The Winter King (2023) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode Ten

You truly are
my bastard.
Only you can save the isle.
Before the eyes of the Gods,
I anoint you Dumnonia's ruler
- and Britain's defender!
[ARTHUR] We caught a Saxon
spy who spoke of a new leader.
- [DERFEL] He said,
"Aelle, Aelle. He will kill you all."
I thought you said that
our ranks are swelling.
They are, but pitted against
the Saxons, we can't win a fair fight.
[GUINEVERE] We've lost our druidess,
and the Gods alone know where Merlin is.
[NIMUE] You're searching
for the treasures
because you think you
need to appease the Gods.
We'll need their power.
Aelle is a man open to
new ways of doing things.
He's also a man in need of tin.
Isn't that right, Tristan?
- They're running low?
- They're running out.
This is why the woodsmen alone fell ill.
I had no choice but to do what I did.
I had to banish her to
the Isle of the Dead.
[GUINEVERE] Derfel was seen on
the southern road last night.
He's gone for Nimue.
If you need anything at all, just ask.
Thank you.
You set?
Lanval, Sag.
[LANVAL] So few of us.
Are you sure, Arthur?
[ARTHUR] We are going
to talk, not fight.
Let's hope the Saxons
see it the same way.
Arthur! I'm coming with you.
[MAN] Get off! Get off! No! No!
[MAN] Get off!
Do you reject Satan
in all his works, in
all his empty promises?
- [WOMAN] I do.
- Then I baptize you
in the name of the Father
Get out!
Get out! All of you!
Stop this.
You disapprove of our baptisms, Morgan?
The growing number
of Christian converts,
it upsets you?
You're worried about our Lord?
He'll come back to us.
It's in God's hands, Morgan.
Your all-knowing
invisible God.
What does he look like?
You've no idea, because
you've never seen him.
No one has.
Unlike our Gods.
Then when Merlin can talk to them
they come to us in our dreams,
they're beside us every day.
And why don't they comfort you?
I don't need comforting.
Let us go forth
into the fields
and lodge in the village
and let us go out early in the vineyards
and see whether the
vines have budded, Morgan.
Whether the grape blossoms have opened
and the pomegranates are in bloom.
There I will give you my love.
It's the Song of Songs.
It describes God's great love
for each and every one of us.
- It sounds
- Wonderful.
You should read this.
- No.
- I want you to have it.
The Saxons.
They light beacons to show
the land they've taken.
[TRISTAN] I've heard
the Saxons never let
their victory fires go out.
[ARTHUR] We'll make camp here!
Cross the border in the morning!
[LANVAL] Out here in the open?
They're going to see us from miles off.
That's the point.
We're not here to fight, but to talk.
Except we don't have a translator.
"We comath en frithe."
Gorfydd took Saxon prisoners.
I enjoyed speaking with them.
[TRISTAN] Well, what are you saying?
"We come in peace."
- I think.
- Ah, yes. It's the "frithe."
You should never have come.
Because you're going
to get yourself killed?
Admit it, you're happy I'm here.
You are impossible to reason with.
I told you I would be.
Shh! You hear that?
[TRISTAN] Behind us!
No swords.
- [ARTHUR] Wait!
I want to speak with Aelle.
We've brought tin.
Our leader wants to see your tin.
Let your leader show us his face.
Use his real name.
Do better than that, Wealhas.
"Bretwald" Aelle.
Whose fame brings
nightmares to our children.
[ARTHUR] Whom our men
fear beyond all else.
About whom
our women weave spells.
I like it when women
weave spells about me.
To keep them and their family safe.
And you think you're
keeping your family safe
by bringing your wife here with you?
Ah, Guinevere of Henis Wyren.
Yes, I've heard about you.
They said Gorfydd roared
like a wounded bull
when you ran away.
You speak our tongue
well, Bretwalda Aelle.
Well, if I'm to conquer you, my Lady,
I must understand you.
You know so much of me,
but what do you know of my Lord?
Merlin's chosen one.
Uther's banished bastard.
Gorfydd's son-in-law.
Oh, no, I got that wrong.
And you are King Cerdic's whipping boy.
The warrior that does
all the King's fighting
but receives nothing in return.
King Cerdic resents you
and he resists your ideas.
But it was you who pushed forward
into Durobrovis and Calleva.
You who won this vale that we stand in.
And lit this victory flame.
I hope I was woken from my sleep
for a good reason, Arthur Ap Neb.
Gorfydd of Powys is on
his way to meet with you.
Laden with gold. I'm aware.
Do not forge an alliance with him.
You journey all this
way to tell me that?
I journeyed all this way to tell you
that he will double cross you.
It's in his nature.
But he promised me his sweet daughter.
He promised me his sweet daughter.
All the while, he intended to use her
to murder the Edling King.
