The Wire s04e12 Episode Script

That's Got His Own

Oh, man! Fuck.
- What's next? - One to the head.
I keep it quick.
Not yet, motherfucker.
You shoot live rounds like paint, boy, you'll be the shit, you hear? These really do look like Glocks.
They make them look that way.
Yo, why you shoot low? All right, if you're close, aim for the head.
If not, think vest.
That's the way you said it.
Boy's learning.
When you walk through the garden Watch your back Well I beg your pardon Walk the straight and narrow track If you walk with Jesus He'll save your soul Gotta keep the devil down in the hole He's got fire and the fury At his command Well, you don't got to worry Hold on to Jesus' hand We'll be safe from Satan When the thunder rolls But you gotta keep the devil Down in the hole Oh yeah, mm We'll be safe from Satan Gotta keep the devil Down in the hole - Keep him in the hole - In the hole - Down in the hole - Down in the hole - Keep him in the hole - Keep him in the - Down in the hole - Down in the hole - Keep him in the hole - Keep him in the - Down in the hole - Down in the hole - You going inside this one? - I'll do the whole block.
It's bad enough you popped the top off one house and gave us a body.
What the fuck do you think you're doing now? - An experiment.
- An experiment? Fuck me.
I'm dealing with Madam Curie here.
This nail here comes from a nail gun, and from the house with a dead man inside.
Every other house has screws that HCD uses.
We find these in the plywood anywhere in this city, and there's a body inside.
Gosh, that's good work.
No, I'm very impressed.
Do you see a tool belt on me? Do I look like those fucking jerkoffs in the Home fuckin' Depot? There's three weeks left in the year, and our unit clearance rate is under 50%.
We do not go looking for bodies, especially moldering fucking John Does.
We do not put red up on the board voluntarily.
Jay, the bodies are in the houses, Marlo Stanfield's bodies.
Then they belong to him.
Now I realize you're no longer in my squad, Mr.
Major Crimes, but you're still part of CID, right? And look, I'm still a sergeant, right? And I'm giving you an order on this, Lester.
Until I feel chain-of-command down on this and until you hear otherwise, you will not, I repeat not, pull down any morefucking wood! Let it go, man.
I expect a shortfall when I look at the school budget.
It's a natural.
But how in Christ's name do you lose $54 million? One million at a time.
It didn't happen this morning.
This was on Royce's watch.
You didn't get a whiff of this during council review? You can't blame the council or Royce.
The responsibility is with the school board.
But the council has oversight.
Don't even pretend to put this shit on me.
Only the city share shows up on our budget review.
We never see state money.
Tell your pretty new chief of staff that what happens on North Avenue is on the school system.
- That's a simplistic view.
- How would you complicate it? I'll argue this is a bookkeeping issue.
We've been rolling the debt over since '99.
You rolled it and rolled it until it ran out of cash.
That's not bookkeeping, that's stupidity.
Are we talking about waste? Fraud? Embezzlement? Although the system has some poor accounting practices, in the end we'll find that most of the money was properly spent on programing.
We get it.
No one's responsible, not the school board, not North Avenue, not Royce, not the city council, no one at this table.
So what's our next move? Bump the property tax rate? Scale back our budget.
No pay hikes, hiring freezes, reduce services, tell everyone, schools, police, fire, public works, they have to hold the line.
How? I just ran a "Clean up the streets" campaign.
I just got done promising the world to every cop in the city.
You go beg his Republican ass.
The Cheese stands alone.
This the drop? I hope not, 'cause they ain't called yet.
Make me feel bad toward old Prop Joe.
Go around where we can see y'all.
Vámonos, Renaldo.
Nice hookup.
Damn, y'all some Semper Fi motherfuckers? Where Cheese go to enlist? That's 25 back to Joe from what we was short, and another 150 to up our order to six.
Whoa, we had you down for four.
I don't know if we got extras coming.
- Short someone else then.
- I'll see what Joe says.
When we set with the re-up, we'll hit you on that.
The shit will be where you told us.
