The Witcher (2019) s02e08 Episode Script


1 Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, do you think this a joke? - I said there'd be hell to pay - Mousesack.
if you weren't ready by the sound of those trumpets.
Did you think I was joking? If there are dirty knucklebones in your pockets, gods help you.
Is this a dream? It's gonna be a nightmare if you don't rub that sleep from your eyes and get moving! The knighting ceremony started 20 minutes ago, and your grandmother has your dance card full.
My grandmother? Yes.
Her jaw is doing that twitchy thing, you know the one.
What the fuck's going on? Watch your mouth, Princess.
What are you doing? It's really you.
She's gone mad.
Banquet in full swing, she's gone mad.
You know what? This doesn't matter.
Let's go.
Geralt! Geralt! Geralt.
- Listen to me.
- You betrayed us.
Geralt, please.
It's not what you think! Let me explain.
Before Voleth Meir showed me her true self, she came to me as a girl.
Some fucked-up version of myself.
Yes, she feeds on pain! But everyone on this Continent is in pain.
Voleth Meir is more personal than that.
She's more specific.
She finds your weakness, the gaping wound in your heart, the thing that makes you feel hopeless, and she plunges her finger into it and makes it hurt so badly, you'd do anything.
Like sacrificing an innocent child.
Except I couldn't do it! Geralt, I know this means nothing to you, but I understand now how special she is! When Chaos left me, I never thought that I'd feel that spark, that life again, but Ciri, she radiates it.
At Melitele's, when I helped her control it, when she opened that portal under my direction, I felt like - Like - I know how it feels, Yennefer.
I don't know what Voleth Meir wants from Ciri, but we have to protect her.
I have to protect her.
What's going on? Geralt? There's a woman out there.
An old woman.
In a black robe.
- It's Voleth Meir.
- Here? - In Kaer Morhen? - Where is she now? I saw her leaving Everard's room.
We have to do something.
She killed them.
Everard and Gwain.
How did you escape? I screamed.
And that didn't cause any damage? - I don't know.
- It didn't wake Vesemir? - Geralt.
- I'm scared.
Tell me what you want.
I can't believe Ciri did this.
She killed our brothers in our home.
That thing ain't Ciri.
Get anyone who's left.
She got Merek too.
Grab all the elixir you can find.
We don't know what she can do.
To the armory! Find Ciri! Your fight's not with Ciri.
Talbot! Let's both find When you took Eskell down, it broke me.
But you were right.
It had to be done.
Same as now.
Ciri has to be eliminated.
Daughter or demon, she has done too much damage.
Witchers don't kill out of fear.
They kill to save lives.
I said that.
You did.
It feels like bullshit now.
Eskell, Remus, Gascaden, Sorel, Gwain.
There are too many medallions hanging on that tree.
But spilling Ciri's blood won't bring them back.
You thought she was strong enough to be the next witcher.
Just like I was.
She can survive this.
She needs you.
I need you.
Wolf I'll convince Voleth Meir to leave Ciri's body.
Once the demon's out, once she's back in her corporeal form, we'll trap her.
Will it work? I don't know.
But our best chance is together, Vesemir.
- Huh.
- Please trust me.
- Jaskier! - Mm? - Jaskier.
Jaskier, come on, wake up! - Too many squirrels.
- Jaskier! - Aaah! I need you.
It's Ciri.
She's been possessed.
The last time I woke up next to you, you grabbed me by the balls and then blew up the building, so Come on! Oh, for fuck's sake.
Did you say possessed? Are you sure? He said he Dijkstra said he didn't need me anymore.
He had other ways of getting what he wanted.
Cirilla of Cintra? Yes.
Well, what does what did our daughter have to do with that? Why would Redania target us? Mm, because we've befriended Nilfgaard.
Because we're elves.
They hate us.
They've always hated us.
They need no other reason than the shape of our ears.
I'm I'm I'm sorry.
I was in jail, and he told me his target was Nilfgaard and I I never realized.
I I never would have thought You saved your own life.
This is not your doing.
I need you to gather some horses.
Before you tell me what's going on, please tell me you're making a hangover cure.
