The Wire s04e06 Episode Script

Margin of Error

Come on! On this Sunday before the primary when we will go to the polls to exercise our blessed franchise, our lesson comes from Exodus, chapter 18.
"And it came to pass on the morrow that Moses sat to judge the people: "and the people stood by him from the morning unto the evening.
"And Moses judged the people.
"And he shouldered this tremendous burden all alone.
"And one day, his father-in-law said to him, "'Moses, why do you carry "'this awesome responsibility by yourself? "'You need other wise men to help you rule justly over the people.
' "So Moses hearkened to the voice of his father-in-law, "and chose able men to rule over the people.
" - Can I preach it like I feel it? - Yes! Hey, hey, hey.
This Tuesday, when we choose the men and women who will lead our city, we would do well to keep those standards in mind.
Men of truth, who fear God and hate covetousness.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! God bless you.
Good to see you.
- How you doing? - Just fine.
- How's Mama? Tell her I said hello.
- Fellowship committee at 2:00? - If I'm late - We'll wait.
All right.
Thank you for coming, young man, young lady.
- Reverend.
- Councilman.
How are you? - Thank you so much.
- Interesting sermon.
- Polls show you have a chance.
- We're within the margin of error.
Margin of error.
Interesting phrase.
And I see you've got Delegate Watkins working the crowd.
- I hope he's not going to be the only one.
- I'll tell you what, I will keep an open mind until I walk into that booth on Tuesday and if you win You're holding me to a high standard.
Moses? I mean, Jesus Tommy.
- I'm sorry.
I can't believe I said that.
- Moses will do for now.
We'll save Jesus for your second term.
Have a good one.
Thank you so much for coming.
When you walk through the garden Watch your back Well I beg your pardon Walk the straight and narrow track If you walk with Jesus He'll save your soul Gotta keep the devil down in the hole He's got fire and the fury At his command Well, you don't got to worry Hold on to Jesus' hand We'll be safe from Satan When the thunder rolls But you gotta keep the devil Down in the hole Oh yeah, mm We'll be safe from Satan Gotta keep the devil Down in the hole Keep him in the hole In the hole Down in the hole Down in the hole Keep him in the hole Keep him in the Down in the hole Down in the hole Keep him in the hole Keep him in the Down in the hole Down in the hole - Signs o' life? - Not even a lookout.
- Maybe they went to church.
- Our Lady of the Re-up.
He'll show up sooner or later.
- Call me.
- All right.
Vote for Carcetti.
Vote for Carcetti on Tuesday.
Tommy Carcetti running for mayor.
Hello, Councilman.
I've been following your campaign.
I'm a teacher.
- Excellent.
- High-school biology.
- In the city? - Baltimore County.
I think your position on school-board reform is very encouraging.
- So you'd vote for me? - If I lived in the city, I would.
- Good luck on Tuesday.
- Thank you.
Carcetti for mayor! - They're all fucking county people.
- We're almost done here.
- Thomas, look at this.
- What's that? Check it out.
- Did you ever represent a Bobby Harrison? - The slumlord? Fuck, no.
I don't remember ever meeting this guy.
"Carcetti got the most serious charges dismissed and the others reduced.
"The slumlord walked free with a slap on the wrist "while hundreds of tenants suffer substandard conditions.
" Last-minute smear.
They're scared.
- Royce.
- Who else? Bobby Harrison's name is dirt in this town.
Two days before the election and they smear me? Courthouse steps.
When the fuck was this taken? - It's a fake.
They Photoshopped it.
- Can we prove that? - We can try.
- Try, shit.
- I'm gonna lose behind this.
- Easy, Tommy.
We always figured they'd pull some last-minute shit.
- At least now we know what it is.
- Fuck.
I want you to remember, you're representing your dad.
Yeah, I know.
What she wanna see us for, anyway? Maybe she got somethin' special in mind for you, boy.
- Hm, cool.
- She's a Barksdale.
She know talent when she sees it.
Besides, they owe this family a lot.
- Your daddy, he stood tall for them.
- I know, I know.
He a soldier.
- Like father, like son.
- No doubt.
- What time you got? - Half three.
Motherfucker late.
Yo! It's for you, Marlo.
Yeah, speak.
You on it.
As long as she hit her mark, we straight.
What time I gotta pick up that skinny girl? A'ight.
