The Wonder Years (2021) s02e09 Episode Script

Happy Birthday, Clisby

getting ready to celebrate
Granddaddy Clisby's 75th birthday.
The man had seen it all.
He lived through two world wars,
the Great Depression,
and the invention of
airplanes and television.
But all that really
meant was that Granddaddy
had 75 years of things
to complain about.
[SIGHS] He's gonna hate it all.
W Bill, it's gonna be fine.
He won't hate it.
What I do know is that
he's gonna love his gift.
Can't go wrong with new fishing poles.
My dad was determined to give
Granddaddy Clisby a great birthday,
and I was determined to show him
that he could count on me to help.
He's here. Th-They're here.
Uh, places, everyone.
Y'all waiting on Jesus? [LAUGHS]
Kim, we rehearsed this.
The surprise is coming from over here.
If you want to surprise
me, comb your hair.
with all that grumbling.
They just wanted to show you
how much they appreciate you, honey.
Well, they can save it for my funeral.
Happy birthday to you ♪
- Happy ♪
Who is that? We didn't rehearse this.
MAN: Surprise!
My Uncle Melvin.
He was Dad's older and
very successful brother
who didn't come around much.
But when he did, Dad was different.
- Happy birthday, Dad.
- [CHUCKLES] Melvin!
- Hey.
- Get on over here!
- Oh.
- It's been years, honey.
- So good to lay my eyes on you.
- Hey, Mama.
Granddaddy Clisby hadn't
hugged my dad since his wedding.
My sister-cousin!
I thought you were just gonna call,
like you always do.
Are you kidding me?
There is no way I was gonna miss
my dad's 75th birthday. [LAUGHS]
We were on a father-daughter
college tour for Cassie,
and I made sure we were able to work it
around the celebration of the century.
Lord knows I'm used to siblings
that push you out of your element,
but I wasn't used to seeing my dad
have his own Kryptonite in the family.
Now, that's how you surprise somebody.
Now we got ourselves a party. [CHUCKLES]
Where's that cake?
Williams Insurance,
"Where you can be sure."
That's a good look for the family name.
- Yes, yes, yes.
Oh, man. Well, enough about me.
- Finally.
- Let's talk about my brilliant daughter.
Do you all know that she got
into five colleges already?
Go ahead. Tell 'em, muffin. Tell 'em.
I got into five colleges. [CHUCKLES]
Tell them about all the scholarships.
- Dad.
- Cass, let's go hang out in my room.
It's time for gifts.
LILLIAN: Yes, that's a great idea.
Now, it's hard picking the right thing
for someone like you,
Dad, but [LAUGHS]
Oh, wow.
- Hey!
- Ee!
I can't wait to take this down
to Old Man Johnson's lake
- Wow.
- and try this out.
- Thank you.
Oh. Sounds like my present
got here just in time.
Now, I hope you like it, Dad.
I-I wasn't quite sure about the color.
- Ah, come on.
- Oh, hey, that's t
- Oh, my
- Whoa. A car?
- For me?
- Let's try it out, Dad.
I told you Dad's not
allowed to drive anymore.
What's all these buttons?
Hey, Dad, let me drive you around
so I can show you how it all works.
See? I got it all under control.
This is the greatest gift of my life.
Thank you.
The fishing poles were nice, too.
Uh, that was the whole gift, right?
I was just checking in case a
boat came with it or something.
All I know ♪
Ohhh, through the highs and the lows ♪
I'mma find my way home ♪
- Wait, how are things with Jason?
In your last letter, it sounded
like it was getting pretty serious.
[SCOFFS] It's complicated.
Anyway, I want to hear about Kwame.
How is your militant squeeze?
Ugh. Don't even get me started.
- Thank the Lord I finally got over him.
- Ooh.
But let me tell you,
he was so good at
Girls, look what I found. [CHUCKLES]
This picture
from when the two of you were little
and Cassie stayed with us.
That's when you started
calling each other
"sister-cousins." [CHUCKLES]
Mm-hmm, yeah, we were cute.
