This is Us (2016) s04e13 Episode Script

A Hell of a Week, Part Three

1 Previously on This Is Us Could-could you please just tell us what she has? It appears you have what we doctors call - mild cognitive impairment.
- I'm sorry to keep asking you to keep this to yourself.
I get it.
- Hey.
- I missed you, babe.
Oh, Beth and I just saw Practical Magic.
Oh, I've been dying to see that.
But we're not 12-year-old girls.
- You ready? - Mm-hmm.
When I look at our son, it just makes me sad.
I booked us a few days away with Jack at a retreat for families with blind children.
I thought it sounded like a great thing to do for our family.
He is reaching for the light.
The doctor said that he-he might do that.
He might start to see light and shadows.
Dad? We have a problem.
Oh, coming in for a landing on her first big girl bed.
Okay, now what is the problem? I want a Mommy story.
Well, Mommy's asleep, baby.
How 'bout how 'bout if Daddy tells you a story? No.
Um How 'bout you tell me a story? I don't know how.
That's okay.
I can help.
Yeah, scoot over.
- Okay.
- There you go.
Now, every good story has a hero who wants something.
And he or she - She.
- She.
She has to go on an adventure to get it.
So, I want you to close your eyes, okay? Close your eyes, and I want you to picture a hero.
Someone you can really root for.
Who do you see? A girl.
A girl.
And where is this girl? In a forest.
She's in a forest? Maybe it's, like, a magical forest? Yeah.
Does she meet a prince? - Yeah.
- Okay.
She meets a prince.
But it's not one of those fancy princes with the poofy sleeves.
Right? He's-he's, like, a regular-type prince, right? Yeah.
So, Little Girl asks the prince if he can help her find this thing that she really, really wants.
Do you know what it is she really wants, Katie girl? It's a surprise.
It's a surprise.
Guess I'll just have to wait till the end, huh? Hey, uh - Hey, babe, want to call it soon? - Mm-hmm.
I really want to wake up early for the retreat.
Also, there's a speaker talking about braille children's books - I don't want to miss.
- Yeah.
I'm-I'm Yeah.
I'm just I'm reading about this-this girl in Minnesota who has ROP like Jack.
And they tried this-this gene therapy on her, and she got some of her sight back.
Like, 30%.
If my son could see 30% of me, I would be ecstatic.
The-the right 30%.
Like-like, from-from here to here.
Babe, um I'm really glad that you're so excited.
But before you go down this rabbit hole, um I just This kind of therapy is not gonna work for Jack.
With this little girl, I mean, she has an inherited disease.
She doesn't have a detached or damaged retina like Jack does.
- Okay.
- Y So, earlier tonight, when you said that his blindness makes you sad Kate, I am fully aware of the awfulness of what I said.
All right? I'm doing my best.
Right now, I would just like to have one night filled with hope, all right? I want to research this girl in Minnesota who got a little bit of her sight back, and then I want to dream about watching Star Wars and Rick and Morty with my son, okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm just I'm-I'm excited, and I am not ready to let go of that feeling just yet.
- Okay.
- Okay.
"Cathy's Clown" That's the man She's married to now That's the girl Hi.
Come here.
She is, I suppose Who can really tell? She shows no emotion at all It's Patti Smith's Babel.
I just saw it in the window of a used bookstore last week, and I immediately thought of you.
Mm? God, this is so nice.
You-you really didn't have to do that.
Yeah, I did.
You make me smile every day, so I wanted to make you smile.
'Cause I'm in love with you.
I'm in love with you, too.
Um Hmm? My brothers are coming in for my mom's birthday dinner on Saturday.
- Mm.
- And I know that Kevin's wedding dinner was kind of weird.
But I was really hoping you would join.
I don't know.
Your brothers stress me out.
I feel like I picked up on some vibes.
- No.
They like you, okay? - Huh? They're just being overprotective 'cause you're older.
- That's all.
- Mm.
All right, you want me to go? - Mm-hmm.
- I will go.
- Thank you.
- Okay? Okay.
You sure you want that? No, well, I just know how hard you've been working on your diet, so I'm just trying to be supportive.
That's all.
'Cause you know I think you look amazing.
You guys know who sings that one song from Pulp Fiction? I mean, there's a lot of songs in Pulp Fiction.
Uh, the one Uma Thurman's dancing to.
"Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon".
Yeah, man.
That's, uh that's Urge Overkill.
They're a, uh, Chicago alt-rock band, and Tarantino just randomly found their album in Holland.
It wasn't even, like, written by them though.
It's actually a Neil Diamond cover.
My dad loved Diamond, so, uh, it's embedded in my brain.