While you are fighting
us, he plans to attack you
with the Black-shield
Irish and the Silurians.
He is drawing you
out of the safety of your lands
to destroy you.
You cannot know this.
He wouldn't trust you with his war plan.
It was my war plan.
I suggested we lure you into Dumnonia,
then we attack you.
He liked the idea, but we couldn't agree
on the bait.
It seems he's decided it's me.
Let me see the tin.
You need tin more than gold.
There are no tin mines
in your territory.
You'd have to make
inroads deep into Britain
to find tin of this quality.
Kernow is rich with it.
This is Prince Tristan of Kernow.
Every new moon, he will bring
three cartloads of tin
to the border for you.
[TRISTAN] You can mix
our tin with copper.
Mend all your old tools,
- piping
- Weapons.
We can restore our swords
and then fight you.
- Have you thought of that?
- Of course.
I know the time will come
when we meet in battle.
I look forward to it.
So, in exchange
for this tin
all I need to do is turn Gorfydd away?
And agree to a full peace
for the next 12 moons.
What do my warriors do in peace?
I promise my people blood!
Thousands more have just arrived
by boat from my country,
and they need to feed
their folk through winter.
They cannot eat tin.
We need land and grain,
or we'll starve.
So tell me, what good is peace?
I hoped you'd be a better
man than King Cerdic.
Oh, you want peace, Arthur Ab Neb.
Oh, I'll give you peace.
But it'll be across your bones.
- Take the woman!
- No!
Let her go! Let her go.
Take me, do whatever you
want with me, but let her go.
We can give you land!
Cerdic has tried and failed
many times to take Ratae.
The planes beneath are
awash with Saxon blood.
That's because he doesn't know
how to get inside the fortress.
And I do.
Didn't mean to scare you.
Can my boy have your
food at the next sun?
Why are they here?
I gave birth to my twins down here.
They sent you to the Isle of the Dead
when you were pregnant?
They sent me because I was pregnant.
My Lord wanted me dead.
Wenhaver's too.
We won't die.
A God is coming to save us.
To take us up to the light.
Wenhaver's a seeing one.
I will take you and your
children up to the light.
It's not you.
I will try.
Can you help me?
I'm looking for my friend.
A druidess. She came this moon.
The sorceress?
Yes, yes, that's her.
She was searching for a way out.
We told her there isn't one.
All the entrances are blocked up.
She didn't believe us.
She left the safety of these caves.
What do you mean?
There are dangerous folk down here.
They live in the black tunnels
at the other end of the island.
They hunt
and devour anyone they find.
If they have your sorceress
Thank you.
none of her spells will save her.
Don't go there.
I have to find her.
commander is a Christian.
Monks have built a monastery
near the fortress walls.
They've worn a secret
passage through the ramparts.
The passage is away from the monastery,
but there are landmarks
that can lead you there.
I can show you exactly where
the passage is on this map.
On the condition that you
agree to Arthur's terms.
No pact with Gorfydd
and peace with Dumnonia for 12 moons.
[AELLE] I can see how
much this troubles you.
You have my word.
The deal will be honored.
[ARTHUR] As it will be by us.
Show me.
Get the horses ready.
It's time to leave.
[WHISPERS] Where are you?
I've never been so happy
to see Dumnonian hills.
I disobeyed you.
But I couldn't see him kill you.
I couldn't see him kill you either.
There was no right option.
But I swear this will
not be the end for Ratae.
It's hard to rule.
It won't get any easier.
I was wrong about Nimue.
It's not too late, Arthur.
Don't come back alone, but come back.
I must leave you here.
I'll see you all back at Caer Cadarn.
- Take care of them, Guinevere.
- Where's he going?
Where do you think?
The coast is only a
short distance from here.
Will you go on?
Go and save the death pit
boy. You know you want to.
I'll escort Guinevere back.
Aller ! Run, Sagramor!
Here, give him to me. Move!
[DERFEL] Stop! Please!
- Look at me! No!
Look! Look! Look!
It's me! I've come for you!
You are mine, and I am yours!
It's me.
Those are the vows we said
to each other at Caer Cadarn.
Is it really you?
It's me. It's me.
I found you.
I found you.
I willed you to.
I think I felt you calling.
I shouted your name.
I shouted your name
inside my head,
conjured you up.
But then I stopped thinking.
Even dreaming.
Maybe I'm mad, and you're not here
No, no, no, no, no. It's me, it's me,
it's me, it's me, it's me. Look at me.
You're just half-starved.
When did you last eat?
I don't remember.
I had to hide.
There are people here,
Derfel, you can't imagine.
We have to get out.
We will get out. We will.
I don't know if I can.
My dear Derfel.
I love you so much.
So much.
I'm happy now you're here.
No, no, no, no, no. Stay with me.
I love you too. I love you.
But we are not going to die here.
I will not let you die.
Where's the prison?
