This is Us (2016) s02e06 Episode Script

The 20's

1 We lost the third baby, Jack.
I'm-I'm very sorry.
Previously on This Is Us BECCA: He pushed a stranger on me.
And that stranger became my child.
And that child became my life.
He became you.
Eight years ago, I was pregnant for the first time, and Randall was vying for partner at his firm.
And he made sure I didn't lift a finger.
And then, one morning, I was in the bathroom, and he called out to me.
He was confused, because he couldn't see anything.
No, the kids are gonna be fine.
We're their parents, Bec.
We do the best we can.
But at the end of the day what happens to them, how they turn out that's bigger than us.
If you don't believe in vampires Turn up the radio RANDALL: Jimmy said that his mom's handing out pennies this year, so tomorrow we'll skip them and go straight to the Baileys.
They have full-size candy bars.
Okay, Mr.
King of Pop.
- Can you try this on for me, please? - Thank you.
We don't need a map.
We're not gonna get lost trick-or-treating in our own neighborhood.
It's not about getting lost, it's about maximizing our house-to-candy ratio.
- Mom.
- BECCA: You know what? If he wants to use a map, he can use a map.
- Hey, Bug, here you go.
- RANDALL: What are you doing? - Try that on, please.
- RANDALL: Stop.
You can't draw on it.
And then, here is your stethoscope, 'cause I think vets use stethoscopes, right? - I don't want to be a vet anymore.
- What? - Why not? - It's not pretty.
- I - JACK: Hey, hey, sorry I'm late.
- BECCA: Hi.
- Hey.
Who wants to carve some pumpkin corpses? (evil laugh) Mwah.
- Daddy.
- JACK: Yeah? Do I have to be a vet? I want to be Sandy from Grease.
- Pretty Sandy, not tough Sandy.
- Okay.
Yeah, you can be pretty Sandy.
Mom can handle that, right? Jack, I just finished her costume.
- Well, I - KATE: I can use my yellow sweater.
JACK: Hey.
She can, she can use her yellow sweater.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, and Kevin's doing his cigar-smoking bum again.
Oh, yeah.
That's his ultimate fantasy, no chores and nothing tucked in.
Jack Oh, hey, Randall yeah? Check this out.
I've been working on something for you.
Ready? Here.
Hee-hee! Hee-hee! Whoo-hoo! Ooh! - (laughter) -Really, Dad? - JACK: Okay.
Yes, really.
I'm gonna go change, and then we're gonna carve some pumpkins, okay? Get 'em ready.
Line 'em up.
- Hey.
- Huh? Jack.
You You have to stop doing that, with Kate.
Doing what? Saying yes to anything that she wants.
- Oh, come on.
No, I don't.
- You do.
- It was a costume, Bec.
- Jack.
What-Whatever-whatever makes the kid happy.
You cannot bear to see her disappointed, can you? (laughs, snorts) - What was that? - Nothing.
No, you made a (snorts) You made some sort of sound.
I just don't know what that's supposed to mean.
I just I find it funny that you're accusing me of being too easy on Kate when you treat Randall like a glass figurine.
Uh, I do not.
- Okay.
- No Mm.
No, we're not I'm not letting you reroute the conversation, Jack.
You realize, that by saying yes to everything that Kate wants, it's not preparing her for the real world.
- Okay.
- No, no.
High school and college and her 20s? Oh, my God, her 20s are gonna be nothing but noes.
Hang on.
Didn't I say yes to you in your 20s? - Wait, you said yes to me in my 20s? - Yeah.
Sure did.
- Are you kidding me right now? - No, I - Yeah.
- (laughing): No way.
I don't think you're remembering your 20s.
Oh, I remember my 20s.
- You clearly don't, Jack.
- No.
I remember my 20s.
- Yeah? - Did a lot of this.
- All that, oh, my gosh.
- I do remember that.
There was so much of that going on in our 20s.
JACK: People don't forget their 20s.
I'm in my room again But in the backyard BETH: No, I got it.
Flight 235.
Okay, he'll be in baggage claim.
Okay, Rebecca.
