The Wrong Girl (2016) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

1 The Logie noms are fast approaching, and the powers that be want The Breakfast Bar to be firing on all three cylinders.
I love him.
Tell him.
He's happy.
I'm sorry for plunking a hot celebrity chef in your line of sight.
Do not need a set up, by the way.
So? Yeah, she's she's amazing.
First impression, she's like a perfect woman.
Settle down.
There are consequences to sex.
Herpes? Children.
Oh, my God! What are you doing? - Um, just Ah! - Get off me! How did this happen? Jack Winters, I want forever.
I know it's making you sick There's nothing there, it's like eating air It's like drinking gin with nothing else in And that doesn't hold me together But for one crowded hour You were the only one in the room And I sailed around all those bumps in the night To your beacon in the gloom.
(PHONE RINGS) I thought I had found VOICEMAIL: Hi, this is Pete.
Leave a message.
In the middle of that purple June But one crowded hour Would lead to my wreck and ruin I know you like your boys to take their medicine From the bowl to their silver spoon.
The Wrong Girl 2x06 Sep 28, 2017 Me, prep the vegetables? You sure you trust me to do that? Just dice the onion finely, slice the chilli into rings and julienne the rest.
Okay, what I just heard was, "Blah blah, onions, blah blah, chilli, Julian Lennon.
" Look, I'll be home soon.
We're just running a little behind schedule.
I can't announce this without you! Jack, let's go.
We're about to film.
Look, all you need to do is peel, dice, slice, and I'll be there soon.
It might seem obvious to you, but I'm a culinary civilian and you're famous.
Now, score some onion.
Buenas tardes! Eric.
Um, hola? SASHA: Sorry, he insisted you be in on this discussion.
Yeah, Lily, I want to put together a development team for a really rewarding new global project.
He means a half-hour TV special.
He means a series of half-hour specials.
If he wins the Gold Logie.
Can we just wait till the nominations come out tomorrow? Do you guys really need me here for this? I've got something big on today.
Yes, listen! This passion project of mine, it's, it's Okay, Lily, picture this.
I'm in war zones, back alleys, and I'm talking to the displaced and the voiceless.
You know, I'm talking to these people about what it means to be oppressed.
I pitched a project like that myself once.
Really? So, you're in! (SNAPS FINGERS) I'm sorry, Eric, but Breakfast Bar already takes up more time than I have.
Oh, okay.
You don't want to help the displaced and the voiceless, Lily.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Can I help them tomorrow? - Hey, Lil.
- Hi! Always blade down when you're carrying a knife.
Oh, never too late for life advice, Dad.
Oh, bonjour! We're not early, are we, darl? Um, yeah, you're 13 minutes, but that's okay.
I'm on top of everything.
I've told all my friends that Jack Winters is gonna cook for us.
You're not gonna make a liar out of me, are you? Of course Jack Winters will be cooking, all right? - Jack is cooking, isn't he, darl? - (DOORBELL RINGS) Um yeah, the nibbles are You might need to hunt around, sorry.
Hello, hello, welcome to us! Hi! Ivan.
Nice surprise to see you.
Oh, well, chuffed to be invited.
Come on through.
Just, uh, yeah, head down.
Mum Why have you brought Ivan? Well, he has more right to be here than you-know-who.
Tell me you didn't bring him to make Dad jealous.
No! No! He's been asking me out for weeks.
Besides, Bernard and I have resolved just to be friends.
(GIGGLES) Okay, just I know I'm late.
I'm sorry.
We got held up.
I literally just wrapped.
Dad came early, and Yvonne is dressed for a date with celebrity chef Jack Winters.
My mum brought Pete's dad and and and scones and jam and cream, and I don't know how you savants do that thing with zucchini sticks, but mine are all different sizes.
It's fine, I can do it.
Yeah, bring the books! Bring Gillian! Bring her, just get here now! You wanted me? Yeah, um ahem.
Just going over the content for tomorrow's announcement.
The, um, the nomination speech and the concession speech.
Hey, I I feel bad.
It's only a first draft.
No, no, I meant, um the fact we haven't spoken since, um, we I mean, do you want to talk about it, or I'm pregnant.