- So what time they say? - Tomorrow night.
She be on the 8:45 from New York.
- We can take care of that.
- No.
I'll do it.
- Don't want nothin' to go wrong.
- You sure about that? It's a'ight.
You can hang back on this.
- Yeah, I think I got this one, too.
- Marlo Stanfield.
He ain't so much.
Using cell phones and shit.
What's he sayin' now? "What time I gotta pick up the skinny girl? "I do it.
"Don't want nothing to go wrong.
" Maybe he's picking up a girlfriend? "Skinny girl from New York"? It's code.
For Marlo himself to get near a package He's a mope.
I told ya.
- So what do we do about it? - Work up some counter lit.
That's why we have a printer on retainer.
Best if we run down the original photograph.
If we prove this one's a fake I didn't work at Sun Papers for 22 damn years not to know somebody.
I'll call Paul McCardle at the photo library.
- And if we still can't find it? - We put out a fake photo of our own.
Show Royce in a motel with a dead girl and a live boy.
We can't sling mud back.
Not this late.
I'm kidding.
You get back on your schedule.
Hit all your stops.
Go to that donors' dinner tonight and make nice.
We'll take care of this.
You can't do this to us.
Bey took the weight for all y'all.
You've been amply compensated.
- But time moves on.
- Not for Bey, it don't.
What I meant to say is there's no more money coming in.
No more business.
Avon is gone.
So are his people.
You seem to still be doin' all right for yourself.
There's nothing more I can do for you.
Bey know everything.
You forget that? And what's he gonna do? Who's he gonna tell? And what do I care if he does? Bey never heard me say a damn thing about business.
What about your brother? Avon could be gone longer if Bey gets to speakin' his mind.
I couldn't care less about Avon.
The thing is, I wanted you both to hear it from me so there ain't no lies from here on in.
She even paid enough over the last two years that you should have enough money going forward, son.
Your father has not been disrespected here.
You both got what was coming.
But ain't nothing lasts forever.
Jailhouse snitch? Called last overnight.
Worden talked to him.
Says for a deal, he can give us the case.
- No shit.
- Gonna write up a writ, send it over to the State's Attorney's office, get them to sign off on it first thing tomorrow.
What's the rush? We jump on this.
We cause a major shit stink before the election.
If this guy really knows why the witness - Braddock.
- .
was killed Might be bad for the mayor.
- If it's not bad for the white boy, Carcetti.
- You care, either way? Fuck no.
I don't give a shit either way.
I don't even vote.
But it'll be fun to fuck with them downtown suits.
Maybe get you on the 11:00 news.
Get a little payback for all that shit they put you through.
With only two days left before the primary, campaign officials traded charges today over a controversial flier distributed in some African-American neighborhoods.
What seemed to be a secure lead for the incumbent mayor has evaporated in recent days.
The latest Sun-WQMD poll shows the two men in a virtual dead heat with Councilman Tony Gray trailing.
Four per cent of the likely voters are still undecided, and with the prime I can't wait for it to be over.
Yeah, me either.
Can that flier hurt you? You know, we found the original photo in The Sun's files.
They grafted my puss onto some perp-walk shot on the courthouse steps.
- I'm standing where a sheriff's deputy was.
- My God.
What a nasty business.
Royce swears he had nothing to do with it.
Claims it must've been somebody freelancing.
Well, Norman and Terri say not to worry.
It's all in the game.
You know, when I was 15 points behind, I was resigned, you know? A landslide, I could live with that.
What else did anyone expect anyway? White guy running for mayor in Baltimore? But this? Jen, if I lose this here by two points, it's gonna kill me.
It's gonna just fucking kill me.
- You gonna have to step up now, Na'.
- A'ight.
Be the man of the family.
You older than your daddy was when he went out on the corner.
That's what I been sayin'.
He quit school.
- You ain't quittin' school.
Not yet.
- Ma.
But you are goin' out on your own.
You gonna ask Bodie for a package.
- What if he say no? - I ain't take no for an answer.
- Just did.
- What you mean? - From Brianna.
- Hand me the damn phone.
What she say about you already gettin' paid enough? She a lyin' bitch, Namond.
You see? There's a lot about this world you just don't know.
What it come down to is she know you ain't gonna snitch.
- No matter what shit she pull.
- She got that right.