Because my head feels like it's lodged between the buttocks of a fat and sexually rageful goat.
What are we doing? Voleth Meir is a parasite.
We need to remove her without killing the host.
Oh, the Deathless Mother again.
Please, do go on.
A spell from the extraction or separation family would do it.
Yes, it would.
If you had your magic, which you don't.
If I had my fucking magic.
Instead, I'll have to make do with whatever I find in a witcher laboratory.
Like this.
Oh yay! A little stone.
You've saved us all.
Active jasper.
Provider of warmth, energy, balance.
Golden oriole.
Golden what? Areola? Pretty sure that's got something to do with nipples.
Neutralizes effects of poisons in the blood.
- But I'd make everything about nipples - Possession's like poison Jaskier! I pulled Ciri into this mess, and I'll do everything I can to get her out of it.
Tell me what to do.
Find Geralt.
- Give him the jasper.
- What for? It helps turn wrongs into rights.
He'll understand.
Wait, hang on.
What are you gonna do? What witches do best.
Make a potion.
Come along, Ciri! It's even better than I remember.
Are you sure you're feeling all right? Better than ever.
Your granddaughter.
As a member of the royal family, is it too much to expect that you exercise A modicum of respect.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I know you think me too stern, child.
No, I understand you want to protect me.
Of course.
Because I know it's not the same here without you.
Your Highness.
Would you honor me with a dance? - She would love - I'd love to, Martin.
Check it again.
There can be no mistakes when Emperor Emhyr arrives.
What is it? The elves.
Some of them have gone.
There are always defectors, Fringilla.
It's to be expected.
Francesca and Filavandrel were amongst them.
Our scouts said they were riding north on stolen horses.
To hunt down the murderer of their child.
All fingers point to Redania.
If she had told me, I could have offered support.
Troops, access to our army.
- Whatever she needed, as long - As long as she came back? Yes.
Why? Why is she so important to you, Fringilla? - She's my friend.
- No.
She is the key to your plan.
To showing Emhyr that you are a valuable leader.
Yes, that too.
But she is gone.
According to your plan.
Think about it.
The baby gave them hope.
A reason to live rather than die fighting.
And it's mysteriously murdered? And now now they're off to raze the kingdoms of our enemies.
What what are you saying? I'm saying it worked.
Your plan.
But I would never do that.
- Oh, I would never do that.
- You said it yourself, Fringilla.
When Emhyr arrives, I need to rave.
So let me.
Where are you, Ciri? Ciri? Ciri! Come along, girl! What is this? Ciri! Ciri! You don't want to escape.
So many gone.
Devoured by this hellish Continent.
I want Ciri back.
Name your price.
She's here! I'll cover the back.
It's not a question of price.
It's a matter of cost.
- Steady, boys.
- Make your ask.
Release her, and you can have me.
That is enticing.
What glorious pain we could create together.
It's too late for that.
Geralt! Yennefer told me to Shhhhit.
You're busy.
You're busy.
What the fuck? Ciri! No.
What the fuck kind of basilisks are those? I'll tell you after I kill 'em.
I won't let her have you, Ciri.
Fuck! - Yrden, now! - Wolf! Vesemir, I can do this! We have to contain her.
Tell me what you want with her.
Tell me what she is to you.
She is the future.
And you're in my way.
Ciri! I need you to hear me! You can fight this! I know it's not the same here without you.
Geralt! Aah Right the wrongs? Well, Yennefer, I don't see how things could get any wronger! Geralt! Little help here! Help! Vartok! Vesemir! Help us! Vesemir! Vartok, behind you! Geralt! Geralt! Yennefer told me to give you this! It's it's balance and heat and Oh, you can't hear me.
Geralt! No! You'll never get to me.
Do it.
Show him you don't need him any more.
Stay strong, Ciri.
May I cut in? You know, Princess, if you marry Martin Marbury, you'll continue quite the exceptional bloodline.
My bloodline, Mousesack.
Will you tell me more about it? Right now? I fear there is not a long enough song in existence.
Then someday soon? I promise.
Your family, Princess, the women who came before you, they're quite extraordinary.
Ciri! You can fight this! Stay strong, Ciri.