I'm kidding! We had our fun.
Let's just leave it at that.
TBH, you're not the right value-add for my brand.
My cross-platform media profile places me firmly on the A-list, whereas your social media value is a soft C, - maybe even C-minus.
- Sorry, what? - That's not a criticism.
- Okay.
It's much harder because you're not famous, but you could get to a B.
You just have to want it.
You know, go to the gym, or hire a stylist.
Finesse! I go to the gym.
Yeah, it's obvious.
Uh, Dad likes your document.
He's scheduled a meeting.
Well, that's good, yeah? Very good.
He wants to get a personal gut vibe on you, though.
It's about the microflora response.
- Right.
- So, start practising your pitch! Okay.
But don't try and be charming.
Dad hates charming.
Pitch it, not charming.
Thanks, everyone.
No, Alice, no.
Not that one, sorry.
No, that doesn't fit.
I'll get the other one that fits from the laundry.
Why are you being so stressy about a family dinner? Because it's being crashed by uninvited plus-ones! Hey, you're the one pushing me to take Alice seriously, but you don't lead by example.
You you second-best her, you give her all the crap segments at work.
That's not true! That is not even remotely true.
(MUSIC PLAYS) (CLUCKS LIKE A CHICKEN) You need to make more of an effort, and so do you.
Sim does make an effort.
- Righto.
- I'll try.
- Yeah, no.
- That'll be Jack.
- Okay.
Hey! I came to get your advice on pitching, but I'm interrupting.
It's a family dinner.
So I see.
Your dad wasn't invited, either.
Has anyone told him that yet? Um, so what's the dinner for? Uh do you want to come inside? Okay, thank you.
Pitching, so Um, yeah, yes.
Ah, looks formal.
Yeah, it's (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (CLINKS GLASS) Okay, thank you.
Oh, speeches! Uh, thanks, everyone, for making it.
Very delighted you could be here for this special dinner.
Lil, you want to do the honours? Uh (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) Formal speeches, um This special dinner for our family, and extended family and friends is to celebrate something very important to me and Jack.
Jack and I, sorry.
Sorry, Mum.
Um, and that is - Lily and I are getting married.
- We're (GASPS) Oh, yes! Congratulations! (APPLAUSE, CHATTER) I'm so happy for you.
Thanks, Anthony.
Come here, girl! Oh, darling.
Oh, that is so wonderful! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Hey, can I just say I am so proud and a little teary, but it could be the chilli.
But seriously, well done, you.
So, where's the ring? Okay, so we decided to go ring shopping.
Together, for a bit of fun.
- Yeah.
- It was fun, right? I don't want something that screams that you own me.
What, I want to buy you something nice, that means that I'm trying to own you? I think you might be a little bit - Calm down, Beyonce.
- (CAMERA FLASHES) - We got papped.
- Yeah.
Oh! This little weasel hiding behind a pole.
So, we ditched tradition and bought this table.
- Yeah.
- Ah! Instead, yeah.
Something that we can enjoy together, and we won't lose it at the beach, and whenever we sit here with our friends and our family, we'll be making memories and those memories will be the, um, the of our marriage.
IVAN: That's beautiful.
To Jack and Lil.
Yeah, Jack and Lil.
Oh! Sorry, sorry.
- Oops.
- First blood! - So - So.
You remind me of this guy that I almost went home with one time.
I'm not really sure what happened, but we were in this Uber Oh, no need to go into details.
He sounds like a massive dickhead, and I'm sure he totally regrets whatever didn't happen.
Oh, she looked radiant, didn't she? I know, and he is a really good man.
So, I'll get to give her away! Oh, well, only if you're paying, although if you are, they'll have to let you have a say, Anthony.
Paying? They're not that traditional, are they? - I mean, he gave her a table! - I know.
Excuse me, Anthony.
I'm just gonna take this little lady home for some dessert.
Oh! Too much? Oh, my, that was fantastic! Dessert, ha ha! Yeah, look, I don't mind making your ex jealous, but Hey! Don't you think I deserve (CLEARS THROAT) a date? A proper date, you and me, tomorrow night.