I'll see you in a couple of hours.
Oh, and thank you.
I'm so glad you're gonna be here.
Yeah, my mom is coming as soon as she gets over the flu.
It's been a rough couple months.
Um Better, I think.
You'll see when you get here.
All right.
(exhales) Okay, did you need anything else, or? - WOMAN: No.
- Uh okay.
Just the check, please.
Your favorite customer is here.
Can I get you some coffee? Uh, yeah, if it's hot.
Yeah, it was, it was just brewed.
- How's the pressure? - Hmm? Too hard, too soft? - MATRON: No, you can go harder.
- Yeah? Mm-hmm.
You got a future here, Kevin.
You're gonna be cutting hair in no time.
Nah, nah, nah.
I'm just, uh, here till pilot season starts.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
I-I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking, "That's what he said last year," right? About, you know, only being here till pilot season starts.
(grunts) I lost my only friend Okay.
Fifth time's the charm.
Here you go (exhales) Guess I knew it was the end (quietly): Come on, man.
Come on, damn it.
Not gonna get me.
Round six.
Here we go.
So, you're early, but it's Friday, so, uh, tuna melt? Extra onions, well-done fries? (laughs) You know me too well.
Talk a while.
So, what's new? You trick-or-treating tonight, or? No.
No, I'll be at the, uh, the South Hills Lounge, buying my guys some drinks.
What about you? Party on campus? Uh, it's night school.
So, there' there's no parties - or a campus.
- (both laugh) KEVIN: 'Cause everyone's like, "Hey, anyone ever tell you you look like Tom Cruise?" or, "Hey, you're like a young Tom Cruise.
" "Oh, you're like a, you're like a young Tom Cruise, but tall.
" You know what I mean? And then, all of a sudden, everything slows down, right? Because they're like, "Well, I don't know.
He's a little too Tom Cruise.
" Or, "He's like Tom Cruise, but he's too tall.
" And I'm like "Guys, hello! I can act shorter.
- But no one's got an imagination - Kevin.
- Too much pressure? - Too much whining.
I broke the damn fan.
Baby, it's October.
We don't need a ceiling fan in the nursery.
No, no, we need air circulation, Beth.
That's what they say crib death is, you know, little pockets of trapped air that get stuck in the baby's throat, and they wake up in the night and You know what we don't need to talk about right now? Crib death.
It's in none of the books under suggested topics for the day before delivery.
You're right.
- Sorry.
- Mm-hmm.
Did you eat anything today? Hmm? You know what the doctor said about blood sugar levels and mood Okay.
(candy clattering) These are fun-size, Beth.
I wanted to be the house with the full-size candy.
And the wife who's not worried about her husband.
I'm not worried about you, baby.
You know, it was two months ago, okay? You're good.
We're good.
You know what, I just got to get this fan thing off my mind.
(grunts) It's gonna be okay, sweetie.
Hmm? He's gonna come through.
He always comes through.
BECCA AND JACK: Ta-da! RANDALL: I don't get it.
What?! We're Sonny and Cher.
Who are they? You don't know who Sonny? I got you, babe - Hey, I got you.
- Oof.
No, that was Cher 'cause I think you sound great.
Great, it sounded like Rebecca.
Okay, guys, let's go.
This is stupid.
I don't want to use Randall's weird map.
I want to go to the Johnsons' haunted house first.
No, we have to use my map to get to the good candy first, then we go to the haunted house.
Okay, so how about we vote? - Map or haunted house? - No, no, no, no.
- Haunted house! - No map! RANDALL: No fair! Mom promised.
KEVIN: Aw, don't be a baby.
We voted.
- RANDALL: No! - Kev RANDALL: We'll spend too much time in the haunted house.
I planned everything so perfectly! Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Randall, it's fine.
It's fine, okay? We'll use the map.
- I did promise him, Jack.
- Okay.
Why don't you take them and I'll take him? And we'll be done by Look, 8:07, Eastern Standard Time, okay? And then we'll meet back up with you guys.
Uh, guys, get your pillow cases.
Come on.
Randall, get your pillow case.
BECCA: Okay.
