This is Us (2016) s06e16 Episode Script

Family Meeting

1 Previously on This Is Us Every morning at 6:45, I am the first thing she sees when she wakes up.
Let's get you out of bed.
And it grounds her.
In the event that Miguel, God forbid, is not here to make decisions for me, I'm gonna need one of you to stand in for him.
I want it to be you.
- Little darling ♪ - (BABY CRYING OVER MONITOR) - It's been a long, cold, lonely winter ♪ - Jack.
- Little darling ♪ - (SNORING) Come on, I've been up six times already.
- Can you please go? - (CRYING CONTINUES) - Here comes the sun ♪ - Jack.
- Here comes the sun ♪ - Mommy's here.
Daddy couldn't make it.
It's all right ♪ (CRYING) REBECCA: Okay, okay.
Oh, Kevin.
You woke up Randall.
(GROANS) Your sister's not crying.
(CRYING CONTINUES LOUDER) KATE: Mom, I had a bad dream.
Hmm? Since it's been here ♪ (SIGHS) Was it about gremlins? - Here comes the sun ♪ - Okay.
Kate, sweetheart, they are not real.
Can I have waffles? It's 5:00 a.
, Kate.
- (SCOFFS) - It's all right ♪ Now, what are you guys doing in here? Kate woke us up 'cause she has a bad dream about gremlins, and now we're scared, too.
Can we have waffles? (SIGHS) Yes, we can all have waffles.
Sun, sun, sun ♪ I'm gonna go make waffles.
Little darling ♪ - RANDALL: Mom.
- I feel that I ♪ - Randall? What-What's wrong? - I need you to sign my permission slip for the debate tournament today.
It's-it's 4:30 in the morning.
And the bus leaves for the debate at 6:00, so please hurry.
Here comes the sun ♪ - Thank you.
- Here comes the sun ♪ And I say ♪ - It's all right ♪ - (FOOTSTEPS DEPARTING) - It's all right ♪ - KATE: Randall! It is the literal ass crack of dawn! Can you not walk so loud?! (INSECTS CHIRPING) Miguel? Miguel? (GROANS) Miguel? - Miguel? - Ms.
It's okay.
- Who are you? - You're okay.
I'm your nurse.
- Where-Where's Miguel? - It's okay.
- I want Miguel.
I need Miguel.
- Okay.
Hey, Mom.
You're okay.
Why won't this woman tell me where Miguel is? Where is Miguel? - KATE: He's not here right now.
- REBECCA: Where is he? - I got it.
Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
(WHISPERS): Can we get you back in bed, Mom? - Thank you.
- REBECCA: Where is Miguel? Can one of you help with the pillow? Yeah.
♪ Okay.
There you go.
You need your rest, 'cause tomorrow we're gonna have a fun, beautiful day.
Where is Miguel? Good morning.
- Hey.
- Anybody get any sleep last night? - Not a wink.
- No.
- Okay.
- (FRIDGE OPENS) How much longer do you think she's gonna be like this? Waking up, asking for Miguel? I mean, it's only been a week since he's been gone.
Laila said it's gonna take time.
Has anybody seen Sophie? I got out of the shower, and she was already gone.
She went into town for bagels with Beth and Philip.
Beth said all this sadness called for some carbs.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - NICKY: All right, let's go! All right, everybody peed? All right, Edie and I have an action day planned of Poconos fun, so we don't have any time to be waylaid by little tiny bladders.
- Go pee.
Come on, guys.
- Come on.
- Go pee.
Go quickly.
- Go pee.
- ELIJAH: Come on.
- Franny, you peed? Yes.
Are you lying? - Yes.
- NICKY: Yeah.
(LAUGHTER) Thank you for letting us air the kids out today, - showing us around.
- Oh, it's our pleasure.
- We really love this town.
- It's true.
It's true.
And that cabin is the best place I've ever lived.
That said, before that I lived in a rusted-out trailer and in a Vietnam war zone.
- Yep, that'll do it.
- Great, wow.
- (LAUGHS) - Okay, we got Come on, guys.
- Let's go.
-All right, let's go.
- Bye-bye.
- Let's go.
See you guys later.
- All right.
- All right, be good.
Have fun.
- (OVERLAPPING GOODBYES) - ELIJAH: Have a great day.
- Bye.
So, everyone 100% has to go back to real life on Monday? I have the series finale Manny table read.
How many Mannys is that total? 200, 300? - Too many.