What do you think? Um yeah! Okay.
Oh, God.
Did you want to kick on to a bar? Uh, unfortunately, even if I did, etiquette requires me to reject at least two invitations.
- Do you want to kick on to a bar? - No.
(SNICKERS) - Do you want to - Let's go.
Bus was late I don't care 'cause it's something to say.
Um, so, uh (CLEARS THROAT) So, we've hired this, like, industrial scissor lift, and we park it behind the venue.
And as soon as the music starts, Lily, you know, hit the switch, up we go, one Queens of the Stone Age concert absolutely free.
Minus the fee.
Yeah, minus the $480 hire fee.
Apart from that.
Music really is your thing, huh? Well, don't you reckon you can trace every major life moment back to a song? You know, like, um, Purple Rain when Mum told me she was leaving Dad.
Or Smells Like Teen Spirit, first car.
Barbie Girl, first kiss.
Oh, yes! Mine was the Richmond theme song.
Ah, we were getting along so well.
Yeah! Oh, no.
I think you're being recognised over there.
(LAUGHS) No, Jack's the famous one.
I'm just basking in his reflected glory.
Yeah, aren't we all.
So, is it strange, your ex getting married? Yeah, but I prefer him in my life than not, so How about you? Oh, Lily, Lily and I never - Why? - You looked strange.
I always look strange, it's my face.
It's a C-plus now, but I'm going to improve it.
No, I am.
I'm gonna bump it up to a B.
I'm thinking some cheek implants, for sure.
Mum and Ivan, how weird was that? I don't know, I kind of see it working.
The only time I want all those people in the same room again is at my funeral, and I'll be a corpse.
The wedding might be a tad awkward after that.
They're gonna hijack it.
You know they are.
What do you think about a long engagement? Mm-hm.
Getting cold feet already, yeah? - No.
- Yeah.
It's just (PHONE CHIRPS) Now, I knew you were wonderful, but not that wonderful.
Mr Gold Logie nominee! Thank God, Dale.
Good news all around.
Here she comes.
- Drum roll, please.
- (DRUMS TABLE) Everyone, attention, attention! We've got a Gold Logie nominee on the floor! (APPLAUSE) Erica Jones, take a bow.
Erica Jones, Erica Jones.
Oh! You see, you're loved and respected, and you didn't even have to have a baby.
Did Nikkii get Best New Talent? Bah-bah! She's gone all crazy eyes, and Jack also got nominated Gold.
Get out! Oh, my God! So, I've been thinking, guys, I want to hear your thoughts.
I'm thinking we should go with a "Vote for Erica is a vote for change" kind of strategy, you know? Adult and sophisticated, dynamic SASHA: Goooooooold! Yeah, baby! Oh! We just shat out a gold bar here, people! Two golds, I'm claiming Jack's as well.
How is he doing? Back-to-back interviews.
Really overwhelming.
Any chance of getting him back on the show? - Uh, no.
- Okay, drop off some wardrobe.
They need to pull something special out of their arses.
I'll go make someone's day.
Ah! How's he holding up? What's the fallout? Eric? Oh, have you seen him? No, I haven't.
Eric? Eric, what are you doing? I I can see your shoes.
(ERIC SNIFFLES) Are you crying? It's the automatic misting thing.
Air freshener wreaks havoc on my sinuses.
Come on out of there.
Come on.
It's just you and me.
It's not the nomination.
I don't care about the nomination.
Honestly, I I've won enough.
That's true.
So, why Do you ever do you ever feel like you are trapped in a life you didn't choose? I Huh? Um uh, yes, sometimes I do.
I'm Eric Albrechtson, ba-da! Host of The Breakfast Bar, ba-da! - Yeah.
- But I want more! And lately, I feel like I feel like I want to give more.
Yep, and you can give more in 15 minutes when we go to air.
Come on.
Are you handling me? No.
Yes, okay? You and Sasha won't even entertain it, will you? My my passion project, it's a really good idea, Lily! - You know it is! - It sounds really interesting and we can talk about it properly, but if you stay in here and you don't get into the studio, people are going to assume you're hiding out because Erica's more popular than you.