- Yo, we ain't using these no more.
- Us neither.
We ring you from a 958 exchange, East Side, don't need to answer.
Just toss it, go to the meet.
See you when I see you.
Money on the table, her-oine to follow.
- Stay here on Marlo? - Nah, we gonna stay with Cheese.
Detective, would you get the door for me? Sometimes life just gives you a moment, huh? He was gonna do me, and instead he gets done? I'm dipped in shit here.
I'm the luckiest motherfucker you know.
Gentlemen, the target is still Mr.
Stanfield, and we're no closer to him than when I left here two months ago.
Now they might not let me go after murders, but they cannot stop me from chasing the drugs.
Leander, I want you to see if they're still on cellphones.
How are you with the paper trail? - OK.
- I want you pulling paper on all the purchases on the West Side over 100,000.
Then get down to MVA and check luxury cars in his name, all right? This boy has been in the game for a while.
He might try to launder money.
Herc, I want you on the paperwork re-requisitioning the wiretap equipment that Marimow shipped to ISD.
We're gonna need all of that to get back up, OK? If anyone needs me, I'm down at Missing Persons, all right? Let's go.
- Lester? - Yes? All this is cool .
but can we do it so that the direction comes from me? I mean, I am the sergeant here.
Donut, you think this look right? Why you knock 'em down? So the police won't scope me so easy.
But now all they gotta do is be like, "Yeah, go over there "and grab that little nigger with the braids.
" Damn, you later than a motherfucker.
Been sittin' here watching money walk away.
You about to have the day off.
- Package was stolen, Na'.
- What? - Out of your basement? - They kicked my motherfucking door in.
How the police know where you even be keeping your stash at? Some snitch-ass bitch, that's how.
I'm-a find his ass too.
All right, man, I'm out.
I never understood why you stopped eating pig.
I ain't been in a Polack Johnny's since 1974, and if you knew what was good for you I know what's good.
I remember when you did.
I never saw you going all Muslim on me.
I believe that other faiths have the pig figured better than us AMEs.
If you checking out, I might feel the need to say a few words.
I ain't got nothing to do with that.
I love my PJs but they do repeat on me.
You got to go with the original sauce, not the kraut and chili like you do.
My pain ain't about no sauerkraut.
They wants to clip any program that ain't tied to the statewide tests.
Thing is, we're just starting to make a little headway.
You take it upstairs? Me and the professor took it to the superintendent.
- And? - You read the papers? They got $50 million in the hole, and they're scared to take any problems to the new mayor.
- Is your thing a problem? - A cover-your-ass person might say we're just dragging in students who can't hack regular classes, getting 'em work to dose you up on those statewide tests.
If City Hall say it's OK, we keep it, if not, we on the street.
Odell Watkins.
I was hoping you'd say that name.
Yeah, he got Carcetti's ear.
If we sell him, maybe we sell the Hall.
- Stalk the nigger that stole your shit.
- Yeah.
Soon as he nod out, bust him in the head with a brick or some shit.
That ain't me.
You can always give him a hotshot.
Y'all recall Junior Bunk? Cutting his shit with, what d'you call it? Stole it from the funeral home.
- You thinking formaldehyde.
- That's the shit.
Niggers got a taste for that shit, university started a "Junior Bunk" ward.
My cousin laid his ignorant ass up there three times.
- Ain't no guaranteein' that.
- Use some rat poison.
No, that stuff don't cook up right.
What you need to use is that sodium cyanide.
That shit looks and cooks just like the real thing.
- Where I find that? - Try Minter's over there by the tracks, or a metal shop where they do plating.
- How much I need? - It ain't gonna take much.
A vial of that shit'd kill every horse here.
- That's all there is to it? - It ain't no thing to kill a nigger who's already about the business of killing himself.
And the police, they ain't gonna pay no mind.
You the one got to live with it.
More young males than I'd have thought.
I don't suppose they all went off in search of adventure.
You get a chance to do any street work on these files? Shit, no.
