Thieves of the Wood s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

My old mother's birthday present.
Tomorrow, I will ensure that the chest arrives safely.
PREVIOUSLY Where are Urkens' children? In my bed.
She's an orphan because we attacked that coach.
You always have cold hands.
I want to warm them up.
[Iron Simon.]
I've been asked to look for a certain Héloïse Embo.
I haven't seen her, sorry.
If you find her within two days, I'll make you the new boss of the Velvet Monkey.
How long can you hide her with the gypsies? She has to go back.
Half an hour in that chair and you're a bigger asshole than Cross-Eyes.
Tincke came.
She doesn't want to see her brother's murderer again.
The new boss of the Velvet Monkey.
That's right.
[Anne-Marie screams.]
No, Cross-Eyes.
Hide him.
Far away.
That scum Who cares about him? Iron Simon.
This is his son.
Get it? Get out.
If they find you, you're both dead.
[Tincke groans in pain.]
Anne-Marie? [title music.]
No one knows where Tincke is.
Certainly not these losers.
- Spaniard - Sit.
I swear.
We'll take a look around anyway, if that's all right with you.
Come on.
There you go.
- Worried, Mr.
Baru? - Hm? Worried? No.
Last night I had a little too much Shall I get you something for your head? No.
My contact says the camp is full of unrest.
That the past few days have been pretty rough.
What is her name? If I may be so bold.
- Anne-Marie.
- Hm.
Is she beautiful? Excuse me.
[knocking on door.]
Baru, the mayor wishes to see you.
It's urgent.
Coffijn wants to see me urgently? About what? Last night, on the mayor's orders, we arrested and locked up the treasurer.
I suspect it's about that.
According to the mayor, the treasurer committed an act of high treason.
Why was I not told earlier? I'm the damn bailiff.
If I may, Mr.
Baru, as soon as I got the order, I sent a watchman to look for you.
You weren't home.
But he nevertheless found you in The Golden Bear.
And he thought it better, given your condition not to bother you.
I want to see Rademaeckers first.
- But the mayor - I don't care.
[door opening.]
Here she is, the classy lady from the Velvet.
Not anymore.
The higher you climb, the further you fall.
Come on, sweetie.
"Madam, may I have my job back?" Madam, may I have my job back? Anything's possible.
You can freshen up our holy water.
Tincke's in deep shit.
Best place for him.
He almost killed Cross-Eyes.
Iron Simon wants his head.
Iron doesn't give a fuck about Cross-Eyes.
He treated him like shit.
He should thank Tincke.
Cross-Eyes is his son.
I didn't know.
No one did.
Tincke was shot.
Iron has put a reward on his head.
2,000 sols.
They raided the camp this morning.
We had guns at our heads before we could move.
Everyone wants you to sort it out, Jan.
Go talk to Iron.
Look for Tincke.
No way.
The Urkens kid is dead.
She was scared and she ran away.
She drowned in a stream.
[ominous music swelling.]
[loud noise.]
Sir, I don't know what you're accused of, but it's probably a misunderstanding.
I came to hear your version before seeing Coffijn, and I want you to know I've never been his lapdog.
You think lowly of me.
On the contrary.
Everyone in the city does.
Those racketeers in the treasury, those French profiteers.
They're all the same.
Yet I want you to know that I have behaved as a patriot.
My name will be cleared.
Even if you don't believe me.
I can say no more.
I don't want to make you an accomplice.
- An accomplice? - [man.]
You must The mayor's orders.
Our reserve chest has gone, Baru.
Up in smoke.
A dozen gold bars, worth 300,000 florins.
Rademaeckers isn't talking for the moment, but our Poulterer will soon loosen his tongue.
I never should have entrusted that money to him.
Did you recently transport a chest for him? To Ghent? No.
But that was a gift for his mother.
His mother? The Duchess of Saeftinghe? Yes.
She died last winter, Baru.
Where is the chest now? Gone.
Probably taken during the hold-up.
- But I don't believe it's the chest - Shush.
We'll know soon enough.
Persijn thinks it's the shock It's very simple.
What's your diagnosis, then? [French.]
She's possessed by the Devil.
[ominous music.]
Where's that motherfucker? - [Flemish.]
He's not here.
- [Le Houcke, French.]
Where is he? [Flemish.]
Find him before I do, or you'll have to bury him.
Tincke, Tincke, Tincke He's really fucked up this time.
How's Cross-Eyes? Fractured skull.
Totally out of it.
But they say he can see straight now.
I know I can't stop you, so go ahead.
If you find him you can take my head too.
I believe you.
But if you find him, I want to know.
Iron wants him alive.
I can't promise.
Do your best.
Let's go.
Don't call me that.
I'm still not sure you're mine.
You're the son of a devil, that's for sure.
With that whore mother of yours.
Every man in Flanders has been on her.
God rest her soul.
You moron.
Everything was going so well.
Those men were doing a good job.
A lot better than you.
So I put the Spaniard back and what does he do? Scratches his balls.
Shut the fuck up, goddamnit.
See him blub like a baby.
Now you know why you'll never climb the ranks in my organization.
Look at me when I take the trouble to talk to you, little brat.
And solve your problems, like a dad should.
Mayor Coffijn.
This has to stop.
His heart can't take it.
I'd like to see that.
Where's my money, my till, my gold? You crook.
[ominous music.]
You gutless bastard.
