This is Us (2016) s06e10 Episode Script

Every Version of You

1 Previously on This Is Us First day of summer.
We don't want to be the last ones in the pool.
All right, gang, it's time to get the hell out of here.
How? We climb.
You need to end it, Malik.
You need to do it for her.
What? I'm not gonna - I love her.
- If you really love her, man, then you will do what is best for her.
He's acting so weird.
He hasn't texted all morning.
Senator Gamble's office keeps calling.
He saw the article in The Philadelphia Local and sends his regards.
Tell the senator I have to call the old fart back after the holiday.
In the event that Miguel, God forbid, is not here to make those decisions for me, I'm gonna need one of you to stand in for him.
Kate, I want it to be you.
Come on, guys.
Come on.
First day of summer.
We don't want to be the last ones in the pool.
And you know what Mom and Dad - have for you guys.
- Oh! - Swim goggles! - Swim goggles! - I want one! - Chairs, chairs, chairs, chairs.
Hey, Bug, you want some goggles? I want to go off the diving board.
Don't you think you ought to learn how to, - you know, swim first? - Yeah, bud.
I know you didn't like taking your swim lessons, but they sure helped your brother learn how to swim at the Y.
That girl is swimming upside down.
She's doing the backstroke.
And you would have learned how to do that, too, if you stayed in class at the Y.
There's Mr.
Mike! Can I go see him? Yeah.
Yeah, of course.
Good luck.
Actually, Randall, come here.
Hey, hey, hey.
So, um, I know that your brother and sister didn't take to swimming as fast as you did.
And I don't know, I just had this whole idea of us swimming here together.
But maybe next summer.
Yeah? Okay.
Go get 'em, champ! - Go, go.
- Hey, you, uh - you got Kate? - Yeah.
I got Kate.
I'm here, I'm here! - Don't start without me! - I wouldn't dream of starting without my star student.
Up top! All right, troops.
Now, you five have rocked it all summer at the Y.
Today's the day.
So, how it's gonna go first, we're gonna start with a timed underwater breathing exercise.
Then you're gonna swim the whole length of the pool.
Then, after that, you're gonna tread water for about a minute.
And then we'll finish floating on our backs and done.
- Uh-uh.
- Okay, hey, look, relax.
- We're gonna try it again.
- No! I can't.
I can't.
Damn it.
We're getting arrested.
Oh, thank you so much, sir.
Is that beer? No.
Pick that up.
Yes, sir.
Give me that.
It-it is beer.
All right.
So that's illegal trespassing, underage drinking.
I'd say that you guys are in for a very unpleasant night.
Wait right here.
This can't be happening.
Just wait right here.
I'll-I'll be right back.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Randall.
- Don't make it worse.
- I can handle this.
Excuse me, sir? Whoa.
Just 30 seconds.
I need you all to hear my voice right now.
Your mother's voice, with all of her faculties.
You will not make your lives smaller because of me.
This thing that's happening to me will not be the thing that holds you back.
So, take the risks.
Make the big moves, even if they're small moves.
Forge ahead with your lives in any and every direction that moves you.
I am your mother, and I'm sick.
And I'm asking you to be fearless.
I'm sure she has her reasons, hon.
No, I know.
And it's Thanksgiving.
Mm? We knew there was gonna be drama.
Yeah No, it's okay.
I get it.
It's just, uh It's a lot to process.
Wow, I just figured out why Malik has been being so weird.
You told him to stay away from me? - Dej - He broke up with me.
I literally hate you.
- You don't mean that.
- No, no, I do.
I do.
He lied to me.
You lied to me.
How did I lie to you? You walked around for weeks, staring in my face, acting like nothing happened, when you know what you did.
I didn't think he would listen to me.
Okay? You kids are notorious for not listening.
Hey, hey.
Why don't we all just calm down, all right? It is late.
Emotions are at a ten right now, and this is a very old house with very thin walls.
Is everything okay? We heard yelling.
Case in point.
Um just a little family issue.
