Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s02e17 Episode Script

Attack of the Reptiles

Come on in.
[MUSIC] [BIRDS SQUAWKING] This is it, friend.
The entrance to the land you seek.
Very dangerous.
I'm sorry, but I cannot lead you any further.
No worries, mate.
We'll take it from here! Please, I beg you, do not go into the valley.
We hear stories of horrible things down there.
[CHUCKLES] It's all good, mate.
Ellie and I do this every week.
We'll have a look and we'll check back here in 24 hours.
Scouts' honour.
[SNARLING CONTINUES] - Are we rolling, Ellie? - Ready when you are, Buddy.
Welcome to "Into the Unknown with Buddy and Ellie.
" We're here at the Mulokamba Valley, one of the great unexplored regions in the heart of Central Africa.
[MUSIC] Today we're searching for the great horned ape.
Some believe they might be hiding deep within this valley.
Could the stories of this elusive wonder be true? Today I'll risk my life to find out.
Buddy, do you think we ought to be worried? - Our guide certainly was.
- Eh.
It'll take more than a few stories to frighten away the Pendergasts.
After all, we survived a frozen moon of Jupiter.
What could be worse than that? [MUSIC] [HISSING] ANNOUNCER: Five Four Three Two One! [THRUSTERS] [TITLE MUSIC] Thunderbirds are go! Ugh, I'm not even gonna think about how long that's been there.
[BEEPING] Hello, is anyone there? This is International Rescue.
Do you need assistance? Possibly.
You see, they never checked back in.
- Who never checked back in? - The Pendergasts.
Buddy and Ellie Pendergast.
Ah, well, at least they stayed on Earth this time.
It's been over 24 hours but the Pendergasts still haven't made it back to their checkpoint.
That's not unusual for those two.
I thought the same, so I checked the live satellite feed from the camera.
They were searching for great horned apes, but look what it's filming now.
So they're either really into dirt or the camera's been dropped.
That's not a good sign.
Local authorities are too afraid of this place to lead a search and rescue.
The guide said you'd have to be crazy to go in after them.
Ooh, I'll do it! We can't let them disappear.
They haven't finished filming season 14 yet.
OK, Thunderbird 5.
Gordon and I will fly to the valley and take it from there.
Thunderbirds are go.
Yes! More adventure with the Pendergasts.
I'm such a huge fan! Really? Huh, I never would have guessed.
[MUSIC] MAN: Five, four, three, two, one! Thunderbird 1 is go.
Talk about remote.
There's hardly any info on the Mulokamba Valley.
A pilot reported seeing lights over the area, but that was years ago.
Apparently locals avoid the valley completely.
No-one goes in or out.
There's still plenty of activity.
I just ran a thermal scan picking up a ton of life signs.
- Did you find the Pendergasts? - Negative.
There's too many readings to get a lock.
And there must be some kind of glitch in my scanning equipment.
It's picking up some unusually large life-signs down there.
Keep trying.
Approaching the valley now.
[JETS WHOOSHING] - Do you have visual on the ground? - Uh, not exactly.
That's one thick set of clouds.
I can't find a clear spot to land.
Then we need someone on the ground.
I'll airdrop through the clouds and survey the valley on foot.
Couldn't be simpler.
Dive chute secured.
Open the auxiliary hatch.
You're clear.
Ready to go into the unknown? [YELLS] F-A-B! Dive chute deployed.
Now to make a nice, soft landing.
Oh, no.
Oh! Oh! Ugh! Agh! [PANTING] Not exactly soft, but it could have been worse.
[BRANCH CREAKS] You just had to say something, didn't you? Huh? - Ellie! - Gordon Tracy? In the flesh.
I'm here to rescue you! Um, could you possibly throw me a rope? Here you go.
[GRUNTS] Thanks.
Is Buddy with you? - I was hoping you'd seen him.
We got separated when the creatures attacked us.
You found the great horned apes? I don't know what they were! It all happened so fast.
We heard something in the bush charging at us.
We ran for cover and got separated.
Next thing I knew Buddy was being dragged off.
I've been looking for him ever since.
- Scott, did you get that? - Ellie, this is Thunderbird 1.
We'll get you out as soon as possible.
I'm not going anywhere without Buddy.
He's still alive.
I'm sure of it.
And he needs our help.
Scott, I think you should hold off on landing Thunderbird 1.
You can monitor our position while we look for Buddy - and airlift us out once we find him.
- F-A-B.
Don't worry, Ellie.
We do search-and-rescues all the time.
Couldn't be simpler.
Didn't see the hole.
- Er Gordon, that's a footprint.
- Oh.
[TREES RUSTLE] - Did you hear that? - Something's there.
John, are you reading a life-sign nearby? JOHN: [ON RADIO] Yeah, but judging by the size it has to be a glitch.
[LEAVES RUSTLING] Nothing's wrong with your equipment, John.
[TREES RUSTLING] [GROWLING] - Are you sure? - Trust me.
Run! [CREATURE HISSES] What are these? [PANTING] SCOTT: Gordon, what's going on down there? I don't know! [CREATURE HISSES] Let me put it this way.
My pet-store nightmare just came true.
We can't stay down here, Scott.
Can you see us? This fog is getting worse.
I can't see anything.
I Whoa! Did you find a place to land Thunderbird 1? Negative.
The tree canopy's too thick.
What on Earth? Do you see what I'm seeing? That depends.
Are you seeing tomatoes the size of Thunderbird 4? And peppers and cucumbers.
