This is Us (2016) s06e03 Episode Script

Four Fathers

1 Previously on This Is Us You and Tiffany staying in studying right? 'Cause I'm keeping close contact.
You got my number, Commander.
What awaits you in Boston? DEJA: My boyfriend.
They want to reboot The Manny, Kevin.
You'd play the dad.
You get to raise your family in Los Angeles and become a zillionaire.
You know, people said I was crazy, me living in your garage just to stay close to the twins.
It's possible they had a point.
I hate that I'm doing this over FaceTime, but I miss you.
I miss you, too.
(CHUCKLES) Are you aware that Kevin is in our guest room? I'm taking The Manny reboot.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, - Jack Damon.
- (AUDIENCE CHEERING) ("SERENITY NOW" BY BRETT DENNEN PLAYING) Serenity now I'm leaving, I believe I can feel your concern.
Blind guy, hot smoker.
I assure you, I have done this hundreds of times, - and I still have both my eyebrows.
- (CHUCKLING) Wait, do I still have both of them? So far, so good.
I live on a boat I seldom sail I'm a captain with no crew A man Collecting moments as they Come You okay? (CLEARS THROAT) Yeah.
I know it sounds crazy, but every once in a while, that smell hits me and takes me right back to that day.
I know.
TOBY: Don't-don't get too close, buddy.
No, no, no.
KATE: Jack! LUCY: Jack? I'm good.
- Mm-hmm.
- (CLEARS THROAT) - Hell of a first memory, huh? - Yeah.
(CLEARS THROAT) Hope you're hungry.
- Made enough for a small army.
- (CHUCKLES) (SIGHS) Oh, God I missed them again.
- I'm sorry.
- (GROANS) I tried to keep them up as long as I could, but they were wiped.
They're not gonna remember who I am.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Nobody forgets that face.
Look, you could cover it with as much facial hair as you want.
It doesn't even matter.
How did I become that dad? Like, the guy who leaves before breakfast and gets home after dinner.
My dad worked a lot.
I still love him.
Yeah, comparing me to your father doesn't help.
How would you like it if I compared you to my mom? Oh, okay.
Point taken.
Babe, why don't you I don't know, why don't you carve out some time for them this weekend and give them the full Jack experience? Mm-hmm.
Oh, you already thought of the Jack experience? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay, go ahead.
You know that new mall they just built? The one with the indoor movie theater? (GASPS) Oh, their first movie on a big screen.
It's perfect.
They're gonna love it.
You're gonna have so much fun.
Y-You're not gonna come? An entire Saturday with three squirming kids all hopped up on sugar? - Don't count on it, babe.
- (PATS LEG) TOBY: All right.
Off to make the bacon.
T-minus four days until I see you guys again.
- All right.
- All right.
- Well, we love you.
- We, uh, love you.
- We love you.
- Oh, my gosh, I love you, too.
- Love you.
- KATE: We'll miss you.
- (CRYING) - Aw.
Not today.
- KATE: I know.
- I'll be back.
I'll be right back.
- KATE: Bye, Dad.
- JACK: Bye, Dad.
It's not time to make a change Just relax, take it easy You're still young, that's your fault There's so much Hey, buddy, let's just, uh, let's kind of blow our kisses and say our "I love you's" Hey-hey oh.
Sorry, you know what? He's melting down, sorry.
Yeah, but he didn't get a chance to hear me say that-that I love him.
I am old, but I'm happy I was once Yeah, I couldn't g I couldn't get out of that dinner tomorrow night, so hopefully it won't go too late and I'll just - hop on the first flight in the morning.
- Well, that's a bummer.
I was just hoping that you would be here to help me with the kids, you know? By the end of the week I'm just fried.
Yeah, I'm doing the best I can, Kate.
I know.
And you're traveling back and forth, and I Babe, we really appreciate it.
A dad's work is never done.
- (ALARM CHIMING) - But your dreams may not It's not time to make a change - Good morning.
- KEVIN: Good morning.
Here you go, matcha with monk fruit and nut milk, - just like you like your nonsense.
- Come on in.
We'll fuel them up with the breakfast of champions: yams.
- KEVIN: Good morning.
- Thank God you're here.
Double blowout.
Well, yams.
Everything you've got - Morning.
- Shh.
We had a rough night.
