The Wrong Girl (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 - Kiss me back.
- (SIGHS) Are you sure you wanna do this? We've been friends for a really long time.
I think I missed part of the story.
Why was it a disaster? He's been shagging someone else.
You're too scared to commit to anything.
You just wait, in 10 years' time, you'll still be working in a coffee shop.
Is this about you and me hooking up the other night, because if it is, it really wasn't worth it.
This guy, Jack Winters.
A chef, totally hot, totally manly.
- I want you to come and do our show.
- Why? Because if you don't, I will lose my job.
- Tell her about garlic.
- What?! Garlic's not used in this recipe.
Oh, shit.
I want you to listen carefully and repeat after me Wow.
Let's share it.
Do you wish we hadn't crossed that line? No.
It was perfect.
That other woman I told you about, Meredith she's pregnant.
(GROANS) Aha! - Look at this.
- What's your plan? My plan is go in through here and then I'll let you in - What are you? - Ah! Oh.
I don't think you're gonna fit through that.
I can.
I'll go in first.
I know how to get into small spaces.
I've done it heaps of times in caves in South America.
Arms first like Superman.
- Ah, yeah.
- Um You OK? I think I'm stuck.
Take my skirt off.
I think it's the buckle that's stopping me from getting through.
Ah, it's not your buckle.
It's more your - Just take off my skirt.
- I feel weird taking off your skirt.
(CHUCKLES) Pity you didn't feel weird about it the other night.
That is uncool.
What the hell is going on here? - (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) Ah.
- Hello? - Hi.
- Hey.
I thought maybe you weren't coming.
Noodle night.
Never miss it.
Hey, I'm I'm glad things are OK between you know, us.
Me too.
Hey, let's pretend it never happened.
Let's move on, we're grown-ups.
What happened happened, let's just pack it away.
You're right.
Let's pack it away.
Why ruin a friendship based on one five-minute mistake.
It was longer than five minutes.
- Not a lot longer.
- Quite a bit longer.
Anyway, you're right, let's pack it away.
(SIGHS) So, I need your advice about Meredith, but if you don't want to talk about it, I get it.
- I can talk about it.
- Really? Thank you.
Because I really need your help.
I don't know, exactly, but I didn't think having a child was a possibility.
I mean, I tried with my ex for years and years and nothing happened.
And we were having sex night and day.
I mean, literally, we were doing it every morning, every afternoon and every night.
- Wow.
Sounds like a lot of sex.
- It was! And then, with you and I, you know, we hardly ever really did it.
Well, we did a bit.
Yeah, but, you know, not a lot.
- And then bang.
- Literally, huh? Yeah.
So, what is this now? What sort of relationship are we in? Oh, well, it's a shock, isn't it, for both of us? So let's just sit with it for a while and ah, we can catch up at the end of the week and Make some decisions.
My advice is be completely honest.
OK, so I'll just say I don't want a child.
- Ever? - I don't think so.
Don't say that.
I'm changing my advice.
My advice is say nothing.
I think there's gonna be an expectation that I will speak.
Then say very little.
I feel like I should lay all our options on the table.
What are your options? Well, the first option would be that we could not proceed with the Do not say that.
So you're saying I shouldn't be honest? I think it will help.
Now, Jack, tell us what delicious bites will we be learning how to cook next week? I'm gonna show you dishes you can make using ingredients from your own garden that perhaps you didn't even know you had.
I can't wait for that one.
Coming up tomorrow, how to do yoga with your dog.
Do you know what? I'm gonna bring in my little pooch and I'm gonna give it a go.
Well, you should! I imagine your dog brings you a lot of joy on those cold winter nights, so you wanna make sure you keep him nice and flexible.
Hamilton, what about you? You got any pets? Well, if I did, Eric, you'd be the last to know.
(LAUGHS) Hamilton likes to keep his private life private.
- Just from you, Eric.
- (BOTH LAUGH) Have a great weekend, everyone.
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye-bye.
MAN: And we're clear.
Eric, what was that about? I was just playing off your comment.
In fact, I was making you look good.
How does implying I have sex with my dog make me look good? It shows you have a sense of humour.
Oh, yes, because everyone finds bestiality hilarious.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Thanks for having me at your place the other night.