You should put that bullet in your brain.
If you don't do it Oh.
Go away, Marieke.
Go outside.
You brought this on yourself.
You wanted to work with Iron, instead of doing it yourself.
- Instead of staying with the gang.
- Yeah.
And now what? Well? Because of you, I've lost Héloïse.
Come on, man.
Who's thinking of himself? You couldn't get away fast enough.
You don't give a fuck about us.
Héloïse leaving is best for everyone.
Come on.
Do it.
Do it.
Don't you have enough blood on your hands yet? Coward.
[Tincke groans.]
You'll have to do it yourself.
Or die a slow death.
Jan, don't leave me.
I beg you.
[groans loudly.]
May your wrath recede.
This lifeless child is the most valuable thing we can offer you.
Show us a little mercy in this miserable life.
We beg you.
We beg you.
We beg you.
This child is not an offering.
Go tell the gypsies where Tincke is.
[The Spaniard sighs.]
I thought I was through with this.
Tincke did all right.
Now look.
Here I am again.
Iron's about to blow.
If he doesn't get Tincke's head on a plate, he'll torch the whole camp.
Then he'll murder two dozen of your outlaws.
I've got him.
Tincke? [Jan.]
I ask just one thing.
Tell it to Iron.
I want to kill him myself.
I'll bring his head to the farm in a sack.
All right.
All right.
Looking for something? Everything we earn here, we share.
You know that, right? [shrieks.]
[Anne-Marie shrieks.]
- Bitch.
- [Anne-Marie groans in pain.]
Listen up.
From now on you act like the whore you are.
Know what a whore is? Nothing, little miss.
Less than nothing.
So none of your tricks.
Or you can fuck off.
Back to your orphanage.
I want to ask you something.
I'll pay.
- I'm looking for - Anne-Marie? That whore.
[rapid violin music.]
[ominous music.]
Is that necessary? Do you not believe in God? Of course, but I hoped Desperate diseases call for drastic remedies, Michel.
Be good to her.
Master Simon.
I apologize for the misunderstanding.
Nevertheless, the pig has paid the price.
That's brave of you, Jan.
I'm not that brave.
That's my real tragedy.
The thought that everything I have built goes to that sack of shit.
Still, you'll benefit from this.
You keep the Velvet Monkey.
And you get a share of the opium business.
I can live with that if we deal directly with you.
Cross-Eyes is out.
[Iron Simon.]
Open up and put him on the chimney.
We'll frame him.
Don't you recognize Tincke? Looks just like him.
With his gormless gaze.
I thought that you A man can be mistaken.
Looks like we have equal firepower.
But you have two more men outside, and I have thirty.
You have balls, that we know.
But brains? Surely you don't think you can get away? I've shot a man's nose off from a kilometre away.
We'll be fine.
You're already dead, you just don't know it.
We don't care.
We were never going to grow old.
The time when everyone kneels before Iron is over.
The time when the iron in your name referred to your power, and not your walking frame.
Spaniard, blow that asshole back to the Middle Ages.
Ten percent and you walk out of here alive.
Take it or leave it.
Ten percent is fine.
But no more exploiting the outlaws.
Pay better or they don't work.
I don't care about the road.
And Tincke? He'll make his own bad luck.
Clean up that shitbag.
[The Spaniard.]
I hope you have a good plan.
Clean that up.
[metallic noise.]
Call the other men.
I made a deal with Cross-Eyes.
No work on the road today or tomorrow.
Put down your tools.
Come over here.
People, get over here.
I sent your guards home, and today and tomorrow no one works.
When you come back in two days, you all get a better wage.
Tonight there's a party for everyone who's branded.
Thank you.
It would have been easier to let you die, but that wouldn't have helped them.
Let's hope Cross-Eyes keeps his word.
We'll both make sure he does.
Rebellious outlaws? What a farce.
You have guns and whips to knock them down to size.
We're outnumbered.
Ah, Baru.
You summoned me, Mayor? Yes.
Lord Van Gelderhode.
You said you were on Jan de Lichte's trail? That's right.
I can give him to you.
But I want something in return.
What? A wig.
All right.
You'll get your wig.
But first Jan de Lichte.
Anne-Marie? Anne-Marie.
What's happened? I thought I'd lost you.
I I have great news.
Isabel? If I arrest Jan de Lichte Coffijn will sign her release and promote me.
I will be her guardian.
Isabel will move in with me and you'll come too.
Does that suit you? Yes.
Yes, Mr.
I want to get out of here.
I'm scared.
Scared of everything.
I want to know where he spends the night.
Yes? [kiss.]
Thank you, Mr.
Behold the Holy Blood, you Devil.
This is our power.
This blood will make you tremble and hiss in fear.
It will make you shrivel up.
- Exorcizo te - [dramatic music.]
immundissime spiritus, omnis incursio adversarii omne phantasma, omnis legio in nomine Domini nostri Jesu Christi [cheerful chatter.]
[ominous music.]
The gypsy camp.
All night.
[a woman screaming.]
[screaming and yelling.]
Did you think you could turn my city upside down? [crack of a whip.]
NEXT TIME That those losers could spoil my party? Blow everything up and get away with it? [Magda.]
You're doing a good deed, sir.
What happened in the past, is of no importance.
[man, French.]
A flower in good health.
I make the law here.
If I say Jan de Lichte must hang, that's what we do.
He deserves it.