Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s03e15 Episode Script

Signals (Part 2)

Previously on Thunderbirds Are Go We need a miracle, or it's the end of the world.
- Captain Casey, I'm on it.
- Jeff Tracey? You're a fool, Hood.
You risk destroying our planet - to steal a prototype spaceship? - Nobody calls me a fool! Clear all space traffic.
I'm coming up.
This remains all the footage we've been able to assemble - from the moment of the incident.
- The Hood's escape capsule.
If we can find it, we can get an entirely new view of the explosion.
It says Zero-X, this is the one! - That capsule is caught in sea sludge.
- You've got to let it go! - What just happened? - Thunderbird 3 has been stolen.
Thunderbird 3 is mine! Whoo! She's getting away in Thunderbird 3.
We have to do something! Kayo to Thunderbird 5.
We need a priority override on Thunderbird 3.
- Havoc just stole it.
- It's no good.
She must have some kind of jamming tech.
I can't access the controls remotely.
The boss was right! International Rescue does have the best toys.
Oh, this is, like, my worst nightmare.
- And now it just got even worse! - The Chaos Cruiser.
It could be Fuse coming back to finish the job.
Hoh-hoy! Ha-ha! Arr! Hoh-hoy! Need a lift? Reece? Dobbs? We saw Thunderbird 3 fly off without you, so figured Havoc must have took it.
Meaning she must have left her own ship hiding somewhere.
And we're good at finding things.
The only thing we're not so good at, right at this moment, is figuring out how to stop! ANNOUNCER: Five.
Thunderbirds Are Go.
- Whoa! - Argh! Whoa! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
- I'm not sure this is any better! - Just try to hold on! I've never seen anything like this.
The sea floor is pulling us in.
GORDON: It's sea sludge.
This stuff is seriously bad news.
It's like quicksand, but even worse.
If the capsule gets sucked under, - we may never get it back.
- But we need the escape capsule's camera.
It's our only way of finding Dad.
I'm sending down the rescue claw.
Er We have a slight problem.
You're too deep.
- The claw's not going to reach.
- Try to hang on a little longer.
- We'll find another way.
- I'll do my best.
HAVOC: Woo-hoo! Now, this is a ship! You'll never guess what I just stole.
No, wait.
I'll give you some hints.
It's big, it's fast, it's something you've always wanted! So, you stole Thunderbird 3, did you? You said not to come back without anything good, and I got you a Thunderbird! And what do you plan to do with it now? Fly around until the GDF catches up with you?! I Er Stealing a Thunderbird is easy, Havoc.
But actually keeping it that takes careful planning.
You don't have a plan, do you? I just saw it there and I couldn't help myself.
I made a similar mistake once, and I regret it to this day.
Now, do exactly what I say and we may just - get away with this.
- Uh-huh.
Whoa! Hey! Hey, hey, hey! - Hey, Dobbsy, I need some help here! - What do you think I'm doing? - It looks like you're trying to open the door! - Exactly! Oh, come on! Open! [GRUNTS.]
What's happening in there? - Oh, everything is fine.
- No, it's not! - Yeah.
No, no, it's not.
- Hey, Reece, I found your astroboard.
Don't you mean my astroboard?! Oops.
Never mind.
I think we would have been better off outside this ship.
I think I've got the hang of it now.
I should be flying this thing, not locked up in here! [VIRGIL SIGHS.]
There's no way to extend the cable.
Scott, you're either going to need to let go of the capsule, or get sucked down into the sludge along with it.
There may be one other option.
What we need is another submarine, so why don't we use Thunderbird 2? Well, for starters, this isn't a subma Wait a minute.
Why don't we?! Brains, can Thunderbird 2 operate under water? BRAINS: Well, yes, technically it can, but not without considerable challenges, including mortal danger.
We're going under.
See what you did there? Thunderbird 2 is a submarine.
Well, whatever you have to do, do it fast.
I don't have much more time! BRAINS: Thunderbird 2 has an airtight frame, but you'll need to close down all of the air intake valves.
The camber locators will have to be turned to positive.
Reconfigure the combustion chamber valves, and, finally, make sure you hold your breath.
Just kidding.
Here we go.
We're floating.
Flooding the module.
This should give us enough weight to take us under.
There's a word for this, you know.
- Sinking? - Exactly.
Thundersub 2 is go.
Descent holding steady, ten metres per second.
Hang in there, Scott, we're on our way.
ALAN: Argh! So, this is how it's gonna be? They get to do all the flying and chasing, - and we're stuck in the airlock? - Sorry.
Thunderbird 5, anything on Thunderbird 3? It's not much, but when Dobbs hacked into the Chaos Cruiser, I was able to use its tracking hardware to get a lock onto Thunderbird 3.
Well, onto Havoc at least.
I'm sending you its destination.
She's heading for the moon! Reece, we've got a lock on Havoc.
Plan a course for the moon.
Er Erm I don't know how to operate the navigation computer! Then point us on that big glowy rock and punch it! Wow.
I can see why Gordon likes being an aquanaut so much.
Beautiful, isn't it? We're taking on water.
This must be the mortal peril part Brains was talking about.
Take the helm.
I'm going to have a look.
- What will you do? - Don't know.
- Look for a bucket? - Make it a big one.