- You're welcome.
It was fun.
- You disappeared with your boyfriend.
Oh, no, Pete's not my boyfriend.
No, he's just a friend.
- We'll talk later.
- Yep.
- Well done on Jack.
- Thank you.
There's pretty much only one rule in television, keep the talent happy and everything else follows.
What we're selling is masculinity, a fantasy.
It's sex.
Sex at the beach, sex at sea - Sex while fishing.
- Exactly! We are connecting good food, health and hotness.
I love it.
Our research says that people tuned in because it's Jack, not because it's cooking, not because it's food, it's because he's handsome.
- So let's push that.
- I know that his focus is health.
He has some very strong feelings about objectification.
Is that even a word? - Yes.
- Get him over the line.
OK, everyone, thank you.
Lily, can you stay behind for a moment? Listen, you know what's gonna happen.
Eric will read the press, he'll see he's less popular than Jack and start playing up.
I need you to produce him.
He's got an idea for a new segment, make it happen.
Isn't Dale producing him? He likes you.
Make him feel like a star.
Every time a new man comes on the show, his balls start to deflate.
Your job is to inflate them again.
So you want them fully inflated? - Rock hard? - I think so.
(SHOWER RUNS) Hello? Eric? I'm in the shower.
Um Sorry.
I'll come back in 10 minutes.
No, no.
Come in.
Come into the bathroom.
- OK.
- Yeah, come on.
Have a seat.
Sasha tells me we're gonna be working together.
I know.
I'm really looking forward to it.
Just between you and me, I don't think Dale quite gets me.
Really? That surprises me.
You know what my real passion is? Current affairs.
- I didn't know that.
- Oh, yeah.
Before I started doing breakfast, I was a journalist.
Weren't you on the Home Shopping Network? Yes.
That's right.
Dale's a good guy, don't get me wrong, but you just can't say everything in 15 seconds.
It's like he times the introductions.
He does time them.
We have to.
Yeah, but the thing is, some things can't be said in 15 seconds.
Especially if you want to say them well.
Look, if there's a specific problem maybe you should address it with Dale, 'cause Listen to this politicians take advantage of taxation loopholes.
(SNORES) Or pollies polish off pathetic perks.
Which sounds better? I don't really know what the second one means, so But the second one sounds better regardless of what it means.
And that's the thing about television.
It's it's an aural medium.
It's about it's about listening.
Isn't that radio? I thought TV was visual.
I am so excited about working with you, seriously.
You you have what it takes.
Oh, come here.
(GROANS) Just give us a moment, will you, mate? - Ah, sorry, Nikkii said you were - Oh, no, please, don't apologise.
Just give us a moment.
(LAUGHS) Oh, what about us?! - Heh.
- (LAUGHS) I was just coming to find you.
- I'm sorry about before.
- No.
Don't worry about that.
- The door was open, so I didn't - Please, don't apologise.
I have no relationship with Eric other than a professional one.
I just wanted to make that absolutely clear.
And you have succeeded.
I just wanted to give you the dishes I'm planning to cook as part of the promo shoot.
Thank you.
I'll have everything there.
Ah, good.
Because Nikkii mentioned there mightn't be any cooking in the promo, which I thought was odd.
That's not what we're doing.
I'll talk to her.
Do you think we need to bother with shirts at all? Yes.
He's wearing a shirt, Nikkii.
And he's cooking.
- He is a chef who wears clothes.
- OK.
So the look I'm thinking of for Jack is just very cool, very sexy, maybe just some dirty old jeans with the top button undone.
- He's not an escort, Nikkii.
- Could be if he wanted to be.
Why would he want to be? I'm just responding to our viewers, they like him.
Let's give them what they want.
So? So? You first.
I've got nothing to report.
I think things are back on track with me and Pete, but I don't know.
My question is not why did you do it with Pete, but why didn't you do it sooner? I don't know.
Either he had someone or I did.
And then we were so close.
We were friends.
What about you and the chef? What happened? - Oh everything and nothing.
- What does that mean? It means I think I've met the one, which is the everything part, but we didn't shag, which is tragically the nothing.
Why didn't you shag? Because I didn't want to rush things.
He didn't want to? He wasn't ready to.
