The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992) s01e06 Episode Script

Spring Break Adventure

Episode 6 There was a need of it, for in an instant the electric runabout, with motors fairly roaring, swept up the road, after the gasoline car that was almost hidden from sight in a cloud of dust.
Faster and faster went Tom's car.
The young inventor was listening with a critical ear to the song of the machinery.
He wanted to Indy, if my father knew you spent all your time reading his books Come on, Nancy, this is great.
Guess what? My mom's taking me to get my prom dress this afternoon.
I'm so excited.
When Butch hears I'm taking your dad's car to the prom, he's gonna go green with envy.
You wanna come over tonight? We could do our English homework together.
- Sure.
See you at about 7:00? - Perfect.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Come on, Steven.
Put some back muscle into it.
I bet some of you guys are gonna have to take shoe leather to the prom.
Maybe some of us won't have to, Butch.
- Oh, dream on, soda jerk.
- I'm not dreaming.
As a matter of fact, I'm taking a car to the prom that's better than that turkey Model T.
Oh, yeah? Like what? - Like a Bugatti.
- A Bugatti? Nancy's father is letting me drive his car.
You can't kid me, buddy.
Her dad won't let you drive that car.
Well, let's just wait and see.
Here you go, Rosie.
Sorry I took so long.
That's all right, Indy.
Hey, doll, got a date for the prom yet? Just give it up, Butch.
I told you I wouldn't go to the prom with you if you were the last man on earth.
Hey, soda jerk.
So, why weren't you at practice today? Some of us have to work for a living, Butch.
- Oh, my heart bleeds.
- Do you want something to drink? In a glass that you touched? I'd rather drink sewer water.
One sewer water, hold the foam.
Forget it, Rosie.
I'll never ask you again to the prom.
- Indy.
- Oh, hi.
Listen, I have some bad news.
- What's up? - I'm afraid to tell you.
Come on, Nancy.
What is it? I can't.
You'll be devastated.
I just know it.
- Nancy, I'll be fine.
- I just can't.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
It's just - Tell me.
- We can't take Dad's car to the prom.
What? Well, it wouldn't start this morning.
I mean, Dad made an appointment to get it fixed in New York next Thursday.
- Oh, no, but the prom's this Saturday.
- I know.
I told everyone that I was driving you to the prom in the Bugatti.
When Butch finds this out, he's going to laugh his socks off.
I don't know what we can do, Indy.
We'll have to double date.
With Clifford.
- Dad? - Oh, hello, Nance.
Hello, Indy.
Good afternoon, Mr.
How's the new Tom Swift? Troublesome.
I've got Tom stuck in an Incan tomb, surrounded by rocket rangers, and his stun gun doesn't work.
The villain is flooding the tomb with water and I don't know how to get Tom out.
Well, have you read Hiram Bingham's account of the discovery of ruins at Machu Picchu? No.
Well, he discovered this incredible Inca city about five years ago.
I've been reading about his discoveries in National Geographic.
- Bingham.
- B-I-N-G-H-A-M.
That's it.
Anyway, you know, the Incas were incredible stonemasons and he thinks there might be a complex maze of underground tunnels under the Machu Picchu.
But he doesn't want to open them up 'cause he thinks the whole thing might cave in.
Well, I bet if Tom can get inside these tunnels he could give them the slip, or corner them.
That's very good, Indy.
I'll certainly give that some thought.
Indy, the car.
Oh, Mr.
Stratemeyer, about your car.
Oh, yes, I'm sorry about that.
Well, see, I was thinking, I know someone who just might be able to fix it at Williams Brothers' garage on the edge of town.
If anyone around here can fix it, they can.
- I don't know.
- Sir, I can get it fixed.
I promise.
Oh, please, Father.
We'll be careful.
Well, all right then.
You'll be very careful, understand? - Thank you, Mr.
- Thanks, Dad.
Hey, boys, I've had this incredible idea.
Father always asks you about Tom Swift.
He never asks me.
Well, he asks you about the Bobbsey Twins.
Well, yes, but I mean, I could have worked out that Inca thing, easy-peasy.
Oh, really? Easy-peasy? - Well, can you fix it? - Oh, Indy, I wish I could.
Well, so what is it? It's the generator.
At least, it was.
So we'll just get a new one.
What, all the way from France? There's a war over there, remember? Well, there must be someone who knows how to fix it.