Um Yeah, man.
If you just come on, I'll, uh, show you where to find it.
Oh, hey.
Um, don't forget your bathing suit, because, uh, this place has, like, three pools.
You know, I-I know it seems like a lot.
But I've been chatting with all the parents on the Facebook group, and they seem really cool.
And I think it's gonna be good, you know, for us to be around other families with kids with blindness.
Yeah, of course.
Of course.
Sorry, there's just a lot going on at work this week.
It's gonna be hard to miss a couple of days.
And are you sure this isn't too much this early, you know? He seems I don't know.
He's only ten months old.
Toby, do you not want to go? Hi, Mom.
Hi, Bug.
You guys on your way to the retreat? Are you excited? Was Toby surprised? Yeah, he was really surprised.
- Ha.
- Um But, uh, he has a really big project at work right now, so, um, he's not gonna be able to go.
- Kate - Oh, no.
That's too bad.
You know, I-I sprung it on him last-minute, so Why don't I join you? Really? You want to come? I'm there.
I've actually been wanting a a good catch-up session, just the two of us.
Okay, um, let me go pack.
I'm already making a mental checklist of everything that I need.
This is gonna be so fun.
Okay, I'll see you in a second, sweetheart.
She's gonna go? Yeah, she's gonna go.
So, Miguel loaded all of the VH1 Divas on my phone.
I had to listen to him sing Mariah Carey all morning, but it was worth it.
Aw, Toby must be so upset that he can't go.
Hey, neighbor.
- Hi.
- You know, my mother always said, "Never show up to a blind retreat empty-handed".
It's that beeper ball I was telling you about.
- It's pretty cool.
- It's very cool.
Thank you.
Um, it beeps so Jack can find it.
It's a beeper ball.
It's fun to say.
It is.
Oh, Gregory, this is my mom.
Mom, this is Gregory.
- Very nice to meet you, Gregory.
- Nice to meet you.
I basically forced myself onto his walks, so now he can't get enough of me.
I'll keep the sidewalk warm for you.
- You kids have fun.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Nice to meet you.
- Let me see that thing.
- Hey.
There he is.
There's my Jack.
Hi, it's Grandma.
How are you, sweetheart? Oh, Daddy's gonna miss you so much.
He's not gonna know what to do with himself.
- Oh.
- Audio keeps getting me to try to throw a rager while you're gone, but I'm like, "You're a dog, and I got to work, so" You're gonna have so much fun with Mom and Grandma, huh? Okay, in you go.
Hey, are you, uh are you sure you're all right with all this? Yeah, I'm totally fine.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna text a lot.
Oh, and Madison's gonna come by to walk Audio while you're at work this week.
Hey, I love you.
This is your daddy saying goodbye.
All right, you good? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Uh love you.
- Love you.
- Have fun.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- See you, Rebecca.
- Bye.
Okay, we start with Celine.
So, the little girl and the prince, they're making their way through the forest.
- What do they see? - Flowers.
They come across this huge field of colorful flowers.
But maybe Maybe those flowers are poisonous.
- No, Dad.
I like them.
- Well, even things we like can be bad for us sometimes, sweetheart.
Hey, it's Marc.
Leave a mes Hello? Hi.
Marc, are you okay? I-I've been trying to call you all night.
- The weirdest dreams.
- Well, I thought we were gonna do a deep dive on Patti last night.
Hey, why are you so mad? Did I do something wrong? Marc.
- That didn't sound good.
- Marc.
Please, don't do this.
I I'm sorry.
Come on.
I don't even know what I d - Ugh.
- "Ugh"? That's a nice hello.
Hold on.
Hey, Ma? - Please.
- Hey, guys.
- You guys got here early.
- Please, Marc, I'm sorry.
Please don't get mad.
I hate when you get mad like this.
I just want to understand.
- What's Kate's problem? - Please.
Can you just tell me what I did? You were just You were just You were so desperate to show off to that guy yesterday with that Neil Diamond stuff, and I was embarrassed, so I raged out 'cause I'm an idiot.
So, are we okay? Course we're okay.
How am I gonna stay mad at you? You're the only good thing in my life.
Um I'll see you tomorrow for your mom's thing.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Just checking in.
Is everything all right? Everything's great.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
You know, I have been so busy with my new job.
I feel like I've missed out on Marc.
How long have you guys been dating now? Is it three months? Yeah, something like that.
I'd really like to get to know him better.
Well, yeah.
He's coming to dinner tomorrow night.
But, you know, I feel like it's gonna be crazy with everybody here.
- What if we went to go get coffee before dinner? - Mm.
- Just the three of us.
- I-I think that's a little excessive.