This is no ordinary jungle.
We're running through a super-sized vegetable garden.
Wait a minute.
If these are someone's crops, there might be a structure nearby.
[BEEPS] I'm picking up energy sources.
You're right.
Something's in that direction.
Keep moving towards it.
Let's see if we can shake this tail.
[CREATURE SNARLS] - There it is! - Quick, get inside! [PANTING] [DOOR HISSES AND CLOSES] Gordon to Thunderbird 1.
We're safe, for the moment.
But how? Who sealed the door? - That'd be me, love.
- Buddy, you're alive! - [CHUCKLES] Aw.
Easy does it.
- Are you hurt? Just a few bumps and bruises.
Luckily, the beastie grabbed this fellow when he dragged me here.
I managed to wriggle free and, well, here I am! Any idea where that is, exactly? Orchard Industries.
I saw the name on some equipment.
- John, can you check on that? - Searching.
Orchard Industries claimed that they could greatly increase the size of crops, but they were shut down years ago.
Does it say why? The GDF found out the Hood was a silent partner.
And there were reports of secret facilities and hidden locations.
That must be where we are! A lab tucked away in a valley that locals are too afraid to enter.
According to my files they were experimenting with a new type of growth serum.
Well, that explains the humongous plants out front.
And if the reptiles ate those serum-filled plants, that would explain how they got so big.
- Scott, please get us out of here.
- I'm working on it.
I still can't find a landing spot for Thunderbird 1.
Your evacuation needs to be somewhere out in the open.
In other words, we'll have to run for it.
And try not to be fast food along the way.
We might not have to run, mate.
I found something in another room.
This way.
I'll get us there.
The labs are connected by these passageways.
But stay alert they're crawling with beasties.
[LOUD GROWL] [GASPS] We need a detour, fast.
and there's no turning back.
[GASPS] [ALL SCREAM] - Oh! - Agh! - Oof! - See, told you I'd get us there.
It's a hover-boat.
We have a hover-boat! And this canal can take us all the way to the river.
If the boat was working, that is.
[GRUNTING] [ENGINE SPUTTERING] Sounds like the engine manifold needs reconnecting.
I just need a hypo-spanner to fix it.
Well, the good news is I know where to find one.
And the bad news? BUDDY: You have to get through that.
[MUSIC] [GROWLS] I had to ask.
No reason to panic.
I'll just drop down, grab it and climb back without disturbing our scaly friends.
Couldn't be simpler.
I'm beginning to hate that expression.
Then again, you might be right.
We just need a few cables from my tool-belt.
[ELLIE AND BUDDY GRUNTING] [GROWLS] [METAL CREAKS] Aagh! [THUD] - Crikey! - Gordon! Not good.
Definitely not good.
[GRUNTING] Um, what's with the head-bobbing? They only do it when they're about to eat! These things eat bugs, right? You look like a bug to them, mate.
Good lizard.
[REPTILE GRUNTS] - I'm not very tasty.
- Hey! Over here! Yeah, come and get us, you overgrown amphibians! - They're reptiles, love.
- Sorry, common mistake.
[REPTILES GROWL LOUDLY] Heads up, Gordo! [HISSING] [MUSIC] [YELLS] - Got ya! - Thanks, Buddy.
Glad you're still in one piece.
[REPTILES GROWLING] [GRUNTS] The repairs will only take a few minutes.
[VENTS RATTLE] I'm not sure we have that long.
It's in the ventilation system! [HISSES] Whoa! Almost there.
[ENGINE SPUTTERING] Come on! I'll give up Celery Crunch bars for a year if you'll please just start! [ENGINE STARTS] [BANGING] Hurry! Yes! Hop on and hang tight.
[ENGINE ROARS] All right! Now, that's what I call an adventure.
[HISSING] It's not over yet! Easy.
- Yes! - Er, Gordon - .
they're closing in fast! - Um, I'm more concerned about that.
Sure way! That tomato is bigger than a whale's pyjamas.
Buddy, Ellie, I need you at the back of the boat.
- Get ready to jump.
- Sure, just tell us when.
[HISSES] Now! - Nice one! - You knew that would work? More like guessed.
Huh? Hover-boat to Thunderbird 1.
We're about to be really, really out in the open.
[BEEPING] We'll get one shot at this.
Are you both ready? - As ready as we'll ever be.
- Too right, Ells.
All right, then.
Scott, can you give us something to grab? F-A-B.
Lowering cargo net.
And jump! [WHOOPING] [OVER LOUDSPEAKER] Hang tight, guys.
I'll bring you in.
What an adventure! Too bad none of it was recorded.
Maybe not today, but season 15 is just around the corner! Ohh, you're doing another season? - Oh, wait till I tell Alan! - I just hope we have enough material.
Occasionally, we're told our show is too far-fetched.
Really? I never would have guessed.
GDF hazmat teams have begun removing all traces of the growth serum from the area.
And the, uh, local wildlife? They're sending specialists to transport the reptiles from the valley.
They'll be sent to refuges and monitored around the clock.
Oh, and one more thing.
I just received an incoming transmission from the Pendergasts.
Hello, Gordon! How's our number-one fan? Number-one fan? [CHUCKLES] You really think so? You certainly earned the title, mate.
Did you receive the package we sent? Ah, looks like it just arrived.
It's our way of saying thank you for saving our lives.
Gah! [HISSING] We named them Buddy and Ellie.
Aren't they the perfect way to remember our adventure together? You shouldn't have.
You really, really shouldn't have.