Go, go, go.
This is exactly what I was talking about earlier.
Jack No.
He's too rigid and it's getting worse.
No, no.
He's not rigid.
He's anxious.
Mom, come on, come on, come on.
We're late.
- Look, Jack, I did promise him.
- Yeah.
Okay, uh, 8:07.
I'll be the one with the wig - and the devoted fan base, okay? - Mom, come on.
- I'm coming! - JACK: Wait, wait a minute.
With-Without you, I What is my costume? Great.
So, I-I'm Rhoda.
I'm Rhoda with a mustache.
- Come on, Dad, haunted house! - Yep.
Haunted house! Haunted house! Here we go.
(children laughing) Perfect.
- Dude! - Hey.
Dude, I booked a new Christian Bale movie.
- What?! - Yeah.
How did the Wow.
That's congratulations.
You know, that's-that's-that's just good for you.
No, it's good for both of us, dude.
Don't even worry about paying me back for rent last month, okay? Because this is all thanks to you for encouraging me and all.
Yeah, well, you know, I mean, I say nice things to you, you say them back to me.
That's the arrangement, right? Yes.
So, Brett, the director, invited me to a private party with the cast tonight and you got to come with.
Oh, no, dude, that's your fast lane now, man.
- That's-that's your thing, I'm - No, no, no, no, no, no.
Come on, you are so talented.
This is gonna happen for you.
It is.
You just need some introductions, okay? Please.
You know what, the hell with it.
Let's go.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Home, baby.
(laughing): Hi, Rebecca! - It's so good to see you.
- Oh, there she is.
Oh, it's good to see you, too, sweetheart.
BETH: Oh, how are you? - BECCA: I'm hanging in there.
- BETH: Yeah? Oh, you look wonderful.
Oh, thank you.
You're a good liar.
- Ah, not lying.
- (laughs) Hey, babe, why don't you take her luggage up? - On it.
- Thank you.
You're welcome, Ma.
- He looks good.
- Yeah? Really? - You think so? - Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
I I think he looks a little tired, but that's to be expected, right? - I'm really glad you're here.
- Me, too.
It's been stressful with the baby due - and-and, just in case - I know.
Yeah, I know.
I know, I know.
Well, I'm glad to be here.
- Oh, my gosh, babe.
- Ah! - Hey.
- I was just telling your mom how I haven't seen my feet in months.
You know, you two are really loud whisperers.
You haven't quite got that down yet.
So, I'll tell you what.
Uh, I'm gonna leave.
I'm gonna take that fan back and get a new one, and you guys can talk about me as loud as you want, but when I come back (sighs) let's be normal.
All right? - Baby.
- Hmm? It's Halloween and it's getting dark.
You really want I can drive three miles to the hardware store, Beth.
Of course.
- Let me move my stuff for you.
- BETH: Uh-huh.
Look, that way this fan thing won't be hanging over my head.
Or it will be hanging over my head.
See what I did there? Fan joke.
I'm gonna go.
- You see what I'm saying? - Yeah, I do.
KEVIN: It's too crowded.
Let's come back later.
KATE: No, he said he'd be here.
Do you see any Ninja Turtles? Wha Wh-What do you mean, who? - Who's he? - Billy.
- Who's Billy? - There's one! Kev, wh-what's going on right now? She's gonna ask Billy Palmer to go through the haunted house with her, and if it gets scary, he might hold her hand.
She has a crush on him.
Come on, that's ridiculous.
She's ten.
It's ridiculous because he's Billy Palmer.
He's almost as popular as me, and no way is he gonna hold her hand.
Can I just go trick-or-treating on my own now? Yeah, go ahead.
Go ahead.
Just, hey, houses I can see, Kev, - and then you come right back.
- Okay! (music playing faintly) Hi.
Uh, they canceled class tonight, so I thought I would take my new costume for a spin.
It's "Nervous Girl Taking a Chance.
" (both laugh) Well, I'm glad you're here.
- You are? - I am.
Can't you tell from my costume? "Guy Who's Happy to See You.
" (chuckles) I was hoping it was "Guy Who Buys Me a Drink.