I doubt it, unless you know a scientific genius.
Hey, soda jerk.
You gonna drive that pile of junk to the prom? When we get this baby souped up, its gonna blow the doors off that tin lizzie.
Oh, don't worry about it, Indy.
We'll just be like everyone else - and walk to the prom.
- Yeah, everyone except Butch.
Well, you're not taking Butch to the prom, you're taking me.
- I know, I know, it's just that - Well, forget about him.
The only person you need to impress is me, and I'm impressed.
I just gotta find a way to get that car running.
- You coming over tonight? - No, we have dinner guests tonight, - but I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Bye.
- All right.
I suppose so.
When you graduate from high school you must come on a dig with me.
- Dr.
Bowman, do you mean that? - Well, of course I do.
- Wow! - Junior, not so loud.
So, what's it like working for big industry, John? Well, since leaving Princeton, I'm discovering that research for Edison and academic research are two entirely different worlds.
- But you must be earning more.
- Yes.
But Edison, he gets all the credit.
He has the ideas and we make them work.
The battery, for example.
When I perfect the Edison battery, the age of the internal combustion engine will be over forever.
But how can you make a battery that will last long enough? Well, the details are Mr.
Edison's secrets, but I can tell you that Henry Ford believes in them enough to pay Edison for the research.
An electric Model T, eh? A battery like that could put the oil companies out of business, John.
Thompson, did you read Tom Swift's Electric Runabout? Junior! Don't interrupt.
No, I didn't, Indy.
Well, it came out about five years ago.
It was just that Tom Swift invented a lithium and potassium hydrate battery and the car ran at 100 miles an hour.
Well, that was one of Mr.
Stratemeyer's fantasies.
The Edison battery is reality.
It's very exciting.
With the Edison battery, we will have noiseless cars - without exhaust.
- John's a genius.
Oh, that's okay, Mrs.
I'll serve the coffee.
Why, thank you, Indy.
- I'll head on home now.
Good night.
- Okay, good night.
- Dr.
Thompson? - Yes, Indy? You know, I told you about Nancy's dad's car and how we can't use it to go to the prom? Yes.
Would you know how to reconstruct a Bugatti generator? Even one of my assistants could do that.
- Really? - Sure.
Well, can I bring it out to West Orange tomorrow? - Why not? - Oh, thanks, Dr.
- Can I help you kids? - Yes.
Indiana Jones and Nancy Stratemeyer, to see Dr.
He's expecting us.
Oh, yeah.
Just go past the test track and turn right.
- Dr.
- Hi, Indy.
Thompson, this is Nancy, Nancy Stratemeyer.
- Hello, Nancy.
- Hi.
- So, this is it, huh? - Yes, sir.
You know, these will be obsolete someday.
When I perfect my battery, we won't need generators anymore.
Power supply will be constant.
Thompson, what's that race car out there on the track? That's an aerodynamics test.
I'll take this in to my assistant and be right back.
Hey mister, how fast does this thing go? Well, I've had her up to 98 on the track.
Can I get some help? Help me! - Indy, look out! - What the Nancy? - Help! Help! - Dr.
Thompson! Come on.
- What happened? - Dr.
They've kidnapped Thompson.
They've stolen the plans.
Get Security, quick.
- I'll go.
- Here.
Okay, there must have been at least three of them because two were fighting Dr.
Thompson and one was driving.
- Did you see the driver's face? - No, no.
Oh, but he was thin, I know that.
Oh, and it was a supply van.
It was dark and grubby.
Well, I think that covers just about everything.
You kids can go home now and we'll be in touch if we need you.
- Is that all? - Yeah, for now.
It happened so fast, but just before I was slugged, I heard one of them say something.
I remember, 'cause it was in German, I think.
- German? - It was Schnell die Unchen.
Or Baurgen.
I can't remember.
Baurgen"Quick, the baby's burping?" No, no, no.
Sir, I think that means, "Quick, the chicken is burping.
" Thank you, kid, but Baurgen means "baby's burp.
" I know that for a fact.
- And Unchen means - Please, now I'm finished with you two.
You can both go home, go on.
- But if - But what? Can we at least have our generator back? No, I'm sorry, kid.
This is evidence.
Once the case is solved, maybe.
Here comes Edison.
What did they take? - Well, is someone going to answer me? - Yes, Mr.
