The World at War s01e20 Episode Script

Genocide (1941 - 1945)

That why we pass it will be difficult to even understand for our contemporaries e does not stop the generations that they had not lived at that time.
The World in War Genocide National-Socialist in Munique.
The diligent employee that now he arrived himself at the front already it was distinguished of the remains.
It will go to be promoted and to assume one position of great responsibility.
It is Heinrich Himmler.
Who will be Himmler it will refine the Nazista Philosophy.
Its ideals on Politics and Race.
Hitler nominated it "Reichsführer" of the SS When it wanted to sign up me, the responsible one asked to me if already he had been welded.
I answered to it:"I was yes, Sir.
In the World War I".
It asked to me if it had some medal for bravery.
"Yes, Sir", I answered.
He asked which to me.
It said to it that had the Cross of Iron, of first and second classroom e that had served in Guarda Staff of the Kaiser.
Then it said: "As a guard existed of the elite in the time of the Kaiser, also it has now in the New Movement.
They are the SS.
It had to be signed up in the SS".
I left myself to convince, e was as soon as for perhaps of the destination, I was to stop in the SS e I became aid of Himmler.
The guard of the elite dreamed for Himmler it was established in a lendário past, in the culture of Germany Aryan, older.
When the Nazistas had gone up to the power in 1933, it could place its ideas in practical.
Himmler had been considered to materialize a dream.
It would inspire a new to awake of the germanic race in the seio of the German people.
It would be German youth materialize this dream.
They had the courage and the force necessary for such.
Outdoors, exercise and a good feeding they would strenghten the blood, the body and the spirit.
It did not have limits for what healthful young could make.
E the dream had a pseudo-scientific base: the Neo-Darwinismo, divulged in films as this.
"Only strongest they survive".
"The weak ones lose".
After all, the law of the Nature was this.
The agriculturists knew very well of this.
Some horses were created stop to run, others to cultivate the land.
Because the human beings not they would have to also have pedigree? It was the hour to create a new race, most adapted.
A race of super-heroes.
It did not have none in this badly.
The idea was to come back to one more natural order of things but always through a concept race positive, whose qualities we wanted to perfect and to reproduce.
Never with the idea, such never occurred in them, to contemplate arrogantly the extermination of somebody that it had not been born with the white skin, or that it was culturally inferior we, or undesirable.
The SS.
They were strongest, purest, most terrible.
They would make more than what only to survive.
With Himmler to lead them, they would create a racially superior Europe.
The SS were based on the model of the Order of the Jesuits, the guard of the elite of the Church Catholic.
Himmler was felt inspired very in its hierarchy, the election e leadership austere e in the applied punishments.
It was the proper Himmler that it presided over to the oath of obedience until a death.
Subtle they had been led to believe that they were the Children of the Light, that they had that to fight against the forces of the Darknesses.
E that was its duty to be always the service of the Nation, e, in a ampler direction, the service of the New European Order.
"The work frees us".
It is read in the gates of Dachau, a concentration camp model.
The SS were the instrument of terror of Hitler in the creation of the "New Order".
It was, therefore, natural that they were they to manage the fields.
Its first prisoners they had been the enemies of the Nazista Regimen.
For reasons religious politicians and, as well as racial.
The SS practiced its brutality reducing its victims to one condition of total subserviência e depriving them of proper identity: They did not have names.
only numbers.
September of 1935.
The Laws of Nuremberg.
In the Reichstag, Herman Goering announced the purpose of the "Law of the Citizenship" e of the "Law for the Protection of the Honor and the German Blood": "The pure ones could not join with the impure ones".
From then on they were forbidden the Inter-racial unions e the sexual relations between pure Aryans and the impure Jews.
Appealing the feelings and values deeply taken root in the European Christian culture the Nazista propaganda created the caricature of the "Jewish Pig": Dishonest, calculating, userer subversive communist e.
Abjectos, dirty and racially inferior: "We do not want Jews here" But for the leaders who they wanted a joined nation expiatórios ideals were bodes against which to join the people.
In the Jewish school, boys they were leant in the black picture while its colleagues they designated the differences.
The German children learned to disdain the Jewish culture, indolent and pernicious, e to be been proud of its proper one force, of its "pureness".
Young come of all Germany they had been concentrated in Landsberg, the castle where Hitler, while prisoner, it had conceived its theory on a dominant Aryan Race.
Hitler dreams of a youth fierce as animal.