Deja, dropping out of high school to get your GED and move to Boston to live with your 18-year-old single father boyfriend, that is not good enough for you.
- You deserve better.
- You don't get to decide that.
Well, yeah, I do.
You're my daughter! No, I'm not! Tess and Annie are your daughters.
I'm just some girl you took from her mom.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Heard you had a rough night in there.
You all right? Uh, all part of being the parent of a teenager.
- Mm.
- As you'll see all too soon.
Safe travels, siblings! 'Kay.
We'll see you guys in L.
for Mom and Mig's anniversary party.
- All right.
- Love you.
Love you.
Well, I am off to start my fearless best life for Mom.
- Mm.
- Whatever that means.
Do you, brother.
- Be good.
- You, too.
- All right.
- All right.
You guys sticking around for breakfast? We're having leftovers.
And pie.
Um no.
But thanks.
I can't find her anywhere.
- Who? - Deja.
She's not in the house.
- Where is she? - I don't know.
- I woke up and she was already gone.
- Tess? Tess? I don't want you to get mad.
I'm already there.
Where's your sister? She left last night.
She what? She was really upset.
And I tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn't listen to me.
So she took off.
She went to talk Malik into getting back together.
- Oh, good Lord.
- I can't believe she would do this.
- Where you going? - To get my daughter.
Should I go with you? I mean, we'd have to take the girls.
Hey, guys.
I know this is a lot, but let's take a deep breath and it will feel less overwhelming.
Or maybe we should just let Kate handle it, since she handles all the big stuff now.
Hey, Miguel, I hate to put you out, man, but could you give Beth and the girls a ride back to Philly? Uh, sure.
Yeah, I can do that.
Thank you.
I'll call you from the road.
All right.
I'll keep trying Deja.
- Mom, what are you doing? - I'm coming with you.
Hey, Miguel.
Could you grab my bags for me, please? That's really not necessary.
I am coming with you.
Get in the car.
Come on.
- Hmm - Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice Malik's not picking up, either.
I swear, when I get to Boston, I'm gonna What? Do you even know what you're gonna do when you get there? I haven't got it all mapped out, Mom, but throwing Deja over my shoulder and zip-tying her to the backseat has come to mind.
You know the car has Bluetooth, right? If Malik were to have picked up the phone, do you think what you would say to him would help or hurt the situation? Phone.
Thank you.
She's done this before.
A few months ago.
She told me and Beth she was going to a sleepover, and she hopped on a bus to Boston.
I was not like this with Beth.
No, you were not.
But not everyone's first love story is the same.
Mine was with Chris Bellose.
I was 15.
He was much too old for me.
I was head over heels for him.
He looked like James Dean.
Had the cutest butt.
- No.
- Yeah.
- No.
- The cutest, little, - tight Yeah.
- Okay.
I can't imagine you at 15.
This morning, when you mentioned Kate handling the big things That was a stupid joke.
That's all.
Shouldn't have said it.
You think we might be able to stop for something to eat soon? I can't, um, take my meds on an empty stomach.
Uh, yeah.
Say no more.
Iced tea and two pastrami sandwiches on rye.
- Mmm.
- Thanks.
Thank you, Samantha.
Um, actually do you mind taking a picture - for us? - Mom, really? - What? Just one.
- Mom, she's busy.
I-I look like crap.
Come on.
What are we doing here? Oh, I'm sorry.
Yesterday, you were obsessed with taking photos of me.
And now, today, you're some shy teenager? - Okay.
- You guys celebrating something? No.
Just, uh, a day with my son.
You like 'em? I can take more.
No, these are perfect.
- Could you, uh? - I'll AirDrop you.
- Beautiful.
- Yeah.
- She'll AirDrop me.
- Mm-hmm.
Looks good.
We met up with some heavy people Mmm, mmm, mmm.
It's good? - Mm-hmm.
- Good.
Up in southern Illinois They took us way out in the country And gave us all a place to stay Hey, hey Sorry, they make these things so hard to open.
