Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s03e05 Episode Script

Growing Pains

[MUSIC] Five! Four! Three! Two! One! [ENGINES ROAR] Thunderbirds Shadow is go! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] This is Thunderbird Shadow.
I'm approaching your position, Captain Rigby.
How's the weather down there? It's cold, Kayo.
- Well, we are near the North Pole.
- I'm aware.
Now, how about you lose that toasty Thunderbird and join me on the ground? Good idea.
[MUSIC] Thanks for stopping by.
Have you been briefed yet? O know the GDF reported a Chaos Crew sighting.
What could they want all the way out here? There's your answer the Global Seed Vault.
It was built to store millions of different types of seeds.
If the world ever runs out of food, these seeds will be our backup.
I'm picking up a light sign.
It's an automated vault.
Only one caretaker.
Can we get him on the line? [BEEPING] Hello? Ned Tedford at your service.
- Ned? You're the caretaker? - Right you are! Colonel Casey found a perfect job for me and old Gladys! It's always nice and quiet in here.
These seed bots keep things tidy.
And they aren't much for conversation.
[WHIRRING] I've got news, Ned.
You're about to have company.
Aye, you're right there! And she doesn't look friendly! Five.
[BLAST-OFF!] [TITLE THEME] Thunderbirds are go! [ALARM BLARING] [MUSIC] Who is that on the screen? Her name's Havoc, a master thief of the Hood's Chaos Crew.
What do I do? Stick to your post, soldier.
Protect the you-know-what! Oh! Soldier? I like the sound of that! Understood, sir! Come on, Gladys.
Hold the lift! Fine.
I'll make my own way.
[GASPS] [MUSIC] Oh! [GRUNTS] [ZIPLINE WHIRRS] Oh! [PANTS] [GRUNTS] Phew! We're all right! The you-know-what is secure! What exactly is the you-know-what? Sorry, that's top secret! I recognise that symbol.
It's from Gordon's mission in Mulacamba.
You're guarding the orchard industry's growth serum.
You didn't hear that from me! [WHIRRING] Have you got it yet? I'm freezing out here! Ugh! Don't be such a baby, Fuse! Come on! At least let me turn on the heat! You do that, they GDF will lock on your signal and I won't have a ride home! [SHIVERS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Stay powered down! There's been a delay.
I'll have it on soon enough.
Rigby and Kayo are on your trail.
Should I stop them? No.
Don't blow our cover.
I'll deal with them myself.
Why was the growth serum brought here? We know how dangerous it can be.
Two words giant reptiles.
The GDF believes it could still be used for good.
For now the serum is being studied and kept out of trouble.
Only one problem trouble found it! - Careful, Captain.
- It's just the Decontamination Chamber.
The electricity removes germs from the air.
If Havoc's taken over the controls, it may remove more than that.
[WHIRRING, CLANGING] - We're locked out.
- Kayo to Thunderbird 5.
We have a situation.
[MUSIC] Can EOS access these controls? EOS: I'm unable to access the chamber from our current location.
The vault systems are too secure.
We need actually to be inside to shut it down.
I'll head down to the space elevator and use this portable EOS drive to connect.
FAB, John.
We'll see you on the ground.
Ready for your first mission in the field, EOS? Is my program backed up in case something goes wrong? It's a growth serum in a seed vault, what could possibly go wrong? John! Yes, you're backed up.
We need to work on your sense of humour.
Thunderbird 5 is go.
Ned, it's Kayo.
Help is on the way.
No to worry.
This room has three different locks.
There's no way Havoc can crack them all.
[BEEPING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Make that two locks.
Stay calm, Gladys.
Stay calm! Thunderbird 5 to Kayo.
We're touching down now.
Hurry, John! Ned's running out of time.
OK, EOS, do your thing.
EOS: Access granted.
I'm shutting the chamber down.
Let's move.
[SQUEAKS] Bleurgh! That's a nasty bit of code! What's happening? Havoc put a virus in the control panel.
I think I'm coming down with something.
[SQUEAKS] Excuse me.
Can you fight the virus? I'm trying but it's spreading fast.
[SQUEAKS] [BEEPING] Only one lock left.
What's taking so long? Sorry, Ned, we have a slight delay.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I switched the chamber defences.
That should slow them to a crawl.
How much longer? I've got the cruiser standing by to take us some place warm.
Almost through.
One more lock to go.
Aren't you some kind of expert at dodging lasers? I have my limits, Captain.
Climbing through that is one of them.
We may have another way.
[BEEPING] - The seed bots can carry us to the controls.
- What if Havoc sees us? She won't if we're quiet.
Let's ride.
[GRUNTS] [MUSIC] Ah, come on! [EOS SQUEAKS] EOS, try to be quiet.
[WHIRRING] We're almost in range.