You're having a bad day, you don't really mean that.
I tell you, being in the spotlight, not all it's cracked up to be.
Yes, Mum, the wedding is still definitely on.
Since when did you believe anything in the tabloids? Well, no, I promise.
I promise.
Yeah, definitely not separating.
Bye, Mum.
I knew it wasn't the muffins! We're having a baby! I'm not pregnant, Nikkii.
Well, you should never be photographed side-on.
Like, ever! Sorry you didn't get a nomination.
You joined the race late.
I'm not jealous.
I'm super happy for Jack.
Super, super happy for Erica, yay! See you in there.
(PHONE RINGS) I'm going to snap her like a twig.
Who? Gillian.
And then Jack.
No, he isn't It is one thing to cheat on me - No.
- with you, but it is another thing to cheat on you with her.
He isn't cheating! He's he's not.
(WHISPERS) I have to go.
Raw nerves? Now you're eating for two? No, I'm not, but I will take that because you don't deserve it.
Right, why is Eric wearing a flak jacket? Why is he wearing that? He said you approved it.
- WOMAN: In 5, 4, 3, 2 - MAN: Ready camera one.
Good morning, and welcome to The Breakfast Bar, and what a day it is! Erica, ask Eric why he's wearing a flak jacket.
And what an outfit that is, Eric.
Tell me, are we under fire? Khaki is trending hard this spring.
Aha! I'm glad you asked, but no.
This isn't so much about trend.
It's more of a more of a promise of things to come.
MAN: Ready camera one.
- You see, soon I'll be hosting a world premiere.
- What's he doing? Boxing us in.
Eric, stay on script.
We'll take you to places that go way beyond gloss, - way beyond the shine - Stay on script.
way beyond the, dare I say it, the false idols of our society.
Ah, it's funny they've never been false idols before.
(LAUGHS) But seriously, we will take you to a very different - Eric? - and a very special place.
Eric, last warning.
And speaking of very special Cue the Gold Dancing Logie.
That's what wardrobe pulled out of their arses? We are celebrating something wonderful here on The Breakfast Bar this morning.
- (BUZZES LIPS) That's an Eric drum roll.
- No, Alice is not going on in that.
Unitards at breakfast? What? She looks great.
No! Uh, uh, scrap the Gold Dancing Logie.
Scrap it.
But as always, there are all sorts of surprises here at The Breakfast Bar.
- Really? - Yes.
We will go to places, unbelievable places Eric, congratulate Erica on her Gold Logie nomination.
Right now, I just want to say, Erica, congratulations, my darling, on your nomination.
Oh, thank you! Congratulations.
- How about it, guys? - (APPLAUSE) ERICA: Thank you all for the wonderful audience out there who have been so supportive of me and my choices.
So, Dad's asking for date suggestions.
He's thinking bowling or fishing.
That is profoundly disturbing.
Uh, where are you? Home.
Why? Oh, shit.
I was gonna Help with the pitch.
Bad friend behaviour.
Very, very bad friend.
But Jack's going away again and we need some us time.
Look, Lil, I'm struggling here.
All right, I need your help pushing back against some of Jeremy's ideas.
You know the show.
You'll be great.
(JEREMY MUTTERS INDISTINCTLY) Yeah, yeah, it's just Mood boards, Lily.
He's got mood boards.
(GILLIAN GIGGLES) - I'll be there.
- Thank you.
So, this nomination's completely decimated our schedule.
They want me in Perth tomorrow morning for a 6am interview.
I hope he's not hogging your limelight.
Oh, he can have it.
So, the article? Yeah, I look deranged.
No wonder he's leaving me for you.
Well, the media are loving it.
We're getting pressure from our producers to sell the idea that Gillian and I are a couple, which I said no to.
That's gallant.
Well, they're still gonna need something, so Gillian had an idea.
Well, I just thought if you want to stop the rumours, control the narrative, right? People do that.
Announce your engagement and offer your wedding exclusive to a magazine.
It's not really my style to pimp out our wedding.
No, I know, but I was thinking in exchange that you get to choose which images you want to send out to the media.