But now look at the two of you
going off to college so soon.
I guess you don't want me
doing your hair anymore.
Eh? No, Mom. We're good.
But I was gonna ask Cassie
if she wanted to go to a pool party
at Alice's house later.
You two have fun.
Well, I-I don't have a bathing suit.
Oh, you can borrow one of mine.
I'm sure we're still
the same size. [CHUCKLES]
Actually, I think I'd like to stay here
and catch up with Aunt Lillian.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I'd love to talk to you about
pledging Tau Omega Epsilon.
I'm thinking about
pledging myself next year.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Kim has made it very clear
that she has no interest
in following in my footsteps.
[SIGHS] Well, y'all have fun with that.
Before you go, I want to see the
swimsuit you're gonna be wearing.
Now show me the one in your purse
you're gonna change
into when you get there.
- Good to hear that
- MELVIN: Mm, mm, mm.
Ooh. You can look, but do not touch.
Where you going dressed like that?
Well, I figured Dad might get a kick
out of driving his new wheels
to his favorite juke
joint down by the river.
I stopped Clisby from going there
ever since a fight broke
out over a card game,
and he came home
smelling like Birmingham.
I'll look after him, Mama.
No, I'll look after him,
'cause that's how it works
the 364 days you're not
here for his birthday.
He's not going down there drinking.
See? See? That's what I've
been trying to tell you.
He been treating me
like I was some child.
You literally lost your lunch
money down there last time,
but I'm treating you like a child?
Come on, Bill. Let
the man have some fun.
He can be like you when he gets older.
- If he wants to go out,
we can go to the jazz club
on Cherry Street instead.
I know a few fellas playing tonight,
so I can get us a good table
near the front. [LAUGHS]
You know, sitting closer
to something boring
doesn't make it less boring.
Okay. Fine.
But I am not wasting
my good shirt on jazz.
You haven't been here in a
while, so you wouldn't know this,
but Dad's grown to
appreciate good music.
If you start clapping in the middle,
they'll stop playing.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
Hey, Bill, gentlemen.
I know the band would love to have you
sit in with them for a number.
Well, I guess I could do one song.
Being ditched made my dad feel bad
but not half as bad when he
realized they hadn't paid the tab.
Oh! I was the tail dog,
which means I got to bring
up the end of the line.
You are looking at the best
stepper to cross that spring.
- Oh.
- Mm.
What? What? Am I doing it wrong?
Yes. And that is not for you.
That is only for the young ladies
who cross the burning sands.
Oh! It'll be so nice to have
someone to pass all this down to.
[CHUCKLES] Kim, I didn't see you there.
I was just showing Cassie
some steps from my probate show.
[LAUGHS] Join us.
Oh, no, no.
I'd hate to ruin all
the fun you're having.
I'll just go to my room.
What's this for?
For people who ask too many questions.
You are on a streak, Dad!
I can't believe you left
in the middle of my set!
That was just the middle?
Melvin, this is exactly
what Mama told us not to do.
Bill, it's our dad's birthday.
Let the man have some fun.
The last time he came here, he
slept for three days straight.
And as happy as Mama was,
by day two, she was worried.
- BOTH: Ma'am.
- Hey, fellas.
Billy, it's only one night, man.
That's the point. You're
only here for one night.
I've been taking care of him for years.
Oh, here we go again.
Hey, hey, hey.
Y'all need to take this outside.
Someone complained that
y'all bringing the joint down.
Who's complaining?
The man in the hat.
Cassie said she let her English teacher
go over her application essays.
I think that's a good tip for you.
Sorry I'm not as perfect as Cassie.
Well, she did get into five colleges.
Was it something that you ate?
Uh, on the road? [SIGHS]
Well, your Uncle Bill should
have your father home soon.
No. Please don't tell him.
But if you're sick, I think
your dad needs to know.
No, Aunt Lillian, you
can't tell my parents.
Cassie, honey
are you pregnant?
Well, I'll take that as a yes.
This should settle your stomach.
So, how long has it been
since you had your monthly visitor?
