Thief s01e01 Episode Script


Ok, Ok Here we go, here we go ! 2 bills.
2 bills on this end.
Oh, that's belly up.
Ha! Some bet.
2 bills? Come on, bump.
That's what you bet last time.
Double or nothing.
Come on, guys.
Everybody bets.
When's Elmo gonna be a daddy? I'm in for this p.
Ok, put me down, bumps.
See, those fools don't know.
| Sharona always gonna pop on her due date.
Never fails.
Swayze, talk to me.
How we doin'? Uh, yeah, uh Yeah, ok, right, right.
What are we betting on again? What do you mean what are we betting on? This years addition to the Jones tribe Number 23.
Hey, no, 5, asshole.
It's my first little man.
Give me Give me tomorrow a.
Here we go.
On 3.
1 2 Just say no to blow, kids.
Izzy, we're at the wall.
I'm in their system.
Izzy, now.
Cybuilt security.
X-ray, Johnson, Johnson, 976.
Access code please.
Izzy, are we good to go? We're in.
Ah Yeah, this is it, huh.
Damn it.
Come on, let's wrap it up.
Uh, this is not a good time.
Tell me about it.
I'm calling from a police station.
They want to talk to Tammy's father.
He's not my father.
You shut up.
Uh, what did she do? Waited outside while some kids broke into the school.
Isn't that nice? These are her new friends.
Wanda, I can't do this right now.
And I can? I'm not her father.
Do you want to have this conversation right now.
They are standing right here.
They want to talk to somebody.
Ok, um, I'll take care of it.
Put him on.
What is that noise? Wanda, put him on.
Here you go.
This is Officer Milovich.
Are you the father? Step-father.
I'm in a meeting right now, Officer, but i want to assure you, Tammy has never been in any kind of trouble before.
Do you know who your daughter's hanging out with, sir? Step-daughter.
Um, I know one.
Well, sir, that's just not good enough.
Excuse me? Oh, yeah! Benjamins, baby! Whoo! Hey! Leave it.
Leave it.
What? It's not what we came for.
It's not the trick.
Leave it.
These are hundreds.
I'm sorry, Officer.
One moment.
This is not why we're here.
Ok? We do it as planned.
You the boss, ok? I got that, dog.
But I comes to steal, All right? And no way this is staying here.
I ain't leaving this.
Ok, ok, ok.
Pack it up.
We're on the move.
Pack it up.
Hum Heh.
Officer Milovich, I appreciate your concern.
I'm grateful.
But, um, Tammy is a good kid.
She really is.
Even for good kids, this is a slippery slope.
I'll tell her.
Ok, well, here's your wife.
She is grounded for life.
Um, can I get off now? Mm-hmm.
Well, you're free to go.
Thank you.
5-0, 5-0.
Where? Talking to Jack.
Once a year, for this thing here, this parade.
Come on, mike.
We'll see ya.
All right, it's good talking to you.
It's ok.
It's ok.
Jack, we're coming up.
Izzy, watch our backs.
There you go.
Whoo! Can you say Izzy! Shit! Thief - 101 - Pilot Hey! Come here, you! Come here! Stand still.
Don't move.
Put the bodies in the Z.
, take them to Oakland, and leave them.
Let them think the niggers did it.
Get the rest of the cars in the container, and when i say "No Vietnamese" I mean it.
You understand? And don't get blood on the leather, you hear me? What are you waiting for,huh? You think I'm playing? Huh? Move! Enjoying yourself fit to get pinched, Nick.
The last 5 minutes was kinda weak.
So what you bitchin' about? We soldiers, we can't have no weak links.
Weak links ain't gonna do it for us, Nick.
Can't have any weak soldiers in the platoon.
You bitch! Huh? What you gonna do? Huh? You bitch ! Come on guys ! Stop ! Stop ! He got one job, Nick.
One! I did my job! Hold it, hold it, hold it.
Take a walk! G o! You 2 bitches want to hoover the bones, | want to beat the shit out of each other, we do it later.
Right now, we stay on schedule.
Understood? You gonna miss your flights.
Maybe we should change our flight.
What? Well, not go straight home, like usual.
Yeah, why would we do that, Jack? What? I'm alone here? Nick, he might have a point.
Enlighten me.
It's time we clear the air.
And I got shit out.
You ain't nothin' but a punk bitch! Shut up! Now, we don't call audibles in the middle of a job.
We get out of dodge.
I'm not going to prison on account of you assholes.
Fine, then we do it after.
We do what after? Instead of us heading home, we go home with you.
It's one time, Nick.
One time, man.
What's it gonna hurt? Ok, let's get out of here.
Izzy, get your shit, we on the move.
Detective Hayes P.
we need to talk to you.
I'm gonna need a quick minute.
