Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s03e03 Episode Script

Path of Destruction

[MUSIC] [THUDDING] Renee, maybe we ought to slow down.
- These turns are getting sharp.
- Relax, Greenhorn.
Just stick to your training and keep on lookout.
And call me Road Hog, like everyone else! [CHUCKLES] Ten-four, "Road Hog.
" - Lovely view, isn't it? - If you like clouds, yes.
But I'm more concerned with our cargo at the moment.
You're right to be.
Nutrezine's no joke.
One big hit to that tank and boom! We're a fire show.
Don't worry, Greenhorn.
Road Hog's at the wheel.
We'll get there in one piece.
[BEEPING] [GASPS] Road Hog! Up ahead! Rock slide.
Brace for impact.
Five four three two one.
[THRUSTERS] [TITLE MUSIC] Thunderbirds are go! [BRAKES SQUEALING] [TYRES SCREECHING] [WHIRRING] I bet you never covered that in training, eh, Greenhorn? Not exactly.
The truck's pinned tight.
I'll call for a lift.
But we're at the top of a mountain.
Who's going to reach us? I know just the team.
[GRUNTS] And ten! [LAUGHS] 'International Rescue! We have a situation.
I picked up a distress call from the Molla Carrera Pass.
A truck carrying Nutrezine got caught in a rock slide.
Nutrezine? As in the dangerous, tends to blow up - if you even look at it the wrong way kind? - That's the one.
If it's so explosive, why are they taking it by truck.
Flight altitude makes Nutrezine unstable, but there's a factory on the other side of the mountain that needs it.
Ground transport's the only option.
I'll head over in Thunderbird 2.
Want me to tag along? [BOTH GROAN] What? It's just the mission may need a delicate touch.
I can be delicate.
When am I not delicate? Time to fly, Gordo.
We'll find you something to do.
- Seriously, when have I not been delicate? - Are you coming or not? [MUSIC] [WHIRRING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Five.
Thunderbird 2 is go! [WHOOSHING] [MUSIC] Transporter GH65.
This is International Rescue.
Glad to meet you.
Road Hog Renee at your service.
That's my trainee Sophie waving in the back.
- Hiya! - Damage report, Greenhorn! Oh, right.
[BEEPING] Minor damage to the front magnetic coupler.
Not to mention we're, erm, stuck.
No problem.
We'll clear the way for you.
Firing grapples.
- One down.
- And a whole lot more to go.
Hope those seats are comfy, Road Hog.
This may take a while.
It isn't the seats I'm worried about.
This tank can't store Nutrezine forever.
In a few hours, the stuff'll be unusable.
What about that road we passed earlier? Ah! I like your thinking, Greenhorn.
International Rescue, be advised, we're taking the scenic route out of here.
Safe travels, Road Hog.
[MUSIC] [GASPS] That's the scenic route? OK.
Back to those rocks.
And, I guess, we could survey the peak for possible rock slides.
- Sound good? - I'll configure an Earth Pod.
Keep in mind the terrain.
Those cliffs look pretty tough.
No problem.
I'll add some extra features.
[WHIRRING] [MUSIC] Mountain Pod is go! That front coupler isn't going to fix itself.
Switching to rear control.
Take the wheel a minute, I'll be outside.
- Are you sure? - You have to start somewhere.
Keep her slow and centre and you'll do fine.
- Were you always this brave? - [CHUCKLES] Hardly.
I was a nervous wreck on my first ride, but you get the hang of it after a while.
[CLANKING] [MUSIC] What was that? [TYRES SCREECHING] [MUSIC] Whoa! Road Hog! [BRAKES HISSING] - What happened? - T-There was something on the bridge - and it's gone.
- Easy.
Take a breath.
You cannot let nerves affect your judgement like that.
When life is on the line, you act.
Ten-four? - Ten-four.
[SIGHS] - Keep breathing, Greenhorn.
I've got the wheel.
That's the last one.
How's it going up top? No loose rocks so far.
I'm almost at the peak.
Wait a minute.
John, run a scan near the Pod.
Are you seeing this? It looks like some kind of detonator.
This was no accident.
Someone caused that rock slide.
[BRAKES HISSING] Er, is there something we can do for you? [LAUGHS] Yes, indeed.
Hand over your cargo, or something goes boom! [LAUGHS] I've got a visual on the truck.
It's Chaos Crew all right.
Looks like Fuse.
He must be after the Nutrezine.
The rock slide was only step one.
- Then we'll fly over and stop step two.
- Not so fast, Virgil.
The ridge above the route is unstable.
Thunderbird 2's engines could trigger a rock slide - even worse than before.
- We'll take the Mountain Pod.
Gordon, was one of those features a speed-enhancer? Something like that.
[GRUNTS] - Thunderbirds are go-o-o-o! - Whoa! Well? Oi, kid! You ain't the first cargo rustler I've dealt with.
I'm no kid and I don't like waiting around.
Neither do I.
