The Woman in the Wall (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Back to life

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there
I do not sleep
I am a thousand winds that blow
I am the diamond glints on snow
I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gentle Autumn rain
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there
I did not die.
The fuck are you two looking at?
Oh, shite.
Well, that's not good.
Sorry, Jesus.
Oh, shit.
The news on the hour.
An official investigation has begun into
Ireland's mother and baby homes.
It's believed that thousands
of children could have been taken
from their mothers
without their consent in
these Catholic-run institutions.
living conditions, as well as
mortality rates among mothers
So sorry, Cathy.
There was an issue at home.
It's only five past. You're fine.
But you just missed someone
who was in here looking for you.
She wouldn't give me her name.
But she left you something.
I think I'll read this later.
Morning, Tabitha.
How did you do it?
Lace is Lorna's specialty.
I love it.
Thank you.
Oh, you know, I think it might
need taking in here
Oh a little more.
I can have it ready for you Monday.
Thank you, Lorna.
Are you having a hen do at all,
Tabitha? Oh, I am, of course.
Andrea's even ordered a
penis cake.
A penis cake?
Does it look like a penis,
or does it taste like a penis?
Oh, Jesus Christ. I mean, I hope not.
Afternoon, Lorna.
Bit of home security, is it?
Yeah, something like that.
Well, this should keep the oddballs out.
How about keeping one in?
Lorna, how are ya?
How how's the bump? Bump?
Bump's been a bit of a bitch.
She's right in my vagina.
See you later, Niamh, all right?
Here, wait a second, you.
Someone said they saw you last night.
Doing what?
Just sort of
wandering round.
Maybe sleepwalking?
Well, nothing stays quiet for long
around here, does it?
No, sir, it does not.
But, I admit, I was worried when I heard.
I'm fine. I'm all right.
How could you possibly be all right?
With all that awfulness
back in the news reminding you
of that fuckin' place.
Everything they did to you.
I'm meeting the others tomorrow.
All the women from the Kilkinure convent.
I've asked them over.
There's something important
we all need to talk about.
I think there could finally
be an opportunity
for you all to get justice.
Will you come? No.
Don't just say no. Have a think
Look, she's dead.
What's the point?
You don't know that, Lorna.
Where are you taking her?!
Don't take my baby!
Give me my baby!
Who is that?
Look, if this is a joke
They'll give you a good
education at the convent.
I'm starting at the tech in September.
I'm not going to the convent.
Lorna, please.
No messing around here now.
We know about the baby.
This is all in your best interest, love.
They will look after you,
the both of you.
How much is that?
Thank you.
They're not coming.
What did you say?
Sorry. I meant
it looks like they're not coming.
Who's not coming?
Well, I thought maybe you'd been
stood up.
You don't remember me. I'm Michael.
We-We were at school together.
I'm just back in town for a wedding.
Michael? Ah?
I want you to meet someone.
Is something funny? I'm sorry?
You think I'm funny? No.
What the fuck are you laughing at?!
How did you know she wasn't coming,
hmm? Lorna, will you calm down?
How did you know she wasn't coming?
I don't understand
How did YOU know she wasn't coming?!
It was you, wasn't it?
It was you on the phone! It was you!
I don't understand what you're
saying to me
Get your hands off !
Oh, shit
We already know who did it.
We already know who the murderer is.
So, what?
So, what? So, what you're saying
doesn't make any sense.
That's just what it is, that is what
it is called.
Mum, Columbo is not a whodunit.
What do you mean it's not a whodunit?
Of course it's a whodunit.
It's a fucking great whodunit.
But you see the murderer
do the murder at the very start,
so how can it be a whodunit
if you already know who done it?
You need some more food.
No more food, Mum. No more pap, Mum.
No, I'm going to get you some. It's
fine. I'm I'm full. Hey, hey, hey!
Detective Akande.
I thought today was your day off?
Fill me in. What's happened?
Well, it looks to be blunt-force trauma.
Possible fall down the stairs, too.
Father Percy Sheehan.
Found a potential murder weapon there.
Was anything taken?
Was anything taken?
Look at the state of the
fuckin' place. How should I know?
No signs of forced entry.
It could be a robbery gone wrong.
But, you know, he WAS a priest.
What's that supposed to mean?
Is this you?
Don't be such a racist prick.
Yeah, that's me.
That's my confirmation.
You knew this guy?
He was my parish priest growing up.
I was a bit of a trouble-maker,
and he looked out for me.