How many? Two.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- This is my life now.
- They had farmhouse and a trailer They had some sails and a lot of land They said they farm all through It was, um Eat'n Park.
The first time I saw you do that.
You were six or seven.
And we spent that summer working on your Scholastic Book Club reading list.
- Wow.
That is a throwback.
- Mm.
I was obsessed with that thing.
Yes, you were obsessed.
You wanted to beat everyone in your class - and read all the books on the list.
- Yeah.
And we would sit in the living room reading together each night on the couch, while Kevin and Kate and Dad watched TV.
Do you remember that? - I do.
- Yeah.
And every Friday in the summer, we would get to the library before it opened, and we would stay until it closed.
And then I would take you to Eat'n Park just us.
We'd always get the smiley face cookie.
That was our favorite part, remember? It was.
That's my phone.
Oh, right.
It's Beth.
Babe? So I finally got a hold of Deja.
Where is she? She got to Boston.
She's with Malik.
She wanted us to know she's fine and to stop worrying.
Uh, we're in Connecticut.
- We could be there in a few hours.
- Okay.
- I love you.
- Love you, too.
Uh, we should hit the road.
- Probably be there before nightfall.
- Yeah.
Can I give you a little advice? Mm-hmm.
Give her some space.
We were sitting 'round the trailer - Space? - Yeah.
Yeah, give her a little bit of space to figure this out.
Just for a night.
You know, she said we shouldn't worry about her, so try to trust that.
And putting away that highland blues And the reefer, too So if we're not hitting the road, what do we do now? Well, I-I did see a bar down the block.
You fancy a drink with old Mom? Him and his lady, they dug the country Thirty-five seconds.
That's got to be a new swim test record.
- I can go for longer.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
I believe you, but I also want to keep my teaching license.
Uh, let's go see what your swim mates are up to and get them ready for part two.
Come on.
He's just a child, Jack.
Yeah, someday, he's gonna be a man.
I'm trying to get her to put her face in the water, - so good luck with that.
- Okay.
Hey, Randall, come on.
Let's go.
All right.
You're free to go.
Next time, don't litter.
Happy Thanksgiving.
How did you pull that off? We just talked.
He was a reasonable guy.
You're telling me what you said, okay? - You're telling me what you said.
- Yeah, whatever.
It's getting late.
We should head home.
Right, or There's another option on the table.
We could head to the diner.
I have the keys.
I don't want to go home yet.
It's depressing.
And think about it, when was the last time the three of us were all together like this? I'm game.
Randall? Voilà.
Are you sure we're allowed in here? We've broken enough laws for one night.
Randall, my manager's out sick, like, five days a week.
I practically run the place.
We're fine.
Hey, uh, do you guys have a phone? I want to call Mom, let her know where we are.
Yeah, phone's in the office.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
What's so funny? - The floor is sticky.
- Ah.
I haven't been to a-a bar in years, but the floor, always sticky.
I don't even want to know what substances contributed to that.
Should we, should we get a selfie? Come on.
Is this gonna be an all-day thing? - Oh, yeah.
- Okay.
Here we go.
- Mm.
That was - Beautiful.
Oh, after you.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
What can I get you? Hi.
Uh, we would like two glasses of your Chianti Classico, please.
I got red and white, both room temp.
Uh, we'll take your red, please.
- You bet.
- All right.
Since when do you drink Chianti Classico? "Five Fun Facts "about Controversial Councilman Pearson.
Number one: I love a nice glass of Chianti.
" I can't believe you have this.
Are you kidding me? I collect anything and everything about you kids.
Ah, look at this.
"What is Councilman Pearson reading right now?" Uh-huh.
In the article, you mention that you cried like a baby when Marjorie brought Marcus to the Cape Castle.
I did, too.
Just sobbed.
- Ah.
- Oh.
Buon appetito.
- Grazie.
- Thank you.
Want to get your phone? Get a little wine selfie? - Sure.
- All right.
That's the spirit.
- And - Oh.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Wow, that's a good one.