- Geralt! - Do not give in.
You know who you really are.
Princess, are you all right? My grandmother.
Why did she never tell me the truth? About who I am? My dear, you must be tired already.
Your father will be so disappointed he doesn't get a dance.
What? Attack! Stay strong, Ciri.
Is he still fussing? I don't know what could be wrong with him.
King Vizimir himself can probably hear these cries.
Give him to me.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
That's it.
That's it.
Sh, sh, sh, sh.
We warned all of our people we could find.
There aren't many elves left in Redania.
Are you sure about this? There'll be no moving forward without retribution.
Sister, there are other ways.
I know what you've been through, but this No.
You don't.
What has been need not always be.
My baby! My baby! - My baby! - No! Oh, seriously? Oh shit! [hissing[ [groans[ Geralt.
I made a potion to extract Voleth! Vesemir! You kill her, you kill Ciri! Poor, poor witchers.
You feel everything, don't you? Move! Especially hatred.
Let's finish this, Geralt! Jasper gives the courage to rectify wrongs.
Aah! Our hate is the pain she needs to grow stronger.
Let's not give her what she wants.
If you can hear me, if you can hear us, come home.
I've missed you so much.
We've been right here the whole time.
Always loving you.
Our special girl.
If you can hear me Geralt? if you can hear us come home.
She doesn't want to be here.
She isn't yours.
It's not working, Wolf.
Come back to us, Ciri.
Can you hear us, girl? Ciri? Make it stop.
I'm not doing anything.
- I believe in you.
- Vesemir? I'm sorry for what I did.
Be with us.
You belong here.
Stay with us.
Stay with us stay I'm not going anywhere.
All right? I'm staying right here.
Just, please, don't leave me.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying right here.
Living in her.
Her hut burned.
She needs a vessel to exist within this sphere.
Ciri can't escape.
Unless Unless I right this wrong.
- My wounds wouldn't heal - Yen.
because magic wasn't what I was missing.
- I can be the vessel.
- No.
- For her.
- Yen! No! Don't let us die again.
We're your family.
We're your everything.
You deserve everything, Ciri.
Let me give you everything I have.
I don't know what to do.
Please, don't go.
Don't go, please.
I know you're afraid, Ciri, but what you see in there it isn't real.
Don't do this.
- Ciri - Be with us.
You belong with us.
We belong together.
You, us, it's not perfect, but it is real.
It's yours.
We are your family and we need you.
I have to go home.
We don't have much time.
We need to trap Voleth Meir once and for all.
If you can pull monsters through the monolith, you can send one back again.
What? You can do this.
Yennefer's lessons.
- But I don't know if I can - I believe in you.
All right.
See the outcome.
Make it happen.
Oh, not again.
She's leaving.
Child of the Elder Blood, starry-eyed Daughter of Chaos, join our Hunt.
Your place is among us.
You are ours.
Ciri! Ciri You're back.
Are you all right? Wh Were those the Wraiths of MÃrhogg? The Wild Hunt, yes.
We're safe now, thanks to you.
That's all that matters.
The witchers need you.
You're panting like a dying mammoth.
Look at us.
Just one big happy family, eh? No.
Where did you go? I'm still trying to work that out.
I saw the Wild Hunt.
We need to gather more supplies.
Start to rebuild again.
Ciri and I can't stay.
We need to keep moving.
Sorry, Wolf.
I should have trusted you! Vesemir, it's not that.
The demon.
The Wild Hunt.
She's marked for something, and it doesn't end there.
If mages and royals find out she's still alive, and what she's capable of they won't stop coming for her.
She had green eyes! And ashen hair.
It was her.
The Lion Cub of Cintra, alive and at Sodden with a witcher.
Why are we only hearing about this now? Sigismund Dijkstra came to Aretuza, sniffing for something.
You think he was prodding to see if the Brotherhood knew Cirilla was alive? I do, Meve.
He finds Cirilla and marries her off to his king.
Giving him the only rightful claim to Cintra.
Redania's wealthy enough.
They add Cintra to their realm, we'll all be taking orders from fucking Vizimir.