Where's his car? You what?
Where's his car?
Go ahead, Sergeant.
It's a green Triumph.
Perimeter secured? Yeah.
We're about two miles outside Kilkinure.
Understood, Sergeant.
Hey! Don't touch that!
Would you say that's an 8 or a B?
It always ends with a number.
It does not.
Does it?
All right.
You stay here.
For how long?
Are they here? Yep.
Hello to you, too, Lorna.
Charming, as always.
They're all in there.
The whole world is watching
Ireland right now.
Give it a few more years and you'll
be forgotten about all over again.
That's why we have to act now.
I've been meeting with a charity,
called the Atherom Group,
and they're prepared to lobby
aggressively on our behalf.
To get us what we've always wanted.
To get the state to recognise
that the convent
was a former Magdalene Laundry.
Jesus Christ
This again? Yes, Amy,
because I am so sick and tired
of the entire world
denying that what happened to you
happened to you.
Please don't
Don't get our hopes up again.
No, I promise you.
Atherom are different.
And this man, James Coyle,
he feels like he can get you
the compensation that you're
all entitled to.
Is that all, compensation?
Yeah, look, Amy, I want this taught
in the Irish curriculum.
I want a fuckin' day in your honour,
all right? But
Hello. Come on in, sit down.
No. No, I'm I'm not
I'm not here for this.
Then what are you here for?
I just wanted to ask
Did anyone else get a ?
Sorry to
Well said.
Did we not go through all this
before, Niamh?
And they said that the convent was a
a what?
They said it was a training centre.
Training? Training for what?
Those nuns used us as slave labour.
They tortured us
and they profited from it.
I'm with Niamh.
But what if they laugh at us?
What if they call us liars?
But you're not liars, Clemence.
Aethrom knows that.
They want to meet you on Wednesday.
To hear all your stories.
I know this is difficult.
Jesus, only half of you turned up.
Wait. Who didn't turn up?
Well, if they're not ready
to be part of this yet,
I can't really say.
Is this whole thing just about
the laundry?
Or is it going to include the
mother and baby home, as well?
No, we need to focus on one thing
at a time, OK?
So, the Kilkinure convent
was one of only a few that was
both a laundry and a mother and baby home.
So, you're saying us mothers don't matter?
Me, Clemence, Lorna
No, that's not what I'm saying.
Well, I don't want compensation.
I want blood.
I want the Pope in Rome to drive
all the way to Kilkinure
in his stupid fucking Popemobile
and apologise unreservedly to
each and every one of us.
And short of that, Amy?
And short of that - what's the point?
Well, people think that this
couldn't happen again,
and then they forget that
the last laundry closed in 1996.
Wasn't medieval times.
The fuckin' Macarena was in the charts.
And if the state are allowed to feel
like they've gotten away with this,
this can happen again.
I'm not here for this.
Lorna, are you OK?
Niamh, can you come out
and talk to me, please?
No-one leave, please.
Are you all right? You look like
you've seen a ghost. What?
What happened to your face? Oh
Lorna, look, come back inside.
I shouldn't have come here.
Maybe it's best you talk to the
other I shouldn't have come here.
I shouldn't have come here.
Lorna Please.
Let It Burn by Goat
The sky lights up once again ♪
Like sunrise rode at his fall ♪
You know this ♪
You showed me it's
that time once again ♪
When plants reflect in your eyes ♪
You know it ♪

Can I help you there, sham?
The door is locked.
We've limited opening hours.
Yeah, well, do you not know
crime doesn't sleep?
Yeah? Yeah. Well, I do.
I'm still waiting on a name for you, lad?
Detective Sergeant Colman Akande
from Dublin.
Sergeant Aidan Massey.
They said they were sending
a lad from Dublin.
Not one of the Backstreet Boys. What?
Not one of the
Right, sorry. Come on,
we'll go inside and get warm, huh?
So, all this fuss over an auld car, huh?
It's down there.
I'd say the fuss is more about
the murder of a priest.
Well, either way, we
Either way, Kilkinure
is a very boring town.
I'm proud of that.
It's my job to make sure things
don't get interesting.
Do you understand?
Loud and clear.
Why'd they drive the car down here?
I'm sorry?
Father Percy have some sort
of connection with this place?
Sure, I never heard of the man
until today.
Now, I'm just keen to get
this whole thing wrapped up
fairly lively, you know.
He was a family friend.
He was a good man.
Well, I'm sorry for, er, your loss.
Shall we head to the facility,
have a look at the car?