[ENGINE RUMBLES] [GRUNTS] It worked, Havoc! The truck's in position.
Looks to me like they're getting away.
No, they're not, are they? [WHISTLES] Here, boy! [TYRES SCREECH] [GRUNTS] [CACKLING] Thunderbird 5 to Mountain Pod.
Fuse is in pursuit of the truck.
We're closing in now.
Be very delicate around the Nutrezine.
I will.
Guys, a little trust here! [BEEP] [TICKING] Gordon! [RUMBLING] Trip laser! Fuse wants us off the trail.
Then he's about to be really disappointed.
[THUD] [GRUNTS] - We're being boarded! - Hang on! It's about to get bumpy! [TYRES SCREECHING] I love causing chaos.
[CHUCKLES] Having fun yet? [THUD] Whoa! [CACKLING] You are getting on my nerves, kid.
International Rescue! Good luck with this.
[GRUNTS] Bye! That can't be good.
There's a sonic detonator up there.
[GRUNTS] John, I know you said be delicate, but Never mind that.
Get the detonator! [BEEPING] We're out of time.
Everyone off now! Are you crazy? That thing's gonna [BEEPING STOPS] - blow? - I knew it.
He planted a dud.
- How did you know? - The kid wants our cargo, right.
Blowing the tank would take out half a mountain, but he wouldn't get the Nutrezine.
You're right.
Fuse is reckless, but not that reckless.
He wants us off the truck, but we're not moving.
Come on, Greenhorn.
We'll get this tank to where it belongs.
And we'll make sure Fuse doesn't try that again.
- FAB? - Ten-four.
[RUMBLING] [BEEPING] Ah! My Chaos Crew.
Fuse, is your task complete? I'm trying, but they're being stubborn.
Plus International Rescue is in the way.
I can obtain Nutrezine by other means.
It's not every day we can take down the Tracys.
[CHUCKLES] I like the sound of that.
New orders, my boy.
Destroy the Nutrezine and whoever is in the way.
Have fun.
[CACKLING] Power punches! [BEEPING] Er, Road Hog, we need to step on it.
I'm turning it as fast as I can.
Keep going.
I'll buy us some time.
Virgil, you can't withstand that.
Neither will the tank if I don't do something.
Now! Power punches! Uh-oh! No No-o-o-o! Virgil! [TYRES SCREECHING] [SCREAMS] Whoa! [TYRES SCREECHING] [CREAKING] Huh.
[GASPS] The couplers! Road Hog, get outta there! [CLANK] It's gonna fall! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Aaaah! A little help? [CREAKING] Huh? Whoa! I can't get close! Whoa! Huh? [CACKLING] It's not funny.
Thunderbird 5 to Mountain Pod.
[GRUNTS] I'm fine, John.
You're buried in a rock pile.
That's not fine.
But it's nothing I can't shake off.
Gordon, I'm on my way.
[GRUNTS] Huh! Watch this! If you try to help her, I step here.
[CREAKING] Ugh! Ah! But, if you hop off the truck, I step here Here's an idea.
What if we all move away from the dangerous explosives? Hm Nah! [CACKLING] Whoa! Ugh! Ah! [CREAKING] Ooh! Out of time.
[CHUCKLES] Made your mind up yet? [ENGINE RUMBLES] Whoa! [TYRES SCREECHING] Uh! [GRUNTS] Whoa! Oh! Got you! - Way to go, Sophie.
- Don't thank me yet.
The reverse gear is burning out.
[CHUCKLES] This'll be fun to watch.
[BRAKES HISSING] [MUSIC] - Urgh! Virgil? - I can't hold you for long.
- You have to jump off.
- It won't make a difference if this tank blows up.
I have an idea.
Let us over the edge, slowly.
There's a road down below I can steer us too.
Is that even possible? Brakes won't help.
- And if we hit anything - I know boom! I can do this, but you all need to trust me.
OK, Greenhorn.
You've got the wheel.
Please be delicate.
[GROANS] [GRUNTS] [GASPS] [GRUNTING] We've got a tight squeeze up ahead! [GRUNTS] Uh! Uh! Oh! - Ah! - Aren't you glad I tagged along? Watch out! [GRUNTS] [CLANG] We're coming in too fast! Don't worry! I've got the wheel.
Way to go, Greenhorn! Get to the other side! Brace for impact.
[THUDDING] [BRAKES HISSING] You were right, Road Hog! I think I'm getting the hang of it.
You can say that again.
Top driving.
Oh! Proper glad you two hitched a lift.
Thanks to International Rescue, we're here safe and early.
Happy to help.
Thunderbird 5, any word on Fuse? Looks like he took off, but I've alerted Colonel Casey.
If the Chaos Crew try this again, the GDF will stop them.
We'd better get going.
- Greenhorn, take us in! - Really? [CHUCKLES] You earned the wheel today, my girl! I'll bring in Thunderbird 2.
We'll need to repair that damaged road.
Maybe I could take the controls for a while? - After all, you were in a rock slide.
- I'll think about it.