The Wonder Years (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

A Star is Born

Sergeant, you are missing so much.
That's why I was thinking that maybe
you could bring your old friend
What do you think you're doing?
I'm watching "Gomer Pyle."
I'm starting to think this guy
is not cut out for the Marines.
You have been home for two hours.
Don't you have some homework to do?
I finished my homework.
Then go outside and play.
But all my friends have
sports after school now.
I don't have anyone to hang out with.
Oh, I'm sorry, Dean.
That can't feel good.
You want some ice cream?
It's on the grocery list on the counter.
Since you have so much free time,
you should spend it doing
something productive,
like helping your mama around the house.
ADULT DEAN: Ugh, walked
right into a trap.
With those young legs of yours,
it should only take about 30 minutes.
Three watermelons?
What do I look like,
the Incredible Hulk?
- Starting now.
- I
Don't make me say it twice.
Are you sure it's dead?
That's why you're in there
with your young eyes to see.
- It's not dead! It's not dead!
[COUGHS] It's not dead!
You sure you unplugged it?
Of course I did. I'm your mother.
Since my friends were busy
and I didn't want to spend my afternoons
running Mom's errands, I
went to the guidance counselor
for help finding an
after-school activity.
I see you as more of a thespian.
And you're in luck,
because the drama teacher
is looking for people for their
upcoming production of "Peter Pan."
[SIGHS] I don't know, Mr. Cox.
I usually stick to books.
Nonsense. Oh, you'd be great.
You have a young
Sidney Poitier thing.
- Wow, really?
- Most definitely. I can see it.
- I'll do it!
- Huzzah!
Then I shall see you tomorrow
at our play rehearsal.
You're the drama teacher?
I thought you were just
a guidance counselor?
[CHUCKLES] It's called acting.
And also, we're underfunded.
[ALL CHANTING] Hey, hey! Ho, ho!
Underfunded schools have got to go!
Hey, hey! Ho, ho!
- Underfunded schools have got to go!
- Hey, Bruce! Over here!
Sis. What's up?
I didn't expect to see you
here, but I guess I should've.
For sure. You know Congressman Baker
has been mishandling government funds
for way too long. [CHUCKLES]
Do you need a sign? I think we
have an extra "No one digs pigs."
Actually, I'm not protesting.
I'm a volunteer to help
the Congressman's reelection campaign.
Would you like a pamphlet
to see how you can become a Baker Backer?
[LAUGHS] You are
supporting a Republican?
[SIGHS] I'm supporting a
candidate who cares about vets
and has made us a major
part of his platform.
Mm, I'm telling Mom and Dad
you're voting for a Republican.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, Kim, well,
now you're just being childish,
so I'll see you at home.
Don't drop your sign.
Say goodbye to your Afro Sheen!
All I know ♪
Ohhh, through the highs and the lows ♪
I'mma find my way home ♪
Trying to break into a
new group in middle school
is like a prostate exam
scary, exposing,
and you pray no photos exist of either.
- Uh
- Hi, Dean.
- Is he okay?
- Oh, yeah.
Tom's just a method actor.
He's playing a dog and a crocodile,
so he's in deep crocodog mode.
Good afternoon, my little artístes!
We have a new actor
joining our ensemble today,
so let's give Dean a
proper welcome, shall we?
We welcome you to the Drama Club ♪
So join us, thespian! ♪
It's so neat to have you here ♪
And see your journey begin! ♪
So give us your
best, forget the rest ♪
And we'll give ours to you ♪
Welcome, welcome, Dean! ♪
NERVOUSLY] o-outta sight!
Okay, now let's get into the
magical world of Peter Pan!
Uh, now, I do have a bit of bad news.
Our sweet Sandy will not
be able to play Wendy.
She's come down with a
bad case of mononucleosis.
Then who will be Wendy to my Peter Pan?
Dean will now be Peter Pan
and Karen will play Wendy.
Isn't that exciting?
By exciting, do you
mean completely insane?
Dean is not the right
The character is supposed to be
Pan doesn't have an afro!
He also doesn't have a ponytail.
Mary Martin played
Peter Pan on Broadway.
