This is Us (2016) s06e12 Episode Script


1 Previously on This Is Us What is so terrible about me right now? You're just different.
Moving here is the only way that we are gonna stay a family.
Did you, uh, fill Sheila's job yet? No, but we're looking at applicants.
I'd like to be considered.
- BETH: Jack! - TOBY: Jack! Jack! Jack?! Where are you? Hey.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, buddy, Grandma's here.
I told you to listen for the click.
Maybe I would have heard the click if you weren't yelling at me all the time.
I don't know if Toby and I are gonna make it.
(AFFECTED): Marriage Marriage is what brings us together today.
Coming in, coming in, I don't know the rules, but I gotta get something cleared for the toast.
I just need to know if movie quotes - or impressions are allowed.
That's all.
- KATE: Yes.
This is the last time I'm doing this, so go crazy, brother.
You look beautiful.
Okay, get out.
Get out.
- Bye-bye.
- The whole thing, it's really great.
- MADISON: Bye! - KEVIN: Oh, come on.
Geez, kill a guy for trying to deliver a perfect wedding speech! Ah, your brother's an idiot.
But he's right.
You are beautiful.
Philip is going to lose it.
You are the perfect bride.
And this is going to be the perfect day.
Beth, we both know today will go wrong in a thousand ways, but it doesn't matter.
Kate Pearson, you are an incredibly zen bride.
Have you been hitting my CBD pen in that dressing room? (LAUGHS): No.
Um, hey, listen, I know, I know you're getting married in a few hours.
Um, congratulations.
I just, I just wanted to say Kate, you know what you said to me the day we signed our divorce papers? Yeah, I remember.
I want you to know that I see it now.
I'm sorry it took me so long.
If only I'd had a crystal ball, if I could've seen the way that this all ended up.
Life would be much simpler if we could live it backwards, huh? ♪ Well, they're both sleeping in.
- Small miracles.
- Yeah.
I imagine Jack is pretty spent.
I am going to take the job here in L.
The one that I turned down.
It'll be a huge step back in my career, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to save our family.
Um, we've got to go to couples therapy.
And I know that you haven't wanted to in the past.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
Whatever it takes.
Whatever it takes.
- You're home! - Okay, you ready to help me? This one? Okay.
Can you hand that one to Mama? - Be careful.
- Here you go, Mama.
KATE: Oh, thank you.
- TOBY: All right.
Here we go.
- JACK: Yes! TOBY: There you go.
Yeah, and so Toby was trying really hard to make San Francisco work for all of us.
I mean, killing himself basically, coming back and forth every weekend A-And Kate was incredible with the kids.
She picked up so much of the slack while I was gone.
♪ I hope this classroom treats you as well as it treated me.
This is for you.
Now, I'm going to start walking you through your new duties as a supervisor.
- This is your office.
- TOBY: Oh.
Welcome aboard.
Yeah, thank you.
(HUMMING) What's that song, Mama? That is a song that I'm teaching the kiddos at school.
- Hi.
- (HAILEY BABBLES) - How-how was your day? Oh, yeah, it was great.
Yours? It was fine.
I'm sure she'll be here any minute.
Traffic this time of day can be so unpredictable.
We've been coming here for six months.
She knows how long it takes to get here.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Jack's teacher cornered me at pickup and then he guilted me into buying the new class bird.
So, anyway, um, I did my best.
Sure you did.
What is that supposed to mean? Toby, it seems like you're having feelings about Kate being late.
I'm having feelings about Kate being late again.
You know, you could be on time if you wanted to.
You don't have to spend 20 minutes talking to Jack's teacher every time you pick him up.
I am polite to our children's teacher because the way that I treat them impacts the way they treat him.
Something you might know if you ever spent a second longer at his school than you have to, right? Okay.
So now I'm not spending enough time at Jack's school? Good to know.
Another secret test about our kids that I didn't know I was failing.
I am really so tired of this.
Every day it's just like a different version of the same fight.