Unprovided of the ideals of Christian compassion e of other moral weaknesses that they had been extirpadas to it, this youth was now you give to reach the majority.
November of 1938.
The synagogs they arderam in the "Crystal Night".
In the following morning, all Jews of the masculine sex they had been lead for concentration camps.
The Jews were isolated, abandoning for all.
It was in the hour to leave of the country.
If they obtained.
Few had been the countries that had opened the doors to the Jews.
E to be left Germany it had many bureaucratic impediments.
The Jews had that to pay additions raised for exit visas gotten the cost of employees of the State as Adolf Eichmann.
I asked to the Eichmann: "If they want to go even so, because she does not facilitate the life?" "We do not want them here e they want to go even so".
Eichmann organized everything e fêz of the form that I had thought.
It had a representative of the Service of Passports, one of the Finances another one of the company maritime e several of the Transports.
E the Jews that wanted to emigrate the visas could now get all necessary in less than two hours e to go even so.
E, as I already said, one day Eichmann was turned toward me and said: "You are who you invented the Service of Emigration for Jews".
January of 1939.
Hitler threat to advance with a new solution for the problem of the Jews.
"If Germany to enter another time in war because of the Jews, this will be the end of the Jews in the Europe".
September of 1939.
Germany attacks the Poland.
The victorious troops march on Warsaw.
The Poland will be colonized.
Its population is not Aryan.
She is composed for Jewish Slavs and.
I remember myself that to the front it came a German band.
For me it was amused.
It was happy.
I remember that until I beat palms.
Soldiers German, helped for some Poles, they spank Jews in the streets.
The Nazistas establishes soon a regimen of terror in the Poland.
Who resisted, it was opposed or it replied was immediately risked to be executed it.
It has thousand of public hangings.
The entire Poland sets in march to be reinventada with base in racial criteria.
Of germanic origin they go for Germany, e the Poles are confined in specific areas, forced to work as enslaved in its proper country.
In the tail of this mass human being, they are the Jews.
He was intentionally that they will have that to always use the Star of David.
The infractors severely will be punished.
With the star, easily they are identified.
The Jews had started the war, that they cleaned the destroços now.
The chambers of the Nazista propaganda they could now show to the country as they had rank finally the Jews working honest to gain its bread of each day.
My mother, who rests in peace, it asked for to me to go to the bakery e to be the entire night there until obtaining a form bread so that we had what to eat in the following day.
When I arrived there, already it had a multitude in the line.
It had Polish children, you do not mistreat, running in the way them people.
They pointed with respect to each person and they said: Of the Jude, the Jude.
"This is Jewish, this is Jewish".
Of the Jude.
So that these people were banish from the line e did not obtain bread.
Finally my time arrived.
I turned and vi that it knew one of the youngsters.
It said to it in Pole: "What you are making" The reply of it was: "I am not its friend.
you are Jewish, I you do not know you".
In 1940, Germany it attacked the Europe Occidental person.
The SS also were there.
Here also, they had spread the terror.
But not with as much cruelty as in the East of the Europe.
Many of the occidental people also were Aryan.
In the Poland, in 1940 and 1941, the Jews had been confined the ghettos fellow creatures you would mistreat to them medieval.
I and my father catch in one wagon that we had constructed e in them we put the way.
It had thousand, sets of ten of thousand of people walking for the streets loading its pertaining ones.
Some in the head, others in the coasts or the shoulders.
It had children, old, you drink.
All in march.
as in the Exodus of our people of Egypt.
The ghettos had been surrounded with barbed wire and high walls.
In Warsaw, the ghetto was divided in two for a road on which it had a bridge Jewish to cross them.
It only had two wells in the ghetto.
It was a small ghetto.
When we arrive at the ghetto they had placed three families with children for cubículo.
In one room, three families with children.
never we slept.
"Rations of hunger".
The food contraband he was severely punished.
Who resisted or tried to run away he was public executed.
June of 1941.
Germany attacks Russia.
The shock troops of the SS they form the front squad.
Another racial war is followed.
More displacements, deportations in mass and forced emigration.
It is the war against the sub-human beings, against the Slavs and the Jews.
millions of Jews.
We collect 3 million Jews, in round numbers, the Poland.
Soon after this, we initiate the Russian campaign e we collect more 5 million of Jews in Russia.
Quickly we went to obtain to dislocate these eight million for the conventional methods, too much delayed and tiring? E with the war, the linkings were cut.
