The Witcher (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Turn Your Back

1 Ohh If there is one thing in this hellish world I cannot abide, it is wasted talent.
Ten years in this dimeritium shit-den over a petty debt to the Cintran crown.
For a mage of your ability, it's criminal.
What do you want, Lydia? Don't be so sour, Rience.
You must shoulder some of the blame for your current situation.
Only a fool would cross Calanthe without covering his tracks.
May she rot in peace.
Calanthe is dead? As a desert spring.
Not that it helps you much.
Your conviction lives on.
But perhaps we can find a remedy.
There is a girl, a little lost cub.
My sources tell me she was last seen at a market on the outskirts of Sodden.
For now, only the White Flame is hunting her.
But when others learn of her, they'll hunt too.
And we must get to her first.
And are willing to, say put another iron in the fire to ensure it.
My freedom in exchange for being the White Flame's bounty hunter I have no interest in owing a favor to Nilfgaard's false god.
How fortunate, then, for us both that I'm not working for Nilfgaard.
What for do you yearn? It's the point of no return After everything we did, we saw You turned your back on me What for do you yearn? When I was a lass, me playmate had a little brother that was born with no ears.
Just some little lumps of flesh, like cauliflower.
Deaf as a post.
my days when I'm through I'd give anything to switch places with him now.
will ring quite as true - As burn - Here you go, love.
Burn, Butcher, burn Burn, Butcher, burn Burn, burn, burn Burn, burn, burn Watch me burn All the memories Of you "Boats no longer safe for elves," says Fringilla.
"Now we need a land route to Cintra," says Fringilla Well, the Yaruga is flooded and unpassable.
Foltest has fortified Brugge beyond recognition.
Brokilon No.
Either point me to something useful or kindly piss off! There you go.
Stay back! Jaskier, where the fuck are you? String up the scum.
I'll give you "Fuck the North.
" Come on, men! We're sailing! Anyone who's comin' with us, get on board.
This is the last call! Shit.
Oh, oww Uh Hello? Is anyone there? Well, that's unsettling.
Uh, look, I don't have any money.
I am but a, uh a humble bard.
Or or if this is about your wife, your mistress, niece, then I I I can I can promise you that wasn't me.
I've never met them.
You've got the wrong man! Look, if you're just a really big fan, then please note that I'm not willing to discuss the subjects of my work, its inspiration or characters, fictitious or otherwise.
So why don't you just show yourself, and we can have a nice chat, and you can tell me what you want from me? - Fucking fuck! - Shhh.
Hello, Jaskier.
I said, who the fuck are you? I heard.
I heard.
My name is Geralt of Rivia.
I apologize for the abrupt intrusion.
Time was of the essence.
Triss Merigold sent me to you.
I need your help.
You're a witcher.
And you're a monolith expert.
Do you know of the stellacite tower just outside the city? Yes, I know it.
I know it's one of the oldest in existence.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news.
It fell during the Slaughter of Cintra.
And now a new subspecies of monsters are coming out of it.
My theory is that they were nesting in the subterranean structure for years, which might explain the unique mutations.
Tell Triss, uh I don't understand the prank, but points for imagination.
And they say witchers are humorless bastards.
All respect, Mr Mr.
I'm trying to help elves find refuge here.
You have any idea how completely fucking insane you sound? Hmm.
Sh Will you help me or not? Hello.
How are you, then, my sweet? - Mornin' special.
- Please, sir! - I'm not in the mood.
- You owe me money from last week.
You do.
Come on, come on.
- Come on, you know you want some! - Come on! - Where would you be going? - Oi! Hey! Don't walk away from it now! Come inside! I've got some fluffy biscuits need butterin'.
Oooh! Fancy a bit of how's your father? How would you like to make some money on your feet instead of your back? Hmm.
Aren't you a pretty thing? I could be convinced.
A twisted mermaid.
Cost you extra, though.
My knees aren't what they once was.
My friend, he's missing.
I fear he may have got into some trouble with one of the guards down at the dock.
I need you to go to the garrison and see if any little shit-birds under the name of Jaskier have been caged.