Broadway, Mr. Cox.
Yes, but a man didn't play Wendy.
Dean is the obvious choice.
Besides, Dean is the only available boy
who can fit into the costume.
Fine, but know that this
injustice against women
will go down in the history
books next to Joan of Arc.
No one appreciates my sacrifice.
I'd only been in the
Drama Club for five minutes
and had already
experienced a musical number
and two dramatic exits.
Huh. These drama kids
weren't messing around.
We can fly!
We can fly!
You can fly!
- We can fly!
- We can fly!
Uh, okay. Well, it's time
to go off to Never Land.
Second star to the right and
make a left on Decatur Street.
Wait, no, no. That's how
you get to my real house.
Ugh! I can't work like this!
It's alright, Dean. Don't worry.
You have all the way until
Friday to get the lines down.
Friday?! But I-I'm
in, like, every scene!
I'm happy to step back in for Dean.
I already know all the lines.
That is a good point.
Karen, you can work
with Dean after school
until he learns the part.
Ha! Problem solved.
LILLIAN: Did Dean tell you
he was in the school play?
Is he playing somebody white?
[DOOR OPENS] Never mind.
You starting your school
work mighty late, Kim.
Oh, yeah.
- I lost track of time at the rally.
- Whoops!
I'm not trying to hear all that.
What I keep telling you?
If the revolution hasn't started
by 8:00, you're gonna miss it.
You're right. You do say that, Daddy.
You know what else? I accidentally
scratched the car on a pole.
What?! You're late and
gonna cost me some money?
Kimberly Lanette Williams
Wait, what's going on here?
Why are you admitting to these things?
Because she's about to
tell you that she saw me
at her protest supporting
Congressman Baker
- and she knows you're gonna be mad.
- You're a Republican?!
A black Republican?!
LILLIAN: Ooh, Lord, our children
have lost their
ever-loving minds today.
You could've been on drugs, a gambler,
or hated Jazz, but a Republican?!
It's not that big a deal, Dad.
I mean, I just heard
him speak at the VFW
- Yeah, looking for votes.
- You should check out his platform.
- You might like it.
- Don't you tell me what I'll like.
I know what I like, and it's
not some snake-oil salesman.
Look, look, the lines between
political parties are blurred anyway.
I mean, just look at the Dixiecrats.
Okay, they considered
themselves Democrats
but supported segregation.
The Republican Party was actually
founded by anti-slavery activists.
- Did you know that?
- Don't you ask me what I know.
Uh, Bruce, is this you in the picture?
- Yeah.
- See?
This is exactly what I'm talking about.
This white man is using you, son.
There's a reason you're the
only black face in this picture.
We don't even look good in red.
Speak for yourself.
Bruce, you're not going
down there anymore.
I'm an adult, Dad.
You can't tell me what to do.
Things were heating up.
Luckily, Mama always
knew when to step in.
Kim, you scratched the car?!
Nicely done. Nicely done.
So, when do we get to the fight scene?
[SCOFFS] You're not ready
to rehearse the sword fight.
You haven't earned it.
First, you must do the character work
and, you know, learn your lines.
Hmm, that's sad 'cause I really think
my character would love
to sword fight right now.
That's because you don't
know anything about theater.
Great actors fully immerse
themselves into their characters.
Like Laurence Olivier.
Who's Laurence Olivier?
[SIGHS] You're hopeless.
Okay, wait, wait.
Peter Pan is just such a big role
and all you guys are
so good and into this.
I-I don't want to let anyone down.
What are some of your favorite plays?
I like Batman.
We can work with that.
Think about Adam West.
When he plays Batman,
it's not just about
the pows and the thwaps.
He has to delve into
the tragic backstory
of Bruce Wayne and find his motivation
to become a millionaire
vigilante, you know?
Hmm, I can dig that.
Act One, Scene Three.
The shadow scene.
Is it there?
Must be somewhere. Shadow?
- Shadow?
- Peter Pan!
I-I saved your shadow for you.
Oh, I hope it isn't rumpled.
How did Nana get your shadow?
It jumped out at me the
other night at the window.