Which is very, very different.
I believe I've gone from 20-something hook-up to 30-something settling down.
Now you're settling down with him? Did you exchange numbers? Yep.
When you say "exchange numbers", did you put his number in your phone and call him? Yep.
I'm gonna text him.
I think we should go out on an old-school date.
- I'm gonna ask him out.
- That's not old school.
What did you write? "Wanna have dinner with me?" - Any emojis? - Kiss, wink and aubergine.
Confusing and vulgar.
I did the aubergine because he's a chef.
No, you didn't.
I can't stop thinking about him.
You're working with him.
Suss him out, tell me what you think.
I'm not gonna suss him out.
Oh! SONG: That doesn't look like my man, my man My man doesn't have a swagger like that That doesn't look like my man Can we do it with the shirt off? I think leave it on.
MAN: And cut.
Can we set up the kayak, please? - You all good? - When am I gonna cook something? I'm onto it.
How are we going for time? Oh, we're fine, now Nikkii said we could lose the barbecue stuff.
Put the barbecue back in? We can't do the kayak and the cooking.
Take the kayak out and put the barbecue back in.
Light up the barbie! Why are we losing the kayak? We're not promoting a chef who doesn't cook.
(SIGHS) That doesn't look like my man, my man My man doesn't have a swagger like that That doesn't look like my man, my man And cut! Let's go again.
Make sure you get some close-ups.
And make sure you get some wide shots.
That doesn't look like my man, my man My man doesn't have a swagger like that That doesn't look like my man, my man JACK: This summer I'll show you how to cook freshly caught snapper on the barbecue.
Perfect for entertaining.
And we've wrapped.
Thanks, Jack.
Thanks, everyone.
- JACK: Are you happy? - More importantly, are you happy? I am.
Not as much cooking in the promo as I expected.
There'll be a montage of different shots of you, but it will always go back to the cooking.
I got an invitation to the launch party.
Are you bringing anyone? No, no way.
I don't mix my private life with my work life.
- Really? - Never.
Because I was gonna bring Simone along.
She texted me.
- But if that's not cool, then - No, no, it's fine.
That's great.
You should bring her along.
Yeah, she's fun.
Definitely invite her.
Yeah, you should.
I'll call her, then.
You can really see a lot of detail on that thing.
Life size.
- He looks nice.
How old's he? - Do you like him? Because I'm trying to find you a boyfriend.
Please don't.
Well, you'll need one because Jack's asked me to go to your launch party.
I know.
Do you think Jack and I are a good match? Dunno.
I don't know him very well, but But what? He's very different to the type of person you've been out with before.
He doesn't drink, he doesn't take drugs, he's not a party guy.
That's exactly what I need.
- But that's not you.
- Could be.
Oh, my God.
Look, it's Lucas.
- Why is he on Tinder? - Ah, because you two broke up.
And he's a massive dickhead.
We all have our idiosyncrasies.
"Idiosyncrasies" you say? (POUNDING MUSIC) Haven't you guys been to bed yet? - Nope! - Not planning to! Hey.
Jump in, Lil.
This is my new best friend Samantha.
WOMAN: Ah, it's Cassandra.
Lily! Lily! It's Lucas and me.
Do you love it? I'm going to bed.
Before you go, I just want to get clear on your boyfriend preferences.
I don't want you to find me a boyfriend.
Now, is 65 too old, because that can be a very good age for a man.
Change that.
And is it just men, or can you finally open yourself up to other choices? OK.
Change that too.
(SIGHS SOFTLY) Hey, um, can I leave you in charge? I feel terrible.
- What's wrong? - Oh, it's just morning sickness.
Did you just look at your watch to see if it was still the morning? No, I I looked at my watch to check the time.
And, yes, it's 3pm.
So, can you do it? You'll have to stay and close up at eight.
I can't tonight.
I've got to review that band at the Corner Hotel.
No, that's fine.
I can stay.
No, no, no, you go home.
You want me to walk you? I'm gonna be sick again.
Yeah, definitely, definitely go home.
NIKKII: So we need all the top-off shots.
OK, John, I think this is the right mix.
This is the stuff we want.
- Really? I'd do way less of it.
- It's about balance, Nikkii.