You're going to all that trouble, paying someone for such a simple task? Half now.
Half when you return.
Well, then.
Never look a gift whore in the mouth.
I'll be seeing you.
Are you always this talkative, or should I take it personally? Why don't you tell me more about this monolith? I can tell you it's indestructible.
They all are.
How can mysterious monsters be nesting in a solid structure? How can you be sure it's this one? This is the only one that shattered.
The sheer force it would require, what could possibly do that? You're the expert.
Why don't you tell me? It's this way.
- Try to keep up.
- Hah! You know, I've never actually seen this one.
Calanthe didn't allow access.
And Nilfgaard did.
What are you saying? - You only came here to study monoliths? - No, I came here to help the elves.
You want to help the elves by joining a kingdom that regularly massacres whole villages? On the surface of it, there seems to be a bit of a conflict there.
I suppose you only believe in helping the vulnerable if there's coin in it? Everyone has an agenda.
Even the helpful few, like yourself.
You two, back on the road! It's all right.
I'm an official researcher for Fringilla Vigo.
It all checks out.
I don't give a shit.
You're trespassing Nilfgaardian land.
Sir, be reasonable.
We're passing through.
- We don't want - If you aren't fucking deaf, you're fucking stupid.
I said Hey, you, stay where you are! Stay where you are! See? I am helpful.
I've been looking for you all over! Given up on magic lessons already? Geralt said when you know how to fight something, it becomes less threatening.
Do you even know what you're fighting? Come inside.
Let's do something that will actually challenge you.
I'll be in soon.
Are we going to talk about this? - There's nothing to talk about.
- The hell there isn't.
- A Cintran princess with Elder blood.
- Legends aren't science.
We don't know that Elder blood can make witcher mutagen.
We don't even really know what it is! I watch my men die, waiting for the final blow to destroy us.
But now, Ciri is here.
And you arrive too.
It can't be a coincidence.
She is a living, breathing girl.
Not some tool for you to use when you're desperate.
I'm not desperate.
I'm hopeful.
For the first time in a long time.
You, me, and Ciri, we have a chance to do something extraordinary.
I liked you better when you were a cynical old codger.
If we do this it's because she wants to.
She gets to decide.
Get off my daughter! Leave her alone, now! You cannot do this! Stop! No! - Mummy, don't let them take me! - It's okay! - Give her back.
- Mummy! - Get your hands off my daughter! - Mummy! - Dirty little - No, stop! Your power, you need it.
All you have to do is ask.
No! Oi! What's wrong with your hand? - No! - Nothing.
My friend? No one by the name of Jaskier.
Oh, I feel you, sister.
Frequent any taverns? - Huh? - Just sayin'.
From experience.
When I lose a man, he's usually back at the first place I found him.
Bottom of a bottle.
I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting this.
You're so tight-lipped about your old friend the witcher.
My lips are loose.
You can ask anybody.
Shall we try a different technique? Yeah.
You know, I was just thinking about this, and I, uh I don't think it's your technique.
I've not seen Geralt in months.
Not since he abandoned me in Cairngorn, much much like he abandoned his Child Surprise who I met only the once, when she was still in the womb.
I don't know where they are, I don't know where they're going, and I don't know why you're doing this to me! It's such a shame you can't be useful.
See, people think Chaos comes from nothing, but that's wrong.
No, to draw it, you need a source.
See, fire is a forbidden source because it usually consumes those that draw from it.
Unless you're very talented.
Then the body can withstand it.
- Mm-mm.
- But it consumes the soul.
Please, I don't know anything! No, no, no, no.
The songs in your catalog would suggest otherwise.
Listen to me, please! Please listen to me.
I I am a bard.
I am brilliant.
This is what I do.
He grunts, and I tell stories.
He mentions a witcher keep, and I turn it into a magical, mystical hideaway in the mountains.
So please listen to me when I tell you this.
- He doesn't share details.
- Hmm.
He does not have friends.
And he does not have weaknesses! I knew I'd find you here.
You lazy lout.