- They kidnapped Dr.
- I know that.
I mean what research? What designs? They've stolen the naval research files.
- All of them? - All of them.
The project files on the submarine and torpedo-detection units and the battery designs.
Are you in charge here? Yes, sir.
Captain Brady, Special Investigations.
You better get Naval Intelligence in on this, and the President must be told immediately.
I'll do that myself.
I tell you, Unchen means "chicken".
Whatever that German was saying, it was pretty weird.
Baby burps is Baurgen.
But Baur also means farmer.
Indy, you remember on the train as we were coming into West Orange, there was that large barn, remember? What was painted on it? Van Hoecht's Poultry.
Oh, my God.
That's it.
Unchen Bauer.
Chicken farmer.
Nancy, let's ride Nancy! Nancy, wait up! I don't see any van.
Look, tire tracks.
Going into that barn.
They look fresh.
Look, over there.
- It's the van.
- I knew it.
Hey, look at this.
Gooey oil.
There's some kind of sticker on the window.
L-L, C-H, R-Y.
- What's it mean? - I don't know.
Just some letters.
Let me see.
You know, Nancy, you have the most beautiful hands.
- Indy, stop.
Come on, now.
- You do.
- They are.
They're beautiful.
Nancy - Not now.
We gotta keep looking.
Indy! I'm sorry, you okay? - What was that? - Somebody's here.
- You think they heard us? - I don't know.
Quick, help me cover up the van.
Okay, but after this we're going to ride out to West Orange and tell the police.
Nancy? Nancy! Are you okay? - They heard us.
- Listen.
It's coming from the attic.
- We're not going up there.
- Don't be such a scaredy-cat.
- I'll go first.
I'll go first! - Ladies first.
Wait! Hey.
In here.
Thompson! Nancy, a shortwave radio.
Call the police.
They made me identify the anti-submarine plans.
They said they'd kill me if I didn't do what they asked.
Did they say anything to indicate where they were headed? - Nothing.
- Nothing at all? My German's terrible.
I did keep hearing the words flut and ebbe.
- That's high tide and low tide.
- High tide, low tide? - Someone's going to pick them up.
- A German submarine? They didn't they say anything that might indicate where they were going to be picked up? Nothing I could understand.
Come on.
Indy, do you think the United States will ever join the war? It's possible.
Germans stealing those plans certainly won't help.
I wonder where that van came from.
I wonder what your mom's fixing for dinner.
I'm starving.
You're always starving.
Have you finished Mr.
Gramlin's math assignment? No, I've been with you all day.
Trouble, huh? Whatever those Germans took, it must be pretty important.
It was important enough to tell the President.
We know that.
You said they took two sets of plans.
The detection system for submarines And the electric-car battery plans.
Let's not forget, they also kidnapped Dr.
No, no.
They only took Thompson to use as a hostage in case they got cornered while escaping.
But why would they steal plans for a battery? Well, maybe they wanted to build an electric submarine.
It sounds to me like they took the battery plans by mistake.
I wonder where that supply van came from.
It was covered with oil.
Maybe it was stolen from where the Germans landed.
You mean, where the submarine dropped them? Possibly.
And if we knew where that was, maybe that's where they're gonna be picked up.
I must say, I'm surprised that this doesn't happen more often to Mr.
Wherever there is true genius, there waits the unscrupulous opportunist waiting to reap the fruits of ardent labor.
I better get to these dishes.
Edison has given us so much.
Look around this house.
Mom, I think I'll give you a hand.
The phonograph, the dictating machine I can help you dry them.
the kinetoscope, the mimeograph machine, and finally, the incandescent light bulb.
- Indy, Indy, come here.
- Nancy.
I was up all last night.
I've worked it out.
Worked what out? Where the submarine is going to pick up the German spies.
Okay, you remember that goo, that crude oil on the van's mud flaps? Yeah.
Well, you only get that in an oil refinery.
And the only refineries near West Orange are in Bayonne.
On the coast.
- So did you tell the police? - Yes.
- And? - Well they wouldn't take me seriously.
Well, Nancy, it is a bit thin.
Well, we've gotta go there.
I know I'm right.
Nancy, be logical.
America isn't even in the war and you want us both to go and take on a German submarine? - By ourselves? - Why not? Because I have to go to work after class, that's why.
But this is more important.