She takin' advantage of you, Bey.
She takin' advantage of you.
Sound like she got it all figured.
Bitch got it figured out, all right.
She cuttin' us loose without notice.
Like comin' home, findin' our shit in the street.
She don't give a fuck about you, Avon, none of it.
She had the nerve to talk to me on this, like she gonna set things straight so I don't tell no lies.
Jen, I'm sorry.
He said he'd be up.
He's already gone to the office.
Well, what's he doing there? He couldn't sleep.
He's been there for hours.
Aw, shit.
See ya.
We still have a shortage of officers willing to work secondary at the polling stations, so we're asking for anyone interested to contact Tactical this afternoon.
Next order of business: fresh warrants, beginning with murder and weapons charges on one Omar Little.
- Anyone know this mutt? - Oh, yeah! - Who'd he kill? - Some lady in a store.
- Reads like a taxpayer.
- A taxpayer? He's charged with felony homicide, to wit: murder in the commission of a robbery.
About time someone got some paper on that motherfucker.
Anyhow, we got no fixed address, no known abode.
If apprehended, contact Detectives Holley and Crutchfield in Homicide.
You wanna find Omar Little? Look for a corner boy running away from a corner with shit in his pants.
You ever know Omar to do a citizen? Anyway, pass these around.
Jesus, Tommy.
I went over the latest data, rearranged the schedule.
A little bit of knowledge A bunch of middle class black precincts are strong on Tony but have a high undecided.
- We can pick up votes - Those people hate the mayor.
- You're gonna get those votes, or Gray will.
- We go door to door today.
- As long as they don't go to Royce.
- I need black votes if I'm gonna be mayor.
I need some kind of mandate from that community.
If I sneak in with a bare plurality - We might just win.
- What do you think kept me up all night? With all due respect to your early-morning analysis, we got three back-to-back drive-time radio interviews I wore out my kneepads to get.
The people running your campaign are professionals, Tommy.
Don't try this shit at home.
You know, there might just be a job for you in a Carcetti administration.
- Press secretary, chief of staff.
- Oh, get in the fucking car.
Duquan? - Mr.
- Can you come with me, please? What'd I do? Get here early.
I'll let you in, and you can shower.
My dirty clothes? Put 'em in this bag, leave 'em in the locker.
I'll bring 'em home and wash 'em.
Go ahead and get cleaned up.
You'll be late for class.
Hey, Paul.
Hey, Monnel.
- Skanky ho.
- Damn, she good, though.
You right about that.
Hey, yo, Tiff, baby.
I got 50 Cent too.
Fuck y'all.
All three at once? You know she could.
I know you could.
- Sir.
- At ease.
I hate it when the bosses creep below the eighth floor.
Yeah, I need a moment just to unclench my asshole.
- Sir? - The Braddock investigation.
It's coming.
Norris and Greggs are wringing it out.
I know.
Commissioner Burrell had a visit first thing this morning from State's Attorney Demper himself, asking why one day before the primary our detectives were trying to writ out a jailhouse snitch.
The tip came when it did.
I didn't push it, and I didn't hold it back either.
Let the chips fall where they may.
Exactly, sir.
Sergeant? Fuck your falling chips.
If Braddock was killed because he was a witness and we break the case one day before the primary, Royce hates us forever.
And Royce might win the election.
If Braddock was killed for any other reason and we break it today, then Carcetti hates our guts and Carcetti could win.
I see your point.
Tactical tells me we're still about 20 bodies short for manning the polling places.
I want you to detail two detectives to uniformed election duty immediately.
- Let me guess: Norris and Greggs.
- Sounds good.
They're to report to Tactical at 1300 today for election orientation.
They can pick up their writ and talk to their snitch on Wednesday.
American democracy.
Let's show those Third World fucks how it's done.
Yes, sir.
I have what I think is some very good news for all of you.
We're going to be implementing the University of Maryland pilot program.
Only three of my knuckleheads? A total of ten children from the eighth grade in this first class - eight boys and two girls.
- If things go well - It's a start.
- When? - This morning.
Not a moment too soon.
- How was I? - Good on Steiner.
Better on the A.
talk shows.
You handled that call about the fliers well.
Fucking Royce.
If I lose because of this bullshit You lose, we can blame it on ten different things.
Same thing if you win.
