Thief s01e03 Episode Script

Everything That Rises Must Converge

Previously on Thief.
Chinese mob ? That's my money, mine They will come looking for us and then, they will go after our families.
There's somebody out back.
Izzy ! Put him in the car, get him out of here ! You know what to do.
Your wife's condition took a turn She had a laceration of the muscle heart.
What's the good news ? Thirty to forty million dollars We're going to do it on the plane, in the air.
I got assignments.
Elmo, grab your lunch pail, you're taking the job.
And your guy in new york ? In due time, my friend.
I'm married.
Of course you are.
I can't get Izzy out of my head.
It's for a friend.
We need to know if She saw us, dawg.
She's going to live with her father in Hawaii after the funeral.
He never even left.
What's wrong with this guy ? At least he doesn't shoot people.
You steal, you pay.
I gave the money back.
Give me the names Oh.
Bad dreams.
You nervous about going back to school ? I heard noises, breaking glass.
Couldn't sleep.
I, um, I was looking for an ambien.
Sorry about that.
So Tam, you know, what happened the other night ? You know, that guy was crazy.
He was on drugs.
He was waving around a gun.
It was self defense.
And it's not that serious even.
They took him to the hospital, he's already back in Texas.
It's water under the bridge.
But it would be better if it stayed between us.
Better for who ? The Bloc Team Presents To You Thief, Episode 3 "Everything That Rises Must Converge" Huddle up.
She's all clean.
Whoo! Ah, sweet.
Man, I haven't fired one of these since the gulf.
- The gulf of Mexico ? - See ? That's what a spic would think first.
The Persian gulf, bitch.
You think we're going to need these ? Well, if you don't want one, I'll find someone who does.
Any slant-eyed bastard tries to take me down, it's about to be Guadalcanal all over again.
We fought the japs there, mo, not the Chinese.
- Get it straight.
- Yeah, whatever.
They all look the same.
How we know it's the chinks that done it anyway ? They're coming for us, Jack.
I saw what they did to her.
I'll take the P99.
Move one inch and I'll kill you.
Who are you ? Hey ! Billy Kwan.
Shrimp boy? Is that supposed to mean something to me ? Uncle Lao sent me.
How do I know that ? Slowly.
That's him with my mom.
He's your brother ? Your his nephew ? Yeah, his real nephew.
Not some paper son.
Hello uncle, it's Vincent.
He said he was your nephew.
It's just that, that I'm used to working alone.
Of course, but No, uncle, no problem.
Basic principles of Macroeconomics.
You actually read this shit? Here's the deal, bro.
You do exactly what I tell you to do.
No more, no less you understand ? Whatever.
So, dude? Who we gonna kill ? The plane has a lower deck with a galley.
The food is stored here and the forward cargo hold is right next to it.
Are we going to need oxygen ? No, it's pressurized, temperature controlled.
How we going to get the carts on the plane ? We got an inside guy in New York ? Yeah, we have one.
This guy phoos.
You met him ? Not yet.
How are we doing on communications ? Thoriah satellite phones, single hop link, perfect for air to ground, undetectable.
But we're going to need four grand.
Jack, come and take a ride with me.
Nah, in no way, ain't doing it.
That's bullshit, you are doing it.
Nick, you said she was going to be in Hawaii by now.
Well, her father's a prick, ok ? Look, no disrespect, man, but that's her problem.
No, Jack, it's our problem.
Chinese are still out there, they get Tammy first, that's bad for us.
So you want me to babysit her ? No, get gabo on bitch patrol.
Oh, I get it now, obviously you've forgotten how many times I bailed your ass out.
What, how many ? Charleston, ok? Ok, one.
All right.
And the bookie who wanted to do the Picasso on your face with the lipstick.
- Ok.
All right.
- Yeah.
Look what the cat drug in.
Billy Ray ? Yep.
How's the family ? About the same.
My old lady's drunk, my son's in Iraq.
What can I do you for ? I need something fast.
You want me to build you a jumbo jet, huh ? No, just part of the cargo hold.