Nancy, if you're right, we'll both be killed, and if you're wrong, I'll lose my job and we won't have a car for the prom.
Indy, listen.
High tide today is at 5:00 p.
If you're not going with me, I'm going alone.
Nancy! Nancy! - Be quiet.
- Are you crazy? - We're not supposed to be here.
- I know that.
So be quiet.
- We could be shot.
- You're such a ninny.
- I'm - Okay, now listen.
As soon as we see the submarine, we alert the Guard station over there.
Oh, and I brought my camera, too, just in case.
You never know.
You mean, so in case one of us gets murdered, - the other one can take photos.
- Well, we need proof.
I'll take the camera.
You take the field glasses.
Harper's probably planning how he's going to fire me.
Don't you have any sense of priority, Indiana Jones? If those plans get into German hands, thousands of people could die.
Coming? I'm coming.
This is it.
Now, all we do is wait.
Well, I don't see anything.
- What? - I knew you'd see things my way.
I always do, Nancy.
That's why we're so perfect for each other.
If they planned on coming at high tide they missed it.
Look, look.
- Snakes alive, Nancy.
They've got guns! - I knew I was right.
- Let me take a picture.
- What? Get down! What? Do you think they saw us? Look, you go get the Coast Guard.
I'll stay here.
- No, you go.
- I'm not leaving you here alone.
- What are they doing? - They're not there.
I don't know.
- Where are they? - Be quiet.
- You be quiet.
- Don't move! Officer Brady? You.
So you did take me seriously.
Yes, and we've been here since you called, young lady.
- Well, nothing's happened? - No, nothing.
Now go on, get out of here.
Both of you go home.
We can all go home.
Yes, sir.
Well, I mean, what if he's lying? Forget it, Nancy.
Why should he lie? You were wrong.
Now I've missed another day of work and I'll probably lose my job.
- I'm sorry.
- Forget it.
Thank you.
Oil, plus my dynamo.
That's it! Keep it down a little, Junior.
Father, may I be excused? "Plus my dynamo"? Nancy, it's for you.
Hello? Nancy, we've gotta get back to that refinery.
Indy, it's late, and my parents will never let me out.
But I've solved it.
They weren't after the submarine plans.
They weren't even Germans.
It's the oil company.
Well, how can you be so sure? They're after the electric-car battery plans.
If that succeeds, the oil companies will be out of business.
- I can't believe it.
- So are you gonna be there? - Just - Nancy? Yeah, all right, Indy.
Look, I'll help you with your homework but this is the last time.
Just give me ten minutes.
That's why they kidnapped Dr.
Thompson, so everyone would believe it was the Germans.
I knew there was something fishy about that.
- But how are we going to prove it? - There's only one thing to do, sneak in there and get those plans back.
Only problem is they could be anywhere in there.
New Jersey Fuel and Oil.
I wonder what the other letters mean.
C-H, then R-Y.
I guess we better go in there and find out.
Let's go.
- Hey, John.
How you doing? - Is this the last delivery for the night? - Yeah, this is it.
- Hey, drive safely out there.
All right.
Thank you.
Indy, look, C-H, R-Y.
See? Over here.
This could work.
Edison's light bulb has all but destroyed the gas-light companies.
- We don't want that happening to us.
- Yes, sir.
Just make sure this battery never sees the light of day.
That's it.
Here, let me try.
Hang on.
Let me try.
All right.
Just don't mess this up.
Don't worry.
Everything's going as planned.
Get down.
What? - You go on.
- We better check this out.
Come on.
- Now what? - Just stay down.
- It's the plans.
- Come on.
Get ready to run.
Hey, stop! Take the back gate.
- They're after us.
- Take the plans and get the police.
- I'll distract them.
Go! - Okay.
Turn to the right! This way! Well done, kids.
I'm impressed.
You know, that was smart, figuring out the oil-company angle.
Well, that German act had us fooled, too.
For a while.
You never know.
Edison might spring for a reward.
He'll be mighty glad to get his plans back.
We don't care about a reward.
No, but we would like to bring the plans back to Dr.
Yeah, he helped us with our generator.
Why not? Once we have these grids in place John, you've got the nickel and the iron grids reversed.
Of course.
I'm just a little tired.
Thompson, we did it.
Did what? Well, we found the battery plans.
How did you Well, they tried to fool you with that German spy routine and, I have to admit, it almost worked.