He's a good-looking guy, let's not shy away from that.
But it's not a dating show.
- I wish it was.
- It's not.
OK Top and tail it with him at the barbecue, get rid of all the close-ups on his body and please lose the slow-mo.
I mean we could try that.
I just I think it's gonna work.
- Can you do that? - Sure.
(KNOCKS) Hey, guys.
Lily, I need you to have a look at something for me.
I'll be five minutes.
I'm just finishing up in here.
I kind of need you now.
It's urgent.
Just I'm really pushed for time, so I've been thinking about the new segment and I've decided to focus on climate change.
We already do a lot on that.
- But not from a personal perspective.
- That sounds amazing.
For example, if I want to go on holiday to Fiji, there are some islands I can't actually go to now because they're sinking.
What if I book the holiday and the island disappears? Would I get my money back? Probably, because I'd have travel insurance, but it would still be pretty inconvenient.
What do you think? Fantastic.
I'll write something up and you let me know what you think.
Ah, before you go - Um - (SIGHS) I had Alice work on something for the new segment.
Alice, can you bring up the you know.
Now if we're going with climate change, which amount of facial hair do you think looks best? - That one.
- (TEXT MESSAGE ALERT) - Really? - Yep.
Please tell me you're still coming tonight? Um, Lily (TAPS ON DESK) Lily.
What about this one? That one's my favourite.
Um it's good too.
They're all (TEXT MESSAGE ALERT) I'm here where are you? Hi.
I'm late.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, thanks.
Work is a nightmare.
I'm trying to sort this promo to keep the new chef happy and Eric has this thing about his facial hair.
It is doing my head in.
Wow, you have got problems.
I've got nothing going on except 48 hours from now I have to make a decision that's going to affect me until the day that I die.
(SIGHS) And it's back to you.
So, how pregnant is Meredith? I dunno.
Not very.
So, you had sex with her and with me in very close proximity.
- I thought we packed this away.
- We did.
We packed it away.
But we didn't seal it.
(SIGHS) - Oh, no.
- What? It's Bernard the cock.
- (LAUGHS) - BOTH: Hey.
Oh, my God.
How are you? Are you good? Are you reviewing tonight, eh? Ah why do you use air quotes? Does 'reviewing' mean something else to you? - Using it in some sort of ironic way? - Whoa! Calm down.
He's become a bit of a word Nazi since I last saw him.
- (LAUGHTER) - Um - Yeah.
- So who are you here for tonight? I am here for an app.
Yeah, music app.
That's what I do these days.
I just realised that that's where the moolah is.
- (TEXT MESSAGE ALERT) - It's sort of paying really well.
Actually, I just remember I sent you a friend request MEREDITH: What time are you planning to close up? PETE: Closing up now.
Everything OK? Just when you can, make sure you accept it.
Give me a call.
Oh, I didn't know that you could Are you OK? Yeah, I just have to call Meredith.
That's cool.
We'll just hang in here.
Yeah, you do that.
We'll just hang in here.
We'll chat.
- I'll I'll go outside with you.
- Yeah.
I just remembered, I've gotta talk to the roadie - Yeah, cool.
- (WHISPERS) Walk.
Hey, can I ask you something? I want you to give me your honest answer.
- What should I do? - Oh, Pete.
Only you can know that.
I don't know if I'd be a very good dad.
- Silence is always a vote of confidence.
- No, I'm sorry.
(SIGHS) You'd you'd be a great dad.
It's just I never expected we'd be having this conversation.
You think I expected it? I'm gonna call her.
Hey, is everything OK? Just closing up now.
So you haven't closed up yet? - Nah just closing up now.
- That's weird.
Because the alarm went off and I'm here now.
So where exactly are you? Hiding in the fridge? Under the table? OK, I'm clearly not there.
I'm at the gig.
(HANGS UP) That went way worse than I expected.
Really? 'Cause that went exactly how I expected.
Let's go back in.
No pass outs.
Oh, I don't want to pass out, I want to pass in.
I'm press.
I work for Live.
I've been in, went out to make a call, now I want to go back in.
I don't know how you got out, 'cause there's no pass outs.
Clearly we did get out, because we are quite literally out.
- You can't go back in.
- Can we buy two more tickets, then? Nuh.