It's like we are trapped in a hellish version of Groundhog Day.
Dianne, you've met a lot of miserable couples.
Some make it, some don't.
In your professional opinion, which kind are we? First, she's not a Magic 8 Ball, Toby.
Okay? And maybe if you actually listened when we come here, we might be in a different spot, right? - You think that.
- Okay, you know what? Screw it.
You can come late, I can leave early.
(DOOR SLAMS) Great engagement party, guys.
Have you started talking about wedding venues yet? - Because I have thoughts.
- KATE: Yeah.
We're going to Santa Ynez next month.
We're looking at this winery with this beautiful courtyard.
- This awesome fountain - Yeah.
- Stuffed mushrooms.
- What? You put this baby in me, you will get me stuffed mushrooms! Hello, hello.
All right.
Hey! There they are.
The couple of the hour.
Uh, this is Leslie.
- KATE: Hi.
- Congratulations, you guys.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Gosh, you look so familiar.
Have we met? - Oh, I-I don't think so.
- No.
- Go on, do it.
You can do it.
- Oh.
It's fun.
Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! ♪ - Right.
- Of course, yeah.
Of course.
You're the-the State Farm girl.
- LESLIE: Yes! - Yes.
- (LAUGHTER) - PHILIP: So nice to meet you.
She's not making the family photo.
- Don't even - What are you talking about? There's some potential there.
- No? - There was potential with the Verizon girl, the iPhone girl, with the condom commercial girl The condom commercial girl.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
Maybe no-no photo.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
(SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Hey, are you okay? Uh I told you she was going to be here with her husband.
Yeah, I'm okay.
It's fine.
I-I'm glad you two are good friends again anyway.
I'm gonna go say hi.
- Hey! - Hey.
Kate, this spread is next level.
I am burnt out on oysters, which I didn't think was possible.
But, uh, screw it, I'm gonna have another one.
- (LAUGHTER) - Good.
I gotta go, Jae Won.
No more calls.
I'm at my sister's engagement party.
Sorry about that.
Donor contributions for my campaign are up 20%.
He's very excited.
Well, we are excited to have a future senator at our engagement party.
RANDALL: Oh, come on.
Mom, you look beautiful.
Thank you, sweetheart.
You, too.
Oh, I am so, so happy for you.
Thank you.
And for you, too.
(EXHALES) Thank you.
EMCEE: All right, let's bring Kate up to the stage.
Oh, if you'll excuse me.
Excuse you where? W-What's happening? You'll see.
Oh, boy.
(GLASSES CLINKING) Hi, everyone.
Thank you so much for coming out tonight.
This is really special.
A few years ago, on an unusually hot day in Koreatown, this song changed everything for us.
So, uh, get your ass up here, pal.
Let's go.
- MAN: Philip! - WOMAN: Philip! - KATE: Let's go.
- WOMAN: Come on, Philip.
- KATE: You.
- MAN: Come on, Philip! - OTHERS: Philip! Philip! - KATE: Me and you.
I knew it.
All right.
(KEYBOARD PLAYING) We'll be singing ♪ When we're winning ♪ We'll be singing ♪ I get knocked down, but I get up again ♪ You're never gonna keep me down ♪ I get knocked down, but I get up again ♪ You're never gonna keep ♪ Everybody! I get knocked down ♪ But I get up again ♪ You're never gonna keep me down ♪ I get knocked down ♪ But I get up again ♪ You're never gonna keep me down ♪ Do your ears hang low? ♪ - Do they wobble to and fro? ♪ - (QUIET CHATTER) - Can you tie them in a knot? - (LAUGHTER) Can you tie them in a bow? ♪ Oh, see, you like it.
It's a great gift, guys.
Thank you very much.
That song certainly isn't gonna ruin my life at all, is it? (LAUGHS) Oh, my God, I love his witty humor.
- (CHUCKLES) - Oh.
I'm gonna go get a drink.