I hope they're all there, sir.
Yes, everything.
It's incredible.
Well done.
I remembered what my father said to you the other night at dinner about how something like this could put the oil companies out of business, so I took a good guess as to where they might be and I was right.
You mean you stole them back from the refinery? - That's right, sir.
- How did you know where to go? There was crude oil on the van.
Nancy worked that out, but she thought it was connected to something else.
Well, I'd better put these in the safe.
- How did he know about the refinery? - What? We didn't tell him we were at the refinery.
It was him.
Look at his shoes.
Thompson? It was him all along.
The German spies, everything.
Why? - Why what? - Why did you steal your own plans? You were at the refinery last night, weren't you? I think you better give us those plans back, sir.
You meddling little brats.
You're not going anywhere, John.
Don't move.
Back off.
Stop! Come on! Call the police! Come on! - What are you doing? - Get in.
He's getting away.
Look out.
The gate.
Go, go, go, go.
- Go faster.
- It won't go any faster.
Well, can't you do something? Nancy, this is a Model T.
Turn! - I know a shortcut.
Hold on.
- Indy, come on.
What are you doing? - We don't have time for shortcuts.
- Just hold on.
Indy, what are you? Crazy? We're not gonna make it.
Let go of the wheel! Let go! Indy, no! Indy, don't do it.
- Come on, what are you doing? - Hang on, Nancy.
We're going.
Go, baby.
Go, go.
You never listen to me.
Just hold on.
Hold on to your seat.
Where did he go? Tire tracks in the mud.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Hands up! Hold it! Go get him.
You've got some questions to answer, mister.
Put the cuffs on him.
- Why did you do it, Dr.
Thompson? - Why do you think? You did it for the money? I wanted what was mine.
I was doing all the work and Edison was getting rich.
My name should have been on those patents.
Mine! Get him out of here.
Good work, kids.
You two ought to hitch up.
You do detective work like professionals.
One day, my new battery will make the electric car a truly viable alternative.
- And the whole world will thank you.
- Oh, I hope so, Mr.
And you must come and test drive my new electric car when it's finished.
I'd like that very much, sir.
I believe this is yours.
Well, I guess you didn't get a chance to fix it.
I'm afraid not.
- Looks like we're walking to the prom.
- Well, it's okay.
Butch! What an entrance.
Whoa! Rosie, you look beautiful.
Hey, you seen that soda jerk? Must be just too ashamed to show his face.
- Keep an eye on her for me, Ricky.
- Yes, sir.
Dear Indy, how are you? I can't wait for you to get down here.
I have just made a significant discovery.
You will go crazy when you see it.
See you soon.
Your cousin, Frank.
Indy! Indy! Have you decided about spring break, yet? I talked to my dad and he said you can come with us.
I have to go to Albuquerque with my father and visit my aunt.
- We leave tomorrow.
- Tomorrow? - Well, why didn't you tell me? - I knew you would be upset.
Well, I guess I'll see you after spring break then? Yeah.
It'll only be for a couple of weeks.
Junior, are you packed yet? - We're leaving at 6:00 a.
- Yes, sir, I'm just about done.
I'll see you in the morning.
Don't stay up too late.
I won't.
Dear Ned, thanks for your letter.
It's great to hear you've been posted in Cairo.
Reminds me of when we were in Egypt together exploring the Tomb of Ka.
It was the most exciting time I ever had.
Anyway, I bet you're having a great time in the army, even if, as you say, all you do is draw maps.
Knowing you, you'll soon find where the fighting is and then you'll be right in the middle of things.
I envy you and hope you'll see a lot of action, just as you always wanted.
It's terrible being stuck here finishing high school.
Especially when there's so much going on in the world.
Your friend, Indy.
Albuquerque! Everyone off for Albuquerque! That's his train.
There he is.
Welcome, Henry.
Hello, Fred.
Hi, Cousin Indy.
How's it going? - Oh, my heavens.
How you've grown! - Hello, Aunt Grace.
- Hi, Professor.
Good seeing you.
- Morning, Frank.
So, what is this significant discovery you wrote me about? - I'll tell you later.
- No, what is it? No, I'll tell you later.
Come on.
This is your great discovery? It's a bordello.
It's just across the border from Columbus.
We can be there and back this weekend.
- They'll never let us go.
- They will if we're smart.
Look, I've got it all figured out.