Don't want to talk about it.
- KATE: Wow.
KEVIN (CHUCKLES): Don't want to talk about it.
- KATE: I'm swamped at work.
- KEVIN: Mm.
Toby and Laura, they've been so good about watching the kids, but I'd kind of like to see my children.
KEVIN: Fair enough.
Um I do think we need to have a family meeting.
Come up with a plan for Mom.
Uh, we have a plan for Mom.
The plan was I built this house, that-that was the plan.
And-and it served her well for many years.
But Miguel is gone now, and we can't just leave her all alone here.
- Right? - No.
Well, she's not alone, though.
She's got Laila, right? We can get another house aide.
But aides aren't enough.
She needs family.
Of course she needs family.
And when The Manny is done, I will be here.
Twice a month.
I'll be here every other week, - like clockwork.
- RANDALL: So she'll have a family member here every other week for, like, the weekend? I mean, you two are gonna visit, too, right? It's not enough, Kev.
I don't understand why you're acting so surprised, Randall.
This was always the plan.
Can you please tell him that this was always the plan? Kate? Do you not think that Mom should stay here? In the place that she knows? I think that we should have a family meeting.
Hey, morning, guys! I'll tell you what.
They have the best coffee in this town.
It's like this new variety of beans that - Oh, boy.
- Did I say something? No, it's not you.
I'm "oh, boy-ing" these three.
They're finally having the "What's next with our mother" chat.
How could you possibly know what we were talking about? What were you talking about, Kev? Having the "What's next for our mom" talk.
- Mm-hmm.
- Wow, you're good.
She really is.
I really am.
So, here's what's up.
Um, you guys are gonna stay here and go through your Pearson process, like, feel all your feelings and hash out a plan for your mom.
I'm gonna take your better halves down to the cabin, post up and enjoy this beautiful day away from this energy.
Capisce? - Capisce.
- Capisce.
Sophie, Philip, to the cabin.
- Capisce.
- No, Philip.
Well, you heard the woman.
Let's talk.
♪ (PHONE RINGING) - (PHONE BEEPS) - Hello? Okay.
(GROANS) Denise, I'm so sorry.
Rebecca, please.
You don't have to apologize.
The month you've had, I - I'm so, so sorry about Jack.
- Thank you.
You three.
Let's go.
Randall, what happened to your lip? Marty Harris's fist.
(CHUCKLES) - Is anyone else starving? - Not funny.
Get in the car.
So, what happened? Kev took us to the party and got Kate drunk.
And then I heard these two idiot guys talking about what Kate was wearing.
And then one of them said he was gonna ask her to go for a walk and and get her to, you know.
And did she go on the walk? No.
He never got the chance to ask her.
(SIGHS) Thank you, Randall.
Thank God for you.
(PLATE SLIDES ON COUNTERTOP) KEVIN: Tell you what, I have lived in New York, and I swear this Podunk town has the best Chinese food I've ever had.
I'm with you, bro.
China Café for life.
- (KEVIN CHUCKLES) - All right.
- KEVIN: Hmm.
- Should we start? - Okay, look, I - KEVIN: I was - I think - Well, I was just thinking if-if - You want to - You.
You know, I have an idea.
All right, so Whoever is holding this gets to talk.
What in the hell is that? It's a therapy cat.
I just got it for Mom.
On the website, it says that lifelike toys help Alzheimer's patients to feel, like, a sense of purpose.
Brings them back to a time where they, you know, could take care of something.
So she can pet it, she can take care of it.
Kill me.
Kill me now.
Not until you kill me first, please.
Come on.
Who wants to go first? You know what, senators before celebrities.
- (CHUCKLES) - Come on.
Take the kitty.
(GROANS) "Take the kitty.
" All right.
- Oh, stop.
- RANDALL: Yeah.
Oh, wow.
This place really is a time capsule, isn't it? Tell me about it.
I found my Tommy Girl perfume in the bathroom.
(LAUGHS) I think we should go back to the house.
Maybe I don't know, maybe we could be of some help.
Oh, dear, sweet, naive Philip.
We can't help those three.
Nobody can.
- SOPHIE: Mm-hmm.
- (SETS BOTTLE DOWN) Miguel's been gone seven days now, and that's seven days for my husband's mind to spin out and try to figure out what to do next with his mother.
To gather his thoughts and then present his case to his siblings.
Well, Miguel was her family.
And he was our man on the ground.