" (chuckles) Uh, I was actually leaving, so Oh.
Yeah, that-that cool.
Can we go someplace quieter? Yeah, I live nearby.
Oh, okay.
- There he is.
There he is.
- Oh, yeah.
Look at that.
(chuckles) You know what I love? I love how everyone's just all of the sudden decided - that he's the man, you know? - Yeah.
KEVIN: He's, like, barely done anything.
ZEKE: Yeah.
You want to meet him? - Hell yeah.
Huge fan.
- Yeah.
- Brett.
- Oh, there he is.
- Here's our Jason.
(laughs) - How are you? Hey, man.
Hey, this is my friend, Kevin Pearson.
- He's an actor, too.
- Hey.
How are you? It's an honor to meet you, sir.
You know what I loved BRETT: Hey, man, you killed it today.
Come on.
- Laura wants to talk to you.
- Oh.
- She thought you were great.
- Oh.
Oh, my God.
We've changed, you know? - We're so polite.
- Hmm.
We tiptoe around each other like strangers.
And it's hard for me to tiptoe right now.
Then don't.
He's a lot stronger than he seems.
You didn't see him.
You did not see him that morning, Rebecca.
Just blind and weeping and a million miles away.
And has it happened since? No, not so far.
He says it's fine, but I just I don't believe him anymore.
You should.
You know Randall.
When he gets knocked down, - he gets right back - You weren't there.
You're right.
You're right, I-I wasn't there.
You know, my friends are telling me that I need to join something called Facebook? To see, uh, all the-the baby pictures you're gonna post.
Oh, no, don't even bother.
I'm not gonna be one of those moms who posts a picture every time a baby burps, okay? They say that it's-it's a good way to-to, um, stay connected and feel part of a community.
I don't know.
I could help you set it up.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, okay, I would like that.
I'll try it.
- Hey, sweetheart? - Hmm? You're gonna believe him again.
RANDALL: 7:45.
- Right on schedule.
- Yeah! That's great.
Hey, hey, hey, but let's, uh, let's go to to this house.
That's the Larsens.
Nah, they talk too much and they make you do tricks, like hopscotch.
Yeah, but it's gonna be really quick because there's no one waiting in line over there, so let's go.
Mom, it's because they always have licorice and-and Let's just stay on my map, okay? Hey, hey, Randall.
The plan is not set in stone.
We can change it.
We can we can improvise.
- Do you know what that means? - No.
It means when you make something up in the moment and it can be a lot of fun.
Can you try it for me? Just take one minute.
Fine! BECCA: Okay.
Can I help you, sir? What? Oh, yeah.
Um I need, uh Sorry, uh, this doesn't work.
I can get you a new one.
It's for the baby.
I got a baby coming tomorrow.
Oh, congratulations.
Uh, okay, well, let me just see which I had a breakdown a couple of months ago.
You know, nervous, mental, whatever you want to call it.
And I'm not the same, you know? Like I was.
And I know it.
And my wife knows it, too.
(Randall exhales) - I'm sorry.
- Thanks, man.
See, that morning, uh, the morning that I had the thing, I was on the Internet.
This site: "Where Your Baby Is Now.
" And at six months along, they start dreaming.
You know that? Before that, it's all cells and parts, you know, but then they actually start dreaming.
And that's a person, right? A whole little universe of hopes and dreams and happiness and sadness, and I just thought, whoa, I I can't be in charge of a universe.
I can't even hang a ceiling fan, turns out.
I don't have any answers, except at work, but at work if I'm wrong, it's just money.
But what if I'm wrong with a baby? Why are you asking me? That.
And if it's not racist, the turban.
Eastern wisdom is kind of a thing, right? Oh, yeah, East Trenton.
(Randall chuckles) I will tell you one thing.
I have five kids.
And before the first one was born, I was all questions, too.
Can I? Will I? (exhales) But what they don't tell you is that babies come with the answers.
They come out, they look up at you, and you at them, and they tell you who you are.
You'll see.
Tomorrow you'll have all the answers you need.
That's pretty good for East Trenton, excuse me.