We did not have exit.
How to get rid itself of as many Jews? It only remained an alternative:to kill all.
The task was initiated by "death squads" of the SS, the Einsatzgruppen.
They were shooting on us.
Already it had people deceased in the soil.
My son was always in mine col.
I do not know where I arranged forces.
So I was grasped that he did not leave me to undress me.
It said me:"We go to run away, are in killing.
Because here we are stopped? Because she is that the people do not run away, because they are stops here?" I said to it.
He almost did not obtain to speak, but I find that it said to it: "For where we would go to run away" Some people had tried to run away, but caught they them.
It had many Germans in watching.
Germans and not only.
Also they had brought not-Jews of the cities it stops watching in them.
It had a species of policy.
We did not have another alternative senão undressing in them.
There they were about five hundred people, in the total.
Finally our time arrived.
Vi my father dead the shot.
My mother also was deceased.
E my sisters also.
My sister was very pretty, he was lindíssima.
The German looked at it in the eyes e it begged it saved that it.
"It does not kill me! It leaves me to live" But it did not serve you are welcome.
They had killed it.
Later my time arrived.
It had my son to the col.
They had said me for pô it knot soil.
She wanted to make it, but it did not leave.
It hid the head stops not to see what they went to make.
Pulled out it to the force, if I remember and pô it of foot well.
Later it shot.
or not.
I way nor did not hear nothing.
Later it shot against me.
I was stop there and I heard a shot.
It did not reach me.
Later it had another shot e I fell.
She was lying there in the ditch.
com the sensation of that it was feeling some thing.
I did not believe.
It could not to believe that she was alive.
She was lying in a blood puddle, in one it has been valid full blood.
E was as soon as passed the night, corpse cover.
In August of 1941, Himmler visited a field of concentration close to Minsk.
He was full of Jews, Russian prisoners of war e others that went to be died.
The Reichsführer of the SS it asked for to attend the executions.
She had been excavated an open hollow.
They had that to jump there for inside e to lie down itself of belly for low.
When already they had been executed one or two lines they had to lie down itself on deceased.
E later was whitened from above of the ditch.
Himmler never had seen corpses.
E, in its curiosity, one set exactly to the side of the ditch that it was a species of hole, triangular, looking at there for low.
E while it looked at there for low, it had deserved bad luck to be with the sprinkled coat with the marrows of some of deceased e I find that also it was with the sprinkled face.
Suddenly, he was green and pale.
It did not arrive to vomit, but it was with nauseas e seemed that it went to fall.
I had to jump front and to hold it e later I took it from there.
Finished the execution, Himmler congregated the commanders of the execution by firing-squad squad.
One set of foot in the car to be higher e to be able to see the unit all, e made a speech.
It said that it could not to alliviate them of that duty, that it could not save them, in the interest of the Reich.
That in this "Reich of a thousand Years", in its first decisive war after to have taken the power, they would have to fulfill its duty.
But these executions were clean, tense and little inefficient.
A so great enterprise it required a careful planning.
In Wannsee, January of 1942, Heydrich, the aid of Himmler, it convoked a conference.
They had been representative gifts of some Departments of State, between them, of the Ministry of Justice and the Transports.
Acts and lists had been cultivated of Jews of each country.
In the Poland, more than two million, in the Norway, a thousand and three hundred, in England, 330 a thousand e in Russia, five million.
Total:more than 11 million Jews.
Eichmann, with its experience in the transports it was nominated responsible by the Solution End of the Problem of the Jews.
It are determined that all the Jews of the Europe they would be died for gas.
For all the busy Europe it had concentration camps based in the field model of Dachau.
The fields were not only a terror instrument, also they played a role important in the war effort thanks to the work fields that it they were associates.
Now they would be also the way to put in practical the Final Solution.
In the busy East they had been constructed new fields special e the old ones, equipped with new industrial installations.
They would be plants to kill human beings to the millions, to use to advantage the excesses e to eliminate the residues.
They were placed next to railway lines to facilitate the transport.
Eichmann freighted material circulating of the National Railroads.
The biggest field of all was raised next to the main railway line that it bound to Cracóvia Vienna, in the outskirts of the Polish city of Oswiecim.
In the Summer of 1942, Himmler visited Auschwitz stops to verify the made progressos, to see, by itself, as the works went.
The workmanships well were directed e already had been chosen manufacturers after public licitation.
