Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends (1984) s10e14 Episode Script

Sticky Toffee Thomas

The island of Sodor is surrounded by beautiful blue sea.
It has fields of green and sandy yellow beaches.
There are rivers, streams and trees where birds sing.
There are windmills and a coal mine and docks where visitors to the island arrive.
The island also has lots of railway lines.
Who's that puffing down the track? It's Thomas! Hello, Thomas! Hello, everybody! Welcome to the island of Sodor.
It was summertime on the island of Sodor.
The engines were very busy.
The children were having a fancy-dress party, and there were lots of jobs to do.
Percy collected the cakes and buns.
Toby collected some sticky toffee to make toffee apples.
And Thomas took the tables and chairs.
When he delivered them, he saw some children.
They were making fancy-dress costumes.
"That looks fun!" tooted Thomas.
Then the Fat Controller spoke to Thomas.
"I would like you to give train rides at the party," he said.
"First you must go to the wash-down so you look your best.
" Thomas was delighted.
He loved giving the children train rides.
Thomas puffed to the wash-down.
He was thinking about the fancy-dress costumes.
"I want to go to the party in fancy dress, too.
"Then I would really look my best!" Thomas was soon covered in soapy suds.
He was scrubbed and rubbed, rubbed and scrubbed.
Then Percy arrived at the wash-down.
"You look like a giant bubble," peeped Percy.
"That's it!" puffed Thomas.
"I'll go to the party as a giant bubble!" So Thomas puffed away, still covered in bubbles.
He couldn't wait to show the children his fancy dress.
Then there was trouble.
The bubbles blew into his eyes.
He couldn't see where he was going, and he bumped straight into the back of Toby.
Toby's axle was broken.
"Sorry," puffed Thomas.
Soon the Fat Controller arrived.
"Toby, you must go to the yard to be repaired," he said.
"If I don't take the toffee to the party, "they won't be able to make toffee apples.
" "Please, sir," puffed Thomas, "I could take the toffee to the party!" "Very well," said the Fat Controller.
"But no more trying to be in fancy dress!" Soon, all the bubbles were cleaned off Thomas, and he puffed away.
"I must get the sticky toffee to the children on time.
" But he started to think about fancy dress again.
Thomas puffed up to the airport, and there on the runway was Jeremy the Jet.
"That's it!" chuffed Thomas.
"I would look grand if I arrived at the party as an aeroplane!" Thomas watched Jeremy zoom up into the sky.
He thought about his costume for the party.
He thought about it for a very long time.
"Oh, no, I've been daydreaming! And now I'm late!" He puffed as fast as he could, but he wasn't watching where he was going.
He didn't notice that the points had been changed.
He puffed into the sidings and biffed into the buffers.
Sticky toffee splattered everywhere.
"Oh, no!" moaned Thomas.
"I can't give train rides when I'm this messy.
"If only I'd been thinking about what I was doing!" Then Thomas saw an old line.
This gave him an idea.
"A short cut!" puffed Thomas.
"If I go that way, I can get the toffee to the party on time!" Thomas puffed along the old line.
It hadn't been used for a very long time.
Trees hung over the track and the bushes were overgrown.
But he puffed carefully on.
He knew he was late.
He wasn't thinking about fancy dress.
He was only thinking about getting to the party on time.
He bumped and bashed through the bushes and branches.
But he was still covered in sticky toffee.
Leaves and twigs stuck to the sticky goo.
"Must get to the party! Must get to the party!" Thomas puffed.
When he arrived at the party, he was covered in leaves and twigs.
Everyone cheered when they saw him.
"I've brought you the toffee, but I'm too messy to give you train rides!" The children cheered.
"You're just in fancy dress! You look best of all!" Thomas was very happy.
The party was a great success.
There was only one thing more popular than the sticky-toffee apples, and that was sticky-toffee Thomas!