Leaving me at home to rot! Uh uh This is this is my wife.
She has nothing to do with this.
- Please let her go - If you know what's good for you, leave.
If you knew what's good for you, you'd shut the fuck up.
Have it your way.
No, no! No, please! Don't hurt her! Leave her alone, please! She's done nothing! Oh, gods! Come on! Oh fuck! Oh shit.
It takes generations of erosion to even make a dent in stellacite.
This this is a scientific revelation.
It it defies every historical precedent, Witcher.
This changes everything.
I was expecting tracks.
- I have to go down there.
- We have to go down there.
Thirsty? Thanks.
I thought you were gonna be a spoiled, high-bred, drip-nosed royal from the West.
And you are.
But you're impressing all of us out there.
Not enough to join Geralt in Cintra.
You think you should have been invited? Well, it's my home.
My fight.
My life.
I need to show you something.
When the Conjunction happened, it wasn't just the elves, humans, dwarves.
Spheres of beasts collided too.
Mages weaponized monsters.
Tried to conquer the lands with them.
Fucking idiots.
Of course, the monsters destroyed everything.
Then, 300 years ago, mages weaponized men.
Mutated them with elixirs.
Made them faster.
Brutal enough to kill the beasts.
The witchers saved humanity from extinction.
Do you know why there are fewer of us each winter, Ciri? Because when Kaer Morhen was destroyed, so was the mutagen that allowed us to make new witchers.
But I think you can help.
Ever heard of feainnewedd? It's an ancient flower.
Only grows one place.
Where Elder blood has spilled.
These have been sprouting all over the training course.
Where I've bled.
But my my grandmother, she hated the elves.
Sometimes our deepest hate is for the things we cannot change about ourselves.
Something bad is brewing out there.
With a vial of your blood, we could protect generations to come.
How are you so sure it will work? I'm not.
Ah I'll do it.
On one condition.
You have to test it on me first.
Forget it.
My men are warriors now.
But they were boys in pain once.
If they even survived.
And not many did.
I'll not take that chance with you.
Because I'm a girl? Because you're Geralt's child.
I'm not a child.
- Because we care about you.
- And I care about all of you! You said it yourself! Witchers are dying.
One by one.
You'll fight.
You'll die.
And all of those boys' suffering will have been for nothing.
I've destroyed so many things.
Please, just let me help heal something for once.
I'm meant for this.
There's no nest.
There's no evidence they've been here at all.
How could this happen? What could do this? Monsters.
Historians have always theorized that monoliths are scars from the Conjunction.
Leftover points of impact.
- Yes.
I have read books before.
- Well, think about it.
Monsters didn't exist on this plane before the Conjunction.
All species were separated on different spheres till those spheres merged into one.
A Conjunction like that would've required two things.
A massive surge of energy and and conduits to channel it.
Now, what if the monoliths aren't points of impact? What if they're the conduits? I worry about you mages more and more.
Perhaps humans just shouldn't live for so long.
- I've seen them communicating.
- Hmm.
You say this monolith toppled during the Slaughter of Cintra.
- That makes perfect sense.
- And yet it doesn't.
Did it did it work? It worked.
I just need a moment to prepare.
Prepare? - For what? - She wants to be the first.
- The first? - New witcher.
It was her choice.
- Who the fuck was that? - How should I know? - You're the one he kidnapped.
- You mages don't all share an alma mater? - You didn't catch him at an alumni event? - I was looking forward to a few more thank yous, perhaps some genuflection.
He's after Geralt.
What? Why? What does he want with him? You know, I assumed it was to drink tea and eat crumpets and wax nostalgic over old times.
I don't know, Yennefer.
So why don't you conjure up a portal or do your mind talking and warn him? You owe him that.
I owe him as much as he owes me.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Anyway, I can't.
No magic, remember? - Fuck! - You don't get to play damsel in distress.
That's my job.
- What's going on here? - Uh, gentlemen.
Good morning.
Good to see you.
You're certainly looming.
- Um - Ah, are we working this morning, love? Ohh! Oh, she's so scary.
Come 'ere! This way.
This way.
