Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends (1984) s11e01 Episode Script

Thomas and the Storyteller

The island of Sodor is surrounded by beautiful blue sea.
It has fields of green and sandy yellow beaches.
There are rivers, streams and trees where birds sing.
There are windmills and a coal mine and docks where visitors to the island arrive.
The island also has lots of railway lines.
Who's that puffing down the track? It's Thomas! Hello, Thomas! Hello, everybody! Welcome to the island of Sodor.
It was an important day on the island of Sodor.
A new library was going to be opened.
Everyone was excited.
There was going to be a ceremony with a brass band, a red carpet and boxes of books.
All the children and grown-ups loved reading and listening to stories.
A famous storyteller was going to tell the children a special story.
All the engines wanted to collect the storyteller.
But the Fat Controller chose Thomas.
He was excited.
"You must show the storyteller "the special sights of Sodor.
"Then she can make up a special story.
"She must arrive at the grand opening on time.
" "Yes, sir," tooted Thomas.
"I know all the best sights!" Thomas puffed over to Brendham Docks.
He wanted to do a good job! Thomas arrived at the docks.
He looked all around for someone famous.
But all he could see was a lady with a notepad and a box of biscuits.
"Are you the storyteller?" Thomas asked.
"I like to think so," said the lady.
"You must be Thomas.
"Will you show me the sights of Sodor?" "Of course!" tooted Thomas.
So the storyteller hopped onto Thomas' footplate and Thomas puffed away.
"Pirates Cove is not far from here.
"I shall take you there first," whistled Thomas.
Pirates Cove was full of caves and secret tunnels.
Pirates used to bury their treasure there.
"You could make up a good story about pirate treasure," wheeshed Thomas happily.
But on his way there, Thomas saw James.
James was in trouble! "My coupling rod has snapped "and I'm a guaranteed connection! "My passengers have to arrive at Maithwaite Station on time.
" "I'm sorry," Thomas puffed to the storyteller, "I cannot take you to Pirates Cove.
I have to help my friend!" Thomas buffered up to James and his passenger train and chuffed away.
"Thank you, Thomas!" cried James.
Thomas arrived at Maithwaite just in time.
"The ruined castle is just over the hill," said Thomas to the storyteller.
"Now I will take you there!" Thomas puffed as fast as he could.
The ruined castle had tall turrets and a great big door.
The old kings and queens used to live there.
"You could make up a good story about kings and queens," puffed Thomas happily.
But on his way, Thomas saw Emily in a siding.
She was looking sad.
She was taking flour to the bakery, but her whistle had broken.
It wasn't safe without it.
"I'm sorry," puffed Thomas to the storyteller, "I cannot take you to the castle.
I have to help my friend!" Thomas buffered up to Emily and took her to the bakery.
"Thank you, Thomas," cried Emily.
Thomas arrived at the bakery just in time! Emily was pleased! And Thomas puffed away.
"Misty Valley is not far from here," chuffed Thomas.
"Now I will take you there.
" He had heard Misty Valley was full of magic.
"You could make up a good story about magic," puffed Thomas.
But on his way, Thomas saw Percy.
A river had flooded its banks! Percy was up to his buffers in water and his firebox had gone out.
"I'm sorry," whistled Thomas, "I cannot take you to Misty Valley.
I have to help my friend!" Thomas chuffed into the water.
The water came right up to his footplate! The storyteller had to stand on her box of biscuits to keep her feet dry! Thomas bravely buffered up to Percy and he pushed his friend out.
"Thank you, Thomas!" cried Percy.
But now it was time to go to the grand opening, and Thomas was late! "Cinders and ashes!" wheeshed Thomas.
"I haven't had time to show any sights at all!" Thomas arrived at the new Library Station.
The Fat Controller was waiting.
"We didn't visit any sights," puffed Thomas.
"I had to take James' passengers to Maithwaite Station, "Emily's flour to the bakery, "and pull Percy out of the water.
" "It's a wonderful idea for a story!" Cried the storyteller.
"I shall write all about your day, "and how you helped your friends.
" She was very excited.
She cut the ribbon in front of the library and declared it open! Then, the children and the engines all listened as the storyteller told them of her adventures with Thomas and his friends on the magical island of Sodor!