I come to listen to the stories.
My stories?
But they're all about you.
I know. That's why I like 'em.
I tell 'em to the Lost Boys.
And scene.
Not bad, Dean.
I-I was really trying to
get into the mind of Peter
and thinking, "Hmm. Who is my shadow?"
- You know?
- Alright, cool it.
You were good for two seconds.
We still have lots of work to do.
On to the next scene!
Put the sword down, Dean.
And when was the last time
you saw him in a black
neighborhood, huh?
Or any politician? Look,
I work for the state.
Now, let me be the one to tell you
none of them care about us black folk.
Well, my brothers, you are in luck
because the Congressman is on
his way down here to meet you all.
- You invited him?
- Well, I had to.
You weren't gonna give
him a chance on your own.
Ambushed by my very own son.
Why can't you use your
military training for good?
Like getting us a discount on tires.
Oh, hey, Bruce.
Hi, sir.
Good afternoon, everybody!
I'm your Congressman, Brad Baker.
Is this your establishment, sir?
From what Bruce tells me,
this is quite the community staple.
It sure is, Congressman.
Well, it is an honor to be here
with you fine gentlemen.
And thank you for inviting me, Bruce.
This is exactly the
type of outreach outlet
I was hoping for from
my new Community Liaison.
- What the hell is that?
- It's my new job title, Dad.
I'm here to listen to constituents
and help them solve
problems in the community.
You're working for them now?
Community outreach, huh?
Does that mean you fix potholes?
Forget the potholes.
You gotta think bigger.
Can you make some
parking tickets go away?
You know, better yet, can
you make Jefferson Street
go the other direction?
I'm trying to get to work faster.
Well, now now, can you
arrest some of them kids
in front of my house shuckin'
and jivin' all hours of the night?
Y'all are wasting your time.
This man is here for a
photo-op and some votes.
He's using us and Bruce.
Alright, Dad, that's enough.
Open your eyes, son.
Come here.
You can't see what he's doing
'cause you haven't been right
in your mind since you been back.
It's been one bad
decision after another
going back to the
military and getting hurt,
dating a divorced woman with a kid
What are you trying to say?
I'm just trying to understand
what's been going on with you.
I mean, people go over there
and a lot of things can happen.
Then they come back and
Are you saying that I'm shell-shocked?
I'm saying it would explain things.
Wow, that
It's easier for you
to think that I'm crazy
than to think that I
just have my own ideas
that are different from yours?
Now back to the Jefferson Street
going from north to south.
Man, I got some real complaints.
You know, we can talk about this later.
Get back to the game, man. You know.
I propose we leave for home at once.
Alright, boys. Alright.
I'm sure Mother would
be glad to have you.
That is if Peter doesn't mind.
Go on! Go back and grow up!
But I must warn you,
once you're grown-up,
you can never come back.
[LAUGHS] Bravo, thespians!
Bravo, Dean!
You have truly embodied
Peter's boyish charm.
Thanks, Mr. Cox.
Really been doing the work, you know?
Oh. And Karen's been guiding me.
Couldn't have done it without her.
Now, since our play conflicts
with the Homecoming game,
I have made an impassioned
plea to the principal
to let us perform a preview.
So now your friends will see
you at tomorrow's pep rally!
Isn't that thrilling?!
Uh-oh. My friends
weren't ready for this.
Oh, and the best part
is all of your costumes
will be done just in time.
Be ready for your cue to swing in.
Captain Hook, we will
never join your crew!
As you wish. Ladies first!
Goodbye, boys.
Be brave, brothers.
We'll try, Karen.
I me I mean, Wendy.
On with it!
Enough blubbering.
Peter Pan, please save us!
I-I said, "Peter Pan, please save us!"
Peter Pan.
Yep, I was so scared,
I glittered my pants.
I had escaped going down
with the pirate ship, but I
wasn't feeling good about it.
- Uh-oh.
- How could you just abandon us like that, Dean?
Aren't you glad I quit?
Now you can be Peter
Pan like you wanted.
But the play is just
better with us both.
You may have gotten
good at being Peter.
Thanks solely to me.