- Oi! - Oi, you.
Stop! You stop there! Uh, that way.
Go! Gentlemen, gentlemen, many men have wanted to punch me in the face.
Now is your chance! Come on! - Stop! - Come back 'ere! Come on, lads! - Move! - Where? Head down there! Oi! This way! We'll find you! - In there! - There she is! No good hiding! - We'll find you.
- Thank you.
Open the fucking door! You're ours now.
Open this door now! Sorry, love.
A girl's gotta eat.
What are you doing? I know you know how dangerous this is.
I'm not afraid.
Have you thought about Geralt? What he'd say? Why do you want this so badly, Ciri? Because I am sick of feeling lost.
Everything I was told my whole life was a lie.
And the people I loved most in this world were taken from me before I could find the truth.
What you're doing won't change any of that.
But it might help me find a new truth.
Maybe there's another way to find out where your powers came from.
What, you you mean like you did with the myriapod? Slightly less scientific than that.
It's called a Dol Durza.
It translates roughly to Valley of the Soul.
It allows me to enter the deepest layer of your consciousness and uncover things that may be hidden there.
Genetic memories that tell the story of who you really are.
Where you really come from.
Is It's dangerous? No.
It just requires that we trust each other.
All right, then.
Clear your mind.
Take three deep breaths.
How? Trust.
Come on, then, Lambchop! It's my turn now! You bring terror and you bring death wherever you are! wherever you are Ma'am, a present from His Majesty.
Tell Eist I love it.
A fine sash for a fine queen.
Come on, watch him.
Don't be afraid.
Nothing can hurt you here.
All of this, it's just it's you.
There's no way you can get five.
You're not taking a bite of that bread before I try it.
We've been right here.
The whole time.
the whole time Mother.
Would you like a story? like a story You can see us.
What's wrong? This isn't how it's supposed to work.
Come on, Ciri, let's go back.
You've had enough.
enough This isn't how it's supposed to work at all.
Hush now, and Mummy will tell you a story.
They'd kill her if they knew.
It's a prophecy.
Maybe it's not true.
It doesn't matter if it's true.
It only matters if the people believe it.
And they will.
The boat's ready.
We can leave under the cover of darkness.
This is the night they died.
My parents.
- Ciri, come on.
- Wait.
I don't want to leave them yet.
Something isn't right.
What are you, child? Cirilla.
- Ciri.
- Ciri.
I was at a dig in Nazair a while back.
I I witnessed something.
There was this monolith started emitting strange vibrations, like it was channeling a massive energy surge.
It only lasted a few seconds, but look.
Look, look at the date.
It happened the night Cintra fell.
The same night as this.
You think this is where the energy surge originated.
Which activated the conduit system.
The monoliths started talking.
What does that have to do with monsters? It wasn't a Conjunction.
At least, not how we've been thinking.
The other spheres didn't merge, they they collided, then separated again.
If the original spheres are still out there somewhere and our monoliths are calling to them then the monsters aren't new, they're just new to here.
And they're using our monoliths as gateways.
Where are we? I don't know.
Tell me how you knew that monsters and monoliths were linked.
What is it you're hoping to hear? Your agenda.
If you have information that could advance our civilization, - I have a right to know.
- Why? So you can help the elves? I came to Cintra 'cause I thought someone might be here.
- A woman.
- Hmph.
Yennefer? Mmm.
- Of - Of Vengerberg? You know Yenna? Yen.
I did.
Me too.
You loved her.
I never stopped.
I thought after Sodden, after everything they did to her at Aretuza, she she would make her way here for refuge.
After Sodden? After she burned through Nilfgaard's army and saved the Continent.
We should all be praising her name.
Yen's alive? Do you know who she is? No.
Very well.
I will tell you the story of the elven warrior made to kill the human invader.
The human she fell in love with.
Nivellen's story.
She's dying.
You could have united our races.
And now, my sweet daughter you will destroy them.
- Ciri! - You cannot help us.
Ciri! Help! Child of Elder blood, child of wrath.
The time of contempt is nigh.
