Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s02e21 Episode Script


[BELL CHIMES] [MUSIC] Are the electro-jacks ready? In position and patched into the grid, Mr Yost.
Just waiting for the all clear from the fire brigade.
Technically everything checks out.
This crazy plan of yours is good to go.
Crazy plan? Chief, this is the Crystal Spire.
The world's first starscraper.
I designed the spire to be the tallest man-made structure in the entire world! And then they built a bigger one in Dubai.
But tonight, the Crystal Spire will regain its crown because I'm going to raise the entire building by seven record-shattering metres! Be my guest, chief.
Head up to the observation deck and join the celebration.
Thanks, but I prefer keeping my feet on the ground.
Trust me, the lifting process is 100% safe.
Trust me, nothing is 100% where safety's concerned.
Yes, yes, I couldn't agree more.
Now, engage the electro-jacks! [WHIRRING] [MUSIC] [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] [TREMBLING] [APPLAUSE] Congratulations, Mr Yost.
The Crystal Spire is once again the tallest building in the world.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Take that, Dubai! I want the entire world to see my triumph! Ooh, the lights! - Turn on the lights.
- Er are you sure, sir? We're already drawing a lot of power from the grid.
[CHUCKLES] Sure I'm sure.
Here! I'll do it myself.
[GRUNTS] [WHIRRING] [MUSIC] Turn those lights off! Turn them off! [ELECTRICITY CRACKING] Er you're kinda spoiling my moment here.
Your 'moment' is overloading the building's core power system.
Switch those lights off.
Now! Wha hey! [BEEP] W-W-What's that? That, Mister Yost is fire.
ANNOUNCER: Five four three two one.
[THRUSTERS] [TITLE MUSIC] Thunderbirds Are Go! [ALARM BLARES] MCCREADY: This is Fire Chief Cass McCready broadcasting on the emergency override channel.
Do not panic.
A fault in the spire's electrical system has caused several small fires.
The building's power has been cut for your safety.
We're going to activate the primary fire suppression system.
It's a harmless gas.
Everything will be OK.
- I promise.
- The gas has been released, chief.
Some of the fires are out, but the big ones are still burning.
Then we'll have to go in and knock out the rest by hand.
Yost, we're going to extinguish those fires.
Your job is to make sure those electro-jacks hold.
If they fail, fire will be the least of our problems! Please, please, please, save my building! I think you mean 'save those people'! OK, Blue Watch, come with me.
[MUSIC] Cass McCready, broadcasting on the emergency override channel.
Chief McCready, this is International Rescue.
We picked up your emergency broadcast.
Do you need assistance? Negative, International Rescue.
No point dragging your crew out of bed for a four-pumper.
If it gets too much for us, I'll let you know.
I'll keep this frequency open, just in case.
Good luck.
We've got a long way to go.
Let's move.
Gimme two rollers.
- There you go, chief.
- OK, open it.
On to the next.
- I'm good.
- Chief [GROANS] .
I'm OK but I'm stuck.
Give me your hand.
[BOTH STRAIN] [PANTING] I'll radio base.
It'll take too long to get lifting equipment up here.
And every moment we're stuck, the fire spreads more.
We can't do this alone.
Calling International Rescue.
Come in, International Rescue.
JOHN: International Rescue, go ahead.
It's McCready.
That offer still good? Absolutely, chief.
We're on our way.
[MUSIC] - Make sure I look cool.
- We haven't got all day.
- Oh, and really heroic.
- Yeah, sure.
Oh, and don't forget to show how totally good looking I am.
[CHUCKLES] Stop moving or you'll end up with three eyes and a nose on your chin.
[CLEARS THROAT] International Rescue, we have a situation.
Virgil, Alan, we'll need you both in Thunderbird 2.
- Alan, you can move now.
- Huh? Oh, FAB.
[BEEPS] [MUSIC] NARRATOR: Five, four, three, two, one.
[RUMBLING] VIRGIL: Thunderbird 2 is go! Whoa! [GASPS] Look at that.
Whoa! That is one tall tower.
Crystal Spire, 1,125m, ground to tip.
It's supposed to be some sort of architectural masterpiece.
It probably looks a lot better when it's not on fire.
Chief McCready, this is International Rescue.
Glad you could make it.
Meet me up on the 47th floor and be prepared for some heavy lifting.
Sure thing, chief.
I was made for heavy lifting.
There's no time for the stairs.
Take Thunderbird 2 to the 47th floor.
I'm gonna configure the exo-suit - for fire-fighting capability.
- FAB.
[MUSIC] ALAN: 45, 46, and ding! 47th floor.
No way in.
But as Dad always said, - if you can't find a door - make one.
[GRUNTS AND GROANS] Hot enough for you, Virge? Temp's up to 1,500, but thanks to the suit I'm as cool as a cucumber.