I mean, her bar's a little low when it comes to "wit.
" But she's, you know, she's the new Trojan girl, so if you ever need any free condoms Hey, Kate, how's the, uh, how's work going? Yeah, great.
Last week was '90s week so, uh, the whole class sang "Backstreet's Back.
" Pretty much my dream job.
Now if it just paid something, we'd really come out on top.
Wow, Toby.
It was a jab at the school, not at you.
I'm gonna go put the candles on the cake.
(CRYING SOFTLY) How do I know How do I know when it's time to end a marriage? I think you'll know.
(SIGHS) If that time comes, I think you'll know.
If it comes to that, if it comes to that you and the kids will be fine.
Okay? Look at me and Madison, we managed to work things out.
And I'm not saying that's you and Toby.
But if it is, you you will all be happy again.
Hello? Do you have any eights? Huh? Oh, um, sorry, Jack.
Um, no, go fish.
KATE: Philip? - Jack? It's dinnertime.
- (EXHALES) Don't worry.
It's gonna go good.
(EXHALES) Thanks, pal.
(LAUGHING): Spinach? Listen, I don't think it's weird at all.
Of course it is.
You've got the entire kindergarten chorus singing "Maneater.
" Whatever, they love it! Hey, listen, you have my support.
All right? Whatever filth you decide to make those children sing, I will be at that piano, accompanying you with bells on.
Well, thank you, that is what I like to hear.
All right.
(DISHES CLATTER) Do you think you want some desser I'd accompany you anywhere actually.
Uh, I-I've known it since our first date.
You remember when that mariachi band, they arrived at our table, and you took my hand, and the rest is history.
God, I love you, Kate.
I love your germy, loud, unrefined children.
(LAUGHING) My time with you has just it's just been the happiest time of my life.
So, um, what do you say we-we make it official? Will you Will you marry me? Oh, before you answer Okay, now.
(LAUGHTER) Hailey, go, Hailey! (LAUGHS) Yes.
Yes, I will marry you.
Yeah! ♪ We've been seeing you for 16 months.
How much longer are we supposed to keep coming here? Until we fix our marriage.
When's the last time you two had dinner together? Just the two of you? ♪ - (HAILEY CRYING) - TOBY: Sweetie, sweetie, just-just relax.
Come on, Hailey.
(CRYING CONTINUES) TOBY: Hailey, Hailey, Hailey.
Hailey, come on, come on.
You look so nice.
I've always loved that dress.
- Yeah, I know.
Toby, dinner looks so good.
Just trying to make Dianne proud.
Well, do you feel proud, Toby? What matters is how you feel.
And, Kate, how do Toby's feelings about his feelings make you feel? (LAUGHING) How was work today? Ah.
I got out of there at 5:00 on the dot, so that's a bonus.
How was your day? - The usual.
- Mm.
How was bedtime? I heard a little drama.
Yeah, Hailey was up in arms that we couldn't do a sixth reading of Corduroy.
Well, did you, uh, read Hush Little Polar Bear last? 'Cause it really winds her down.
You know.
Uh, no.
No, like I just said, she-she kind of had a one-track mind for, uh, for Corduroy tonight.
(SCOFFS) You know I put her to bed all the time, right? No, you don't.
What? I mean, it's true.
Like, you don't put her down all the time.
Here we go.
Here we go what? I heard her crying.
And when I hear my daughter, who never cries at bedtime, - crying at bedtime - Mm-hmm? I can't ask you about it to, like, protect your ego? - I mean, just, I'm try - Yeah, maybe, for once, you could resist the urge to criticize me.
It wasn't a criticism It certainly was a criticism.
Okay, fine, you put the kids to bed more often and they like it better when you do it.
Who cares? I do other things.
Like when they're sick, I use that little snot grabber thing because it makes you gag.
But do I make you feel guilty about it? No.
I just do it.
Okay, well, congrats.
You occasionally clear their noses.
Okay, enough! I am a good dad! All right? I love my kids and they love me.