The facility?
You mean the field?
What field? The field where the car is.
The car is in a field?
The field is where we found it.
Our man Skelly's been with it all day.
Is he forensics? Skelly?
Any trouble?
Oh, yeah.
A big cow got kind of near it
about, erm
four hours ago.
Didn't I chase it off bravely?
Ah, Garda Conor Skelly.
Detective Sergeant Colman Akande
from Dublin.
Can I go or what, Massey?
I feel like a fuckin' scarecrow.
So, you've had no forensic testing
done on the car whatsoever?
Lookit, lad, the last time I tried
to do some actual policing
without the say-so of you Dubs,
I got a whole load of grief
that I'm in no hurry to repeat.
Cases like this now, I do as I'm
told, not a modicum more.
Nobody will be able to get out here
until tomorrow.
You can't leave the car out here
until then.
Sure, we've a lock-up back at the Station.
Is it secure? Yes!
We'll need to do some door to door.
Any houses close by?
Any locals have priors?
Lookit, I'm tellin' you,
the fella won't be from this town!
Better to rule everything out, no?
What's with all the hairbrushes? Huh?
I saw hairbrushes all over town.
That's the Wailing Woman.
She's a banshee.
She screams and wails when
a loved one dies, and all that.
They say she can only be calmed down
by having her long hair combed.
Sure, it's a bit of fun
in the darker months. Right.
Until you see her, that is.
Or hear her, God forbid.
See, we don't believe in ghosts.
Doesn't mean we're not afraid
of them, though.
Can you confirm your whereabouts
the last couple of nights? Yeah.
Where were you?
None of your fuckin' business.
Who is this fella, Massey?
We're just following up on some enquiries.
There's nothing to be concerned
about, Amy.
There never is with you lot, is there?
Did you know a Father Percy Sheehan?
I'll take that as a yes.
Did I know him?
He's the one that put us in that place.
What place?
Detective Dublin
how much do you know
about the Magdalene Laundries?
You haven't told him nothing,
have you, Massey?
Figures. What are you saying?
Are you saying there was
a laundry here in Kilkinure?
Ah, no. Of course not.
That wouldn't be allowed, would it?
What did Father Percy have to
do with the Magdalene Laundry?
Why are you asking me about
Father Percy, anyway?
Finally caught the old prick?
Did something happen to him?
Father Percy was found dead
at his home in Dublin this morning.
Thank fuck for that.
What, you didn't like him, so?
I didn't like him?
There's no earthly justice for
what they did to us in that place,
except maybe a long, drawn-out death
for every single person involved.
And if Father Percy finally got his,
well, then hip-hip-hurray,
as far as I'm concerned.
But I didn't kill him.
What are you claiming his
involvement was in this place?
Fuck you. Claiming? Right,
we're going to have to confirm
your whereabouts the past two days.
What? Do you mean like an alibi?
I I was in the hospital.
Go check with them.
I'm tired.
Right, if you're not going to
arrest me, fuck off!
You said you didn't know Father Percy.
Well, lookit, I don't remember
the name of every priest that I see.
Sure, it's like Jerusalem round here,
with holy sites and convents
and pilgrimages.
And you didn't think to mention
there was a Magdalene Laundry?
Look, the state had an investigation
a few years ago,
but they dismissed everything.
They said it was
a training centre.
Was Father Percy involved?
Well, you tell me.
You say you knew the man.
We're looking for a reason why his
killer drove all the way out here.
I need to know if there's any truth
in anything she just said.
We need to go to that convent.
Yeah, lookit, if you're thinking
about going up there,
you're going to make a lot of noise
and you're going to upset a lot of people,
your own Superintendent probably included.
Are any more of these women still around?
What women?
The women from the laundry.
OK, but what happened after that?
After you made a fool of yourself
and attacked a grown man
and knocked yourself out on
the dance floor, after that? Yeah.
I don't know, Lorna. You just left.
On me own?
No. Someone took you home.
I don't know, some woman.
What? She took me home?
I don't know if she took you home.
She certainly took you out
Who was she?! I don't know
Look, I'm just Hi, Siobhan!
Hey, Conor. You look like shite.
Well, so would you if you had to
stand in a field all day,
staring at a car like some
kind of pervert.
All right, Lorna? Hmm.
I had this murder case.
A murder? Round here?
No, in Dublin. Some priest.
But they dumped his car here.
Well, come on, then. Get me a pint
I'm sorry, love.
It's the best place for you.