Hey, baby.
Tell him what you told me.
Right now.
Right now.
Tell him.
This is ridiculous.
Ok, um, babe, I want to hear this, I do.
But I got clients waiting outside.
See? No.
He wants to hear.
Tammy told her girlfriend today | that you and I are splitting up.
Yeah, we're getting divorced, and she's going | to go live with her father in Hawaii.
First, this morning, and now this.
It's that bad, huh? So bad in my house that you'd rather go | live with your father.
That's tough to swallow knowing what I know.
It's a lot of bullshit, too, isn't it? Nick.
Ok, come on, let's put our cards on the table.
| This is not about missing daddy.
Nick Ok, Tammy does not want to go live with her father, | but oh, she is her daddy's girl.
Listen to this! Be quiet.
What are you saying? You know what i'm saying.
Ask her.
Oh, Nick, she's not, she's not like that.
Her father is what he is and he said what he said I regret that.
I really do.
But Tammy is not her father.
She's not.
I don't have to ask her.
Perhaps I'll just step out Sit down.
Now, look, you and me, | we got like nothing in common, except maybe one thing--your mama.
Now, I'm not going any place, and you're not going any place, | so here we are.
What do we do? Fine.
Go to the car.
I'll be there in a minute.
Oh, baby, I'm sorry.
We're gonna figure this thing out, one way or the other.
We're gonna send her to the finest | boarding school in Switzerland.
How was the auction? Um, speedster went for 16,000 more than | I was willing to spend.
So, you disappointed? Eh.
There's a lot of cars in the city.
You know, it's not that you're a black man.
It's not.
It's that you're any man.
She's just acting out, is all.
She'll come around.
I promise you.
Yeah, I know.
She's got you for a mom, right? Yeah.
I'll see you back at the house.
Is my cash still there? I'm on a cell phone, uncle.
How much is missing? All of it.
Who? Here you go.
| Who? Vietnamese? Cambodian? I don't think so.
I just took plenty.
These people are fresh off the boat | and they're not bangers.
2 bags? Scored some cash.
Really? Yeah, kind of wager you don't walk away from.
That's not like you.
Is there a problem, Roz? | 'cause if there is, tell me.
I'll take my business elsewhere.
No, someone got lucky.
I don't believe in luck.
Find them, Vincent.
I push my guy.
Tell him I'll go 70 on the scrilla.
Squeeze him.
Cash, he'll go 60, tops.
Well, grind him like you grind me.
I'm serious.
It's been a while.
| I want to make my people flush.
You find them.
And I'll show my appreciation.
You find these Quai Doy.
Nick? If someone drops the ball no time for mixed emotions.
Your people in san francisco.
Can they make inquiries without it getting back to us? Yeah.
Do it.
Hi, you've reached the Atwater house.
We can't get to the phone right now What kind of questions did they ask? Stock market questions.
How some civil servant turned $2,000 | in some no-nothing stock Into 65,000 free and clear.
You paid your taxes like I told you, right? The point is, I'm 32 days into handing in my star.
24 years on the job.
Now all of a sudden, out of the blue, I get called into P.
Now what's that all about? P.
has nothing.
Counselor, someone brought a complaint, huh? Come on, Jesus, you know how this works! But they don't know anything.
Take off that towel.
What? Take off the towel.
You're joking, right? Now.
See anything you like? Ah, well.
I'm off the tit.
Detective, you're an asset to us.
Even retired.
I know.
Tell your client that.
You're upset.
Take a few days and think about this.
You're not listening to me.
I don't take your advice anymore.
Open up this door, Elmo.
22 god damn relatives, can't nobody answer the phone to tell me if i'm a father or not.
So what do you think, 6 figures, at least? Shit, easy, man.
You saw the bag! I did, that's why i'm asking you.
Dang, man.
I don't know.
I think--i think it's gotta be at least 7 figures.
7 figures.
7 figures, baby.
Come on, man, bricks like that? So that's gonna be, what, 2-- Oh.
250 a man.
| No, don't try to do the math.
Remember the last time you did the math? | No, come on.
250 a man, baby.
| 250? 250, baby! Vincent Chin, doctor.
The shaking it's getting worse.
Come in.
Hi, you've reached the atwater house Elmo, you comfortable? Hey, have we forgotten how we do things? We get the hell out when we're done.
We don't hang around for no finger | pointing and whiney-ass bullshit sessions.
Do it as planned.
Not in our backyards.
No strangers.
Now, anybody not down with this want a change of pace.
Feel like you want to do things your way you take your chips and bounce, adios, | 'cause it's my way or the highway.
We clear? His is not what this is about I'm not finished.
You're out.
What? Because we go way back, you take your share, you go home, you contemplate your sorry ass situation.
