Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s03e12 Episode Script

SOS (Part 1)

1 [MUSIC.]
: Emergency, emergency.
Situation critical.
Emergency, emergency.
Situation critical.
Emergency, emergency.
Situation critical.
Unknown vessel, this is International Rescue.
Please be advised, you are currently on a collision course, do you copy? Emergency, emergency.
Situation critical.
Yeah, no kidding.
If you don't change direction you're crashing into Earth.
Five Four Three Two One.
Thunderbirds are go! This is the Calypso, its 10-year mission was to exit our solar system, gather scientific data from deep space and return back home.
It's certainly on the way home, but much faster than it should be.
What can your scans tell us, Thunderbird 5? For starters, the engines aren't on, meaning there could be a malfunction, or it's out of fuel.
Or both, and without engines they can't slow down.
What about the astronauts onboard? Most likely still in deep-sleep hibernation.
Since it's supposed to take five years to return, the automated revival system doesn't expect them to be in wake-up distance for another two years.
Well, it looks like we've got a spaceship to catch.
Not to mention some astronauts to wake up, and I'd like to be there when they do.
The Calypso mission has always been of great interest to me.
Then let's gear up.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Thunderbird 3 is go.
Now, to accompany my alone time, the world's most perfect sandwich.
The global emergency alarm? That's never good.
This is international rescue, we're receiving your call.
It's an emergency.
Somebody help me.
- Parker? Is everything OK? - No, Mr Gordon, sir.
Send all available ships on the double.
We're a little short-handed today, Parker, but I'll do whatever I can.
- What's the situation? - It's Sherbet, he's gone missing.
Sherbet? The dog? [SIGHS.]
I'm gonna go ahead and get back to my sandwich now.
But Mr Gordon, sir, if the lady gets home and he's not found, she'll be devastated.
And I'll be the one saving the day.
All right, I'm on my way! Oh, thank you, lad! But if you could do me a proper one and keep this on the down low? Understood.
What are you doing? [SHRIEKS.]
John? I need to borrow Thunderbird 1.
You're joking? Do I look like I'm joking? It's an emergency.
- Virgil will be back soon, can't you wait for him? - No.
And since you have your nose stuck in everything around here, I'm guessing you were listening in on that call from Parker? - Communications is my job, Gordon.
- See, that's perfect.
So it can be your job to communicate my transportation needs to Scott.
Just wait till after I get there to tell him, OK? You'd better not crash it.
Thunderbird 1! I mean [WHISPERS.]
Thunderbird 1 is go.
Whoa! Gordon It's fine, it's fine.
I just need to get my air legs.
Now, which one of these things makes it go fast? [SHRIEKS.]
Whoa! That's a lot bigger than I thought.
I can already see we have a slight problem.
Yeah, I see it, too.
Uh, care to fill me in here? The ship was designed over 20 years ago, it doesn't have a universal docking ring.
Please tell me it at least has an airlock? A very large one, as I recall.
Good, but I don't see why you can't just grab hold of the ship with Thunderbird 3 and slow it down.
At the speed we're travelling, the slightest mistake could send Calypso into an uncontrolled spin.
Then here's the plan, I'll spacewalk over and wake up the crew.
Once we have them safely aboard Thunderbird 3, we can gently bump Calypso into a new direction.
You'll have to make it quick.
Before long, we'll be too close to Earth - to avoid a crash, no matter what.
- FAB.
What are we waiting for? Launch the drones! Hello to you, too, Parker.
This drone will find your mutt.
Now, how does Scott control this thing? [DRONE BEEPS.]
Oh, maybe we'll do this the old-fashioned way.
- Sherbet! - Sherbet! [DOORS HUM.]
All right, Thunderbird 3, I'm ready to cross.
Hold on, Scott.
Sensors are picking up a cloud of space dust just ahead.
- Should I be worried about dust? - At the speed we're going, yeah.
Your suit would be shredded.
That would not be good.
OK, just passed it on the starboard side.
- You're good to go.
- FAB.
I'm clear of the airlock, minimal systems are active.
It's running lights only in here.
I see the sleep capsules, now to wake up the crew.
Scott? What is it? I don't know.
It feels like I'm not alone in here.
Scott, what is it? [SCREEN BEEPING.]
Ah, it's nothing, just some kind of a robot.
Emergency, emergency.
Situation critical.
And apparently, the source of the distress call.
It's Braman! - Wait, you know this thing? - Know him? I built him! I gave him to the mission as a gift.
They even added a voice so he can speak.
Sailing, sailing Over the bounding main For many a stormy wind Shall blow Well, I think your robot may have a few screws loose.
Braman, can you tell me what happened here? Emergency, emergency.
Situation critical.
Yes, the situation is bad, but I'm with International Rescue - and we're here to help.
- Emergency, emergency.
Situation critical.
Now I see why Max doesn't talk.
What was that, Scott? Nothing, Brains, just thinking out loud.
Colonel Tracey, is that you? No, sorry.
I'm his son, Scott.