Oh, man.
(sniffles) What's the "G" stand for? Garuda.
Almost had a baby named after me until I said that, didn't I? Best fan on the market.
Grab one.
I'll meet you at Returns.
Chased her all across the world - (phone ringing) - Mm.
(phone beeps) Ma? What? No, no.
No, we're inducing tomorrow.
This isn't supposed to happen until tomorrow.
- Yeah, I know.
I know.
- (Beth groaning) I've called 911, but the roads are blocked for Halloween.
So just get home as soon as you can.
Okay, I got him.
I got him, sweetheart.
- He's coming.
He's coming, yeah.
- BETH: Tell him to come! - (phone beeps) - (Randall sniffles) It's happening, Garuda.
It's happening.
Hey, Brett.
It's a great party, man.
This is awesome.
And oh, and that script, I read that script this afternoon.
(whistles) Blew me away.
- Thank you very much.
- Yeah.
- All yours.
- Oh, thank you.
That Are you, uh, are you casting any more projects at the moment or? No, I just like to cast one movie at a time.
- Funny that way.
- Right.
(chuckles) I-I get it.
Uh, that-that character Jason, I'm-I'm in love with him.
- I love it.
- Well, it's nothing on the page compared to what your friend does with it.
Yeah, no, he's great I'm just, I'm Well, I was just curious, uh I mean, it's an interesting choice, you know, going with Zeke.
Well, because the character's described like this all-American, handsome guy, right? And Zeke's more, uh, he's like I mean, come on, he's like a character guy, right? Just, uh, I'm-I'm curious if you read any actors, you know, like the character was described? You mean like you? No, I I'm-I'm just, I'm-I'm, I mean I could I could come in and I could, I could read it for you.
You know, just so you get an idea of what it feels like, you know, as it's written.
Or not.
You know, I don't have to do any of that Look, Zeke's obviously the right choice.
He's-he's the right man for the job, and I-I just, uh - Congratulations on - Wow.
(chuckles softly) You know, I-I thought I had you pegged already.
- Uh-huh.
- You know, pretty boy, big deal in high school.
Actor, waiter, talent optional.
There's a thousand of you guys out here.
But what I never figured you for was this.
A guy that would steal his friend's part.
I I don't know I wasn't You will never work for me, buddy.
Not in a movie.
Not even carrying a tray.
- (kids chattering playfully) - (music playing) JACK: Come on, Billy.
Don't be a jerk.
Please don't break my little girl's heart.
(man cackles loudly) (wolf howls over speakers) - How'd it go? - It was awesome! He held my hand really tight when the goblin jumped out.
Well, of course he held your hand.
- (Kate giggling) - I mean, this-this is the most adorable hand in Pittsburgh.
Next to your other equally adorable hand.
I mean, really it's a tie.
(chuckles) - I got to tell Molly.
- Yeah.
Go go tell Molly.
(sighs): Oh.
I'm gonna go with my friends.
JACK: Hey, Kev, come here.
Come here.
Did you just give Billy your candy so that he'd hold hands with your sister in there? I can always get more candy, Dad.
It's easy.
Can I go with my friends? - Yeah.
Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Excuse me, have you guys seen Cher? No? Cher? Okay, thanks.
Hey, Randall.
Randall, stop! What? I did the Larsens' house.
I improvised like you wanted without my map.
Now can I just go home? No.
No, come here.
I want you to sit down.
I want to talk to you.
What is going on? You always talk to me.
What's wrong? Did you and Dad lose the baby and just couldn't find it? What? That's what the Larsens said.
They said I was a miracle.
Because you had three babies and you lost one and got me instead.
(sighs): Oh.
(whispers): Randall.
We-we didn't lose him.
Not like that.
He didn't He didn't live.
Sometimes that can happen.
Sometimes a baby dies right in the beginning.
But your dad and I had all this room in our hearts for three babies.
And we saw you.
We met you.
So, yeah, you are a miracle.
But you're not "instead" of anything.
You are the way it was always supposed to be.
What was his name? Kyle.
Kyle probably looked like you and Daddy.
And them.
