Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends (1984) s10e08 Episode Script

Toby's Afternoon Off

The island of Sodor is surrounded by beautiful blue sea.
It has fields of green and sandy yellow beaches.
There are rivers, streams and trees where birds sing.
There are windmills and a coal mine and docks where visitors to the island arrive.
The island also has lots of railway lines.
Who's that puffing down the track? It's Thomas! Hello, Thomas! Hello, everybody! Welcome to the island of Sodor.
The engines of Sodor are very friendly.
And none is more friendly than Toby.
He is a happy smiling steam tram, with lots of friends.
There's Mavis at the quarry, Salty at the docks, and Thomas! They're all Toby's friends! One day, Toby had finished all his jobs early.
He was going to spend the afternoon at the farm.
He loved visiting the animals.
As he was about to leave, the Fat Controller arrived.
"Toby," he said, "I have three important specials.
"As you have finished early, you will have time to do all of them.
" "Yes, sir," puffed Toby.
But Toby was worried.
He liked being useful, but three jobs would take him the rest of the day.
Now he would have no time to go to the farm.
Toby puffed off.
He felt sad.
But then he had an idea.
Perhaps he could get everything done in time! "All I need is some help with just one of my jobs.
"I'll ask one of my friends!" Toby's first job was to shunt trucks at the yards.
As he arrived, he saw Mavis.
"Mavis will help me," he thought.
"Sorry, Toby, no time to talk!" Mavis puffed.
And she steamed past him.
Toby was upset.
He had been sure Mavis would help him.
"I'll have to shunt the trucks on my own," he puffed sadly.
Next, he had to collect some empty trucks from the depot.
As he arrived, Thomas was leaving.
"Thomas!" called Toby.
"Wait! Will you help me take some trucks?" "Sorry, Toby," chuffed Thomas.
"I'm in a hurry.
" And Thomas raced away.
Toby was surprised.
Mavis and Thomas had both rushed off very quickly.
He would have to take them to the coaling plant himself.
It was getting late.
He was worried he wouldn't get to the farm and see the animals.
Once he had delivered the trucks, he rushed to his last job at Brendham Docks.
"Perhaps my friend Salty will help me.
" But as Toby arrived, Salty was rushing towards him.
"Salty!" cried Toby.
"Stop, please!" "I have to help Cranky unload lots of cargo," puffed Toby.
"But I'm running out of time.
Will you help me?" "Sorry, Toby, but I have an important delivery.
"This piston rod is too important to wait, matey!" Toby felt miserable.
He knew deliveries were important, but he thought helping a friend was important, too.
Neither Mavis, Thomas nor Salty had helped Toby.
"And I thought they were my friends," puffed Toby sadly.
He had to move all that cargo on his own.
Now he'd never get to the farm.
Toby pulled up alongside Cranky.
"What are you waiting for?" Cranked Cranky.
"I'm here to pick up the cargo," said Toby.
"The ship's been caught in rough seas.
The cargo won't be here till morning.
" Toby was delighted.
Now he'd have time to get to the farm! So he raced off! Then Toby saw Henry in a siding.
"Where are you going in such a hurry?" Wheezed Henry.
Toby told him about wanting to go to the farm, and all about Mavis, Thomas and Salty.
"I thought friends helped each other, but they were all too busy.
" "That's because they've all been helping me!" puffed Henry.
Toby was surprised.
"I broke down," said Henry.
"So Mavis brought my special coal, Thomas took my passengers, "and Salty brought me a new piston rod.
" Toby knew he had made a mistake.
Mavis, Thomas and Salty had been helping a friend after all! "They were all helping you!" Gasped Toby.
Toby felt very silly.
"Is there anything I can do to help you?" He asked.
Henry was surprised.
"But then you won't get to the farm to see the animals.
" "It doesn't matter," said Toby.
"Helping a friend is much more important.
What can I do?" Henry asked Toby to take his carriages to Knapford Station.
Henry's carriages were very heavy.
"I don't know if I can move them," said Toby.
"But I'm going to try!" Toby coupled up to the carriages.
He heaved and hauled and puffed and pulled.
At last, Henry's carriages began to move! Henry was very pleased! "Thank you, Toby!" he called as Toby puffed away.
"Sorry about your afternoon off!" But Toby didn't mind.
He was helping his friend.
And that was better than an afternoon off, any day!