They're already back asleep, but you can go peek.
But your dreams may not How can I try to explain? 'Cause when I do, he turns away again It's always been the same Same old story Sharing them should get easier, right? I hope so.
I was ordered to listen, now there's a way And I know that I have to go away I know Big day.
Me and my eldest out on the open road.
Coming to complete stops, keeping it ten and two, and she'll be trapped next to her father for at least an hour, which means she will be forced to connect with me.
Very sneaky.
- I approve.
- (EXHALES) I knew that you would.
It's not time to make a change Just sit down, take it slowly You ready? You're still young All right.
- KATE: Let's eat.
- KEVIN: Look at this.
- Making progress over here.
- I know.
Good for you.
That's amazing.
- Thank you.
- You know what's really exciting news? Is Franny ate carrots last night.
I found that out because Madison sent me a carrot emoji, not because I was actually there to witness it in person.
I know it's tough not living with them, but I'm really grateful that you're here.
Honestly, I do not know how I would be surviving without all your help.
And maybe it's good for you, too, right? Keep you busy between seeing the kids and work? Yeah, yeah, no, it's good.
I'm-I'm good, though, I'm fine.
I'm You don't have to worry about me.
I'm going to my meetings, I'm You know, I'm thinking about picking up a hobby, actually.
- Oh.
- Yeah, it was guitar - or needlepoint.
I can't figure out which - (DOOR OPENS) TOBY: Lucys, I'm home.
- (GASPS) - (DOOR CLOSES) - Is that Daddy? - Hi.
- Where are my munchkins? I need munchkin kisses.
- Hi.
- Mwah, mwah, mwah.
- Hi.
And some for you.
Mwah, mwah, mwah.
And some for you.
Mwah, mwah, mwah.
- No.
Come on.
- Nah, I'm good.
Can we be brothers-in-law who kiss? - I - Kate, don't get jealous.
- Fine.
Fine, fine, fine.
- This is happening.
- Mwah, mwah, mwah.
- Okay.
All right, thank you That's a lot of beard.
Oh, gosh, you guys, 36 blissful hours until I have to listen to the Southwest flight attendants turn the safety protocol into a parody song again.
Wait, you love that.
That was, like, your favorite part of the whole trip.
I know.
I've gone dead inside.
Well, uh, let me help.
Let me help.
I'll run to the store, I'll grab something special, uh, I'll come home, I'll cook it up, we'll have dinner.
Oh, actually, Kev, um, Toby and I have plans tonight.
And we already have a sitter, so the kids are covered.
We're going to a recital at my school.
Yeah, they're doing selections from The Lion King.
You know, if they do "He Lives in You," I'm gonna lose it.
- (WHISPERS): I'm gonna lose it.
- Mm.
Oh, also, we're going to Menchie's.
- Oh, you're going to Menchie's? - Yeah.
Ah, you guys really know how to party.
Uh, actually, we do.
We're gonna tornado all the nonfat frozen yogurt flavors.
Okay, well, you go do that.
Don't worry about me.
- I've got to go to rehearsal.
- (GASPS) Manny say what? The reboot? How's it going? It's a good distraction while Madison and I sort of adjust.
Plus, I don't have to rip my shirt off at every act break.
Which is why I'm gonna steal some of Jack's French toast.
Thank you very much, Jack.
All right.
- Bye, guys.
- Okay, now, here's the question.
How many kisses can I get in in 36 hours? 'Cause I think I can break the record.
Should I start with your hand? Ready? One, two, three, four, five, six, a million.
- KATE: So many kisses.
- Yeah, that's pretty fast, right? Should I give you some on your hand? Mwah, mwah, mwah Dad! Guys, guys, hey, look, I know we're all excited Come here, Kev, come on I know we're all excited, but we're just gonna have to wait our turn.
But what if they run out of candy? They're not gonna run out of candy, bud.
So, hey, look, let's just, let's get some snacks and then we'll go find our seats.
- Hi.
- Hey, can I help you? Yeah, can I get, um, three little popcorns, some, uh, ooh, some Raisinets three of those.
And, uh, do you have coffee? Sure do.
- Great, it's been a long week.
- KATE: Daddy? - Yeah.
- Are you gonna live at work forever? Uh, I don't live at work, Katie girl.
I live with you guys, remember? My dad worked a lot.