Nobody looks like me.
I know.
Hey, this wasn't some big secret we were keeping from you.
We always, always planned on telling you.
We were just waiting until you were old enough.
I'm ten.
Yes, you are.
You're ten and a bit.
- BECCA: Good, sweetheart.
- Hey! - Oh, Randall, thank God.
- She okay? - She's fine.
- Hey.
You okay, baby? The ambulance is still about five minutes away.
- How did you get here so quickly? - (Beth groaning) - No, I left the car on Maple.
- Oh come down.
- I'm here now.
- Yeah, yeah, he's here.
- You just hold on to me.
- I got to go down.
- I got you.
- Yeah, okay.
Okay, okay.
- I'm scared, Randall.
- It's okay, baby.
Just keep breathing.
Keep breathing, sweetheart.
- (groaning): Oh! Ow! - Okay.
Um, she's crowning.
- This is happening.
- Ow! Okay, I'm-I'm gonna go get some towels.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yeah.
BECCA: Shift.
- How far away is the ambulance? - They're coming.
They're coming.
They're coming.
Just breathe.
- No! No, no.
- Sweetheart, you just need to breathe.
I'll just I'll wait.
I'll wait.
No, you can't wait.
You can't wait.
Hey, Beth.
Beth, honey, this isn't two months ago.
Or last week or even this morning.
This is now, and I see you, baby.
And I can see our baby's head, and we got this, okay? - Okay.
- I got you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
And you're doing great.
- I got to move.
- Okay.
- I need to - Okay, where you going? Okay, get this under her.
(Beth groaning) BECCA: In through the nose, out through the mouth.
Push, push, push.
Come on.
They're telling me you got to push again.
- On this next contraction - Okay.
(baby crying) - Oh! - It's a girl.
(crying continues) Here we are.
Here we are.
It's okay.
It's okay.
(Steve panting) (both laugh) (Steve sighs) Well, I got an early morning.
I better go.
You're married, aren't you? Yeah.
You never talk about your life, other than work.
(chuckles) And you left your neighborhood bar when you saw people noticing me.
And now you're scrambling to go home.
I'm pretty sure, uh Yeah, I'm I knew about it for a while, so I'm not judging you.
So why'd you do this? If you knew.
I don't know.
I I'm just tired of waiting for things to feel right.
Nothing has felt right in a long time.
I thought that maybe I would just do it and it'll feel right after.
Which it doesn't.
At all.
(exhales) I don't know what to say.
(phone rings, beeps) BECCA (over phone): Kate? It's Mom.
- Pick up, pick up, pick up! - Ugh, God.
Randall and Beth had a baby girl! Oh, my God.
Can you hand me the phone? Oh, pick up, pick up! (phone ringing) 'Cause you got me and, baby, I got you Kate, hey.
What time is it there? What? I got you, babe A girl? Yeah? - I got you, babe - Oh, that's That's wonderful.
I got you, babe Uh Yeah.
Yeah, I could probably get away.
Oh, babe.
I got to tell you what Oh, no, what happened? (sighs) The Larsens told Randall about Kyle.
(sighs) Yeah.
- (Jack chuckles) - (keys jangle) And you weren't there, and I had to tell him everything.
All by myself.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
How did it go? Oh, I think, I think it went okay.
I don't know.
I just, I wanted you to be there, you know? I know.
I know.
'Cause what's Cher without Sonny? - Right? - I think it's the other way around.
- No.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- (sighs) I don't know how any of this would work without you.
In the spring Well, we don't need to worry about that.
Because you got me, babe.
You know what, that'd be a great song.
Right? Wouldn't it? Not with you singing it.
- Oh, not with me singing it? Okay.
- (laughs) And when I'm sad RANDALL: Mom! You ready to get back to the hospital? Beth said the baby just latched.
- Ma.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, it just slipped out of my hands.
No, it's okay.
It's okay.
That was one of the happiest moments of my life.
So these are happy tears? (sniffles) But also your dad isn't here.
And that's just something I'm gonna have to deal with for the rest of my life.
The happiest moments will also be a little sad.
I know, Mom.