They cut Missing Persons to one detective five years ago.
I barely keep up with the paperwork.
Feel free.
Just make copies and return the originals for the files.
For the files Right.
Damn, son.
Kenard said the police took it? He said they kicked his door in.
And they ain't locked no one up? Yo, you see that door? Were the hinges broke? I mean, if he said they put the boot to it them hinges gotta be hanging free.
I sweated him, yo.
He wasn't trying to scheme me.
That little motherfucker took that shit for himself.
Bet it.
And now you gotta step to him, put something real behind them words.
Where your Spanish boy at? He's with Cheese while I round up soldiers.
You got soldiers right here.
Your 2255 must have pleased some judge.
Enough to get me home, didn't it? I know they soldiers but I'm thinking about being more subtle.
They don't see me coming.
It ain't like you to work with strangers.
I'm celebrating diversity.
I'm thinking now the time to start doing that.
Oh-ho! - What up, shorty? - What's up, baby? Mmm.
- You looking good.
- I'm maintaining.
- That's right.
- You all right? Yeah.
Long time, long time.
I got your word.
Some real money to be made, huh? You remember how to do this? I reckon it'll come back to me.
See that's what I'm talking about, Butch.
Glasses first, so they don't spot.
Yes, ma'am.
- Hello.
- Mr.
- Come in, please.
- That's OK.
I just wanted to stop by on my way home and drop off Randy's work for next week.
Hopefully this thing will be over soon.
Maybe so, but we're looking at the possibility of moving him to Booker T.
I hope that isn't necessary.
I hope so too.
Thanks for bringing this.
I'll try to keep him up to speed.
- Hang in there, kiddo.
- Thanks.
Long conference call.
About an hour so far by my watch.
Got me out here riding the wood.
The governor's phone call has gone longer than anticipated.
- Can I get you anything? Coffee? - Look, I have other appointments.
It shouldn't be much longer.
Check out Fisher's column in Metro.
He says, the governor thinks, quote, "This latest fiscal emergency calls into question "the Baltimore school system's ability to manage itself "as well as the local oversight of the system," unquote.
He's playing to the DC suburbs.
He sees you coming for him two years from now.
He ain't no fool.
- There's all your electronic requisitions.
- Mm-hm.
What one's that, a cop? Nah, security guard.
I don't think he's one of Marlo's, though.
Will someone explain what the fuck the brass is doing? First I get bounced to telephone reporting, then I get a call - How's that beach house? - Almost done.
I just That's great, just great.
Welcome back.
Who the fuck is that? That, Sergeant Hauk, is one of the most effective supervisors in our police department.
It's just taking a little longer than we expected.
It shouldn't be much longer, though.
I understand what you're saying.
Some of them are ready for high school but not Duquan.
- I've - Adopted him? I've noticed Duquan this semester.
He's more nourished, wears fresher clothes.
Sometimes he even smells like soap.
You and your wife, you don't have children, do you? - Not yet, no.
- Well, have some.
They're yours for life.
The kids in this school aren't yours.
You do your piece with them, and you let them go.
Because there'll be plenty more coming up behind Duquan, and they're gonna need your help too.
You've got your third period in five minutes, right? Settle down.
We need to concentrate on these tests.
Fuck this.
"If Jane's father gives Jane one week's worth of allowance" Shit, I ain't got no allowance where I stay at.
- No father, neither.
- How many sides a sexagon got? Why I care about that? You take the test so you can move on.
I ain't moving nowhere but out this motherfucker.
All right.
Let's settle down.
Let's start with question number one.
Settle down! All right, listen up.
Here's the problem.
Two couples go into a restaurant When they say "couples" do they mean they married? - Why they got to be married? - Mr.
Prezbo, why you get married? Well, to build a life together, for one.
You know, family.
- Also to have intimacy.
- What do that mean? - Mean, like, getting some.
- No.
It's not just that.
Intimacy can be a quiet conversation.
Or it can be fun, you know? Like when you tickle your partner.
Yo, tickle my nuts.
All right, no more of that.