And maybe we could donate the cash to charity.
And a faux stunt wedding wouldn't hurt your cookbook sales, either? Oh, Lil, she's really not I know.
It's still a no, sorry.
In what world does a bride have to workshop her wedding with her boyfriend's ex? SIMONE: Let me say this clearly.
The only other woman you have to listen to is me.
Meet us at the bar.
We want to celebrate.
I'm sick of celebrating.
Welcome, future Mrs Jack Winters.
Ah, we're just working on our pre-pitch banter.
Aiming for natural, but passionate.
Okay, hit me, go.
So, Pete, tell me about your inspiration for the show? Oh, no, that's okay.
We can just move onto the logistical elements.
- I'm on top of that stuff.
- What? No.
No, the inspiration's where the heart is.
You know, it's all about that old Augie March song.
- What's it called? - Uh One Crowded Hour.
Do you know the story? No, but Pete's been playing that song on repeat for years.
Well, that's because it all ties back to this one girl who's, like, Pete's unrequited love.
- (LAUGHS) - And that's the whole reason why he wrote the book in the first place.
No, it's not the whole reason.
He wanted to make sense of how this one song could encapsulate everything.
This girl, this memory, their One Crowded Hour.
I wonder where we should sit when we're in the meeting.
Like, is it just gonna be your dad, or are there gonna be more people? We're not talking about that now, Pete.
We're talking about One Crowded Hour.
No, I just, um, that mood board Just gonna get another drink.
So, Alice, um, tell me something I don't know.
I was named after Alice in Wonderland.
Did not know that about you.
I, um, I would like to think that I was named after Simone de Beauvoir, um but I think it was just a great-aunt.
Or pet.
It's okay.
Oh, you're just you're all trying so hard, and I know I don't fit in.
Oh, no, Alice No, it's cool.
Uh, it's not you.
You know, we're just this closed circle, and it's laziness, really.
I mean, we need fresh blood.
Oh! That's not creepy at all.
Right! (LAUGHS) Yeah.
Um, why don't we get smashed and bombed? Yes.
Ah, okay.
Yes! Oh, now Dad's asking for conversation starters.
What does your mum like talking about? Sex, religion, politics.
Anything taboo, basically.
Yeah, I'll just tell him to stick with what he knows.
And what's that? Footy, camping, tax law.
- To be a fly on that wall.
- Oh, yeah.
I used to like to go to the Yarra Ranges with Pete.
There's a beautiful spot for camping up there.
Do you, uh do you go camping, Mims? Oh, uh, yeah, sometimes.
I supposed you'd be more of a glamping girl.
Yeah, um Can I you're actually bleeding.
Oh, jeez, God.
See, this is what happens when you led the league in hard ball gets before there was such a thing, damn heavy tackling.
Oh! Uh, maybe if you put your head back.
Yeah, thanks.
(LOUD MUSIC PLAYS) What are they doing? Uh, no, it's Gillian, actually.
Oh, really? Is that evolving? Uh, I don't know.
It's, uh, I messed it up, but she seems forgiving, so She seems everywhere.
What? Maybe you should do a song about her on your show.
What's a good song for a chef? Like, what, Sex and Candy? Hot Potato? Hey, what about that? You reckon that's, like, witty but not like I'm trying to be witty? You guys want to play a game of pool or something, or Nah, this.
- I like a dog, always.
- Oh, it's so cute! Oh, he's he's cute.
No, you can't wear a unicorn mask in a profile picture.
Hey, um do you think that he's too, um, good for me? What, the unicorn? Vince.
Don't say that.
I mean, if anything, you're too good for him.
Oh, mm, mm, mm.
I don't want to be good.
Mm, mm.
I don't want to be nice.
I want to be the thing that Is it normal to feel dizzy? Oh, I don't drink, as a habit.
It doesn't suit me.
Mum says it's because I have a fragile metabolism.
Wait, well, then, why are you drinking? To be chill, like you.
I I mean, that's, um unnerving, but adorable.
And legit, legit, legit, you could have anyone! You could have anyone in this room! Ha! You could have anyone in the world, Simone.