Gig's full.
Well, we've already been in there, so the gig can't be full.
In fact, it's technically less than two full because we're out here.
How do you think this conversation's gonna end? - Look at this.
- What's your plan? Ah! Oh! - Ah you OK? - Ah.
I think I'm stuck.
Take my skirt off.
I'd feel weird taking off your skirt.
A pity you didn't feel weird about it the other night.
Yeah, that is uncool.
OK, buckle.
- (GRUNTS) That's a tricky one.
- There's a zip.
- What is this thing? - It's not that hard.
Pull! I'm pulling.
- Eh! - (GRUNTS) For God's sake! (BOTH GROAN) What the hell is going on here? (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) Hello?! You're lucky he didn't call the police.
- That looked really, really bad for you.
- You told me to take off your skirt.
I know, but you probably shouldn't have done it.
He said you could have been charged with assault.
Just let me listen.
If I can hear it, I can legitimately write about it, OK? Hey if you spend the night with someone and they don't want to sleep with you, even though you want to have sex with them, does it mean that A, they respect you, so they want to wait? B, that they want a slow burn? Or C, they're just not that into you? Who'd you have sex with? It wasn't me, it was Simone.
- I don't know.
Is this someone a man? - Yes.
- Then, C.
- Interesting.
- (CLEARS THROAT) - Why do you say that? Because if I go to bed with someone, I have sex with them.
All men do.
Oh, no, they don't.
Yeah, they do.
Um you and I have slept in the same bed heaps of times and we didn't have sex.
I always wanted to.
Ding-dong! It's me.
- Good night? - Ah, very nice, yeah.
Yeah? Well, next time, Miss Lily, you come with me, alright? I can get you into any gig in town.
I would never leave you outside.
Oh, I don't mind being outside.
It's quite nice.
It's actually my location of choice.
Well, good to know.
But if you ever need work again, just let me know.
Give me a call.
Uh, uh, uh.
Yeah? Oh, there you go.
I get offered so many shitty jobs that I just don't want to do.
They're annoying, believe me.
But if you want to do it, I reckon they'd be right up your alley.
Think about it, give me a call.
See you guys later.
Peace out.
Yeah, night.
(CLEARS THROAT) Alright, so, I've been thinking about what I want to say to Meredith and this is where I'm heading, OK? - Meredith, I want you to be happy - Don't say "but".
- How'd you know I was gonna say "but"? - Go on.
- however - That's a fancy "but".
- What? - You guys having sex again or something? (TEXT MESSAGE ALERT) Er, my editor just texted.
Apparently there are some new comments on the blog.
(READS) "There was a restless vibe amongst the crowd "like the vibe you get "when you know for sure something good's going to happen, "but you don't know how good and what exactly it's going to be.
" That's cool.
"I was at that concert and that's exactly what it was like.
" "I don't even know this band but they sound mighty.
" - "Wish I was there.
" - Scroll down.
- "Loved this concert, man.
" - Scroll down.
"I'm surprised you didn't speak more about their stage presence.
"Were you actually there?" - Who's that from? - The Scrutiniser.
- Might be the only one.
- Scroll down.
"Hard to review a band when you're not actually there.
"This reviewer left at 7:55pm.
" Bloody Bernard.
That's my editor.
I no, I was there.
I just had to step outside to make a call and then they wouldn't let me back in afterwards.
No, no, that's not right.
I could actually hear the whole thing No, I do take it seriously.
I couldn't take it any more seriously.
If I took it any more seriously I'd Yep.
I won't say 'seriously' again.
- I'm gonna go.
- Don't go.
- What did your boss say? - Ah I blew it.
- Hey! - Hi.
Do you want me to do coffees this morning? Ah, no.
If you could do food, that'd work better for me.
You know, if we're gonna have any sort of a relationship you can't lie to me.
- OK.
- Don't just say "OK," Pete.
- What do you want me to say? - I want you to say what you think.
OK, here's what I think.
I think I shouldn't have lied to you.
I think I had to lie to you.
I'm trying to build a career, I'm trying to offer you something.
I've got all these balls in the air.
Your coffee shop, my work, you being pregnant, me trying to figure out what the hell I should do, and balancing them all is like balancing 20 plates on a chopstick.
