The Wonder Years (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Takeover Spirit

ADULT DEAN: It's impossible to think
about growing up in the black church
without thinking about
the pastors that led them.
And even though women weren't allowed
in the pulpit back then
I once was lost ♪
you better believe they still made
- their voices heard
- But now I'm found ♪
through the choir.
Was blind, but now I see ♪
Let's give it up
for Sister Shirley Williams, everybody.
That was Grandma Shirley, Daddy's mom.
Now, we're all familiar with the stories
of mothers-in-law who hate
their daughters-in-law,
but in our family, it
was the exact opposite.
- Grandma Shirley loved Mama. A lot.
- Moving forward
And she made sure everybody knew it.
I'd like to invite anyone
who wants to come and share
their testimony on this morning.
Is there one?
I do, Pastor.
Uh, well, Sister Henderson, come on up.
Give her a hand clap of praise.
- Please, come right on.
This is one of our mothers
of the church. Amen.
But once the singing was
done, I was ret-to-go.
Who has time to hear how good
God has been to everybody?
All I could do was sit there and pray,
"Please, dear God, please do something
to make this stop!"
The baptismal pool is overflowing!
We're about to drown!
Always with the floods. [CHUCKLES]
[WHISPERING] Shh! This isn't funny.
Sister Henderson just passed out.
Uh-oh. I mean, I didn't
pray for that to happen.
Ah, she's gonna be alright.
- She's dead.
The doctors did everything they could,
but I guess it was just her time.
I was certainly feeling
guilty for praying
that God would do
something to end service,
but I just meant a hurricane or
an earthquake, nothing deadly.
I thought the woman
had been dead for years.
I don't know what I'm
gonna do to replace her.
She was my best alto.
DEAN: Can't we talk
about something else?
Like what the preacher
said in his sermon
a-about that guy.
- You mean Jesus?
Mama, you have any singers in mind?
Not yet, but I better get
somebody sooner than later.
I once was lost ♪
But now am found ♪
Lillian, you want to join my choir?
Well, now, Mother Williams,
if it's what you need,
then I'm here to help.
This is great.
Who would have thought that
my beautiful daughter-in-law
- would be in my choir?
Well, you know, Mama, I'm
a bit of a singer myself.
Well, my tenor section is full, baby.
Actually, I'm more of a baritone.
You're so handsome.
All I know ♪
Ohhh, through the highs and the lows ♪
I'mma find my way home ♪
If I could have everyone's
attention for a moment,
I want to introduce
you to our newest alto,
my daughter-in-law, Lillian,
who has taken time out
of her busy schedule
to help all of us out
in our time of need.
With that said, I'd be
remiss if I didn't mention
the tragedy that
happened here on Sunday,
and that tragedy was
how terrible you sounded.
[CHOIR MURMURING] It's a wonder
more people didn't drop dead
from that embarrassing performance.
[CHUCKLES] Damn, Grandma.
Tell us how you really feel.
Sister Patterson,
you're five minutes late.
Well, I'm so sorry, Sister Williams,
but I had trouble getting my walker
up the church steps, you know.
You've had that walker for eight years.
Think you would have
figured it out by now.
Don't help her!
Sister Williams, I'd be happy
to take over the head alto duties
since we no longer
have Sister Henderson.
Sister Joyce, that won't be necessary.
I've already decided
who's gonna be our new head alto,
and it's Lillian.
are are you sure?
Lillian, move down
to the head alto seat.
Jesus is on the main line ♪
Tell Him what you want ♪
Jesus is Jesus is
on the main main line ♪
Mama, you've been at
it for over an hour.
Maybe let Jesus off the main line.
Maybe it's time for you
to get off the phone.
[SCOFFS] I'll call you back.
Take it easy on your mother.
She's working hard.
And I think you sound great.
I just don't want to mess
up on my first Sunday,
and I definitely don't
want people to think
I didn't earn my spot.
I'd hate it if folks thought
that Mother Williams was favoring me.
My mother favors you over everyone.
- Other than Jesus. Maybe.
Your mother can be, uh,
very demanding of the choir.
S-She can be quite a stickler.
Aw. She just knows
how to get things done.
That's why the choir's so good.
And why they're so terrified.
Your grandmother is a monster.
She made several choir members cry,
and I think she was glad about it.
What? Grandma?
I have never seen her be mean to anyone.
Child, exactly.
But she's from a different generation,
so I guess that's just
how they were raised.
I am lucky you and
Daddy aren't like that.
For instance, there is no way
someone from Grandma's generation
would let me go to a
party on a school night.
- Kim.
- Mm.
You're not going to that party.
You know, I'm glad
Grandma's mean to you.
Poor baby. Can't sleep?
Because you put me to sleep
Why are you making so much noise?
- People are trying to sleep.
- Kim, I have to confess something.
O-On Sunday, I was so bored
in church that I prayed
and asked God to do
something to end church early,
and the next thing I knew,
Sister Henderson died.
But I didn't want that,
and and now I think
she's haunting me.
Well, if she's haunting you,
that means she wants something from you,
and if you don't figure it out
[WHISPERING] she'll be
haunting you forever.