Guess who I just got off the phone with? State Senator Davis.
He wants a meet.
Clay Davis? Why would I wanna get into bed with that motherfucker? He didn't come out and say it, but it sounds like he's ready to follow Watkins and jump ship.
What's he want in return? Same thing he always wants.
At least 20K to his favorite campaign committee is my guess.
Maybe even 30, cos you know Clay ain't cheap.
Well, I'm not promising him anything policy-wise.
You think Clay Davis gives a fuck about policy? This is strictly for services rendered.
He might be conning us, taking the money, then sitting on his hands.
But then all we have to lose is money.
Could be the extra little push we need on the West Side.
- Set it up.
- I already did.
- Invert the denominator - What invert mean? The numerator and the denominator switch places.
- Turn upside down.
- Why you do that? Because it works.
That's the formula.
Excuse me, Mr.
Namond Brice, Darnell Tyson and Zenobia Dawson.
Grab your things and come with us.
- Oooh! - Quiet, quiet.
Calm down, please.
- We in trouble? - Just come with me.
- Shit.
It's the story of my life.
- They ain't coming back.
- Yo, Mr.
Prezbo, they gettin' arrested? - No I bet the police are out there waiting for them.
Na', can I have your Xbox? You ain't gonna need it where you are.
What'd they do? Markeith, Kwame and Latonya.
Bring your things and come with us.
Ooooh! Again? You know I can't publicly endorse you.
Not at this late hour.
Then what are we talking about? I lay back and not do what I usually do on election day.
I see you all get a push in the Seventh and Ninth Districts, say, and maybe that piece of the 11th west of Freemont.
I split some of my tickets for y'all.
I split my walkaround money.
You know, the usual to-and-fro.
- Politics is a good thing, partner.
- That's a minority opinion.
Let's order.
I'm hungry enough to eat the horse you rode in on.
If you don't mind, we're a little busy for a sit-down lunch.
Oh, no doubt.
Just leave enough for the tab.
- No, she crazy.
- She says you were there.
I wasn't.
It wasn't even rape.
She wanted to.
- How do you know? You weren't there.
- I saw her go in with them.
Go in with who? This is no time to play, young man.
You are in very serious trouble.
Who did you see her go in the boys' bathroom with? Paul and Monnel.
Paul and Monnel? And what were you doing? - Lookout.
- So you were involved? I didn't see what happened.
You were standing guard.
Monnel gave me $5 and told me to stand by the door and holler if someone came.
This ain't fair.
I ain't even do nothing.
You stood lookout while two boys raped an eighth-grade girl.
- But she wanted to.
- That's not what Tiffanie says.
There'll be an investigation.
You'll be suspended.
You could very well be expelled, maybe even face criminal charges.
Please don't.
Please don't call my foster mother.
- I'll tell you everything I know.
- I know all about it already.
I know some other stuff, like who been thieving from the teachers' lounge, or tagging gym lockers, or even Miss Jeffreys, please.
This is Mrs.
Donnelly from Tilghman Middle.
Listen I know Remember, the boy who cut Mr.
Philmont's tires? I know who did that.
I know about a murder.
I do.
We've identified certain students we feel will benefit from the special curriculum and the smaller class size.
We've chosen ten students from the eighth grade to participate in this program.
You get chose, you got to go? - That's right.
- What if you don't wanna? It's mandatory.
We feel that this program will benefit everyone.
You'll get the attention you need.
Why we out? Everybody else shit.
- My bad.
I ain't mean to curse.
- Yeah, but you're right, though.
This class get tore up, it's only on y'all.
- So we get put outta class.
- This is a classroom, too.
And every one of you has proven time and again that you're not ready for a regular classroom.
But this is a new program that if you work it is going to make you ready.
Ready for gen pop.
This is prison, yo.
And we in solitary and shit.
- Word.
- Solitary.
That's good, son.
This is solitary.
This is the hole up in here.
He's a good kid.
He really is.
And once you make that call, his name's gonna be in the system.
What can I do? He says he knows about a murder.
I have to notify police on this.
At least let me call someone I trust.
That's him right there.
Stand by.
You don't wanna be in? No.
If you take it, he'll think it's a straight interdiction, and I get to surprise him at the bail review.
Good evening.
Can I have your attention? Now boarding at gate letter D, track 4, the southbound making station stops at BWI Rail Station and Union Station, Washington.