It's impossible.
And even though I know it's impossible, I'm still trying to do it because obviously I'm a fucking idiot.
SASHA: Listen up.
Welcome everyone to the celebration of the new season of The Breakfast Bar.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) We're pretty excited about the year that's coming up.
Particularly Jack.
Yes! Who's brought his culinary delights to the show.
- Have you seen this? - I saw a rough cut.
Have a look at the new promo that's going to air next week.
SULTRY FEMALE VOICEOVER: It's going to be a long, hot summer.
And nowhere's going to be as hot as The Breakfast Bar.
Our new chef is sizzling.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Yes! That's what I'm talking about.
HAMILTON: That that's amazing.
You're a bloody good sport.
But, mate, hilarious.
Lil, that was sick as.
I loved how there was no actual cooking in the segment.
It was kind of postmodern.
And a big round of applause to Nikkii and Lily who conceived the promo.
- (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) - Oh, it was it was mainly Nikkii.
We nailed it! Yeah! Heeeeeey! - Good promo.
- Thank you.
A bit misleading, but still good.
- Whoo! - Thank you.
Looks like someone's balls have had a puncture.
I've got to go and talk to Jack.
(SIGHS) Are you OK? - Is that what you think of me? - What? That promo.
Do you see that's what I have to offer? I think your brand is very valuable and I'm keen to promote it in any way I can.
Stop talking like a TV producer.
I'm not a brand or a product, I'm a person.
I made a promo that will bring people to the breakfast show.
You looked hot, you are hot.
Is there anything wrong with that? Everybody loves it.
I trusted you, and I believed you.
Why didn't you tell me you had no regard for what I think or what I want? You're overreacting.
It's beautiful.
You should feel proud.
Well, I don't.
I feel stupid and embarrassed.
How do you feel? - SIMONE: Hey.
- Hi.
Have you seen Jack? Ah, yeah.
He's just round the corner.
That's him.
He wants to get going.
I said I'd drop him home.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Are you OK? I'm I'm really sorry about last night.
(SIGHS) Look, I get it.
- Can I come in? - Yeah.
Is this just a sex thing for you? I don't know.
- Jack's not happy with the promo.
- Why not? He thinks it's exploitative.
I think if we recut it We're not recutting.
The network love it.
I love it.
You told me to keep the talent happy.
Look, the ship has sailed.
We're going with the promo.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Is your flatmate dating the chef? (WHISPERS) Not really.
I take that as a yes.
Is this weird for you? (WHISPERS) Why would it be? Because having someone that hot around that you can't touch, that would send me crazy.
I don't see him that way.
(SIGHS) Finding out I was pregnant was a dream come true for me.
- And you made that happen.
- OK.
I'm 42 years old and my ex and I tried IVF for 10 years, it cost us a fortune.
We ended up with broken hearts and no baby.
And I'd accepted that I wouldn't have a child.
And now I have one inside of me.
- (LAUGHS) - And you made that happen.
I need to know what what you want.
'Cause this is our baby.
It's not just mine.
Er (LAUGHS) Getting pregnant was not in my immediate plan.
(LAUGHS) Nor mine.
I just think that this is the wrong time for me to have a child.
And what does that mean? It means I care about you so much, but I'd like to work on our relationship first and then decide if we want a child.
Meredith, my dad was a shit father.
I don't want to repeat that.
Well, you should have worn a condom, then.
Fair enough.
I've got a business and a life already, and I can have a child on my own.
I don't need you.
So what's this conversation about? It was supposed to be about you deciding what level of involvement you wanted to have in your baby's life.
Can't we take a step back and decide if we even want a baby together? No.
(DOOR CLOSES) Vesper? No, thanks.
Jack is making dinner.
That's a real treat.
- A famous chef making us dinner.
- Mm.
How is it for you two working together? Are you enjoying it? - It's fun.
- I'm not enjoying it.
The cooking promo made me feel like Lily truly hasn't been listening to me.
I'm listening to you now.
Little late for that, don't you think? Jack, I'm doing my best.
I'm trying to juggle your needs against the show's needs and I'm sorry if you're not happy, but I'm doing my best.
I'm gonna go to my mum's.
No, don't do that.