I resented it at first, but look at me now.
How much are those? - CLERK: Eight dollars.
- Eight bucks.
Eight bucks, okay, there's eight.
Got the coffee, got the popcorns Here we go, let's go, let's go, come on, come on, come on, we eat that inside, we're gonna eat that inside.
to the next setup.
SANDY: All right, should we rehearse one? Let's do it.
All right, now, on the day, we'll have the real twins here Lord help us but for now we'll just use the jelly babies.
Oh Kevin, were those babies this creepy when you were the Manny? (CHUCKLES) Well, um, you know, their eyes were somehow even deader and they always smelled like roast beef, so yeah.
- (LAUGHS) - SANDY: Okay, gang, um, why don't we pick it up from the toast? Taking it from the toast.
Um, okay, that's me.
- "Today was a good day.
" - And action.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
Today was a good day.
Um, I'm lucky to have all of you in my life.
My beautiful wife, my amazing stepdaughter.
- Can I get my nose pierced? - Not a chance.
My cute little babies who are the twinkle in my eye.
And you.
Gang, it's-it's moments like this, right? Just being together, enjoying each other.
Nothing else matters.
You're my world.
My life.
You make me whole.
Yeah, um Sorry about that.
"With you, I feel like I can do anything.
" And then I say, "Drink up, little man.
" And hopefully baby Archie will cheers, knocking over his milk, cuing the Manny to say I got that.
(GRUNTS) That's why I always bring an extra muscle tee to work.
You never know with this guy.
SANDY: Laugh, laugh, laugh, and cut.
Let's move over to the living room and we'll rehearse scene 12.
(TYLER EXHALES) I think that's gonna be a really nice moment.
Uh, well, th Yeah, thanks.
Hope so.
Hope so.
You okay? Yeah, it's You know, I just, I feel weird saying all that stuff to these dolls, you know? I-I I didn't get to spent any time with my kids today.
Hey, um, some of us are going out after rehearsal.
You should come.
Okay, there's four sides: one, two, three.
- Good job.
- Okay, it's gift time.
(WHISPERS): Babe, I just put Hailey down.
(WHISPERS): Okay, it's gift time.
(CHUCKLES) You want to see what I got for little Jack? - Yeah.
- Okay, check this out.
It is a beeping football.
- You turn it on, and it makes a sound.
- (BEEPING) We can roll it back and forth to each other and get our Eli Manning on.
I picked Eli because he's the cutest Manning, obviously.
Listen, this is gonna wind him up, and he has to go down for his nap before 3:00, especially if a sitter's coming tonight.
But you can play, you know, when he gets up, okay? - Yeah.
- And you really don't have to come - bearing gifts every time.
- Okay, all right.
I guess, uh, I guess you don't want your present, then? - Oh, no, I want my present.
- Oh, you - Oh, you do.
Okay, okay.
- I do.
I didn't know I was getting one.
Um, I know how you're always so annoyed about losing the remote control.
So I picked this up in Chinatown so you'll always know where it is.
That's sweet.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
And I've always wanted.
(LAUGHS) Open it.
(LAUGHS): What? Oh - Um - Open the purse.
The purse is for you to carry tonight.
And the gift card is for you to get your hair blown up.
- (LAUGHS) Blown - Blown-blown down.
(CHUCKLES) Uh, blown out.
While I watch the kids.
My Zoom call got canceled, so you go do you.
Go get your hair done.
Go get your hair done.
- KATE: Okay.
- TOBY: Yeah, listen to the man.
- JACK: Okay.
- Okay, I'll see you boys soon.
- Thanks, babe.
- TOBY: Oh, you got it.
- You got it.
- TOBY: Yeah.
Say, "Bye-bye, Mama.
" Bye-bye, Mama.
KATE: Bye, Sweet Pea.
Oh, babe, do you need me to go over the schedules? 'Cause they change constantly.
And he has to be down for his nap by 3:00.
Kate, they're my kids, too.
All right? And I think, if you'll recall, I was a pretty good stay-at-home dad myself there for a while.
So I think I can watch them for an hour.
Thanks, babe.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
- Thank you.
- Say, "I love you, Mama.
" - KATE: Bye, boys.
- JACK: Love you.
RANDALL: Okay, Deja.
Welcome to the Randall Pearson School of Driving.
I'll be your instructor Randall Pearson.