There are caves on the island.
Hewn by the Romans.
It used to be a mine.
Uther converted it into a prison.
That looks like the guards' hut.
I can't see a thing.
The Gods will be my eyes.
Rouse yourself.
Don't even think about it.
This is Arthur,
protector and defender of Dumnonia.
Who's in charge here?
My Lord.
an honor to have you amongst us.
To what do we owe this happy visitation?
I wanted to see the isle for myself.
To meet those who guard it.
I am Malldyn.
I've been in charge of this
little patch of wilderness
for more years than I can remember.
You are welcome. I am at your service.
You do not serve King Mordred
by drinking yourself into a stupor
and sleeping throughout the day.
True enough. But, well,
we were sent another malefactor
to join the others on the island.
We felt a little drink was in order.
We like new blood.
We are looking for someone.
He is a good man.
He will have gone to the island.
Well, there's no point
in looking for him.
He is a dead man already.
Take me there. Now.
[WHISPERING] Here, here, here
You're right. Seawater.
[WHISPERING] Let's follow it.
- Come on!
- No!
The People of Utter Darkness.
When I first came,
a child went missing.
[WHISPERS] I heard the screams.
If we stay here,
we'll die of hunger anyway.
We have to take our chances.
We feed them every three days.
Three days? Are you mad?
King Uther knew of our
methods and approved.
It was he who asked us to
stop up the last cave mouth.
You're lying.
No, no. We used to release prisoners.
King Uther, he told us to let them rot.
We were simply following
his instructions.
We blocked up a cave
mouth only last year.
Then we'll release them.
No not possible.
I'll make sure that it is.
This might be a cave mouth!
Come on! Come on!
[ARTHUR] Let's keep looking!
[ARTHUR] This looks like it.
The entrance they blocked up
only a year ago. We might
be able to break through.
[SAGRAMOR] Listen!
Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait!
There's someone there! Help! Help us!
- Derfel! Is that you, Derfel?
- Arthur! It's Arthur!
- Is Nimue with you?
- [DERFEL] Yes, we're both here!
We need boulders. Anything heavy.
We need to loosen the mortar.
You keep working from your side!
[DERFEL] Yes, okay!
No! Let her go!
- No! No!
[DERFEL] Arthur!
Try it.
You came.
[SAGRAMOR] Arthur.
[DERFEL] Nimue?
I'm here.
Don't be afraid. This is
the man you were waiting for.
I am Arthur Ap Neb.
Son of no one.
I ask for your forgiveness.
It was wrong of King
Uther to keep you here.
A leader should protect
all of their subjects.
Even those dangerous lost
souls must be cared for.
Follow me out of here.
The causeway will soon be underwater.
I can survive on this
island one more day.
I have no doubt of it, but please
come with me now.
So you can say you saved me
and those other poor souls
your father imprisoned?
Well, you didn't.
It was Derfel who believed
I was still alive
Derfel who came looking for me
and now
you just want to assuage your guilt.
I should never have sent you here
in the first place.
I'm sorry, Nimue.
Nimue, please.
I won't return to Dumnonia, Derfel.
Where will you go?
Somewhere you can find me.
You always do.
You think loneliness protects you,
but it doesn't.
It is not enough.
I have spent my whole life alone.
I cannot do it anymore.
I need my friends.
I need you, Nimue.
We have a great fight on our hands
and you are our druidess,
chosen by the Gods.
Merlin has always said it.
And I see it now.
I cannot do this without you.
Get up.
Not unless you come
back to Dumnonia with me.
[SAGRAMOR] Ahh, are we happy?
Then let's get out of
this God-forsaken place.
[MORGAN] "For the winter is past
the rain is over and gone "
"the flowers appear on the earth
the time of the singing
of birds is come."
Did you persuade Aelle
not to join with Gorfydd?
We did.
But not without great cost.
[GUINEVERE] Do you regret what we did?
[ARTHUR] I had an opportunity for peace,
and I gave it up for
us. Do you regret it?
Don't be greedy and take
all the guilt for yourself.
I wasn't alive until I met you.
[SAGRAMOR] Guinevere was right
to give up Ratae to save you.
We all would have done the same.
You're no longer just a warlord.
You rule Dumnonia.
Accept it.
[ARTHUR] This destiny to protect Britain
that Merlin spoke of
if it is true,
I can't do it without you.
[GUINEVERE] It's hard to rule.
It won't get any easier.
[ARTHUR] I swear, this will
not be the end for Ratae.
Carve Aelle's name into that stone.
A hundred years ago,
this country had peace.
It had justice.
A man could clear land
knowing that his grandsons
would live to tend it, but
those grandsons are dead,
killed by the Saxons or their own kind.
My oath is this:
I will avenge the innocent
souls killed at Ratae
destroy Aelle,
and kick every Saxon back into the sea
from where they came.
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