Dijkstra no doubt already has his spies looking high and low for her.
I'm just going to say it.
Princess Cirilla created far less trouble for us when she was dead.
We'll put a bounty on the girl.
And anyone who protects her.
That's quite barbarous.
Even for me.
Welcome to the Brotherhood.
Aye! While the path hasn't been the straight line we hoped for, we are nonetheless in an auspicious place.
The elves are up in arms over the death of their baby.
Nilfgaard is stoking their anger to foster another war.
And the North will, no doubt, take the bait.
And as chaos descends upon the Continent, we will be focused on getting the girl.
I won't let you down again, my lord my lord my lord We should return to Xin'trea before they come for us.
Let them come.
We got our revenge.
Let it end there.
Revenge? When the humans arrived, we welcomed them as peers, instead of seeing what they really were.
And it led to a mass grave we dug ourselves.
I don't want revenge.
I want justice.
Out the way! - Come on.
- Out the way.
I caught him watching by the riverbank.
Says he's from Xin'trea.
- My name is Istredd.
I'm a mage.
- You're a human.
I have information I think could help you.
There is a girl, Princess Cirilla of Cintra.
- She is why Nilfgaard attacked Sodden.
- We know that.
Why they wanted to train you for attacks! To flush her out.
- Get rid of him.
- No! She's Hen Ikeir! - She's Hen Ikeir! - Stop! Bring him back.
What did you say? She's Hen Ikeir.
She's she's Elder Blood? She's all of you.
But different.
I've never seen anything like her power.
What are you saying? The one Ithlinne prophesied.
He's saying she could save us.
What are you saying? I'm saying word is out about the girl.
Well, I daresay things just got more fun, Philippa.
Bring me the bard.
It's about time he paid back his benefactor.
You're whole again.
I felt it come back when I I When you sacrificed yourself for Ciri.
A sacrifice I'd make again.
In a heartbeat.
I don't forgive you, Yennefer.
I know I've hurt you.
Yet I can't help but wish it could begin again.
Use your knowledge of magic to train the girl.
You're the only person who's helped her control her powers.
As if I'd trust anyone else with her.
Villentretenmerth told us we were made for each other.
Destined for each other.
And that nothing would come of it because destiny alone isn't sufficient.
Something more is needed.
She is something more.
Every time I think I can move forward, there's this force bringing me back into darkness.
I'm just tired, Geralt.
I'm tired too, Ciri.
But what of it? Life goes on.
Us three, we'll help each other.
What is destined cannot be avoided.
And it shouldn't be.
I believe I know what Voleth Meir wanted from you.
What? She's been here since the Conjunction.
We knew that.
We've always assumed she was from another sphere.
Is that where I portalled us? Another sphere? Those monoliths that you shatter, the ones that pull new species of monster through every time you scream, those could be gateways to other spheres.
My scream woke Voleth Meir.
That's why she wanted me.
She wanted to go home.
You were the key to her future.
What I can't figure out, though, is when did Nilfgaard realize that you were the key to theirs? They knew before anyone else.
How do they know the truth about you, Ciri? Attention! His Highness Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, the White Flame.
The elves are already fighting in the North.
They may not wear our colors, but they are doing our bidding.
And they are pursuing the girl, of course.
In my experience, elves only care about elves.
How did you convince them to fight? By killing their hope.
We lay the blame on Redania.
But it was us who killed the elven baby.
We would do anything for the White Flame.
Losing a child is brutal, but you are right.
It can move mountains.
- Desperate times.
- Desperate measures.
Desperate indeed.
I would know.
Sir? That's how I felt when I realized I could no longer count on you to fulfill my mission.
I'm the one who ordered the death of that elven baby.
I had to.
It was the best path to helping me find my daughter.
Take them away.
We We don't have to worry 'bout nothin' 'Cause we got the fire And we're burnin' One hell of a somethin' And we gonna let it Burn, burn, burn, burn We gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn Gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn Gonna let it burn And we gonna let it Burn, burn, burn, burn And we gonna Let it burn, burn, burn, burn We gonna let it Burn, burn, burn, burn And we gonna let it burn Burn, burn And we gonna let it burn
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