Good morning, sunshine.
Why are we waking up two years early? There's been a malfunction on your ship.
Let's get you both up and I'll explain everything.
Sorry to hear about your dad.
He trained us, you know? One-of-a-kind.
- You look a lot like him.
- We miss him.
Situation critical.
You didn't have too much trouble with him, did you? [SCOTT CHUCKLES.]
Well, he's unusual.
He wasn't always that way, he started acting strangely just as we were turning for home.
He kept trying to send a distress call for no good reason.
When we went into deep sleep, all of our systems were just fine.
Here we go.
No fuel.
The main drive engine's burnt out.
- Hm, great.
- Braman fired the engines? It's right here in his activity log.
What was he thinking? [BRAMAN CLICKS.]
OK, looks like we have no other choice but to abandon ship.
You two can come aboard Thunderbird 3.
We'll knock the Calypso off its flight path - before it crashes into Earth.
No way.
We've spent eight years on this mission and another ten preparing for it.
These computers store precious deep space data - and we're not leaving it behind.
- What she said.
Can't we just transfer the data over to Thunderbird 3's computers? Their system's over 20 years old, it's completely incompatible with ours.
So, in other words, not something you can do with a couple of swipes.
Then we'll just take everything with us, consoles and all.
- Sherbet! Sherbet! - Here, boy! [PARKER WHISTLES.]
He's got to be around here somewhere.
Sherbet? Sherbet? Oh Sherbet? I see something, but it's too far inside to make out exactly what it is.
It has to be Sherbet.
Go on then.
I'm not crawling in that drain.
But it's your job to do the rescues.
Is your job to look after Lady Penelope's dog, which you lost.
- Well, she's your girlfriend.
- Lady Penelope is not my girlfriend.
And she never will be, unless you crawl in that hole.
Sure fell for that one, didn't you, Gordon? - I think that's all of them.
- I'm going to miss this place.
I'll make sure our next home has a good view, maybe trees this time? Hang tight, I'll move this across to Thunderbird 3, then come back and get you.
I'll be back before you know it.
Scott, we've got another dust cloud and it's coming in fast.
Will the ships be okay? - Yes, but your suit's gonna - I know, I know.
- How long do I have? - About eight seconds.
I'm not going to make it.
I can't look! Scott! I'm fine.
But the other side of this console is gonna need a new coat of paint.
That was a close one.
But it looks like all of the data drives are intact.
- We have a problem.
- More space dust? Space dust we can handle, this is much worse.
The deep space data may be safe aboard Thunderbird 3, but we've run out of time to change the flight path.
The Calypso's gonna crash into Earth, no matter what.
- Well? - I found him! Is it Sherbet? Wait a minute, nope.
Get me out of here! - Crawl backwards.
- Can't you see I'm trying? [GRUNTING.]
OK, that was not Sherbet, and it sprayed me.
Ooh! I believe, sir [COUGHS.]
you found a polecat by mistake.
This is the last time I ever help you, Parker.
Ugh! I stink! It's a direct hit, no matter how you look at it.
And the impact will be in a city full of people.
We may not be able to stop the Calypso from crashing into Earth, but we might be able to control where it crashes.
That's right.
If we deploy the atmospheric breaks at just the right time, it'll give us just enough control to crash it into the ocean instead.
All right then, let's set the Calypso's autopilot and go home.
Only one tiny problem with that, the autopilot's here onboard Thunderbird 3, along with the rest of the Calypso system.
Well, we can't have one of us pilot the ship manually.
Actually, we can.
Hello, Braman.
It's me, Brains.
Emergency, emergency.
Situation critical.
Yes, but we need you to do something very important for us.
Braman, we need you to pilot the Calypso into a crash landing somewhere over the ocean.
Can you do that? Emergency, emergency.
Situation critical.
- [SIGHS.]
Is Braman up for this? - Yes.
- At least, I hope so.
- That's not a lot of reassurance.
Brains? I will pilot.
Thank you, Braman.
It was good to see you again.
Sailing, sailing Over the bounding main.
All traffic, all traffic, please be advised, incoming craft on a crash course trajectory.
For your own safety, stay out of the way.
For many a stormy wind shall blow Ere Jack comes home again! [BOOM.]
The Calypso has hit the water, the city is safe.
Well done, Braman.
Parker, there you are.
I was just wondering where you Gordon? - Parker, what's wrong? - It's Sherbet, milady.
been with you the whole time! I know how much you hate taking Sherbet to the doggy salon, so I thought I would save you the trouble.
- We thought he went missing.
- And called International Rescue? Oh, Parker, you sweet, sweet man.
- Really, Gordon, you shouldn't have.
- Oh, it was nothing.
I really mean it, you shouldn't have come in Thunderbird 1 at all.
When Scott finds out you've borrowed it for this [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, you'll never hear the end of it.
I'd invite you in for tea, but Oh, Gordon, the smell! [GROANS.]
Emergency, emergency.
Situation critical.
Emergency, emergency.
Situation critical.
Emergency Situation .