Look, this is your home.
Please stay and have dinner.
Don't tell me what to do.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) So, Simone's going out with Jack.
- The new chef on our show.
- (GASPS) Ooh.
I love him.
- Settle down.
- (CHUCKLES) - And now Pete - Oh.
What is Pete up to? Got this woman pregnant even though they're not really together.
Wait wait a minute, was this before or after you and Pete Before.
And after.
Who is this woman? This older woman, Meredith.
She owns the coffee shop Pete works in.
(SIGHS) Mum, if he has a baby, our lives are gonna go like that.
(SIGHS) So, you wanna stay the night? Yeah.
- Mum? - Hm? - Can I move back in with you? - (LAUGHS) No.
(MOBILE PHONE RINGS) - PETE: Hey, it's me.
- Hi.
So, the talk happened.
It was quick, no winners.
Lily, tell me, if you were pregnant - To to you? - Yeah, yeah, to me.
What would you want to hear? Pete, I'm not Meredith.
No, no.
What would you, Lily, want to hear? "I love you and I care about you "and I'll support you in any way I can.
" ERIC: (NARRATES) While the world tries to find a global solution to this environmental tragedy I find my attention turns inward.
You know, it's not hard to remember the Australia I used to know.
I spent my childhood mucking around in creeks, climbing trees, running through lush paddocks.
I didn't know you grew up in the country.
- Geelong.
- Oh.
Have a look around now.
All gone.
All gone.
And now all I can say is cry my beloved country.
- I love it.
- Thank you.
It's got everything drama, poetry, humour.
That was my idea.
But, hey, I didn't do it all on my own.
- And thank you, Lily.
- That's alright.
This could be something for prime time.
I'm seeing a special, or even a series of specials.
- I love that idea! Don't you, Lily? - Yeah.
- Leave it with me.
- OK.
Are we really doing a series of specials? Budgets are pretty tight at the moment.
Good work.
I think his balls are well and truly inflated.
- Thank you.
- (CHUCKLES) Hey! That could not have gone better.
She loved it! You and me, we're a good team.
VOICEOVER: It's going to be a long, hot Hi, Eric.
- Alice.
- summer.
And nowhere is going to be as hot as The Breakfast Bar.
I don't know how we managed to do it, but we made Jack look hotter than he already is.
NIKKII: He is gorgeous.
He's uber gorgeous.
Genetically blessed.
He's gonna bring a whole new audience to the show.
Really? I don't think so.
Oh, he will.
He definitely will.
I think what we've done with Jack is capture, like, a star in the making.
Not sure about that.
Hey! Hey.
Um You know, I really respect the work you did on that promo.
But don't you think it's a bit sexist.
I mean, how many shots were there of that guy with his shirt off? Ah.
I hope I'm not overstepping the mark, but But what? I don't think a celebrity chef should provoke us like that.
The focus should be on the hosts of the show, you and Erica.
I'm not saying don't promote him, I'm just saying I don't know, maybe they have a plan.
What sort of plan? - Don't know.
- What do you mean? All I'm gonna say is it seems a little bit strange to me that someone who's just joined the show is getting promoted in that way.
Do do you think it's going to damage my profile at all? No.
Not at all.
He may be hot but you have gravitas.
He's not that hot.
Well played, my friend, well played.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Mm.
- Sorry.
- No, I'll get it.
I'll get it.
- Hey.
- Mm.
What are you doing? Oh, thanks.
- OK.
- (LAUGHS) Oof.
(SIGHS) That feels nice.
Hey, I love you and I'll support you in any way I can.
OK? I'm not going anywhere.
(RETCHES) SASHA: And last but not least, Jack's promo is not going to air.
What?! That promo was amazing! There's no point arguing.
Eric has dropped his bundle so Jack's promo is dead.
We're starting again.
Put a shirt on him and get him cooking.
And work up a new promo for Eric, nothing with his shirt on.
LILY: Sure.
Seems his balls were well and truly punctured.
(DOOR CLOSES) You made the promo go away.
- Did you like it? - No.
But it's not my job to make those sorts of decisions.
Why didn't you tell me that? - Doesn't matter what I think.
- It matters to me.
From now on, let's just be completely honest with each other.
Thank you.