Allow me to put on some background music as I talk you through some of the safety features of the vehicle.
Okay, I can't do this if we're gonna listen to your old man music.
Oh! "Old man music"? That that's hurtful.
- Mm-hmm.
To my ears.
Make sure you keep that distance between you and the car in front of you.
- Got it.
- You're doing great, Dej.
But, baby, it's true Glad we finally found time to do this.
Haven't had a lot of time to talk lately.
So, how's school going? Uh, fine.
- You know Ms.
McNamara? - Your chemistry teacher? - Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, she's getting into stand-up comedy.
(LAUGHS): Okay.
And she tries out her jokes on us.
- But, like, bad ones.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, like, "Why can you never trust atoms?" Because they make up everything.
(LAUGHS) You are worse than Ms.
Oh, man.
All right, look, we're about to merge.
- So, uh, put on your signal - (BOTH CHUCKLE) and check your mirrors.
And when you feel like you got space, go for it.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - AUTOMATED VOICE: Message from Malik.
RANDALL: Watch the merge, Deja.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Can't stop thinking about last weekend.
- Wish you were here now.
- Oh - Hands on the wheel, Deja.
- (PHONE CHIMES) Can't really sleep.
The bed feels too big without you.
Ready to reply? She took a six-hour bus ride four states away, and we had no idea.
- What if something happened? - Let's kill her.
Let's dig a hole in the backyard and bury her in it.
And it's not just how dangerous it could have been, Beth.
It's the lying.
And it wasn't just one lie, she lied right to our faces.
Right to our faces.
Okay, hold up.
I feel like we need to pick which one of us is gonna unravel here and which one of us is gonna stay cool.
I'm already pacing, Beth.
I'm up.
Okay, fine, I'll stay cool.
She is grounded.
Phone, gone.
Food, maybe.
And she is forbidden from seeing Malik for forever.
Can we put her back on Zoom school? I feel like that's kind of punishing ourselves, - so I want to hold off - We need to make an example of her Tess and for Annie.
Maybe we should ground them all just to get ahead of it.
Randall, you're so hot, I'm gonna need an ice bath.
So why don't I go talk to her? Why, Beth? So she can lie some more? Huh? Huh You know what? I'm too hot.
I'm too hot ri I-I'm-a go for a run.
- That's what I'm-a - That's a good plan.
HENRI: I know, my little immigrant.
You want to find your family.
- And you will.
- FIEVEL: But how? It's so far away and it's so big.
I'll never find them anyway.
- Where are you going? - This movie's dumb.
HENRI: But did you say "never"? So young and you have lost hope.
Oh, this is America.
You can just keep it open.
I swear, this is not why I invited you.
But if Dad's buying, let's order shots.
- You guys want some shots? - Heck, yeah.
Uh, can we get six shots of tequila? Thank you.
To Kevin.
- Cheers.
- ALL: Kevin.
Oh, thank you.
It's so impressive how you can be around people and not drink.
Oh, uh, you know, I-I I'm better off without it, trust me.
It's Should you be drinking, though, honestly? I mean, aren't you, like, 17 years old? - I'm 25.
I just look young.
- Okay.
- (LAUGHS) - Well.
That's great.
I was thinking that, maybe after this, we could go check out White Sea at The Echo.
Do you know her? She used to be the keyboardist for M83.
I no I don't think I do know her.
I'm not sure anything that you just said was English, actually.
Give me your phone.
I'll show you a clip.
Here you go.
Hey, Kevin, look at this.
One, two, one, two.
(GASPS) - Franny, walk to Mama.
Walk to Mama.
- (EXHALES) Come here.
Yes! Ooh (LAUGHS): Oh, this is (STAMMERS) You know, I can't uh, I-I got to go.
I'll be ba I'm not, I'm probably not gonna come back.
- What? - I Just-just keep it open.
Okay, so usually he's in his jammies by now, but, uh, he's a little off-schedule today, so That's okay.
We can get you into your jammies, right, Jack? - Hey.
- KATE: Hi.
How old is McKenna? Looks like she just turned 12.
Um, 17-ish? She's been really great this past month, and she is, honestly, amazing.
Thank you.
Although the kids are usually asleep.
No! Sorry, he's cranky.
He didn't have his nap.
'Cause his dad bought him a new toy and Uh, which he loves.