Call me if you ever get | your skinny white ass straight again.
You're kicking me out? See? Smart already.
No! No, no.
I don't accept this.
Look at me.
Look at me There's out, and there's out.
You hear what I'm saying, So be happy 'm doing a decent thing by you | and don't make me Nick.
| Ahem.
Ok, sit down, sit down.
Everybody sit down.
This is a business, and we are having a meeting, ok? Everybody just be cool, be cool.
I know this guy.
What the hell is he doing? I can't talk.
We have an issue.
You better get over here.
I gotta go Yeah | Where are you? Runnin' down a lead.
No, you're not.
A lawyer called.
A Martin someone.
Called the house? He knew my name, the dog's name.
"How's chin-chin" he says, for god sake.
Don't worry.
It won't happen again.
You give them your cell phone.
| I don't want these people calling my house.
I mean it.
I'm going back to bed.
An injury like this, there are always concerns for internal organs.
We want to keep her 24 hours for observation.
But right now, signs are good.
So you're saying she's going to be ok? We're doing everything we can.
I suggest you both go home, get a change of clothes, and come back in 2 hours.
Doc, whatever you need.
Whatever cost, whoever you have to fly in, you do that, ok? Can we see her? Thanks a lot, we appreciated it.
| Good night.
Who are they? Nobody.
They're business associates.
You gave them a key? No, I didn't give them a key.
They came through the gate.
Oh, so they just let themselves in? Oh, something you seem | to know a lot about these days.
Jesus, Nick! My house! No one saw us, Dog.
My step-daughter saw you, Dog.
How, you, of all people, ought to know better.
As soon as you called, we wanted to come over.
We were just trying to be here for you, Nick.
| That's all.
Now look, Jack, we agreed, no houses, no exceptions! You assholes have crossed the line! You crossed the line, asshole, | when you put your hands on me! Come on.
| Don't you do that shit again! No, I just did his ass a favor.
Black man parked in this neighborhood at this hour? Don't do me no favor! Ok, ok.
- How's she gonna be? | - They don't know.
Is there anything we can do for you, Nick? Like what, Jack? What? I was just askin'.
How's the kid taking it? We still got a decision to make.
Jane here thinks this can't wait.
Forget you, Gabo.
All right, I'm sympathetic.
I have a wife that's pregnant, out to here.
But business is business.
Now Wanda or no Wanda, that little crack head ain't gonna walk quietly | into the sunset, and that's a god damn fact.
Izzy would not Izzy has got to go, and one of us has to do it.
Izzy won't turn on us.
You willin' to take that risk? This is izzy we're talkin' about here! Hey, listen, listen.
| I think elmo's on to something, man.
Izzy gets popped on a drug beef, what then? Exactly.
He gonna give all of us up.
Names, addresses, phone numbers, the whole 9.
I don't like it, but it's true.
Elmo's right.
First things first.
The score.
There's a problem.
Problem? Cash and stones.
A slam dunk, right? It ain't? I don't know.
| I'm going to find out.
Well, maybe we go with you.
Well, maybe you don't.
You go.
Yeah, right.
You go on, zip over, see your people, and then hurry on back.
Yeah, we'll watch your kid.
We'll be right here until you get back.
Yeah, boss rule.
Go with kids.
You don't look at her.
You don't talk to her.
You stay out here until I get back.
The chinese mob? My people are certain.
I need this money.
Not this money.
Yes, this money.
I don't give a shit who these people are.
| That's my money.
Joe six-pack takes the loss, files a claim, double the value, gets on with his life, thinks we've done him a favor, but not these people.
We take their money, they will come looking for us and they will find you, me, all of us, the crew.
And then, they will go after our families.
This is bullshit, Rozzy.
Somebody saw you, Nick.
If the trick had gone right, you were ghosts in the wind.
Ok, we take the risk, but it didn't this time.
You're exposed.
Your family.
All our families.
How much longer? I'll be right there.
10 minutes.
No more.
You said you'd be back in 1/2 hour.
10 minutes.
It's been 9 months since we scored.
- I understand | - 85 per man on the stones, you said.
Possible 6 figures! - Now we're looking at, what? 29? | - Yes.
With me eating half my upfront.
The quality's just not there.
You want guarantees, get a day job.
Punch a clock.
Let life pass you by.
It's not us.
I ain't goin' back with the stones didn't pan out.
| No cash.
Forget it, Roz.
Forget it.
I can't.
My guys are on their backs.
For me, the cash is an unacceptable risk.
I leave, my black ass is gone.
It's over for us.
I'll knock another 10 points off my share, but the cash? Nick, I wish I could.
If you're playing me, Roz.
I wouldn't do that and you know it.
I'll get the money back.
No one will be the wiser.
This is wrong.