The plans and plants for the news gas chambers and crematórios already they were ready for inspection with its chimneys carefully drawn e patented special furnaces.
In the exterior, the laborers of enslaved construction, workers, they were strengthenn for fulfilling the stated periods under the hot sun of the Summer.
The death for gas would be made with poison capsules developed from one commercial pesticide, the Zyclon-B.
The capsules were spread through a grate in the ceiling e, in contact with air, they freed cianidrico gas.
In the busy territories, the Jews had been mobilized.
In some countries, as in Holland, the image, it did not have atropelos.
The Jews they had congregated themselves to be "dislocated" of ordeira form, guaranteed for its proper communitarian leaders.
For backwards of everything they were the SS and the Gestapo.
Everywhere, it was said the Jews, e they had wanted to believe, that they would go "to be dislocated" for other areas.
In the ghettos of the East where the hunger grassava the ones that if they offered to go received bread.
To escape to the hunger, some even they had paid for the train trip.
Stuned and escorted for armed guards they had been directed for the station.
The load wagons were to its wait.
It had welded in the platform.
The people had embarked.
Badly we enter, then they had locked the wagons.
The people had started to cry out despaired.
In Pole, iídiche and German.
The people begged, cried out: "We do not have air" "We are suffocating, we are suffocating, we are suffocating".
Suddenly, we saw in them in a hell on wheels.
The people already were not worried nor with the past, nor with the future, but yes in surviving to the trip.
The first ones to faint had been the children, the women and the old ones.
All had fallen as flies, accurately as flies.
My father was to my side.
Suddenly, I saw to fall it.
It had fainted.
I cried out:"Father! Father" He was then that vi a piece wooden in the soil.
I caught in it and I started to beat in people as if were a baton.
I started to beat in the people that they were of foot to my return so that they were moved away e my father could be arisen.
I remember that I did not import myself with the suffering of them, nor with its shouts or threats.
It only wanted that my father if raised.
We had read the name "Auschwitz", writing in the trucks.
One says trucks or wagons? Trucks? But none of us wise person what she wanted to say Auschwitz.
Vi two you surround of barbed wire, that they were, obviously, electrified.
Later vi a line of people with carbines e a line of dogs.
Dogs very disciplined.
But more curious of what it was worried.
I did not think that they were to kill me therefore it did not see reason for such.
Destrancaram the wagon and had opened the doors.
E had as soon as opened them a air gust entered.
He was excellent.
We start to remove corpses but, suddenly, we hear voices.
Fast! Fast! For it are! For it are! It was there that I felt fear for the first time.
It knows reason? Because vi enormous flames until the o sky e I felt one I smell stranger.
I smell it seemed it of when mine mother left to burn the chicken.
In the platform, to its wait, a committee of reception of the SS The just-fond ones had been divided in two groups e citizens to a fast examination for the doctors of the field.
The ones that was apt stop to work they were of a side.
Of the other side, the others were all.
The old ones.
The sick people.
The cripples.
Pregnant mothers.
E women with children.
Some suspect worse.
A majority nor distrusts.
For a mother, to hear of the mouth of somebody that, after that terrible trip, its children go to be died for gas it is a perfectly revoltante thought.
After everything what it suffered it comes an outlaw to say to it that it goes to suffer still more.
The woman was soon to speak with an officer and she said to it: "Sir, this man says that they go to asfixiar with gas my children".
What it answered:"Mine lady, finds that we are barbarous?" To that they went to be died for gas it was said that they went to be disinfected before starting to work.
Later if they would congregate with its families.
They had waited the time, to the times during hours.
Höblinger asked to me:"Richard he wants to attend the procedure?" I answered that yes e it said it would take that me with it in this night.
The just-fond ones had that to undress e when already one had entered certain number closed the doors.
Three times had made this.
E, to each time, the Höblinger had to go to the ambulance to search a can.
He was one of the Block Führers of the SS that dealt with this.
Later the stairs went up up there and it had a round hole.
It opened an iron door e agitated the can for inside there.
Later it came back to close the door.
In this height terrible shouts had heard.
Passed about ten minutes it came back to become silence.
It said to the Höblinger that it wanted to see to remove them the bodies and we were there.
When they had opened the door, were the prisoners who made this, it left a blue mist.
I looked at there for inside and vi a pyramid.
They had gone up superficially of the others to arrive up there.
They were all accumulated in a pyramid.
The stack finished in a tip.