And we could justify just dropping in for visits as our schedules allowed as long as he was by her side, but not anymore.
I've been thinking about this a lot for the last few days, and I think she should move in with me.
He's gonna want to move her to Philly.
(GROANS) That's gonna get Kevin all riled up.
(SCOFFS) You know it.
SOPHIE: Ah, and thus will begin the classic "Who is the better man and son" pissing contest.
(AS RANDALL): "She's our mother, Kev.
"She has cared for us our entire lives, "and now it's our turn to care for her.
Because she's our mother, Kev.
" (AS KEVIN): "Oh, really? Really, Randall? "Well, thank you, thank you for telling me "that our mother is our mother.
"You know, I built this house for her with my bare hands.
" - Mm-hmm.
- Wow.
Wow, that's great.
You two should take this on the road.
- Ah, thank you.
- We really should.
Well, Kate's there.
It's gonna be fine.
What? - (KNOCKING) - Come in.
You'll feel better in the morning.
I don't think I've seen you wear that much makeup before.
(SIGHS) Say what you want to say, Mom.
You're young and you're figuring it out.
There's nothing wrong with that.
But I do need you to know that you have so much to offer.
So when you go out in the world I really hope you know that.
Two out of three isn't bad.
Take the win.
- What do you mean? - Your kids.
Two winners, one dud.
Kind of like Hanson.
The way you see me, the way the way Dad saw me You're wrong about me.
KEVIN: Randall, you're in D.
, what, like three days a week? Working till about 10:00.
Beth's schedule is just as insane as yours.
How is moving to Philly better for Mom? RANDALL: It'll be better 'cause I'll be there.
KEVIN: Am I in The Twilight Zone right now? What do you mean you'll be? You won't be there.
I will be, man.
I will figure it out.
Ka-Kate, you're Mom's guardian.
You have the final say.
Do you have any thoughts on Randall ripping Mom out of the house and moving her to Philadelphia, just so she can sit alone in the town house all day? W I don't know, but I think that we should keep talking about it.
She won't be alone, Kevin.
I will find her a full-time aide.
She was very clear about what she wanted, Randall.
She looked me in the eye and she said to me, "Build me that house," which is exactly what I've done.
- Kev - Don't "Kev" me, Randall.
I was a pain in her ass her entire life.
(MUFFLED MUSIC PLAYING ON EARBUDS) If you want to go get drunk every night and make a fool out of yourself, there's really not much I can do about it, but don't bring your brother and sister down with you.
Get it together, Kevin.
KEVIN: Building this house was the one good thing that I did.
It was the one good thing.
And I'm-I'm gonna honor her wishes if it kills me.
- KATE: Kev, don't go.
- I'm not going.
I'm getting more walnut shrimp.
KEVIN: Yes! (JACK GRUNTS) Hey, what's going on? - REBECCA: What's up, bud? - I lost another tooth! - REBECCA: Oh! - JACK: You That makes seven for you, five for Randall, and Zero for me.
That's okay, Katie girl, 'cause you are gonna be young forever.
- Mm-hmm.
(CHUCKLES) - Okay? You're gonna be young forever.
But somebody's getting a visit from the tooth fairy tonight.
- REBECCA: Ooh! - Yeah, and I'm gonna catch her.
- Huh? - What do you mean catch her? I'm gonna stay up all night, and when she flies in here, I'm gonna catch her.
- Hmm.
- Okay.
I want pancakes.
- Me, too! - Okay.
- (CHUCKLES) - I guess I'll make pancakes.
What's going on, bud? I always have bad dreams when the tooth fairy comes.
I don't want her in my room.
She's a stranger.
Well, she's not really a stranger.
(CLICKS TONGUE) I know her.
I've gone to lunch with her a couple times.
We've even gone to see some movies together.
Okay, can I tell you a little secret? Come here.
Now, this is something that most parents don't tell their kids until they're much older, so you cannot tell your brother or sister.
I don't want to ruin the magic for them, okay? I think this'll make you feel better, though.
(WHISPERS INAUDIBLY) - Really? - Really.
But that has to stay between us, okay? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I can squeeze my meetings into two days most weeks so I can spend more time with her.
No, no, Randall, this is the opposite of what she wanted.
- Remember her Thanksgiving speech? - Yeah, I know what she said.
"You will not make your lives smaller because of me.
"This thing that is happening to me will not be the thing that holds you" I know what she said, Kevin.
But I also know her.