Shit's not worth dying for, Nick.
No score is, right? 2 minutes.
2 minutes.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Say what? Someone saw us.
The risks are different this time, and not just for us.
For our families.
You know what? | I, for one, am willing to take that risk.
You give your money back if you want to.
| Mine goes home with me.
It's already gone.
What? When did this become a democracy, nigger? Where you been? My money out of my pocket! That's your money.
How much is it? Stones didn't pan out like we hoped.
It was a bad day all around.
This ain't right, Nick.
It is what it is.
I'm out, too.
Thanks for trying to protect us, Nick.
I can't go home like this.
I got people with their hands out | as soon as I show my face.
People I can't dance with anymore.
Same here.
What the hell are you talking about? You ain't got no family.
I got a loan shark, man.
Ok, I get it.
I get it.
Nick You always got something on the bubble.
I know you, bro.
You got money.
That's something.
Something good.
Don't you think we should have stayed at the hospital? The doctor said 2 hours.
If it was you, she would have stayed.
She wouldn't have left.
Not if it was you.
You're right.
You're right.
Your mother's better at this.
She's way better.
Do you want to bring Tammy here? I got room.
She needs to see her mom.
Ok, you know best.
When it comes to this, I'm into negative numbers.
I told my people I had a line on a new trick.
Why'd you do that? All broke and pissed off ain't working.
One bad gig.
You mess with a man's money, he tends to forget if you're friend or foe.
Besides, it's like you said, Roz.
This family thing Nick.
We don't chase jobs.
Money, that's all this is about.
For all of us.
True believer crap? It'll only hurt ya.
I say screw 'em.
Nobody made these guys your responsibility.
Hey, the thing about the, um The thing you used to talk about.
You told me to eat shit.
Changed my mind.
Uh, look, um, I gotta go.
Give me some information.
| Call me back in 90 minutes, ok? I gotta go Hey, doc? We tried to contact you.
No one could reach you.
Your wife's condition took a turn.
What? We believe she had a laceration of the heart muscle.
By the time we discovered it, she had expired.
Tammy! Ah! Ah! Tammy! Don't touch her! No! No! Hello? Vincent.
Yes, uncle? My property is being returned to me.
I'm happy, uncle.
None the less, my offer to you stands.
20% is yours.
The party making the arrangements is in New Orleans.
Do you understand? I understand.
I put in a call.
Someone there will assist you.
A very good friend of a very good friend.
Want me to fix you something to eat? You want to call your dad? All right.
I'll be in my room.
I'll be in in a minute.
I want you guys to stay in town for a couple of days, ok? Get yourselves some hotel rooms? I want to talk about this gig I outlined in the garage.
You all right? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm ok.
I'm cool.
Wanda died.
She bled out.
We need to talk about our payday.
No, no, Nick.
No, come on now.
Y-You need to deal with what you're feeling, all right? Just-- Why don't you step down.
| Let you spend some time with the kid.
You guys wanted to know | You wanted to know about the deal, right? No, family is more important, all right? | You have to deal with that.
We're not going anywhere.
Look, how about we just get a drink instead, ok? How about we all just get some drinks? Yeah.
Yeah? Come on.
Come on.
Come on, Nick.
There's somebody out back.
Somebody like who? Oh, well, sweetie Oh, I know him.
You can, um You can go back to your bedroom.
It's ok.
Izzy, what's going on, man? Ecch.
What you doing in my backyard? I didn't let you down.
Come on, man.
I do my job.
Huh? I did exactly what I was supposed to do.
| I made a mistake.
I get us in and I get us out.
That's what I do.
That's my job.
You count on me.
You know what I mean? And this asshole's whatever he's saying is bullshit 'cause izzy, this is a really bad time, man, ok? Come on, man.
Izzy What am I gonna do? Look, I told you.
All right? Your shit has become our shit.
I can't have that.
Ok? We talked about it.
You know, I tried, brother.
It's over.
I do my job and you know bullshit! Shut up! Izzy! Keep your voice down, brother.
This is my backyard.
Keep your voice down.
| Well, come on, man! I do listen, man.
I do my job.
Always Why you gonna talk to this crackhead.
| Look at him! Just I want to do my job.
You know nick.
| Keep your voice down, man.
We gonna handle our business or what? | Not in my backyard.
Are we gonna unh! Guillermo! Come on! Unh! Shit.
We can't just leave him here.
Hospitals are gonna mean police.
Get his gun, whatever else, put him in his car.
| Get him out of here.
And take him where? You know what to do.
I think she saw.
Go! You ok? Oh, shit! Tam.
I know this day has been like a bad dream.
I know how hard it's been.
But we, we have to pull together.
As a family.
Ok? Oh! Ughh! I just want to go to sleep.
Good night.