Sister, help you with your bag? - No, thank you.
- Don't be afraid.
- Why should I be afraid? Who are you? - Just walk you to the door.
- My husband is waiting outside.
- Like to meet him.
I'll wait with you, make sure you're safe.
That really won't be necessary.
- Amtrak police, sir.
- Could you step over here please? - What is this? - Give me the bag.
What is going on? I don't know this man.
Where are you taking me? - What did he say about it? - Nothing much.
Drugs? I didn't question him too close.
A murder.
I should take it downtown.
Who knows what he really knows? I just I don't want to see him get chewed up by the system.
Let me try to keep this close, give it to someone with a little bit of discretion.
Appreciate it.
- Carver.
- Carver? Ellis has come a long way.
I think he'd be right for this.
Why do you care? And what's this kid to you? I don't know.
He's one of my students.
- Clean.
Both of 'em.
- Say what? Nothing in that bag but ladies clothes.
Nothing dirty on either one of 'em.
Unless you got another idea, we gotta cut 'em loose.
From what he says, he was just a go-between.
He delivered a message.
He told the victim to be at a certain place at a certain time.
Then how does he know? He says everyone knows what happened to Lex.
- It's in the streets.
- This other thing at the school.
I swear I didn't do it, Miss Anna.
I didn't do it.
You'll see.
School's gonna look into that, we're gonna look into this.
As long as Randy cooperates, tells the truth - But if word got out - Understand.
That's why he's gonna go to school, keep his mouth shut, his nose clean, go about his business.
Child's shown such bad judgment in both instances.
But from what I can tell, he's not a bad kid.
Dennis? Where you goin' at so early? I'm gonna go run, and then I got lawn work later.
You comin' back, right? What you mean am I comin' back? It's gonna be like that, huh? What do you mean? Like what? - Where to? - Highlandtown.
Flush out yo' base, trooper.
- What up, Spider? - Hey.
Thank you, but I know how I'm voting.
I'm gonna be late for work.
Miss Anna, is it OK if I stand out here while you go vote? - Don't you go nowhere, boy.
- Yes, ma'am.
So, what up, man? So, how much they payin' you for this? They say like 40, but I gotta work the whole day though.
Know what I mean? Yo, Spider.
That was Spider, right? - Yeah.
- Where he go? No, thank you, man.
I can't vote.
Conviction? Felony? Move on, man.
A'ight, man.
You see Spider again, you tell him he need to come past my gym.
He ain't been round in weeks, and we need to talk.
- Where's the older kid? - I don't know.
You're hired.
Shove one of those into every hand you can.
Thank you very much.
- Why you ain't at school? - Ain't no school today.
- One them Jew holidays? - Election.
So what you gonna do? Dunno.
What'd I say about steppin' up? Brianna turn off the faucet.
We gotta make some rain.
I'm gonna get dressed.
We go see Bodie.
Kid, I got something else for you.
Put one in every door between the expressway and Winchester, and from Freemont to Fulton.
You can do it by yourself or get some friends, but I'm gonna come past, make sure it's done.
One in each door.
This is for the day's work.
Wow! That's your walk-around.
But don't you fail me.
Took forever.
What's all this, son? Man said if I put these fliers in doors, I can get paid.
I'll come right home after.
You right you will.
You ain't in these streets no more.
No, ma'am.
Sounds like she mean it.
- 11:00 News, huh? - Shut up.
I'm on this shit detail because you wanted to stir the pot.
Tomorrow, if we bust open the Braddock case, nobody's gonna give a fuck.
Life is timing.
No shit, fucknuts.
How you doing? - He's a cute one.
- Thanks.
Hope you're voting today.
- I am.
- Who's it gonna be? Give me a hint.
Come on.
- Don't keep me in suspense.
- You don't have to worry.
Appreciate it.
Tommy Carcetti, running for mayor.
Nice to meet ya.
- How much longer? - Wrap this up.
We got a lot more places.
Tommy Carcetti.
I knew your dad.
First District Democratic Club.
- No kidding.
- Just wanted to say you got my vote.
- Thank you.
- They had their chance.
- Look what shape the city's in.
- I hope to turn things around.
- Thanks for your support.
- You expect politicians to steal - I don't, actually.
- It's part of the game.
