Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s03e10 Episode Script

Deep Water

All right, we are on approach to the Supreme Barrier Reef.
Reef's looking real good.
Actually, on second thoughts, no.
Robbie, be specific, what do you mean, "no"? Well, the water's gone all cloudy.
And it's really, really acidic.
Like, off the charts.
That can't be good.
Acidic water can burn and damage the coral.
Take us into the reef, dear, I want a closer look.
Whoa, this whole section has been bleached! The ocean around here has turned toxic, but what could possibly [BEEPING.]
Multiple system shutdown.
Environmental, hydraulics, propulsion Oh, bilge water, the acid's eating our ship.
Whoa! - Argh! - Oh! Um, Mum, what's that? It's a hull breach.
Abandon ship.
- Oh, no! - Our suits are falling apart.
- We've gotta get to the surface.
- There's no time, into the reef! - We might be able to find an air pocket.
- Mum, I'm not gonna make it.
Oh, just like your father, always so dramatic.
Now, swim! Where do we go? Where do we go?! An air pocket, over there! [HE GASPS FOR BREATH.]
Our suits are wrecked, and our submarine's sunk, and - And we're running out of air.
- And we're running out of air! Yes, I'm afraid to say we have a situation.
Thunderbirds are go! [MUSIC.]
International Rescue, Gordon here.
International Rescue, Gordon here.
International Rescue, Gordon here.
Whoa! - International Gordon, Rescue here.
- This is Helen Shelby.
Wait, Helen Shelby? Designer of the Supreme Barrier Reef, Helen Shelby? Hey, Mum, he knows who you are! Never mind, Robbie, look, my son and I are trapped underwater And we're running out of air! Hang tight, on my way.
OK, I'm gearing up.
And the crowd goes wild.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Thunderbird Four is go! [MUSIC.]
This is Gordon, do you copy? Gordon, how nice to hear from you! Lady Penelope, are you still off the coast of Australia? Yes, we just finished another test of the Ocean Dawn solar panels, who would've thought that this filthy oil rig could be transformed to generate clean energy? Actually, m'lady, I believe that was your idea.
Hm, thank you, Parker, so it was.
Everyone else is on other rescues, so don't go too far.
I'm heading over to save some divers.
Happy to pitch in, where are we off to? - The Supreme Barrier Reef.
- Lovely spot.
Yeah, but the biologist who built it somehow got trapped down there.
Oh, hm, well, we're some way off, but we'll do our best.
F-A-B, Gordon out.
- Change of plans, Parker.
- Course already charted, m'lady.
Hey, Mum, sorry I didn't build an escape pod for the reef.
You needn't apologise, Robbie.
It was my design, after all.
One can't think of everything.
Or a ladder.
Yeah, really tall.
That's all right, son.
You rest.
Oh This is Gordon Tracy of International Rescue, I'm coming up on the reef now.
Careful, ocean's acidic.
Could wreck your ship like ours.
Some of those gaps are too tight for Thunderbird Four.
- I'm swimming over.
- Wait! Acid ate through scuba masks.
I'll bring spares.
The coral, w-what's happened to it? [MUSIC.]
Oh, yeah, definitely! You're both going to be absolutely fine, I do this sort of thing every day, you just have to trust me Young man, I do not doubt your expertise, but I do question the wisdom of wasting precious air prattling on about it.
Now, can we get to the rescue part? - Y-yes, ma'am.
- Mum's not into small talk.
- Our suits won't last long.
- Then we'll make this quick.
The reef's falling apart! Grab on! Can't you go any faster? Engine's conking out, acid must've gotten to it.
Hold on to me! - Are you OK? - My life's work is falling apart out there, so, no, I've had better days.
You're right as rain, miss.
"Miss", how charming.
Now, we need to find the source of that acid, stop it, and put things back the way they were.
Your brothers might say that it's your job to rescue people, not repair a reef.
- Well, I'd say they're wrong.
- And we would agree! Then it's unanimous.
Parker, please set up the long-range scanner.
Straight away, m'lady.
Once again, it's International Rescue's secret weapon, Parker, to the rescue.
I feel awful about what's happening to your reef.
It's not just my reef, you know, - Robbie was the one who built it.
- You did? Well, Mum did the design, I'm more of the nuts and bolts guy.
- That's incredible! - Hey, I had a tough act to follow.
The first Great Barrier Reef was 25 million years old.
By the end of the 20th century, human pollution had taken its toll.
Some tried to protect it, but the damage was too great.