She would understand how we would have to change the plan.
You can take my word for it.
I don't need to take your word for it.
I can take her word for it.
She said it.
No, I-I know, I know, you guys have had this really special I think twisted relationship where y-you whisper - your soul secrets to each other your whole lives - "Soul secrets.
" but that doesn't give you the right to override her wishes.
Especially when she left Kate in charge.
Yeah, well, Kate's barely said a word.
(STAMMERS, SIGHS) Sorry, Kate, I just What I meant was, no one should have to make this kind of decision alone.
Got it.
Thought maybe we could paint our nails together.
Really? Yeah.
Come on.
We'll do our nails and gossip.
You know, woman to woman.
Come here.
Let me see that hand.
So talk to me.
What's going on? (SIGHS) They're always ahead of me.
Kevin's better at board games.
- REBECCA: Mm-hmm.
- Randall's better at reading.
And they're both better at losing their teeth.
Bug, come on, don't worry about your brothers.
You are just, you're a late bloomer.
Do you know what that means? (CHUCKLES) It means that it might take you a little bit more time to do some things than other people, but when you're ready? Ugh.
You're gonna leave them all in the dust.
Well, maybe Kevin.
(LAUGHS) All right, let me finish your hand.
KEVIN: How'd they get it to purr like that, you know? It's Hmm.
Hi, Mom.
LAILA: Rebecca wanted to put some makeup on all by herself.
You look beautiful.
That eye shadow really complements your eye color.
Thank you.
I wanted to let you know I'm gonna take your mom on a walk.
Mom, can I, uh, take that walk with you? Sure.
That sounds nice.
Well, I've got it, if you want to take lunch.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Why don't we go and see if there are any apples on the tree? Huh.
That's not our mom, Kev.
No, it's not.
Our mother was magic.
She always knew exactly what each one of us needed.
I'm sure she meant well.
Sitting us down and sharing her wishes with us.
But she couldn't have imagined what this would feel like.
She couldn't have imagined how deep the need would be to pay her back for everything she did.
To do right by what's left of her.
(RAGGED EXHALE) It's a beautiful house, man, but I'm not gonna leave her in it all alone.
And nothing you say can change my mind.
Good night, stars.
Good night, air.
Good night, noises everywhere.
" Okay, Kate, so Dad's on a site visit in New Jersey and I have been up with you guys since 4:30, so I'm gonna bring you to your room and I really, really, really need you to go to sleep and not wake up your brothers.
(EXHALES) All right, here we go.
(KATE CRYING) (REBECCA SIGHS) (LAUGHS SOFTLY) So, that is Abby, Sid's sister.
And she is having an affair with Richard.
Oh, and then Gary is having an affair with Judy.
And Laura is having an affair with her boss Scooter.
(SNIFFS) Mmm, this is really nice.
Oh, my God.
Kate, sweetheart, are you okay? Are you okay, baby girl? I'm so sorry.
Mommy's so sorry.
Oh, my gosh, are you okay? Oh, my goodness.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) Oh, look at that hummingbird.
I think there's like a whole family.
♪ I could crush some wonton soup.
Oh, they probably ordered the good Chinese by now.
Oh, they so did.
Maybe we could go get some.
Mm-mm, and get sucked back into their drama? It's not worth it.
Do you think Randall's stormed off yet? - (CHUCKLES) Ages ago.
- (BOTH LAUGH) Yeah, it's hilarious, isn't it? Their mother is slowly dying from this horrific disease, and you two can predict what miserable happenings are taking place as they debate her care.
What a hoot.
You know, Phil, I've been a part of this family for over 30 years.
And so, yeah, sometimes I-I hole up and blow off steam, because they can drive me a little nuts, with their feelings and their speeches and their always wanting to move somebody into your damn house.
I don't know, it's like sometimes I think it's been the greatest burden and the greatest blessing of my life, being a part of this family.
(EXHALES) Same, same.
Would you say it was, like, equal parts burden and blessing? Or is it more like, 60-40? Oh, depends on the day, Big Phil.
Depends on the day.
Wasn't that a beautiful walk? Mom, do you mind if I sit here until you fall asleep? Okay.
Whatever you want, dear.
Where were we? Let's see.
"So she sat by the river, thinking about what she said.
K, this is Rebecca Pearson.
Um, you delivered my babies.
(EXHALES) I know you're not in the office right now, but I thought you might check your messages at night.
So, my daughter Kate fell off the bed.