That's a good one.
- Hmm? - They have a dartboard.
Your father and I used to play darts all the time at Froggy's.
You want to play? Yeah, sure.
Well, why not? Know what? We don't need pictures of it.
I'll remember this part.
And you will, too.
I promise.
Come on.
Let me go kick your butt.
- Oh, really? - Yeah, let me show you - how it's done.
- It's like that.
Uh Hello? Hey.
It's almost 11:00.
And I have a pulse, and I found a phone.
We're just at Kate's diner, goofing off.
It's actually nice.
Been a while since we all hung out.
You doing okay? I will be.
Uh, Kate told me about Miguel.
I don't know why I'm taking this so hard.
He was a big part of your life.
You know, it's natural to feel, uh yeah, no, just to feel.
Yeah, well, I am I'm feeling.
Anyway, you know what? Don't let me keep you.
You go enjoy your evening with your brother and sister, all right? Hey, uh could you check the right pocket of my backpack? I think it's on the couch.
Yeah, it's right here.
Open it.
Our cookies.
I stopped by Eat'n Park on my way home.
I wanted to give it to you before dinner, but a lot was going on.
Randall, thank you.
This is I-I needed this.
You're welcome.
Mom, now, don't eat it all.
Come on.
What are you talking about? - You got these cookies for me.
- No, Mom.
Sharing is caring.
You taught me that.
Well at least their only room left is also their finest.
You sure you're okay with this? It's lovely.
Okey dokey.
You have more gray in your beard.
I know.
Can't seem to stop it.
Jae-won, it's late, buddy.
Push the meeting.
I don't know, man.
There's a lot going on right now.
Just, um need to find some more runway to kick this can, okay? All right, later.
What can is being kicked? Um Senior Senator from Pennsylvania keeps calling, wanting to meet.
Why don't you want to meet with him? It sounds important.
Uh, it's complicated.
Well, okay.
Well, if you don't want to talk about it, I won't pry.
You know that article, the five fun facts? Mm-hmm.
It's not just a fluff piece.
It's part of a bigger strategy.
I've been getting these calls from the DNC, this, um, Senator Gamble, in particular.
He's retiring next year, and he's put my name on a short list of potential people to replace him.
- Now, it's a long shot, Mom.
- What? I don't have a national profile, but, uh, the first election got a lot of attention, and, uh, this rehab initiative is getting some more, so Oh, my God, Randall.
- Ma.
- You are gonna be a senator? No, I'm not, Ma.
I haven't even decided if it's something I'm interested yet.
All right? Beth just got settled into her dance academy.
I can't put her through another campaign.
I just don't want to make any major life decisions with so much uncertainty in the family.
You know? Mm.
Yeah, I understand.
And that is how you get it done.
Killer job, Randall.
It is my great honor to now certify that you are allowed in the deep end, kiddo, with the big kids.
No more limits.
Let me let the lifeguards know.
How'd she do? Today is not the day.
Settled the bill.
Ready to go? Yeah.
Will you sit with me for a minute? Okay, but just for minute.
If we hit the road by 11:00, - we'll be in Boston in time to get back to - Just sit.
I remember watching you swim as a little boy.
You took to it so fast.
That first summer, you were just all skinny limbs and flailing arms, but you were still so good.
And then the next summer, you were a little bigger.
And then the summer after that.
You kids just kept changing.
Getting better and better, and stronger and stronger.
Every second, every day, every year, you just you became.
It was quite a thing for me having a front-row seat to the best show in town.
I know you're worried about me, sweetheart.
- Oh, Mom, I'm not even - No, no.
It's okay.
This this disease has taken its toll on everybody but on you, especially.
When your dad died, you just, uh you really rose to the occasion, Randall.
Any time I needed you, you were there.
I used to think you kind of became my rock after Dad, but in reality, no, this thing you and I have, that was there long before then.
I mean, Dad didn't love to read, so you read with me.
And then, when your dad died, you didn't end up going to the college that you wanted to - so you could be near me.