No, I don't want to go!
Please, Dad!
Help me!
Please, help yourself.
No, no, I'm fine, thanks a million.
You have to eat something
I'm OK, honestly. Thanks very much.
You're just as well, Detective.
Peggy's sandwiches are a pile of shite.
You've been eating my sandwiches
for nearly 40 years.
So, I would know!
Do you remember a Father Percy at all?
Sorry, Father Percy was a little
after our time.
But you do remember him?
So he was at the convent?
Oh, yes. Well
But you'd only ever meet him
if you were in trouble.
Do you mean pregnant?
There were lots of reasons the girls
ended up in the laundries.
Not all of us had babies.
Peggy was a great beauty.
They used to say she was
after the boys and the married men.
She never even had a boyfriend.
Would any of the other women have
had a reason to harm Father Percy?
Those women are the best of women.
They're the kindest, strongest women
you'll ever meet!
He didn't mean anything by it, Peggy!
He was just asking questions.
Those were hard times.
We just about survived,
but it wasn't easy.
Most of the women, they can't find
a family, find a job.
Some of us have even got
in trouble with the guards.
Like Amy Kane?
Yes, well
Poor Amy.
Was there someone else you were
thinking about?
I can't talk about this any more.
I can't talk about this any more! Peggy!
We need to leave.
What's this about another one
of the women being in trouble
with the guards?
It's nothing, all right?
Lorna Brady.
She broke into the convent grounds
one night last year
and desecrated a shrine
to the Virgin Mary with an axe.
She sounds violent.
She was sleepwalking.
Lorna's harmless, Colman.
Lorna's not
She's not right in the head.
Girls, we're going to hit the road,
all right?
Miss Brady?
Miss Brady?
Miss Brady?
Oh, fuck!
Fuck, fuck
Fucking idiot!
Oh, shit
Forensics are on their way.
They'll find nothing.
Look, I'm sorry. This is
This is on me.
Yeah, well
new crime scene.
New evidence, new opportunities.
It also means I was completely
fuckin' right.
Someone's trying to cover their tracks.
And they're somewhere nearby
in your boring little town.
Are you all right?
I just haven't really slept.
It is perfect!
Isn't she a bride!
Lorna, why don't you let me,
er, finish up here
and perhaps you could go and make us
all a nice cup of tea? Mmm.
Oh, Aidan, how are you?
Hiya, Cathy. Lorna.
That's a beautiful dress, Tabitha.
It's a lovely, erm, shape.
Oh. Thanks, Massey.
Yeah, this is Detective Colman Akande.
He's on loan to us from Dublin.
Oh, is this about that fire, is it?
I'll make the tea, Cathy.
Actually, we just wanted a quick
word, er, with you
Lorna, if that's all right?
Hello, Lorna. Nice to finally meet you.
What do you want?
I'm here, as Sergeant Massey said,
as part of an investigation
into, er, the murder of a priest,
a man named Father Percy Sheehan.
Do you remember Father Percy
at all, Lorna?
No. Sorry.
But you were at the convent, weren't you?
Can you remember the last time
you saw Father Percy?
Sorry. S
I haven't slept much.
I think I need to sit down. Is that OK?
Yeah, that's that's all right,
er, Lorna.
We can we can, er
we can finish this some other time.
We need to talk to this woman.
That's enough.
Ohh Bye, Cathy.
Oh, goodbye, Aidan.
Come on, Colman.
Now, then, Tabitha Yeah.
Ah, it's just a few loose threads.
Lorna, pet Yeah.
Would you mind?
Maybe you could see to that?
I'm your mammy
Lorna! Lorna! Lorna, please, stop!
Give me my baby!
Lorna! What have you done?!
She's ruined it !
Tabitha! Are you all right?
Give me my baby!
Give me my baby.
The silence ♪
Finding comfort together ♪
The way old friends do ♪
And after fights
and words of violence ♪
We make up with each other ♪
The way old friends do ♪
Times of joy and times of sorrow ♪
We will always see it through ♪
Oh, I don't care what comes tomorrow ♪
We can make it together ♪
The way old friends do ♪
You and I can share the silence ♪
Finding comfort together ♪
The way old friends do ♪
And after fights
and words of violence ♪
We make up with each other ♪
The way old friends do ♪
Times of joy and times of sorrow ♪
We will always see it through ♪
Oh, I don't care what comes tomorrow ♪
We can make it together ♪
The way old friends do ♪
We can make it together ♪
The way old friends do ♪
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