Later the prisoners they had had that to undo the stack.
They had had that to pull with much force to free the bodies.
We come back toward the forecourt where the last group was undressing, the ones that had obtained to be stop backwards.
The prisoners had had to go to see if he had hidden children.
They had grasped them it the force, they had opened the doors quickly e had shot them all there stops inside and they had closed the doors.
"I find that I go to vomit", I said.
"Saint Deus! Never vi nothing thus.
That is absolutely horrible!" When they shot the children there for inside, the people started to cry out therefore they apercebiam themselves of what she went to happen.
It said the Karl to sairmos from there, that it did not aguentava to see that.
It said:"With the time in we accustom to everything".
Some, strongest, more young was ranks to work.
until dying.
Some died of exhaustion, others were spanked until a death, e others, already too much tired to work, they were died for gas.
The prisoners had still another utility: guineapigs in medical experiences.
Some, with the changed back heart they had preferred to die in the fence electrified.
Of the side of of this it surrounds there, they were the men of the SS free to be congregated to its families after one day of work.
I remember to pass for a group of ten a thousand naked women in one morning cold.
Already they were ready to go up in the trucks e all they knew that already they were prisoners e that would now go to be deceased for gas.
But they were in silence.
I find that the people finish if conforming with the death.
But when they had bound the engine of the camião, that racket generated the panic between the women e a terrible sound echoed of those trucks.
They were the desperation shouts of thousand of young women that already the skeletons were reduced.
They tried uselessly despaired and.
therefore they knew that did not have any possibility, to jump of the trucks that went to take them for the gas chambers.
But these were to less of one kilometer e the ovens already were lighted, already the flames were seen.
That is, already it was all chemical preparation.
In this hour, Moshe, the son of the Rabi it asked for to its God: "God, shows Your power to them.
They are sinning against you also".
But nothing it happened.
Then it said:"God does not exist".
Costumávamos to ask: "Where it is the remaining portion world? Where they are U.
, where it is Russia? It will be that they do not know what if it passes in the extermínio fields?" It is clearly that it had many indications of the persecution that had been made the Jews before the war starting, in hitleriana Germany.
E later, to the measure that the war progressed they had started to be divulged stories horrible.
At the outset it was very difficult to confirm its veracity.
They were so horrible that it cost to believe that they could be true.
Between the prisoners it appeared a resistance movement.
They had made to pass photos for the exterior, begging it helps the great powers.
The tests were so exhausting that it was impossible not to believe them.
E we decide that one of the measures to take it was to make a joint tax return in each one of ours capitals, at the same time, divulging the information that we had e the extension of the horror that he was being perpetrated.
E also, affirming ours repudiation for such acts e our determination in punishing the responsible ones when the war finished.
E really we arrive at an agreement, after some negotiations.
We were close to the 1942 end, when I displayed the situation in the House of commons.
E I must say that mine declarations had had an impact, very bigger of what it waited.
E the president of the Parliament at the time, Algy Fitzroy, it was arisen and it asked for to the Chamber that if raised if it wanted to express its solidarity e the Chamber was arisen in weight.
I remember myself that Lloyd George it came until me in the end and said: "In all my years of Parliament it had never seen nothing thus".
Very I was impressed and also.
It was the minimum that we could make.
In April of 1943, the Jews of the ghetto of Warsaw sublevaram themselves led for young that they knew the truth on the "displacement" e was determined to fight.
Lamentably, they had few weapons.
They had fought with courage.
The Germans had delayed thirty and three days to overwhelm the ghetto.
The survivors partilharam the destination of that they had left, without offering resistance, before them.
Theresienstadt, the field of dislocated of façade of the Nazista regimen intensely it was divulged.
This film of propaganda made in 1943, it was destined to show to the German public e to the International Red Cross "true" the conditions that they existed in the dislocated fields of.
When this film was divulged, the majority of these people already they had been deceased in the chambers of gas of Auschwitz.
In 1944, the Germans were losing the war.
The SS had sped up the rhythm of the extermínio.
Now, the railway lines lead directly to the gas chambers.
They did not stop to arrive trains of Italy, of Greece and the Hungria.
They had taken them for crematórios three and four.
E we saw an authentic hell in the Land there.
It had corpse mountains e people dragging for an enormous ditch, with about 30 length m width e 10.
It had a great fogueira with tree trunks.
Of the other side, they were collecting fat of the ditch, with a bucket.