Er guys? I don't mean to sound dramatic here, but I'm going under.
We're almost there, Scott.
Virgil, I'm showing the leak in aft thrust assembly has stopped, but you have a new one in the landing strut housing.
Which one? We have four.
Erm all of them.
As long as we get Scott and get out of here, I don't mind a little wet.
Virgil, I hope you've got a brilliant idea, cos I am all the way under.
Deploying grasping claw.
It should be close enough to reach you now.
Come on.
Come on.
Ah! Scott, the claw's under.
Can you see it? [SIGHS.]
No, it's pitch black outside.
I can't see a thing.
How far down are you? 12 metres below the sea bed and falling.
Hang on.
I'll find you.
Avast, me hearties, prepare to board! - That means we're gaining on her.
- F-A-B.
We're standing by.
- Hey, Reece? - Yeah? [REECE YELPS.]
Hard to starboard.
Er, hard to port.
Whichever is faster! [GRUNTS.]
Oh, come on! We're turning.
Why are we turning?! What are you two doing? What we do best running away.
In case you hadn't noticed, Thunderbird 3 is a lot bigger - than what we're sailing.
- He has a point.
- Ah We can't outrun a rocket.
- We may not have to.
I have a plan, but it's gonna take some expert flying.
Are you up for it? - No.
I mean, yes.
- Yes! [EVIL LAUGH.]
HAVOC: Huh?! It's gaining on us! Trust me.
Keep to the flight path I gave you.
Whoa-ah-ah-aaah! [HAVOC GRUNTS.]
Go! Go, go, go! Oh, she's got us.
Got ya.
Now's our chance.
- Are you ready for this? - F-A-B.
Feel like taking a ride in the Chaos Cruiser, do you? Well, hold on to your helmets.
Reece I don't feel so great! BOTH: Whoa! Weigh the anchor Get us out of here! [SCREAMING.]
See ya! Now, where are those other two? [GRUNTING.]
Come on.
Where are you? Readouts show me 20 metres under the surface.
- Then I should be close.
Virgil, stop! You just made contact.
- Close the grabbing claw.
- OK, but I'm going in blind.
- That's it.
I think you've got me.
- Only one way to find out.
Reversing thrust.
19 metres.
18 metres.
Unless I'm magically rising on my own, this is working.
We have to do this slowly.
That sea sludge is a non-Newtonian fluid.
If I pull too fast, it will clamp down like a vice and crush the capsule.
And me along with it.
Go ahead, take your time.
Havoc has control over all the systems.
- Any ideas how to get inside? - Oh, with a little hidden feature Brains installed for situations just like this.
I'm wondering, Alan, did Brains install that manual hatch release for situations just like this, or because you keep locking your keys inside? Only twice! [BEEPING.]
Intruders Mm-mm-mm! [ALAN GRUNTS.]
Oh! I am sick of locked doors! Kayo got back on board with one of the brothers.
I have them locked in.
Well, then, if they want their precious Thunderbird back, - let them have it.
- In lots of pieces, right? [HOOD CHUCKLES.]
We're losing engine power.
That sea sludge's grip is stronger than concrete.
We've stopped moving.
Is everything OK? Well, it turns out just because Thunderbird 2 can go under water, it doesn't mean it should.
We're having a little "might burn out our engines and get stuck down there with you" problem at the moment.
It's not worth it, Virgil.
I'm going to release the capsule.
- Scott, no! - We can't risk losing Thunderbird 2.
- Or the both of you! - You let us worry about that.
We are not missing this chance to find out what happened to Dad.
Come on! Now, that is a better view! Capsule secured.
Let's get outta here.
Engines are completely flooded.
Scott, we're too heavy.
We need that water out of the module.
I'm pumping it out now, but it may take a minute.
This could get messy.
Impact in three, two, one [THUDDING.]
- Oh Hold on.
Inflater bags deployed.
I thought we could use a lift.
Ha! Inflater bags.
Right! Lady Penelope, you're welcome to be my co-pilot any time.
Hey, Virg, did you think to try the inflater bags? [GIGGLES.]
Very funny.
Enjoy the ride.
It won't last long! What has she done? [TICKING.]
She's set us on a collision course! [MUSIC.]
Please, oh, please, oh, please, pull up! - Woo-hoo! - Whoo! [SCREAMS.]
Well, Havoc? What news? I got the Chaos Cruiser back.
Not too much damage.
There is a right way to do things and a wrong way, Havoc! You seem to excel in the wrong! Thunderbird 3 to Tracy Island.
We have our ship back.
I suppose we should go and look for Reece and Dobbs.
Er Hello? Are you guys OK? More than that.
We found some superb scraps down here.
The flames are a bit too much, don't you think? I hope this was worth it, Brains.
Did you find anything? This is the explosion we thought we saw, but there is more.
When I integrate the new footage from the escape capsule, we can see this.
And what are we seeing? This isn't an explosion, Alan.
It's an aftershock.
The Zero-X rocket launched, right here.
- It actually worked.
- Its T-drive engine was so powerful the Zero-X literally disappeared in the blink of an eye.
- So now we know where Dad is - And how he got there! But how do we bring him back? - We build a new Zero-X.
- Yes! It won't be easy to construct its T-drive engine, and it won't be quick, but it's the only way.
Then let's do it.
Let's bring Dad home.