- Come on, let's get to the test material.
- Oh! The statewide exam is next week.
Then we'll get back to regular lessons.
Can we talk about intimacy? If you like, and if I don't get too embarrassed.
All rightso, the grand total on the check is $67.
40, but if they want to leave a tip Look at your sample test, please.
Duquette, it feel like y'all schemed us.
This class is the same as the ones down the hall.
'Cause the test's coming up.
Let's look at the sample math test.
In sample "A" Kid's right.
This is bullshit.
- The test doesn't speak to their world.
- Don't speak too loud to mine, either.
An estimate, Detective.
We start opening those houses, we might turn over a couple of dozen bodies, - but that's just me guessing.
- All homicides? The boy took over half the West Side.
We never saw the violence.
This right here is the reason why.
You're asking us to call out half of Public Works, pull the plywood off thousands of vacant houses all so we can raise the city's murder rate by ten percent? What else are we doing on Stanfield? I'm trying to get back up on his people's cellphones as fast as I can.
And I started to look for his money.
But if I'm right about this, they have to be worked.
Is there any evidence to link these missing persons reports to the Stanfield organization? I'm starting on that.
The one body that we pulled out of the Fulton Avenue house is Lex.
His case is a direct tie.
And there are two other names on the reports that show up in our wiretaps from earlier this year.
So, yes, there are links, Counselor.
By any chance, did Landsman run this up the chain to you guys? No.
Your call.
My office won't care until they see case files.
I'll run it upstairs and we'll see what comes.
- I get it.
- He's still tied up, but it really should only be a little while longer.
Tell the governor I have to go back to Baltimore.
I have a little bit of business today.
I'm the mayor of a major city.
How much shit do I have to eat from this guy? - Wouldn't you play the politics too? - It's not like the state had no role.
The state money for those schools had no oversight.
But I'm not telling The Washington fucking Post how he might be forced to bail me out because what was the quote again? Because "Those are my children in Baltimore too.
" He's gonna bleed me for that money.
Mayor Carcetti? The governor's office says he's ready to see you now.
We won't go until we get some Did I do something wrong? I ain't acted up or nothing.
You're ready for this.
You can do the work.
I know you can.
And if you need to come back here and use the showers or give me laundry, use the computer, you can do that any time.
Anyway, let me show you.
This here the way to the hard drive.
This isn't necessary, Duquan.
Just in case I'm busy, Mr.
So you know how to work it.
Hey, boy.
What's up? Big day for you.
See here? I got the inventory divided between us.
You gonna go up one way toward North Avenue and I'm gonna stay down by the highway.
You gonna let me handle the money? - You ready, ain't you? - Yeah, I'm good.
All right.
Let's get on it.
- I'll see you back here tonight.
- A'ight.
You see that foul motherfucker, you let him have his money, OK? - I don't need you messin' with him.
- A'ight.
All right.
Make sure that count's right! Yo, I need to talk to the little motherfucker.
Maybe you can do that with me, see it don't get out of hand.
Hey! Yo, Mike! Yo, what up, Duke? I heard Randy foster ma gonna take him out of Tilghman too.
Send him somewhere else.
That's messed up, man.
All right, holler, man.
How many? Detective Freamon believes there could be additional bodies in the vacants, - maybe a dozen or more.
- He believes? Lester Freamon is not in the habit of selling wolf tickets.
I for one would not bet against him.
And what do you suggest I do with this information? My feeling is that City Hall should be brought into the loop.
We pull the bodies now and the stats go to Royce's last year in office.
It gives Carcetti an advantage with next year's crime rate.
- You mean - Tell the mayor to do it now not next year, when it's on his watch and he has to eat the stats.
Colonel, I see you've thought this through, politically, I mean.
- I'm learning as I go.
- I bet you fuckin' are.
Colonel, keep this conversation close.
That's a direct order.
You seen them girls at Douglass, man? Yo, you right, Duke.
Ain't gonna be like middle school no more.
You know, I'm just thinking, yo.
