Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends (1984) s10e05 Episode Script

The Green Controller

The island of Sodor is surrounded by beautiful blue sea.
It has fields of green and sandy yellow beaches.
There are rivers, streams and trees where birds sing.
There are windmills and a coal mine and docks where visitors to the island arrive.
The island also has lots of railway lines.
Who's that puffing down the track? It's Thomas! Hello, Thomas! "Hello, everybody! Welcome to the island of Sodor.
" It was a quiet day at Tidmouth Sheds.
Percy was all alone.
The Fat Controller's car pulled up.
Percy was very surprised to see Lady Hatt.
"Sir Topham is sick!" she announced.
"He has lost his voice.
" Percy was worried.
"I hope he finds it soon," he peeped.
"Sir Topham has given me a list of jobs," Lady Hatt continued.
"Listen carefully.
Gordon is to collect coaches of china "from Knapford and take them to Brendham Docks.
"He must pull the coaches very slowly.
" "Slow coaches," peeped Percy.
James is to shunt trucks in the coal yard.
He must be as busy as a bee.
"Busy bee," puffed Percy carefully.
"And Toby is to take visitors from Maithwaite to the Scottish Castle.
"He must go as fast as Gordon's Express!" "Gordon's Express," puffed Percy.
"You're in charge now, Percy," said Lady Hatt.
Just then, Thomas puffed in.
"I'm Controller for the day," peeped Percy.
"Do you need any help?" Thomas asked.
"Controllers don't need help!" And off he chuffed.
Percy found Gordon first.
"The Fat Controller has lost his voice.
"I'm Controller until he finds it.
" Gordon was surprised.
Percy tried to remember what Lady Hatt had said.
"You must pull very slow coaches," he peeped.
"Oh, the indignity!" huffed Gordon.
Percy had a lot to do and a lot to remember.
Next, Percy found James at the wash-down.
"James, you must be a busy bee.
" He peeped.
James gasped.
"Do I have to be painted yellow and black?" he whistled.
"Yes," Percy said sternly.
"But why?" snorted James.
Percy tried to peep boomingly.
"Because I'm Controller!" And then Percy puffed off.
Next, Percy found Toby.
"You must pull Gordon's Express!" He told him.
"Why?" Toby asked.
He was very puzzled.
"That's your job," peeped Percy, boomingly.
Percy felt very important.
Later, Percy decided to check on his engines.
He knew that's what the Fat Controller would do.
Children were on the bridge.
Percy peeped hello.
But the children were looking at the track.
Gordon was puffing very slowly.
The children began to laugh.
"Look at Gordon," they cried.
"What a slowcoach!" Then James stopped at the signal.
The children laughed again.
"Who is that giant bee?" they called.
Toby huffed in with the heavy express.
He was very tired.
Gordon, James and Toby heard the children laughing.
And they saw Percy watching.
Gordon called out, "I am supposed to be the fastest engine! "Not the slowest!" he huffed.
"I'm supposed to be the reddest engine! "Now no one knows who I am!" "I'm a steam tram," Toby puffed.
"The express is too heavy for me.
" Percy knew he had made lots of mistakes.
Then Thomas puffed up.
"What's wrong, Percy?" he asked.
"I can't remember what Lady Hatt told me.
"The engines are doing the wrong jobs.
" Thomas thought for a moment.
"You must go back over your tracks.
" "You might see things that will help you remember.
" Percy thought that was a very good idea.
Thomas and Percy pulled into Knapford Station.
"Gordon and slow coaches," puffed Percy.
Suddenly, Percy saw china waiting on the platform.
"That's it!" Percy cried.
"Gordon is to take the china to Brendham Docks.
"He must pull his coaches very slowly.
" Percy and Thomas puffed into the coal yards.
"James must be a busy bee," Percy said slowly.
There were lots of trucks waiting to be shunted.
"James is to shunt lots of trucks.
So, he must be as busy as a bee!" Finally, Percy and Thomas arrived at Maithwaite Station.
"Toby must pull Gordon's Express," wheeshed Percy.
Suddenly, Percy saw visitors on the platform.
"That's it!" Percy cried.
Toby is to take visitors to the castle! He has to go as fast as Gordon's Express! "Well done!" Thomas puffed happily.
By the end of the day, all of the engines were doing the right jobs.
That evening, the Fat Controller came to the shed.
"You have done very well," he boomed.
"I'm very pleased.
" "I'm pleased you've found your voice.
" Percy peeped.
The Fat Controller smiled.
"And I hope you never lose it again!" Percy added.