You could have you could have him.
Or him.
It says he's active.
We've crossed paths 7 times in the last 30 minutes.
So, you could hook up with him right now? But I wouldn't.
I mean, maybe if he wasn't related, but that's not the point.
He's fucking ridiculous.
And engaged.
Where is he? He's next door, I think.
We have to confront him.
- Do we? - Yes.
He's an adult.
I'm going home.
Alice, you coming? No, Alice is going to stay with me, aren't you? Yeah.
- See you at home.
- Vincent.
No! It's none of our business, Lil.
He's an idiot.
See you, Pete.
See you, mate.
You have to come with me.
Well, the entire tax system needs an overhaul.
This this 21st century economy and our 200-year-old tax system is just about revenue-raising, which is, as you can imagine Look, I'm sorry.
I'm monopolising the conversation.
Um, what about you? Sorry? You, have you got any interests? - Obviously not steak.
- Oh! Yeah, it was just there was a lot.
Look, you're not fat.
Um, well, I - Mainly the kids, I think.
- Yeah.
And, um, when I was young, I wanted to study psychology.
But, um then I got married and then I got single.
Dating, eh? Never gets any easier.
Yeah, well, I wouldn't know.
- Yeah, me neither.
- Yeah.
Do you do you think we should get the bill? Yeah, good idea.
Maybe it's not what you think.
It's exactly what I think.
- Dad, hi.
- Lil! - Hi.
- Hey, hey.
Hey, Anthony, how are you? Well, this is a coincidence.
What brings Hey, is Mum going Mum's not going out with Ivan, is she? Maybe.
Why are you on a dating app, Dad? Because you do have a fiancée, you remember that? Seriously, is that what that is? I thought that was like an events thing.
Happn, as in "What's happening around town?" I'm going to quote directly from your profile.
"I'm an electric car enthusiast looking for a little spark.
" I think I just threw up in my mouth.
Okay, can you not look at me like that? Nothing's happened.
It's it's innocent, okay? Couple of dri not even a couple of drinks.
I do some swiping, I get a bit of attention.
Is there anything wrong with that, Lil? I don't know.
Why don't you ask Yvonne? We all heard you say how much you apparently love her.
Why isn't that enough? I'm surprised he has any "happenings" at all.
Who are the women who want a slice of that action? Well Why can't he be more like your dad? Oh, what, distant and emotionally stunted? What, you don't think Anthony Woodward is emotionally stunted? Please, he's like a cheat sheet for my commitment-phobic psychology.
Oh, you and Jack got engaged and bought a house together, that's as committed as it gets.
Yes, but I can always sell a house.
Standing up in public and saying "I do" is not something I can undo.
Well, actually, divorce is way easier than splitting a home.
You got to go through the family court Great.
Hey, you know you could have invited me to the dinner.
I wanted to tell you in person.
Why? Do you know you haven't congratulated me yet? - Yes, I have.
- No, you really haven't.
Well, congratulations.
You don't think I should marry Jack? Let's get another drink.
(CLEARS THROAT) That's not a fair question.
Always nice to have a walk after dinner.
Oh! Oh, you all right? That's all right, I got you.
Whoops! Ah, sorry.
Ha, wow.
If I knew we were going intrepid, I would have worn different shoes.
Ha! - It's all right.
- Let's, um let's go back.
Well thanks, Ivan.
It was a lovely idea.
It really was a very educational dinner.
I can honestly say I think I've learned more about football and tax than on any other date.
Are are you picking up litter? Yeah, I'm sorry.
It's a habit.
I approve.
I hate litterbugs.
You approve? Oh, there you are, then.
VOICEMAIL: You have one new message.
JACK: Hey, I'm heading to the hotel.
Just wanted to hear your voice.
Look, I know what Gillian suggested freaked you out.
But look, the only important thing about this wedding is that we're going to be together forever.
(COUGHS) It's like drinking gin with nothing else in And that doesn't hold me together But for one crowded hour You were the only one in the room (KNOCK AT DOOR) And I sailed around all those bumps in the night - Sorry.
- Hey.
Can I get in with you? Yeah, but I got an exam tomorrow, so get in.