I understand.
But we took one dollar outta every three, not two outta three, like these moolies.
I mean, leave something for the city, for Christ sake.
Am I right? Best of luck, Councilman.
- Moolies? - Sorry.
Election fliers? Yeah, just run up, stick 'em in mailboxes, screen doors, whatever.
- What about the vacants? - We ain't got to do them.
Some blocks ain't nothing but.
That's what I'm saying.
This be easy money.
Don't wanna do it? - I do it.
- Me too.
This shit'd be easier if we had a car.
Dang, Donut.
I'm in enough trouble with Miss Anna as is.
So, what up, Mike? You in? All right, then.
I'll holler at you later, boy.
Look, Namond's been what's the word? Inconsistent.
Sometimes he do good, then other times, he just We talked about that.
He gonna do better.
Ain't you? Election day special, two for two! - I don't know.
- I do.
You gonna give this boy his own package or there gonna be some drama.
You want me to talk to Wee-Bey? Maybe you wanna talk to him.
I give you his number.
He got a cell phone.
That's not necessary.
I got all the respect in the world for Bey.
Then show some for his family.
Make me proud, hear? Damn, boy.
Your mama's what niggers call a dragon lady.
She don't blink.
Yeah, gimme some insight, though.
To what? Why you is what you is.
What up? Where y'all goin'? - Hungry, man.
I need to eat.
- Come on.
Let's finish this.
- Nah, yo.
This shit is boring.
- Fuck it.
I ain't gonna pay y'all if you don't finish the job, so You already got the money? If the motherfucker paid you already, why the hell are we still here? Cos this is the job.
Shit, the man ain't got nobody to blame but hisself.
It's his fault for payin' up front.
Yo, you need to split that money up or something cos time is a-wastin'.
Can't even finish a day's work.
Get me something at least.
- Lake trout.
- Soda too? - Yeah.
- A'ight.
I got ya.
- One, two.
- Yes.
One, two.
Where the crew at? Randy got 'em all some job handin' out election fliers or whatever.
You ain't wanna do that? Hell, no.
It's bullshit, man.
- I got a job too.
- Word? With Bodie.
I'm movin' the package.
You wanna go in on it with me? You sure? We could work together.
Nah, man, that's your thing.
- Go do what you do.
- Yeah, a'ight.
I'm gonna holler at you.
She a cute one, ain't she? Yeah, boy.
You know I love the women.
Hey, you seen Spider around any? He ain't been round the gym in like a month.
I leave messages, he don't call.
I don't understand.
He was one of my best welterweights.
Why would he just quit like that? Why don't you ask his moms? Well, shit.
I was locked up a good while, right.
I mean, I ain't no angel.
You ain't that.
Thanks a lot, folks.
Good job.
Keep it up.
We're almost home.
You're the best.
The best.
Heavy turnout all around.
Big lines on the West Side might be bad for us.
I dunno We're out here in West Baltimore, the heart of his political base.
- This is today? - This is live, right now in Lafayette Square.
Clay Davis just said his whole organization was out going door-to-door for Royce's ticket.
- So much for laying back on the mayor.
- We paid $20,000 for this shit? He probably went to Royce and shook him down for another 30.
Clay Davis must know something we don't.
He knows just enough to get paid twice.
Gotta blame ourselves for payin' him up front.
Hey, it was worth a shot.
Aides to the mayor told me they are concerned Thanks, yo.
I'm-a get me a cold one.
Grab the wall.
Officer Walker.
I ain't gonna be out here strapped.
You gonna take that on a humble? You don't know there's rules to this game.
- Rules? - Yeah.
Where your shotgun at, Mr.
Omar? Y'all ain't got no charges here.
- Charge is murder, motherfucker.
- Murder? Who I kill? Hey, Omar.
- McNulty.
What the hell goin' on here? - You tell me.
We got a warrant for a robbery murder.
In a store.
Wagon's here.
- Hey, yo, McNulty, I need a phone.
- Fuck your phone.
If I'm going to Booking, I need to make a call tonight, yo.
And let it ring.
- Hey.
- Yo, Butchie.
I'm locked up, yo.
- What you need? - No bail.
They sayin' it's murder.
Murder? Well, don't worry.
I got ya.
You some kinda Democrat? Voter turnout was heavy across the city with some precincts reporting lines as soon as the polls opened at 7:00 this morning.