The world will die amidst frost and be reborn of the new sun.
Reborn of Elder blood, of the seed that has been sown.
A seed that will not sprout, but will burst into flame.
Ciri! Geralt! Geralt! Geralt! Geralt! Geralt! Geralt! Geralt! Triss! Triss! - Triss.
- No! No! - Let me help you.
- No, no, no! Something is ending.
It's because of you.
A seed that bursts into flame.
It's you.
You will destroy us all.
I saw it.
No one can stop it.
Not even him.
Where did those stellacite fragments go? Whose voice was that? Quiet.
What is it? Fuck.
Who is the girl who called to you? And what the hell was that thing? - Do you think Nilfgaard knows about this? - Open a portal.
Vesemir, I want it done.
Are you certain? What are you doing? - Geralt.
- She's meant to be.
To rebuild us.
She is not.
She's a girl.
All you'll do is poison her.
- She can do this.
- I made him do it, Geralt.
I wanted him to try.
 Geralt, stop! Did you not think of the consequences? What if you were killed? Stop.
Stop! All I ever think about are consequences.
No matter how hard I train, no matter what I do, it'll never be enough.
You are already enough, Cirilla.
You are extraordinary.
I want to be like you, Geralt.
I want to be indifferent to the past.
To the lies.
To the things I've done.
Let me have that.
That is not how it works.
Neither you nor I can just forget who we are.
We can't kill our feelings.
Our best chance is to kill the hatred that we may hold onto and move on.
Go and get your things.
Is that what Calanthe was protecting? What did she know? What does all this mean? Apologies, King Roegner.
Cintra Calanthe.
Why does it stop? Ah, it doesn't make any sense.
What does this all mean? You wished to see me? There are fewer and fewer new arrivals.
I received word that guards have begun boarding ships.
Even in Oxenfurt, and they've always been on our side.
We we need to find an alternative.
I am.
I didn't mean to alarm you, I just I want you to have all the information I do.
So that we can we can be in step with each other.
What? Nothing.
It's just I've had leaders, followers, but I've never had a partner before.
Neither have I.
It's not terrible.
The next ship is due soon.
I want my people to meet their liberator.
Your papers.
What? Stand in line with the others.
- Have your papers ready! - Cormeth from Oxenfurt.
Name! Dara, of the Marble Gardens.
Welcome back to your land, son.
You must declare yourself before entering Xin'trea.
- Stand aside.
- Fall back in line! - I said stand aside.
- Perhaps you didn't hear.
There's no entry until you report.
So who are you? I am Commander Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach.
Who the fuck are you? Cahir! Welcome home.
Good to see you alive.
Your friends are faring so much better than you.
One has command, the other hope.
This is bullshit.
I saw her go in the door.
Oh, shit.
You can't do this.
We've earned that reward.
You wouldn't even have that traitorous mage if it wasn't for us.
Reward's already been claimed.
You know what you need, Piglet.
Your magic.
Now fuck off! All right, all right! You're running out of time.
Get your fucking hands off me.
I'm gonna take pleasure in your execution.
Show me what you want.
Heal your wounds.
Fucking fucky fuck.
You know the words.
Say them! Behold the mother of forests, the Deathless Mother nesting in dreams.
Turn your back to the forest, hut, hut.
Oh! - Yennefer! - Ahem.
Peeping Toms get the clink.
Gentlemen! Uh So good to see you again.
All alone in a world that hates you, with no way to protect yourself.
How delicious.
I managed.
And yet you're here.
I'm not stupid.
I meant what I said before.
I'm done dealing in debts.
I want to make a trade.
I know what you want.
All that wrath and righteous anger raging inside you.
I can smell your desires like rotting meat.
But I'm not here to grant wishes.
I'm simply a guide to get you exactly what you deserve.
Just ask your friends.
I deserve to survive.
I've earned it.
I deserve access to Chaos.
I know how you can get it.
How you can steal it.
Steal what? Me.
And who are you? I'm the key to you getting your power back.
And a great deal more than that.
All you have to do is deliver me to the right lock.
A shattered black door just outside Cintra.

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