It's a football that beeps.
- And he loves it.
- KATE: Yeah, and he had to play with it, right, - 'cause it started beeping and - No! - Okay.
I'll get it.
I'll get it.
- Oh, uh, sorry.
- No.
- I'll get it.
I got it, I got it.
KATE: Great, well, now I'm gonna be worried about him when we're at the recital.
Kate, you just need, you need to relax.
Okay? Really? What you needed to do was put him to bed at 3:00 like I asked you to.
(CHUCKLES): I-I'm sure we-we're gonna be fine.
I'm sure that we're gonna be late.
You know what? Here, why don't you just go ahead here's that and here's this and I'll just stay here and make sure that Jack goes down, okay? Oh, thank God.
I'm gonna grab my bag.
All right.
KATE: So, I'll just go alone? Kate, I know you worked hard on this.
You should be there.
I'll just, I'll-I'll catch the next one, I guess.
You want some chicken? - Yes.
- Yeah, okay, here you go.
There you go.
See? We're doing great.
- WARREN: How'd you get in here? - (CRUNCH) - (WARREN HOWLS) - (LAUGHTER) (CHUCKLES) Get me that mouse! Where's your brother? - He left.
- What do you mean, he left? When? Get your coats.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Come here, come here.
Kevin? Hey, excuse me, hey.
Have you, have you seen a little blond boy a-about the same height as the two of them? I think I saw him go out in the mall about an hour ago, - but I'm also incredibly stoned.
- Go, go.
- So, yeah.
- Come on, come on.
Come on.
What happened? He went to the food court looking for free samples and got a little turned around and they found him crying outside of Spencer Gifts.
- Mm-mm.
- (EXHALES, STAMMERS) I-I don't understand.
How did they know who to call? You got to be kidding me.
You guys want to go home? - Mm-hmm.
- All right, let's do it.
- How was the movie? - RANDALL: Half of it was good.
KATE: Yeah, 'cause we only watched half of it.
Thank you.
Have a good night.
(GASPS) Ellie, that was amazing.
We should have always used you on alto.
- Thanks, Miss Kate.
- You're welcome.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Kate.
Huh? I'd have to say, that was one of the most successful recitals ever.
- Aw.
- (CHUCKLES) But in-in fairness, parents rarely boo their blind children.
Eh I, uh, I thought I was finally gonna meet the, uh, the famous Toby.
Uh, yeah, he had to stay home with the kids.
Kids are the worst.
That's why I try to never be around them ever.
Good job, Alyssa.
Well done.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Night night.
You know, it's not the kids' fault.
It's really not anyone's fault, um, but You probably don't want to hear about it, so Not really.
It's just that we had this stupid argument, you know, about the kids' schedules, and it just sucks because he's only here for the weekend.
(EXHALES) It's not a big deal.
And I certainly should not be talking about it at work.
My wife and I had a stupid fight that went on for years.
Uh, bath towels.
She would never hang them up.
It made me crazy.
And every day I'd go to work and I'd start my class by announcing whether or not she hung up her towel.
And then, one day, I just, um, I stopped giving the report, because it became pretty obvious that we had problems that were much bigger than bath towels.
It-it wasn't really an anecdote I wanted to share anymore.
So, as annoying as it is that you told me about your stupid fight with your husband, just, uh, take it as a good sign that you're still talking about it.
All right, I got to lock up.
(DOOR OPENS) Where is she? Where's our little Allyson Felix? You know what I was gonna do, I was gonna stop by, I was gonna get some running shoes before I came over here.
I thought that'd be kind of funny, but then I got so excited, I thought, "No, just go on by and see where she is.
" You blink, you miss her.
Where'd she go? Where is she? What are you, what are you doing here? I came to see Franny walk.
It's 7:30.
She's asleep.
Okay, but y I mean, you couldn't have kept her up for, like, another 20 minutes? Kevin, come on, I can't change their sleep schedule - every time they do something.
- Someth This isn't something.
She, she propelled her body in a forward motion in an upright manner.
This is not something.
This is a major milestone.
This is huge.
There will be a million major milestones.
We're not gonna be there for every one of them.
You mean I'm not gonna be there for every one of them.
Madison, I took this stupid job so that I could be close to my kids so I could see 'em all the time.
It turns out, I can't.
