcolm and Simone have changed beneficiaries on their pension rights.
To each other? Yep.
Fuck's sake.
That girl has no idea she's living with a monster and the worst of it is there's not a damn thing we can do to warn her.
Trans-Atlantic? Come on! After all the crap we've been through.
It would be like a fresh start.
Our big adventure.
Malcolm, we couldn't take something like this on.
Why not? The Nina's up to it.
Yes, the boat might be up to it.
I'm just not so sure about the crew.
I just want to pack as much as I can into whatever I've got left, Munchkin.
Why don't we take the plunge? It'll be fun taking her out on training runs, making plans.
You're mad.
Had a call from the harbourmaster.
You wanted to know if Simone put to sea in her yacht? I did.
(Gulls cry) Talked on the two-way with them.
They're heading for Loch Linnhe, said it's a training run.
Training for what? That would be the Trans-Atlantic Race in a couple of months' time.
Which would be just the two of them in the middle of the bloody ocean.
How long do you think they'll be out there? They'll not get back in today.
They'll most likely find shelter somewhere in the sound, then return in the morning.
You go on home, Pierre.
What are you doing? Think I'll stay here.
(Wind whistles) RADIO: Nina, this is Oban Harbourmaster, come in.
Nina, this is Oban Harbourmaster, come in.
Oban, this is Nina.
It's three in the morning.
What do you want? Say, "Checking you're all right.
" Ask her that.
Just checking your position.
Who's that with you? Is this Charlie Henry? It is, isn't it? Look, you stay away from us, Charlie Henry.
Do you hear me? Or I'm gonna sue you for harassment! (Static) Ah, turned it off.
Do you want me to keep trying? No, we'll be all right for a bit.
Now that they know I'm here.
(Exhales) Malcolm? What are you doing? Ah, just erwent up for some air.
Couldn't sleep.
The anchor chain was clanking.
What are you doing with my life jacket? Oh, I thought it was mine.
Was that the ship-to-shore? Yeah, and that bloody police officer was there with the harbourmaster.
What's he doing there? I have no idea.
But I told him if he doesn't leave us alone we're gonna sue him.
(Sighs) He's a sore loser.
Just ignore him, Munchkin.
Well, we'll go out again next week.
He can't watch us all the time, can he? Come on.
Morning, boss.
Neil Thompson wants you, ASAP.
What? The fire in the waste paper bin? Consultant gave a statement this morning saying the old boy accused by Webster of starting the fire - incapable.
He was suffering from advanced dementia.
There was only two people in the room.
The only other person that could have started the fire was Webster.
We told the force solicitor Webster will now be the subject of a report to the Procurator Fiscal on a charge of wilful fire-raising.
Given that the fire played a key part in the alleged offences against Webster's first and second wives, he's agreed that this is a significant and relevant new allegation against Webster .
and has given us consent to an Osman letter.
Well, I've certainly had worse days.
(Chuckling) (Siren wails) What's this all about? I've been told that you want to see me.
Please, take a seat, Simone.
We have a letter that we need to give to you.
The letter's from the Assistant Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police and is signed by him.
It says that we're aware you are in a relationship and living with Malcolm John Webster.
And that we believe you might be at immediate risk of serious injury or harm from him should you remain in close contact with him.
This isthis is rubbish.
I mean, you haven't even got the postcode right.
You people really are pathetic.
Never mind about the postcode.
But you're talking about New Zealand! And there's nothere's no Felicity Webster.
The name of his wife was Claire.
There was another wife.
He's actually still married to her.
Andthey have a son.
Are you OK? What's going on? Actually, quite a lot.
Malcolm, we need to talk.
Well, we can talk, Munchkin.
We canwe can talk any time.
About Felicity? And your son.
(Sighs) It's not like you think.
What do I think? Sometimes it's better toto put things in a box.
I married a paranoid schizophrenic.
And she caused a lot of trouble, as eras delusional people will.
She had a serious drink problem too and I didn't I didn't handle it very well.
I ran away.
I tried to fight for custody for my son, but um .
they wouldn't even allow me back into the country.
Please forgive me, Munchkin.
How did you erfind out? The police told me.
Eryou've been talking to the police behind my back? They did the talking, Malcolm.
And you did the listening, eh? I bet you lapped it up.
All the lies.
I don't know what are lies and what aren't.
You've betrayed us.
You know that? You've ruinedeverything.
Smashed all the windows in our little house.
I thought you were on my side.
I am.
Look You need to You need to explain everything.
People have pasts.
I understand that.
Just sit down andand talk to me, Malcolm.
I can't.
I um You'll have to excuse me.
(Door opens and closes) (Car engine starts) Come on.
Simone? You all right? I don't know what I am.
What happens now? Well, he won't be arrested.
Not yet.
Grampian are still building their case against him.
He will almost certainly try to contact you.
Please tell me if he does.
He's dangerous, OK? Unpredictable right now.
(Mobile rings) Malcolm.
What do you want? I'm just going to the supermarket.
Why haven't you got your engagement ring on? I would never hurt you, Munchkin.
You're the love of my life.
Youasked me to get you some cash.
It's all I could get from the cashpoint.
Thank you.
Pay you back as soon as I can.
I went through IVF for you, Malcolm.
You said you wanted to have a child to carry on your name after you were gone.
You had a son.
I'm sorry.
I suppose now you're .
you're gonna tell me that you don't have leukaemia? No, I don't.
Why did you tell me you did? I don't really know.
I'm sorry.
It's acomplicated situation.
(Car horn) (Car horn) Malcolm Webster? Malcolm John Webster, I am detaining you under Section 14 of the Criminal Justice Scotland Act, as we suspect you of the murder of Claire Webster on May 28th, 1994.
I am detaining you in order for further inquiries to be carried out I'll be out in a minute, Sparrow.
Just gotta go and see Mum.
(Knocking) Is it true? Yes, he was arrested yesterday.
(Sobbing and laughter) Oh, God! I'd almost given up.
Me too.
I really didn't think this day would ever come.
Oh, sweetheart.
You know, I haven't had the heart to take her out since he left.
Honestly, Trisha, he he was the best boyfriend I ever had.
He swore that he loved me and he he'd never do anything to hurt me.
Come on, Sim.
He pretended he had leukaemia.
I know.
But those things that he's being accused of, that just that just doesn't seem like the same man.
Life jackets? Here you go.
Uh, you take this one.
That one's mine.
Just check both the green tabs are there.
It means the gas cartridge is good.
What are you doing? Oh, justwent up for some air.
Couldn't sleep.
What are you doing with my life jacket? Oh, I thought it was mine.
Somebody's let the gas out.
This life jacket's useless.