Three thousand if you can do it in 72 hours.
Kiss me.
What ? You saw Dog day afternoon.
Yeah, what about it ? If i'm going to take it in the ass, I'd liked to be kissed first.
That's funny.
Counselor ? I do your ass a favor and you tie me to a double homicide ? I didn't know what they were going to do ! Yeah ? I was just doing a friend a favor.
Who's your friend ? Huh ? Who ? You don't want to do this, you're signing your own death warrant.
Because of you, I'm already dead.
Now, who ? Ok, fine.
All right.
One less hand job you're gonna be giving.
Ah ! I'm waiting.
- Fine.
- Who??? I'm waiting ! Ok.
Now who ? The Chinese outfit out of San Francisco.
The crew hit their bank and the Chinese want their money back.
What the hell is that guy doing killing civilians in my town ? They weren't civilians.
The woman was dirty, she was the fence.
What about the crew ? They down here, too ? That's all I know.
What was the score ? How much ? Newspaper said two million.
No shit.
Two mill.
I'd put some ice on that hand if I were you.
Forty grand ? What kind of shit you smoking up there, Jess ? You know the drill, it's license, credit cards, social security numbers.
Right, a set for me, too.
Oh come on, man, we've done a lot of business together.
I don't give a shit about 9-11.
I'm not paying 40k.
You ok, man? Well, what's it look like ? Honestly ? Not so good.
I haven't been sleeping.
If I were you, I wouldn't even try.
You have lots of ghosts to carry around.
I don't believe in ghosts.
I believe in what I can touch, what I can put my hands around, like 40 million bucks.
And to get that, we need to get into Roz's house.
Well, I don't know about that, man.
That place is crawling with cops.
She was killed before she gave me the name of the guy in New York.
She keeps it in a little book.
Well, we've got 12 days to the score and we don't have the guy who puts us on the plane ? This is our best play.
It's a crime scene, bro.
There's always a way in.
We get what we need, I'll sleep like a baby ! Hey, girl.
I've been looking all over for you.
You want to get something to eat ? - No, I don't want to go back in there.
- Huh-uh.
It's just like everybody's treating me like I'm a freak, you know ? Like, oh look, there's the girl whose mom died.
I just can't wait to get out of this school.
They're just a bunch of ignorant crackers ! Here.
Have some of this.
It will make you feel so much better.
What is it ? Bootleg Little John.
Hey, do you want to go to Jessica's party on Friday ? I hear her parent are in Las Vegas.
I don't, think so.
You know, it's my stepfather.
He's kind of paranoid.
It's only been a week since, you know Yeah.
But you can't stay sad forever.
Let's cut.
You sure ? I just can't be here right now, you know.
Let's go.
Still hooked on giant steps ? The old tunes are the best tunes.
Of course, you never properly credit Jimmy Garrison.
He's the engine.
Listen to those bass figures ! It's not about the engine, man, it's about trane.
None of those cats were ever as good again.
McCoy Tyner ? Elvin Jones ? Shit, you really are getting old, old man.
Old enough to know a fool when I see one.
Come on, man, say it.
Da-da, daaa-da.
Alright, put your mom back on the phone.
Hey, Sharone.
Yeah, baby.
Yeah, baby, you know I miss you, girl, right ? You know that's why I'm here, though.
I'm here for you and the kids.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, alright, me too.
Your first? Naw, my fifth.
Fifth ? First little man.
Look at that.
Aw, man.
He's a big boy.
What is this, CPT? If you guys are done blowing each other, we got work inside.
Yes, sir.
Yes um, master.
I'm about ready to pick your cotton soon as I finish servicing your wife.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Muslims believe the Arabian is a gift from Allah.
That anyone who treated it well would be rewarded in the after life.
My insurance against a life poorly lived ? I heard about your wife, man.
I lost my viola when I was in Leavenworth Spinal meningitis.
Still haven't gotten over it.
So what brings you out here, Nick ? I don't believe that it's because you took a sudden shine to horses ! I got a gig.
It's a big one.