Dag, man, not again.
Where your people at now? Need any of your stuff from the pile? It ain't no thing.
Yo, man, listen.
Me and Bug got our own spot now, so you could come crib with us if you want.
What you mean, Kenard took the stash? And he still walking around? I'm gonna talk to him, make sure this never happen again.
Look at me, boy.
Kenard got to feel some pain for what he did.
He got to.
- I don't - You don't what, motherfucker? This how you pay me back for all the love I show? Shit, I been kept you in Nikes since you were in diapers.
- I'm trying.
- You trying, huh? That's what you gonna tell your father the next time you see him? That you tryin'? - Or you gonna tell him what you've done? - What he done got him locked up That's right.
Wee-Bey walked in Jessup a man, and he gonna walk out one.
But you out here, wearing his name, acting a bitch! Look at you, crying now.
Fuck you think you going? Get your ass back here.
I ain't done talking to you.
I'm police, right? Murder police, and I got bodies.
I'm just supposed to let them lie? "We don't throw red up on that board voluntarily.
" That John-Goodman-off-his-diet-looking motherfucker was clear on that.
- So go over Landsman's head.
- Jimmy, that's you.
Send an anonymous fax.
But Lester here don't fancy boats.
And I get sick just filling the bathtub.
- It's just wrong.
- Yeah.
Just like J-Lo with that little itty-bitty Spanish dude.
He hid his mausoleum in the neighborhood.
How little Pedro gonna fill that big thing? Man, that girl got a prime cut of ass, boy.
- A good heart.
- A good inverted heart.
This nail's like their signature.
Find it in any door in the West Side, and right as rain, you're gonna find a body.
Yes, sir.
I'm proud to be chasing Mr.
Marlo Stanfield.
You act like you on the trail of Pol Pot or some shit.
- Who? - Motherfucker, I got $10 says we can leave here right now, go to any boarded-up house with a nail like that in the door, and we will find a body.
- Make it 20.
- There you go.
First let's have another little taste.
Jimmy? - No, I'm good.
- Come on, man.
Take that skirt off and have a drink.
Drink that.
Man, don't play like that.
Icicles, get 'em before they melt! Icicles! Icicles, come get 'em! - Yo, Kenard, why you lie to me? - Fuck you talkin' about? You said the police kicked your door in.
I seen the door.
They ain't kicked shit in.
- How you gonna lie? - Go on, man.
- Where the package at, man? - Package up my ass.
- I'm about to - About to? Go on, walk, gump-ass motherfucker.
Look at that little dude getting his ass beat! Y'all was talking too goddamn much.
Go ahead, Na'.
Get your pack off this bitch so we can go.
I don't want it.
I don't want it.
I'll take that 20 now, Bunk.
I can't see shit in here.
I might pull out my wallet, reach in, and pull out a 25 by mistake.
I need me some Braille bills, something.
- You want to call the Crime Lab? - No, man.
I'm like Stevie, too high.
You know I can't do no scene.
There's not gonna be one on account of there is no body, not until the bosses say there is.
And when that happens, - you gonna miss all the fun, junior.
- Daniels is gonna keep this alive.
The white shirts will fuck it up somehow, you know it, Lester.
Maybe not, this time.
Daniels is CID.
It's a new day downtown.
I got it.
World is on its hole when Jimmy McNulty is the most qualified to drive.
Yeah, up is down, black is white left is right.
What we got here, huh? - Quiet overnight.
- Cool.
Relief will be here after roll call.
It's Sergeant Carver.
How you doing, dawg? Quiet overnight.
You going to school this morning? We're gonna wait a little longer, but I'm not comfortable leaving him here.
Blow over in a week or so, you'll see.
Till then we still have a car on the house, and you have my cell number if anything comes up.
We're gonna look out for you on this.
- Have you had breakfast? - No, but You have time for a plate, I'm sure.
Yo, I just dreamt something gave me an idea today.
That's right.