[BEEPING] I'm gonna rendezvous with McCready.
[GRUNTS] I'm out.
Me too.
International Rescue, where are you? Right here, chief.
What do you need? I need you to shift about eight tons of rubble.
Eight tons? No sweat.
[MUSIC] [STRAINS] Careful.
Whoa! [GRUNTS] [GASPS] [BOTH STRAIN] [BOTH GASP] Hold on! We've got you.
Thanks, chief.
Virgil Tracy, it's a pleasure to meet you.
Likewise! You're part of the team now, Tracy, - and it's teamwork that puts out fires.
- Then let's get started.
Thunderbird 2, how's it looking? Er well, do you remember that time you supercharged the barbecue? - Yeesh.
- Bad? My eyebrows have only just grown back.
What's our plan B? We could use the building's immersion extinguishers to put out all the fires at once, but it's a poisonous gas.
We'd have to get people out of the observation deck first.
And that means going all the way to the top.
- The stairs are out.
- Elevators too.
But we can still use the elevator shafts.
- And these.
- Er chief? How are we gonna get past that? Don't worry, we've got it covered.
Thunderbird 2 deploy the low frequency fire suppression system.
Low frequency suppression coming up! [WHIRRING] [LOUD MUSIC BLARES] [ALL GASP] Oops, sorry.
Wrong playlist.
[DEEP VIBRATIONS] Temperature's dropping.
The vibration's disrupting the fire's oxygen.
- Any moment now and - Ooh, I've gotta get me one of those! I'm sure Brains can hook you up.
Come on, chief.
Let's get climbing.
[MUSIC] [SUIT WHIRRING] Next stop, observation deck.
Blue Watch, start climbing.
[GRUNTING] I'll go up and clear the way.
[EXPLOSION] [GROANS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Thunderbird 2, you OK up there? Yeah.
Nothing to worry about.
- Nothing a respray won't fix.
- We'd better hurry.
[STRAINS] The elevator! Brace yourselves! [ALL SCREAM] [GRUNTS] - You OK? - Hanging on! Looks like that's the end of our climbing expedition.
- What now? - We walk.
The fire's spreading fast.
We won't make it in time.
This elevator would get us there in seconds if we turned the power back on.
If we do that, this whole place will go up like a firework.
What if we could power the elevator independently? It's not like this battery's much use for anything else.
I'm sure Brains wouldn't mind too much.
The battery can power the elevator's magnetic levitators for about ten seconds.
That should be long enough to get us up to the top.
Then what are we waiting for? [MUSIC] [ELEVATOR DINGS] OK, we're here to rescue you! - Er that's usually my line.
- Sorry.
- What's the evacuation plan? - Good question.
Thunderbird 2, what's the evacuation plan? Well, Thunderbird 2 can't get close enough.
And we can't exactly risk breaking the glass with so many people inside.
I suppose a really big trampoline's out the question? Everyone's looking at me, Alan.
I don't know, we could always take off the top.
- Take off the top of the building? - Brilliant idea.
Let's do it.
OK, Alan, we'll give it a try.
We'll separate the observation platform from the roof.
You ditch Thunderbird 2's fire-fighting module - and come back for us.
- FAB.
We have to sever the platform supports at these key structural points.
These remote laser cutters will do the job.
- You ready for this, chief? - Absolutely.
- Where do we need to put them? - Out there.
[MUSIC] - How's the view? - Breathtaking.
[STRAINS] How you doing, chief? [BEEPING] Laser cutters in position.
Now let's get back inside and.
[EXPLOSION] [SCREAMS] Chief Chief! [BOTH STRAIN] Thanks, Tracy.
Don't mention it.
We're a team, remember? I got it, Virge.
Cut the platform free.
[WHIRRING] Stay calm.
Don't worry, son.
We're taking you to safety.
All clear.
Thunderbird 2, take it away.
[MUSIC] [BOTH STRAIN] Evacuation is complete.
Mr Yost, activate the extinguishers.
Ha! [BEEPING] Extinguishers activated.
[HISSING] [MUSIC] [BOTH GRUNT] Ground floor! Everybody out! Oh! What did you do? - What did you do to my Crystal Spire? - Sorry, Mr Yost.
I guess you don't have the tallest building in the world after all.
[SOBS] Second tallest? [QUIVERS] Thanks for the assist, Virgil.
If you ever feel like a break from flying, there's always a spot for you on my team.
Well, I do have some vacation time coming Alan? What did you do to my ship? Er it's not as bad as it looks.
All it needs is a spot of paint.
That reminds me.
Come on, Alan.
We've gotta get back and finish your portrait.
Just promise me you won't make me look too short or hairy! Or give me goofy teeth! Virgil? Virge? Oh, man! [MUSIC]