What are you talking about? You were here this morning.
You're gonna be back here again tomorrow morning.
She will live to walk another day.
Yeah, and it won't be the same.
It won't be the You know, this sucks.
You know, it's like you get all of the firsts, right? And then I'm supposed to, what, uh, just cling desperately to my phone, j-just hoping for a text from you.
I immediately sent you a text.
You sent me a video, well, thank you very much, I feel so connected to my children.
Look, I am sorry that you are feeling feelings or whatever you're doing right now, but this is not a picnic for me, okay? Yes, Franny walked today, and it was adorable, and am genuinely sorry that you missed that.
But an hour before that, Nick barfed all over me while I was trying to wolf down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and now I have to somehow clean it out of my hair before Elijah comes over so that I don't seem revolting and end up alone forever.
Clean the baby vomit out of my hair, not the peanut butter.
Although I think I also have peanut butter in my hair.
(EXHALES) I I know how badly you want to be in their lives.
And you will be, but we're not together.
And so that means that sometimes one of us is gonna feel left out.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, you're right.
Can you do me a favor, when she wakes up, will you tell her that her dad came by? Tell her that I'm proud of her? Okay.
All is well.
Kevin is happily playing with his Legos, not a care in the world.
You wrote our phone number inside his shoe.
Thank God they have you.
Okay, it's time to forgive yourself.
He's fine.
I just, I wanted them to have a great day.
You know? Our kids are old enough to start making memories now, Bec.
Like, important stuff, real stuff they're gonna remember - for the rest of their lives.
- Mm-hmm.
And now, every time Kevin thinks about that first movie he saw, he's just gonna think about a day he was traumatized.
Let me tell you about our trip to the park yesterday.
All the kids wanted to do was ride the rocket slide, but it was closed.
And Kate had to pee, but there was no bathroom, and Kevin and Randall were fighting over the last Capri Sun.
It was a mess.
We got to the car and everybody was crying, myself included.
And just when I thought it was the worst day ever, um, a ladybug landed on the dashboard.
- (LAUGHS SOFTLY) - And Kevin tells us it's good luck.
And Randall says that ladybugs have two sets of wings.
And Kate decided to name it.
- Linda.
- Linda the Ladybug.
So, when I was tucking them in last night, that's what they remember from the day.
Not the crying, not the Capri Suns, but Linda the Ladybug.
Until a day is over, there's always a chance you'll remember it for something else.
(DOOR OPENS) (EXHALES) All right, Beth.
- Here's what we're gonna do.
- We're not gonna be able to ground this out of her, Randall.
That girl is completely in love.
Doesn't give her an excuse.
It's like how you and I felt at the beginning.
If somebody would have told us we couldn't see each other for months, we would have found a way.
So what are you saying, Beth? That, because she's in love, there shouldn't be any consequences? Oh, no, there's gonna be consequences.
Like, she's not gonna see this again until they come out with the iPhone 30.
- Okay.
- But this isn't just about what happened last weekend.
This is We thought our daughter was a child, playing Candy Land, but she's out here playing The Game of Life, and we have to adjust.
Randall, take a big sip of my wine.
I don't want a big sip of your wine.
- I just ran for five miles.
- Drink the wine.
I'm taking Deja to get birth control.
I was trying to sneak in undetected in case, you know, "grown-up time" was still going on.
Which is-is kind of "gross," you know, I keep saying "it" because you're married to my "sister.
" - Why are you doing that? - I You know, I-I'm so tired, man, I-I don't even I can't, you know Well, you don't have to worry about it, 'cause grown-up time was a bust.
Kate went to the recital all by herself.
I literally just got both kids down for the night.
Which, it turns out, is a nightmare when the nap schedule - is all out of whack.
- Ooh, yeah, no, you don't want to mess with the nap schedule.
So I hear.
What's all this? You, uh, you taking off tomorrow? TOBY: Yep.
Bright and early, so I can make it in time for the 9:00 a.
staff meeting.
Yeah, at least you have an excuse, you know? I live in the same city as my kids, I feel like a a stranger, so You know, when I first found out I was gonna be a dad, I kept trying to picture it, you know, in my head.
And the image that kept popping into my mind was, uh, family dinner, dinner table, you know? Mom, dad, couple of kids.
This was gonna be us.
Me, Madison, the two kids.
