Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s03e08 Episode Script

Crash Course

[MUSIC] [NAV BEEPING] All clear.
Locking in coordinates.
And sending to the global space station.
[MUSIC] No-one else around.
Heading back home to Earth.
I'll be at the beach by sunset.
[GASPS] What does he think he's doing? This is Juliet Martin of New World Space Freight.
You are in my lane.
- Get out of my way! - No can do, Miss Martin.
This is Barrett Bell hauling for Sentinel Space Shipping.
And I was here first.
Change your vector, Mr Bell.
Mine's locked in.
You'll have to move.
I'm locked in! Change your vector! [MUSIC] [BEEPING] [WHIMPERS] Oh, man! Ah! [CRASH] [METAL SCREECHING] ANNOUNCER: Five.
[THRUSTERS] [TITLE MUSIC] Thunderbirds Are Go.
[MUSIC] [SIGHS] I'm still in one piece.
Hope the freighter is too.
[BREATHES HEAVILY] Reversing thrust.
Come on! Cut your engines! You're putting us in a spin! At least I'm trying to undo this mess you made! I made?! Miss Martin, you entered my flight path without even looking! You need to lose your license.
I could say the same about you! Soon as I get out of here, I'm reporting you to the Space Transportation Commission.
Not if I get there first! Ejecting escape pod.
[MECHANICAL CLANKING] [BREATHES HEAVILY] Your freighter cut my primary and my auxiliary hydraulics! I can't eject, I can't even open my cockpit door! Yeah? Well, your freighter breached my power core! I can't get out of here either! BOTH: This is all your fault! This is International Rescue.
Is everyone OK? OK?! Mr Bell here just crashed into me.
Tell him I had the right of way.
I meant is anyone injured? You did not, Miss Martin! And it was you who crashed into me! - We can sort this out later, but first - Orbital navigation code requires any freighter entering from spinward to yield! OK, if you just let me get a word in here Tell this knucklehead she was supposed to look before entering a flight lane! Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
There's no need for name-calling.
If we could start with a bit more information on your cargo In all my years at New World, I've never had a late delivery.
- If this ends up on my permanent record - It should be on your rec.
! EOS, mute.
[ARGUING STOPS] - Thank you.
- EOS: Of all the strange human behaviours, I've never understood arguing.
Me neither.
I'm guessing these two aren't gonna be much help.
I'm happy to assist.
Here's a list of Miss Martin's cargo.
Liquefied aluminium oxide.
Nothing to worry about there.
Here's Mr Bell's.
Rubber polymer.
OK, this is good.
Neither cargo is dangerous.
Boy, they're still going at it.
Maybe we don't have to turn the volume back on.
Yeah, EOS, I think we do.
And that's why you will never fly again! Tell him! I'm not a traffic warden, I'm International Rescue, and my job is to get you both out of your current situation.
- Then get me out of here! - BELL: And me away from her! [SIGHS] EOS? You want me to keep it on mute for good? Just while I talk to Alan.
Movie time! I call first dibs on the couch! [SIGHS] Oh, yeah, that's right, everyone else is out.
Ooh, then I get to pick the movie! [COMM BEEPS] Hate to interrupt movie time, but you're needed in space.
- What's the situation? - Space freighter crash.
There doesn't appear to be any injuries, but they're tangled up pretty good.
And they're beginning to fall out of orbit.
Need to get to them before they come crashing down to Earth.
- Anything else? - They won't stop fighting.
I live with four brothers, I think I can handle refereeing a little bickering.
Yeah? Well, good luck with that.
And if I were you, I'd bring Maximum Max along.
See you in space.
[MUSIC] Five, four, three, two, one.
ALAN: Thunderbird 3 is go.
[MUSIC] This is Alan Tracy and I'll be rescuing you today.
Me first.
I would not be in this mess without Mr Bell! Give it a rest, Miss Martin! Oh, wow, John wasn't joking.
Look, I understand you're both upset, OK? I'll get you out of your freighters as fast as I can.
- I'm not abandoning my freighter! - Me either! [SIGHS] You do realise you're falling out of orbit, right? If you wanna save your freighters, we'll have to get you out of that spin first.
I am going to need you to work together and follow my commands.
- I will cooperate if he does.
- Fine! Barrett, fire your starboard engine at 25%.
Here we go.
Juliet, port engine, 10%.
Take it down a notch.
Steady! Ease off.
John, the spin's under control.
What's next? You'll have to cut the freighters apart and tow each one out separately, but you'll have to be quick.
Ooh, shall we get Brains in on this too, so he can see Maximum Max in action? Let's not bother him.
He's working on his project and asked not to be disturbed.
Deploying Maximum Max.
[MUSIC] The freighters are connected near the cargo sections.
I should be able to just cut through them without endangering the pilots.
Extending cutting disc.
This may get messy! EOS: John, we have to stop.
Alan, stop! The cargo may explode.
What?! You said they were harmless! On their own, yes.
But EOS just ran a simulation, and if those two cargos are mixed together in the right conditions, they'll explode.
- So, no cutting, then? - No cutting.
With or without Maximus Max, we've got to get them out of there.
Your orbit is right on the edge of the upper atmosphere.
Gravity is already starting to pull you to Earth.
OK, I've got it! I'll just tow them both out at once with my reverse thrusters.