Election officials, however, reported few problems throughout the day.
Now the polls have closed, officials at the Board of Elections downtown have begun the tedious process of tallying the vote, prepared for what could be a long night.
With just over half of the city's Councilman Thomas J.
Carcetti has a narrow lead of 2%.
Traditionally, those precincts that report latest tend to be from West Baltimore, which is expected to favor Mayor Royce in the late going.
- How it go? - Good.
Nothin' to it.
I'm countin' on you, Na'.
Exit polls done earlier in the day in key precincts show voters divided over the challenges facing this city, such as crime and education.
Blake Leyh: Robots In The Hood .
be quite an election.
Since this race tightened in the last couple of weeks, I've been saying that this election would be won on the ground.
Whoever has the best field operations will take it.
It's all about the turnout, and this is something What about Bond? Uh-huh, uh-huh.
All right.
Talk to you in a few.
Bond's running really strong against Demper.
Looks like we might have a new State's Attorney.
- What does that mean for you? - Demper's Royce's boy.
Dare to get your hopes up, Tommy.
You know what? Let's get outta here for a while, take a walk.
I'll get your ass.
- Pretty.
- A little ripe.
Well, can't do anything about the way the harbor smells.
- People are gonna expect you to.
- I guess.
- You sound confident.
- I have a feeling.
Could be a great city again.
Pull some jobs in here.
People move back, fix up the houses.
It's ringing again.
- You should answer it.
- I don't need an update every five minutes.
- We should go anyway.
- Do we have to? I'm sure they're frantic.
They don't know where you are.
Yeah? Taking a walk with my wife.
On our way.
Royce is conceding.
The West Side precincts came in and we pulled two outta five votes in some precincts.
We stole his base.
We won.
Are we happy about that? I think so.
I think we are.
You sure? Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication.
Give yourselves a hand.
Come on.
I just got off the phone with Mayor Royce and Councilman Gray.
They were gracious.
I asked for their help.
I mean, we still have a general election to win.
Is there a Republican candidate for mayor in Baltimore? I'm not sure.
But assuming we win, we still have a lot of work to do to turn this city around, and we need everyone, everyone who's willing to join us in making a better Baltimore for our children.
I don't want to make a long speech, believe me, you don't want to hear it, so I'll thank each of you individually.
But for tonight, let's celebrate! Tommy! Tommy! Tommy! How you doin'? Thanks.
- I look forward to working with you.
- Congratulations to you, too.
Thank you.
- I'm going home.
- No, stay.
I won't be long.
Yeah, you will.
It's your night.
You know what Tommy.
- Look what washed up on the beach.
- Congratulations, Mr.
Just came by to wish you well.
Looking forward to working with you.
- Shouldn't you be dead to me? - I took it easy on you, son.
I coulda had you for twice as much.
You got off cheap.
He's right.
Butchie sent us.
What you in for? I'm here on a 22-55.
I talked back.
- Moolie? - Moolie.
- He said that in front of you? - He made a point of it, in fact.
You said I oughta shore up my base.
- You didn't call him on it? - The ironies of democracy.
A vote's a vote.
And I never throw one back.
Speaking of ballots, did you vote for me? The sanctity of the voting booth is a cornerstone of American democracy.
I gotta go.
You need a ride? - Yeah.
- Come here.
You're the best.
Thanks, Norman.
- Yeah, you take a break.
- You got it.
- One day.
Two days.
- Come here, you.
- Be good.
- I'm gonna call you.
I have a feeling you might.
We are family I've got my Carcetti and me Good night.
- I should go, too.
- One for the road? Sure.
Scotch OK? Sure.
You know, I gotta admit, it feels good.
You deserve it.
You worked hard.
I did.
I do.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You know, when I took this job, you promised me a win bonus.
Well, you earned it.
I can't do this.
Not now.
Oh! Come on, Tommy.
You haven't changed.
Hell, from what Norman tells me, you nearly fell off the campaign trail for a blonde at the Stonewall dinner two months ago.
He had to drag you out of the bar.
It's not that I don't want to Oh, you're feeling a bit mayoral.
You're on stage now.
Well, Tommy four years is a long time for a fellow like you.
This could be your last chance for a while.
You sure? Maybe you have learned something.
Write me a check.

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