And you criticizing everything I do around them, it just you suck the joy out of being a dad.
What joy? You look miserable half the time you're with them.
I look miserable because you are in the room.
Well, there it is.
You know what? Yeah, there actually, th-there it is.
There it is.
All this time working with Dianne trying to figure out how we ended up where we are now.
It's-it's not because I lost a bunch of weight, it's not because it took me too long to-to bond with Jack or I moved to San Francisco or any of the other BS that we talk about in there.
Turns out, the only crime that I can consistently find myself guilty of is not being Jack Pearson.
- Okay, wow.
- No! Admit it.
This marriage has been a rigged game.
- What? - I am sorry that I like putting on a suit to go to work and Jack Pearson hated it.
I'm sorry I don't father my children exactly the way Jack Pearson did.
I'm sorry that Jack Pearson died and you ended up having to marry me instead of him! - Stop it! - JACK: Mom, Dad, I need help! - KATE (SIGHS): Jack? - TOBY: Jack? Boba Fett fell in the toilet.
You guys have to stop yelling now and get him out.
We'll get him out.
Come on.
I'll help you back to bed.
I promised myself that I would never be like my parents.
That I wouldn't put my kids through listening to crap like that.
It's over, Toby.
It's time.
Uh, I, uh, took the liberty of ordering.
Hope you like Guinness.
Not really.
But thanks.
How about those Rams? Yeah, uh we don't have to do the whole small talk thing.
Oh, thank God.
Because I had absolutely no follow-ups to "how about those Rams.
" Yeah.
Thanks for coming.
Um, I'll just, I'll-I'll cut to the-the chase here.
Um, you and Kate are getting serious.
Which means that you're going to be spending a lot more time with Jack and Hailey.
So I thought we were long overdue for a real conversation about what I expect from you, regarding the way you behave around them.
No, I totally agree.
I too think it's important.
Especially as, um I plan to propose to Kate soon.
I'm sorry to spring that on you.
If you need a moment It's fine.
I, uh, I kind of saw that coming.
(CLEARS THROAT) Look, most importantly, is that you don't yell around the kids.
You don't yell around them and you don't yell at them.
Yeah, don't worry.
British people don't yell.
Even when we're furious, we just wrinkle our noses disapprovingly.
I'm sure this is all pretty rich coming from me, huh? Based on what you've heard about me.
As a dad.
I've heard nothing but good things as of late.
Not good enough, I guess.
How do you mean? I thought if we worked hard, if we fixed what was broken, that we would that we would find our way back to each other.
But instead we got divorced and, uh, Kate found her way to you.
So I-I'm sorry.
This is, this is kind of getting off the rails.
Listen, Toby there's not much I can say to make this moment more palatable.
But I will say I love your children.
And I consider it a great privilege to to help raise them.
Th-Thank you.
(CHEERING AND WHOOPING) Was that a, uh, field goal then? Good God, man, do you not even understand the objective of this game? I thought I did until just now.
If you want to marry Kate Pearson, you have to have at least a general understanding of American football.
It is a huge deal in her family.
It was huge to her father.
Um look, okay, American football is not that different from soccer.
Except instead of kicking a ball into a goal, you're trying to carry a ball into an end zone.
It's over, Toby.
It's time.
♪ This is the unit that's available.
(EXHALES) Yeah, well, beige is my favorite color.
We just want to do whatever's best for the kids.
I'm glad to hear that.
Divorce is never pleasant, but it doesn't have to be ugly.
The mediation process helps you work together to decide the best way to co-parent and divide assets.
(OVER SPEAKER): But above all this ♪ I wish you ♪ Love ♪ And I ♪ Will always love you ♪ (STIFLED LAUGH) I will always love you ♪ (BOTH LAUGHING) (ELEVATOR DINGS) AUTOMATED VOICE: Ground floor.
Love you.
♪ - Oh, come on, you're lying.
- I'm not lying! I don't have a least favorite student.
