Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s02e15 Episode Script

Power Play

Our flow-rate just increased 500%.
What's going on down there? MAN: I'm not the one in charge of the floodgates, you tell me.
[MUSIC] The generators are spinning too fast! It's gonna overload the power grid! Huh? [ALARM CONTINUES BLARING] My controls are locked.
You're going to have to close the gates manually.
All right, I'm heading to the valve control now.
Wait, something's here.
What is that thing? [ELECTRICITY CRACKLES] Help! We need help! - Somebody! - This is the Grand Sequoia Dam.
We have a major emergency! We need help.
Somebody, anybody, please! Help! [CRACKING] JOHN: This is International Rescue.
Help is on the way.
ANNOUNCER: Five four three two one.
[THRUSTERS] [TITLE MUSIC] ANNOUNCER: Thunderbirds are go! You're looking at one of the largest hydroelectric dams in the world and right now its power generators are being pushed to the limit.
That's no exaggeration.
I can already see a crack forming.
Thunderbird 5, what's the status of the workers in the turbine room? Still no contact.
And the doors seem to be blocked from the inside.
Ugh, this mission needs all of us.
Gordon, Virgil, Alan, you'll follow me in Thunderbird 2.
Kayo, what's Thunderbird Shadow's status? On route to Tracy Island for refuelling.
I'll monitor from the lounge.
See you in the sky.
[MUSIC] Five four three two one.
[THRUSTERS RUMBLING] SCOTT: Thunderbirds are go.
[ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] Huh? [GASPS] Whoa! There's a leak.
This is bad, real bad.
I know, Rich.
Just lay low.
[GASPS] SCOTT: If getting into the turbine room directly is a no-go, what's the next fastest way inside? You see those big, giant overflow pipes? Kinda hard to miss.
They're called penstock tubes.
You're looking for the auxiliary entrance to number six.
It's at the top of the dam face.
I wasn't planning on going for a swim, John.
My scan says it should be dry.
I'm on my way up.
Strap in Thunderbird 4.
We're on approach.
I just have one question.
If you drop me off, how are you gonna get the pods out? Glad you mentioned that.
Better hold onto something! Hey, what are you ? [GORDON YELPS] [MUSIC] OK, that was awesome! But a little more warning next time? - [LAUGHS] It was Alan's idea.
- [CHUCKLES] Sorry, Gordo.
Scott, I'm tracking your location.
You should be at the turbine room any moment.
I wouldn't want to be in here when someone turns on the tap.
[WHIRRING] [MUSIC] VIRGIL: Gecko Pod is go.
ALAN: Virgil, are you sure you don't want me to take the pod? Not this time.
I want to get a closer look at the crack.
If it's small enough, I might be able to seal it with Nano-crete.
How's it look on your side, Thunderbird 4? GORDON: Doesn't look good.
I'm going with cables.
This isn't going to slow the leak, but it may stop the whole thing from splitting in two.
SCOTT: John, are you sure I'm going the right way? [BEEPING] Gentlemen, we have a problem.
Given the speed of those turbines, the electrical output from the dam should be exceptional.
But readings from the grid show barely a trickle of power coming out.
- Meaning? - Something inside that turbine room is taking all the power.
Scott, I'm detecting something rapidly approaching you from below.
A Scorpion Mecha! You have to get out of there.
[GRUNTS AND GASPS] It wasn't after me.
- I guess that makes me the winner.
- And you won't like the prize.
[ELECTRICAL CRACKLING] This means The Mechanic is here.
GORDON: As long as nothing gets in my way, I think I can fix this.
Gordon, there's a Ray Mecha heading your way.
Argh, a Ray Mecha! The Mechanic's not leaving me out of this either.
[GRUNTS] I had to say it! Uh, guys? I think I'm about to take that swim after all.
[MUSIC] [GRUNTS] It's pulling me off the dam! [LAUGHS] Bull's-eye! Nice going, Alan.
Scott, you'd better be holding onto something.
[GRUNTS] I'm improvising.
Good to know these jetpacks work under water.
Just wish they carried more fuel.
Thunderbird 5, I need a full-spectrum transmission blast.
- Every frequency.
- Go.
To the Mechanic, this is International Rescue.
- Please respond.
- THE MECHANIC: I'm listening.
Then you'll know what I have to say.
There are workers trapped inside that turbine room.
We need to get them out.
No harm will come to them if I'm left alone.
You're driving those turbines too hard.
It's already causing the dam to crack.
If it breaks, the town downstream will be wiped [BEEPING] He's ended the transmission.
[DIALLING] We need the GDF here.
They're arriving now.
You've gone up against this Mechanic guy before, Captain? I hear he makes The Hood look soft.
The Mechanic will get what's coming to him.
Look alive, people! We touch down in ten seconds.
The Nano-crete sealant seems to be working.
I just hope I don't run out.
[GRUNTS] Well, this just got interesting.
Thunderbird 2, we need to protect that town.
I'll start pushing dirt! On my mark.
[MECHAS BUZZING] - Mechas! - Take cover! [GRUNTS] I can see the workers.
They're OK.
But the Mechas are pinning down the GDF.
[GASPS] Brains, you're gonna wanna see this.
SCOTT: What are we looking at? Those tiny cylinders are high-density super capacitors.
So, the Mechanic is charging batteries? Not just any batteries, Kayo.
These small devices are storing the output of an entire hydro-electric-power plant.
Gigawatts of power in the palm of your hand.
He's got to be building something.
Something incredibly dangerous.
We've got nothing to fight these things with.
Speak for yourself.
I'm not waiting any longer.