As a gift to me.
Your old mom.
As a gift.
As a gift.
Thank you, Bug.
Whee! One, two, three.
Whee! You okay, Bug? Yeah.
I'm fine.
What room are we in again? We are in room 208 past the saltwater pool.
Says here there is a 1:00 orientation in the courtyard followed by a braille workshop in the ballroom.
And there is nightly karaoke in the hotel pub.
How wild would it be - if you and I sang a duet together, huh? - That - Yes, it would be pretty wild.
- Come on.
Wait, what is the, um What's that Alanis song? We used to belt it out every time we heard someone use the word.
What is it? - Uh, "Ironic"? - "Ironic".
Yes! "Ironic".
I think of you every time I hear that song.
- We should sing that song together.
- Really? - Yeah! - Mom? - What? - Are you on the drugs? No, I Kate.
No, I'm sorry.
I'm just I'm excited to be here with you guys.
Well, I appreciate your enthusiasm.
But I am really just, like, in fact-finding mode, so Got it.
I'm here for you guys.
Are you sure you told him the right time? Yes.
Mom, I know that Kevin and Randall don't like Marc.
- No.
- And I know that he can be kind of intense sometimes, but, I mean, he's going through a lot right now, okay? He's His parents are getting a divorce, and his dad's really hard on him.
Well, I will keep an open mind.
I promise.
Oh, there he is.
- Hey.
- Sorry I'm late.
My car's a piece of crap.
Oh, no.
The battery again? It's good to see you, Marc.
Sorry about your car.
Yeah, it sucks.
Hello? Hey.
Uh God, I'm sorry.
I just charged in here like a bat out of hell.
- I'm Meat Loaf.
- Like Meat Loaf.
You guys must really love working at the record store together, huh? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I liked it.
I feel like I've kind of outgrown it, though.
Um Just Terry, our, um He's our manager.
He's just so incompetent.
He's getting on me all the time about taking too many smoke breaks.
Like, it's total BS, so, you know, I just quit.
When did you quit? This morning.
Do you know, um, the singer Patti Smith? Mm-hmm.
Um, 'cause he got me this really awesome book, Babel.
It's really inspiring.
- Yeah.
- So sweet.
You know, Kate and I are gonna actually write some songs together.
Yeah, your daughter has a really amazing voice.
It's very sweet, but also, it's very soulful.
Well, I agree with you there.
I can't wait to hear these songs, Kate.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
We just got to get out of Pittsburgh to write them.
Oh, ooh! Hey, we should go to that cabin that you're always talking about.
Our family cabin? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
We haven't even opened it up for the season.
I totally forgot.
We can open it.
I love it.
Our own Shangri-la.
Like Yoko and John.
That is an idea.
So, the little girl walks through the flowers.
What does she What do you think she sees next, huh? Water.
Great idea.
The little girl and the prince came upon a dark cave dripping with water.
Being the parent of a child with a disability can sometimes feel overwhelming, but there are so many tools out there that can make life easier for you and your family.
By finding TV programs and films with audio description, your child can hear key visual elements so that they can share in the full experience.
Basically, he makes these clicking noises, kind of like a dolphin.
And the clicks bounce off of stuff, and he somehow figures out where he is so he doesn't crash into anything.
- Oh! - It's not that common, but Zak wanted to give it a try.
At first, I was afraid that using a cane would stigmatize me.
But it's actually very empowering and gives me a lot of independence.
- When you walk - For those of you brand-new to this, braille is a six-dot system.
First note is "C".
Can you find "C" on the keyboard? Good work.
It's that easy.
Who can tell me what the second note is? Hey.
Marc and I are gonna leave, like, really early in the morning to beat traffic, so are the keys to the cabin still in the hidey place near the front steps? Um, sweetheart, I don't I don't know if I feel comfortable with you guys going up there alone.
Why not? I just I don't think it's a good idea.
What? That is so unfair.
Randall's off with Beth doing God knows what every night, and-and Kevin's literally married.
- It's different.
- Why? - 'Cause I'm a girl? - No.
- Because you don't like Marc.
- Honey, I don't even really know Marc.
You hate him, too.
I don't hate him, Kate.
I even understand what you like about him.
- I mean, he's passionate, and he's creative and - Just stop.
You know what? After Dad I genuinely thought I would never be happy again.
I understand.
No, you don't.
You don't, Mom.
Look at you.
You've had boys falling all over you for, what, your entire life? Marc loves me, and he's the first guy to ever be interested in me.
The first person to ever even look at me that way.
I understand.
You don't! I don't need you to like him.
I like him.
We're not going to the cabin tomorrow.
We're going now.
