This Fool (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Los Botes

You think you're gonna have kids?
No, because I have no idea
what I would name them.
I've met too many people.
I have a negative association
with every single name.
- What about
- [POPS LIPS] Donovan?
Ooh. Forgot about Donovan.
Donovan's a good name.
Bet my life would have been a lot better
if my name was Donovan.
Yeah, I like Donovan.
Huh. Maybe I'll reverse the vasectomy.
Do you keep doing that back and forth
over and over again or does a hole
become permanent at some point again?
You can do anything you want.

Spanish music playing ♪

Theme music playing ♪

Hey, Rocio.
I need you to take this crap
to Memo's place.
Damn, nice to see you too.
¿Cómo estás?
And try to do it by tonight.
I don't wanna talk
to that piece of shit right now.
Damn, I don't wanna see that fool either.
- Shut up, Julio.
- You're not the one divorcing him.
Just do me this favor
so you can pat yourself on the back
and feel good about it later.
- Fuckin' key his truck.
- I gotta go to work.
- I don't want that shit in my house.
Shut up. Hi, Luis. Bye, Luis.
Check it out.
We don't have to wipe our ass
with sandpaper anymore.
I got the one
with the cute-ass little bears on it.
Dawg, put that shit away. Put it away!
Dawg, it's like prison here.
And her toilet paper is shredding my culo.
JULIO: Don't worry about it, playboy.
Soon your asshole
will become leather just like mine.
Dawg, I'm bleeding!
Ominous music plays ♪

Man, what the fuck?
Hey! What the hell are you doing?
Fuck off, man.
I'm just trying to do my job.
- That's our recycling.
- My mom turns that shit in for money.
What you need the fucking money for?
We're poor. We need those cans.
You're not poor. You're broke.
There's a difference.
I'm fuckin' poor.
- What are you even talking about?
- Put that bag down.
Can I ask your young ass a question?
You ever been late on your utility bills?
Yeah, all the time.
Well, I've never been late
on my utility bills. You know why?
Because I don't have
a motherfuckin' house to live in
'cause I'm poor.
I wish I was broke enough
to even have a bill.
Must be nice.
But whatever, man.
You keep 'em.
Broke asshole.
Yo. Come back.
Just take them.
JULIO: Yeah, you need them more.
Damn, man.
Thank you.
You a good guy.
Vocalizing ♪
[ECHOING] You a good guy.
You a good guy.
You a good guy.

Doo doo doo ♪
Devil or angel ♪
I can't make up my mind ♪
Ah, dale, mamacita, yeah.
Sí, sí, tía, gracias for all the staplers.
No, no, no, no.

Ominous music playing ♪
Hola, mamacita.
Sorry to bother you,
but my recycling was stolen last night.
I'm checking with all the neighbors
to see if theirs did too.
Please hold. Julio!
Motherfucker! They got us too.
Motherfucker! Imma kill
whoever stole my recycling.
You don't fuck with my money.
Yeah, kill the motherfucker!
Damn, Darius. Don't you think
that's a little too far?
Don't fuck with my money then.
Listen, you see something, you let me know.
Adios, mamacita.
Ominous music plays ♪
Hey, broke guy.
What the fuck do you want?
You got any more cans?
My neighbor Darius says if he catches you,
he's gonna smoke your ass.
- Man, fuck Darius.
- I ain't thinking about no damn Darius.
That old stingy motherfucker.
W Well, I-I
I may need a lookout, though,
so, uh, are you down for helping me out?
No, I ain't trying to get merked out here.
Oh, come on, Julio.
I was thinking we could be like
Batman and Robin Hood.
You know, steal from the broke
and give to the poor.
JULIO: Look, I'm really sorry.
I can't help you steal from my neighbors.
Okay. I thought you had my back.
Seeing as how you such a good guy.
[ECHOING] Such a good guy.
Such a good guy.
Such a good guy.
Vocalizing ♪
I'll get my shoes.

Devil or angel ♪
I can't make up my mind ♪
Which one you are ♪
I'd like to wake up and find ♪
- Oh!
Uh, you think you could give me a ride
to the recycling center?
Okay, but this is the last time
I'm doing you a solid.
Oh, thank you, Señor Julio.
Before you, I never knew a friendship
between a poor individual such as myself
and a broke motherfucker like you
could even be possible.
See, that's the thing about me.
I feel like I've always
just had the ability
to be friends with anyone.
I don't know,
I guess I'm a good guy like that.
GARY: Hey, you are. You are.
Hey, real quick, uh,
can I take a shit in your house?
Wait. What the fuck?
Where the fuck is my car?
MAN: What the hell is going on out there?
Luis. What the fuck?
DARIUS: You motherfuckers. [GUN COCKS]
Yo, Darius. Uh, it was all Julio.
Here's your can thief. Shoot him.
You gonna pay me for these cans.
ESPERANZA: Hey, chingados.

Looks bomb.
Ay, Mamá.
That's disgusting.
What's up, Julio? Great to see you.
Here's your shit.
Thanks, man.
Hey, you wanna hang out
and throw back some chelas?
No, I don't wanna hang out with you.
You fucked over my sister,
and now you have me
running errands for you?
You probably hate me, huh?
Yeah, I guess I do.
But not as much as your sister.
JULIO: Jesus Christ, Memo.
Stop fuckin' crying and be a man.
I fucked up everything with your sister,
and now I'm fucking up everything with you.
Please, Memo, don't make this awkward.
MEMO: [CRYING] But I'm so lonely.
You're all I got left.
[ECHOING] You're all I got left.
You're all I got left.
You're all I got left.
Vocalizing ♪


Hey, fool.
Remember when you got
fucked up at Ana's quince?
What kinda pomade you use?
Layrite or Suavecito?
Hey, fool,
a magician never reveals his secrets.
Hey, man, thank you
for hanging out with me, Julio.
Yeah, no problem.
Even though you're not my bro anymore,
you still my bro.
You wanna hit the pookie with me?
Dawg! That's why my sister left your ass!
I know. [CRYING]
It's the only way
I could deal with this shit.
Skante saved my life, dawg.
Stop crying!
I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot.
I just didn't wanna smoke alone.
I thought you'd be down
because you're such a good guy.
Vocalizing ♪
[ECHOING] Such a good guy.
GARY: [ECHOING] Such a good guy.
MEMO: [ECHOING] You're such a good guy.
Goddamn it.

Devil or angel, I can't ♪
Dawg, I can light my own shit.
Stop crying, fool, we're about to party.

I'd like to wake up and find ♪
Devil or angel, dear ♪
Whichever you are ♪
I miss you ♪
You're fucked up, Ronnie ♪
You're not gonna last ♪
You're gonna die too ♪
From a neutron blast ♪
You're fucked up, Ronnie ♪
You're fucked up, Ronnie ♪
You're fucked up, Ronnie ♪
You're fucked up, Ronnie ♪

I'm lyin' in a pool of blood,
leave me alone ♪
I don't want your help anyway ♪
When they march us off to war ♪
Will you be there to save the day? ♪
You're fucked up, Ronnie ♪
Leave me alone ♪
You're fucked up, Ronnie ♪
Leave me alone ♪
You're fucked up, Ronnie ♪
Leave me alone ♪
You're fucked up, Ronnie ♪
La, la, la, la, la ♪
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