Well, thanks, Karen.
Um, I-I am really sorry I
ditched you guys like that.
I saw people laughing, and I panicked.
I-I mean, weren't you guys embarrassed?
[SIGHS] Of course we were,
but at least we were all in it together.
That part felt great.
What didn't feel good
was being ditched by our cast-mate.
That one hurt.
I knew what it felt like to be left out,
and I hated that I
made them feel that way.
Okay, I let this go
on as long as I could,
but you need to come inside.
And, little white girl,
here without your parents
or corroborating witnesses,
you need to head on home.
Let's get a move on, Speedy.
I'm due down at the barbershop.
Checkers can't cheat by theirselves.
I can't show my face in there
after that fight with Bruce.
- Maybe I'll just wear my hair long for a while.
Yeah, fellas still talking about that
little performance you and Bruce had.
Said it's the first time they'd
ever seen a black man turn red.
Can I give you some advice, son?
So I can know what not to do?
I'm not gonna handle
it the way you would.
You're my son, but we
think very differently.
Just like you and Bruce.
I just feel like the world is
changing so fast these days.
Kim and Dean have time
to figure it out still,
but Bruce just got thrown out there
and I don't know if he was ready.
I really think he's
making a bad decision.
Well, he might be, but sometimes
the only way they learn
is to let them make it.
Oh, maybe, but it ain't easy.
You're lucky. I've always had
a good head on my shoulders.
Now, you remember after high school,
you followed that girl
Hazel down to New Orleans?
You came back a month later, no money,
and no less than five
roots cast on your head.
I had pneumonia, Dad.
It's a legitimate illness.
Well, you tell that to your grandkids
when they come back with
shrunken voodoo heads
and little blue weenies.
After betraying my new friends,
I realized that I needed
to make a big gesture
to win back their trust.
No one calls Pan a coward and lives!
ALL: Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
Look, um, guys, I'm sorry
I ditched out on you at the pep rally.
That wasn't cool of me.
Not cool, cat, but we forgive you.
I don't forgive you
for that line reading.
I-I didn't feel enough menace.
Man, have we got work to do
if we're gonna get you
ready for opening night.
Down, boy.
Hi, son.
How's, uh, lifting weights going?
You sure you want to be down
here all alone with a crazy person?
I might hear the car backfire
and think you're the Viet Cong.
I deserve that.
But I don't think you're crazy,
and I'm sorry for making
you feel like I did.
Look, I know you think I
don't know what I'm doing,
but I'm really passionate about this.
I know you know what you're doing,
and honestly, I think that's
what's been bothering me.
That you don't need
me to help you decide.
I'm used to you coming to me
before you make big decisions,
like when you enlisted the first time.
Well, of course I still
want your advice, Dad.
No, no, I'm not asking for that.
This is how things are
supposed to happen
so you can become your own man.
I know I raised you to make
good decisions for yourself.
I did have some thoughts
about Nixon, though.
Supposed to
Okay, Dad. I was joking.
Dad, that's tight, man!
Come on, Dad, I was j
Oh, Michael! John!
We're home!
Cheerio, Peter!
We'll never forget you!
We're off!
Man the capstan and
hoist the anchors, boys.
A little help.
You were the best Peter Pan ever, baby.
Those 2 hours and 23
minutes really flew by.
Well, go say goodbye to your friends,
and we'll meet you by the car.
Any chance the ticket-taker
will give me my dime back?
Dean, you were great!
Maybe even better than I would've been.
Thanks, but no way. You
would have killed it.
You're probably right. [CHUCKLES]
But it was kinda more
fun doing it together.
Yeah. Way more fun.
C'mon now, y'all
it was 1969 in Alabama.
Stop playing.
Good Lord, I turn my
back for one second.
Dean, it's time to go. [CHUCKLES]
And, little white
girl, with your parents
and a whole slew of white witnesses,
Dean will see you at school.
Bye, Dean! See you around.
See you, Karen.
So it turned out Alabama was
ready for a black Peter Pan.
A black boy with a white girl, though?
Yeah, y'all were gonna
have to wait for the '80s
to roll around before
sitcoms would go there.
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