I couldn't hold it any longer.
Well, well, what a clever idea.
Oh, wait! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [BUZZING] [BEEPING] Uh-oh, Gladys! - Hm - Ooh! Start the engines, Fuse.
The serum is ours.
You'll have to get through us first! - That shouldn't be a problem.
- Wheeeey! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] EOS, can you connect through the seed bots? I'll try.
[SQUEAKS] [SCREAMS] Rigby! There.
Shut it down, EOS.
[SQUEAKS] Sorry, my processes aren't themselves today.
This is taking longer than expected.
- Agh! [GRUNTS] - Jump! Whoa! [GRUNTS] It's been a pleasure stealing from you.
Keep up the good work! No! Stop her, Gladys! [GRUNTS ANGRILY] [SCREAMS] VOICE: Warning! Biohazard detected! Uh-oh! EOS? Shutdown [SQUEAKS, GROANS] complete.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Leaving empty-handed, Havoc? The Hood won't be pleased.
I still have the virus source code.
Good luck escaping the vault without it.
Warning! Security gas dispersal in two minutes.
All unstored forms of life will be destroyed.
- Ned, what happened? - I think I broke something.
- Security gas dispersal in two minutes.
- We're coming, Ned.
- EOS, this is our stop.
- Ned? Evacuate.
Go after her, Captain.
We'll stay behind.
The security gas is poisonous.
The seeds will be safe but you have to get out.
Not without Ned! Huh? That might be a problem.
[MUSIC] Ned? Something's blocking our way! It's Gladys! She's all grown up! [TYRES SCREECH] Rigby to Kayo! Havoc stole my bike! I need to borrow yours.
Whoa! Yee-ha! Security gas dispersal in 30 seconds.
[DISTORTED VOICE] 30 seconds 30 seconds EOS, what's going on? Good news, John.
[SQUEAKS] I gave the controls my virus.
That's good news? I'll stop it as long as I can.
Thanks, EOS.
Countdown paused.
[MUSIC] [BOTH GRUNT] - Ned, where are you? - Up here! Can someone cut me down? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hang on, Ned! Not that you have much of a choice.
John, my systems are failing! [SQUEAKS] I can't stop the countdown much longer.
Keep trying! We're almost there! [BOTH GRUNT] - Oh, I can't reach! - Come on, Gladys, lend them a hand! Kayo, shift your weight side-to-side.
That's it! Nearly there! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [GROANS] Got him! Security gas dispersal in 30 seconds! Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate! Ho! This thing is fast! [SQUEAKS INCOHERENTLY] EOS, are you there? Security gas dispersal in 20 seconds! - We're leaving.
This way, Ned.
- Whaaa! [ALL GRUNT] Security gas dispersal in 10 seconds! There's still time.
We can make it.
- Sealing main chamber.
- Wait.
What?! - Nah, come on! - Security gas initiated.
- What about the EOS drive? - The virus is taking over.
We need the source code from Havoc to give EOS control.
Not to rush anyone, but the gas is falling.
How does the gas get out? Where's the grate? That's our exit.
Kayo to Rigby, we need you to connect with Havoc's tech glove and send us the source code.
Uh KAYO: Top button on the right.
Ah, thanks! Source code downloading.
[BEEPING] [GASPS] I'm being hacked! Fuse, get me out of here! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [GRUNTS] Keep moving! - There should be an exit somewhere! - Somewhere? - You mean you're not sure? - I don't get down here much.
EOS, which way? [PANTS] Left! Up ahead! It won't budge! The door's been sealed! Just like the rest of the vault! EOS, this is John.
Open the tunnel door now.
Please come in.
EOS! KAYO: Rigby, is the download complete? It's at 95 percent.
Standby! [MUSIC] Ugh! Download complete.
EOS! Control regained.
[WHISTLING] [PANTS] We made it! We're outside! [SHIVERS] I knew I should've worn me extra vest! Oh, yeah.
North Pole.
Hello, John.
There seems to be a gap in my memory bank.
Have I been somewhere? You might say that.
It took while to clear Havoc's virus from your processors.
Which reminds me, any luck down there? Negative.
Havoc got away.
But she didn't get the serum.
We were lucky this time.
Hang on, I've got another call.
Hey, Ned.
How's repairs going? Quite well indeed! The vault's back to normal and they found an unbroken vial of the orchard serum.
Which you didn't hear from me.
I'm sorry about Gladys.
Don't be! This is a seed vault, remember.
I have been keeping her seeds in one of these shelves.
Gladys! She'll be good as new soon enough.
Thanks, International Rescue.
[EOS SQUEAKS INCOHERENTLY] EOS? - [LAUGHS] Only joking! - [SIGHS] Right! I've been developing my sense of humour, as instructed.
Yeah, well, keep working on that.