Here's what we do.
Tomorrow at breakfast, just let me Yeah, it all looks real good.
What did you boys plan to do today? - Not much, maybe just go swimming.
- Good idea.
Ma, we were thinking, Indy and me, of maybe going on a little camping trip this weekend.
Camping trip? What sort of camping trip? Well, nothing special.
As far as Red Butte maybe.
- Red Butte's a fair distance.
- We'll only be away a couple of days.
And we'll be sure and be careful.
Yes, ma'am, really careful.
And we'll be back Sunday night, so I don't know.
Don't see how they can come to any harm, Grace.
What do you say, Professor? Well, as long as you're back Sunday night.
Then we can go? I don't see why not.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Have a good time, boys.
- Don't get into any mischief.
- We won't.
And remember, Junior.
Back by Sunday.
Yes, sir.
- Thanks a lot.
So long! - Thank you.
See you.
What's that stuff you were speaking with your father? Latin.
Latin? My father says it's good practice, but, it's actually the only way he can communicate with me since my mother passed away.
I guess you really miss her a whole lot.
More than ever.
Even after three years, a part of me just doesn't believe it.
She held us together.
She made it work.
When the influenza struck, she just didn't have any strength left to fight it.
She'd given it all to us.
Hey, you wanna stop for a while? Have a break, maybe? A break? No, we just started.
You know something? This reminds me a lot of Egypt.
When I was a kid, I was on an archaeological expedition.
- Sounds pretty boring.
- No, no, not at all.
Someday I'm gonna be an archaeologist.
- Digging up old rocks? - We weren't digging up old rocks.
We found an ancient civilization there.
Amazing treasures and artifacts.
- Really? - Yeah, you won't believe it.
Look, here, in my diary.
Here's a drawing of the jackal we found in the Tomb of Ka.
That's the jackal's head.
It's made of solid gold with precious stones for the eyes.
- Who's that? - This is Demetrios.
He killed a friend of mine and he stole the jackal.
That's my friend, Ned Lawrence.
- That's interesting.
- Yeah, it sure was.
Let's go.
Hey! - Sir! - Hey! Sir! Great.
Let's get some shut-eye.
We gotta get up before sunup.
And I think we should hide our backpacks here.
We can pick them up on the way back home.
- Good night, Indy.
- Good night, Frank.
Boy, that ground was hard.
I think I only slept for an hour.
We're not that far from Columbus.
If we're lucky, we could be there before breakfast.
- A car.
- Yeah, yeah.
Jump on, kids.
Oh, it's Mata Hari.
Wow! Here, take this.
- Thanks, mister.
- Don't get in trouble, now.
- Howdy.
- Howdy.
What're you boys doing around here looking lost, huh? Sir? Mamma's gonna heat your fannies for sure.
Is there someplace we can get something to eat? Well There's the Busy Bee coffee shop, usually opens up around 6:00.
What time does the border open? You boys looking for a little action, huh? We sure are.
- Know any good hot spots, sir? - Hot spots? Well let's see, there's the Copa Caliente, there's the Quiero D'Oro.
No, I think you boys better stay away from old Maxie.
- Why? - They serve their chilies real hot.
Thanks, soldier.
You boys steer clear of old Maxie's, you hear? She's liable to give you any Let's get out of here.
Out! No! Leave those things alone! Stop him.
Somebody stop him.
I'll get it back for you, ma'am.
Indy! What am I going to tell your dad? That's one.
That's two.
That's three.
I have to be in high school in a couple of days.
If I don't get home, my father's gonna kill me.
Remy Baudouin, but I'm Belgian, not French.
Belgian? José Gonzales from Ciudad Guerrero.
Indiana Jones from Princeton, New Jersey.
What's happening in Europe? Is the war over? - Germans still hold most of Belgium.
- Bastards.
- What was that all about? - God, your Spanish is terrible! Your French is worse.
She said, General Pershing is coming after us.
I will get the horses.
Mon ami, I regret deeply - What are you doing? - If you have some last request You out of your mind? Mais non, I'm carrying out the General's orders.
He didn't say to kill me.
"Tie the kid up and shoot him.
" His very words.
"If he makes a move, shoot him," is what he said.
- Didn't.
- Did.
- Didn't.
- Did.
Did, did, did.
Je suis désolé, my friend.
I'm sorry, but c'est la guerre.