- That's not true.
It is true.
It's very true.
You-you took care of me.
Which, yes, it is the natural course for parents and children.
Eventually, but not that soon.
Not that early.
It was it was a lot to ask of you.
It was, it was too much.
And that is why I couldn't make you the executor.
Because you and I both know you would move heaven and earth to see me get better, and you would stop your entire life for me.
And I can't let you do that.
Not anymore.
You are my hero, Randall.
You're the most incredible person, and I I will not be the person that holds you back anymore.
- You've never been that.
- No, I know.
I know.
I know.
Hey, can I say something that sounds obnoxious that I can only say to you? Well, yes, that's what I'm here for.
If I do this thing, I'll win, Mom.
If I run, I'll win.
And if I win, I can't even imagine where this thing will end.
I can.
I can see it very clearly.
It's Deja.
Hey, Dej.
I'm on my way right now.
You know, I didn't do this because of you.
No, um it just wasn't fair to her.
For either of us, really.
I just love her so much.
That's the thing about first loves, man.
They form you and can stay with you for the rest of your life.
You know, these things have a way of coming back around, Malik, if they're meant to be.
A person can walk out the door and that's the end, but sometimes, the door reopens.
Thank you for looking out for me, being my mentor.
It really meant a lot.
You're a good kid, Malik.
You're a very good kid.
You take care of yourself, okay? Everything has been so intense for us, since we got together.
And I guess maybe in-in the future just not now.
I'm sorry about what I said.
I don't want to have a whole talk about it right now but you're my dad.
You're the only one I ever had.
Let's go home.
Mom all good? Yeah.
Okay, I got to ask, man.
What did you tell the cop? Seriously.
What'd you say? - Excuse me, sir? - Whoa.
Just 30 seconds.
My father died two years ago.
And my-my siblings over there, they're Actually, we're struggling.
Sir, I've been trying to carry this family on my back for the past two years, and I don't know if I'm doing it well.
But if we break tonight, if my mom has to get a call that her three children are in trouble there's a very real chance we won't make it.
Oh, and I may end up being president one day.
So I really can't get arrested.
Like I said, he was a reasonable guy.
I just asked him to look at you two, to really look at you, and tell me if he thought you guys would last one night in jail.
He did not.
Shut up! What a strange thing.
What? All of it.
Miguel, thanks for sticking around, man.
Oh, anytime, Randall.
Of course.
You guys have a safe trip back.
- And call us when you get there, okay? - We will.
Good to see you.
- You, too.
Thank you.
- Take care.
You got it? You got it? - Thanks for everything.
- Of course.
- Migs.
- That was so much fun.
- It was a blast.
- See you soon.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Mm.
Could I get one more selfie for the road? I'll wait in the car.
Why not? Come on.
Here we go.
- That reminds me.
- What? Could you sign this for me, please? It's gonna be worth a lot of money one day, and I should leave something for Miguel.
Well, in that case Ah.
Hey, bud! How'd it go? Did you pass the test? - Yeah, I did.
- You did? - Good job, bud.
- Good job.
You guys want to come in with me? You know what, I think we're all a little tired.
So maybe next time.
- Tag! You're it! - No way! All right.
Hey, boys! Boys.
Hold on a second.
- Hold on a second.
- Kate! - Come on! Come on! - Oh, Kate! Come on, Kate! Come on! Come on, Kate.
Okay, okay.
I got you.
Here it is.
- Come in! - Come on, Mom! Okay! - So fun! - Mom! Hey, Jae-won.
No more kicking the can.
Let's lock in Monday morning for that meeting with Senator Gamble.
Hi! They're both sleeping.
The prodigal twins have returned.
You're impressed.
Admit it.
I am.
Did you, uh fill Sheila's job yet? Uh, no.
But we're looking at applicants.
I'd like to be considered.
I've got, uh, some good news.
The, um smoker arrived in time for your mom and Miguel's anniversary party.
I am not ready to move to San Francisco.
Not with where we are right now.
I'm sorry.

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