Um, I just took my eyes off of her for one minute and, um I-I called the emergency clinic, and they told me as long as she's acting normal, just to keep a close eye on her, but it doesn't feel like it's enough.
I-I know you're not a pediatrician, but I know you also work with a lot of babies, and-and I trust you.
I thought you might have some good advice for me because I don't I don't really know what to do and I'm all by myself here.
(EXHALES) So, could you please call me back? (KATE CRYING) "at the same time.
- Hey.
I'm calling to check on the kids.
- How's it going? - Yeah, good.
Laura and I took the kids to that new brunch spot, and it turns out that Hailey's new favorite food is huevos rancheros.
God, our kids have great taste.
How's it going over there? (SIGHS) Not great.
She can't remember that Miguel is gone.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, so we're trying to figure out what to do next, and Randall and Kevin are at each other's throats, I Yeah, but that's technically up to you, right? - I mean, she appointed you her guardian.
- Yeah.
(EXHALES) Yeah, I don't know.
I can't decide what's best, Tobe.
Um Permission to overstep, as your former husband/ current co-parent? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) Permission granted.
Kate, you are, in every way, what the kids refer to as a baller.
All right? You got your master's in education, you're designing an arts curriculum for the friggin' state of California.
All while mom-ing and wife-ing up a storm.
But when you get around your brothers (SIGHS) I don't know, you become this unsteady version of yourself.
And I just, I don't get it.
I don't either.
Your mom chose you for a reason, Kate.
Thank you, Tobe.
Oh, my God, should we get back together? Okay, good night, Toby.
I'll talk to you later.
Good night.
(KATE COOING) Hey, baby girl.
Hey, there.
How are you feeling, huh? You okay? Come here, Kate.
Oh, yeah, you're okay.
You're okay.
Oh, God.
Thank God.
You're smiling at Mama.
Oh, Kate, you know exactly what Mommy needed.
JACK (DISTANT): Rebecca? (REBECCA GROANS) Hey, Bec, I need help.
What is it? You know I haven't had more than two hours of sleep in weeks? I know.
We-we have a situation.
Ugh, it's everywhere.
It's like he went and then made a snow angel in it, - but instead of snow, it's - I get it.
Yeah, can-can you go get the trash can and-and run a bath, please? (SIGHS) - I was never here.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, baby.
Can we talk? Yeah, we can talk.
So, I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and, um And you want to move Rebecca into our house.
I don't see another option here, Beth.
She needs to be around family, and I need to be the one in charge of the day-to-day decisions about her care.
Kate's overwhelmed.
This is clearly too much for her.
And Kevin says he'll come visit every couple of weeks, but who knows if that's true? He could be off in New Zealand filming the new Avatar 7 at the drop of a hat.
Randall, don't underestimate your sister.
She has had to navigate her larger-than-life brothers and their massive egos her entire life.
And that is a load to carry, too.
(LAUGHTER) And look at your brother over there.
- Like, look at him.
- KEVIN (DISTANT): Careful.
BETH: He is not the irresponsible screwup that you knew growing up, Randall.
Like, I hear you talking about them, and, baby, you are talking about versions of them that no longer exist.
MADISON: We had the best time.
- The town is so cute - Yeah? - the air is so crisp.
- Oh, you don't realize how bad L.
smog is until you breathe real air.
- I've been saying that.
- (LAUGHS): Yeah.
Have fun.
Breathe it in.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Um You know, my mom used to talk about this day from back when we were younger.
It's a lazy Saturday, you know, lazy Saturday with nothing to do, no one had anywhere to be.
We'd all just, um, watch old movies together, play foursquare, pin the tail on the donkey.
I don't know, I had this stupid idea that building this house could somehow recreate that for her, you know, with us and all the grandkids.
That's not stupid at all.
I don't know.
(SIGHS) Randall wants to move her to Philly.
I've been fighting him on it all day, but maybe he's right.
Maybe he's right, maybe-maybe keeping her here, without all of us here, maybe that's not what's best for her, you know? I I don't know.
I got to get this one right.
KATE: Hey.
Let's get Randall.
We have to talk.
I will make a decision about what's best for Mom because she trusted me to do it.
But first you two have got to be able to look at her.
What are you talking about? We look at her all the time.
No, you don't, Randall.
And I get it.
I get it, because Mom was magnificent.
And to see her like this is really brutal.