If you're sick and want to get well ♪
Tell Him what you want ♪
Oh, if you're sick
and want to get well ♪
- Tell Him what you want ♪
- Yeah ♪
If you're sick and want to get well ♪
Tell Him what you want ♪
Ohhh, call Him up and
tell Him what you want ♪
Call Him up and tell
Him what you want ♪
- Mnh. Mnh, mnh, mnh.
That was a mess.
I could have dug Sister Henderson up,
and she would've sounded better
than whatever y'all were trying to do.
Well, I would just like
to say, Mother Williams,
that I believe the congregation
enjoyed the choir today.
In fact, a few people
caught the Holy Spirit.
Well, hmm, I guess the Holy Spirit
must have lower standards than I do.
Well, thanks for bringing me
home. I'll see you next time.
So, how was church?
- It was fine.
She's a different person
in front of the choir, isn't she?
- Wait, you knew?
- [LAUGHS] Yes.
You see, your
mother-in-law has something
that I call a "takeover spirit".
When she joined the choir 20 years ago,
she was just supposed to play the piano,
but two weeks in,
she had run the choir
director off and took over.
- Maybe a little feedback will help.
- Mm-hmm.
I know all about organizational
communication from work.
Maybe I could help her.
Best to leave it alone.
- Yeah?
Come on in here now. I'm
about to run your bath.
I've already took my bath,
but I'm not gonna tell her,
so she can have her way, hm?
The things I do to save this marriage.
What Edgar Allan Poe
is illuminating here
is the overwhelming
guilt the murderer feels
as well as the crushing
weight of knowing
he's committed the most
unspeakable of acts.
Why is she only looking at me?
Dean? Dean?
Dean! Why'd you do it?
Tell me!
Why did you do it?!
- Aah!
Did anyone see a dead old lady
standing at the front of class?
You mean other than
the teacher? [LAUGHS]
CORY: Dean, you need
to let this go, man.
It's all in your head.
I know, but [SIGHS] y-you don't think
God killed Sister
Henderson because of me?
I'm pretty sure God
doesn't work that way.
Yes, He does. God kills
people all the time.
- Just read the Bible.
I really don't want
to go to Hell for this.
[LAUGHS] I don't see any way you won't.
Dean, there's only one way
to make up for what you did.
Seek guidance from a higher power.
Okay, Sister Henderson, are you here?
Sister Henderson, are you mad at Dean?
Well, what can Dean do
to make amends with you?
- "I"
[WHIMPERS] Come on, Satan,
please add a "T," add a "T"!
- Kim, you're pushing the pointer!
- No, it's not me. I swear!
Dean, why are you going
through all of this trouble
when all you got to do is talk to me?
I like her.
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen ♪
Glory ♪
Hallelujah ♪
Well, I guess that's as good
as it's gonna get tonight.
If Jesus hadn't already
died for your sins,
that last number would've killed him.
I'll see you all at
the next rehearsal on
Uh, Mother Williams, can I
interrupt for a quick second?
I took the liberty of passing
around a suggestion box.
I've found it to be an effective
communication tool in the workplace.
Huh. Why don't you read some right now?
Oh, let's see. Oh, okay.
How about this one?
"Each choir member should be responsible
for taking their own robe
home and cleaning it."
That sounds like a great idea.
Well, Sister Joyce
Oh, um, Mother Williams,
the suggestions are anonymous.
I take the robes home with me
because I wash them using
an unscented detergent.
That way, they don't end up
smelling like the inside
of a prostitute's purse.
Uh, "It would be nice if the choir
could learn some new songs."
Was that you, Sister Edna?
Or you, Sister Wilma?
- You, Lillian?
At least Judas would
have kissed me first.
Well, Mother Williams,
I meant no disrespect.
I just felt like our repertoire is
- getting a little familiar.
- You know, Lillian,
with your experience "in the workplace,"
you seem to have a grasp
on what the choir needs.
So my suggestion is
for you to take over as choir director.
Mother Williams, no one wants that.
- We were just merely suggesting that
- Do it, Lillian.
Oh, well, if that's how you all feel,
I'm more than happy to resign
- and just play the piano.
- But, Mother Williams
It's okay, Lillian.
This is what the people want.
Nobody blames you.
- You fired my wife?!
- You fired my mama?!
I didn't fire anyone.
Mother Williams chose to step down.
Well, the worst part is, if she's not
running the choir, she's running me.
That woman has to run something.
Now you're starting to sound like Lil.
- Mama's nothing like that.
- Come on, Bill. Lil's right.
- Your mother's a monster.
- I didn't say that.
And I don't think that.
You remember the time
she took your class
to the museum all by herself?
Well, that was because she
had told all the parents
that they weren't qualified
to chaperone the children.
- Their own children.
- I don't remember it like that.
And that time she did all the baking
for the school's bake sale?
She had told all the mothers
that their food wasn't
fit for flies or goats.
Maybe she meant flies
and goats in a good way.
Look, there are a lot of
disgruntled choir members
who wanted to have their voices heard,
so I owe it to them to
try to make this work.