Square, you know? A solid unit.
Well, for what it's worth, that dinner table isn't all it's cracked up to be.
I sat through plenty of dinners with my parents, who clearly couldn't stand each other.
I think kids would much rather have parents that are happy than parents who are together.
Yeah, but I'm not happy.
You know, it's funny, when when we're kids, we always, we build houses that are, uh, square, because we think that that is the strongest shape that there is.
But, turns out a triangle is the strongest shape in nature.
Strong base.
It's capable of holding infinitely more weight It is the most stable shape that there is.
See? So maybe you should just stop thinking of your family as a square and start thinking of it as, you know, you, Nick, Franny.
A triangle.
The hell are you talking about right now, man? (LAUGHS) I don't, I don't know.
I have no idea.
I thought I was gonna be having sex with your sister tonight.
- Oh, come on, man.
- (EXHALES) ("WITH YOU" BY CUJO MOON PLAYING) I would go anywhere with you Anywhere I go, it's true High up on the mountains Show me a new point of view Hiding in the skies so blue (YELLING) The skies, they are hiding the truth - Thank you.
- All right, all right.
Floating down the river Reflections in the water with you With you With you, with you With you (KNOCKING ON DOOR) With you, with you Listen, I already apologized to Beth.
Please don't make me have this conversation with you.
You know, today, when I saw you behind the wheel of that car, I thought "She looks ridiculous.
She's way too young to be driving.
" Because, to me you look exactly like the little girl who came to my doorstep with everything she had in the world tucked into one bag.
Now, rationally, of course, I knew that this little girl had already grown up quite a bit.
And I knew that the rest of the growing up was still coming.
I just didn't realize that it would come so quickly.
And maybe that's why I'm having a hard time with this.
'Cause I missed the first 12 years of your life, and I guess now I'm just trying to stall for time.
To hold on to that very particular version of my Deja.
So if you would be so kind, please be patient with me as I wrap my head around this new, beautiful, grown-up you.
That being said, you are still a junior in high school, and you will not be going to visit your boyfriend in Boston again anytime soon.
Well, that's going to be a problem.
(VIBRATING) Why are you calling me in the middle of the night? Ha, uh Because I'm sleeping on my sister's couch even though I have enough money to buy a big, fancy house, and because, Cassidy, I (EXHALES) was about to call my 25-year-old costar who plays my stepdaughter for a booty call, and you live across the country and you were born before Y2K - and I figured you were the better option.
- (LAUGHS SOFTLY) You really know how to flatter a girl.
(LAUGHS): So, I went to Menchie's and did the whole tornado yogurt thing myself.
And, yeah, I got some severe looks from Darcy behind the counter, but I don't care.
It is really tough with-without you here.
I know.
Listen, you-you know our kids way better than I do right now.
That's just the truth, and I should be following your lead.
Now, I know I don't need to buy any more presents, but I want to get one more thing, and it's for all of us.
Can I show you? Okay.
- Let me show you.
- Okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
All right.
All right.
(CLEARS THROAT) - We already have a grill.
- Au contraire, mon frère.
This is no mere grill.
This is a smoker.
This is the Big Green Egg.
This smoker will outlast time, global warming, and all the other awful things coming our way.
Look, Kate, I don't want all of our memories of this time to be about us being apart.
So let's make some memories of us being together.
Let's have big old cookouts and let's eat food that took me, like, 900 hours to cook.
Let's be smokers.
- Okay.
Let's be smokers.
- Okay.
Check this out.
This is, this is the biggest version.
They make all kinds of accessories for it.
JACK: Good things come to those who wait.
- Mm.
- And we are good to go.
You know, you don't need to keep using that thing.
It's like the literal symbol of the day your mom and dad's marriage blew up.
Besides, that day almost permanently deformed - that near-perfect face of yours.
- (LAUGHS) I keep it because it's delicious.
- (LAUGHS) - Yes.
See? That's what today will be.
Not the day he got lost, but the day that his dad made sundaes in the kitchen and put pillows on the ground.
That is how he'll remember it.
That's how we're gonna remember it.
Never too late to turn a day around.
You know, I should always listen to you.
That's what I've been telling you.
Yeah, this is.
(STAMMERS) Wait, what? No, I I understand.
Okay, um Yeah.
Thank you.
Who was that? My mom died.

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