But how can we even talk about her moving into your house when you can't even look her in the eye? And, Kev, you're touching her less and less.
Come with me.
Let's go.
Wash, wash, wash.
Scrub, scrub, scrub.
Mommy's got you.
Mommy's got you.
Brush her hair.
Just be gentle around the tangles.
I have daughters.
I know how to brush.
RANDALL: Here we go, Mom.
Kev, her hands are dry.
(CLICKING) (SOFTLY): Okay, let me see (TIMER TICKING) (TIMER CHIMES) Pregnant.
How do you feel? I feel hungry.
You seemed pretty ready that night - in the bathroom at Froggy's.
- Uh I was caught up in the moment.
Look, Bec we can do this.
It-It's just one tiny little baby.
Two of us.
One baby two of us.
- I mean, that's what you're supposed Okay, is-is it bad that we had Chinese yesterday for lunch and dinner, and now we're eating it for breakfast? - Not one bit.
- Not for me.
I love it.
Um, okay, I, um have an announcement to make while the kids are off playing, about Mom.
What, now? With everyone here? Yes.
They're our family, and they should be a part of it.
(CLEARS THROAT) Okay, um Mom moving to Philly to live with you is not an option, Randall.
You'd have to pull back on your work in D.
, and that's exactly what Mom didn't want.
So I can't allow it.
And Kev.
Keeping her here, without family, we're not gonna do that either.
Philip and I had a long talk last night, and we are going to bring her to L.
And we are gonna find the best place for her to live.
Whether it's in an incredible facility or if she's gonna move in with us.
Can I offer up another idea? Okay.
That thing you did yesterday, having us look at her, it helped me.
And I'm gonna honor whatever your wishes are.
But I now know what the new plan should be.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Well (CLEARS THROAT) Sophie and I were up all night talking as well, and, uh, we would like to move here.
And live with Mom.
You know, I never really liked it in L.
anyway, so Big Three Homes is based on the East Coast, The Manny stops shooting next week, so Yeah, okay, I think that's an amazing offer, but I can't allow you to move away from your children.
MADISON: He won't be.
Elijah's job is remote, and all of his family is in New Jersey.
And we have been talking for a while about wanting to be closer to them.
To be honest, Kevin was pretty much the only thing keeping our family in L.
I don't know.
I still feel like It's just so much to do all alone.
- I - NICKY: They won't be alone.
I mean, we're gonna be here, right? We're not gonna do the showers and all that gross stuff, - but we will be here.
- (SOFT LAUGHTER) Plus, Edie's actually turned out to be a half-decent cook.
And Nicky has actually turned out to be a half-decent human being.
(LAUGHTER) We have an opportunity here to give Mom exactly what she wanted, for her and for us.
What do you say? Okay.
Randall, I know you're probably thinking I'm not up for it, but I am.
Thank you.
KATE: Okay.
Well, great.
I guess that, uh, concludes our family meeting? - KEVIN: Okay.
- Praise be.
(LAUGHTER) Who knows, maybe this this was the reason all along.
The reason for what? That there are three of us.
♪ There is a house ♪ Built out of stone ♪ around and pull.
Can you try it? Wooden floors, walls ♪ And window sills ♪ Yep.
KEVIN: All right, we'll get these on Tables and chairs worn ♪ By all of the dust ♪ go outside? It's that time of year.
Beautiful weather, a little breeze kicking in.
You ready? Here we go.
Where I don't feel alone ♪ This is a place ♪ Where I feel at home ♪ ELIJAH: Three, two, one.
(LAUGHTER) Hello, hello.
Hey, did you bring the, um Walnut shrimp? What am I, new? ♪ RANDALL: "It's a rite of spring in upstate New York.
Jamaican workers harvest ramps to cook up a taste of home.
" "The Walmart in New York is a far cry" I built ♪ A home ♪ For you ♪ For me ♪ Until ♪ How was your flight? It dis appeared ♪ From me ♪ From you ♪ And now ♪ It's time ♪ To leave ♪ And turn ♪ To dust ♪ Good night, Mom.
Sleep tight.
Out in the garden ♪ Where we planted the seeds ♪ (WHISPERS): Sleep tight.
There is a tree as old as me ♪ By the cracks of his skin ♪ I climbed to the top ♪ I climbed the tree ♪ To see the world ♪ (PHONE RINGING) Hey, brother.
(EXHALES) You and the girls and Beth should get here as soon as you can.
They're saying it won't be long now.

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