I think they're all very sweet in their own ways and Ugh, you're no fun.
Actually that is not true.
You are extremely fun.
I am enjoying our first date very much, Kate Pearson.
Me, too.
- Th-Thank you though.
- (SINGING CONTINUES) This-this kind of, like, personal attention makes me really uncomfortable.
Well, breathe.
Breathe, Philip.
We're gonna get through these nice men playing music for us.
(SINGING FADES) ♪ (APPLAUSE) Can you excuse me for a sec? ♪ (MEN SINGING IN SPANISH IN DISTANCE) Everything all right? Philip, listen to me.
I was married to a wonderful man.
And we loved each other a lot.
And it wasn't enough.
(SIGHS) We were both so scared of pushing each other away that we just swallowed our feelings, time after time.
And I can never be in a relationship like that again.
So I'm gonna ask you directly.
What are you doing with me? You are a serial womanizer who dates a string of toothpick-sized women.
I'm a recently divorced, non-toothpick-sized mother of two.
My life is (SIGHS) it's messy, it's complicated and it's hard.
And you spend your life avoiding those things.
So I'm gonna ask you again.
What are you doing? Wait, are you not skinny? I hadn't noticed.
Are you ser Okay, you know what? You're clearly not capable of having a real conversation.
No, it is extremely presumptuous of you to assume that I've avoided messiness and complication just because I don't go around talking about my feelings all the time like you Americans do, more specifically you do.
As you know, I was married once, too.
And she was beautiful in an imperfect way.
Bit of a crooked nose.
But it worked for her.
And she was blind.
We were happy for a really long time.
But we had trouble conceiving.
I thought it was just a sign that we weren't meant to have children.
But she was determined.
You know, we did three rounds of IVF.
Yeah, it consumed our time, drained our bank balance, just sucked all the lightness and laughter out of our home.
She said she wanted to try a fourth time and I refused.
She said I was giving up on our life together.
And I said I said I no longer recognized our life together, so what was there to give up on? She of course then packed a bag to go to her mother's.
And, um I didn't even say goodbye when the cab came to pick her up.
She only made it five minutes down the road before she was hit by a drunk driver.
Killed instantly.
My God.
So to, uh, to answer your question I am trying to be happy again.
And you, you make me happy.
So that is-is what I am doing.
I hope that's a is that a satisfactory answer? Yes, it is.
(CLEARS THROAT) Okay, good.
♪ Did you guys get a chance to discuss your post-divorce housing plan since our last session? Yes.
We agreed that I would stay in the house with the kids, and that Toby would get a place nearby.
♪ (GRUNTS) Hi.
(WHISPERING): Something extraordinary has happened.
They're both asleep.
Can you believe it? - (TOBY SHUSHING) - (FLOOR CREAKING) ♪ You're both here.
So, how was the petting zoo? Tuckered them out.
It was, uh, it was good.
You know, Kate, there's still time.
We don't have to go through with this.
(WHISPERS): Toby, don't do this.
We're signing the papers in two days.
We are getting better together, aren't we? I mean, I-I'm making progress with the kids, right? Yeah.
I see it.
I feel it.
I know they feel it.
I think, I think we should go we should go back and see Dianne.
That was where I wasn't, I wasn't really receptive to it at first, but-but I-I will be this time.
Toby, I don't want to see Dianne again.
I don't.
I haven't felt this good in a long time.
Like, I-I feel like I can actually breathe.
You know? And I think that you're doing so great with the kids because you have your space to figure out your thing with them.
Away from me.
You know, they're happier, too.
When they're with you, when they're with me.
Their smiles are starting to come back.
They will be happier they will be happier if we are back together.
Did you not hear what he said w-when he woke up? Yes.
(SIGHS) I know that in the long run Kate, do not do this.
Okay? Don't do this, please.
I am terrified.
I don't I don't want to be alone.
Okay? I-I don't want to have to start over.
I don't want to have to live half of my life without my kids.