So, sorry if that ruins your birthday dinner, but I'm sure Miguel will be around to pick up the pieces.
That is not fair.
Yeah, neither was this.
Yeah, it was amazing! He was making these, like, clicking noises, and so he could just ride his bike everywhere.
It was Your mind would have been blown.
That is so cool.
Jack will be the same way.
I've seen the look of wild abandon on his face whenever we power walk.
Uh, hey, I'm gonna call it, but, um You, too.
How is Toby doing? He's good.
He's just busy.
Sweetheart, um, there's something I really wanted to talk to you about.
Okay, that wasn't Toby on the phone.
What? It was Gregory, my neighbor, you know, with the beard, who had the stroke.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Toby didn't have a work thing.
He has been struggling with Jack's blindness.
And he said that every time that he looks at Jack, it just makes him sad.
So That's a direct quote.
He is struggling.
And I'm not? He is supposed to be running around, right, riding bikes and taking Jack to the pool.
Well, you can take him to the pool, too.
Mom, I have spent half the day having a panic attack about wearing a bathing suit in public without him.
And I-I Someday, Jack's gonna want to ride a bike, and I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do that with him.
And I don't know if-if Toby is going to want to, if he's gonna be here.
I don't I don't know.
Wha Come on, get up.
What? We're gonna go swimming.
Right now.
- What? - Right now! - No.
- Where's your bathing suit? - Mom - We are.
Okay, I found it.
Let's go, let's go.
It's, like It's 9:00.
The pool is closed anyway.
I don't care.
Come on! I'm not going swimming.
Kate, come on.
You're fat, I'm ancient.
We're gorgeous.
Let's go swimming.
Put on your suit, come on.
I'm gonna get on mine.
Come on.
Let's go.
You know I used to have to drag you out of the pool.
You would hold up your your wrinkly little hand and say, "Mom, look.
They're like raisins".
Remember that? Yeah.
It's ironic.
The only place I feel weightless is the place I've avoided my entire life.
You're here, Bug.
Let the weight go.
Take everything off your shoulders and give it to me; I can take it.
That's what I'm here for.
You know why I call you Bug? Yeah, 'cause I was a weird kid who was obsessed with bugs.
Obsessed is an understatement.
You loved everything that could fly.
Oh, gosh.
Butterflies and ladybugs and bumblebees.
But your favorite were lightning bugs.
Or, as you called them, "light bulb bugs".
Oh, I can see it as clear as day.
You in our front yard, your eyes as big as saucers, watching the lightning bugs as they flickered on and off.
You were so gentle.
You used to gently cup one in your hands, and you'd watch it as it lit up.
And then you would whisper in the sweetest little voice Go find your way home.
"Go find your way home".
You'd open up your little hand and let it fly away.
My sensitive little Bug.
Always, always empathizing with everyone and everything.
But just because you're sensitive doesn't mean you're not strong.
I don't I don't feel strong right now.
I have known you for all of your 39 years, and you are much stronger than anyone gives you credit for, including yourself.
Yeah, you've been dealt a bit of a curveball.
Toby's not bouncing back as quickly as you would like.
But you need to not be afraid to tell him that he needs to step it up.
But what if he doesn't, ever? Well, then, you are perfectly capable of raising Jack beautifully all on your own.
But I I believe in Toby.
He'll find his way home.
Okay Now I need to get something off my shoulders.
Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Let's-let's dry off first.
The little girl knew she had to be brave.
So, finally, she gathered all her courage - and took one big step - Dad! This is my story.
Okay, yeah, you're right.
You're right, it is your story.
So you-you go ahead.
And then the And then the prince disappears.
That is a great twist.
Here we go.
And you can see The daisies in her footsteps Oh, oh, oh Dandelions, dandelions Butterflies I wanna be Kate Kate Bom, bom, Kate Bom, bom, bom, bom, bom, Kate Unh, Kate, Kate Every day she wears the same thing - Every day she smokes pot - Dang.
- She's everything I want - You know, I'm kind of bummed you quit.
I mean, I know Terry's lame and all, but I'm gonna miss you there.
Well, maybe you should quit, too.
Yeah, well well, honestly, I need the money right now.
And, I mean, it's it's a pretty decent job.
As far as, like, dumb jobs go.
I mean, I guess.
But, uh, I'm gonna make music instead of just talking about it.
Yeah, I know.
Down by the Rosemary and Cameron She hands out the Bhagavad Gita I see her around every couple days So just to be clear, you're not gonna quit.
So that I can say Hey, Kate Of course not.
That's great support, Kate.
Marc, can you slow down? Really, like, after the way Terry treated me? And I got you that job! Do you remember that? - No, I know, but can you slow down? - No, no, no.