I could use your help.
Hey, I'm a granddaddy.
I'm retired.
Congratulations ! But you never retire from what we do.
You want me to work for you now ? Well, nobody knows how to move money around like you do.
How to wash it, how to clean it.
Cut the bullshit.
You're here because someone took Roz moore down and you're scrambling.
How much we talking? 30 to 40 mill.
They have to move it into Columbia.
With your share, you could buy a whole herd of Arabians, become a regular Maharaja! When ? Twelve days.
That's soon ? How long you been working this ? A week.
Short prep ! Doesn't sound like you ! Where's the gig ? Thirty thousand feet over Cleveland.
You hittin' a plane ? Where you taking off the jack ? Here.
Man, I thought I taught you better than that.
I didn't come down here for a lecture, Riley.
Didn't I tell you never work in your own backyard ? This ain't my backyard no more.
You interested or what ? Let me chew on it.
Thanks for the beer.
Don't you worry you might run into someone, maybe your husband's friends or something like that ? Hmmm.
My husband's in insurance.
He doesn't have any friends.
Oh ! What's he do ? I don't really know.
Real estate companies, corporate policies.
Does he do this ? No, I can't remember the last time he did that ? You know, selling insurance must be like selling anything else.
You have to have a soft touch.
A really soft touch.
You can't push too hard.
Not too hard, just hard enough.
It's hot in here.
Oh god! To start, we can go for the Creole Gumbo ! Mm-hmm.
Look at that.
Escargot sound better, huh ? Mm-hmm.
We're ready to order.
Nick ! Yeah.
There's a guy in a car out front.
I know.
- Well, I think it is one of the guys who is a - I know.
Well, what is he doing here ? Just keeping an eye on the place.
Why ? It's better to be safe.
You think he's going to come back ? That guy who was shot ? Tammy, I wouldn't worry about that.
It's over.
That guy is back in Texas and it's like it never happened.
But until you go to Hawaii I want to know where you are - Ok? At all times.
- Ok.
Keith ? My dad.
Well, if you getha hold of him, let me talk to him.
I've been trying to reach him for a couple of days.
I know, I know, you can't wait to get rid of me.
No, Tam, I just want your father to act like a father.
It's voicemail.
At least he's consistent.
Thanks for meeting me here.
No cuts and all folds.
It's a donation from the bump.
The bump ? Yeah, the bump, that's what they call me.
You know, like that song, You know, there's a bump on the log with a hole in the middle of the sea.
There's a bump on the log with a hole in the That's all right.
This is kind of a funny place for a date.
I really, I really like churches.
I spent most of my childhood growing up in them.
My daddy was preacher.
So, you got the calling early ? Well, if I did, I lost it a long time ago.
Well, then, why do you come to church ? I see you here every night last week.
I've got a lot of things on my mind.
Talking to Jesus just, Just makes me feel better.
Jesus saved my life.
I ran away when I was twelve and got into some bad trouble on the streets.
And then Reverend Bordeau found me and showed me the way.
So you're not redeemed? No, I'm afraid not.
But I feel as though I, feel as though I could be If you'd just let me kiss you.
Jack, we're in church ! I thought that made it better.
I thought that made it holy ! I'm bored.
Crisscross his numbers.
I'm sick of this shithole.
Hiring at six flags, bro.
That bitch had to know the crew, bro.
She didn't know anything.
Are you sure ? 'Cause she was the only contact, and you went and killed her.
Now we got to run through every god damned number on her cell phone, or maybe you just lost your mojo ! You hit the wrong boy.
You diss me once more and it won't matter who your uncle is.
The window was open.
I couldn't sleep.
So you're breaking into my files ! Give me that.
Give me that ! A key would have been easier.
I don't have a key.
Did mom have one ? Just leave your mom out of this, ok ? Why is this always locked ? To keep nosey little girls like you out !! Now you can go through my stuff if that's want, Tammy, or you could ask me what it is you want to know.
Did you ever lie to mom ? About what ? I don't know, anything ! Your business.
