Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends (1984) s10e11 Episode Script

Fearless Freddie

The island of Sodor is surrounded by beautiful blue sea.
It has fields of green and sandy yellow beaches.
There are rivers, streams and trees where birds sing.
There are windmills and a coal mine and docks where visitors to the island arrive.
The island also has lots of railway lines.
Who's that puffing down the track? It's Thomas! Hello, Thomas! Hello, everybody! Welcome to the island of Sodor.
An old friend was coming back to the Narrow Gauge Railway.
His name was Fearless Freddie.
Everyone had heard tales of him.
He was fast, fun and fearless! Thomas pushed him into the transfer yards.
"Hello, Freddie!" whistled Sir Handel.
"I haven't seen you for years!" "Fearless Freddie is back!" puffed Freddie.
"I didn't know you two were friends," chuffed Thomas.
"Oh, yes," puffed Sir Handel.
"He was the fastest engine in the hills!" Rheneas and Skarloey raced into the yards.
"I'm the winner!" peeped Skarloey.
"No, I am!" wheeshed Rheneas.
"Who are you?" chuffed Freddie.
"We're the fastest engines in the hills!" "I'll show you who's fastest.
I'll race you down the mountain!" Rheneas and Skarloey liked to race.
They steamed off excitedly.
Freddie was determined to win.
Freddie huffed and puffed up the mountain.
"Flatten my funnel!" he wheeshed.
"I used to be able to chuff up here in no time!" Rheneas and Skarloey were waiting to start the race.
"If I get to the bottom, I've won!" Wheeshed Freddie.
"All right, Freddie!" tooted Rheneas.
"Ready, steady, go!" whistled Skarloey.
Freddie raced along.
Rheneas and Skarloey tried to catch up, but Freddie was racing very fast.
Until he began to run out of puff.
"Oh, no! They will bump my buffers!" He chuffed sadly.
Suddenly, he remembered an old track.
"The old rocky way!" he wheeshed.
"No one will remember that now!" Rheneas and Skarloey didn't see Freddie go a different way.
"This way's much quicker! I'll be at the bottom in no time!" Freddie rejoined the main track.
Soon Freddie was at the bottom of the hill.
"I did it!" puffed Freddie.
"Those young engines couldn't catch me!" "You're so fast!" wheeshed Rheneas.
"Race you again!" chuffed Skarloey.
"Of course!" tooted Freddie.
"Fearless Freddie never says no to a race!" In no time, the little engines were ready to race again.
"We'll race you down the other side," puffed Rheneas.
"It's very steep!" wheeshed Freddie.
"Are you scared?" peeped Skarloey.
"Of course not! I'm Fearless Freddie!" "Off we go!" Freddie raced ahead of the other engines.
Soon, he began to run out of puff.
But he didn't want to lose.
Then he remembered another old track.
"The craggy track!" he puffed.
"I know this railway like the back of my buffers!" Soon he arrived at the bottom, safe and sound.
But Rheneas and Skarloey weren't safe and sound.
The track was very steep.
They were determined to bump Freddie's buffers, so they were racing very fast! "Faster!" wheeshed Skarloey.
"Faster!" Then there was trouble.
Rheneas raced right off the track! "Oh, no!" cried Skarloey.
Freddie was waiting at the bottom.
He was very pleased with himself.
Suddenly, Skarloey raced in.
"Rheneas has come off the track! And I don't know where he is.
"We were trying to catch you, Freddie, but you were too fast.
" Sir Handel arrived with the Thin Controller.
"It's all my fault, sir," chuffed Freddie.
"I used old tracks.
" "You tricked us!" tooted Skarloey.
"And now Rheneas is lost!" "No, he isn't," whistled Freddie.
"I can find him.
I know all the old tracks.
Please, sir, follow me!" Freddie led the rescue party along another forgotten track.
The track wound down to the valley.
And there was Rheneas.
"I'm so happy you've found me," peeped Rheneas.
"So am I," chuffed Freddie.
In no time at all, Rheneas was back on the track.
And all the engines chuffed back to the transfer yards.
"I'm sorry I tricked you," puffed Freddie.
"You're much faster engines than me.
" "But you know all the old tracks.
Please tell us about them!" So Freddie began to tell them tales from the old tracks.
Everyone was happy Fearless Freddie was back!