I need to get these people outta here.
Scott Tracy, International Rescue.
Captain Foster.
I've got you covered, Tracy.
Let's go! [MUSIC] [GRUNTS SOFTLY] Is anyone injured? Then I'm gonna get you out of here.
Are you ready to make a run for it? Not until we shut down these turbines.
All right, then, what do we have to do? Get to the manual flow-control valves.
They're right behind the creepy guy.
Our cover won't last much longer.
Are we doing this or what? Change of plan.
We need to reach the control valves behind the Mechanic.
As soon as the path is clear, run.
And I mean, run! Looks like the GDF got some upgrades.
Run! Come on, come on.
Thunderbird 4, unless you want to see what the bright side of this dam looks like, I suggest you get out of there.
One more cable to go! [GRUNTS] [ELECTRICAL CRACKLING] [ENGINE POWERING UP] [GRUNTS] Not good! I'm getting pulled in! [YELPS AND SCREAMS] "Gordon!" Whoa! [GORDON GRUNTS] [GROANS] [PANTING] Fancy meeting you here.
Alan, I sure hope you're in position.
It's about to get wet.
Just finishing up the diversion channel now.
Oh-ho-ho, it worked! [GASPS] Ahh! Whoa-oa-oaa! [STRAINING] I'm OK.
- I think.
- We bought ourselves some time with your cables.
But we still need to deal with that crack.
Brains, any ideas? As it happens, I have enough Nano-crete sealant to finish the job.
On the way to you now.
I'm impressed.
So am I.
Brains did a great job upgrading Thunderbird Shadow's engines for your special delivery.
Thanks, Kayo.
You're not a moment too soon.
Let's get to work! [GROWLS] This will shut off all the water flowing through the penstock tubes.
And shutting off the water will stop the turbines.
Got it.
Guess that's another way to stop the turbines.
[RUMBLING] [MUSIC] No matter.
I got what I came for.
So did I.
It's time to go.
No argument here, pal! - We're leaving! - I'll take care of the Mechanic.
He's not worth it.
You don't have to be a hero! I'll leave the hero business to you, Scott Tracy.
My business is a very different kind.
- Unfinished.
- The Hood! You've been masquerading as a GDF officer all this time just find me? I consider it a public service.
Though I admit I expected more of a challenge when I did.
Now I know who I'm dealing with, I'll make it one.
[GRUNTS] Sorry, pal, but I really don't wanna stick around for the light show, if you know what I mean.
You're right.
Come on! [YELPS] - Is there another way out? - Only one.
Brains, I need you to keep an eye on things here.
This Nano-crete is stronger than concrete.
The dam will be good as new when we finish.
SCOTT: Yeah, if the Mechanic doesn't bring the whole thing down first.
He's fighting the Hood in there, remember? As if this day couldn't get even more interesting.
You should have left well enough alone.
I never forgive and I never forget, but I have to give you credit.
Whatever you have planned has made me quite curious.
You haven't figured it out yet.
[LAUGHS] It was your idea.
- Project Sentinel? - Sentinel? THE HOOD: You must be joking.
I decided that was far too extreme, even for me.
I, on the other hand, have no such reservations.
It would have been me building it for you, after all.
Now there's nothing stopping me from picking up where we left off.
[DEBRIS RUMBLING] [GROWLS] Except me! I'm almost to the top.
How are you doing, Gordon? Still pumping.
By the way, this stuff washes off, right? - Uh, no, that's the point.
- Oh.
Just checking.
You didn't get any on Thunderbird 4? Did you? Let's focus on the positive, shall we? We saved a whole town today! Brains is not going to be happy about this.
[SIGHS] I know.
[STRAINED GRUNTING] The Hood is down there.
We can't let him or the Mechanic leave with those power cells.
Seal off the area.
Nothing gets outta here.
[SCREAMS] [ELECTRICAL CRACKLING] Oh, no, you don't! THE HOOD: You have five seconds before your bug self-destructs.
- Make your choice.
- [SCREAMS] No! - Kayo? - KAYO: I'm on it.
- The seal on my side is complete.
- Same here.
No more leaks.
What do you see down there, Scott? Aside from a big mess, nothing.
No sign of the Hood, no sign of the power cells.
- Somebody got away with them.
- KAYO: Not that fast.
- Please tell me you got the power cells.
- I got the power cells.
I noticed one of the GDF Flyers heading in the wrong direction, so I followed it instead.
The Hood was aboard with these.
You don't happen to have him tied up in there with them? Do 'ya? He crashed the ship and got away, but not before I could pluck these from the cargo hold.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to help Alan.
- Why, what's wrong with Alan? - Oh, nothing.
ALAN: [SIGHS] I'm gonna owe you for this, aren't I? Yep, big time.
Honestly, I'm not surprised to see The Hood back.
But I hope we never have to get between those two again.
Does he look angry? He looks angry.
It's about Thunderbird 4, isn't it? It's not about Thunderbird 4, Gordon.
This is much, much worse.
I mean, oh, no! I believe I may know what the Mechanic is trying to build.
I've decoded every scrap of data from the Hood's operation that mentions a Project Sentinel.
I got exactly one hit attached to this schematic.
This is only a small part of what will likely be a much larger machine.
What is it? Some kind of engine? It's a laser.
The most powerful one I have ever seen.
In the wrong hands, it could be devastating.
You're forgetting one important thing.
We still have the batteries.
That's some comfort, Kayo.
But I suspect it won't stop the Mechanic for long.
Well, on that cheerful note, who wants to help me chip the Nano-crete off Thunderbird 4? Anybody? Somebody? Please? Max?