Slow down! Marc, please, please slow down.
You're going too fast.
Please! Marc, stop the car now! Thank you.
Oh, oh Babe let's just get some air.
Okay? Come on.
Kate, Kate.
Babe, come on You know, I can't even look at your fat face! Marc Marc! Mom, you're starting to freak me out; what's going on? Okay, um I've been having some memory issues lately.
Forgetting my phone, forgetting words.
Small things.
Little things.
But Randall noticed that something was off with me around Thanksgiving, and I went to have some tests done.
- Oh, my God, Mom - No, no, hold on.
Nothing is certain, but they did diagnose me with something called mild cognitive impairment.
Which could eventually lead to dementia or Alzheimer's.
How did I not notice anything? Because I didn't want you to notice anything.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
We don't even know where this may lead yet.
And if anything, I The diagnosis has made me feel more powerful.
And more fun.
You have been more fun.
Right? 'Cause I'm not sweating the small stuff.
I don't know how much longer I have before things might get worse, so I'm-I'm done being sad, and I'm done feeling worried.
I feel I feel okay.
I am strong.
You made me strong.
Is Jack still asleep? - Uh - Oh, yeah.
He's out.
Let's get dressed.
I have an idea.
Hey, yeah, ah, ah, ah, yeah An old man turned 98 He won the lottery And died the next day It's a black fly in your Chardonnay It's a death row pardon two minutes too late And isn't it ironic Don't you think? It's like rain On your wedding day It's a free ride When you've already paid It's the good advice - Hello? - Hi, Mom.
Hi, Kate.
You okay? Did you guys make it up to the cabin? Um, no, not yet.
We, uh, we decided to stop at a gas station.
But, um, I'm sorry for what I said earlier.
I'm really sorry I'm missing your birthday.
It's fine, Bug.
I'm sorry, too.
You sound kind of upset.
Is everything all right? No.
Mom Bug? Kate? Are you okay? Talk to me.
I'm sorry.
Uh um Everything's fine.
I-I'm sorry, Mom.
I love you, okay? Bye.
Okay I love you, too Well Dad! You fell asleep.
I'm sorry.
Don't you want to know what she wants? Yeah.
Yeah, why don't, why don't you tell me what she wants? My sweet little bug.
My sweet little bug.
What are you gonna say to Toby? I'm just gonna be very clear about what my family needs from him.
And about what I need from him.
Well, just so you know, you always have a safety net.
I'm always available if you need a a Friends marathon.
Am I slowly becoming one of those women whose best friend is their mom? Stranger things have happened.
Will you call me tonight? - Yeah, I will.
- Okay.
Bye, Jack.
Hey, Mom? Hmm? Go do what you got to do.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, we just got home.
Madison left a note.
She walked Audio and Jack is asleep.
Yeah, I just, I just looked in on him.
- How was it? - It was incredible.
And you would have loved it.
Can you, can you do this? I mean, can you, can you be the man that I need you to be? Can you be the father that Jack needs you to be? I want to.
It's my brother.
Hey, Kev.
Um Um, what's up? You know, now is not really a good time.
- Um - Why? What's the matter? Uh, well, I'm about two seconds away from my marriage completely imploding.
Oh, Kate, I'm so sorry.
Listen, I got Randall on the other line.
Life's kind of sucking for him, too, right now.
You mind if I patch him through? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hey, Randall, I got Kate.
She's kind of in a bad way, too, actually.
Sad three? Sad three.
Hey, Kate, Kev and I were just talking about going out to the cabin.
You want to join us? Toby, I don't need you to just want to be a good father to Jack, I need you to just do it.
I'm gonna take Jack to the cabin this weekend with my brothers.
'Cause I just need some space right now.
Let me take care of Jack this weekend.
Well, I don't think that's a good idea.
Uh, actually, I yeah I-I think it is.
You go to the cabin, and leave Jack here with me.
I'll take care of him.
I need to spend time with my son.
Kate, please.
I'm worried about Kate.
I think she's in trouble, Kev.
We have to go get her.
Uh, okay.
Go-go get your stuff together.
And I'll call Randall right now.
Mom cancelled her birthday dinner.
- Wait, why? - Something's wrong with Kate.
Um, I'll explain in the car.
Just be ready in 20.
We're coming to pick you up.
- All right? - O-Okay.
I-I'll be downstairs.
Uh, is everything okay? Snug as a bug in a rug.
How'd it go? How'd they do? Oh.
Piece of cake.
Everybody's asleep.
I told you, I got it.
My hero.
I just put them to bed one night.
You're the real hero.

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