He probably would've taken credit for all that hair on her head, even though it's got nothing to do with him.
(laughs) Yeah.
He would have.
What are you gonna name her? Oh, man.
Uh (clears throat) We had Jack for a boy.
That was the plan.
And, uh, Jasmine for a girl, but we're not sold on it yet.
It doesn't have to be a "J" name, Randall.
It'll come to you.
I'm sure it will.
- (exhales) - I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I got you.
(sighs, sniffles) KATE: Wow.
This is a huge house.
What a day, huh? Epic day, yeah, you know.
We finally have proof that Randall had sex - at least one time in his life.
- (chuckles) So, that's exciting.
Everything is falling into place for him.
Which is great, right? 'Cause if Randall figures his crap out, we're, like, five years away from you and me figuring out ours.
Right? And I met that great new guy Yeah, and yeah, and, uh, and I'm crushing it.
Right? In L.
I'm telling you, it's all happening for us, you know? - It is.
- Happening for us in the 20s.
- Crushing the 20s.
- Crushing the 20s.
- Bam.
- Mmm.
I haven't had an audition in, like, six months.
The new guy is married.
Real oh.
- Have a little more? - Okay.
Married, huh? Yeah.
But he's nice, which makes it harder.
He asks questions.
- He knows my class schedule.
- I mean, come on, that's, you know, that's-that's a that's a low bar.
You really haven't had an audition in six months? No, it's been more like a year, actually.
Where are you at? I mean, what are you You still sitting in your car, eating fast food, staring at where the house used to be? He's gone.
Okay? And he's not coming back, and even if you sit there in the exact same spot that you were when he left, he's not coming back.
I know.
And he wouldn't want you to stay.
Not if there was nothing for you there.
You know what he'd want for you? Hmm? Everything.
Yeah, for you, too.
You know, maybe I'll take an acting class.
I know it's Or join a crappy improv troupe.
I guess I could do that.
That's the spirit.
I bet you're hilarious.
- I'm probably a pretty funny guy.
- (laughs) (laughs) Jesus, don't cry You can rely on me, honey You can combine Hi, little boy.
I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here.
I'll stick around I was really nervous to meet you.
See I talked to my other babies over there the whole time they were inside of me.
But you weren't there, so I wanted to come and introduce myself.
Singing sad, sad songs Tuned to chords And say hello and let you hear my voice.
Bitter melodies (baby fusses) Hi there, sweet girl.
I wanted to properly welcome you to the world.
You are beautiful.
Oh, my goodness.
I mean, all babies are beautiful, but you You can combine you are Randall and Beth beautiful.
And that is special.
(sighs) I'll be around You know I've been here before, Tess.
You think that you're at the beginning of your journey, right? But you also began a long time ago.
Do you know that? 'Cause I was there, and somebody else was there, too.
Singing sad, sad songs Somebody really good.
And we lost a baby, and we thought it was an ending, but it was also a beginning.
Voices whine Do you see those guys over there? That's your brother and your sister.
Scraping together That's Kevin and Kate.
And the man, the sweet man who fed you this afternoon? Turning your orbit around That's your dad.
And life has a middle, too, and middles can be the hardest because that's when you can get really lost.
But middles can be a beginning sometimes.
MAN: Welcome to Hollywood.
- Please! - Fine.
I know I'm the best hairstylist in town, - so I'll do your hair.
- Yes! I'll put cornrows in it, and I'll make - you look like Beyoncé.
- Yes! And if you're lucky, you can have it all.
And you are lucky.
You are the luckiest, prettiest, sweetest baby ever named after a ceiling fan.
Singing sad, sad songs Oh.
(sighs) I think I forgot to introduce myself.
Turning your orbit around (chuckles) Voices whine I'm your mom.
Skyscrapers Scraping together And your voice Is smoking last cigarettes You know, I thought my journey had come to an end, but I don't know.
I don't know.
Maybe maybe we're both at our next beginning.
Voices whine Skyscrapers scraping together And your voice is smoking Last cigarettes All you can get Turning your orbit around Last cigarettes All you can get Turning your orbit around.