We can, we can, we can get better.
I know that we can.
This cannot be the way that our story ends.
Please, please, please, this-this-this cannot this-this can't, this cannot be the way that it ends.
Okay? Toby.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
I can't.
Well, I guess that's the last time that I'll ever kiss my wife.
I'll-I'll see you Wednesday.
It's gonna be another scorcher, so (DOOR OPENS) - Hi.
- Hi.
It's a bit of a scorcher, isn't it? It is.
(EXHALES) Thanks for offering to hang.
Well, yeah, I remembered it was a, uh, big morning for you.
Thought you could use a friend.
How was it? It was brutal.
So, Koreatown, huh? Are we doing a little post-signing the divorce papers bibimbap? Not exactly ♪ PHILIP: We'll be singing ♪ When we're winning ♪ - We'll be singing ♪ - Thank goodness you can play the piano.
I get knocked down ♪ How am I singing on my own now? Come on.
You're never gonna keep me down ♪ I get knocked down, but I get up again ♪ You're never gonna keep me down ♪ I get knocked down ♪ - Wow, okay.
- But I get up again ♪ You're never gonna keep me down ♪ I get knocked down ♪ But I get up again ♪ You're never gonna keep me down ♪ I get knocked down ♪ But I get up again ♪ You're never gonna keep me down ♪ I get knocked ♪ Okay.
You two made it to the finish line.
Hope you brought your favorite pens, 'cause we got a lot of signing to do.
Okay, let's get started.
Right, this is the joint petition.
Okay? Here we have a division of assets.
So, I'll see you tomorrow? Yeah.
I'll pick up the kids before your classes.
Hey, Toby.
Look, Kate, we don't need to make a big thing out of this.
It's really, really hot out, I gotta get to work, and I'm just, I'm really, really tired.
I know.
Just, please, let me say one thing.
This is not how our story ends.
Just because our marriage is over, doesn't mean our story's over.
♪ You can just put everything in that corner.
♪ So, I got all the same furniture as in his other room.
I tried to match the layout as best as possible, so it's easier for him to navigate.
♪ The slime is hungry for children! (GROWLS PLAYFULLY) What if we drip some on your shoe? No? You don't want to get messy? - I know who it is.
Hi! - (SQUEALS) Hi, Jack.
Hi, sweet girl.
- Yay! - TOBY: Hey, there.
- Hiya, guys.
- JACK: Watch out! Coming through! - KATE: Coming through! - What are you guys having for dinner? - (GRUNTS) - Hey, guys, what are we having for dinner? Can I interest you? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, sure.
All right.
I'll have dinner with you guys.
ALL: Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday, dear Hailey ♪ Happy birthday to you.
♪ - (CHEERING) - Good job! (TOBY MUTTERING) - Oh.
- Sorry.
Um, sorry.
It's okay.
Well (CHUCKLES) Well, isn't this just parfait.
Like perfect.
It was a joke.
(LAUGHS): Come on.
It's-it's okay.
It was a cute joke.
Yeah, it was just yeah, it was just a little vanilla.
(LAUGHS) That was good.
I liked it.
- Thank you.
- Hi, I'm Toby.
♪ (SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) (KATE GASPS) - Oh, hi, sweetheart.
- Hi, Mom.
I can't wait to hear you play later.
TOBY: Hey, buddy.
You're both here.
I've been runnin' up the coast ♪ Of California ♪ I've been chasing down the memories of my past ♪ I've been looking for someone ♪ Who can just tell me things ♪ That I've heard ♪ (SINGING FADES) KATE: This is not how our story ends.
Just because our marriage is over, doesn't mean our story's over.
I mean, we were meant to find each other in that weight loss group.
We were meant to be together.
And now we're meant to be apart.
And I know that one day you will see it.
Kate, I promise you I will never see it.
Kate do you remember what you said to me the day we signed our divorce papers.
Yeah, I remember.
I want you to know that I see it now.

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