So you created the Supreme Barrier Reef to replace it.
I thought we could give the coral a second chance.
But if that acid keeps flowing at this rate - it'll all be gone in a week.
- Not if I can help it.
I hope you can, Mr Tracy.
Future generations are depending on you.
No pressure or anything.
: Gordon, we're ready.
There! What's that, then? A whale? Whatever it is messed up our sub and our suits, and your Aqua Scooter.
- I'm talking too much, aren't I? - Guess I'd better go check it out.
After all that, it sounds as if you are heading towards disaster.
Hey, I have an idea.
Can you adjust your instruments to show acidity? Nice one.
Red is acid, blue is clean water.
Look, that current is carrying the acid right across to the coral.
So you come in from this direction, where the water is clean And reduce your exposure to the acid for as long as possible.
Works for me.
Do be careful, Gordon.
Still staying clear of the acid flow.
And there's our polluter.
What is it? A sunken cargo ship.
And whatever's inside must have just started to leak.
Well done, Mr Tracy.
Except I don't think I should take Thunderbird Four inside.
It'll be tricky to manoeuvre in there.
What else can you do? Strap on the exo-suit and take a look.
Gordon, that's right where the acid is strongest.
The exo-suit won't be able to protect you.
I'll be in and out fast.
At least, I hope I will.
Eurgh! OK, here's the situation.
We've got big tanks, a big leak - and big trouble.
- Say again? Er, the thing is, if we try to pull those tanks, they'll break.
Not good.
It would kill the rest of the coral on the reef.
If only we could bring the ship to the surface, then I could freeze the chemicals and they'd be harmless.
Now, that gives me an idea.
Brains has upgraded the on-board lift bags, they should be able to raise a ship this size.
Nice one, how soon can you get them down here? Plotting coordinates now, Gordon.
Stop the lift bags! Argh! Urgh! [BLEEPING.]
Gordon, are you all right? Urgh, never been better.
Though my equipment, not so much.
If I want to raise the boat, I need to patch it together first.
And fast.
How much longer, Gordon? Just a few more minutes.
Gordon, what was that? Oh, nothing.
Parker, tap into the telemetry from Gordon's suit.
Oh, that's not good.
His seal integrity is at 20% and dropping.
Gordon! Yeah, turns out the acid is doing a number on my gear too.
If it reaches zero, his air will leak out and that'll be that.
No sweat, I'm almost done.
Gordon, under the circumstances, almost will have to do.
There it is again! Make that 15%.
Parker, you're not helping! Now, see here, Mr Tracy.
- Don't be foolish.
- Yeah, seriously.
Get out of there! OK, OK.
Inflate the bags.
- Not until you are off that ship.
- I'll make it.
Go, Parker.
And have that cooler ready so we can freeze this thing! There.
- Argh! - Gordon! What are you doing? Slight roadblock.
Give me a minute.
Parker, shut off the lift bags! Too late.
They're fully inflated.
He's in for a bumpy ride, he is.
Argh! Like I said, bumpy ride.
Whoa! I'm out! [BEEPING.]
Uh-oh, 5%.
Erm, make that 3%.
Gordon! I'm swimming! I'm swimming! - PARKER: Down to 2%.
- But He can still make it, right? If his suit fails no.
Gordon, say something.
Zero! Come on, come on.
Almost! [SIGHS.]
Thank you, neutralising fog.
But does it have to be so c-c-c-cold? [MUSIC.]
- Feeling better, Gordon? - Yeah, tons.
And now that we've frozen the tanks inside the cargo ship, we can tow it to port safely.
Yes, very good.
But to be honest, Gordon, I'm still rather upset with you.
With me? Yes, with you.
I thought you were going to drown! With your suit falling apart and all that banging about in the ship and then not hearing from you.
Never scare me like that again! - I didn't know you cared so much.
- Well naturally, I - feel that way about all you Tracy boys.
- Oh, yeah.
Of course.
Gordo, you are the man.
Way to go! Yes, well done.
You saved the Supreme Barrier Reef.
The ecosystem of the whole region, in fact.
And that calls for a celebration.
All of us? That sounds great.
Sherbet! Cut that out.
- You like me best, right? - I'll never tell.
Though it's certainly clear who Bertie's favourite is.
Stop it! It tickles! [LAUGHING.]
- Oh, his tongue went in my mouth! Oh! - No, no, no! Bertie! Bertie! No! No, Bertie! Here, boy.
Stop! Down!