We had to soon start to work.
Four of us we catch in one of the bodies, but the men of the SS had come e had said that not, that we had to take one each one.
E had shown them as to make with a simple wooden pole.
We had to thread the pole below of the chin, in the neck of the corpse e to drag it until a has been valid as an old rag or a trunk.
To the side of the ditch it had people pushing the bodies there for inside.
Some men of my group if had played.
They had jumped for inside of the ditch, livings creature.
They had preferred to die burnt to make that work.
Four or five only had men of the SS, to all.
They were so well organized that they were not necessary more.
It had you surround electric e after them, it had guards.
It was impossible to run away.
After, they had one week taken me a night for crematório one.
There, the work was more mechanic.
It had chuveiros for the side all, as in a health-resort.
The people joined all underneath of the chuveiros.
They did not know it waited what them.
The ones that they knew, nor wanted to believe there that they went to be poisoned.
Two a thousand, two a thousand placed about e five hundred people there inside.
As she did not have space, the children they were plays on the people.
They were former-combatants.
They opened the military ballots to show that they had fought in the World War I received e all the type of distinctions and medals.
They cried out:"We fight for Germany and now goes killing in them? It is not possible, that is inadmissible!" But they only laugh.
The men of the SS did not take them the serious one.
They laugh at them.
I helped some that not they obtained to undress alone.
It had many of us helping.
I spoke with the people.
Some were known mine.
But it did not approach me to them for not recognizing me.
Who never passed for a thing of these it does not imagine what it is the desire of living.
What it means a life moment.
Any person, without exception, it is capable them worse things, to only have plus one minute of life.
Many women aborted during the gas ingestion.
The people attacked themselves and arranhavam themselves.
It had marks of nails in the bodies.
All wanted to survive, but there this impossible age.
We enter to remove the bodies.
We hoist them in elevators until the ovens.
Next to the ovens, in from above floor, it had a man that he removed the gold teeth and sets of teeth.
Rapavam the hair of the women e looked values in the parts closest.
Especially in the women.
In the ovens, the bodies they burnt in 15 minutes.
They only remained some leached ashes of all those bodies.
The industry of the death generated some useful excesses.
The hair of the women was ensacado, the melted gold teeth e the artificial members e the lenses of eyeglasses recycled and they were used to advantage for the machine of German war.
It was everything used to advantage.
In July of 1944, the Russians had freed Lublin, in the East of the Poland.
There close, the field was placed of extermínio of Majdanek, where thousand sets of ten of people they had died.
The tests of the horror were beside the point evidentes.
Only the 270 km from there, the ovens of Auschwitz were more active of what never.
It had two turns, of the six of the morning to the six of the afternoon.
It was back in the night where they had brought the gypsies for burn them.
To kill them with gas.
It was horrible.
The shouts were deafening.
The shouts in bunker, the crematório e in the gas chamber was horrible.
Still today I ask myself as he is that God did not hear them.
The German army was now withdrawing in all the fronts leaving behind itself a track of flames and destruction.
They had tried to destroy the vestiges of the fields dismantling railway ways e other equipment.
But Himmler continued to stimulate the superior race to fight.
The defeat was impensável.
Its mission was not concluded.
The Eichmann said me that until there already six million people had died.
Four million in fields of concentration and similar e two executed million for the Einsatz Kommandos.
I was absolutely amazement.
Wise person that had died many people, but six million! Then said it me:"And he sees that the Himmler still finds little".
The Himmler found that they had been more people e created a special unit of statisticians person in charge to confirm the deceased number.
The Russians had arrived the Auschwitz in January of 1945.
The Germans had transferred the majority of the prisoners in return for Germany.
Some people, too much old or sick people to dislocate itself they remained in the field.
Also they remained the vestiges of that they had been there.
Later, it was the time of the fields situated in proper Germany.
Where, at this time, the survivors of the fields of extermínio had been abandoned.
The fields smelled the bodies in decomposition, e cólera and tifo grassavam.
Many of that they had been rescued they would finish losing.
Some had survived to count history.
When the Americans had arrived, he weighed 42 kilos.
It was alone skin and bones.
It walked for the naked field.
It had a belt with a plate, a spoon and a gun.
It was everything what possuía when of the release.
I give favors per each day where I continue alive, because every day they are valuable.
It could say that today I have 27 years of age.
The years that I lived before the field do not count, therefore I died in the field e renasci after the release.