You ever lie to Keith ? Lies come in many shapes, Tam.
And sometimes we lie to protect the people that we love, you understand ? And I loved your mother.
So come on, let's go to bed.
There you go.
How big are these carts ? Thirty inches wide, four feet high, thirty-six deep.
-That's tight.
-Yeah, but it's doable.
Don't forget, we're going to have tools on us.
How long we have to be in there ? About ninety minutes, or so, that a problem ? I'll handle it.
We're gonna need, um, forties.
Ok, now they're on a GPS tracking system, but they're always going in for maintenance, so, if we were maintenance company We'll work it out.
And when you get them, disable the GPS so bump can drive them to New York.
All right? Hey, Nick, let me holler at you a second.
So look, I know that we're coming down to the final stretch, but I've got to see my little boy.
You know, I've been gone a long time, and I need a couple days.
We're eleven days out, Mo.
I need you inside.
I know, that's why I'm just gonna boost the carts and go.
Yeah, but that calls attention.
That's not how we do it ! So, then we change the rules.
Nick, I've got to see Sharona, man.
We're having issues.
I'm serious! Well, your issues are going to have to wait.
Oh, I see how it works.
Ok, no, no, so when your family has problems, you can change the rules, right ? That little white girl can id us to a murder, Nick.
But do we do what we did with Izzy ? No, we changed the rules.
You want to make a run at my daughter ? What, are you crazy ? Well, if you had never come to my house, none of this shit woulda happened.
All I'm saying to you I know exactly what you're saying, Mo, but all you do is talk.
Maybe you should go.
But let's just be clear.
If you go, don't come back.
Don't stop now, baby, train's almost at the station, come on.
Come on, honey.
Hey, you ok ? Is it something I did ? No, I'm just distracted.
I still don't understand exactly what it is you do.
I design systems.
I just feel like there's a part of you that's hidden, that's all.
Everyone loves a mystery.
So where's your husband ? At the office.
Casualty underwriting.
That's his idea of intimacy.
You going to take a shower ? Uh-huh.
God damned Microsoft, come on ! - Thirsty ? - Thought you was on modified duty.
Hmm not for long.
I break this case I'm on, PIB is going to give me a medal.
You'll be reading about my ass in the papers, bro.
Yeah, I don't doubt that.
Hey you got to see this.
What ya got ? What ya got ? Oh, we raided, some poachers over on honey island.
Found a dead gator ! Opened it up.
That right there popped out.
Where's the rest of him They lookin'.
Here, don't be shy.
Hey ! Shake his hand.
No, art, knock it off.
Boy, you are demented.
What's the story on that double homicide over there on Perrier ? Do you know anything about that ? Whoever did it was a pro.
The department doesn't want it to get out, but there were burn marks on that woman.
I think she was tortured first.
Found residue of potassium and nitrate charcoal and sulfur on her body.
English, huh ? That's a composition of black powder meal, pyrotechnics, Chinese cracker fuses, that kind of thing ? Looks like they just wrapped that all around her and lit her up.
Are we close ? No prints.
No motive.
Why, you on to something ? No, not hardly, no.
If I were you'd be the last to know, huh ? No phone calls at dinner, that's the rule.
Well, what if it's my dad ? Check caller ID.
You can call Keith back.
Go on.
Go ahead.
Oh my god ! I opened your mother's safe deposit box today.
That was passed down to her from your great grandmother.
She always said she wanted you to have it.
It's an emerald ? Yes, good quality.
Hold it up to the light.
Can you see how deep the color is ? Yeah.
And the inclusions minor.
It's beautiful ! Fits ! Sort of.
You should probably keep that in a safe place.
She wore it at our wedding.
I saw the ring you gave me at the wedding.
The little gold band.
I was trying to buy you off.
I don't think it worked.
Is that what you are trying to do now ? Is that what you think ? Did she leave me anything else ? Yeah, a few other things in the safe deposit box.
You'll get them when you're older.
I dreamt about her last night.
How'd she look ? She was happy.
She was at the shore.
She had paint in her hair.