That one crowded hour would lead to my wreck and ruin I know you like your boys Mum and Dad split up.
- That's, um - Yeah.
He's a liar and a cheater and I hate him.
Believe to the tune That as far as their bleeding eyes see Is a pleasure pen meant for them Built and rent for them Not for the likes of me They're not for the likes of you and me.
(PHONE RINGS) Hey, this is Pete.
Leave a message.
Crowded hour You were the only one in the room And I sailed around all those bumps in the night To your beacon in the gloom I thought I had found my golden September In the middle of that purple June But one crowded hour would lead to my wreck and ruin.
Hey, this is Pete.
Leave a message.
(BEEP) Look, if this is really about Jack, people get cold feet.
Or garlic sauce feet.
Oh, no, Dad! No, you're not gonna make me laugh.
I'm angry.
I haven't done anything wrong, not really.
Not this time.
Look, what I did to your mother I'm not proud of.
I thought you were amazing, and you were lying.
Well, maybe I'm not like you, Lil.
I'm not brave.
I feel trapped, and I screw up.
Do you love her? Yep.
Very much.
I loved your mother too.
Doesn't mean that I don't panic about what I'm missing.
(PHONE RINGS) Oh, the other man in my life.
Hey, Lil, before you go, could you help me? Just you wouldn't be able to get rid of this app for us? It's just like Please? This is technology.
What's up? Um My resignation, effective immediately.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
Again, Eric? Yes! I don't want to invoke The Boy Who Cried "Quit".
- Yeah, I know.
I've - But this is Played this card a few times before, yeah.
But seriously, it's time for me to spread my wings, at least try.
Eric, screw the nominations.
Come on.
The truth is.
I just don't love this anymore.
I love you, of course, but I don't I don't love this anymore.
It's really what you want? Yeah.
It's Come here.
You know, if I was a younger man, I'd I'm so kidding.
I'm not.
No, I am.
(LAUGHS) I'm kidding! You're good, you know? You're really you're good-good.
Which is good for Vincent.
It's it's really (LAUGHS) Kissing's great.
I think everyone should always be kissing.
(LAUGHS) Hi! Isn't Sim beautiful, Vincent? You are! How drunk are you guys? Um, I would say just way past drunk! Sim's an awesome kisser, did you know that? Oh! Hey, babe, why don't you crash in my bed? I'll be in in a minute.
(GIGGLES) - Night! - Night! Kissing my girlfriend is crossing the line, Sim.
You wanted me to make an effort, and we were bonding.
You were driving a wedge.
That's what you were doing.
(SCOFFS) Hi! Surprise.
Aren't you supposed to be in Perth? What happened to your interviews? I've decided I don't need to answer any more questions about my feelings for Gillian at 6:00 in the morning.
Thank you, thank you.
Lil, you know it's all fiction.
Gillian and I.
I know.
And always hoping for it to come true Waiting for the train, I can see your face So, how'd the date go? Hmm, according to your ABC scale, I'd give Mimi an EFD, extremely fucking difficult.
Says the guy who collects rubbish for a hobby? Yeah, don't miss that bit.
(PHONE RINGS) Oh, don't tell Lily I was talking about her mum.
(RINGS) Oh, it's not Lily, actually.
Hey, you.
Yeah, me too.
It was fun.
Yeah, me and you.
Hey! I always thought that we would end up together.
It's only marriage.
I'll always love you most.
Also, men actually die 10 years earlier than women, so we can be together then.
(LAUGHS) Hey, about the wedding, we're going to do it your way.
I was gonna say I changed my mind about the long engagement.
Really? Yeah.
Can you imagine years and years of talking about it in every interview, looking at fake stories in every magazine? That would be a bag of dicks.
Are you sure? Yeah.
Let's rush into it.
When you hold me I can see You're the harmony to my heartbeat, baby.
It's the biggest day of Lily's life her wedding day! - But it's not gonna quite go to plan.
- What?! What?! On the new night, 8:40 Wednesday, will Lily get her happily ever after? I guess I just wanna know whether you're in love with him.
Are you in love with Pete?