You remember when we turned that knocked down light pole at the scales? Pulled $80? I been thinking we can get to toppling a couple of those bad boys ourselves, get all Paul Bunyan and shit, you know? I mean, we'll be all discreet and all.
Not take the hacksaw to no more than a couple on some quiet streets, leave more than enough for some people to have light and all.
Thing is, I got this other thing I still need to take care of today.
Come on, Sherrod.
Wake up.
It's late.
No, no, no! What you do? What you do? What you do? Oh, Man, come on, Sherrod.
Come on, man.
Come on.
Come on.
You weren't supposed to do this, man! Oh, Man! - No phones? - Not a one.
The players that were using them before, Chris, Monk, Ray-Ray, they were out there on those corners.
I would have seen if someone went to a burner.
God damn it! If we'd just stayed up on the wire two months ago, we wouldn't be going through this sh - Can I help you? - Which one of you is Sergeant Hauk? - I am.
- I'm Shea.
This is Thomas.
Do you remember pulling a surveillance camera from ISD, serial number AW466J9.
You remember that? We also need to go over your paperwork on some informants, so if you don't mind coming back downtown with us, you and Detective Sydnor, and the third guy, what's his name? Dozerman.
You don't need Sydnor or Doze.
Paperwork's all mine, on the camera, on the informants, me alone.
Bodies? How many? We won't know until we take down those doors.
One drug organization did this? That's the theory, but nothing's certain.
But if we're going to do this, you probably want us to do it now, before the new year, while the bump in the murder rate is still attributable to Mayor Royce.
Thoughtful, Deputy, very thoughtful.
I don't want any more stat games.
Get your people into those houses because if there are bodies in there they need to come out.
But do it now.
I don't want to be finding more bodies come January.
Yes, sir, Mr.
Mayor, sir.
We can take the state money, and instead of being fucked up and broke, our schools go back to being merely fucked up.
No teacher layoffs, no program cuts, no school closures.
But the governor's price is more state control and changes in teachers' union contracts allowing them to remove tenured faculty for cause.
If we don't, we're shorting our kids.
If we do we're giving up local control, which is gonna lose us a lot of middle-class black votes.
And the problem you might have in two years running in the DC suburbs, explaining how you needed their money to bail out your schools.
- He sees you coming, Tommy.
- That's not important now.
Take the money.
We need it.
Don't look at me.
If you take it, you're selling out the teachers, and that's my base.
If you don't, you're selling out the kids.
Either way, I'll rip you, and half the council will too.
Just glad I'm not the mayor.
- You called? - Word down the chain.
Open 'em up.
And this case is gonna need more manpower.
No doubt.
In fact, I might have lost Herc to an IID file.
Really? I went light on him.
I didn't think it would get to a trial board.
This feels like a bigger jacket.
Pick any two you want from CID now.
If you get back up on the wire, we'll detail more.
I don't know what you're talking about but she was hot.
I'm going back on Friday after work.
Hold on.
What the fuck are you staring at? How are you liking Homicide? Loving it.
Why? Anyway.
It's on the way, boss.
It's Joe and his message but we already know what it is.
Making $40, motherfuckers! All right, girl.
Keep close.
Get a job! 'Naldo, call your amigos and tell them it's on.
That's right.
That's it.
One, come on.
Let me see that footwork.
That's it.
That's right.
Yo, what's going on, Mike? I feel like I could just pancake a young 'un, you know what I mean? What about you, Duke? Want some gump? No, I'm-a work this rope.
You working it.
Like a gump.
They pull around back, we're gonna come at 'em from both ways.
Call your friends, tell 'em where we at.
Yo, let me get that rope.
Man, I said you's a gump, fucking dogshit and smelling-ass nigger.
Hey! Man, fuck this.
Yeah! Go along! Get! Nobody want you in here, no way! That be it.
Hey, Daddy.
Kiss the butt of this lyricist.
Blow on my mike and make a wish.
Get up! Hm-hm-hm-hm.
Everybody, get up.
Get up! Let me get a ten, Daddy.
Let me get a ten.
I need a ten.
Get the fuck out of here now.