I dream about her every night.
Hum, I got invited to this girl Jessica's birthday party on Friday.
Um, and I know it's only been a week, but you know, Mom, said I could go and I don't know, um, parents going to be there ? Sure, yeah.
Yeah ? You can call them if you want.
Now your Mom would want you to live your life, so sure.
But I pick you up and I take you, ok ? Ok.
It's fine, It's fine, go ahead.
It's fine ! I don't care.
Maybe later.
Yeah, so what did you get for the verbal score ? You can combine the two scores from the last test that you took.
What are you doing ? Talking to my girlfriend.
Yeah, from the last one.
Hey ! Sorry bro.
It's the mark's phone.
Eah, well, she don't need it anymore.
Mine's on roaming.
You know what that costs ? You been using it to call the contacts ? All right, listen bright boy, anybody who has caller ID isn't going to answer.
And all the cops have to do is run her bill and up pops your girlfriend's number.
Good work.
Your mother let you wear that stuff ? She taught me how to use it.
Oh, you can let me after.
This is a block away.
I know, but I, I want to walk.
Ok, so I'll be back to pick you up at eleven.
If you need me for anything, I'll just I know, I know.
Just give me a - Ok.
- Ok.
What do you want, Hays ? I need passenger manifests on all flights from San Francisco to New Orleans, October 11th ? Run through the NCIC database and check for aliases for me.
Aren't you on modified duty ? I don't how these rumors get started, but anyway, I'm looking for anybody with felony records, especially bank robbery.
I'll see what I can do.
Yeah ? Who's this ? You called me.
This is Sam Shell with the New Orleans police department.
Can you identify yourself ? You want to show me your shield over the phone ? You a friend a Rosalyn Moore ? Who ? Your number was in her cell phone.
Sorry, bro, I can't help you.
- You in place ? - Locked and loaded.
Two uniforms in front.
Today, you will be with me in paradise.
- Amen.
That's what Jesus promised on the cross.
- How many of you want to take Jesus up on his promise ? How many you want to meet him over there, in paradise ? How we doing, Gabo ? All clear.
Now do you know who Jesus was talking to on the cross ? A thief.
A thief is the only person the bible confirms is in paradise.
Ok, I found it.
What kind ? Morgan guardian electronic keypad.
- Now we've all sinned.
- Yes, we have.
Yet, we all carry within us god's promise of salvation.
So let Jesus wash away your sins, and get down on your knees, get down on your knees and ask Jesus to remember you.
When he comes into his kingdom.
When he rises.
- Hallelujah.
- Hallelujah ! Yeah, I got the numbers.
But it's three strikes, I'm out, the keypad's gonna lock up.
How we doing ? You're cool.
All is right with the world.
What happened ? The AC switched on.
Did they see it ? I don't think so.
914 September 14th.
Huh, happy birthday, Roz.
You owe me.
What did you find ? Usual hits, tax evasions, spousal abuse, a couple of drug possessions and one aka of interest.
Did a stretch in fishkill.
Looks good.
- Ya? - It's me.
You're a damn good fisherman, boy.
It's off the hook and good.
Yeah, what did I catch ? I'm already regretting this, but I'm in.
You still want me ? Told you, Riley Nobody retires.
Let call you back.
Excuse me sir, can I see your license and registration and proof of insurance, please ? Sure.
There you go.
Would you mind getting out of the car ? Is there a problem, officer ? Just step out of the car, sir.
Stand right there, please.
I'm just, um, wait on my daughter.
She's at this party across the street.
Call Jim finch at the New Orleans police department.
You know, he knows me.
Sorry, sir, we've had a rash of home invasion robberies since the storm.
I understand, can't be too careful.
We've had a whole bunch of them up at metter.
Daughter, huh ? Yeah.
Can't say I envy you.
You should see what we see.
Is this your daughter ? Is this your father ? Unfortunately.
What did he do now ? Just an innocent bystander.
Just a mistaken identity.
Mistaken identity.
No shit.
- Hey, we found it ! - Good boy.
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