Well, you better hope it works.
Otherwise, I'll be
spending a lot more time
over here than at home,
and nobody wants that.
Oh, that's right.
I'm the nice one.
Unfortunately, it seemed
everybody was on C. P. Time
Choir People Time.
What did you think I meant?
Where is everybody?
Rehearsal's at 7:00,
and it's already 7:15.
Did you call them to
remind them to be on time?
They have to be reminded
to come to rehearsal?
I thought rehearsal was the same time
for the last 20 years.
- If it was that simple, they would have
been here already. [LAUGHS]
- Ah, good to see everybody.
Next time, let's try
to be on time, please.
It's the director's responsibility
- to call and remind us about rehearsal.
- Alright then, everybody, let's make a phone tree.
Each one of you will be responsible
for calling someone else to
remind them about rehearsal.
I did it with my staff.
It was a great way for everybody
to keep accountability with one another.
Well, uh, let's go ahead and get started
with who we have here.
Has everyone familiarized themselves
with the new song?
I couldn't find my reading glasses.
Well, since rehearsal is,
uh, starting a little late,
we'll push through to 8:30, alright?
It'll give us time to familiarize
ourselves with the new music.
Uh, Sister Patterson?
I-I was just saying we'll
end rehearsal at 8:30.
I heard you.
And by the time I get to my car,
it'll be 8:30.
One thing I knew for
sure is I didn't want
Sister Henderson haunting me anymore.
I figured maybe she'd stop visiting me
at my place of rest if I visited hers.
Brought these as a peace offering.
I couldn't afford roses, so
I hope you like carnations.
I hope they make up for
everything, and I-I'm sorry.
WOMAN: Sorry for what?
- Hi, I'm Donna.
- Oh.
Agnes was my grandmother.
Oh, uh, I'm sorry. I-I'm Dean.
I Don't say you
killed her grandmother.
Don't say you killed her grandmother.
Don't say you killed her grandmother.
I didn't kill her.
O-Of course not.
Sh-She was sick.
Doctor told us she only
had a few months left,
and that was three years ago,
so we're just happy for the extra time.
Oh, great. Thank God.
The doctors killed her. Perfect.
Mm. Grandma always kept a
butterscotch in her purse.
Would you like one?
Uh, sure, yeah.
Dean? Dean, baby, you okay?
[STRAINED] Yeah, I'm fine.
Well played, Sister Henderson.
Well played.
It's time for the choir
to start marching in.
How can they march in when
half of them aren't here?
And half of the ones who are
forgot to bring back their choir robes.
[SIGHS] Sister Patterson,
where's Sister Tammy?
- Did you call her?
- No, I did not.
I do not speak to that woman
ever since she called herself flirting
with my late husband in
the supermarket in '62.
Lord have mercy, you were
number four on the phone tree,
which means nobody else got their calls.
You're the choir director.
It is your job to know that
I do not speak to that woman.
Uh, can we have five
more minutes, please?
In all the years that I've played piano,
Sunday services were never late.
Well I [SIGHS] I
don't know what to do.
How would you fix it
at that job of yours?
If you don't believe
I've been redeemed ♪
God's gonna trouble the water ♪
Just follow me down
to Jordan's stream ♪
God's gonna trouble the water ♪
Oh, wade in the water ♪
Wade in the water, children ♪
Wade in the water ♪
God's gonna trouble the water ♪
God's gonna trouble the water ♪
Oh, God's gonna trouble ♪
God's gonna trouble the water ♪
- Hallelujah!
- Yes!
Mm! Lillian, that was absolutely divine.
I think the Lord has humbled me.
Well, you know, I couldn't
have done it without you,
Mother Williams.
Now we see what your plan was all along.
- WOMAN: Mm-hmm.
- My plan?
Your plan to steal all the glory,
while the rest of us sit back
here like you're Diana Ross
- and we're just the Supremes.
Well, half of you didn't show up,
and the rest of you
didn't know the song.
You know, it's called a choir.
- Not a Lillian.
- WOMAN: Amen to that.
- Am I right?
- You're right.
Alright, I [SIGHS]
Okay You know what?
You're right.
You're right.
Mother Williams, would
you be willing to return
and get the choir back on track?
Because, clearly, I'm in over my head
and humbled.
I suppose I could do that.
And maybe I can open my ears
to more of your thoughts.
Well, thank you for being a
team player, unlike Lillian.
I tried to warn you.
You did, and you're right.
I'm sorry if I overstepped.
I guess I have a little bit
of the "takeover spirit," too.
Girl, you been talking to Clisby?
I think it's just better if I go back
to being your favorite daughter-in-law,
and not a member of your choir.
Steal away ♪
Steal away home ♪
Things for Mama and
Grandma got back to normal.
Grandma even added a new song.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
And Mama eventually found a place
- where her takeover spirit was a perfect fit.
- in His hands ♪
He's got the whole
world in His hands ♪
He's got the whole
world in His hands ♪
He's got the whole
world in His hands ♪
- He's got the whole world in His hands ♪
- Please, dear God, do something to make this stop!
He's got the whole world ♪
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