You can say "period," Mom.
I don't know how it happened.
I peed after sex like I was supposed to.
- Ooh, child.
- Five colleges, huh?
You're gonna have to tell
your parents eventually.
W-Well, maybe not.
There are other options.
Kim, stop.
She is not a white girl in Minnesota.
This is Alabama.
Have you thought about
what you're gonna do?
Yes, of course.
I'm gonna do what I always was gonna do.
I'm going to finish high school,
and I'm gonna go to college next year,
and I'm gonna major in biology
Please don't tell my dad.
He will kill me.
I won't say anything
if you promise to tell
your parents yourself.
I'm sure they'll be more
understanding than you think.
Oh, please. Like you'd be
so understanding if it were me.
Kim, hush.
Cassie, why don't you sleep on it?
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
We'll come up with a plan.
- You got something you wanna say to me?
- Yeah.
I got something to say, but
you don't want to hear it.
Nah, go ahead. Try me.
Let's start with you
showing up unannounced
after I spent the last
month planning Daddy's party.
Oh, I didn't think I needed to
announce myself to my family.
You announce everything else.
You always bragging about your job,
your house, your daughter.
Come on, admit it.
You're just jealous that I
got Dad a car and you didn't.
- It ain't about that.
- It's not?
It's about everything.
I'm tired of being the
one doing all the work
- and you getting all the glory.
- Come on.
J-Just stop it with
the pity party, Billy.
Making it sound like you
were left to do all the work.
You had every opportunity
to leave like I did,
but you were too damn
afraid and I wasn't.
- Pssh.
- Huh?
- Pssh.
- Ah, ah?
You were afraid to stay
'cause you couldn't
handle the hard stuff.
No hard conversations,
no hard decisions.
Didn't want anybody to see you
for the sorry joker that you are.
- Pssh.
- What was that?
I can handle whatever.
I've got the keys. I'm driving him.
Oh, you want the keys, Billy?
You want the keys, take 'em.
You know what, Melvin? We too old for
Ah, ah, ah. Oh, you too slow, Joe.
And that's what I think about
that stupid car that nobody needs!
You threw my keys in the river.
- Well
- You still petty.
- Well
- You so damn petty.
Oh, that's where I get it from.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey!
Hey, we gotta get out of here, fast!
Get the keys! Get the car! Now!
Y'all come on in here and eat now.
- CLISBY: Come on, now.
- Right now.
I've been here since 6:00 this morning.
Are we going fishing or not?
Why don't you have Melvin take you
in that fancy car,
since he's never here?
No, I think you should go with Bill,
since Dad can't seem to
do anything without you.
Would you boys stop fighting?
You're ruining my birthday celebration.
Do you remember what we made the boys do
when they were little
and couldn't get along?
- That's That's a good idea.
- Come on.
Bill, Melvin, we're waiting.
- You can't be serious.
- We're not kids anymore.
Hold it.
- Oh.
- Well, Bill probably
doesn't even remember the words.
BILL: I remember it better than you.
Yeah? Alright, well, we'll see.
Um, I used to start with
Like the wallpaper
sticks to the wall ♪
No, I went first.
No, I believe the oldest went first.
Fine. Whatever you say.
I did the jazz hands, then you came in.
Yeah, you would say that.
Then I sing what's
supposed to be your part.
Like the seashore clings to the sea ♪
Now, if if you're gonna
what's supposed to be my line,
at least get it right.
- Fine.
- Fine.
Like you'll never
get rid of your shadow ♪
- Billy ♪
- Melvin ♪
- You'll never get rid of me ♪
Let all the others fight and fuss ♪
Whatever happens ♪
We've got us ♪
Still got it. [LAUGHS]
- I love it.
- That's what I like to see.
That was good.
Hey, uh, well, I've got some news.
I've decided to go to Uncle
Bill's school for college,
and maybe I can stay
in Montgomery with them.
But you haven't finished
looking at the schools yet.
W-Well, think about how much
of a convenience it would be,
and, uh, we would save money for dorms.