- I'll suck your dick for 15.
- Trick-ass bitch, I said get.
Don't you want to see my stuff? Ain't nobody want to see that stink box.
Get your ass gone.
Let me get a ten, player.
What the fuck is this? What the fuck y'all think you doing? - We painters.
- Sí, we paint.
- Move the van! - You gonna like what I got, soldier.
See? We paint.
We paint.
Which one of y'all gonna open the truck for me? Ah! Fucking amateurs.
Drink it slow, son.
What am I gonna do? I'll run you home.
II can't go home.
She She expect me to be my father, but I ain't him.
I mean, the way he is and shit it just ain't in me.
What's between you and Michael? Mike ain't Mike no more.
He went hard on this boy last night, fucked his shit up.
I can't go home.
I can't.
Give us a minute.
Mad at myself, man.
I shouldn't have shut Michael out like I did.
Namond did push it.
He ain't pushing nothing now.
Reckon I'll go mend the fence.
This ain't no motel.
Deacon, how'd you get by my people? You can't turn away church folk, ain't done.
You only come by for a favor, so what is it? You know a fella named Bunny Colvin? Yeah, that rogue police commander, tried to legalize drugs.
- What's he done now? - He can tell you best.
- You did not bring - It's something positive.
- Has to do with kids.
- Positive, huh? Bunny.
Delegate Watkins.
- What's this all about? - It's another bright idea.
- You Michael Lee's mother? - He got papers on him? I ain't police.
I'm just looking for him.
You ain't alone.
He booked on out of here, got his own spot, took his little brother with him.
- You know where he stay at? - He ain't tell me.
You find the boy, you let him know I need some help.
I popped him and Bug out my ass, and now they forgot where they came from.
What my ma say when you called? - She was mad, right? - Not really.
His mother Lovely lady.
What she say? "Put that bitch in baby booking where he belong, let him learn something.
" She hung up before I could tell her we didn't have a charge.
- Baltimore City 911.
- They beating a cop on Pennsie and Gold.
- Police officer? - They're beating him.
- Pennsylvania and Gold? - They firing shots now.
Signal 13, report of shots fired, Pennsylvania and Gold.
Signal 13 They cleaned the motherfucker out, Joe, put it in the van the Mexican niggers rolled in.
- I ain't hearing about no resistance.
- Man, wasn't no time for that.
Omar had one of them commando squads, man.
He had this one ho pulling guns out her pussy.
The shit was unseemly, man.
I got to hand it to Mr.
Little, - I ain't see this one coming.
- They took the shipment, Joe.
Not no package.
The motherfucking shipment.
What we gonna tell the co-op? Where you think my mind at now? A lot of gangsters out a lot of shit, man.
I say we mob up and go find this faggot, see? That's what's really 'hood.
That's how you deal with shit.
A lotta gangsters in that room need to take us at our word first.
Yeah, first thing they gonna wonder about is us.
You need to see my man.
I'll hook you up.
- Who is this motherfucker? - Let me get a word with you, Mike.
Listen, you got to understand I can't be having no physical confrontation like the one back there.
That kind of thing got to stay outside my gym.
- Yeah.
Go ahead, Montel.
- I was wrong, the way I handled it.
Step off, nigger.
Mike Don't touch me, man.
Look, man, this here ain't you.
- Man don't want you touching on him.
- Mike.
I told you, step the fuck off.
Young man, if I was talking to you, you'd know I was.
Shit! He'll listen next time.
Go ahead, man.
Do him.
Nah, man.
I'll hang here for the ambo, all right? Go with your people.
Go ahead, son.
Johnson, please call Neuro ICU.
Johnson, please call Neuro ICU.
I'm sorry, son.
I'm gonna talk to Social Services.
We'll get you some help.
Would the on-call please return to Neuro ICU? On-call, please return to Neuro ICU.
You gonna help, huh? You gonna look out for me? You gonna look out for me, Sergeant Carver? Do you mean it? You gonna look out for me? You promise? You got my back, huh?
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