Activating towlines.
That's a lot of mass to pull with just reverse thrusters.
No other choice! - Barrett, you there? - Yeah, I'm here.
Do you know what is going on? I think we may be crashing towards Earth.
That's what I was afraid of.
- I'm sorry about the collision.
- Me too.
Engaging throttle.
Maximum thrust.
EOS: Thunderbird 3's fuel supply is dropping rapidly.
Careful, Alan, you're burning up all your fuel.
Yeah, I know, I know! Oh, that's it! Oh, come on! Just a little farther! Yes! Re-entering low orbit.
That should buy us a little time.
Can we get a few more ships out here to help me tow? Um Actually, no.
Your area of space has just been declared a hazard zone.
Oh, what?! Because of the debris from the collision? Yep.
And it's coming back around.
Alan, it's gonna crash right into you! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] - Everyone, hold on! - Aren't we back in orbit?! Yeah, but the debris from your little fender bender is on its way back around to say hello.
If that debris hits us, it could tear us apart! - I know.
- No! No, no! [MAX WHIRRS] - Everyone OK? - I'm OK.
I'm OK.
Not so sure about my freighter.
Ugh! We're right back where we started! JOHN: By EOS' calculations, you don't have much time before the debris comes round again.
And it's a no-fly zone, so no-one's coming to help.
Any other bad news? Unfortunately, yes.
Check your fuel indicator.
Argh! Empty! All I've got left is manoeuvring jets, and that's not enough! The freighters still have plenty of fuel.
You need to transfer some of it.
Alan, you've got to get me out of here now.
The last impact knocked out my life support.
I only have a few minutes of air left.
What are you waiting for?! Go help her! - I'm on my way! - And so am I.
I'll meet you down there.
You're not bringing Thunderbird 5 into the path of that debris! It's a no-fly zone! Don't worry, Thunderbird 3, I have another way to get there.
[MUSIC] All right, I'm inside the freighter.
EOS, where am I going? The main controls for the life support system are in the engine room.
[STRAINS] This airlock's jammed.
I'll have to cut my way through.
Guys, it's Juliet! You've gotta do something to help her! [BREATHES HEAVILY] That's Miss Martin to you.
I see the control panel! [SIGHS] The wires are all fried! John, I don't think I can get the life support fixed in time.
I'll need to run an umbilical from Thunderbird 3 to the cockpit.
Small problem with that, Alan.
Thunderbird 3 is a little tied up with the refuel.
Alan, use my freighter! I have enough oxygen for a temporary patch, and plenty of tools and cargo.
Good plan.
Hang in there, Juliet.
Oh, please hurry.
[SIGHS] - Now what? - We should have enough fuel to get us clear the debris cloud.
But not if we have to tow those freighters.
- So we're back to cutting them out? - It's risky, - but I don't see any other option.
- Then I'm going in.
Juliet, we're gonna cut you out.
I need you to put your helmet on, try to relax, take shallow breaths.
OK, I'm ready.
Initiating pilot extraction.
[DECOMPRESSING] Whoa! - I've got you.
- Thank you.
Extracting Mr Bell's window now.
Two times for luck! Argh! I'm stuck! Come on, you can do this.
[STRAINING] I don't fit! I can't cut that hole any bigger, not with him stuck in it.
[CLANK] - You can do it, Mr Bell.
- You can call me Barrett.
[STRAINS] Let's get out of here.
Full throttle! Oh, the main thruster's offline.
All of the thrusters are offline! Are Are you sure you put the fuel in the right port? I'm positive, Alan.
That debris has cut the fuel line! - The tank has emptied out! - That doesn't sound good, does it? - No.
- We need a plan before that - debris swings back around.
- Definitely not good! [MUSIC] Can we call in the GDF? Orbital patrol? Anyone?! There's no time, and they'd just get caught in the debris too.
What if we fly the pilots out of here with your exosuit and my rocket board? - No protection.
- Are we just supposed to sit here while the freighters and Thunderbird 3 explode?! Yes, that's exactly what we're gonna do! - What?! - BARRETT AND JULIET: What?! Well, maybe not exactly, but close.
We're gonna create a controlled explosion.
Remember what happens if we mix the cargo of the two freighters? Yeah, I remember! Boom! If we create a leak with just the right flow and set it off We've got ourselves a rocket! [MUSIC] We're venting aluminium oxide.
Now for the other cargo.
Ten seconds to impact.
OK, venting.
Let's light this thing and get out of here.
Cable's secure.
Here goes nothing! [MAX WHIRRING] [MUSIC] - We're picking up speed.
- JOHN: It's gonna be close.
Stand by for separation.
- We made it! - We made it! - That was awesome.
- Yeah, I was pretty awesome.
Well, you did have a little help.
[MAX WHIRRS] Wanna grab some tacos when we get back to Earth? Tacos?! Bleurgh! Ah, here we go again.
They're never gonna agree! How about pizza? - Cool.
- Perfect.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] OK, Max, activate the simulation.
[BEEPS] Argh! [BEEPS] Oh, dear.
- No luck with your project? - Nothing but failure, Scott.
Well, keep trying, Brains.
I know you'll figure it out.
The Mechanic may be safe with the GDF, but there's no telling for how long.
You're right.
I won't give up.
After all, I made the Mechanic a promise I will free him from the Hood's control.