We don't need to think about money.
You got into much better schools.
There's no reason for you to settle.
Excuse me, I teach at that school.
I didn't mean it like that, but, Bill,
she got into some really good schools.
She can get just as
good an education here.
You don't gotta leave
Montgomery to do well.
Would you stop making this about you?
Like you'll never get
rid of your shadow ♪
Not now, Dean.
I can't believe I ever
thought he would change.
you may need to cut him some slack.
What do you mean?
Hey, sister-cousin.
Hey, sister-cousin.
So, when my mom said
to come up with a plan,
I don't think she meant
you moving in with us.
Anything to put off telling my parents.
Well, you know you're
gonna have to tell them.
One time, I skipped
vacation bible school
to ride with my friend
Pam to a rally in Mobile.
We almost got away with it,
but we ended up in a ditch
somewhere between
Greenville and Bolling,
and it was getting dark.
Pam refused to call her parents,
so I walked to the nearest payphone,
said a prayer, and called home.
My dad answered.
I just knew he was gonna be mad.
But he stayed calm,
then he came and picked me up.
So he wasn't mad?
- Oh, he was furious.
Daddy made me clean the
whole house and the church
for three weeks.
But when he picked me up,
he said he was glad that I called him
and that I can always call home.
I realized I should
have come clean earlier,
before things got scary.
In spite of what I said before,
I know they'll always be there for me,
no matter what I do.
And I
I will be there for you.
We can tell Uncle Melvin together.
Thank you.
But I
I need to do this by myself.
Phew! [LAUGHS]
I mean, I was gonna do it,
but I was not gonna be helpful.
- Are you sure you have to leave so soon?
- Yeah.
You know, I thought they could survive
without me in the office for three days,
but apparently, everything
is falling to pieces.
Mm-hmm. [CHUCKLES]
I know it wasn't easy. I'm proud of you.
And proud of Kim for
not spilling the beans.
That's like a junkie
not stealing a hubcap.
Promise me we'll keep writing.
- And I promise not to leave anything out next time.
- Bye, sister-cousin.
- Mm.
I'll take that.
Well, we're glad to have seen
you for as long as we did.
[DOOR OPENS] I haven't
had so much fun in a while.
You know, I'm sorry you
couldn't keep the car, Dad.
I'm sure if it was
up to you, I could've.
- Yes, that's right.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, we go to get going.
Cassie has three more schools
to see before we get home.
At that moment, my dad was tempted
to bust him about their secret.
I mean, it was the perfect opportunity.
It's a big decision.
- I know it's gonna work out for the best.
- Sure enough.
But Daddy chose to take the high road.
Superheroes always come back
around and do the right thing.
And about that stuff from earlier
Maybe I do get a little
jealous sometimes.
But I'm proud of my big brother.
You know, I appreciate that
- Bill.
And since we're coming clean
you know, nobody does
jazz hands quite like you.
Ah, come here.
- Alright.
- Come here.
Kids have no idea just how much
adults are still figuring things out.
- I'll see you guys later.
- Alright.
They deal with all the
things kids deal with
jealousy, insecurities,
sibling rivalries.
I had no idea what was going
on with my cousin Cassie
until a few years later when I saw her
and she introduced me
to her "little brother."
That's right.
Uncle Melvin and Aunt Patrice raised him
while Cassie went away to college.
Oh, what happens to them all ♪
For the people who did
know what was going on
that trip left an impression on them.
Do they thank God for another day? ♪
My dad finally realized
that his role in
Granddaddy Clisby's life
was just as valuable
as his brother's role,
and that it's okay to
step out of that role
- every now and then.
I'm almost done.
Oh, what happens ♪
Those are looking good.
To them all ♪
Mom realized it was
best to give Kim space.
In her own way.
- Watch.
- And I learned that sons
never stop wanting
their father's approval,
whether your father's
75 like Granddaddy Clisby
or however old Daddy was.
I don't know. Like Like 70?
You're never get into my fraternity
if you can't do a simple step.
Maybe you need to find
out what the paddle's for.
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