What the hell are you doing, eh? Did you hear the General? Put him on the wagon and bring him with us.
The minute I saw you, I knew you were a lucky kid.
There they are! I'm definitely gonna miss high school.
General Pershing, sir.
Villa's columns are 40 miles to the south.
My guess is he'll circle east, head for the mountains.
One thing's for sure.
He'll stay clear of Ciudad Guerrero.
President Carranza's got a whole army there.
I'm gonna teach Villa what it means to invade the United States.
I'm gonna whip his ass.
What I can't figure is how you got here.
I mean, what's a Belgian doing riding with General Villa? I was a sailor, but I hated the sea.
One day we tied up at Veracruz.
I jumped ship.
Then I met Lupe.
She was very beautiful.
I adored her.
We had a little cantina.
We were very happy.
But the Federales came.
They destroyed our cantina and then they killed my Lupe.
I joined the revolution.
For revenge? For that and for other reasons.
What are you fighting for? Our children starve.
When we get sick, we have nowhere to go.
President Carranza and his rich friends have taken everything from us.
We are slaves in our own land.
They've sold off half of our country to you gringos.
General Villa, General Villa.
Your first job tomorrow will be to pick up the weapons at the house.
That's the last one.
Hey, Demetrios.
I found him, Ned.
Found the man who killed Rasheed.
Found him at last.
How it all started was I planned a visit to the border, the sole object of which was to enlarge my education.
I feel confident that you would have approved.
However, as Robbie Burns so aptly said and as you so often quote him, "The best laid schemes of mice and men.
" You're right.
It stinks.
How about, "Dear Dad, I've joined the Mexican Revolution.
"Sorry about high school.
Take care of Indiana for me.
"Your son, Henry.
" Much better.
- How much long do we have to sit here? - Till we get news of the train.
I hate trains.
What's so important about this one? We're gonna take this one, 'cause it's the key to Ciudad Guerrero.
Are you crazy? That place is full of Federales.
We'll get our asses shot off.
God bless the United States of America, and death to all her enemies.
Including that lowdown greaser, Pancho Villa.
Same again.
- That guy's nuts.
- Americans.
Lieutenant Patton reporting, sir.
Looks like you ran into a little trouble on your scouting mission, Lieutenant.
Nothing I couldn't handle.
Better watch out for young George Patton, gentlemen.
I'd say he's going places fast.
I got these guys at the cantina near the railroad.
I'm not so sure if he is headed for the mountains.
Good thinking, Lieutenant.
I agree.
In fact, I hear he's headed for Ciudad Guerrero.
Don't worry.
Ciudad Guerrero is my hometown.
I grew up there.
There's a spur line, runs right up to the wall.
I will switch the tracks, and you go crashing right into it.
You know how to use that? Did you ever kill a man, Indy? There's only one rule, Indiana.
Stay alive.
Hey, Indy.
Steer clear of the car once it's been uncoupled.
What if José can't switch the track? Then we all die! - Indy! - What? José has been hit.
Race ahead.
Come on.
Throw the switch.
Go, go, go! I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
Are you hurt? Come on, Indiana.
Fire! Fire! Fire! Cavalry.
Thank goodness.
Never find them in the dark.
We ain't gonna find them.
They just up and disappeared.
Easy, my friend.
Hold tight.
You'll be okay.
All this wealth.
And he doesn't even live here.
What is it, Indiana? Are you sick? Not sick, exactly.
I just don't think this is my revolution.
I'm a gringo.
- I've come to say goodbye, Indiana.
- Goodbye? I'm going home.
After seeing that newsreel, how can I stay? This is not my world.
If I have to die, I'll die in my own country, defending my own home.
Well, let me come with you.
Come with me? Tu est fou, mon ami.
No, I'm not.
I'm not crazy, I I guess I'm just seeing things clearly for the first time.
This isn't my war either.
Maybe the one in Europe is.
That's a war that has to be fought.
Above all, it has to be won.
The alternative is It's unthinkable.
I leave at first light.
Be ready to ride.
Tomorrow? There's one thing I have to do first.
If you're not there by dawn, I go without you.
I'll be there.
Trust me.
I found the jackal, Ned.
Remember me? I'm a friend of Rasheed's.
The man you killed in Egypt.
- You stole it.
- It's mine.
It belongs in a museum.
Wait! Remy!